Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jennifer's Trail Ride: Jennifer and Jackie #2

After Jennifer and I washed up we went back to the stables. We cleaned
up the stalls and fed the horses before going back to the cabin. Jackie
had prepared a decent supper of vegetable soup and had even let us have
some of her red wine, so long as out parents didn't know.

"So did you two have fun down by the creek," Jackie asked with a smug
little smile as she poured everyone a little more wine.

The question caught us both a little of guard and Jennifer's face
started to turn a little red and she turned at looked at me with a
perplexed look on her face and a little happy glint in her eyes.

"Yea, we had fun swimming. The water wasn't too cold once you got use to
it," I said as nonchalantly as I could.

"So you two swim naked often."

By now Jennifer and I were both smiling and red. She curled up a little
closer to me and put my arm around her waste and we just sat there with
our over-sized grins.

"It's all right," Jackie said. "I'm glad you two are having fun. I
didn't get laid until I was about to graduate college. My first time I
asked myself why hadn't I been doing it all my life. It's good to see
you guys getting an early start."

Jennifer almost started chugging her wine as this was just getting
weird, although I couldn't help but feel a little horny myself. Fighting
against the alcohol, my cock started to slowly bulge in my jeans.

"Well it looks like someone is happy," Jackie said while looking
directly at my bulge.

This almost sent Jennifer dying. Her face was red, buried in my chest
and she started to chuckle in a desperate attempt to break the
awkwardness of the situation. "Do you want to see it Ms Jackie,"
Jennifer said while still chuckling.

Now I was the one in shock as Jennifer, with no hesitation, undid my
belt and zipped down my jeans and out plopped my cock which was steadily
growing in Jennifer's hand. Jennifer knew I was into older/mature women
and she knew I was staring at Jackie's well rounded and ample rack as my
cock kept growing in her hand. Although Jennifer was somewhat into
girls, she wasn't into girls of the older variety. However, she did
enjoy the idea of being watched, which in the past had led to having sex
in weird and semi-public places as well as making videos and even
fucking in front of Jennifer's sister while she masturbated.

The bottle of wine was half empty and we both took a few more gulps
before Jennifer started running her hand up and down my erect member.
She spat on it a few times and continued to jerk me off, moving slowing
and twisting her hand around my now fully erect dick. Occasionally she
or I would turn to look at Jackie, who had her own jeans undone and a
hand down her own wet panties.

Now this was really turning both of us on. I started to pull up
Jennifer's shirt and started rubbing her little tits through her bra.
Jennifer bent down low and started to gently lick my dick. She turned to
Jackie and asked what I had secretly been hoping for since the moment I
set eyes on Jackie, "Hey you want to help me suck his cock?"

"I'd love to," was her response as she walked across the room, her hand
still playing with her pussy.

She knelt down between my knees and started to lick my balls as Jennifer
started on the head. I just looked down at both of their faces on my
dick and moaned, "Oh Jennifer. Oh Jackie. This is so awesome."

Both of them chuckled a bit as they began to lick up and down the side
of my cock, each of them trading off a couple of sucks on the head. I
undid Jennifer's bra clasps and it fell onto my leg. Jackie then took it
and wrapped it around my dick and began to wank me as Jennifer stood up
and started to unzip her own jeans. I helped her pull them down as
Jackie kept playing with dick. Jennifer was left with nothing but her
cute little pink panties which sported a little green pot leaf.

"Well, I didn't know you smoked pot Jennifer," Jackie said looking up at
her pink and moist panties.

"Yea, Sam and I smoke occasionally."

"Do you want to smoke a bowl," Jackie asked.

"How about a joint," I said as I reached over to my backpack which sat
behind the chair, and pulled out an old orange prescription medicine
bottle which I had been using to hold my pot and occasionally a few
prerolled joints.

I realized this had to be some bizarre dream. I couldn't believe I was
sitting here drunk and about to smoke a joint with my girlfriend and 5th
grade science teacher as they went down on me.

We lit and passed around the joint, each of us getting more fucked up
than we all ready were as we continued to play with each other. Jennifer
sat on the armrest of my chair and I was busy eating out her juicy clit
between tokes as Jackie kept bobbing on my cock. As the joint was coming
around for the last time, I toked and watched Jackie take off her gray
sweater and her bra. Her rack looked even bigger out of its bra. Her C
cups were perfectly round with pretty little nipples and little freckles
on her slightly tanned skin. "You have nice tits," Jennifer said to
Jackie. "I wish mine were like yours."

"Oh don't say that hon. You're are pretty and cute. If I had tits like
yours, I would have been able to keep all the stupid jerks off me in
high school," Jackie said to comfort her.

Jennifer then just looked at me and I said, "I like your tits."

"Good boy," Jen said as she patted my head and slid down to the floor to
help Jackie blow my cock.

My dick went back and fourth as both of them continued to give me insane
head. "Stop, I don't want to cum yet," I cried out as I wrenched back my
dick from them and slid off the chair, gently pushed Jackie to the floor
and started to pulled down her jeans and her pretty blue panties so I
could start sucking her twat.

Unlike Jennifer who liked to keep her pussy nice and shaved, Jackie's
was more the way I liked'em: natural and hairy. I dove in and began
sucking on her twat and smelling her sweet juices. One my hands found
its way crawling up her body to play with one of her lushish tits and
Jennifer was eagerly biting down on the other one. Jennifer was in the
perfect position for me to be sucking Jackie, have one hand on Jackie's
tits and the other playing with Jennifer's through her soaking wet pink
panties. It was long before Jennifer discarded what was left of her own
clothing as we continued to play with each other on the floor.

The room was filled with the sweet sound of our moans as we continued to
play and tease each other. Before long Jennifer was screaming, "Sam,
stop! Please, I don't want to cum yet," as she pulled her pussy away
from me. "Sam, I want to see you fuck Jackie."

"What?" I asked her, although I shouldn't have really been surprised.

"I want to watch you fuck Jackie, if that's all right with you Ms

"Oh of course Jennifer," Jackie said as she got up and placed her self
on the chair and spread her legs wide. "Here I am Sam. Fuck me! Fuck
you're dirty whore of a school teacher."

"Yes ma'am," I said for lack of anything better to say as I discarded
what was left of my clothing.

I gently lifted her two legs. They were nice and thick without being
fat, a far cry from Jennifer's tiny petite legs and more of what I was
into. With both her legs held up and back, I gently bent my knees and
began fucking her in the missionary position. My dick slid right in her
pussy which was absolutely dripping wet. Although she wasn't quite as
tight as Jennifer, she still felt nice, warm and sensual. I began
rocking back and fourth, fucking in rhythm to her moans and gasps as I
watched Jennifer out of the corner of my eye, masturbating as I fucked
her riding instructor and my former elementary school teacher.

Jackie's moans were heavenly. I played with her tits as I fucked her;
squeezing her ample breasts and pinching her nipples. As I ground my
head into her bosom, my cock pumped harder into her. Before I knew it I
was laying on top of her, making out wildly with her while trying to
keep her legs up and hang onto the chair. I guess Jennifer must have
gotten a little jealous as I felt her behind me, gently biting my balls
and licking my cock as it slid in and out of Jackie.

Jackie was a screamer. I could tell she was about to cum as she let out
cries that made me glad we were in a secluded cabin in the middle of
nowhere. She reached out for my cock with her hands as I pulled out;
almost as if to drag me back in. I slid back over Jennifer's head and
pushed Jen's face into Jackie's dripping cunt and she instinctively
started to lick and nibble, much to Jackie's delight.

I decided to give Jennifer a little of her favorite position and started
to tease her by gently running the tip of my head up and down her
dripping slit. This only caused her to be more aggressive to Jackie,
sucking harder and grinding against her pussy. This really turned me on
as I gently entered her and felt her body shudder just a little. Before
long my balls were happily slapping against her ass in a nice rhythm
with both her and Jackie's moans. I just kept fucking, rubbing my hand
up and down the small of Jennifer's back while occasionally bending down
to her ear, grabbing her tits and whispering, "I love you Jennifer," in
her ear before nibbling and sucking on it.

Jennifer went wild as I played with her ears, and madly went at Jackie.
Her moans and screams were incredible as she pushed Jennifer's face
harder into her clit. Jen just keep sucking and grinding into her until
Jackie finally came. She slid off the chair, plopped her ass onto the
hardwood floor and started kissing Jennifer. As I watched them making
out my own cock felt like it was ready to erupt as I moaned out,
"Jennifer, I'm cumming."

I pulled out as Jennifer turned around and I asked, "Where do you want
it girls?"

"Oh my face! In my mouth," mewed Jennifer.

"On my tits," said Jackie.

"All right girls."

I stood up so my cock was between both of their faces and started
wacking it. Jennifer and Jackie provided some extra help taking turns
sucking on my dick and moaning. "Here I cum!" I yelled as my white seed
ejaculated out of my cock right onto Jennifer's face. The next load
started on her face and found its way over to Jackie's big round boobs.
It just kept cuming and cuming as I went back and fourth between the
two, with Jennifer getting closer to Jackie so the cum dripped off her
face and onto Jackie's tits. I watched as Jennifer swallowed what had
made it into her mouth as I kept cuming. As my cock looked as if it were
done, Jackie jerked it a little more and wrapped her mouth around the
tip, and was surprised by one last spurt in her mouth.

I collapsed between the two girls and started licking my cum off
Jackie's tits. She in turn, leaned over me and started licking
Jennifer's face, taking down what Jennifer hadn't all ready swallowed. I
turned over to Jennifer, realizing she hadn't yet cum, and started
fingering her pussy while my other hand stayed on Jackie's tits, rubbing
all that cum around them.

Jackie was quick to help as we tacked the dilemma of sucking Jennifer's
wet, horny and ready to orgasm clit. We kept biting and teasing her,
occasionally kissing as we sucked her clit. Then we started finger
fucking her. Only a finger each at first, and then two. As we were about
to do three, Jennifer looked down and cried, "N--," but was quickly
silences by a gasp as six fingers were now deep in her clit.

We kept pumping as Jennifer started bucking like a wild horse against
our fingers. We just kept going, adding four fingers each. Jennifer was
crazy by this point letting out loud moans and whelps. We kept fucking
with four fingers each for a while, faster and wilder, pushing deeper
each time until our top knuckles where right up against the edge of her
hole. Jackie and I smiled as we knew what was coming next as we added
our thumbs. Jennifer's eyes were huge as we now had two full hands
trying to slowly make their way into her small clit.

"FUCK!!! God, what the fuck are you two doing? That's too big. I've got
a smaaaal---," but we kept pushing and she kept moaning as we watched
this small clit on this petite woman grow to take in two full hands,
knuckles and all. Although Jackie's hand was a bit larger than mine,
both of our hands were larger and Jennifer's and her tiny frame let out
a massive scream and shuddered with out two hands inside her bringing
her to a spectacular orgasm.

Jackie and I pulled out and then pulled Jennifer to us and started
kissing her, hugging her and caressing her. "Are you ok baby? I'm sorry.
Did I hurt you?" I asked her

"Oh-my-god," she stammered out, still panting for breath. "That was
absolutely incredible. Thank you Sam. Thank you Jackie," were her last
words for the night as she kissed both of us. We lay there on the floor
for a while, caressing each other, still drunk and now freshly fucked.

Jackie and I had to help Jennifer to the bed, as she had more than
enough to drink. I woke up the next morning with Jackie to the left of
me and Jennifer to the right, all of us naked under the soft and warm
comforter. Outside the sun was just starting to peak out from the clouds
and start another day.

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