Friday, April 17, 2009

My Best Buds

I had just gotten home from work as a landscaper and needed a shower. My
bud Ricky said, as I was going to my room that the girls will be in like
five, man. Whoa I thought, I better make it a quickie. When I got to my
room my icq was flashing that I had a message. As I went to check it my
cell phone rang with my girlfriend Lynda's chime. I answered the call
and before I could say anything she said get the message, so I did and it
stated to close my eyes and not open them till I am told and to turn

O.K. I thought this should be fun Lynda was always doing kinky stuff and
I was never disappointed. I closed my eyes and turned around. As soon as
I had I felt hands on my pants touching my crotch then pulling them off
next came my shorts, then shirt. So I was standing there in my socks when
I felt her mouth start to lick my cock starting at the base and working
her way up then down then up again and her tongue swirled around my head
and into my slit. This was new for her and I enjoyed it very much. She
then surprised me by putting her mouth all the way down my shaft, (I have
a 9 inch cock and she had never been able to do that. What have you been
practicing on I asked cause that sure feels good sweets. She bit my cock,
not hard but I got the message and shut up. Mm wmmt mme she said around
my cock, (another new thing I was in heaven). Can I open my eyes please?
I asked, my answer was a harder bite.

I followed her as she led me out of the room with her mouth on my cock.
If I could have seen this it would have been funny cause she was backing
out on all fours it seemed with me in tow being led by the cock like a
good boy, we kept hitting the walls and such it was funny. I laughed a
little and got bit for it (dam) I thought that is so exciting. After a
few minutes of stumbling around we finally stopped and I heard Ricky's
girlfriend Terri and Lynda's voice both say, open your eyes. I opened my
eyes to see Terri staring up at me on all fours in front of me I looked
around and saw Lynda simerly looking up at Ricky (who was in the same
state of dress as I was by the way ). What gives? I asked. Lynda looked
over at me and smiled and said we want to switch for a bit but we needed
your permission, what do you think? Ricky and I looked at each other and

Ok here is what we are going to do Terri said, we ,Lynda and I are going
to fool around with each other. Ricky and I just smiled at each other,( I
could see by the way his cock was moving he liked this idea as much as I
did ) however, Lynda added, whatever we do to each other you do also. I
looked at Lynda and she just smiles sweetly (the melt all resistance
kind, you know the one right guys) Ricky puts his hand on my cock, which
throbs at his touch and looks me in the eyes and says come on Rich this
is what we have been wondering if they would do for like a year now
right?, uh huh I agreed. Ricky took that as agreement and kissed me hard
and passionately , to which the girls said hey us first. We stopped
kissing and I looked around and saw the girls smiling lovingly at us.
Ricky put my hand on his cock and led us to the cough saying come on lets
watch the show.

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