Friday, April 17, 2009

Me and Kathy and Frank and Joan

I've already told you about the time Frank and I went on a hiking trip, and
wound up sucking each other off about three times a day. Well, I had told
my wife Kathy all about it, and just hearing about it made her all hot and
horny. She wanted to be able to watch the next time we did it. I didn't
make any promises, and I don't think Frank had told his wife about it.

A few weeks after the hiking trip, Kathy and I were at Frank and Joan's
house for dinner. It was after dinner, and we were having a few drinks in
the living room. During a brief lull in the conversation, Kathy piped up
with, "So, Frank, have you and Bob been giving each other any head since
the big hiking trip?"

Frank got a bit flustered, and looked over at his wife. "Uh, well, uh, no,
uh, not lately, no..."

Joan looked surprised. "What, you've been giving Bob head? Is that what
happens on your big hiking trips? You suck cock all week long?"

"Actually, that was the first time we've done that," I said.

Kathy, all innocent, said, "Oh, didn't you know about that? I thought it
was pretty hot when Bob told me about it."

"It was no big deal, really," I explained. "It just happened that we were
both naked and horny at the same time, so we decided to help each other

"Oh," said Joan. "And you haven't 'happened' to be naked and horny since
then?" She had a smile on her face and I could tell that she was enjoying
Frank's discomfort, as well as the thought of me and Frank 'helping each
other out.'

Kathy said, "Why don't you take off your clothes now, and see if you
'happen' to get horny?"

I looked over at Frank, and then over at Joan. Joan had a big grin on her
face. It was easy to see that she wanted this to happen, and that she
wanted to watch. "Well," I said, "we could get naked, but I'm not so sure
we would still be up for it. It might work better if you girls got naked,

Now to tell the truth, it probably wasn't going to be necessary for them
both to get naked. I was starting to get a little bit stiff, and I had no
doubt that Frank was in a similar situation. But I was sure going to try my
darndest to get everybody naked. Kathy and Joan are both attractive, but in
different ways. Kathy is a bit taller than me - about 5'8", blonde, and
slim. Joan is shorter, more rounded - but very nicely rounded - and
brunette. I had never seen Joan naked, but I had often thought about it.

Frank got in on it, too, saying, "Yeah, I don't really feel too horny, I
don't know if it will work if just Bob and I get naked."

Kathy, God love her, was quick to speak up. "C'mon Joan, if seeing us naked
is all it takes for these studs to get all hot and horny, let's go." And
with that she started taking off her clothes, and so did Joan.

Frank and I looked at each other, shrugged, and started taking off our
clothes. And yes, we both had raging hard-ons by the time we were naked. I
sat down, Frank came over and knelt between my legs, and started sucking my
cock. I looked across the room at Joan and Kathy. They were sitting on the
couch; Joan was softly brushing her pussy, and Kathy was lightly rubbing
her fingers over her nipples. It was a beautiful sight, and soon I was
coming in Frank's mouth and he was swallowing it all down.

"Hey, no fair," said Joan, "I wanted to see you shooting all over the

"Yeah," said Kathy. "Bob, when you make Frank cum, I want to see his load
shoot all over you."

Frank got up, and his big boner was staring me in face. "OK," I said. "Your

Fran sat down on the chair, and I got down on my knees between his legs. I
rested my arms on his thighs, and started playing with his dick a bit,
first rubbing it against my cheek, then licking the tip, and finally
putting it all in my mouth. As I was doing this, I looked up and saw that
Frank was looking over to where Kathy and Joan were sitting. He must be
enjoying the view like I was, I thought. Soon, he started moaning and his
hips started twisting back and forth. Remembering my instructions from the
women, I took his dick out of my mouth, and kept jacking him, pointing it
at my face. I was aiming right between my eyes, and that's where his jizz
hit me. It splattered on my forehead, and was running down into my eyes,
dripping off my chin and onto my chest.

I started to wipe the cum out of my eyes when Kathy shouted "Hey, no way,
it looks so hot with you all covered in cum."

I stopped. "But I can't see!" I said.

"Just sit there. We'll take care of you," said Joan.

I sat down in the chair, my eyes closed and covered in cum, and Kathy and
Joan came over and sat down besided me, one on each arm of the chair.

"Here you go," said Kathy. "Let us clean that up for you." And the girls
started licking the cum off of my eyes. It was the most incredibly erotic
thing I have ever felt. These two women, rubbing their naked bodies against
mine, licking someone else's cum off of my face.

"There," Kathy said when they were all finished. "Can you seen now?"

"That's fine," I answered. They had left the rest of face still cum
splattered, and it was still dripping onto my chest. I reached out to both
women, and felt their pussies. "It looks like Frank and I aren't the only
ones getting horny around here... Are you girls going to help each other

Kathy and Joan looked into each other's eyes, looking across me. "What do
you say, Joan," asked Kathy, "can you help me out?"

"Oh, I think we can help each other out," Kathy answered. And the two girls
got down on the floor into a sixty-nine. I have to say they were helping
each other out quite a bit - tongues were in pussies, bodies were rubbing
against each other and they were having a great time. Kathy started to
orgasm first, and Joan was only seconds behind.

Meanwhile Frank and I were both hard again. Frank started fucking Joan, but
I was content to just sit back and watch for a while. Kathy cuddled up
beside me on the couch, and she too enjoyed watching - she had three
fingers in her pussy, and gave herself an orgasm just as Frank was shooting
his load into Joan's pussy.

Joan looked over at me. "Poor Bob," she said, "you never got a taste of
Frank's cum. Come over here." She had me lie down on the floor, and
straddled me on my stomach. Then she started wiggling her way up to my
head, and I could feel the wetness on my stomach and chest. Then she
planted her pussy in my face, and I started licking, enjoying the taste of
her juices mixed with Frank's cum. As I was licking her, I could feel a
tongue on my prick. I didn't know whose it was, and I didn't care - it felt
great. Soon I felt two tongues on my prick. It wasn't long before Joan
grabbed my head, and started sqeezing me with her legs. As she started to
cum, even more of the combined juices came running into my mouth, and I
started cumming.

After that we all cuddled up on the couch for a while, just relaxing and
talking. It took about half an hour, but Frank and I got hard again, and
soon we were on the floor in a sixty-nine. While we were doing this, a
flash went off. Joan had taken out her camera, and was taking
pictures. Knowing what the girls wanted to see, when it was time to cum,
Frank and I shot our loads all over each other, and Joan took a bunch more

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