Friday, April 17, 2009

My Best Buds 2

With my hand on Ricky's cock and his on mine we sat down to watch as our
girlfriends started to undress each other. First came Terri's skirt,
which was short enough that you could practically see her entire care
package then came Lynda's pants and surprise no panties. What really got
me was that she was completely shaven, and that got my to throbbing. Nice
Ricky said and I didn't know if he meant Lynda's shaved puss or my
throb maybe both. Next came Lynda's shirt and she had no bra either she
is not huge but not small and can get away with that sometimes but she is
very pert and pointy. Then we see Terri's shirt come off and see that
she has a nipple less bra on, so Lynda gives her nipples a good squeeze,
which makes Terri yelp and Ricky's and my cock jerk a bit. We just grin
at each other. Once the girls are undressed they do the price is rite
prize girl thing and point to and touch each others various body part,
all the while smiling at us.

The girls start kissing each other slowly at first then with more passion
and we see that they are really getting in to it and start to touch each
others breasts. I start to move my hand over Ricky's cock as I would my
own. Ricky looks at me and winks as his hand starts to move on my dick
and man does he feel good. Terri starts to move down Lynda's body with
her mouth tongue and teeth she does like to bite it seems. The girls
spread each others cunts open for us to see and they each insert a finger
into the others pussy and ass then they lick both clean. Mine and
Ricky's dicks are both throbbing and starting to leek pre-cum, so we put
it on our fingers and lick it off. Yum I love the taste of my cum and
Ricky's is sweeter it seems. The girls move into a 69 position on their
sides so we can watch as they eat each other's pussy. Once in a while
Terri will bite Lynda's clit and make her jump, but knowing Lynda she
will get even. The girls start to moan in each others pussies( I know
Lynda likes it when I do that and it seems that Terri likes it as well
for she starts to grind her pussy against Lynda's mouth which makes her
lick all the more. The girls start to cum loudly as we watch them wither
in sweet agony and joy. O.k. lover boys your turn and make it good.

Oh we will Ricky replied. I was nervous as I had never even thought about
sucking a guy off before but I wanted to please my friend and the girls.
Ricky seemed to sense this for he took me in his arms and kissed me so
tenderly like no one had before not even Lynda. I just melted in his
arms. He kissed my entire body very slowly avoiding my dick and balls
then stood up and waited, so I started to kiss his face then his neck
going to his shoulders and nipples down to his stomach and crotch he
pushed me away from there so I kissed his legs and back up to his ass
which I kissed and got brave and stuck my tongue into his crack, he
moaned at that then I kissed his back and he turned and kissed my lips
again. We looked over to the girls to get their reaction and they were
smiling at us and touching each others pussies and tits.

Ricky laid down and told me to give him my big cock while I took his.
That was all I needed as he took my cock into his mouth and I did the
same to him. It tasted slightly salty and I loved it I had to have more
so I started to do what Terri had done to me and lick his shaft and kiss
his hairy balls. He stopped for a second and said that Terri had given me
good lessons. mmmhmm I replied as I swallowed his dick into my mouth I
did not go to far at first I just got the feel of it. Ricky meanwhile
just had my head in his mouth and was running his tongue over the top. He
the took me all the way into his wet hot mouth and then stuck his finger
into my ass. I was so surprised that I bit him. He spanked me hard and I
let up and heard the girls giggling and moaning I was in heaven. Ricky
kept sucking me all the way into his mouth and I was throbbing hard so I
figured I would do that to him. I gagged a bit at first but soon got the
hang of it. And it was good . I knew I was going to cum any moment and
Ricky knew it also for he picked up the pace as I shot my hot load down
his throat. That was all it took for him to join me in cuming bliss for
he sent his seed into my mouth where I drank it in only spilling a
little. The girls quickly came over and each kissed us Lynda on me and
Terri on Ricky mmm they both replied

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