Friday, April 17, 2009

Chris and Ben discover forbidden pleasures

I'm 23 years old, have light brown hair, about 5" 10" and 11.5 stone (160lbs
for our American friends). I left college about two and a half years ago and
bummed around for a few months in Spain and then got my first job in the
automotive sector, where I've been ever since.
I have changed everyone's name in this but the facts are completely true,
even if I have dwelt on the more erotic sections at the expense of a
blow-by-blow account of the whole evening.

I've been with my company for about two years and have been on a secondment
to Leicester for two weeks, along with 6 other colleagues, one of whom I
know very well, Chris from the IT department. We've been staying in one of
those Travel Motels on the outskirts of the town.

Being away from our partners, on the first night, Chris and I set off in to
town and decided to pub-crawl it down the main street. We met up with a
friend of his from college who lived in Leicestershire somewhere. We met up
in a busy Irish bar. Peter was very good looking but you could tell that he
knew it and to be honest he slightly annoyed me. Anyway, I wasn't going to
let it spoil the night and so we embarked upon our pub-crawl. The first bar
came and went, then the second and so on. By the fourth pub I asked my
friend Chris if Peter was gay as I thought he seemed slightly too keen on
letting us know that he liked tits and girls and more tits and more girls.
You know the kind - desperately trying to put you off the scent. Plus he was
very good looking and paid a lot of attention to his appearance.
Chris told me that he wasn't and that he lived with his girlfriend about 20
miles out side of Leicester. I then asked how Peter intended getting back to
his place that night. His reply was that he wasn't sure but that he thought
that Peter would phone his girlfriend to come and pick him up. Anyway, the
evening carried on and more drinks were consumed.

Being the only one driving, I was sober whilst Chris and Peter kept
ordering more beer and getting increasingly more pissed. After having come
back from the toilets, Peter challenged me asking why I thought he was gay.
Chris had evidently told him that I had enquired about his sexuality. I told
him that it was just curiosity and because he had kept referring to his
girlfriend as his "partner" until Chris confirmed that he did indeed have a
girlfriend, I wondered if it was a cover word for boyfriend. Peter then
proceeded to bore us with details of previous conquests and his love of
women, oh, and tits.
The subject then turned to gay bars.
Instead of the usual intolerant, macho "whoahh, fucking poof's clubs"-type
conversation, Peter admitted that he used to have a gay friend at university
and they would sometimes go to "Streetlife", the gay bar/club, because Peter
always found he could pull the "fag-hags" whilst his friend Brian went off
onto the dancefloor to cruise some guy.
The conversation moved on to another subject but when we left that pub,
Peter said,
"Why don't we go to Streetlife?"
Chris and I looked at each other, both unsure of what our reaction should
be. Chris didn't dismiss the idea out of hand and I said I wasn't sure but
as long as we all agreed that no one say anything to our other friends, I
didn't mind. Fine, we all agreed and went off down the back streets of
Leicester in search of 'Streetlife'.

We went inside, and instead of the 'Blue Oyster Bar' image that I was
expecting, the club was surprisingly trendy looking. Most of the guys stared
at us as we walked in because we must have looked like fish out of water, as
we scanned round the room with wide eyes. We ordered drinks and propped
ourselves up against the bar. Chris says that he wanted to go to the toilet
but if he wasn't back in 10 minutes, to send the search party in.
Unsurprisingly, he returned unharmed. The evening continued like this and I
think one by one, we all started to relax and realise that not every gay
bloke was instantly going to want to rape us. Being reasonably good-looking
guys, Chris and I obviously drew the occasional approving look but nothing
overtly intrusive. Peter was attracting significantly more.
By now Chris and Peter were very drunk and starting to get loud, discussing
the merits of a man sucking your cock as opposed to a woman. I couldn't
believe this, Peter, who had not 1 hour before, been pinching girl's bums
and talking about tits all evening was now talking about gay sex. Not in an
"I'd like to try it" way but "I wonder what they do" kind of way. I joined
in the conversation and said
"Surely it's gonna feel the same, it's just a bit fucked up to have a guy
sucking your dick".
Peter looked at me strangely and said
"Ben, you've obviously given this a lot of thought and you sound as if
you're up for some action so don't let us stop you"
I felt embarrassed but could see that it was just drunk talk although I
guess I've always been a bit over-sensitive if I've ever been called a poof.

By now Chris and Pete were becoming loud and annoying now and people close
around us were frowning.
Cue to leave, I thought.
I persuaded them to move on to another bar which would be open longer and
where the drinks were cheaper. The plan worked and we staggered up the main
street to find our watering hole. We got there and the doormen turned us
away because Peter and Chris were too drunk and being twats.
"Fucking well done guys!" I grunted at them.

It was 2 in the morning and it was time to call it a night and head back. I
managed to get them in the car and said I'd drive Peter back to his house,
rather than wake his girlfriend. Chris was adamant that we were not driving
for half and hour to Peter's house and half an hour back. Chris demanded
that I drop him off first. Being in the opposite direction I thought that
was stupid, but who can argue with pissed-logic? I then said,
"Why doesn't he sleep on the other bed in your room, Chris?"
Although having ordered a single room, the rooms were either twin or doubles
and Chris had got a twin setup.
"That's fine by me, Ben" he replied. Peter said nothing.
We looked in the back of the car and Peter had passed out. Chris and I then
started to chat. We talked about Streetlife and the experience of going in
to a gay bar. Chris was quite cool with it and we both agreed that it was a
lot less scary than we'd both imagined but that it was weird to see to guys
Chris said that although he was married and had never been with a man, he
didn't rule the possibility out of his life but just couldn't see any
circumstances when he'd ever put that theory into practise.
"Hmmm", I thought, Chris was evidently more liberally minded than I gave him
credit for.
We talked about being faithful to partners etc, and the conversation had
become a bit of a confessional about our past sexual exploits
(heterosexual). He told me that his girlfriend was quite dirty and that he
liked to experiment with her but that she seemed to be on her period more
often than not these days. He was very candid about what they got up to and
said their latest thing was tying each other up. In all the time I'd known
Chris he'd never struck me as a bit of a dirty bastard.

I decided to confess that when I was 15 I had a friend that would come to my
parent's house during school lunchtimes and we used to watch porno movies
together and wank in the same room as each other. I told him that we'd do it
most lunchtimes and that it had gone on for a year or so although I didn't
elaborate how much of a turn on I found it to be. Chris didn't react
adversely but just said
"Is that it, Adams? God, you're hardly going to hit the headlines of the
newspapers with that story."
Chris then asked me how it came about and that he could well imagine that if
two teenage guys were watching a porn movie that it would be impossible not
to have a wank. I felt so relieved to have admitted that. I hadn't told a
sole for 8 years and now that I said it, it didn't seem so odd. And
certainly judging by Chris' reaction, it wasn't a big deal.
The conversation continued along those lines although mostly with him
talking about his sexual exploits with his wife.

We got back to the motel and woke Peter up and pulled him out of the car.
Chris and I opened our respective rooms and Peter staggered in to Chris'
room and flopped on one of the two beds. Chris looked in to the room and
back at me and said, "He's out for the fucking count mate".
I said goodnight and was just about to walk into my room when Chris said,
"No adult channels on TV, I suppose?". I shook my head. Chris shrugged and
"Oh well, looks like I'm not going to get that wank you promised then".
I was gob-smacked. I didn't have time to react but smiled, entered my room
and shut the door. Had I just heard correctly? I must have. There couldn't
have been any other interpretation unless Chris was just been sarcastic. Had
I given Chris the wrong message and given him a come-on?
I mulled the thought over in my head. I was very aroused as the memories of
Luke and I at 15 came flooding back to me. I think I had tried to deny how
much I was turned on by seeing another guy wank and here I was being given
another opportunity. The fact that Chris thought that it was no big deal
allowed me to think about it in a different light.
I removed most of my clothes and lay out on the bed and started to have a
quick tug on my cock.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I tucked my throbbing tool back into
my boxers and opened the door. It was Chris. He wanted to borrow some
toothpaste saying he'd forgotten his. He was acting really strangely,
looking round the room and at me oddly. I let him just into the entrance
area and scurried off into the bathroom to get the toothpaste. I wondered
back and handed it to him trying to not show him my woody. As he left he
looked at me, his eyes lowered to my waistline and he said - looks like
someone couldn't wait to enjoy themselves!
My face went bright red. I thought that I'd done a reasonable job of hiding
my arousal but he'd evidently noticed. I didn't have time to reply when he
pulled the door behind him. A muffled voice rang out
"Enjoy your wank Adams".
I hopped back onto the bed and started to think about Luke again and
wondered if Chris was now thinking I was a fag. Evil thoughts of Chris
wanking in front of me leapt into my mind and very soon I had a boner again.
Not 30 seconds into my wank my mobile phone beeped. I looked at it. 1 New
It was Chris. My heart was pounding. The message read:
"U started yor wank yet?"
This was it. Chris was definitely very interested in my wanking exploits.
Did I leave it, or reply with a yes & encourage the situation. If I did,
would he think I was queer? Fuck it, I thought - he might be just trying to
wind me up. I thought I'd do the same.
"Yeh wanna join me big boy?"
I heard the door of the next bedroom close and a couple of footsteps and
then a light tapping at the door. My heart leapt into my throat and I went
to open the door. Chris was standing there in just his boxer shorts and a
"I thought you'd never ask, you prick!"
He walked into the room and closed the door. I could see he was drunk but
not so drunk as to stagger or slur his words. It was then that it both hit
us. The bizarre situation we were in. We looked at each other and laughed.
"I don't know what the fuck I'm doing here Ben". I felt sheepish but said,
"Neither do I".
I offered him a coffee. By now, I was shaking from a mixture of nerves,
excitement and anticipation. My voice trembled slightly. He accepted the
coffee and we sat and talked for what seemed like ages. We talked about
everything other than sex for a while but the subject matter eventually
turned back on that track.
Evidently from my conversation about Luke and our experience of the gay bar,
Chris had been aroused. He said that he had been going out with his wife
since they were childhood sweethearts at the age of 13 and that he'd married
her straight after University because he got her pregnant. Although he
denied it in our earlier conversation, he admitted that he had cheated on
her twice whilst he was at University when he was drunk but that was all.

He made some weird story up about wanting to have a wank but that if Pete
woke up and saw him it would be freaky so as I'd already seen another guy
wank and was having one anyway it would be better for him to wank in my
"What a load of shit", I thought. He's interested in seeing what it's like
seeing another guy's cock in the flesh. Still, I couldn't say that. Instead
I just said
"Wouldn't it be a bit fucking weird to see your colleague cracking one off
in front of you?" Chris shook his head. His philosophy was
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained pal". I said
"Yeh, I guess -you're only on the planet once I suppose". It was a bit
We finished the coffees and looked at each other and both laughed.
"You will never tell a living sole about this Ben!" Chris demanded. I nodded
and said
"Likewise". The agreement was made. I noticed that he had a significant tent
in the front of his boxers and a sizeable damp patch, I guess from pre-cum.
We turned the main light off to avoid embarrassment. The curtains weren't
closed and the light from outside meant that we could see each other in
reasonable detail. Unlike the time when I was 15 when it was purely wanking
on the couch with my friend with no interaction, I somehow knew this was
going to be different.
I lay on the bed and put my hand down my boxers and began to fumble with
myself. Within seconds I was hard again. Chris did the same. I felt
embarrassed to reveal myself fully but I looked over at Chris and he'd
already got his cock out and was stroking it. That's what beer does to you I
"Jesus Ben, you're going to make a mess in those boxers unless you release
the little fella"" Chris said looking over at me. I looked back and retorted
"Why do you care?"
He didn't reply directly but just said
"Come on, don't be shy, we've all seen a guy's cock before. Admittedly not
hard but it's only the size that changes. Come on, let's see who's got the
biggest one".

My heart felt like it was going to explode and I was now trembling
uncontrollably. I was frightened but immensely turned on. Without having
time to agree to it or anything, Chris leant towards me and reached for the
waistband of my boxers and pulled them out and over my raging boner. My cock
sprang back up and Chris said
"There! Now that wasn't difficult, was it?"
Even in the dimmed light of the room, I could see that his cock was
significantly larger than mine.
Being of a significantly larger frame than I, I had imagined that it would
be, but I wasn't expecting this. My dick is about 6 inches, maybe a fraction
over. This monster was significantly bigger. I felt inadequate and said so.
Chris laughed and said that he'd often been complemented on the size of his
(flaccid) cock by other guys in the school showers when he was younger.
We continued to wank ourselves for some time. I was not far from shooting my
load and leant over Chris to grab the tissues on the bedside table so as to
avoid making a mess. I don't think he realised they were there because he
misinterpreted what I was up to and grabbed my hand and put it on his
massive tool.
"Just couldn't resist my big dick heh Ben?" I would have protested my
innocence but the feeling of having such a thick cock in my hand fascinated
me. I found the words
"Well I can but dream Chris" coming out of my mouth.
My hand was now firmly clasped round the shaft of his throbbing member. My
fingers didn't go all the way round and it must have been at least 8 inches,
I would say.
"Go on mate, don't be shy. Give it a tug. It won't hurt you" Chris
whispered, "I promise".
Slowly my hand moved up his shaft to the bulbous head. I found a comfortable
grip and started to move my hand up and down, teasing his foreskin back over
his glans and back again.
"Mmm - that feels fucking good Ben. Anyone would think you've been
practising! Karen doesn't know how to wank me - never has". I continued to
pump my hand up and down and Chris just lay back and groaned approving
noises. With my left hand I reached down to my cock, which felt like it was
going to explode, and started to wank it.
"It's all right, I'll do yours, it's only fair" he said.
With that he sat upright and I aligned myself next to him. He wanking me and
I, him.
"This is fucked up Chris, I can't say I'm not enjoying it, but I've never
had another guy's cock in my hand".
"Yeh but it's not hurting anyone"
"Quite the contrary" I replied. Chris laughed and retorted
"So just enjoy it then and shut up".
With that he leant towards me and pressed his cock into my thigh.
"Fancy wanking the both of us in one hand?" he asked me.
By now I was so turned on and, in any case, we'd stepped over the line so
there was no point in stopping here so I replied "Yeh, okay".
I climbed on top of him and straddled his waist. He started to gyrate his
pelvis and with his right hand force his cock down towards me where it met
my sweaty ball sack. The tip of his cock was obviously quite moist from
pre-cum and I could feel him smearing it over my nuts. It felt strange but
the smell of both our cocks filled the air with an intoxicating, heady
odour. We were both really turned on.
I pushed my cock down to meet his, the back of our shafts now in contact.
Using both hands, I clamped my cock to his and began to wank the two of us.
It was exciting but wasn't going to bring me to the brink. I continued for a
while with the only noise coming from Chris who was grunting slightly.

He stopped moaning and raised his head towards me and said
"Move up my chest Ben". I edged forward, over his cock and then onto his
chest. He grabbed my cock and then strained forward bringing his head to
meet my cock. Without saying anything his lips parted around the tip of my
cock as he slowly devoured its length. He then gave me, what can only be
described as the best blow job I have ever experienced. He had never done it
before but instinctively knew what to do. He didn't bite, nor suck too hard
like the many young women I had slept with at college. Instead he flashed
his tongue around the tip and down the back of my cock, whilst nodding his
head back and forwards. He was making slurping noises and the odd occasional
grunt. He was seriously getting into this and I reached round behind me and
grabbed his cock in my right hand and started to wank him. It was really
slick with precum now and I became aware of the noise of it squelching as I
frantically tugged his loose foreskin back and forth over his enormous dome.
I sensed he wasn't far away from shooting his load which drove me wild with
excitement. I was starting to moan quietly. My own orgasm wasn't far away.
The head of my cock was now bursting and hypersensitive as his lips and
tongue did their work around it. I pushed his face away to avoid climaxing
too quickly. He seemed to understand and stopped. He laughed and exclaimed
"I can't believe that I've just had another man's cock in my mouth".
"Did you enjoy it?" I asked.
Chris sounded really surprised,
"Yeah, it was really good, although I can't believe that I'm doing this. Why
not try it?"
I needed no encouragement and I lowered myself down his meaty torso and
nuzzled my face in his cock and balls. The smell was exquisite, quite unlike
the slightly fishy/pissy smell of a woman, which I also love. I inhaled the
musky pungent aroma and set about Chris' cock with zeal.
I licked the back of his shaft, which made it spasm. I engorged the head of
his large uncut cock. I tried to swallow it down as far as it would go but I
gagged. Chris laughed. I was trying to do it as well as Chris had done to
me. I thought about all the blowjobs I had received from women and what I
liked and disliked and, of course, the phenomenal job that Chris had just
done. This time I took my time and started to lick round the head whilst
wanking him with my hand. I could feel his cock noticeably stiffen. Chris
groaned a little. I knew that I had got the hang of it. With my left hand I
pulled at the skin of his ball sack, wanking him with the other whilst
nuzzling on his knob and licking down the shaft. It felt totally natural.
Chris started to move his hips in rhythm with my sucking and I felt his
hands grab my head and start pushing down on the back of my neck.
"Oooh, that's it Ben. You like that don't you?" he moaned but in a
sarcastic, surprised manner. I was too busy to answer. His tempo picked up
as did my sucking. Catching his breath, Chris asked me
"Can I cum in your mouth?" I stopped, realising that he was getting near to
cumming. I replied that I wasn't really keen on the idea of swallowing his
cum. Chris leaned forward and said
"We'd better stop this unless you want it to end quickly". This was the
first limit that I had set. I thought it best to ask Chris if he had any.
"I'm open to pretty well anything Ben. I'm not too keen on the idea of being
fucked, if I'm frank". I told him that I didn't have any specific out of
bounds areas but that swallowing cum seemed to me a bit disgusting. I looked
at his cock. My eyes had now totally adjusted to the light and I could see
that his cock was a beauty and one that I would have loved to have called my
own. It was thick but was parallel from base to just below the tip and I
could feel it was smoother and less veined than mine. The head was a large
bulbous dome, whereas mine is flatter and splays out more, like a mushroom.
I have always had a bit of an unhealthy interest in looking at other men's
cocks, although in the changing room at the gym and elsewhere they have all
been limp apart from Luke's 8 years ago. I was now admiring this impressive
weapon. Chris, noticing that I had stopped sucking and was looking at it
whilst massaging it asked
"Why are you staring at my dick?" I felt a bit sheepish but said that I
would love to have a dick like that myself. He joked, "well you have,
haven't, you, it's in your hands. Do what you want with it."
I climbed back on top of him and rubbed our cocks together. I then pulled
him upright and said
"Wrap your foreskin over my cock".
"Okay" he replied. He pulled his foreskin all the way back and I pushed my
tool up to the end of his cock. He then pushed the skin forwards until it
totally covered the mushroom head of my cock. It felt so weird but
comforting. I think Chris was a bit bored of that after a couple of minutes
and said
"Let me have some more of that tasty dick in my mouth". He lay back down and
I straddled him again, pushing my throbbing member down to his eager mouth.
He engorged it again. He was nodding away like a metronome again and I lay
my head back whilst I tweaked his nipples as he gave me the sucking I'd
deserved for a long time. After a few minutes and as I was getting nearer to
cumming, I could feel him trying to thrust his pelvis up to meet my arse.
Whilst his left hand held my cock, his right was working away beneath me,
massaging his cock.
It was then that I realised what he was trying to do. The tip of his cock
started to push against my buttocks. Chris has said pretty adamantly that he
didn't want to be fucked and I kind of felt the same way. It didn't upset me
though and I didn't really want to say no to something else, so I tried to
relax a bit and chill out, plus the expert oral work that he was performing
on my dick was giving me other things to concentrate on.
The pushing continued for a while and I felt my arse crack become moist from
his precum. It was weird but not entirely unpleasant. He stopped sucking me
and pushed me lower down his torso. His left hand wrapped round my cock
whilst he took his right hand and started to splay my arse cheeks apart
slightly. He pulled his dick tighter against my arse whilst tugging at my
cock with the other. I lowered my face towards his chest and started to suck
on his nipples. He continued to wank me but had slowed right down. As I
licked and nuzzled his right nipple, I felt him manoeuvre the head of his
cock against my hole. I could tell this was really exciting him because his
heart was beating so hard that I thought that it was going to explode. He
started to pump me slowly with the pressure of his cock increasing and
diminishing against my virgin sphincter. At first it was quite pleasant but
it started to become very uncomfortable. Before I had time to get used to
it, Chris gave an almighty shove upwards, and I could feel his thick weapon
stab me as it breached my tight arsehole. I could feel the friction against
my rose bud and it was too much to bear without saying anything. I told him
"Ouch, that fucking hurts". He pulled back out and leaned forward and said
"Yeh, sorry, I got a bit carried away".
He pulled me up his chest again and started to bob his mouth up and down on
my cock. I was in absolute heaven as his tongue deftly licked around my
throbbing tip. I could feel the cum swelling in my balls and warned Chris
that I was going to shoot if he continued. He pulled his mouth off my
throbbing cock and asked me to lick his nipples again. I happily accepted
the request.
Here we were again with his cock wedged between my arse cheeks as I hunkered
down on his right nipple. I tried to reach down and wank his cock but his
hand was in the way as he massaged my balls. He pulled his hand to his face
and seemed to spit on his three middle fingers. Quickly he transferred his
hand back to my balls but this time kept going until his moist fingers
landed on my arse. Without saying anything he started to smear the spit over
my rose bud. He started to push his middle finger against my hole. His other
hand now reached down and round my cock and with it he started to wank me
again, albeit in a slightly awkward way given my position. The fact that his
finger was now around my hole didn't bother me now as I responded to the
work he was doing on my cock with his other hand. Then I felt it, his middle
finger went right inside me. This time, there was no pain and instead it
felt very intense but really quite pleasant. I stopped nuzzling his nipples
and instead sat up more as he fingered and wanked me.
This went on for a few minutes and then he took his finger right out. My
sphincter relaxed and I told him that I'd enjoyed it.
He pushed me down his body so that we resumed our previous position where
his cock was in my crack. He clearly wanted to fuck me. He sat up and spat
on his fingers and wiped them over the head of his cock. He spat again and
buried his fingers beneath my balls and around the entrance to my hole. He
repeated this two or three times. He then said
"Ben, can you lie on your back?" I didn't give it any thought and obeyed his
instructions. I lay on my back and he knelt between my legs, his large body
towering above me. He then leant forwards and started to blow me again. This
time he just licked the back, top part of my cock. It twitched with
excitement. He shuffled forward, raising my legs slightly and stopped when
his moistened dick jammed between my legs, the tip in the direction of my
arse hole. After a couple of seconds of gyrating, his cock lodged back at
the now familiar spot of my sphincter. I could feel him tense and thrust his
pelvis forward, maintaining a steady pressure.
Just as before, the muscles around my anus tried to prevent any intrusion as
the head of his tool pushed up against it. However this time, it was
slightly different. I was less concerned and Chris tongue work, which he
managed to administer to my cock, made me relax. It was then that my
arsehole finally ceded to the onslaught and gave way. Chris' cock now surged
forward into me.
It still felt unusual and I felt very 'full' but the sharp, abrasive pain
that I had experienced before disappeared.
Chris moaned in appreciation of the feel of my virgin arse hole round his
thick cock.
"Jesus Ben, you're arse is even tighter than Karen's"
I was straining forward now to try and make myself as comfortable as I
could. I was very uncomfortable but there was no pain. He expertly started
to edge his cock into my arse, inch by inch, all 8 of them.
I could feel my organs being squeezed by this mighty sword inside me as the
last inch or two were pushed home.
I lay back on the bed fully and Chris lifted my legs now right over his
shoulders. He was totally dominating me and I felt helpless and completely
at his mercy.
Typing this now, as I am, I can't believe that I am saying this and that I
enjoyed it, but I am and I did.

The sweaty, iron-like, musky aroma of my arse wafted up and filled the room
but Chris seemed undeterred. His faced was intense and he wasn't even really
looking at me. He then pulled his cock back out until only one inch was
invading me. He then plunged the remaining 7 in me much quicker this time.
It felt a bit raw but incredibly erotic. My cock was as hard as a rock and
he was now fucking me in the true sense. I started to wank myself but soon
had to stop for fear of cumming too quickly. Chris picked up the pace and I
started to moan uncontrollably. I have never been a noisy love-maker and I
certainly can't believe I was so oblivious of what must have been fairly
loud to Peter in the next room. I found myself saying, "mmm, yeh, that's
good" as he repeatedly rammed me and withdrew. I could feel him now
completely withdrawing his cock from my arse each time and then forcing it
back into me. I reached round behind my arse and grabbed his ball sack.
"Fuck me Chris, fuck me with that big dick of yours". He didn't reply but
just stepped up the attack, driving his cock inside me whilst I squeezed his
low-slung balls. He was grunting a lot now and seemed to be driven like an
animal. I think he was almost unaware it was me beneath him. I could feel my
orgasm building even though I wasn't touching my cock. "I'm cumming, Chris,
I'm cumming. Fuck me, fuck me Chris. Fill me with your fat dick, fill my
arse with that fat dick" He was going like a steam train now and replied
"Me too. I'm gonna shoot. I'm going to shoot my wad up your arse".
I felt him ram his cock right up into me and his balls pressed firmly
against my arse. I could feel a strange sensation which I guess was him
cumming up inside me.
"Oh my.....GOD" he exclaimed as he pumped me full of his hot fluid, "take
that you little whore". That was it. At that moment I went over the edge: my
cock spontaneously spasmed and shot stream after stream of hot jism across
my chest and face. I hadn't even touched it. I reached down and grabbed my
cock and wanked the last few drops out. I had spunked everywhere. All over
my chest. In my eye, in my hair and all over the pillow. It was the most
I've ever cum in my life. Chris took his hand and scooped up a little of it
and stuck his fingers in his mouth to taste it.
His thrusting and his breathing slowed, as did mine and he withdrew from me
and collapsed on top of me. We lay there motionless for 5 minutes without
saying a single word. I think that we both realised that our lives had
changed that night and that we felt embarrassed, dirty, sordid, perverted
and many other things besides. The room was rich with the smell of my shit
and I was concerned that we'd have made a right mess on the sheets. I didn't
dare turn the light on.
By the time I returned to the room, Chris was fast asleep in my bed. I
climbed into the bed beside him and after an hour of dwelling on what had
just happened, went to sleep.

When I woke in the morning, he'd gone. He must have sneaked out. Later that
day at work I was dreading seeing him, deeply ashamed at what we'd done and
how it would affect our relationship and my life. I didn't bump into him
until later that day and I could tell it was awkward but had to try and
pretend nothing had happened. Neither of us has mentioned the evening at all
and I don't think we will for the foreseeable future.

So that was it. I can't say that I didn't enjoy it. I did. It was the most
erotic sexual encounter that I have ever experienced. I am now full of doubt
about my sexuality. That's what drove me to look on the Internet to see if
other people have been through the same experience as me. I came across (no
pun intended) the Nifty website and saw a whole load of stories about
similar things, some fiction, some true. I realise that I'm not the only
person out there who is "straight" but has had a gay experience. I could
have written it as a Dear Katy... account but as I started to type this up I
realised that the whole episode is such a turn on for me, I thought that I
would share it with you.

I'd be interested in feedback if you have any, and any comments as to what
you think I should do. Clearly Chris has a wife and child to consider but I
have just my girlfriend and I don't know if I should be honest and tell her.
There is also the issue of HIV and I have just had a test that thankfully
came back negative. I can't believe how stupid I was in taking that risk,
especially without the excuse of being drunk, as in the case of Chris. My
problem is that since I've had the clear HIV test and started having sex
again with my girlfriend, I'm just thinking about Chris. Julie thinks I've
got a new lease of life but as I'm screwing her I'm thinking of Chris and
his cock. I'm sure it's just a phase and eventually I'll go back to 'normal'
(and that's not intended as an insult to you guys who only like guys -
that's cool) it's just that I think this has opened a new chapter in my
life. Anyway, I'll post this before I get cold feet and decide not to.

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