Friday, April 17, 2009

Little Willie's Record Contract

This story takes place quite a few years ago following my graduation from
High School.

I'm Ken, 18 years old, six foot, brown hair and I'm 175 lbs. I'm in really
good shape and have an 8 inch cock, but it's only 3 inches limp. I call my
cock 'Little Willie' which makes for some interesting conversations. This got
started about 4 years ago by an old girl friend calling it Willie Wonka's
candy factory. We shortened it to Willie, and the 'Little' was a result of me
going swimming in 40 degree water. Big Willie, got real small, real fast.

Most girls think I'm pretty good looking, and I have never had any trouble
getting whatever I wanted. My mother always told me I looked like an actor
from the 1930s and 40s, named Earl Flynn. She rented a computer colorized
classic movie collection last year and made my father, sister, and me, watch
two Earl Flynn movies with her. It was like watching a twin brother, plus I
really liked the sword fighting. My sister, Jamie, watched the tape a bunch
of times in her room, and I caught her fingering herself to it, which is not
all that unusual for Jamie.

Being an incredibly horny 18 year old, I jerk off every chance I get, and
can't wait for my next adventure with Kathy, who is 19, 5'4, 42DDs, has
green eyes, is drop dead gorgeous, brown hair below her shoulders, and loves
sex. We both just graduated high school and are going to the same college in

I met Kathy at one of my friend's house parties. The kind of party that
happens when the parents aren't home and about 300 people show up, there's a
band playing, and at least 3 kegs of Beer with people everywhere. I had just
broken up with Melissa, and was drinking heavily with 2 of my friends. After
about my 10th beer I noticed Kathy staring at me, and she walked over to talk
to me. I was so smashed that when I turned toward her, I spilled my entire
full glass of Bud onto her T-shirt. She was in shock from the cold beer and
said to me, "a shame to waist it".

I said, "maybe I can save some of it", and started to lick her wet T-shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra and I could see her nipples through the wet fabric,
which was almost transparent from the beer. She didn't stop me, so I kept
going and was sucking one of her nipples right through her shirt while my 2
friends were laughing hysterically. After about 10 minutes she pulled me into
a bathroom. We stared into each other eyes and we both feel madly in love
with each other. It was like magic. We fucked for over 2 hours in every
conceivable position. We've been going out for about 6 months now and it just
keeps getting better every day. Actually, I think there has only been about 5
days that we haven't had sex since we met.

I am like most guys, and can cum 3 or 4 of times a night. Since I've been
with Kathy, I can just keep going. We have fucked all night and I came in her
6 times. Sometimes, I stay hard after I cum and can just keep going. Lately,
we have had this weird thing happen a few times when we came at the exact
same instant. It was almost like we could feel each other's emotions and see
what the other was thinking. It's only happened twice so far, and I told
Kathy that it was probably just from the pot we smoked.

Kathy and I are so much alike we were made for each other. We are both
somewhat crazy, sleazy, love sex - lots of it, smoke, drink, do occasional
drugs, are bi-sexual, are accomplished musicians, and have most of the same
hobbies. Kathy and I have sex with other people when we are together
sometimes. Neither one of else has a jealous bone in our bodies, and both of
us gets really turned on helping and watching each other cum. Kathy and my
sister are really into each other. The three of us sleep together all the

Jamie is my older sister by one year. She is beautiful, 19. She's 5'4, has
brown hair like Kathy's, blue eyes, about a 42D and constantly masturbates.
I'm so used to seeing her with her hands in her pussy or on her breasts it's
almost like second nature. Before I got my drivers license Jamie used to
drive me places and pinch her nipples while she was driving. She'd have me
reach over and finger her at the same time. We use to be really careful about
not getting caught, but after I turned 18 we both figured it really didn't
matter. Jamie is also bi-sexual, which caused her to break up with her
boyfriend, who couldn't handle it.

To quote Jamie, "We are 3 fucked up pees in a warped pee pod."

I have been playing in a band for the past couple of months. The band is
decent, but will never go anywhere. Gary is the lead singer and plays some
keyboards. He is OK on keys, but he is one of the best drummers I have ever
heard. He also plays Sax, flute, harmonica and Trumpet. Gary works as a
studio musician for his day job. Since Mike was already playing drums, Gary
just sings. Kurt plays bass and is just OK and I play guitar. The harmony in
the band is not bad, but it's just missing something, which is mostly feeling
and excitement.

There are only 2 things that I do really well. One is fucking and the other
is music. Kathy and Jamie are pretty much the same way. Jamie got the only
full boat music scholarship last year to Julliard. Her main instrument is
piano but she plays a great Bass guitar, 6 string guitar and a host of other
things. She also has a good voice and what is known as perfect pitch. You can
say sing a `C' note Jamie, and she will hit it correctly every time.

Kathy won this year's award for a full boat scholarship as a pianist. She is
even better than Jamie. Kathy also plays guitar, bass, some brass and violin.
Her singing voice is unbelievable.

I also got into Julliard for classical guitar. I play electric in the band
and also play keyboards and Bass guitar. I sing too.

The guys in the band are OK, but not to sound conceded, they are not at the
level that we are. I joined up with them to have some fun, get drunk and get
laid, but they take it way too serious. I thought that Friday's gig would be
a good time to liven things up a bit with Kathy and Jamie, as an A&R record
company guy is coming to hear us. The way the band sounds now, he will walk
in and walk out. They have no idea how talented any of us really are in music
- but they do know we can fuck.

I have written most of the new music for the band. Kathy and I wrote the last
4 songs together. I think this may also be why we are falling so much in
love. They are mostly fast rock. One of them is real tear jerker slow song
that we both really love. We wrote it about a friend that died of leukemia.
We called it `Remembering Ryan'. Kathy and I couldn't sing the whole song
without getting teary eyed. Somehow it lost its emotion when the band learned

My parents had a fully professional recording studio constructed in our
basement that Jamie and I have used for over 2 years now. Kathy and I
recorded a couple of tunes last week that were dynamite.

Kathy grew up as daddy's little girl. He had her turning a wrench when she
was 8, helping her father take care of his vintage Ferrari collection. She
can rebuild a Ferrari 6, 8 or 12 top end in her sleep. She also helped him
with his job as a movie and TV producer, and really knows music production.

My parents are both surgeons. They left for a medical convention last week
and we now have the run of the house, which is actually a fairly large
estate. We have had 2 unbelievably wild parties here and have done a bunch of
really stupid things including having our neighbors Faith and Jack over and
seducing them into a small orgy. Yesterday, Kathy, Jamie and I went to the
race track to watch one of our parent's horses run. They wore short shirts,
no underwear, no bra, see through blouses, and high heels. They were so hot I
had a hard on the whole day. We sat in a private room at the Jockey club and
fucked each other watching the races. Kathy and Jamie also got it on with the
waitress and them helped me suck off a bartender. When we got home last
night, we all got smashed celebrating my $23,000 long shot winnings, and fell
asleep outside naked in the garden. I woke up this morning with a real bad


I hadn't been feeling too good this morning and stayed in bed. Kathy stayed
with me last night and had to leave early to go to her part time summer job
at the drug store. She only worked for 3 hours and then came back over to
cheer me up. She let herself in using the key my mother had hidden for
emergencies under the side doormat, as someone messed up the security systems
at one of the parties last week.

I was still half asleep when I squinted to see her come into my bedroom, and
with a big smile started to take off her cloths. She took off her blouse and
laid it on my dresser, and then unhooked her bra. She was looking into my
full-length mirror and started touching her nipples and I could hear several
slight moans. She keep going for about 5 minutes and just watching those
42DDs made me hard as a rock. Without saying a word she took off her pants
and underwear, and then started stroking her clit very slowly. I could tell
she was incredibly hot as the moaning got a louder. Then she stopped and
turned around and walked up to my bed. She slowly pulled back the covers and
I pretended to be waking up.

"Kathy, How did you get in here ?"

"Your parents emergency key, don't panic. The security system is screwed up
again. I put the key back. Just lay back and relax, poor baby. I going to
make you feel much better."

Kathy reached under the covers and started stroking my cock. Nice and gentle
and then within about 30 seconds she was licking all 8 inches. She sucked
from the tip to the base, as I reached down to finger her pussy. I could
feel my cock going into her warm throat, over and over. I was in heaven even
with a bad cold. Then she climbed up on me and straddled my cock facing me.
Her tits were dangling in my face and I started to tongue each nipple. Gently
licking a circle around each one and sucking it into my mouth. I was lightly
flicking my tongue across each one. She was on fire and was bouncing on me to
get as deep as she could. This lasted for another few minutes and I knew I
was going to explode.

Kathy moaned into my ear, "I'll make you feel better, baby. Just trust me."

Kathy got off of me, and my cock was standing at full attention glistening
with her juices. She laid down next to me and licked her finger. She bent
over and started sucking me incredible hard while reaching under my balls and
inserted her middle finger in my ass. This was just too much to take. After
about a minute I started to unload. I blasted load after load of cum into her
mouth. Kathy moved her mouth up to cover just the tip of my cock and was
jerking me off with her hand. She wasn't swallowing as she let her mouth fill
up, as her cheeks were puffed out. After my last shot, she quickly sat up and
opened her mouth for me to see. She was full of my white goo. Kathy learned
forward and gave me a cum soaked french kiss. She passed all my cum into my
mouth and keep kissing me and saying "swallow it all baby".

Kathy and I have been playing games and adding new adventures to our sex life
each day. Cum swapping really turns both of us on. She played little games by
stringing the cum between our mouths and I swallowed most of it. Kathy
finished the rest and licked up the drops on my face. This got me so hot I
was starting to get hard again.

Kathy was laying on my chest for a minute and asked me if I had any smokes. I
pointed to the dresser and she walked up to get a cigarette, lighter and
ashtray and then came back to the bed. She put the cigarette in her open lips
and before lighting it, she saw my cock sticking straight up. She put the
ashtray down on the bed and with lighter in one hand, got back up into the
saddle and sat on me. I was 8 inches deep with her rocking back and forth as
the cigarette was dangling from her open lips. Kathy was moaning and started
to grind her pussy down on my cock. She learned forward and whispered, "light
this for me honey".

I lit her cigarette dangling from her lips. Kathy took a deep drag, blew the
smoke out and then starting rocking back and forth on me. I took a drag and
passed it back to her and we started a slow fuck. That's when she started to
tell me about the plans she made for tonight."

"I wanted for us to go to the fireworks tonight and then we can go to your
gig tomorrow. OK?" Kathy said.

I really wasn't paying too much attention, as I was getting close to coming
again. Kathy was rocking back and forth real slow and it was fantastic. Kathy
took a few more drags of the butt, and carefully put it out in the ashtray
without missing a stroke. Then she got up and straddled my face in a 69
position and said, "Make me come". She starting gently rubbing me and said,
"Don't cum yet baby. I want to you lick my pussy and make me cum too. Oooooh
yeah, mmmmm, just like that".

I was licking her clit and her little bud using my tongue to massage it; the
way I knew she liked it. I inserted a finger into her ass and started moving
it in and out while I was sucking on her. Kathy started sucking my cock again
and I knew I couldn't last long. She started moaning, "oh baby, lick more,
lick more, suck my pussy" and then Kathy bucked and was cumming.

She was pushing her pussy into my face, but I didn't stop. I kept licking and
sucking. I was getting ready to cum again and felt her lift her mouth off to
just cover the tip of my cock. I knew she was going to do the same thing with
my cum again and just thinking about it was getting me even hotter. I started
cumming, shot after shot into her mouth. I unloaded into Kathy's mouth as she
was stroking my cock. Then she got off of me and turned around to give me
another mouth full of french kiss. Kathy lay on top of me pressing her tits
into my chest. She opened her mouth wide so I could see the cum and then
kissed me hard. Kathy and I passed my cum back and forth using our tongues.
It was like a game. We did this and kissed for almost 10 minutes and then she
swallowed all of it.

Kathy got up, got dressed and lit another cigarette while sitting on the
chair at my desk. She kissed me goodbye and said "I'll be back at 2 baby, I
have some surprises for you. Don't jerk off without me."

Now she's got my attention. I can't imagine what's going on in her head.


It was getting close to 2 O'clock. My cold was most likely just a hangover,
and I was feeling great. I saw Kathy's car pull up to the circular drive and
stop by the main entrance. She got out carrying an overnight bag and a small
suitcase. I ran to the front door, gave her a big kiss, took the bags and put
them upstairs.

"Ken be careful with that suitcase. I brought some party toys".

"What are party toys?"

"They're to make us feel real good baby. You have to promise me you'll keep
an open mind, not get grossed out, or upset when I use them. Promise?"

"OK", and Kathy started to kiss me and unbuckled my belt in the upstairs
foyer. I started to slowly massage her breasts, just brushing the nipples
until they got hard. She was wearing a halter tub top and I slipped it down
to her stomach. I was sucking each nipple teasingly very gently and then
harder. I used my tongue to flick each hard nipple back and forth, which was
driving Kathy crazy. I slid my hand down to her pants and started to rub her
clit through her cloths. She had my hard cock sticking straight out of my
zipper so I pulled off my jeans and underwear. Kathy took off her jeans and
we were both completely naked again.

Kathy bent down to her knees and started giving me a get blowjob. She licked
the sides of my cock and then my balls. She put each one in her mouth, and
gently massaged it while slowly stroking my cock.

Kathy asked me to stop for a minute, as she reached down to her suitcase. She
pulled out a vibrator that looked just like a real cock and turned it on. She
put it on my cock holding it tight so I could fell the vibrations, which was
driving me crazy. Then she turned it off and said, "Lick it. Stick it in your
mouth like you were giving a blow job".

I put it in my mouth about 3 inches and she said, "No - further in", and
pushed it slowly until I had it in my throat. I started to get the feeling of
it and then she pulled it out, turned it on, and stuck it straight into her
pussy. She was fucking herself wild while I watched. Then she took it out and
said, "Do it to me standing up".

She bent over slightly and I started to fuck her pussy from the rear. She
reached back around and handed me the dildo and said, "Lick it again baby,
just like before and put it in my ass while you're fucking my pussy."

It took a little positioning but I found her butt hole and pushed the
vibrator in a little at a time. Kathy pushed back until it was completely in
her. The end of the dildo was against my lower abs so every time I went into
her pussy, the vibrator pushed into her ass. The vibrations were amazing. I
could feel them on every stroke. Then she said, "Pull out of me baby. Fuck me
in the ass and put the dildo in my pussy."

I did, and it was even better. Her tight ass was vibrating like I've never
felt before. She grabbed the dildo and was fucking her pussy in rhythm to my
strokes. She was close to coming and so was I. I starting fucking faster and
Kathy moaned, "Not yet. Don't cum yet. Pull out of me."

I pulled out and she took the dildo out of her slit and said, "Lick it again.
This time I'm going to put in you".

She opened a tube of KY jelly from her suitcase and put a dab on the tip and
then bent down on her knees and started giving me a great blowjob. Then I
felt the tip of the vibrator entering my ass. I really didn't think it could
fit all the way in, but she kept working it. She just kept saying, "You saw
me do it - you can take it - and you're gonna love it."

It finally went all the way in my ass and Kathy started to move it in and
out. It really did start to feel good when she was fucking me with it. Kathy
was a master at blowjobs and was now deep throating me and moving the dildo
in and out. She was fucking my cock with her face and I knew I was going to
cum. I couldn't hold back any longer and shot load after load of cum into her
mouth. She didn't swallow it. Just like earlier she stood up and gave me a
mouthful of cum french kiss. She pulled the dildo from my ass slipped it into
her mouth and sucked it. Then she gave it to me and said, "Lick it again
baby, you know how".

I was licking the dildo clean, and Kathy took out a cigarette and lit it up.
I turned slightly and saw out of the corner of my eye, Lee standing at the
base of the stairs, just staring up at us. Kathy also noticed and said, "Lee,
how long have you been watching us? ".

"I'm so sorry. I rang the doorbell but nobody answered, so I just came in.
Kathy, I've been here about 10 minutes. You two were so hot I didn't want to
interrupt. I hope you don't mind, Ron is cumming by at 5 - remember we were
supposed to go to the fireworks together this afternoon?" Lee said.

Kathy obviously forgot about Lee and Ron coming over and said, "So, how hot
was it?"

Lee smiled and said, "Oh it was great. I couldn't stop fingering myself and
my underwear is absolutely soaked. I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it."

Lee walked up the stairs and was obviously feeling uncomfortable in this
awkward situation. She reached for Kathy and gave her a friendly kiss on the
cheek. Lee took Kathy's cigarette and took a big drag. We both noticed Lee's
hands were shaking. Kathy turned toward Lee, put her arm around her shoulder
and kissed her on the lips. First a little peck, then a full mouth open,
tongue out, kiss. I took the cigarette from Lee's hands, as Kathy started to
unbutton Lee's shirt. I moved to help and finished taking off Lee's shirt and

Kathy didn't waist any time and was finger fucking Lee's pussy. She said,
"Lee you weren't kidding, you really are wet - we must have been hot. Lee
honey, do you want to try some of my toys also?"

Lee didn't say anything; she just kissed Kathy again and inserted a finger
into Kathy's slit. Kathy and Lee broke the kiss and were now lying down in a
69 position with Kathy on top. Lee was lapping at Kathy's slit and Kathy was
tonguing Lee's clit. This keep going until Lee and Kathy both exploded in an
orgasm. I was so turned on watching them I rubbed by semi-hard cock back to
life and started jerking off.

While they were catching their breath Kathy reached over to her suitcase and
took out another vibrator, just like the first one and also a double headed
rubber dong, about 2 feet long. It looked just like a real cock, except it
was much longer and wider. Kathy sat directly across from Lee, legs spread
over Lee's legs, and said to Lee, "Put this end in your pussy, and I'll put
the other end in me".

They were both fucking the dildo and each other like crazy. Kathy saw me
jerking off and said, "Lee, help out Ken for me baby".

I walked over to Lee and stood with my cock sticking straight into her face.
She took my entire 8 inches into her mouth and was sucking me like a pro.
Kathy got off of the dildo and licked the other cock like vibrator. She
pulled it out of her mouth and put it up against Lee's ass. Lee jumped at
first and then relaxed. Kathy pushed it in real slow and then started to move
it in and out. She pushed it all the way in and then let go and it stayed
there. Lee was on fire. Kathy said to me, "Come back here baby and fuck me in
the ass".

Kathy put the end of the double headed dildo back in her and proceeded to get
on top of Lee. I got behind Kathy and lubed my cock with her pussy juices and
entered her easily. Her ass was so smooth and tight. I got into Kathy and
Lee's rhythm and pushed in when Kathy went up off of Lee. I was pinching
Lee's nipples, then Kathy's and then Lee's again. Both of them were getting
close to another organism. I knew I only had a few more minutes before I
would explode again. First Lee and then Kathy started bucking and moaning.
Kathy said, "Lee, suck off Ken, but don't swallow it. Hold it in your mouth
for me baby".

I pulled my cock out of Kathy's butt hole and moved over to Lee. Kathy
removed the double dildo and went back to lapping at Lee's slit. Lee started
sucking me with a passion and stroking me with her hand. The site of watching
my Kathy get so crazed over Lee was just too much and I exploded my cum into
Lee's mouth. Lee did as she was told and held as much in the mouth as she

Kathy saw me cumming and went up to Lee and laid down next to her. She said,
"Lee honey, roll over and kiss me and give me all of Ken's cum". Lee rolled
over and kissed Kathy. I was enjoying the site and started to feel a twinge
again. They kissed for about a minute and then Kathy motioned me to come over
and lay down between her and Lee. I laid between them and they both were
passing my cum back to me, one kiss after another until we swallowed all of

The three of us laid there exhausted for a little while when Kathy yelled
"check the time, remember you said that Ron's coming over at 5". I rushed up
to check and luckily it was only 4. Kathy sighed, and then grabbed a
cigarette for herself, me and Lee and we all lit up. Kathy took a deep drag
and while exhaling said, "So Lee, what do think of my toys?"

Lee blew out her smoke through her nose and said, "Oh honey, that was
absolutely terrific", and kissed Kathy again on the lips.

I said, "Lee, do you think Ron can handle this?" and before Lee could answer,
Kathy added, "and there are a lot more things I'd like to do also. You've
only seen half of what's in store".

Lee took a drag of her cigarette and thought for moment. She blew out the
smoke in a thin stream, smiled and said "fuck him if he can't take it. This
was awesome".

We finished our smokes, got dressed and went down to the kitchen to get some
food and wait for Ron.


We had some left over sub sandwiches and a bottle of wine, from the bar.
After another bottle of wine we were all feeling pretty good when Ron showed
up. I know I couldn't drive, and Kathy and Lee were far worse than I was. I
had trouble just walking down the stairs.

Ron walked in and said, "Looks like the party's already started, guess I'm
going to be doing the driving".

Lee and Kathy both looked at me and giggled - if he only knew about the party
already getting started.

We all got into Ron's car, me in the front and Kathy and Lee in the back. We
headed to the fair and it was still light outside. Kathy and Lee kept
giggling and it was obvious when I turned around that Kathy was fingering
Lee, and Lee was fingering Kathy. They had slumped down in the seat a little
and were directly behind Ron. Ron couldn't see them through the rear view
mirror and couldn't turn around far enough to see them either. I thought I
was going to loose it when I saw Kathy reach over and start French kissing
Lee, and Lee said "it was better with a mouth full before baby", and then
they both started to laugh.

Ron had no clue what was going on and just said, "Why'd you guys drink so
much? You knew we were going out".

I was also quite smashed and simply said "because we needed something to wash
out the taste of my cum after I shot my load into everyone's mouth".

I couldn't believe I said that as Kathy and Lee were laughing. Ron said,
"Sure buddy. In your dreams."

The girls were starting to moan so I tossed a pack of cigarettes into the
back seat to stop them. They got the message, but Kathy gave me an
exaggerated frown.

We got to the fireworks and laid down in the grass field along with thousands
of other people. Our town was weird as they had a fireworks display at 6:30,
before it was even dusk. We all started to sober up and the fireworks got
really boring. We spent most of the time analyzing people in the crowd. Kathy
would point to a very attractive 30sh year old woman, and ask, "Does she spit
or swallow? Does she take it up the ass?" Lee would quickly reply to all of
Kathy's questions with answers such as "spits mouth wash and swallows cum,
and only enemas go up the ass". We all were laughing to the point that the
group behind us was starting to get pissed off. We decided to take our party

The ride back to my house was somewhat more reserved. Ron put on the radio
and Kathy and Lee were signing along to some cool tunes. Kathy has an
incredible singing voice. Ron pulled into my driveway and I started
whispering to him if it was OK to bring up skinning dipping in the pool, but
before I finished, Lee announced, "Kathy and I have decided to go skinny
dipping, so you guys can either watch or join in the fun".

As we went into the house I turned on the pool lights and starting taking off
my cloths. Kathy and Lee were already naked and were holding hands walking
out onto the veranda to the pool. Ron was just standing there deciding what
to do. He was obviously shy, and I told Ron to get over it, or he'll miss all
the fun tonight. He said he wanted to watch for a few minutes and then he'd
join us.

I dove in and swam up to Kathy and Lee in the shallow end of the pool, which
is about waist deep. The water felt great, about 90 degrees, and it was just
what I needed after today's activities. Kathy looked at Lee and me and said,
"Where's Ron?" I pointed to the chairs on the other end the pool and said,
"I think he wants to watch for a while".

Kathy called to Ron, "if you want to watch, you're going to have to come
closer to where we are so we can give you something to look at - are you ok
with that?" Ron replied "sure" and moved up to the other end of pool and was
sitting close to the edge.

Kathy was such a ball buster. She started by saying, "Ron, would you like to
see me french kiss Lee and suck on her titties, while Ken fucks me in the

Ron just nodded his head in disbelief. Kathy turned around and said "OK guys,
let's give him a show".

Kathy started by slowing caressing Lee's back and shoulders and then leaned
in to give her a very romantic kiss. It lasted about a minute and then they
started caressing each other and the kissing got more passionate. I heard Ron
say, "holy shit you weren't kidding".

Kathy was giving Lee a whopper of a french kiss and then lowered her head to
suck on Lee's left nipple. I was hard as a rock watching this and walked up
behind Kathy. I started rubbing her breasts and then pinching her nipples,
which were already erect. I put a finger in her slit and started to rub her
clit with my thumb. Kathy was getting hot and was really sucking on Lee's
tits with a passion. Lee was moaning, "Kathy baby, rub me faster. Yeah honey
that's it", and started to rub Kathy's other tit, gently brushing the nipple.

I stood back and started to enter Kathy from the back. I slid my cock around
her clit and then up to her ass. She said, "yes baby, in the ass", and I
pushed my way in. Kathy pushed back and the water made it easy to enter. I
was in 8 inches and started to fuck her. I looked up and saw Ron with his
cloths off, sitting on the pool ledge with his feet in the water jerking off.
He was getting off watching us.

I was fucking Kathy's butt hole and she was getting hotter. Each stroke I
made, she intensified her fingering of Lee, and alternated between kissing
and sucking on Lee's nipples. Kathy looked up and saw Ron jerking off and
said to us, "move over slowly towards Ron, I've got an idea".

When we were almost next to him, Kathy reached up and grabbed Ron's cock. She
started rubbing him while I was still fucking her ass. Kathy was also still
fingered Lee who was moaning and resting on Kathy's shoulder. Kathy said to
Ron, "let me know when you're going to come, I have a surprise for you".

I kept pumping into Kathy's ass and was getting close to unloading. Kathy
leaned back and said to me, "do it to me slower baby, Ron's just about ready.
Move your mouth next to mine honey".

Kathy reached up and put her mouth on Ron's cock and started sucking him off
with my mouth open next to hers. Kathy pulled off of Ron's cock as he
exploded into both of our open mouths - shot after shot of cum, for what
seemed like at least a minute. Kathy and I didn't swallow it, but turned to
Lee and opened our mouths wide and showed Lee the white goo. While I was
fucking Kathy, she turned her head back and kissed me with her mouth full.
When she pushed her tongue into my mouth I started to shoot inside of her and
she had an orgasm. We swished around Ron's cum in our mouths and I played
games with it for a minute or two. Kathy and I still had some cum in our
mouths and we got out of the pool. I shared it with Lee. Kathy ran over to
Ron and kissed him and passed all the rest of his cum into his mouth. He was
surprised but didn't back away. He even swallowed it after Kathy won't stop
kissing him until he did. Kathy said, "lets go inside".

We all dried off and decided to take the fun into the house and have some
more wine.


When we got inside the house, I said, "the cloths stay here in this pile
until you have to leave. Anyone object?" Nobody said anything.

I asked Kathy for a smoke and she went upstairs to get my pack. She lit one
for herself, Lee and me. Ron didn't smoke, but he said he was Ok with it.
Kathy took a drag and walked over to the kitchen to get 2 more bottles of
wine and 4 glasses. She went into the living room and said, "anyone care to
join me for some wine and sex?"

We all followed her, although Ron was little apprehensive.

We all sat down on one of the couches, Ron looked at me and said, "I can't
believe you ate my cum. I can't believe that I ate my cum. It was kind of
exciting. Ken, are you gay?"

I took a drag of my smoke and said, "Ron, I'm not gay, but I am bi. I love
women, but also like getting it on with guys sometimes, and I like the taste
of cum".

Kathy and Lee were just listening. Kathy took a sip of her wine and another
drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke. She said, "I've been with guys
and girls. I've sucked cocks, swallowed cum, and licked pussies. I'm not
anything. I just do what feels good, and this all feels real good". With that
comment Lee started to laugh and kissed Kathy on the lips.

After another couple of glasses of wine and a few more butts, Ron started to
loosen up. Lee started telling Ron about Kathy's toys and Kathy went into
excruciating detail. Both Ron and I got a hard on just listening to Kathy's
explanation of what happen before he came over. Kathy went upstairs to get
her suitcase and came back into the room with a big smile and asked, "anybody
want to try something new?"

Lee was getting a little drunk again and said, "Sure Kathy, I'm game for
anything". Kathy took this as a challenge and took out the biggest dildo I've
ever seen. It had to be 24 inches long, 4 inches wide at the bottom and had a
stand for the floor. Kathy set it down and said, "Ok Lee, we are going to get
this whole thing into you and you're going to beg for more". Lee almost
knocked over her drink as she walked up to it on the floor.

Kathy said, "I need to get you loosened up first, then you need to do exactly
as I say".

Kathy bent down and started rubbing Lee's clit. She inserted a finger, then
2, 3, and then 4 fingers. Kathy moved them in and around for a few minutes.
Lee was getting turned on by both Kathy and by having us watching her. Kathy
then started stretching Lee and pushed her whole hand in. Lee let out a
couple of short screams and then said, "it's OK, it's starting to feel good

Kathy reached back into her case with the other hand and pulled out a large
dildo, smaller than the one on the floor, but still impressive. She handed
it to me and said, "Put some KY on it and on the one standing up, and then
give it back to me".

I did it as Kathy was fisting Lee into orgasm. Kathy pulled out her hand and
immediately pushed in the large dildo coated with KY. It went in easily even
through it had to be 3 inches across. Lee took hold of it and was fucking
herself senseless. Kathy let her go for a few minutes and then got up and
said, "Lee take out the dildo and go sit on the one on the floor. I'll help
you baby".

Lee didn't want to take the dildo out as she was having a great time, but
Kathy pulled it out. Lee got up and squatted on the monster on the floor. It
slid in easily up to about 12 inches and then it stopped. Kathy said, "Lee,
relax and bounce up and down gently".

Lee did it and the monster started to go in deeper until at least 18 inches
were completely inside her. Lee was completely out of control. She was
moaning and screaming, "yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, Kathy make it go deeper.
Oh fuck deeper."

We all were getting really horny watching Lee fuck this thing. Lee had an
unbelievable orgasm and nearly fainted. I reached over and caught her as she
started to fall sideways off the giant thing. Lee looked at Kathy and said,
"you were so right Kathy, I want more, and more. I want to be fucked again
baby. I need more".

Kathy said, "Ken, you and Ron have seen me and Lee do it, I want to see you
and Ron get it on".

Lee was just coming back to reality and jumped in and said, "that would be so
great watching that, can you guys get it on for us?"

Kathy was getting excited and said, "We'll both help you get started".

Kathy and I both knew that I didn't need any help, but thought this could be
a great turn on for everyone. Kathy walked up to me and started rubbing my
cock. She said, "Come sit on the floor here with me baby and just watch what
I do".

I moved next to her and she reached out with her other hand and started
stroking Ron. She said, "just rub him like I'm doing, just like you were
jerking yourself off".

I moved my hand next to hers and felt his warm cock. I rubbed him up and
down and felt his foreskin skin moving. I noticed that Ron was getting into
it, as it didn't matter whose hand was doing the stroking.

After about a minute of this, Kathy lifted her head up and started to lick
the side of Ron's cock. Lee came around behind me and started to rub my cock
and whispered into my ear, "that was so hot when you fucked Kathy's ass in
the pool".

I started licking the left side of Ron's cock and Kathy was licking the
right. We met at the top and kissed. Each time we kissed she had me kiss her
with more of Ron's cock in the middle until we were both taking it into our
mouths. Kathy then opened her mouth and went all the way down on Ron's cock.
She pulled off and said, "lick it, just like you did to my vibrator baby,
after I fucked you in the ass with it".

I started thinking about that fuck session and opened my mouth wide and was
deep throating Ron. That wasn't that difficult as Ron was about the same size
as the vibrator. I went down 6 or 7 times and then pulled off so Kathy could
continue. She said, "why don't you finish him so Lee and I can watch".

I was licking the sides and then deep throating Ron just the way I like it
done to me. I rubbed his balls and worked a finger into his ass. Ron was
digging it and I could tell he was ready to cum. Lee and Kathy were inches
away from my face and getting so turned on. Kathy said, "don't swallow it,
share it with all of us".

I felt Ron start to spasm and then I pulled back a bit as he shot his cum
into my mouth. I only lost a little dripping on my chin and Lee saw it and
quickly licked it off. I turned to Kathy, but Ron bent down and kissed me to
taste his spunk. We kissed and I heard Kathy say to Lee, "baby this is so

We each kept some of his cum in our mouths and then I kissed Kathy and Ron
kissed Lee. Kathy and Lee were rubbing each other while watching and they
both had an orgasm when we kissed each of them.

Ron didn't need any lessons. He laid down in front of me and starting sucking
me like a pro. Lee was alternating with him and he was really getting into
it. He stopped after about 2 minutes and said, "I want to try it in my ass,
but if it hurts you have to stop."

I agreed and Ron bent over and Lee and Kathy lubed him up with some KY.
Kathy took out the vibrator and pushed it in very slowly. Ron took in all of
it, and was really enjoying it. Kathy removed the vibrator and took my cock
in her hand and guided me into Ron. I was stroking him slowly and putting in
a little at a time, until he started pushing back. He was fucking my cock
with his ass, just like Kathy did. I was buried 8 inches and he was bucking.
I reached around Ron to find his cock now fully hard again, and I started to
rub it. Lee saw this and laid down so she could suck him.

Ron was so tight after a couple of minutes I was getting ready to cum. Ron
said, "don't cum in my ass, I want it in my mouth".

I pulled out and he swung around and started to suck me again. Kathy and Lee
both moved down over my cock and all three mouths were alternating over the
tip when I started to cum. My first shot went into Ron's mouth, second into
Lee, third onto Kathy's face and then into her mouth. Kathy finished me off
and swallowed all of the rest of my cum. Lee stood up and kissed Ron.

I was exhausted. Kathy got up and poured another glass of wine for everyone
and lit a cigarette. She passed the pack to me and Lee and we also lit up.
Kathy took a drag and blew out the smoke as she bent over to Lee and said,
"That was absolutely incredible" and gave her a big wet kiss. She then did
the same to Ron and me. We all just sat there too tired to move for about 20
minutes and talked.

Ron and Lee had to leave so we said our goodbyes and Kathy and I just laid on
the floor naked, drinking some more wine and smoking a joint.


We heard the front door open and someone walk in. Jamie came into the room
and I said, "What are you doing home so soon?"

Jamie said, "The party was shit."

Jamie took off her cloths and leaned over and kissed Kathy softly on the lips
and said, "I can't imagine having anyone else for a future sister in law than
you. You guys are so much like me, and I love you both."

Kathy lit another cigarette and took a deep drag. She reached over to me
saying, "Baby, I want to see you jerk yourself off. I'll be right here with
Jamie and we're going to be licking each other's pussies."

Kathy and Jamie started to rub my cock to get it hard and then I started to
stroke myself. We all laid down on the floor and Kathy and Jamie got into a
69 position. I moved so that I was knelling above Kathy's head so she could
see me. I was rubbing myself as Kathy was sucking and licking Jamie's pussy.
Both were really getting into it, so I slowed down and watched for a while.
It was getting so turned on watching my sister lick my girlfriend's pussy. I
heard Kathy moaning, "Oh Jamie lick me harder. Oh baby suck me. Yeah that's

Jamie was screaming in orgasm. I could see her bucking up a down on Kathy's
mouth. Kathy spasmed and moaned into Jamie's pussy.

I started rubbing myself faster and knew I was getting close. Kathy saw me
and she got up and started kissing me, and then knelt down in front of me
with Jamie. They both opened their mouths and stuck out their tongues, with
their faces together. I shot my load into both their mouths and then they
kissed. Then they knelt up and both kissed me sharing my cum.

We laid down for a while and had a smoke as Jamie told us about horrible the
party was that she went to. Then we all got up and sat on a couch. I passed
the cigarette pack around and everyone took one.

Kathy put a cigarette into her lips and then stood up, and sat facing me on
my lap holding my semi-hard cock at her hole. It went right into her soaking
wet pussy. Kathy moaned a little and Jamie reached over and lit her cigarette
for her. Kathy blew out the smoke towards my face. She then pushed down hard
and I could feel my cock getting completely hard again inside of her. Kathy
took another deep drag of her cigarette and put her hands on my shoulders and
started that familiar slow rocking. Jamie was sitting next to me and reached
down to put a finger inside of Kathy's pussy next to my cock. Jamie leant
forward and kissed Kathy and then turned to kiss me. Jamie whispered in my
ear, "you and Kathy are so sexy I can't take my eyes off of you".

Kathy took another drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke out towards Jamie
while she was still moving on my cock. Kathy turned to Jamie and said, "wet
one of the vibrators and put it in my pussy on top of Ken's cock. Push it all
they way in".

Jamie put the vibrator in her own wet pussy and fucked herself with it, and
then took it out. She pushed hard against my cock and got the tip of it into
Kathy's pussy. Kathy started moving up and down and with each stroke. She
moaned "Jamie go slower, it hurts a little."

Then Jamie pushed it almost all the way in and the end of it was resting on
my lower abs.

Kathy was moaning loudly now, "fuck me, fill me up, baby" and she leaned
forward and kissed me. Then Kathy turned to Jamie and said, "Jamie honey, wet
the other vibrator and push it into my ass. I want to be stretched, it feels
so good now."

Jamie bent over and tongue kissed Kathy and then me. Jamie said, "I going to
fuck you with the vibrator to get you really hot."

Jamie got up and put the second vibrator into Kathy's pussy and was fucking
her hard. I could feel it squeezing my cock and Kathy's pussy was getting
real tight. Then Kathy started rocking and Jamie was fucking Kathy's ass in
rhythm. Kathy slowed down a little and said, "Jamie, turn it on".

Jamie flipped the switch and Kathy's ass and pussy were vibrating. It felt
great. Kathy was cumming and bucking. Jamie was fucking her again and I was
trying to last. Jamie squeezed three fingers into Kathy's ass along side of
the vibrator. Kathy yelled, "Ooo---h it hurrrrts - but don't stop".

Jamie pulled out her fingers and then pushed in a third vibrator along side
the one in her ass. Kathy screamed "Ooooh I going to spit wide open. Oh shit
it hurts - Oh God it hurts like hell - fuck me hard Ken, fuck me Jamie, fuck
me fast, ooooh yeah that's better. Wow - oooh wow - You can't believe how
this feels - Jamie it's the best. I'm so fucking full. Fuck me more."

Jamie and I got into a rhythm. Kathy looked at me and her eyes were rolling
back. She was having one continuous orgasm. I was almost ready to cum. It
felt so tight I wasn't sure if I felt Kathy or the vibrators. Kathy was
fucking now on instinct. She kept moaning, "I can't stop cumming. My pussy
juices are running down my legs, oh fuck me Ken. I love you baby. Fuck me
Jamie. Fuck me in my ass."

I was starting to cum. I held out as long as I could and moaned into Kathy's
ear, "I love you baby. I gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" and I shot. I started to
jerk and shoot again. I couldn't control myself. The pressure on my cock was
so much I just keep shooting and bucking.

Jamie said, "Kathy baby, I want to suck the cum out of you and lick your

We stopped moving. Kathy was almost unconscious. I pulled out the vibrator
and Kathy lifted her head and said, "NO! Don't stop, please Ken." Then she
started to come back to her senses and said, "Jamie pull out of me honey."

Kathy said to me, "Ken baby, put the vibrator back in after you pull out

I pushed the vibrator back in first and Kathy had another orgasm
instantaneously. I then pushed Kathy up a little and pulled out my softening
cock. Kathy rolled over onto her back and Jamie got in position. Jamie
reached up to Kathy's pussy and turned on the vibrator, instead of pulling it
out. Kathy screamed, "Oh God, Yes. Holy shit - Jamie I'm cumming again."

Jamie reached up and pulled the vibrator out of Kathy's pussy and was sucking
the cum that was running out. Kathy then started licking Jamie's pussy and
the two of them were 69ing.

I lit a cigarette and had some more wine while I watched the two girls until
Kathy collapsed on top of Jamie.

Kathy and Jamie got up and came over to me, and Kathy gave me the longest
kiss I can remember. Then she started to get back her strength. She lit a
cigarette and took a deep drag. Then she took a second drag and turned to me
and said while exhaling, "that was the most insane thing that I've ever done
in my life. I can't described what it felt like. I was being stretched and
then every sensation in my pussy and ass was magnified by a factor of 10. I
couldn't stop cumming. Every time you moved I came more, and when you shot
into me I got this warm burning sensation. Ken, thank you darling. And Jamie,
you were great. This was absolutely incredible."

Kathy took another drag of her cigarette and blew the smoke out through her
nose. She was still visibly shaking. She had a sip of my wine and took
another deep drag of her cigarette. She held it in and took another drag.
Then she exhaled and turned to me smiling and said, "So are you ready to do
it again yet?"

We all laughed and Jamie said, "Ken, where in the fuck did you find her?
She's just like you."

Jamie and I lit up another cigarette and we joked around for a few minutes
and finished our wine.

Jamie decided that we would sleep together in her room. She has a very large
circular bed and there was plenty of room.


We walked upstairs to Jamie's room. She has what I like to call 'sex lights'
in her room. They are night lights plugged into every outlet. When it's dark
outside you can still see, but they aren't too bight to sleep with them on.

Jamie brought up some more wine and smokes with her, and poured each of us a
glass. She raised her glass and made a toast, "Kathy you did the most
incredible stupid thing down stairs that I have ever seen anyone do, and you
looked so fucking sexy I could eat you again right now. Our hats off to you

We all clicked our glasses and downed the wine and jumped on the bed.

Jamie lit a cigarette and gave it to Kathy and then lit one for herself. She
said, "Ken - want one?"

I said, "No thanks, we'll share."

Kathy took a drag and put her head back to blow out a thin stream of smoke.
She laid her head on my chest and said, "Jamie, can you tell me when you
first started getting in on with Ken?"

Jamie took a drag of her cigarette and started talking while she exhaled,
"When we were kids, I think Ken was 12 and I was 13, I used to rub myself all
the time. I was so into it sometimes, a bomb could have gone off in the house
and I wouldn't have heard it. Ken went to camp that summer and when he got
home he rushed up to my room. I guess I forgot to lock the door. I was so
into fucking myself with a cucumber, I didn't even notice him standing there.
He must have been watching me cum for over 10 minutes before I opened my eyes
and saw him standing right next to the bed with is dick out, rubbing himself.
He was jerking himself off and I sat up and said - Hey little brother. You
want to sit down and join in the fun? But first you have to go lock the

Jamie took another drag and blew out a thin stream of smoke and continued,
"Ken locked the door and I told him to take off his cloths and lay down next
to me. It took him about 5 seconds. He told me about his getting laid for the
first time at camp and how he didn't know what to do. I said let's do
ourselves together and then I'll let you stick it in me. After you cum, you
will last a lot longer."

Jamie paused for a minute and started fingering her pussy and said, "Kathy,
talking about this gets me so fucking wet."

Jamie took another drag and continued, "We were both jerking off and I got
brave and touched Ken cock's. I started to rub it as Ken was telling me what
felt good. He jerked so much and then shot up into my face. He must have shot
10 loads of cum. I keep rubbing him even as he was telling me no, and then he
got hard again. I wiped his cum off of my mouth and told him exactly what to
do. He pushed into me missionary style and I told him what felt really good."

Jamie stopped for minute and was rubbing her pussy really hard. Kathy took a
drag of her cigarette and Jamie continued, "Ken fucked me for over 30
minutes. I asked him to pull out of me and put it in my mouth. My friend Jill
had told me about blowjobs and I really wanted to try it. Ken put it in my
mouth and started fucking my face. I just let him, and he shot into my mouth.
I swallowed all of it and keep sucking on him until all of his cum came out.
When Ken pulled out this soft cock, he learned over and gave me a kiss on the
lips and said - Jamie this was great. Can we do it again later? Please? I
won't tell anyone."

Jamie stopped speaking, took her fingers out of her pussy and started licking
them. Kathy reached over and kissed her, and then sucked Jamie's fingers into
her mouth. Kathy said softly, "Jamie that's so wild."

Kathy took a deep drag of her cigarette and then handed it to me. She reached
for my cock and spit on it. Then she used both hands and started rubbing them
back and forth like she was rolling dough in her hands. It was driving me
crazy. I took a drag and put the cigarette into Kathy's lips. She took a drag
and I pulled it from her lips.

Jamie knelt next to me and kissed me and caressed my chest as I massaged her
breasts and nipples. Kathy laid me back down as I was almost hard again and
she sat on my cock and it went straight into her pussy. Damn that felt good.
Jamie was massaging Kathy's breasts and sucking her nipples while Kathy
fucked me again. Jamie and her kissed and held each other tight.

Kathy was moving slower in a steady pace and took a deep drag of her
cigarette. She bent forward and blew the smoke real soft in my ear. Then she
started to lick my ear and was whispering, "baby. I'm fucking you with your
sister, and she is so hot. Watch her tits move, and how she kisses me. Her
pussy is just as wet as mine. I'm going to stick my finger in her pussy and
put in your mouth and you're going to love it."

Kathy took another drag of her cigarette and handed it to me. She learned
over and blew the smoke over Jamie's head and pushed 2 fingers into Jamie's
pussy. Kathy moved her fingers around inside of Jamie and then took out, and
sucked each one. Then she put them in again, as Jamie moaned, "Oooh Kathy
that feels wonderful. Make Ken lick your finger baby. I love watching him eat
my pussy juice."

Kathy pulled out her fingers and put them in my mouth. She said, "Suck my
fingers baby, it's so good."

Kathy put her cigarette back in her lips and took another drag. She blew the
smoke out slowly while fucking me back and forth. Jamie was watching and as I
let Kathy's fingers out of my mouth, Jamie said, "Ken, I want you to eat me.
I love watching you do that."

Jamie sat on my mouth and I sucked her pussy and licked it the way she likes
it as Kathy fucked me, and kissed Jamie.

I could fell each stroke getting tighter the way Kathy was clenching her
muscles. It almost felt like her slit was sucking me into her. Kathy started
cumming and jerked and bucked. She slowed down and softly moaned, and bent
forward to kiss Jamie again, as I licked Jamie's pussy. She was darting her
tongue in Jamie's mouth and saying, "just do it slow baby. I want to fuck you
all night long. I want you to cum in me over and over".

I felt the spasms starting and said "here cums the first shot baby" and shot
my load. I jerked and shot 4 more times and kept on fucking her. Jamie got
off my mouth and was rubbing her clit. Then Kathy slowed down and said,
"Don't pull out baby. Keep it in me", and bent forward to kiss me

Kathy laid forward with her breasts pressed against my chest. We were darting
our tongues into each other's mouth when Jamie start cumming. Jamie laid
still for a minute then got up and sat on my face again. Jamie was holding
my head with her hands and grinding her pussy lips into my mouth. Jamie said,
"do it harder, bite me. Bite me harder. Oooh, now lick, lick faster, lick
faster. Oh yeah Ken, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna.. Oooooh".

Kathy was rubbing Jamie's clit with her thumb and I kept sucking and licking.
Jamie spasmed and reached to hold onto Kathy, as she was cumming in my mouth.
Jamie didn't move for over minute and I started licking again, which made
Jamie bounce into my mouth. Kathy reached up and was squeezing Jamie's
nipples and Jamie started cumming again. Kathy kept pinching Jamie's nipples
as I sucked Jamie's pussy dry.


Jamie rolled off of me onto the bed. She reached over to the night stand and
took out a cigarette, lit in, and passed it to me. Then she lit one for
herself. I took a drag and Kathy bent down and kissed me before I could blow
out the smoke. I was still inside Kathy and I could feel my cock coming back
to life again. Kathy was slowing moving her pussy back and forth and I was
growing inside of her in my cum. I took another drag and Kathy took the
cigarette from my lips. She took a drag and then another, before blowing the
smoke over towards Jamie.

Kathy was kissing me again and then started grinding her pussy on my cock as
it was getting hard again. Kathy took my cigarette and put it in her lips.
She took a drag and blew out a thin stream of smoke. Kathy said softly, "I
told you I was going to fuck your brains out tonight and I wasn't kidding."

Kathy rocked back and forth on me while leaning into my face. She then had us
change position while I was still in her. We were on our sides and Kathy had
one of her legs wrapped over mine. We had our heads on a pillow and our arms
around each other. We were snuggled up close to Jamie who had her arms over

I started fucking Kathy faster and was shooting inside her again with even
realizing that I was cumming. Kathy just purred into my ear, "mmmmm that
felt good. Stay in me baby and let's go to sleep."

Kathy was still rocking slowly as I fell asleep dreaming about her.

.. 2 hours later ...

I started to feel my cock twinge when I realized that I was still inside of
Kathy. I must have been humping her in my sleep, as I was now fully hard.
Kathy was still half asleep and was moving with me. I could see that Jamie
had rolled over and was now sleeping with her hands over Kathy's breasts. It
was so sexy. I kept moving and after another 15 strokes I was shooting again
inside of Kathy's warm pussy. Kathy didn't move and just sighed.

... 5 am ...

I woke up to Jamie moaning loud as Kathy was finger fucking her and fucking
me at the same time. I felt like I was close to cumming. Kathy was going
crazy. I started fucking her hard and fast and she was moaning, "cum again
for me baby. Fuck me harder" as Jamie had an orgasm.

I kept pushing faster and deeper into Kathy's pussy. I bent my head down and
was sucking her nipple and flicking my tongue over it. Each time I sucked her
nipple she fucked me harder. I was licking her faster and then moved over to
her other breast. As soon as I put my tongue on it, Kathy started cumming and
bucked backed and forth. I felt another cum starting and put my lips up to
Kathy's ear and whispered, "Hold on baby. I'm shooting again".

Kathy hugged me tight and I shot into her pussy. Kathy moaned softly, "mmmmm.
Baby, that was good. Don't pull out because you're gonna suck my pussy dry in
the morning. I want you to dream about fucking and licking me baby, all
night. Let's go back to sleep."

I had started dreaming of licking and fucking Kathy. I was really in love
with her. I stayed inside of Kathy's cum drenched pussy as she hugged me and
I fell asleep.

.. 10 am ...

I started waking up to Kathy rocking back and forth on my cock again. I
couldn't believe that I was hard again and still inside of her. Kathy
whispered into my ear, "Ken honey, open your eyes baby, you have to see

I opened my eyes squinting as the sun was coming through the windows. Jamie
was fucking herself with Kathy's vibrators, one in the front and one in the
back. God did she look sexy.

Kathy reached over my back to the night stand and took out a cigarette. She
put it in my lips and lit it. I took a drag and she took it out of my lips
and put it in hers. Kathy put her head back and took a deep drag and was
blowing smoke out her nose while she took another drag. She blew out a stream
of smoke and then took another drag. As she exhaled she whispered, "Ken
honey, as soon as I finish my cigarette we're going to have some breakfast."

Kathy smiled, took another drag and said, "I'm going to suck you into my
mouth while you lick me clean baby. While you were asleep I was watching
Jamie and I was getting so turned on. There's no one in the world like your
sister baby."

I was getting hard again and Kathy was rocking back and forth. I could feel
my cock sloshing through her cum soaked pussy. Kathy took another drag and
said, "that's it baby, get yourself ready to cum again. Fuck into all of our

Kathy took a last drag of her cigarette and reached over to the night stand
and put it in the ashtray. She then rolled us over so she was on her back.
Then she said, "Get on top of me and fuck my mouth while you lick me".

I pulled out of her and got into position. I couldn't believe how much cum
was in her. Her pussy lips were coated with white wet goo and it was running
out. The hair around my cock was wet and had cum crust on it. I put my mouth
into Kathy's pussy and started to lick and swallow. Kathy took my cock and
was using both hands to jerk me off while sucking the tip. Then she moved one
of her hands to massage my balls. She was rubbing them slowly and then moved
her hand back and put a finger in my ass. She was fucking my ass with 1 and
then 2 fingers. It felt great. I did the same to her and she started to buck
into my face. I was swallowing all of my cum from her slit as fast as I
could. I darted my tongue into her and each time I pushed it in, more cum
came out. I opened my mouth wide and started to suck it in and swallow.

Kathy could hear me sucking her and started to suck my cock faster. She was
deep throating me and I started to fuck her face. I was fucking her hard and
she keep pushing her pussy up into my mouth. I was swallowing over and over.
Kathy sucked me as I fucked her mouth hard. I was going to shoot. I jerked
and Kathy took both of her arms and put them around my ass and pulled my cock
into her mouth, as far it would go. My balls smashed against her chin and I
started to cum. I shot my first load and Kathy pulled me tighter to her. I
keep licking her and fingering her butt hole as I shot 4 more times into her
throat. I was still sucking her pussy and had more cum in my mouth.

Kathy pushed me off of her and I turned over to kiss her. We swapped the cum
that was in my mouth and the Jamie put her open mouth to ours and the three
of us swallowed my cum. I learned over and said, "Kathy, that was an awesome
breakfast - but I've got to piss so bad".

Kathy smiled and said, "let's do it like yesterday", and she grabbed my hand
as we got up and walked into Jamie's bathroom. Kathy sat down and opened her
legs. I bent my knees almost all the way down and put my semi-limp cock
between her legs. We both started to piss. I had my hand holding my cock and
Kathy was pissing on it. She laughed as I moved a little and I was pissing on
her pussy. We both felt relieved. Kathy took my hand and put my piss drenched
fingers into her mouth. She sucked them and then we laid down and sucked each
other clean. We opened the door and Jamie said, "I feel very left out. You
two could have at least let me watch."

Kathy and I kissed and hugged Jamie and I said, "Let's get cleaned up

We showered and Kathy used Jamie's douche. We all used Jamie's toothbrush.
Kathy kissed me and Jamie quickly, and said "Let's get some real breakfast."
We opened the bathroom door and Kathy took my hand. Jamie lit us all
cigarettes and we went downstairs.


Jamie had to go make some phone calls, so Kathy and I were cooking up a
storm. The kitchen looked like tornado hit, but we had made pancakes, eggs,
bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast and coffee ready for everyone. This is the
exact reason my mother won't let me cook. The food tastes great but it takes
2 days to clean up the mess.

Jamie came into the kitchen and stared to laugh. I guess it looked kind of
funny seeing our mess with Kathy and me naked, except for the chef's hat
Kathy took out the pantry and was now wearing. Not to mention that I was
painting Kathy's tits with Jam and pancake syrup, and licking it off.

Jamie was still laughing and said, "You guys are unbelievable. Ken did you
set off the bomb in here all by yourself? Kathy, the one thing about Ken's
cooking is that the food is absolutely terrific. The kitchen is another

Jamie reached her arms around me and kissed me on the cheek and said, "thanks
for making breakfast", as I put some jam on her tits and Kathy and I licked
it off.

Jamie picked up the phone and dialed. We heard, "Hi Grace this is Jamie."
"Yeah I know, you have the week off, but we have a problem. Ken's was cooking
again", Jamie paused and then started to laugh, "We'll be out most of today
so if you won't mind cleaning, that would be great." , "Thanks grace".

Kathy said, "She saved your ass again stud".

We were all finishing our coffee. Jamie and Kathy lit a cigarette.

I had to go pick some stuff in the backyard by the garden from our parties,
so I put on some shorts to avoid the thrones in the rose bushes from doing
any serious damage. Jamie and Kathy came out while I was picking up dozens of
beer cans. Jamie picked up the hose and started squirting me with ice cold
water, as Kathy and her were laughing. Kathy said, "Can little Willie come
out and play now?"

I said, "Little Willie doesn't want to come out play now. He has shrinkage."

Kathy started to laugh and lit up a cigarette. I took it from her lips and
took a drag, while I was freezing cold and soaked.

Kathy said, "Jamie, - Ken and I will put on a magic show for you to watch".

Kathy took a drag from her cigarette and blew out the smoke. Kathy said, "For
my first trick I'm going to make a cock grow to 8 times in size."

Kathy walked behind me and grabbed both sides of my shorts and pulled them
down. She showed Jamie how small it was from the cold water and they both
laughed. She gave me her cigarette and she put her mouth over my shriveled
cock and start licking and sucking me. I took a drag of her cigarette and I
could feel my cock getting warm. Kathy was sucking and I was getting hard.
Just as it was felling good, Kathy stopped, stood up and said, "Applause

Jamie was clapping and I joined in. Jamie said, "So Kathy what were you going
to do for your second trick?"

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and said, "I was going to make an 8 inch
cock disappear."


"Easy, I was going to sit in it".

We went back inside and I decided the garden can wait.

We sat in the living room for while drinking several bottles of wine and
goofing around while I played a folk guitar and we all sang. This was good
therapy for Jamie, who obviously was missing having a boyfriend. I said, "The
limo will be here in about 4 hours for the gig. We have to get packed soon."

Kathy said, "The driver can wait."

Jamie and Kathy were both rubbing my cock to get it hard and Kathy sat on me
again and fucked me for over a half hour while kissing Jamie.

Kathy learned back on me and started slowly rocking and moving her ass in
circles. She put her cigarette in her lips and sucked in. Then took another
drag and blew out the smoke. She turned her head back to me and we kissed
passionately. Kathy said, "this feels so good baby, but I want you to fuck
Jamie for me, make her feel like I'm feeling."

Kathy got off of me, and Jamie took her place. Jamie sat on me and started
fucking me fast and kissing Kathy. Kathy was massaging Jamie's breasts and
whispering in Jamie's ear, "Fuck Ken baby, tell him to cum in you now, tell
him how much you like it."

Jamie was cumming, kissed me hard, and said, "Ken honey, fuck me and cum in
my pussy."

I said, "I'm cumming in you". She started to cum at the same time. I shot
load after load and I kept fucking her. I could feel my cum inside of her as
I kept fucking. Jamie then slowed and started slowly grinding on my cock as
Kathy kissed me and then kissed Jamie again.

Jamie got off of me and laid down with Kathy in a 69 position. Kathy was
sucking so hard I could hear it, and Jamie started to cum again. Kathy pushed
Jamie's pussy down onto her open mouth, which was completely full of white
goo. Kathy and I kissed on the floor for over 10 minutes swapping my cum and
caressing every part of each other. She spit some on my nipples and then
would lick it back into her mouth. I did the same to her. I was rubbing
Kathy's clit as Jamie was licking her pussy, and she bucked and jerked almost
biting into my lip as she kissed me so hard. We lay there hugging each other.

Kathy and I kissed sucking on each other tongues and exploring each other's
mouth for a while. We licked each others ears and necks, and the kissed
again. She was rubbing my cock to get it semi-hard and then sat on me again.
She was slowly moving her pussy on me and I was starting to get hard again.
Kathy picked up the pace a little and pushed her breasts into my face. Then
she sat more upright and pushed down hard on my cock and stopped except for
her clinching her muscles.

I reached up to her and was massaging her nipples. She reached to the table
and put a cigarette in her open lips and just kept slowly rocking back and
forth. Jamie walked up to her and lit her cigarette and then Jamie wet kissed
me. Kathy took a deep drag and blew the smoke out in a thin stream. Jamie
kissed Kathy again and said, "You two are so sexy. Ken I will never
understand how you can fuck so much and stay hard."

Kathy smiled at Jamie and said, "Isn't it great?"

Kathy sat up. I took a drag from her cigarette, and put it in her lips. She
sucked in and then blew out a stream into the air. Jamie moved over and laid
down next to us and kissed me and then Kathy. Jamie said, "That was great.
Kathy, I came while you were sucking me - and Ken, how do you last that

I said, "Practice sis" and Kathy started to laugh. Jamie kissed me again. I
said, "I'm hard again now", as Kathy started to rock on me again.

Kathy raised her head up and looked out the back window, so I turned my head.
The gardener was cleaning up and the pool man was here. Kathy said, "Maybe
their watching us through the windows baby, lets give them a show."

Jamie crawled over to us and was now sitting next to me. She had the two
headed dildo and the cock like vibrator from Kathy's case, and was already
using the two headed thing on herself. Jamie had one head in her pussy and
the other in her ass. She was sitting down on it and bouncing it into her.
Jamie gave the other vibrator to me and said, "Wet it Ken."

I sucked it, spit on it and handed it back to Jamie. Jamie shifted herself so
that she was impaled on the dildo on the floor and could reach Kathy's ass.
Kathy saw her reach down and moved up a little. Jamie put the vibrator into
Kathy's ass and turned it on. Kathy sat back down hard and it went all the
way in. I could feel the vibrations through my cock.

Kathy was fucking me faster now and rubbing Jamie's tits. Jamie was moaning
while bouncing on the dildo and was fucking Kathy's ass hard with the
vibrator. I knew I wasn't going to last long the way Kathy was bucking. I
started sucking Kathy's tits again and she started bucking like a wild woman.
I was about to cum and groaned "I'm gonna shoot again Kathy. Here is cums

I shot my load of cum into Kathy's pussy. Kathy and Jamie came at the same
time as we were kissing each other. Kathy kissed me hard and then Jamie
kissed me. Jamie said "Ken, slide Kathy over here on her back. I'm going to
lick her pussy raw baby".

I helped Kathy lay next to me with her legs up in the air. Jamie was sucking
out my cum from Kathy's pussy as Kathy was screaming, "Suck it all out. Suck
me dry. Lick me... Lick my juices Jamie.. Do it harder. Yeah.. Oooooh.
Lick there. That's it baby".

I took out a cigarette and lit it. I took a drag and reached over to massage
Kathy's breasts. Kathy was having another orgasm and was closing her legs on
Jamie's face. Kathy had her hands behind Jamie's head pulling her closer, and
grinding her pussy into her. Kathy laid back limp and Jamie raised her head
and said, "Kathy, your not done yet" and went back to licking her.

Kathy reached over and took my cigarette and took a big drag. Her eyes were
half closed and she slowly exhaled through her nose. She took another drag
and held it in. I took the cigarette back and Kathy closed her eyes as she
had another orgasm. Kathy moaned, "Jamie you're licking me raw baby. Stop.
Please stop".

Jamie climbed on top of Kathy and they passionately kissed. Jamie then kissed
me and lay down on top of me. Kathy sat up a little and put her head on my
shoulder. She put my cigarette in her lips and sucked in, and again. She
blew out the smoke towards my soft cock. Kathy reached over and started
slowly touching it and said, "do think little Willie will be able to come out
and play later on?"

Jamie was laughing into my ear and I said to Kathy, "If you're good to him
he'll come out and play with you".

Kathy smiled and kissed me again.

Jamie said to Kathy, "you got your wish."

We both looked at Jamie like - what are you talking about?

Jamie said, "When you were fucking and I sat on the dildo, the gardener and
pool guy had their heads against the glass watching us. You two were so into
it you didn't even notice."

Kathy turned to me and said, "Oh shit. We missed it?"

We finally decided to make our plans, and dressed for the gig.

I said to Jamie, "Gary is going to be there alone. He broke up with Ann last
week. How does that sound?"

Jamie said, "Gary is going to be by himself? God Kathy, I get wet every time
he looks at me."


We went and sat in the kitchen and Jamie and Kathy made some lunch. Kathy
smiled and said, "I could go for some more Jelly if you want an appetizer."

I took out the Jelly and Jamie yelled, "Kathy, you're are just as bad as he

Kathy smiled as I put some Jelly on her nipples and then licked and sucked it
off. I put some on my cock and she did the same to me. I walked over by Jamie
and put some on her nipples and Kathy and I each licked one nipple clean.
Jamie said, "I'm sorry I yelled. That really does feel great".

Jamie put the sandwiches on one plate and cut them up, and took out two
forks. Kathy sat on one of my knees and Jamie on the other. Jamie said, "Ken,
sit back and we're going to feed you."

Kathy and Jamie feed me my lunch alternating between eating themselves until
we cleaned off the plate. Kathy and Jamie were busting my chops playing
airplane and then dropping the food on my cock so they could lick it off.

Jamie cleaned up the mess and we all lit up cigarettes. I picked up the phone
and called the limo company. Jim (our driver) was all too happy to drive us
again. It's a 4 hour drive and I told him I would pay for a room. I called
the lodge and reserved a room for Jim also, but skimped on the heart shaped

"Kathy, can you and Jamie wear something really hot to the gig tonight like
you wore to the horse races. You know like a short skirt, no underwear, tight
sexy blouses with no bra, high heels? That kind of hot."

Kathy kissed me and said, "We will make you so hot. Just wait and see."

I said, "If we do this right, you and Jamie will be on stage with me tonight.
We could have some real fun, and if the guys don't like it, tuff shit."

Kathy lit a cigarette and blew out the smoke. Jamie took a drag of it and
said "You know, the only one of them that's worth a damn is Gary, and he is
so cute. They are going to get really pissed off at you."

I said, "So what. We still have a limo ride and a great room for the night.
We'll have a blast."

Kathy took a drag from her cigarette and inhaled. Jamie nodded as Kathy took
another drag and blew the smoke out saying, "We'll do it. We know all your
material and the vocals. You just need to get us on stage and get the jerks
out of the way."

Kathy kissed me again and said, "This could be such a turn on fucking around
on stage. How many people will be there?"

I said, "About 800 or so. Let's pack a bag for tonight for you, Jamie and me.
Jamie anything special you want?"

Jamie said, "I'll get it out for you."

We went into Jamie's room and I laid on the bed. Kathy knelt down and started
sucking my soft cock. Jamie walked in and looked at us and said, "Yeah, why
not little bother".

Jamie laid next to Kathy and was licking the side of my cock from the base to
the top. Kathy was doing the same on the other side. When their mouths met at
the top they kissed and then started again. I was getting hard again. Kathy
deep throated me and then let Jamie do it also. Kathy held my cock up
straight in the air and said to Jamie, "Sit on Kens' cock. I want to see it
go in an out of your pussy. I want to watch you fuck him again. Jamie honey,
I going to sit next to Ken and let him see me fingering myself while you are
fucking him."

Jamie kissed Kathy and then sat over my cock. Kathy had her hand around my
cock stroking it, and helped put in into Jamie's pussy. Kathy put a cigarette
into her open lips and sat next to me like before. I lit her cigarette and
she took a drag and blew out the smoke saying, "Fuck him harder Jamie. Make
me cum while I watch you baby".

Kathy took another drag and started fingering herself and then rubbing her
clit. Jamie was fucking me fast and moaning already. Jamie leaned forward and
her tits were hanging into my face. I sucked each nipple as she was bouncing.
Jamie was moaning louder and Kathy was rubbing her clit watching every move I
made. Kathy whispered, "Suck her nipples again baby. Let me see you make her

Kathy was moaning softly and took another drag of her cigarette. She put her
head down to watch my cock go in and out of Jamie and blew out the smoke.
Kathy put her hand on my crotch to feel it going in and out of Jamie's pussy
and was rubbing herself faster. Jamie was fucking me hard. She was bent all
the way over and whispering in my ear, "fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me hard,
mmmmm, ooooh".

Jamie was cumming and fucking faster. Kathy put both of her hands into her
pussy was fucking herself. Kathy was jerking and cumming and then again.
Kathy moaned, "Jamie honey, I want him in me baby,.. I want my lover now,. I
need Ken to fuck me honey,.. please let me get fucked by him now, ... baby,
please, Jamie, please, oooh".

Kathy had her hands on Jamie's tits as Jamie got up and sat on my face while
rubbing her clit. Kathy got on me and sat straight down onto my cock. Kathy
and Jamie were french kissing as I licked Jamie's pussy again. Jamie started
grinding her pussy into my face and came again into my mouth. Jamie got up
and Kathy said, "Jamie, spit on my ass honey. Make it wet."

Jamie spit on Kathy's butt hole and put a finger in it." Kathy said to me,
"baby when I lift up I'm going to push right back down and your going to
slide into my ass honey. I want you to fuck my ass."

Kathy pulled up and back down as my cock went half way in her ass and she
orgasmed again. Kathy bounced up and down and I pushed all 8 inches into her
ass. Kathy started fucking me harder and I knew I was going to come soon.
Jamie was kneeling behind Kathy and massaging and squeezing her breasts.
Jamie was saying into Kathy's ear, "I fucked your lover and I loved it. He
made me cum and then I came in his mouth while he licked me. Did you like
watching it baby. I liked it a lot."

Kathy was bucking like crazy and rubbing her pussy with her hand. Cum in my
mouth, "tell me when your ready baby. I want you to cum in my mouth."

I kept fucking her and I was getting close. I said, "Now Kathy. Take it now".

Kathy got up and knelt down to deep throat me. She was fucking my cock with
her mouth. I was starting to jerk and she put her head down as far as it
would go as her chin was against my balls as I started to shoot. I shot every
load down her throat and then she lifted her head and licked me.

Kathy laid down next to me and kissed me on the lips and said lets sleep a
little more honey. We have plenty of time. Kathy and I were spooning. Jamie
took out her things and crawled on the bed next to us and we were all out

I woke up and looked at the clock and I whispered first in Kathy's ear, "Wake
up Kath, we have to get ready". Kathy kept saying, "I'm having a great dream
about Ken, don't wake me up yet."

I finally got her up by licking her pussy. It was even harder getting Jamie
up, as she didn't sleep much last night.

We finally were up and while Kathy and Jamie were getting dressed, I went and
got ready and took a change of cloths. I also grabbed my Martin classical
guitar for the limo so I could go over the game plan.

Kathy, Jamie and I had a cigarette while we walked outside just as the limo
was pulling up. Kathy looked so hot I got a woody when I saw her. She had on
high heels, a real short skirt, no underwear or bra, and a loose blouse that
was partially see through with the top 3 buttons open. Jamie had on something
similar and they matched in color. They were fucking hot and both are drop
dead gorgeous to start with.

The driver, Jim, got out and opened the door for us and after Kathy and Jamie
got in, I handed them my guitar case and Kathy's suitcase. I gave our
overnight bag to Jim and asked him to put it in the trunk. I gave Jim
directions and asked him to stop at a fast food place about an hour away so
we could get something to eat on route. Jim looked a second time at Kathy and
Jamie and gave a smile and said, "very, very nice".

I started explaining my plan to Kathy and Jamie and they were into it. For
this to work Jamie had to get the guitar techs out of the way so that Kathy
and Jamie could tune my guitars before the show. Jamie was going to pay them
each $100 to leave until the show started.

>From there on it was up to Kathy and me.

I took out the Martin and asked Jamie for an `E' note. She hummed
`youuuuuuuuu' in the perfect pitch of `E' and I tuned the guitar. I played
some of the tunes, and we went over the vocal arrangement and sang them the
way they should be done. Damn it sounded good.

We also went over who played what parts, where the solos were, and Jamie's
and Kathy's solos. Both are good at improvising so we thought this should be

We also rehearsed in the back of the car choreography moves and some gags
that would go over good on stage.

We had two plans. One if I couldn't get the guys off the stage, and one with
them already gone. Kathy was getting into the choreography saying, "When
Jamie wraps her arms around Kurt and plays his bass, he is going to shit in
his pants. When we do the harmony lead on guitar and organ, I think we're
going to get some interesting looks."

Jim opened the sliding window and handed us some food. He went through the
drive through and we didn't even notice.

We all ate and had some soda as there was nothing else in the car. I said
"Jim, any wine in here?" He pushed a button and a bar swung out and I said,
"Now that's more like it."

We all lit cigarettes and I put away the guitar. I was sitting between Kathy
and Jamie, leaning back into the seat. Kathy took a deep drag of her
cigarette and blew it in my ear while licking it. Jamie did the same and was
licking my ear on the other side. Kathy said, "baby, I want you to fuck me
all the way there. Can you do that for me?"

Jamie opened my pants and pulled then down and started rubbing my cock. She
sucked me into her mouth until I was hard and said, "Kathy, get on baby.
Let's go for a ride."

Kathy put her cigarette in her lips and got on top of me in her favorite
straddled position. Kathy lifted up her skirt and raised her self, and Jamie
pushed my cock into Kathy's very wet pussy. Kathy took a drag on the
cigarette and blew out the smoke while rocking back and forth.

Jamie opened up Kathy's suitcase and took out a vibrator and the double
headed dildo. Jamie put the vibrator into her mouth and then sat on the floor
behind Kathy and pushed it into her butt hole. Kathy was pushing back onto it
to get it in and Jamie was fucking her with it. Jamie pushed it in and left
it there. It felt great. Kathy and I kissed as she was rocking and fucking
me. Kathy was starting to moan, "Stay me in baby even after you cum. I want
you in me all day. I want you to remember this when we are playing tonight
and get hard in front of everyone baby, mmmmmmm "

Jamie put some KY on the double dildo and was sitting on it. She worked it in
both her pussy and butt hole and was rocking on it on the limo floor. Jamie
put her hand on the vibrator in Kathy's ass and turned it on. Kathy and I
both spasmed immediately and I shot 5 times into her. We were locked in an
embrace while Kathy was still fucking me and I stayed semi-hard.

We were fucking like this for over an hour. Jamie came more than 5 times and
was screaming in orgasm. I was feeling myself cum again and shot again in
Kathy's pussy.

Jim knocked on the glass signally we were there. Kathy lifted up and Jamie
sucked out all of my cum and swallowed it. They cleaned each other up and I
pulled up my pants just as Jim opened the door. Kathy and Jamie both kissed
me as we got out.

We got our stuff out of the car, and went to check in. Everyone was gawking
at Kathy and Jamie. I really didn't expect that, as this was mostly a
honeymoon resort. I said, "Room for Ken Blackwood. I'm with the band

The clerk said, "Yes sir. We have you in 103, the honeymoon suite."

There was a guy standing behind me and said to me, "God damn, I wish I was
you", as he stared at Kathy's and Jamie's tits through their see through

We went to the room and it was great. There was a hug heart shaped tub in the
middle, a fireplace and a king size bed. We put our bags down and I went in
to piss. Kathy ran in and sat down in front of me and said, "put in me and

Kathy kissed me and we peed. We stood up and then laid down and cleaned each
other off. Jamie was watching and said, "I have to pee too, who's going to do

Kathy said, "I'll clean you baby."

Jamie peed and Kathy knelt down and licked Jamie's pussy for about a minute.

We freshened up, grabbed my martin and walked over to the nightclub stage


When we walked in the roadies were just finishing up. I saw the guitar techs
and said, "Jamie", and pointed to them. Jamie did her thing and they
disappeared. Jamie came back and said, "Done".

Now we just had to wait. We sat down in the back of the club at a table. I
was looking at what was set up on stage, where it was and pointing out where
to move from the choreography we went over. We had 2 different plans,
depending upon if the other guys were on stage or not. I also had the roadies
reposition a monitor, and add 2 more good hand held vocal mics on the side,
just in case.

I told them to set the vocal levels for the unused mics exactly the same as
mine and adjust the mix as they heard the singing. I also said for the first
song set the drummer's mic to the same as Gary's is set at. They all asked me
what's going on, and I said, "I can't tell you now. Just please keep this
quiet. This is a surprise and you will be in for a very different show

One of them remarked, "I hoped you fired all of them but Gary, that's the
only way to get a good show." The others laughed and I said, "Close, but you
can keep guessing".

I had a sign made and went into the main entry area and tapped it to the
marquee at the club. It said, "Naked Women and Free Beer". That should get
some attention.

The place was filling up. I saw the other guys, but they didn't see me, and I
kept it that way. I noticed Gary, and Jamie went to get him. He sat at the
table with us and we all lit a cigarette. I took a drag and said, "Gary,
since this band is going nowhere fast, I want to make some changes tonight.
Before you say anything, if the first song doesn't knock everyone's socks
off, we switch back and I go away after tonight. Deal?"

He said, "I'm game."

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke and said, "Fill
Gary in on everything baby."

We went over every detail and it was now 20 minutes to show time. I walked
over to the other guys and said, "Have you seen the guitar techs? We can't
find them." They both shook their heads and I said, "I'm going to have Kathy
and Jamie help out. They know their shit around band gear."

I walked back to the table and said, "Your are on babes - do your stuff."

Kathy and Jamie lit a cigarette and walked up to the stage. They were fucking
gorgeous. Kathy had the cigarette in her lips and bent over with her naked
ass sticking out to pick up my Fender strat, at the say time Jamie picked up
my Les Paul. The crowd went wild with cheers and cat calls. Kathy checked
all the plugs and switched on my main amp, a vintage 65 Super Reverb.

Kathy said, "Jamie -Give me an E". Jamie said, "Youuuuuuuu" in 'E' and Kathy
tuned the E string and then harmonics for the rest. Jamie did the same for
the Les Paul running through my Marshall amp. Both cranked the amps a bit
and turned around and just played for about 20 seconds. To most players,
Kathy and Jamie would sound really good, and they looked outrageous. Jamie
tuned the bass and the two played a little riff. Kathy tested the keyboard
and played some unbelievable riffs and people were standing and cheering
while Jamie played some cool blues bass stuff. They tested each mic and when
they tested the new mics I went over and said, now set their volume and EQ.
The Roadies looked and said, "You were right, this is already better than
anything before."

The place was now packed and I said to Gary, "Let's rock and roll buddy."

Gary walked on stage and went to the main mic and said, "We have a special
treat for everyone tonight. We have with us two very hot babes who also
happen to be the only winners of the Julliard School of music scholarship
awards from this state ever. They are unbelievable, and they are going to be
playing a couple of tunes with Ken and me to warm up. Please give them a warm
welcome - Kathy McDonald, Jamie Blackwood playing with Ken Blackwood and I'm
Gary Cousin."

The audience was standing and clapping as Kathy started playing the keyboard
like you have never heard. It was about a 30 second intro. Jamie came in on a
bass run and nodded and Gary and I came in to change the tempo and tune
starting off with one of the newer tunes Kathy and I wrote. Gary was damn
good on drums.

Kathy sang lead and the crowd went crazy. During the first verse the
harmonies were tight and crisp and blended like magic. I soloed and really
played like I meant it. I ripped a lead with emotion as Kathy started playing
the same notes as me with her right hand on organ. We stopped the music on a
dime and broke into an acapella harmony chorus. You could hear people
cheering when the music came back in for the final verse.

We ended the song and people were standing on their feet screaming more. Gary
gave us the cue and we just went through the songs. Each one was getting
stronger. Kathy moved to bass and Jamie played keys. Then we changed again
and I played bass while Kathy played guitar. The music was as good as I can
ever remember it being. Jamie even played the blues harp in one tune.

Kathy and I really connected on stage. We new them we were hopelessly in love
with each other. During one of the songs she kissed me and was dancing with
me while she was playing bass and I was on guitar. He tits were bouncing and
her skirt flew up.

We finished our 12th song and I picked up the Martin and asked the roadies
for 2 bar stools for the stage. They brought them up and set them in the
center of the stag, and micked my martin. Kathy and I sat together and I
played guitar. Jamie played bass. Kathy gave me a wet kiss and the crowd
went crazy. She whispered, "Little Willie is growing baby."

I smiled and spoke into the mic, "This is a song Kathy and I wrote about a
dear friend who passed away this year. The song is called Remembering Ryan".

We sang the song flawlessly. With such emotion and thick harmony there wasn't
a dry eye in the house, including our own. At the end of the song we received
a standing ovation. Kathy hugged me and said, "That was great baby. Now let's
kick some more ass."

Gary played a hard funk beat and we picked up our instruments and played our
two best new rock songs back to back. The last one ends with some really
wild, very complex guitar work. We ended the last one and Kathy said into the
mic, "Thank you everyone. You were wonderful to us. It was a pleasure being
her to sing for you tonight -see you all soon".

The crowd was standing and yelling encore, more, more. The place was mobbed
to where there wasn't any place to even walk. The manager asked us to play
one more so we played a new tune that Kathy wrote the words for. Gary started
it and Kathy sang lead. This song sounded fucking great. Her voice was
strong. We ended and thanked everyone again and walked to the back table
again as people were still shouting for more.

Kathy kissed we and said, "Baby this was the best. I love you so much. I want
to fuck you all night."

Jamie kissed Kathy and then me and said, "Thanks little brother. You showed
us something tonight - what we are capable of doing and it was beyond belief.
I love you."

Gary and I hugged and said, "This was great Ken. Maybe I should you call you
at 4 am more often like I did last week to set up this gig. If I had my dick
in Kathy I won't of even picked up the phone."

Jamie and Gary really seemed to be hitting it off. They were sitting and just
staring into each other's eyes. Jamie was in a trance. Kathy whispered into
my ear, "Ken baby, Jamie is most definitely falling madly in love with Gary."

The four of us sat down and a waitress brought us some wine. We all lit up
cigarettes and Kathy took a deep drag and blew out the smoke. She snuggled up
close to me and then got up and sat on my knee.

I said, "I was so proud of you tonight baby, you were awesome." She said
"Me? Ken I`ve never seen anyone play a guitar riff that fast. We couldn't see
your fingers. This was so fucking cool."

We were smoking, talking and drinking the wine when two middle age guys came
up to us and one gave me his card. I glanced at it and the bottom line read
President - Columbia Records. The man said, "I'm Dave and this is Robert.
Robert was here to listen to another band and since my wife wanted to stay in
the resort we came along. We heard you all play and it was like magic. I want
you to sign and record with our company. The music, the look, the
performance, everything is new and refreshing. You are all exceptional
musicians. You should be proud. Robert tells me that you are in school, and
we can work around that. I am prepared to draw up a contract for you to look
over by tomorrow. We are talking big bucks here gang. All I need is a demo
tape. Can you record at our studio next week?"

I said, "Dave, we have a professional studio my parents built in my house"

Dave said, "Send me the tape next week, and if it's OK, we'll use it. If not
then you can come to our studio. The songs I really loved were the slow
ballad and the 2 after that. They were excellent. Just give Robert all your
contact information."

I said, "How much is big bucks"

David said, "Could be 3-4 mil each for the first year if you hit it right.
More after."

We all almost shit in our pants. Kathy lit up another cigarette and took a
drag. I took it out of her lips and did the same. Kathy said to me, "I can't
believe this", and kissed me.

Kathy and I looked at Jamie. She and Gary were kissing and just staring into
each other's eyes. I think Kathy was right. I said, "Jamie. Do you and Gary
want to come back to the room with us?"

Jamie said, "We sure do."


Kathy, Jamie, Gary and I went back to the room. I said, "Gary, I hope your
OK with this, but most of the time we don't wear any cloths."

Gary smiled and took off his shirt. We all took off everything and filled up
the heart shaped bathtub. Kathy and I got in and it felt great. She was
kissing me, and playing the gig was now a distant memory. Kathy and I just
hugged and then she started to rub my cock to get me hard. We kissed and then
she sat on me in her favorite position. I was inside of her pussy and she was
rocking back and forth on my cock.

Jamie and Gary were kissing and then they sat down with us. Jamie was in
love. I've never seen her like this. She was lip locked to Gary and sat on
him the same as Kathy, right next to me. Kathy and I were passionate and
holding each other tightly. The band performance cemented our relationship
forever. No matter how fucked up each of us was, we knew then we were
definitely sole mates forever.

Kathy was rocking slowly and whispered in my ear, "Baby I love you so much. I
want to be with you forever. We have something together most people only
dream about. That was so awesome tonight."

We were sucking each other's tongues and darting them in and out each other's
mouth. Kathy was moving slowly on my cock and it felt so good in the tub we
didn't want to even move. Jamie learned over and french kissed me and then
Kathy. Gary was fucking into Jamie and she was bouncing onto his cock in the
water. Jamie leaned over and said, "Ken baby, Gary is Bi also honey".

I leaned over and Gary and I kissed. Kathy moaned, "Oh baby, that's hot.
After I fuck you I want to watch you and Gary suck each other off."

Kathy was fucking me and Jamie was fucking Gary almost in perfect unison.
Gary and I looked at each other and he said, "they really do keep perfect
time, even when fucking." We both smiled.

Kathy was moaning, "fuck me harder baby, fuck me harder, oooh, mmmmm". Kathy
spasmed and jerked and was cumming. She wrapped her arms around my neck
tighter and was pulling herself up and down on my cock.

Jamie jerked and Gary groaned as he was shooting into Jamie. Jamie spasmed
several more times and moaned, "Oh Gary, that was wonderful. Stay inside me
baby. I want you in me."

Kathy was rocking faster and I was cumming. I held her tight as she was
kissing me and I shot my load. Each time I shot, I jerked my ass
uncontrollably and Kathy moaned into my mouth. She darted her tongue into
mine. Kathy was slowly moving on me and sat back a little and I whispered in
her ear, "Kathy, this is best night of life. I love you more than you could
ever know. I want to be with you always and I can't stop thinking about you.
When I came I couldn't control it. It was like I was a part of you."

Kathy kissed me and we slowly rocked with her arms around my neck.

Kathy sat back a little and slowed her rocking. I was semi-hard again. Kathy
reached for the cigarettes put one in her open lips. I lit it for her and she
took a deep drag. She blew out the smoke and put the cigarette in my lips. I
took a drag and she kissed me with passion beyond anything she has done
before. Kathy sat back and took another drag of her cigarette and said,
"baby, I just wrote a song in my head while you were talking to me. I want
you to hear it later."

Gary was sucking on Jamie's nipples and was rocking inside of her pussy.

Kathy and I finished our smoke and got out of the tub. Gary and Jamie did
also and we dried off. We all got on the bed and I reached for Gary's cock
and he held onto mine. Gary and I got into a 69 position on our sides with
Kathy's face next to my mouth, and Jamie's face next to Gary's mouth. Kathy
was licking Gary's cock as I was sucking it. Then Kathy pulled me off and she
deep throated him and then put my mouth back on him. I could feel Jamie and
Gary doing the same thing to me.

Kathy reached under Gary and was fingering his butt hole. She wet her finger
and then slid it in and pushed my mouth down onto Gary's cock. Gary was
fucking my mouth and I was fucking his. Jamie had 2 fingers in my ass and was
fucking my ass also. It felt great. Kathy started to jerk off Gary's cock
into my mouth and Gary started to buck. I felt my self cumming as we both
shot at the same time into each other's mouths. I didn't swallow. I opened my
mouth for Kathy to see and she kissed me with her mouth wide open, and we
swallowed all of the Gary's cum together. I kept on sucking Gary for about
20 minutes until he was getting semi-hard again in my mouth. He did the same
for me.

We sat up and Gary bent over and kissed me sucking on each other tongues.
Kathy and Jamie had their mouths open next to ours and pushed their tongues
in with ours. This was so sensual. Kathy and Jamie kissed and then Kathy sat
down on my cock again and kissed me for over 20 minutes.

Kathy was sitting up on me and Jamie got up to get the cigarettes. Kathy
said, "Jamie baby, hand me Ken's Martin".

Jamie lit a cigarette and handed Kathy the cigarette and the guitar. Kathy
was still straddling my semi-hard cock. She propped the guitar on my stomach
and played a fee notes and said, "Listen baby".

Kathy played the catchiest melody and then sang the words. We all listened. I
said, "Kathy that was beautiful. But the words - they were in my head. How
did you know what I was thinking?" Gary said, "Make that 9 to 10 mil a year",
as he and Jamie smiled.

Kathy said, "I don't know. That's what popped into my head when you and I
felt like we were one. Then we both lost complete control of ourselves."

Kathy put the guitar down and took a drag of her cigarette. She blew out the
smoke and said, "That was the most amazing thing."

Kathy and I laid down as Kathy took a drag of her cigarette. While blowing
out the smoke she got back up and opened her suitcase. She took out a small
felt marker and came back and knelt next to me. She put down the marker and
put her open mouth over my semi-hard cock and massaged with her tongue. Kathy
took the bed sheet and wiped my cock off and I said, "What are you doing? You
can't possible be worried out dirt at this point."

Kathy gave me a big smile and said, "Just lay back baby, I'm going to play
with little Willie." Kathy pickup the magic marker and I said "Woe - Don't
make him ugly."

Kathy smiled while saying, "relax, it's a vegetable marker. It comes right

Kathy was coloring little Willie. She gave him eyes and big smile using my
pee hole as a nose. He had ears and was wearing a swimsuit. Then Kathy
started talking to my crotch, "Oh little Willie, you look so dressed up
today. You're going into a deep cave."

Kathy opened her mouth wide and covered my soft cock without touching it.
Then she said, "Dark isn't it. What little Willie? That wasn't nice at all.
You need to be punished."

Kathy flicked her finger on my cock. When it hit, I screamed in pain. Kathy
said,"Sorry baby, I got carried away when little Willie told me my cave
looked like the inside of Ron's ass." Kathy started laughing and said, "let
me kiss it and make it better baby."

Jamie and Gary were laughing as Jamie said to Gary, "She is just as nuts as
he is. God, were they ever meant for each other."

I took the vegetable marker and was drawing faces on Kathy's tits. We had a
Mr. Tit and a Mrs. Tit. The nipples were their noses. Jamie and Gary were
laughing, but Kathy was getting into it. She was telling me stories using her
tits as the characters. It was funny when Mr. Tit wanted a blowjob, but
couldn't find his dick.

Kathy drew a tail on my ass and was wagging my ass in the air and making me
stiff her pussy. I said, "I have to piss Kathy, but I'm not going on the bed.
We have to sleep on it tonight".

I got up and she raced me to the bathroom. She sat down and I squatted and
moved my soft cock into her pussy. Kathy kissed me and said, "let's take off
little Willie's clothes".

We both pissed into the toilet. Kathy and I laid down on the bathroom floor
and cleaned each other off. I was licking her pussy and she sucked my cock to
get it hard. Kathy sat on the vanity counter top and I put my cock into her
pussy. She wrapped her legs around me and said, "Take me to bed baby."

As we walked into the room we could hear Gary and Jamie talking as Jamie was
rubbing his cock hard. Gary said, "You've tied it and you liked it? OK, in
the morning?"

Kathy whispered in my ear, "There's going to competition in the morning for
the bathroom baby."

Kathy and I got onto the bed with me inside of her. I laid back my head on a
pillow as Kathy was straddling my hard cock in her pussy. Kathy sat back and
reached for a cigarette and put it into her open lips. Still holding the
lighter she started slowing rocking and put both hands on my shoulders. Kathy
was softly moaning with the unlit cigarette hanging from her lips. I took the
lighter from her hand and lit her cigarette. Kathy took a drag and put the
cigarette in my lips while blowing the smoke out. I took drag and was rubbing
her nipples softly. I put my hands to her breasts and she said, "No baby.
Just watch me rub them for now."

Kathy took another drag and gave me her cigarette. She was rubbing her
nipples and then pushing each breast up to her mouth and sucking on them.
Kathy was rocking faster on me and I was getting really turned on watching
her suck herself.

Jamie was sitting on Gary's cock next to me and Gary said to Jamie, "Look at
how sexy Kathy is sucking her own nipples and then licking each one. Yeah
baby, fuck me faster. Make me cum."

Kathy heard Gary and was squeezing both tits up to her face and had her mouth
buried, alternating from one nipple to the other. She was fucking me faster
and bouncing. Kathy was moaning and started to spasm and jerk. She dropped
her hands as she leaned over to kiss me and then moaned in my ear, "I love to
touch myself baby and have you watch me. Cum in me, fuck me faster and cum in
my pussy."

Gary and Jamie were making the bed bounce and Jamie spasmed and organsmed.
Gary grunted and shot into Jamie's pussy while Jamie was moaning, "Fuck me
baby. Shoot into me".

Kathy and I were fucking fast while are lips were locked together. We were
darting out tongues into each other's mouth and Kathy was moaning into my
mouth. Kathy was rocking up and down on my cock. She whispered into my ear,
"darling I love you so much. Cum into to me now. Please baby, shoot into me

Kathy and I were lip locked again as she was grinding her pussy onto my cock.
I started to cum and shot my first load into her. Both of us were spasming
uncontrollably. I shot over 10 times and felt like I was passing out. We
hugged each other tight. I had a strange feeling and was singing the song
Kathy played before, into my head. We were skill kissing and I could feel us
both jerking. I felt someone shaking me, and we both moaned into each other's
open mouth.

Kathy and I both came back to reality from Jamie shaking us. We looked into
each other's eyes and said at the exact same time, "I finished the song".

Jamie said, "Now that was weird. Are you two OK?"

Kathy and I were frozen staring at each other eyes and Kathy said, "Did you
ask me something in the last verse?"

"Yes I did", and Kathy asked, "What exactly did you say?"

I said -
"I would climb the highest peak,
And stand bare in waist deep snow.
I'll shout to the heavens, be my wife forever,
I love you more than you will ever know."

I asked Kathy, "What did you say?"

Kathy said -
"I would soar from the heavens onto that mountain peak
Naked, holding you in the snow
Yes, my love, I will be with you forever,
As your wife, melding our hearts and soles."

Kathy said looking me in the eyes, "baby, did you really mean it?"

I said, "Kathy, I've never meant anything more in my life. Will you marry

A tear ran down Kathy's face and she smiled saying, "Yes, I'll will baby. I
promise to love you forever and make love to you every night, even when
things are down. I will always be with you."

Kathy and I kissed and hugged each other tight as Jamie started to cry.

I said, "Kathy. Someone has to be watching over us. Things like this just
don't happen to people who are as fucked as we are. Are you sure you don't
have any relatives that may have answered a job ad for an Angle? You know,
something like - Angle wanted to sit with God and help Ken and Kathy. Great
pay and lot's of sex."

Kathy smiled and said, "Nope. We're doing this all by our ourselves baby."

Kathy and I laid still with me in her, and then she started to rock slowly
while we were kissing. Kathy was licking my ear and whispering, "I love you
so much Ken. I want more than anything in the world to be your wife."

Jamie put her hands on Kathy and my shoulder and was crying. She said, "I'm
so happy for you. Does this mean we can't be together any more?"

Kathy kissed Jamie on the lips and the two were licking tongues. Kathy said,
"Jamie, things are not going the change between any of us. Ken and I
experienced the most amazing feelings tonight and have made a commitment to
love each other forever. When the time is right we will get married and you
be a big part of it, to share it with us."

Jamie kissed Kathy again and then me.

Jamie moved back to lie down beside Gary after turning out the lights. Kathy
left the bathroom light on so it wasn't completely dark. She lit a cigarette
and took a drag making the tip glow red. She blew the smoke out and smiled
saying to me, "Baby, we make beautiful music together."

I started signing the song softly that was in our heads and Kathy kissed me.
She said, "Ken, how did that happen? How could we possibly have known what we
were each thinking?"

I said, "Stranger things happen happened to people. Let's just think of it as
a gift."

Kathy and I rolled over with my cock still inside of her. Kathy took another
drag of the cigarette and gave it to me. I took a drag, put it out and said,
"Let's go to sleep. I want to hold you."

.. 4 am.....

I woke up to the bed bouncing as Jamie was on top of Gary. Kathy was nibbling
on my ear lobe as were listened to Jamie cum and then Gary shoot inside of
her. Kathy was slowly moving on my cock and we started kissing. We stayed
like this, fucking real slowing and kissing for over an hour. When I shot my
first load into Kathy's pussy, she hugged me tight and shook. I spasmed and
shot 4 more times. Kathy had an orgasm again and we just keep on fucking. I
stayed hard and we were still kissing. We both drifted off to sleep while we
were still moving.

.. 6 am.....

I woke up to Kathy's tongue moving around mine, as we were still lip locked.
My cock felt like it was going to explode as Kathy had her fingers inside of
her pussy on top of my cock. She was fingering herself while fucking my cock.
We keep our mouths together and I shot into her slit. Kathy and I both jerked
into orgasm. Kathy broke the kiss and said into my ear, "Each time we cum
together it keeps getting better baby. Stay hard if you can and keep going."

We fucked non-stop for another hour. The sun was shining into the windows.
Jamie and Gary were in a 69 position below our feet. Kathy and I were still
kissing as I could feel my lips being swollen. Just as Gary shot into Jamie's
mouth, Kathy and I both came at the same time. I shot into her and we hugged
tightly. Kathy said, "Go have breakfast baby", and pushed me up and turned
herself sideways on the bed so I could lay down and suck my cum out of her

I got between her legs and saw my cum overflowing her. I opened my mouth wide
and covered it all and sucked in using my tongue to spoon it into me. I got
as much as I could and opened my mouth wide over Kathy's face. She opened her
mouth and I dripped it into her, and splashed it on her chin. I went back to
her pussy and sucked again to get the left over. I went back up to Kathy and
she had her mouth wide open for me and I kissed her. We swapped my cum for
over 10 minutes and then swallowed all of it. I wiped the drips off of her
chin with my tongue and then she suck my tongue clean.

Kathy and I were just catching our breaths after a very long fuck. She lit a
cigarette and I took a drag of it. We laid back as Jamie and Gary came out of
the bathroom. Kathy and I looked at each other and both got up and went into
the bathroom. This time she bent forward over the toilet swatting and told me
to pee onto her pussy from behind. We both pissed and most of it landed in
the toilet. Kathy kissed me and then she sucked my soft cock clean and I
licked her pussy while she was sitting on the bathroom vanity counter smoking
her cigarette.

I was semi-hard again. Kathy stood on the bathroom counter and was dancing
like a go-go strip tease. She bent down to me and said, "Little Willie looks
like he needs a lap dance. Let's go back to bed and order breakfast."

I laid down next to Gary, and Kathy was giving little Willie a lap dance.
Gary said to me, "Who in the fuck is little Willie?"

Kathy and Jamie started laughing and Kathy held up my dick and said, "Here he
is." She reached for her marker from before and re-drew a face and this time
a raincoat. Kathy was talking to my crotch saying, "Little Willie I put your
raincoat back on. Bet you wished you had this on 10 minutes ago when it was
raining in the bathroom."

Jamie was laughing holding her hands to her face and said, "Kathy, I bet you
were a real trip with Barbie dolls." Gary and I lost it.

Jamie ordered room service and we all lit up cigarettes waiting for the food.
We talked about the show last night and we were all excited. We agreed that
Gary would come over to our house on Saturday and Sunday. We would spend the
weekend locked in to the studio to record the demo tape. Kathy called her
boss and left a message that she quit her part time job. I called the driver
and told him we would be ready in about 2 hours.

We were all joking around. Jamie was pushing her ass onto Gary's tongue
trying to get it to go into her butt hole, when the door flew open and a
young Spanish girl walked in and said, "Where do want his, holding a tray."

Jamie started to laugh and said, "You can bring it right her next to me while
Gary sticks his tongue into my butt hole. Would you like to stay and watch?
It will be really hot."

The girl set the tray down and walked out very fast mumbling something in
Spanish none of us understood. Jamie said, "Hey wait a minute, you forgot
your tip."

Kathy unwrapped all the food and we ate in bed.

We all took a shower and got dressed to leave. Kathy and Jamie wore the same
outfits as last night as we forgot the second bag that had their cloths in
it. They look fucking hot.


I went into the lobby to pay for Jim's room and the manager said, "You guys
were out of this world last night." At first I thought maybe he saw me and
Kathy fucking then it sunk in that he was talking about the show. I said,
"Thank you."

The manager went on, "There's no charge to any of you. Also, I added and
extra one thousand to your fee. We made more money last night in drinks than
any other night before. I you ever want to play here again, please call me",
and he handed me his card.

I shook his hand and thanked him again and went back to the room. We finished
packing and went outside. Jim was already waiting for us with the limo. Gary
was coming back with us, as he drove up with Kurt. Kurt and Mike left after
we played our first song.

Kathy, Jamie and Gary got in as I handed everyone their coffee. I said,
"take us home Jim", and then I got in.

Jim was driving us out of the parking lot and put down the partition. He
said, "I just wanted to tell you that I saw the show last night. You are the
best band I have ever seen. That one song you played made we cry. It was so

Kathy said, "Thank you so much", and Jim nodded and shut the partition.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the manager's card. I said, "He
really liked us and said to call him for another booking. He didn't charge me
for Jim's room and gave us an extra thousand for the night."

Jamie said, "We were that good?"

Gary, Kathy and I looked at each other nodding our heads and Gary said, "You
were so good when you fucked me until my balls..:" Jamie put her hand over
Gary's mouth and said, "Never fuck and tell honey", and kissed him.

We all lit up cigarettes and were drinking our coffee. Jamie and Gary were
staring into each other's eyes and kissing. Kathy whispered in my ear as she
saw me watching, "I told you they were falling in love."

I was so tired and so was Kathy. We had our heads leaning against one another
looking out the window talking. Jamie said, "Did you two sleep at all last
night?" Kathy and I looked at each other and Kathy said with a smile, "We're
both too tired to remember."

Jamie said, "Get some sleep, we have a long ride."

Kathy and I leaned back into the seat and cuddled up to each other and fell
asleep. It seemed like only a minute went by when Jim was knocking on the
glass partition. I opened my eyes as everyone was out cold and we were about
5 minutes from the house. I woke up Kathy by gently licking her pussy. She
woke up with a smile from ear to ear. I did the same to Jamie who rubbed
Gary's cock to get him up.

Gary and Jamie were still stretching when we pulled into the driveway. Jim
stopped the car and let us out. I gave him another large tip and we went into
the house.

Kathy wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big kiss and she said, "Baby,
how about if we just go to your bed and sleep. We have been fucking for over
8 days and I am so tired I can't see straight."

I said, "Kathy you were reading my mind again."

Jamie said, "You two go to be bed. Gary and I want to talk a bit and then
I'll take him home. I'll serve you guys dinner in bed in a couple of hours."

Kathy smiled hugging me saying, "only if you play airplane like we did in the

We both said a tired goodbye to Gary and walked upstairs. Kathy and I got
undressed and got under the covers cuddling up. We fell asleep as soon as our
heads hit the pillow.

I was awakened by Jamie sucking my cock with Kathy hugging me. Jamie said,
"Wake up baby. I thought I would return the favor."

It was 8 pm and I was still exhausted. Kathy was sitting up and helped me
learn against the headboard. Jamie lit us each a cigarette and said, "Would
you like to eat before you fuck?"

Kathy was blowing her smoke out and smiled saying, "depends on what's for

Jamie said, "I made you Prime ribs, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and a

Kathy and I looked at each other and she said, "We'll eat first, then fuck."

Jamie left to go get the dinner. Kathy and I laid back and smoked, and
started into each other's eyes. She was holding her hand on the side of my
face saying, "Ken, this feels like a dream. So many good things have happened
and I am so in love with you baby. I want to be your wife forever."

Kathy was kissing me when Jamie walked in and said, "Hey! You said dinner
first - remember! Now sit up and behave, or Jamie will have to punish both of
you! As a matter of fact, I think Jamie should punish you after you eat!"

Kathy turned her head to me, licked my ear and said, "I can't wait."

Jamie pulled back the bed sheet and set a folding dinner tray on the bed. She
cut the food and really was feeding us like we were little kids. She played
airplane for Kathy and Kathy was laughing so hard Jamie dropped the mash
potatoes from her fork onto Kathy's tits. Jamie licked it all up and told me
I was being punished and couldn't touch it.

We finished the dinner and Jamie wiped us with a napkin and took the tray and
put it on my desk. She took out cigarettes and lit one for each of us. Jamie
sat down leaning on Kathy and me and took a deep drag. I said "Sis. I think
you and Gary look great together." Kathy added, "I saw the two of you
staring into each other's eyes. Jamie, it was sexy."

Jamie took another drag of her cigarette and while blowing out the smoke
said, "I think I am really in love with Gary. I can't stop thinking about
him. We are so much alike, the way we think, what we do, our hobbies and
especially music. Did you know that he was offered a teaching assistant job
at Julliard next semester? We made love with such intensity last night. It
was different than anything I have ever felt before."

Kathy kissed me and said, "Told you so".

I said to Jamie, "I'm really happy for you sis. Now what was that punishment
you had in mind for us?"

Jamie said, "Relax for a minute. We'll get to that next."

Kathy took a deep drag of her cigarette and blew the smoke out. She put her
hand on my soft cock and started rubbing. Jamie slapped her hand, moved it
away and said, "The punishment is starting now."

Kathy and I took a drag and blew out the smoke as Jamie went into the hallway
to pick up something. Jamie brought in a blindfold and some soft rope. She
said, "Kathy you're first. "

Jamie made Kathy get on the bed on all fours. She put the blindfold over
Kathy's eyes and tied a loose loop over the headboard and Kathy's hands. She
said, "Kathy, I am now Mistress Jamie. If you move at all, you will be
spanked. If you call me anything but Mistress Jamie, you will be spanked. You
will remain tied up until you have cum."

Jamie reached under Kathy's pussy and put her hand in and started to finger
her. Kathy moaned and lifted her head a little. Jamie pulled her finger out
and smacked Kathy hard on the ass. Kathy said "That fucking hurt! Not so
hard!" Jamie hit Kathy again softer and said, "You failed to call me Mistress

Jamie continued licking Kathy pussy. Kathy moaned again and was grinding her
ass. Jamie reached up and spanked Kathy. Kathy got spanked about 30 times in
the next 15 minutes until her cheeks were bright red. Jamie was rubbing
Kathy's clit and Kathy orgasmed. Jamie untied Kathy and said, "Your next
little brother."

Kathy kissed me hard and said, "I hate this game. I don't think I can even

Jamie tied me up the same and I had the same rules. I only moved once and
Jamie belted me across my ass. Jamie jerked me off and then sucked me until I
came in her mouth. I got up and Kathy was laughing, as there was a huge black
and blue handprint on my ass. I said, "Oh Mistress Jamie? Look what you
fucking did to me", and pointed to my ass.

Jamie started crying and bent down to kiss it. She said, "I'm so sorry. I was
reading this article about S&M and thought this would be fun to try. I hated
it, and I'm so sorry that I hurt you and Kathy. Please forgive me."

Kathy said, "Jamie, you've been bad and need to be punished. Get on the bed
on all fours like you made us do."

Jamie got on the bed as Kathy winked at me. Kathy said, "Mistress Jamie, Ken
and are going to make you cum until you can't take any more. We are going to
fuck you, eat you, and put something in every one of your holes all night
long. You will love it and say thank you."

Jamie lifted up her head and said, "So what's my punishment?"

Kathy and I both smiled. Kathy sat in a 69 position with Jamie and they were
licking each other's pussy. Kathy was rubbing my cock to get me hard again
and told me to fuck Jamie's ass.

I pulled apart Jamie's ass checks and spit on her butt hole and my cock. I
slowly pushed it in until the head was behind her muscles. I started fucking
her faster as Kathy was licking her pussy. Kathy moved off of Jamie and
pulled 2 vibrators out of her suitcase on the floor. She told me to pull out
and put the vibrator into Jamie's ass. I wet the vibrator and started fucking
Jamie with it. Kathy had me deep throat the other vibrator and put it in
Jamie's pussy. We both fucked Jamie together using the vibrators. When I
pushed in, Kathy pulled out. We did this so fast I thought Jamie was going to
jump off the bed when she came. Jamie was screaming, "Oooh, oooh, Don't
stop. Please don't stop."

Kathy and I kept going until our arms got tired. Jamie was almost comatose
and Kathy said, "Stop baby. She had more than enough".

When we pulled the vibrators out, Jamie lifted her head and then dropped to
the bed and fell fast asleep. Kathy and I moved her over a little and then
got on the bed. We turned out all the lights except the night sex lights and
laid our heads back together on a pillow. Kathy put a cigarette in her lips
and one in mine. She handed me the lighter and I lit them up. We both took a
deep drag and Kathy said while blowing out the smoke, "Jamie's punishment was
sure a lot better than ours. My ass still hurts." I said, "Tell me about it."

Kathy took a deep drag and so did I. We blew out the smoke and Kathy was
moving her leg over mine and rubbing my hard cock. Kathy was scissoring me
and had my cock now inside of her dripping wet pussy. We both took another
drag and I reached over and put both cigarettes out in the ashtray. Kathy and
I kissed. We were kissing softly and then hard exploring each other's mouth
with our tongues. She started to fuck me and I was pushing in and out of her.
I was still hot from fucking Jamie and knew I couldn't last long.

Kathy said, "I know you're hot baby. Cum in me and keep going."

I kept fucking Kathy faster as she was licking my ear and sucking on my neck.
I whispered, "it's cumming baby", and shot into her pussy. I jerked and Kathy
moaned and she spasmed. Kathy was now bucking me hard. I kept fucking her and
my cock came back to life and was hard again in less than a few minutes.
Kathy can definitely work magic with me.

Kathy started to slow down a little and she shuffled around until we were on
our sides and my cock was fucking Kathy with my leg wrapped around her. I was
licking her nipples and caressing her body. She was rubbing the side of my
face and my neck, and we were both feeling such closeness. Kathy was moaning,
"I going to cum baby, shoot into me again."

I speed up my strokes and we both came at the same time. I shot and then we
both jerked in unison. Kathy moaned loud and we felt like we were floating in
each other's arms. We kissed for a long time and fell asleep like this.

... 5am ...

Jamie woke Kathy and me up by licking my ear and pinching Kathy's nipple.
When Kathy and I opened our eyes Jamie said, "Mistress Jamie's punishment
isn't over yet."

Kathy started rocking her hips and pussy onto my still hard cock. Kathy said
to Jamie, "honey I want to keep Ken inside of me. I feels so good. Sit on my
face baby and I `ll lick you."

Kathy and I moved a little and Jamie sat over Kathy's open mouth. Kathy was
licking Jamie's slit and then there clit. Kathy sucked in all of Jamie's
pussy as Jamie was grinding down on her. Kathy and I kept fucking as I was
squeezing Jamie's tits and rubbing her nipples. Jamie was cumming and spasmed
into Kathy's mouth. Jamie was moaning, "Kathy honey keep licking me there,
just like that baby. Oooh, mmmmm, suck out all of those pussy juices honey".

Jamie slowly was moving her pussy into Kathy's mouth and then Jamie slid off
and was spooning me. Kathy and I shifted back and Kathy spit Jamie's juices
into my mouth. We kissed and swallowed it. I was fucking Kathy faster and
harder as she was pushing back into me. Kathy was moaning, "fuck me faster
Ken, fuck me faster, yeah baby, that's it".

Kathy and I were into a rhythm that lasted a long time while we kissed. She
had her arms around my neck from the side and kept pulling me closer to her.
Kathy was cumming and moaned loud, "cum in me now, do it now baby. I want you
to shoot in me."

I kept fucking Kathy as she was moaning softly and had a series of orgasms.
Each time she was holding me tighter. I was feeling myself cum and shot into
Kathy as we both total lost control of ourselves. I shot 8 times. Our bodies
jerked and we kissed. We felt like we were part of each other. We fell asleep
like this.

... 8 am ...

Kathy woke me up kissing me hard and was fucking me fast. She was on top of
me and learning over. Kathy put her face to my ear and said, "wake up baby.
Wake up. I've been fucking you in your sleep. Wake up and cum in me."

I opened my eyes and starting shooting into Kathy. I shot my load and then
Kathy slowed down and kissed me softly. We held each other tight and she
said, "Hold on baby. I'm going to roll us over."

Kathy was now on her back and was still inside of her getting soft. She said,
"It's time for the breakfast of champions, share it with me."

I pulled out and sucked my cum from Kathy's pussy until my mouth was full. I
opened my mouth up for her to see and I shut it, but didn't swallow. Kathy
said, "No Ken don't. No baby please share it with me."

I open my mouth again and kissed her open lips. We explored each other's
mouth with our tongues and swallowed all of my cum together. We laid on each
other and I said, "Kathy last night when we both came together after Jamie
got off of you, what did you dream about?"

Kathy lit a cigarette and took a deep drag. She took another drag and said
while exhaling, "I felt that you were going to ask me that. We were both in a
grass field in the back of a huge house on a big mountain. There were three
kids, two boys and a girl playing by the swings and we were kissing and
holding each other."

"And Kathy, what color was the house."

"It was a big white house".

"And what name was on the mailbox?"

A tear was running down Kathy's face and she turned to me saying, "It's our
name and those must be our children. Ken, how can this be happening to us?"

I said, "I don't know, but let's not fight it."

Kathy and I kissed again for 20 minutes. We went straight into the shower. I
had to pee and Kathy "said, piss on my pussy baby while I go." We were both
went standing up kissing, and the shower washed away all of it. We got out of
the shower, brushed our teeth and Kathy helped me shave. She put my saving
foam on and shaved me with my razor. She didn't trust herself around my neck
so I did that. We walked to the kitchen and Jamie had made us breakfast.

We all ate and felt so much better after a long sleep. Jamie apologized twice
for being Mistress Jamie when she saw that both of our asses were really red.
We made her kiss each of our cheeks and apologize to our asses.

Kathy, Jamie and I lit cigarettes and they were each sitting on one of my
knees while were talking about the recording session for this weekend.

Kathy and Jamie were rubbing my cock when, in walked my mother and father who
sat down naked across from us at the kitchen table. Jamie looked like a deer
that was caught in the headlights of truck just before it gets run over.
Kathy was crying on my shoulder trying to cover herself up. I just figured
they were going to shoot me.

My father said, "Ken, Jamie and Kathy- Your mother and I need to talk to you.
Kathy dear, please stop crying. We are not mad or angry with you at all.
Please stop crying and sit up and look at us. Please don't be ashamed of your
body or be embarrassed."

He continued, "Your mother and I are here because the security company called
us. There are hidden cameras everywhere in this house, put here when we had
the system installed 3 years ago. We were not trying to spy on you. These
cameras were only installed so that if someone broke in, a videotape would be
recorded. They work based on sound and motion after a break in has occurred.
Apparently your party, or Faith, set the cameras off 2 weeks ago without
entering the correct combination. I told the security company to edit the
dead space out of the tapes and we would be there to watch it."

My father continued, "We saw everything. I apologize profusely for spying on
you like this, but that was not our intent. Your mother and I have been
looking for a way to talk to both of you for over a year now. We have a very
liberal sexual life style, but have hid that from you, as you were growing
up. We both thought that you should choose for yourself your sexual
preferences and morality. If you want me to disconnect the cameras, I will do
it, no questions asked. But please don't hate us for watching the tapes. Your
mother and I watched them over the past 2 days at the security company's
office, alone. I have to say that were very excited by watching you."

My Father continued, "What we saw in these tapes, is that Kathy and Ken, you
are sole mates. You have something together that most people can search there
whole lifetime for, and never find. Your mother and I found it. We were
fortunate. You are both two pees in a pod from a foreign garden. Kathy, we
love you and want you to be part of our family. I would love for you to move
in here with us and live with Ken. After all, you to are going to living
together at college next year. I took the liberty of discussing this with
your father. Not the tapes, just you living her. He thought it was a good
idea. I also feel bad, but good at the same time, seeing your private
affairs, and Kathy I want you to have something. I don't drive much anymore,
as I use a limo. Meg uses the Porsche. There is car that I'd like you to

My Mother interrupts "Dave, you didn't tell her which one. Kathy, it's the
450 SL Mercedes convertible. I hope you like it. It's a year old."

My mother handed Kathy the keys and Kathy was crying again.

My father continued as Kathy was holding me and kissing my cheek, "Jamie, you
and Ken have been engaging in sex together since you were 13. It was easy to
spot as you were always asking me, or your mother, when you could baby sit
for Ken again, when he was 12 years old. Not to mention that most of the time
you left your door open. Your mother and I didn't stop you. We wanted both
of you to explore your sexuality and we both felt that things would work
themselves out if left up to each of you. I can see that you have a
fantastic relationship and I don't want you to change anything because of me
or your mother."

He continued, "I know that all of you are bi-sexual. So am I, and so is your
mother. Feel free to have sex as you wish, and carry on around the house
naked if you want to. Your mother and I don't like wearing cloths inside, but
we have been doing so, because of you. Also, if any of you want to have sex
with either of us it's completely OK. We may not be in the mood at that
minute, but please don't be offended or upset. We welcome the closeness and

My father stopped for a minute and we each took a drag of our cigarettes and
Mom lit one up also. My mother and father are in great shape. Both are 42 and
my mother looks about 35.

Kathy said, "Does this mean Dr. Blackwood that I can touch Ken's private
parts and have intercourse with him right now, in front of you?"

My father replied smiling, "Kathy. First off, call me Dave or Dad which ever
you feel most comfortable with. Second don't change the way you talk because
of me or Meg."

Kathy said "Then Dave, I can rub Ken's cock and let him fuck me right now?"

My father laughed and said, "That's better, and yes you can."

Kathy didn't say anything. She moved Jamie over, straddled my hard cock and
sat back so everyone could see her. Kathy kissed me and held me tight. Jamie
got up, and my father motioned for her to sit on his lap.

My Mother said, "Kathy, You can call me Meg or Mom. Do you want to move in
with us?"

Kathy said, "I would love to."

Kathy started to move on me and mother said, "Dave why don't we sit next to
Ken and Kathy, Jamie you can join us too."

Kathy and I were fucking like crazy. She was so hot and I was sliding my cock
into her. All I could think about was being together with her. We kissed and
caressed each other. It was actually such a turn on with my parents watching.
Kathy was fucking me faster as we both saw my mother get on my father's cock
and Jamie licking my mother's nipples while my mother was fingering her.

Kathy was grinding on my cock and bouncing. Kathy moaned in my ear, "I love
you so much, cum inside of me now baby, cum in me".

Kathy and I got into a rhythm and I fucked her for at least 20 minutes. As I
was getting ready to cum, my father came into my mother and Jamie had an
orgasm fingering herself. I said to Kathy, "I cumming now" and shot into
Kathy's pussy. Kathy orgasmed on my first shot and we spasmed together as I
shot 6 more times. Kathy was kissing me and we licked each other's tongues.
Kathy said in my ear, "I am so happy baby."

Kathy sat back with me still inside of her and lit a cigarette. Everyone else
lit up also. I said, "There are a bunch of things that we need to tell you

I told them about the band gig, record contract, and recording a demo. I
said, "Kathy and I are so much the same and are so much in love. We have had
experiences where we seem to share a common mind for a few seconds or

"Dad, I asked Kathy to marry me last night in one of those experiences, and
she said yes. We did it using words to a new song we wrote. We are not
getting married right now, but it was a commitment from each of us to love
the other forever. We also saw a vision of us together in the future."

My mother said, "I'm so happy for you. You two can get married tomorrow or
ten years from now - as long as you're together. That's what counts. Your
father and I have had those same experiences sharing thoughts. It doesn't
happen often, but when it does it's like a miracle. We use to get visions of
us together, or one of us would help the other with understanding difficult
surgical procedures. They always happen when we both orgasmed at the same
time. Dave and I had this happen a number of times when we were in med school
together. Ken, it means you met you sole mate. Embrace it."

Kathy was still on my cock, which was semi-hard. Kathy smiled and said,
"Jamie, want any warm breakfast?"

Jamie came over and kissed Kathy on the lips. Kathy got off of me and sat in
the chair next to me while Jamie got on the floor. Jamie spread Kathy's legs
and licked her pussy and swallowed all of my cum. My father said, "Meg,
Jamie is so much like you it's amazing."

Kathy was cumming as Jamie was licking her pussy. I leaned over and Kathy was
kissing me and then she kissed Jamie again, when Jamie finished.

Kathy said to me, "Ok, room mate, lets go get my stuff from my parents

My father said, "Kathy, drive the Benz and make sure you like it. If you do,
leave your car at your parent's house and I'll register the Benz in your name
and give you the title tomorrow. Oh, one more thing - you looked so fucking
sexy the way you dressed to go to the track."

My mother laughed and said, "You got that right Dave."

Kathy and I went upstairs and changed. We went to the garage and took the car
cover off the Benz and she started it up. I drove her Toyota something.

Kathy looked hot. She had the top down, her hair up and sunglasses on with a
halter top. This car was just a natural for her looks. Kathy a lit a
cigarette when she backed out and tossed one through the Toyota window for me
to light.

I followed her to her parent's house.


Kathy was driving like a maniac and we made it to her parent's house in 6
minutes, which is over 9 miles away. I pulled her car into the driveway first
and she parked behind me and got out. She ran up to me and hugged me, and
said, "What a fucking car!"

We went inside and her father shook my hand. We sat and talked for a while as
Kathy got her stuff together. Her father is a fairly well known movie
producer that also does his own sound for films. He has had Kathy do sound
production and editing work since she was about 8 years old. I told him about
the band gig and the recording contract. He said he wanted to hear the
material because he's doing a new TV series and would like to use the songs
if they fit the plot. He even said that we could get a cameo playing on stage
at a bar in the TV series.

I thanked him and he said, "Ken, I need to thank you. Kathy and you are some
much alike and she is so totally in love with you. We have seen a different
person here since you too met. What ever you're doing, keep doing it. She
has never been happier."

Kathy called me and I went to her in Val's room. Val gave me a french kiss
and said "I'm going to give you an early wedding present Ken by sucking and
eating your cum baby."

Kathy said "I told Val about the Gig, recording contract, and..", Kathy
kissed me and continued, "that you asked me to marry you, and that I said

Kathy kissed me again and Val shut and locked the door. Val was undressing
Kathy and me while we kissed and then she took off all of her cloths. Val put
her arms around us and we all laid down on her bed. While Kathy and I were
kissing Val laid between my legs and was sucking my cock hard. Val was deep
throating me and then rubbing me with both hands. Kathy was whispering in my
ear, "Shoot in Val's mouth baby, she just wanted to suck you off".

Kathy was rubbing my chest and was watching Val give me a great blowjob. Val
was licking down one side and up the other. She had one hand massaging my
balls and then was deep throating me. She was fucking my cock with her face
as I was leaning back and watching the show. Kathy kissed me again and said,
"Shoot in her now baby."

Kathy bent over and sucked me in her mouth a couple of times and then started
to jerk me off while Val put her mouth on the tip of my cock. I shot my load
and Val held it all in her mouth.

Val and Kathy lay down next to me and they kissed with my cum in their mouth.
They each kissed me, and we all gave it back to Val, who swallowed all of it.

Val dressed us all, just as she undressed us. She kissed me and Kathy and
said, "Love him forever - call me sis".

Kathy went upstairs to say goodbye to her mother. We loaded all of Kathy's
cloths into the trunk and rear area of the Benz and Kathy and I got in the

We both lit up a cigarette and she drove the Benz like a lunatic. I yelled
into her ear while she was doing about 105 with the top down, "Kathy, I want
to live long enough to sign the record contract". She kept in under 80 the
rest of the way back.

We got back to the house and Kathy pulled into the garage and turned to me
with a big smile and said "Wow."

We unloaded all her stuff and I gave her the unused closet in my room. It
took us 20 minutes to load it, and 2 hours to unload it, as she looked
through everything as she was putting it away. She also modeled all the sexy
ones for me. I gave her thumbs up or down. There were only two thumbs down
and she threw them out.

Kathy was so excited about everything. My mother came upstairs into our room
and said, "Dave's cooking - don't worry he's using the grill. Come down and
join us outside."

Kathy said, "Dave isn't allowed to cook either? What is this genetic?"

I laughed and said, "My father is worse than I am in the kitchen. At least I
haven't started the house on fire."

Kathy and I took off our cloths and went out back to the patio.

My father was cooking stuff on the grill and Jamie was in the pool. I dove in
and swam over to her and said, "So did you almost shit on me when Mom and Dad
sat down with us."

Jamie whispered in my ear, "I though you and I would be banished or tortured
to death."

Kathy popped her head out of the water and kissed Jamie on the lips and said,
"so how fucking awesome is this? Did you like licking me in front of your

Jamie kissed Kathy back and the two were leaning against the sidewall of the
pool getting into it. My father called, "it's ready", and Kathy and Jamie
walked over to me and said, "after we eat we are going to have a surprise."

We all sat down and ate. My father is a terrific cook, as long as he doesn't
torch the place. My mother and Kathy were discussing college plans when my
father interrupted, "so Kathy - how'd you like the car?"

Kathy went on about the automatic 5-speed over-drive, corner stability
handling, and torque, just about everything automotive. My father found a
friend for life, as he is an absolute car junkie. Kathy helped her father
work on his collection of Ferrari's since she could turn a wrench. She was
explaining to my father why fuel injection systems and far superior to
carburetion even though horsepower ratings are lower. Then she went into
details of how to rebuild a top end using valve shims and porting and
polishing. My father put his hand on mine and said, "Ken, she is definitely
a keeper. If you ever leave her, then I know you are truly fucking out of
your mind. I want to show Kathy the 917K race Porsche we got at auction
later. Maybe she has some ideas on how to fabricate the turbo housings so we
get it back on the track for September's vintage event."


Kathy and Jamie sat on either side of me and were both rubbing my cock. Kathy
whispered in my ear, "we want you to join us and fuck your mother and

I said, "We've come this far, what not?"

My Mom (Meg) and Dad (Dave) were sitting by the pool and Kathy, Jamie and I
sat next to them. Jamie made the first move and kissed Dave on the lips. They
were french kissing while Meg watched. I went to Meg with Kathy and I kissed
her, then Kathy, then Kathy kissed Meg. Kathy and I were sucking Meg's breast
and I moved down to lick her pussy. Meg loved every minute of it and said to
me, "fuck me Ken, and Kathy sit on my mouth honey."

Meg laid down and I got between her legs kneeling. I slowly pushed my cock
into her and started to fuck her all the way in and then all the way out. I
was going slowly as Kathy sat over Meg's mouth. Meg pulled Kathy's pussy to
her mouth and was giving Kathy a terrific licking. Meg sucked her, licked
Kathy's slit, and then was nibbling on her clit. Kathy was moaning and
leaning forward to me. Kathy said, "Fuck your mother baby, I want to watch it
go into her pussy and make her cum."

I was pushing my cock into my mother's pussy faster and was felling good. She
was sending Kathy over the edge and Kathy was moaning loudly. I kept on
moving in and out.

Dave and Jamie came over behind me and Jamie pulled me out from Meg. Jamie
laid down and started sucking Meg's pussy. Dave put his arm around me and
said, "Ken, are you ready for this."

Dave and I lay down and sucked each other's cocks. Kathy was moaning, "Oooh
yeah Meg, lick me there more, mmmmm, Ken baby let me watch you suck your
father's cock."

I was fucking Dave's cock with my face and he was sucking me. I rubbed his
shaft and then deep throated him. I put a finger in his butt hole and was
messaging him while I sucked him up and down using my tongue to lick as I
moved. I used my hand to rub him fast while my mouth was at the tip before I
swallowed him again.

Dave was sucking on me hard and then was jerking me off between each suck. I
started doing the same to him. We were both getting close to cumming. Kathy
got off Megs mouth and sat next to me. She took Dave's cock into her mouth
and sucked it while I rubbed. Then I put my mouth back over his cock, as
Kathy was jerking him off. Dave jerked and shot into me. I keep all of his
cum in my mouth and Kathy whispered in my ear, "Swallow it baby." I
swallowed and started shooting into Dave's mouth. He swallowed all of it

Kathy kissed me hard and was exploring my mouth with her tongue. She said, "I
need you to fuck me baby. I want you in my ass". Kathy bent over on all
fours and I bent over her from the rear. I spit on my fingers and opened her
ass and then slide my still mostly hard cock into her butt hole. I was
fucking her in rhythm to her pushing back on me. As Kathy rocked backward, I
pushed forward. Kathy was moaning, "Ken honey fuck my ass, put your hand into
my pussy baby. Keep going baby, fuck me faster."

I turned up the volume and fucked Kathy faster and harder. She was bouncing
and orgasmed twice. I was getting close to cumming again and Kathy said, "I
need you in my pussy now."

Kathy got up and laid me down and sat on my cock. She leaned forward and
said, "cum in me now baby."

Dave was standing over Kathy and I jerked him off onto Kathy's tits. Kathy
was rocking on me and I tried to hold back cumming. Kathy held each of her
breasts to her mouth and was licking Dave's cum off where she could reach.
She pushed her tits into my mouth where she couldn't lick it and I sucked the
cum into my mouth. Kathy was fucking me faster and learned all the way over
on me with her arms around my neck. She whispered in my ear, "baby I want you
to cum in me now, I going to cum any second, mmmmm Oooh"

Kathy started to jerk and I shot at the same time. We both spasmed and held
each other uncontrollably shaking for a few seconds. Kathy kissed me hard and
we were lip locked. She rolled us onto our sides and we just laid their
kissing in love - for a long time. We moved into a 69 position on our sides
and she sucked me hard again. I licked her pussy and sucked out all my cum
and swallowed it. Kathy sat on my cock again and pushed me into her until I
was fully buried.

We looked around and everyone else had gone inside. Kathy lit a cigarette,
wrapped her legs around me and said, "lets go sit in the water baby."

I picked up Kathy with her legs wrapped around me, walked into the shallow
end, and sat down with my cock still inside of her. Kathy took a drag of her
cigarette and blew the smoke out into the wind. She put the cigarette in my
lips and I did the same. Kathy took another drag as Jamie walked into the
water and sat next to us.

Jamie said, "That was kind of weird, wasn't it?"

Kathy and I looked at each other and both together said "yeah."

Jamie said, "I not sure about doing stuff with my parents. I love them but I
can't get off. I think I'm too much in love with Gary."

Jamie kissed me and then Kathy on the lips. She took a drag of Kathy's
cigarette and then put it in my lips and I took a drag. Jamie put the
cigarette in Kathy's lips and Jamie said, "When I'm with you and Kathy, I
fell great and love both of you. If Gary is there or not, it's so wonderful.
I know how you both feel about each other and I understand your wanting to be
together all the time. I really wish Gary could be here with me today."

Kathy tossed the cigarette butt onto the patio and Jamie lit one up. Jamie
blew out the smoke and said, "can I sleep with you tonight and just cuddle
with you while you make love? Ken, you and Kathy can fuck me if you want,
but I need to be with you. It was so nice in the hotel last night, the four
of us in one bed. When I was in the kitchen sitting with Mom and I was
fingering myself watching you two make love, all I was thinking about was
having Gary in me while we were watching you make love last night."

Jamie took a drag of her cigarette and handed it to Kathy. Kathy took a deep
drag and said, "Jamie I feel the same way baby. All I want to do is be with
Ken. Just like now".

Kathy kissed me and rocked back and forth on my cock. She continued, "I am so
hopelessly in love with him. I loved being with you and Gary last night.
Jamie, that was so hot last night when Ken and I sucked off Gary, and you and
Gary sucked off Ken. I love making love to you Jamie, as only a woman can do
with another woman. But I like it more when I'm with Ken and I know he's
watching us."

Kathy took another drag of the cigarette and handed it back to Jamie. Jamie
gave Kathy a long sensuous kiss. Kathy was rocking slowly back and forward on
my cock and kissed me. She put her arm around Jamie and we all three kissed
passionately, one after the other. Kathy said, "Jamie, can you kiss my
nipples baby. I would really like that."

Jamie learned forward and was kissing Kathy's nipples. Licking, sucking and
then kissing as Kathy held each breast for her. I was still fucking Kathy,
watching this sexy love making between Kathy and Jamie. Kathy sat back on me
and said, "now let me do it to you baby."

Jamie held each breast up for Kathy to kiss, lick and then suck. Kathy was
doing it very slowly and caressing each one while Jamie was moaning softly. I
reached over to Jamie and cupped her pussy with my hand and was rubbing her
clit. Jamie moved over closer to me and said, "it feels so good from both of
you, please don't stop."

We got out of the pool and laid down by the shallow end. I kept fucking Kathy
while we both caressed Jamie and she did it to us also. Jamie came twice from
Kathy kissing her nipples. It was so hot watching Jamie and Kathy kissing
each other, and both having an orgasm. I was close to cumming and I said,
"Kathy honey".

Kathy said, "Cum in me now baby. I want it now. I want us to cum together,
cum now". I started to shoot and Kathy had another deep orgasm. I shot 5
times and Kathy and I lost control again. It was the most unbelievable
feeling. I can't explain it. Jamie held both of us and kissed us while we
were kissing each other. Kathy was breathing in my ear and nibbling on my ear
lobe. She licked my neck and then whispered, "Ken when we just had that
happen again, what did you see?"

I said "You and Jamie"

"And what else baby"


"And what else?"

"We were at a wedding".

"And whose names were on the place holders?"

Kathy smiled and kissed me and Jamie said, "Whose names, come on tell me,
whose names?"

Kathy smiled again and said, "Should we tell her?"

I said, "later tonight. She needs to give me a back rub first. Did I ever
tell you that Jamie gives the best back and foot message of anyone on the

Jamie said, "OK Ken, if I give you and Kathy the back and foot message, then
will you tell me?"

Kathy and I both nodded our heads yes.


Jamie got us up and went into my bedroom saying, "who's first?"

Kathy pushed me onto the bed and I lay face down. Jamie sat on my ass and
Kathy sat next to her. Jamie really does give the most incredible back
massage. Jamie was rubbing my back and neck. She was explaining to Kathy how
to do it, and where the pressure points are. She had Kathy take over and I
was in heaven. We switched after about 20 minutes.

Kathy laid down and Jamie sat on her ass and I was next to her. Jamie showed
me exactly what to do and Kathy was groaning when I was rubbing her back and
neck. We switched again after 20 minutes.

Jamie had me lay down on my back while she sat on bed. I put my feet on
Jamie's lap as she massaged each foot. She showed Kathy about pressure
points and how to eliminate stress and muscle pains. Kathy did it for a while
and it was so sensual.

We switched and it was my turn to learn how to do it to Kathy. I tried all
the pressure points and at one time, I actually put Kathy to sleep by certain
touches and movement of her foot. Kathy and I felt great. I told Jamie it
was her turn and to lay on her back. Kathy and I both did the massage. Jamie
was eating it up. Then we each did one of Jamie's feet. When we finished
Jamie said, "Well?"

Kathy and I played dumb and finally I said, "Jamie, the invitation said you
are invited to a celebrate the joint weddings of Kathy McDonald to Ken
Blackwood, and Jamie Blackwood to Gary Cousin."

Jamie screamed and then she calmed down and said, "Could you tell when?"

Kathy was busting her chops and said, "how old are you when you get grey, but
before you are really badly wrinkled?"

Jamie had a frown and I said, "we really can't tell. It was like Mom
described in the kitchen. We get a couple second snap shot in our heads of
something. We don't even know if they are things we want to happen or will

Kathy said, "Baby, if that's what you want, you can make it happen. Look at
what we did with that gig. We made that happen by ourselves. If Gary is the
right one, it will happen."

Kathy said, "We need to get out of here and do smoothing. How about we go
take the horses for a run?"

Jamie and I both agreed. We all got dressed and Kathy called the stables to
get 3 horses ready. We were walking to the garage when Kathy said, "I forget
something. Pull the car out Ken, I'll be right back baby".


Kathy was planning something, I could tell. She went back upstairs and called
Jen. (Jen is one of the 15 year old kids that we caught getting fucked in the
barn last week).
"Hi, may I please speak with Jen please. This is her friend Kathy."
"Hi, Jen this is Kathy from last week at the barn. Remember me baby?"
"Sounds wonderful honey. If your not busy this afternoon, can you do me a

Kathy hopped into the 4x4 and sat with Jamie in the front seat. We all
squeezed together as I drove to the stables. Jamie was showing us all more
about massage pressure points for each part of your body. She was
demonstrating on Kathy while I was driving. I had such a raging hard on
watching the two of them. Each time Jamie would show us something she spoke
about, Kathy would moan and half close her eyes.

I pulled into the stable and had to think of terrible things to get my cock
to go soft again.

We got out and Joe was in the ring. We walked over and I yelled to him "Hi
Joe - We're going out for a while."

Joe yelled back, "your horses are all set", as he pointed to the far side of
the ring by us.

Jamie, Kathy and I got on our horses and Kathy said, "let's go back to that
barn again. I want to show Jamie".

Kathy walked her horse around next to me and leaned over to kiss me. She
whispered in my ear, "I have a surprise. Just pretend you don't know what's
going on." Kathy smiled and winked.

Kathy said to Jamie, "Race you there."

The two of them took off at a full gallop. It took me over a minute to catch
up. We rode the horses hard for a few minutes and then Kathy slowed up. We
walked them for the last mile to allow them to cool down. We got to the place
we tired up the horses last time and we all got off. Jamie tied the reins to
a tree limb.

Kathy said, "Jamie, it's across the field", and pointed for her to see it.

Kathy lit a cigarette and gave it to Jamie. Then she lit one for herself and
me. We took the 10 minute walk through the high grass and to the barn again.
Kathy joked, "I wonder if there's anyone in here fucking, like last time".

We walked in and it was deserted. Kathy said, "too bad. Let's sit her for

Kathy was explaining to Jamie what exactly happened and where we were
sitting. We all took off our cloths and were caressing each other. Jamie
rubbed my cock into being hard again and kissed me. She said, "I want to put
you inside of Kathy". Jamie positioned us both and Kathy sat on my lap in her
favorite position, and started rocking with my cock in her pussy. Jamie was
kissing Kathy and me, very gently.

We were lost into each other when we heard, "What are you doing?"

We all looked up and about 6 feet from us stood Jen with Tom behind her. Tom
is Jen's 15 year old boyfriend. This definitely didn't look like the cute
almost 15 year Jen I remember. This was a sexpot. She had on a short skirt,
no underwear, and a see though blouse with no bra, and heels.

Jen had cigarette lit and took a drag and blew out the smoke saying, "You"
and pointed to Jamie. "Yes you! I recognize you. You're Mistress Jamie. I
saw a picture of you in this month's S&M hardcore magazine. Get over here
and kneel down in front of my pussy bitch!"

Jen moved forward a little and Jen took another drag of cigarette and said,
"just in case you decide not too, Tom, show her what will happen."

Tom had an 18 inch machete and swung it into a wood post and it stuck there.

Jamie moved right next to Jen on her knees. I started giggling even though
Kathy was still sitting with my cock buried in her. She smiled and whispered
in my ear, "ssssh baby. You'll ruin it for her."

Jen put her cigarette in her lips and left it there while she lifted up her
short skirt exposing her pussy. She put one leg over Jamie's shoulder and
pushed her pussy into Jamie's mouth. Jen took another drag of her cigarette
and while exhaling said, "Mistress Jamie, you have been very bad, and you
must be punished. Now lick my pussy. Lick me until I cum into your mouth and
then kiss me and thank me you letting you do this."

Jen was getting into the role as Jamie was licking Jen's pussy. Kathy was
getting hot watching and started to fuck me faster. Tom was behind Jen and
took off his cloths. He spit on his cock and was entering Jen's ass. Jen was
screaming "Lick me harder. Tom fuck my ass while Mistress Jamie licks my
pussy for me."

Kathy was moaning and whispering in my ear, "watch them baby, and cum in me
when Tom cums into Jen."

Jamie was getting into it. She was fingering herself while licking and
sucking Jen to orgasm. Jen was bucking into Jamie's face and screamed, "don't
stop bitch! Lick me more until I say you can stop! Tom fuck me honey. Nice
like that baby."

Kathy and I were fucking faster and watching. Kathy started to moan louder,
"mmmmm, baby I'm cumming". Kathy jerked and started fucking me even faster.

Jamie was groaning into Jen's pussy while rubbing her clit fast. Jen's eyes
were closed as Tom was pounding into her ass. Tom jerked and was shooting
into Jen, and Jen had an orgasm where she was holding onto Jamie to keep from
falling over. Jamie keep on licking Jen's pussy and Jen was shaking.

Kathy and I kept fucking and I started to cum. I shot into Kathy's pussy as
she was kissing me hard. We were sucking each other's tongue and Kathy broke
the kiss as we watched Jamie laying on Tom's soft cock and licking it. Jen
bent down and kissed Jamie on the lips and stood up.

Jen walked over to me and Kathy and yelled "Kathy honey." As the two hugged,
Jen kissed me and said, "I have been having wet dreams about you two since
last week. This was so much fun."

Jamie saw and heard Jen. She got up off of Tom and grabbed Jen. She spun Jen
around and kissed her hard as they were darting tongues into each other's
mouth. Jamie pulled back and said, "Jen you are one hot little bitch. Kathy,
I can't believe you set me up like this, but it was great. I thought I was
going to piss myself when Tom swung that knife."

Jen said, "Tom honey. Toss me a cigarette."

Kathy turned to Jen and said, "I have something much better" and reached into
our pile of cloths and pulled out two of the rolled joints. Kathy said,
"These are from a friend. She rolls them in a machine to look like

Kathy put the joint in her lips and lit it. She took a deep drag and another.
Kathy held it for a few seconds and gave the joint to Jen. Jen took a drag
and Kathy lit the other joint and started passing it again. We all were
completely stoned in minutes. As soon as I took a toke from one joint,
another was waiting. We all laid down as Kathy told Jen about Mistress
Jamie's first S&M experiment. She made me get up and show Jen the black and
blue hand print on my ass and Jen laughed. Jamie and Jen were caressing each
other softly and squeezing each other's breasts. Jamie said to Jen, "do you
think you can return the favor honey?"

Jen and Jamie got into a 69 position while Tom was sitting next to me and
Kathy watching.

Kathy rubbed my cock while Tom watched, and I was rubbing Tom's cock. Kathy
sat on me in her favorite position and said, "Tom, come here and let Ken and
I suck your cock baby. Cum in our mouths."

Tom was only 15 and he was already starting to ooze pre-cum just from my
rubbing him. Kathy and I fucked slowly and took turns sucking on Tom's cock.
She licked up one side of his shaft and I licked the other. We kissed at the
tip and then we alternated deep throating him. Within 5 minutes Tom was
bucking into my mouth and started to shoot. I pulled back to the tip and
Kathy and I put our mouths together over his cock pee hole. Kathy started
jerking Tom off and he shot into our mouths. We kissed with his cum in our
mouths and Kathy started to rock faster on my cock. We were locked in a kiss
and each of us swallowed. Kathy whispered in my ear, "Cum in me baby. I
almost ready again."

Kathy was rocking faster on me and I was pushing into her. Jamie was moaning,
"lick me faster Jen, I cumming baby".

I started to shoot just as Kathy had her orgasm. I blasted into her as we
kissed again. We both fell sideways and laid on the hay floor. Kathy was
sucking and licking my neck as I was caressing her breasts and nipples. Kathy
said, "That was beautiful baby" and playfully rubbed noses with me while we
stuck out our tongues touching.

Jamie and Jen were sitting up with their arms around each other sharing a
cigarette while Tom was massaging Jen's back. Kathy and I walked over and
sat down next to them and we both lit up a cigarette. Kathy started to tell
Jen about our gig and the record contract. Jen was so excited for us. We
promised to give her one of the first production run CDs, autographed, along
with free tickets to our next gig. Jen and Jamie were inseparable.

We all got dressed and said our goodbyes. Jamie, Kathy and I rode the horses
back to the stables. Joe greeted us and walked with us to the car. We all
piled into the front of my 4x4 again and rolled down the windows. Joe was
talking to me while Jamie said to Kathy "thanks Kathy", and gave her a wet
kiss. Joe pointed to Jamie's crotch said to me "your sister has been sitting
too tight in the saddle again. Man is she wet."

We drove off to go back home.


We drove home and I pulled into the driveway around 7:30. My parents were
nowhere to be found but we did see a note taped to the refrigerator. Jamie
grabbed it and read it out loud "Jamie, Ken and Kathy - Dave and I have
decided to go finish our vacation. We feel so relived that we have shared our
life style with you all. Now that we all have experienced each other, there
will be no more secrets. Dave called the security company and had them
disable the cameras. Enjoy yourselves. I told Grace about us and she quit, so
you'll have to send out for food. There's plenty of cash in the safe for you
to use, as you need it. We may stay a couple of weeks, but we'll call. Kathy,
we love having you here with us. Love you all. Mom and Dad."

Jamie said, "she quit? After I paid her all that money to keep her fucking
mouth shut? That piece of shit quit?"

I walked over to the stove and Kathy grabbed me and said, "Ken honey. You
know how much I love you, but you're not going to cook anything baby."

I said, "Relax Kathy. I was only getting the phone number of the pizza place
that delivers. It's in the cabinet next to the stove. You'd think I was going
to burn the place down like my father did."

I took out the number, picked up the number and ordered us some pizza. I took
off my cloths and so did Jamie and Kathy. Jamie said,"I want to answer the
door this time."

Kathy started to laugh saying, "is Mistress Jamie going to be punishing the
delivery boy tonight?"

Jamie smiled at us saying, "nope. I had something a little French in mind."

Kathy opened a bottle of wine and poured us all some. She set the table with
3 candles in the center and lit them. Then she dimmed the lights and said
"how's the mood Jamie? French enough for you?"

Jamie took out Grace's apron and put it on. It didn't cover her at all and
actually looked kind of sexy. Jamie said, "when the delivery boy gets here,
I'm going to ask him to bring the pizza into the kitchen so I can give him
his tip. Just be sitting at the table and play along with me."

Kathy lit us all cigarettes and we were drinking some wine waiting for the
pizza. We heard the doorbell ring and Jamie walked over to answer it wearing
only her tiny apron. She walked back in with a 16 year old kid carrying the
pizza. The kid put the pizza box on the table as Kathy winked at me and
whispered, "Look at his pants."

The kid had a hard on that was crushed against his jeans. Jamie gave him his
money and a nice tip and said, "I'd like you to meet Kathy. She and I are
devote lesbians and are living together here. This is Peire, my cousin from
France. He is staying with us and is totally gay. Would you like Peire to
suck your cock for you while Kathy and I lick each other's pussy? Peire
would love to suck your cock after he pushes his 8 inch monster into your

Jamie reached out and unzipped the kid's pants and grabbed his dick. She
pulled it out before he could even move. She winked at me and I got up and
moved over to the kid with my cock sticking out as hard as a rock. The kid
started to cry and I said with a french accent "would you like it wet or dry
when I put this into your ass hole?"

The kid ran out of the house with his disk sticking out of his jeans. Jamie
and Kathy were laughing as I sat down, and Jamie said, "You won't believe
this. I have to get him back here. He gave us the wrong order."

I said, "Good luck sis. That kid will never deliver to anyone on this block

We ate the two calzones in the pizza box. They actually weren't bad. Kathy
kept giggling saying, "did you see his expression when you asked him wet or
dry? I wonder how that kid is going to explain this when he delivers our
pizza to someone else."

Kathy and Jamie slapped hands high five and I just kept thinking, what if the
delivery boy turned out be a 400-pound slob who also liked guys. That could
have been me running out the door with my dick sticking out.


We finished the food and Kathy lit us cigarettes. Kathy took a deep drag and
blew out the smoke saying to me, "how about we go downstairs to the studio. I
want to play that song that we heard in our heads. Let's see what it sounds

I said, "sure", and Jamie said, "I'd love to hear it."

Kathy grabbed a pack of smokes and Jamie carried the wine. We went down the
stairs into the basement, which was finished like the rest of the house and
has double sliding doors to an outside garden. When my father had this built
he had the contractor lower the basement slab by 6 feet, which gave a 14 foot
ceiling in the live room. They also built the control booth raised so you
could sit at the master console and look down at the live room through a
glass window. We also had isolation booths and a drum room. This place was
really done top notch.

Jamie hit the lights and we went into the main sound room and sat on some
chairs. Jamie said I'm going to start a tape so we can listen to it later.
She set up a couple of mics and Kathy and I both picked up folk guitars.

Kathy was humming the melody and I figured out the chord patterns. We talked
about who would sing which parts. She sang a verse and I played with harmony
patterns and lines for the chorus. She said, "Jamie - Roll a tape."

We heard Jamie on the studio intercom say, "what's the name of it? Kathy
said "Forever in Love". Jamie said "Rolling. Take 1, Forever in Love."

Kathy and I counted and started playing. It sounded good. She sang her words
and I sang mine. In the chorus we sang harmony. After we played the first
verse, we both knew this song had hit record written all over it. When we got
to the last verse Kathy and I were staring into each other's eyes as we sang
the words we heard in our heads the other night. It was so emotional and the
music sounded beautiful. We ended with the chorus.

We heard Jamie over the intercom say "Cut". Kathy and I had tears in our eyes
and kissed and hugged each other. Jamie walked in and was smiling ear to ear.
She ran up to us and wiped our eyes and said, "That was unbelievable. Come up
to the control room lets do a quick mix and listen to it".

Kathy and I kissed again and we went up to the control room. Jamie's perfect
pitch really comes in handy here. She can listen to a 48 track session and
pick out the levels for everything, and also tell you that one of drum toms
is not tuned right. Kathy and I lit a cigarette and were sitting back in the
high back chairs with our bare feet on the bottom of the mixing console.
Jamie worked fast and within 5 minutes she said, "OK. The mix is real rough
but it still sounds unbelievable. Just imagine when we do this as a band."

Jamie started the 2" master tape machine and was moving the levers on the
master console. We saw the LEDs light up and heard Jamie say, "Take 1" and
then Kathy and I couldn't believe what we heard. This was really good. We
both listened to every note. None of us said a word and just listened. The
tape ended and Kathy jumped on my lap with a big smile and said, "Wow. Can
you believe that we wrote that while we were fucking? That song is
beautiful. Baby I love you so much".

Kathy kissed me and hugged me so tight I couldn't breath. Then she kissed
Jamie. Jamie had a tear running down her cheek watching us and I said,
"Jamie, Gary will be here tomorrow. Why don't we record this song also? We
can goof around for a while when he gets here and you can work the
arrangement with him."

Just the mention of Gary's name brought that smile back to Jamie's face.
Kathy kissed me again said, "she is so in love with him. Let's work out the
parts for the band now so she can spend time with Gary."

I went back into the live room and grabbed a folk guitar and headed back to
join Kathy and Jamie. Kathy turned on a spare keyword that was against the
wall and we all contributed to the arrangement. Jamie's idea of a soft piano
and a dirty sounding guitar playing the melody for the into sounded really
cool. We drank the bottle of wine and smoked a few butts while Kathy wrote
down the music, words and arrangement. When we got to the drum parts I told
Jamie to picture Gary playing drums in her head and the song playing. Just
tell me what he's doing. Kathy transcribed as Jamie was smiling ear to ear
the whole time thinking of Gary.

Kathy was so happy. She smiled at me and said, "Jamie, why don't you come
with Ken and me to bed. We're going to fuck our brains out all night and
write another hit record." Jamie moved over to us and kissed Kathy and me

We shut everything off and went upstairs.


Kathy went into Jamie's room and grabbed a couple of joints from the cigar
box and then joined me in my room with Jamie. We sat on the bed and I said,
"I have to go return some the wine."

Kathy and Jamie ran ahead of me to the bathroom. Jamie was sitting on the
toilet with her legs wide open and Kathy was squatting over Jamie with her
pussy directly over Jamie's. Kathy said, "let's make this interesting. Get in
front of me baby and let's take little Willie swimming again."

I squatted with my soft cock against Kathy's pussy. Kathy kissed me and said,
"little Willie, it's time to get wet. Get your swim suit on and umbrella

We all started to piss. Kathy's pee and mine ran all over Jamie's pussy and
legs and then into the toilet. Jamie was getting really turned on. When we
finished Jamie and Kathy laid down into a 69 position and licked each other
clean. They both sucked my cock.

Jamie turned on the shower for us as Kathy was talking to my crotch saying,
"little Willie you forgot your umbrella and you're not wearing you swim suit
again. You're bad and need to be punished." I stopped Kathy and said,
"little Willie doesn't like to be punished by Mistress Kathy. He will get
angry and spit into her mouth."

Kathy kissed me again and we went into the shower with Jamie. We washed each
other as Kathy was making a soap beard for little Willie and calling him
little ZZ top. Jamie said, "Kathy, now that I know you much better, I can see
why your father was so anxious to have live here with Ken. You are gorgeous,
sexy, funny, fuck like a rabbit, musically brilliant, but definitely are 3
fries short of happy meal - just like Ken."

We got out of the shower and dried off. Kathy wrapped her arms around me and
kissed me mouth wide open and then said, "I still want to punish little
Willie until he gets angry and spits in my mouth and Jamie's", and smiled at

We walked into the bedroom and Kathy put a joint in her open lips and laid
down on the bed with her head on a pillow. Jamie laid down next to her and
lit the joint. Kathy took a deep toke and held it in. She took another and
put the joint into Jamie's lips. Kathy blew out the smoke saying, "come here
baby. Lay down between Jamie and me."

I laid down and Kathy leaned her tits onto my chest on one side and Jamie was
leaning on the other. They both had their legs scissored over me with their
knees up over my cock. Kathy took a deep drag of the joint and put it in my
lips. I did the same and passed it to Jamie while Kathy blew out the smoke.
Kathy lit another one and we passed it between us until both were gone. We
were totally stoned.

Kathy and Jamie were both rubbing my cock with their legs until I was hard.
Kathy reached down and was holding my cock with her hand and leaning over my
face to kiss Jamie. They were sucking each other's tongues as I was pinching
Kathy's nipples. Kathy broke the kiss with Jamie and said, "come kiss me
while I sit on Ken's cock and he fucks my pussy baby."

Kathy got into her favorite position straddling my cock buried in her pussy.
Kathy started to slowly rock back and forth and was kissing Jamie. I reached
up and was massaging Jamie's breasts and then Kathy's. I put my fingers into
Jamie's pussy from underneath and Jamie turned her head to me and said, "fill
both holes baby." I put my thumb into Jamie's butt hole and 2 fingers in her
pussy. I was moving them in and out and then squeezing then together towards
each other. This was driving Jamie crazy and she was bucking into my hand.

Kathy was pushing her breasts up and giving one to Jamie to suck and she was
licking her other nipple herself. Kathy was moaning and rocking faster and
saying, "Jamie, You and Ken love each other and I want to see you fuck him
for me just like I'm doing right now. Can you do that for me?"

Kathy got off of me and Jamie got on and started to fuck me much faster. I
put my hand in Kathy's pussy and she leaned into my face and kissed me. She
whispered I my ear, "Watch Jamie going up and down on your cock baby. She is
so sexy. I love kissing her and licking her nipples when you watch me."

Kathy moved forward and I put my thumb in her ass and 2 fingers into her
pussy. Kathy was rocking on them and watching Jamie's pussy swallow my cock.
Kathy put her hand on my cock and said, "I can feel you going inside of Jamie
baby. Fuck her and show me how you cum. Then I want you to suck her pussy
clean and share it with me. Mmmmm, Rub me faster and make me cum."

Jamie was fucking me fast and I could feel the cum building in my balls.
Kathy was so into watching Jamie and kissing her it was a real turn on. Kathy
would open mouth kiss Jamie and then suck her titties and then kiss her
again. I was starting to cum and jerked and shot my load into Jamie's pussy.
Jamie groaned and jerked, as she was lip locked with Kathy sucking tongues. I
shot 6 times and was still hard. I said "Jamie honey. Sit on my face so I can
lick your pussy."

Jamie bent over and kissed me more passionately than she ever had before.
Then she got up and sat on my face as Kathy got up and moved to sit on my
still hard cock. I could feel myself go into Kathy as she was rocking on me
fast. Kathy was moaning, "Fuck me faster like you fucked your sister. Make me
cum. Suck your cum out of her baby and share it with me."

I was licking Jamie's pussy and sucking the cum into my mouth. Jamie
organsmed again and screamed, "Oh Kathy I just came again. Suck it out into
your mouth Ken."

Jamie got off of me and Kathy dove down onto my mouth with hers wide open. We
kissed and swallowed my cum mixed with Jamie's pussy juices. Kathy was
fucking faster and started to cum and spasmed once and then slowed down to a
slow rocking on my cock as she purred "mmmmm". Kathy kissed me and then sat
back to kiss Jamie as they explored each other's mouth with their tongues.

Jamie was hugging Kathy and said, "Thank you for that Kathy, it meant so much
to me. I want to hold both of you all night while you make love."

Jamie laid next to me and had her head close to my cock going into Kathy.
She put her hand on my crotch to feel it going in and was rubbing Kathy's

Kathy sat back a little and slowed her rocking and kissed Jamie again. Kathy
said, "Jamie honey light me a cigarette."


Jamie lit us each a cigarette and I propped my head up on the pillow. Kathy
took a deep drag and blew out the smoke in a thin stream. Jamie was softly
caressing Kathy's breast as Kathy was grinding her pussy onto my cock. I took
a drag of my cigarette and said, "Jamie, that was wonderful. Make Kathy feel
good for me sis."

Kathy took another drag of her cigarette and blew the smoke out slowly
through her nose as she rocked back and forth on my cock. Jamie was into
making Kathy feel good and Kathy was rolling her eyes back each time Jamie
caressed her nipples and breasts. Kathy took another drag of her cigarette
and didn't exhale. She kissed Jamie with her arms around her.

Kathy leaned forward a little and was licking Jamie's ear and whispered into
her, "I need to be close to Ken now baby. Cuddle with us while we make love."

Kathy laid forward and kissed me with the most passion I have ever felt
before. We didn't hear or see anything but each other for a while. I was
fucking her hard and Kathy was grinding her pussy in circles on my cock. I
could hear Jamie moaning and felt her arm over my chest. Kathy was breathing
into my neck and I whispered into her ear, "Kathy honey, I want to cum inside
you when you cum. I'm going to hold off until your ready baby."

Kathy rolled us over so I was fucking her like the way we slept together.
Kathy kissed my neck and started bucking me faster and harder. She was making
moaning sounds and said, "I'm almost there, get ready baby."

Kathy was moving in a steady rhythm with me. It was like when we play music
and it's in perfect time. She put her lips just above mine as I could feel my
cum almost starting and she said "now baby. Now, now, now, now, cum now,

I shot into her over and over as Kathy and I locked our mouths together. I
felt dizzy and then floating. I kept on fucking her and could feel my body
moving, but my mind was elsewhere. Kathy and I were holding hands and
walking, then we were kissing and performing on stage in a huge auditorium.
I saw so many things and we were so happy. I was thinking this can't be real
and I heard Kathy's voice telling me how much she loved me and that we should
wake up now. I thought maybe I was dreaming. I started coming back to reality
and my body was still fucking Kathy and she was fucking me back. Our lips
were still kissing and we opened our eyes together.

We were both looking for the words to say. We opened our eyes to the sun
shinning through the windows. Kathy looked into my eyes and I stared into
hers. She said, "Ken, baby - I'm scared. What happened to us?"

I said, "I don't know. I saw so many things and you were there with me. I
felt so beautiful and you told me to wake up. When I did we were still
fucking when I opened my eyes. Could we have fucked all night? Kathy I'm
still hard and I'm still in you baby."

Kathy kissed me again and a tear ran down her face as she said, "I saw some
wonderful things and also some things that made me so sad. Ken I so scared

"Kathy, this may just be from the dope. We smoked a shit load of it last

"Well, than why did we both dream the same things? Let's both of go over all
of it and see if it's the same."

Kathy lit a cigarette for both of us and laid still with my cock still inside
her. The closest I could figure is that we fucked for over 7 hours, non-stop.
We each talked about each image we saw, and what it meant. Who was there and
who wasn't. What we were doing and what each of us was wearing. Everything
matched down to the last detail. This was unbelievable. Kathy and I saw
each other performing in a large auditorium and heard the song we sang.
Neither of us recognized it, but it was really good. Kathy remembered the
words and melody and sang it to me. We also saw us old and receiving an award
with Jamie and Gary there with us.

We saw our house again with a lot of gold records on the wall. We saw Jamie
and Gary being with us always. We also saw some very bad things that I really
wish we hadn't seen. We saw my parents die in a plane crash. We both hugged
each other and cried like little kids.

All during this, even when we cried, both of us were still aroused and I was
still hard inside her. We felt like we one person the entire night. Kathy
laid on me and we kissed and I started to shoot in her and she had another
orgasm. Both of our hearts were racing, expecting something to happen again,
but it didn't. We both sighed and Kathy said, "could we have just dreamed
what we wanted to happen together?"

I said, "I don't know. But let's not tell anyone about this. We will sound
like we are really ready to be committed. Even Jamie thinks we are 3 fries
short of Happy Meal now, and she doesn't know about this yet."

Kathy smiled, kissed me and agreed. Then we kissed again and she said, "Ken
honey, I feel really wet. Pull out and check me baby."

I pulled out and I was covered with cum. Kathy's pussy was full and it was
covering her thighs. I said Kathy honey, we really did fuck all night. I not
sure hot much I came, but there's enough here to feed the whole block."

Kathy lifted her head to look and said, "My God Ken, and pushed my head down
to lick it.

Kathy and I did this for about a half hour and Jamie came back into the room.
Neither of us really noticed that she was missing, as we were so into what
happened. Jamie looked at Kathy's pussy and said, "Wow, Ken that's
unbelievable. I got up at 7 because you were fucking all night. You didn't
stop once and I wanted to let you be alone for a while. Want me to leave?"

Kathy smiled and I said, "Come lay down with us."

Jamie put her hand on Kathy's pussy, wiped some of my cum up and put her
finger in my mouth. She said, "Mind if I have some?" I said, "It's all yours

Kathy was smiling as I kissed her while Jamie ate the rest of my cum out of
her. Jamie sucked Kathy for quite a while and I said to Kathy, "I have to

Kathy said, "This feels too good to move. Enjoy it."

I took a normal piss for a change and went back into the bedroom. I lit a
cigarette and lay back down next to Kathy while Jamie was licking her pussy
and sucking it. Kathy was radiant. She had her legs up slightly and had a
hand on Jamie's head. I took a drag of the cigarette and Kathy said, "hold
it in my lips for me baby. I can't move yet."

I held the cigarette for Kathy and she took a drag and organsmed while
exhaling. Jamie started licking slower and then stopped. Jamie lifted up her
head and said, "there was so much cum. Ken how did you shoot so much?"

Kathy said, "We already had half of it before you came into the room baby. We
really did fuck our brains out last night. Now come her and kiss me".

Jamie and Kathy kissed. I took a drag of the cigarette and Kathy put it to
her lips and took a drag. She rolled onto me and said, "we both need a
serious shower."

I said, "Jamie, when is Gary coming over?"

Jamie said, "He'll be here and an hour. Why don't you two get showered and
I'll make you some breakfast."

Kathy and I walked into the shower like zombies. I turned on the water and we
kissed and caressed each other as we washed.

We both felt different somehow today. Neither of us could explain it. We now
knew how much each of us loved the other. We both knew where our life was
heading and how to steer it in the direction we wanted to go. We were so at
peace with each other and ourselves. When we looked into the mirror, we each
felt that we somehow looked different. Kathy had a glow about her and her
smile was intoxicating. We couldn't stop kissing and holding each other. We
both felt a need to be with the other, all the time.

Kathy and I dried off and held hands walking downstairs to the kitchen. We
couldn't keep our hands off of each other.


Kathy and I sat in the kitchen and Jamie said, "I going to feed you both, so
sit down. I'll even play airplane Kathy".

Jamie was feeding us again and getting into it. She played airplane and
dropped the toast on Kathy's tit and Mistress Jamie made me lick it off.
Then she was laughing and stuck the fork into my lips by accident. Kathy
kissed it to make it better.

We were finishing the breakfast and Jamie got serious. She said, "Ken, last
night I felt something for you and Kathy that was pure love. I've never felt
anything like that before except when I was with Gary. It was beautiful."

I said, "I know. We both felt it too."

Jamie poured us coffee and we all lit up cigarettes. The doorbell rang and
Jamie went to get it.

Jamie walked into the kitchen with Gary and looked so happy. He hugged all of
us and said, "the roadies are here to unload the gear. I think I should help
them, since I'm the only one dressed."

Jamie said, "We can fix that real easy", and unbuttoned Gary's jeans and took
off all his cloths.

I said, "I'll show them the back entrance to the studio and open the doors
for them."

Kathy got up, winked at Jamie and said, "Jamie, give me the apron. I'm going
with Ken."

Kathy put on the mini apron and held my arm while saying, "they need to be
alone for a few minutes". We walked outside and I said, "pull the truck
around back behind the garage. Take the ramp down by the garden and back up
to the glass doors. We'll let you in to unload."

They all stood their with their mouths open as Kathy said, "Oh, sorry. We
were cooking and I forgot about the apron", and she took it off. The roadie
standing in front of us had a hard on making a tent in his sweat pants.

Kathy and I turned around and she laughed. We went to the studio and opened
the doors and waited for the truck. Kathy got a pack of cigarettes she left
in the control room and lit one up for her and me. We both went up to the
control room and put our bare feet on the console leaning back in the chairs.
She took a deep drag and while blowing out the smoke, turned on the control
room power. She selected the live room PA speaker system and said, let's hear
our tape again on real speakers. Kathy cued up the 2" and recalled the mix
settings from the computer. She said, "I'm going to also send the mix through
the upstairs systems so Jamie and Gary can hear it."

Within a minute we heard `Rolling - Take 1 Forever in Love' and then the
song started. We both listened and smoked our cigarettes. Kathy kissed me and
said, "it really is good baby."

The roadies came in to the live room and just stood and listened. When the
song ended, they turned to us and clapped. One gave us the thumbs up.

Kathy got up and sat on my lap. She kissed me and reached down to pick up the
folk guitar we left there last night. She played a few notes and was humming
to herself. She said, "This sound familiar?"

Kathy played and sang the song we both heard in our dream. It was as good, if
not better than what we just recorded last night. She said, "I think I missed
and part". I took the guitar and said, "Yeah, this one", and played it and
sang the words. We kissed and Kathy said, "this is going to be a busy weekend
baby. Let's plan on eating and sleeping in the studio and just get it done."

We both lit up another cigarette and were just holding each other watching
the roadies set up the gear. They had just finished the drums in the drum
room and were leaving. The one that was busting my balls before we went on
the other night walked up to the control room stairs and said, "I just wanted
to let you know, you are the best band I have ever heard live. You all were
incredible and we would like to stay and work for you on a full time basis,
if the record deal goes through." I said, "sounds good to me. We'll let you
know when the deal's done."

He said "Thanks man. You guys are hot."

The roadies left and shut the doors on the way out. Kathy and I were playing
around as she was talking to my crotch again saying "little Willie, I`m so
glad you had on your scuba gear last night so you didn't drown. - Yes, I
know it was terrible. There was a massive flood that lasted over 7 hours with
rocking seas. - What's that little Willie? OK, I'll tell him you have on
your swim suit now."

Kathy was laughing at herself and then kissed me. She said, "I really have to

We ran out of the control room to the bathroom and I said, "little Willie is
dressed for the occasion".

We got into position and Kathy said, "push little Willie into the deep end".

We were both laughing while we kissed and pissed. We laid down and Kathy
sucked my cock and I licked her pussy. We both got excited and kept going.
Kathy sat on the vanity counter top and said, "let's fuck right here baby".

I pushed into her pussy and I was moving in and out. Kathy had her hands
around my neck and her legs spread wide and pussy pushed forward. We were
both so incredibly horny, which makes no sense after setting a world
endurance record last night. I was fucking her faster and she was moaning,
"I'm ready baby, I gonna cum".

I started to shoot my load and Kathy spasmed. She wrapped her legs around me
and pulled me tight with her arms. As I shot into her she purred into my ear
and licked my neck saying, "Ken, I love you so much. Last night we both saw
how much we care for each other. This is so wonderful." We both were hugging
each other tight and kissed.

I lifted Kathy off the counter top and we went back in the control room.
Kathy lit a cigarette for herself and me. She took a big drag and blew out
the smoke while I was changing some of the speaker selection settings. She
said, "what are you doing?"

She had the cigarette in her lips and smiled saying, "what are you up baby?"

I said, "Just making Jamie laugh a little."

I turned on the intercom and directed it to the speaker system throughout the
house. I said "Attention K-mart shoppers! We have a blue light special in
isle 3 with a promotion on sex toys for the next 30 minutes for you and your
family. Take 30 percent off of all vibrators, dildos, blindfolds, blow up
dolls, and other favorites. Be sure to check out our dedicated S&M section
including power tools, saws, pliers, wrenches, nails, and of course
everyone's favorites, eatable panties containing thumb tacks. Please
shoppers, after you have had several orgasms, report to the control room with
a smile on your face. And Jamie, please bring down some coffee baby when
you're ready."

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke laughing, "She's
going to kill you. That would have really ruined the mood."

"Kathy, laughing is good. Maybe not for an orgasm. But anyway, would anything
have stopped us last night? Do you think we would have even heard it?"

Kathy said, "Your right. We'll go upstairs in 20 minutes if she's not here by

We both took a drag on our cigarettes and Kathy moved over to the keyboard in
the control room. She put the cigarette in her lips and started to play. She
was playing to the melody of the song we heard in our dream last night, but a
magnificent fast solo. She played it for about 30 seconds and said, "How
would something like that sound as an intro to that song baby?"

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and put it out as I moved over and sat
next to her on the piano bench. I said, "play it again and watch what I'm

While Kathy played, and I played a bass part. She picked up on it and started
over, playing both. This sounded terrific. I picked up the folk guitar and
said, "start again". As Kathy played I put in a subtle solo that complimented
her soloing. We finished and she said, "Let's go get Jamie and Gary. This
sounds great."

We walked upstairs and Jamie and Gary were fucking on the kitchen floor,
exactly where we left them. We walked in and got some coffee and walked over
to the table and sat down. They didn't notice us. Kathy said, "They probably
didn't even hear your K-Mart announcement. They don't even realize that we're
here now. Isn't love wonderful?"

Kathy and I had some coffee and were looking outside at the pool. Kathy lit
me a cigarette and one for herself. She took a deep drag and we heard Jamie
say, "can you light me one baby?"

Kathy lit a cigarette for Jamie and gave it too her. Jamie and Gary were
locked together and didn't move other than roll over a little. I said, "You
guys want to alone for awhile. We can record later if you want?"

Jamie said, "Just give us a minute to get up. We just had the most incredible
love experience and we woke up not sure where we were."

Kathy said to me, "Sound familiar? I think this is hereditary."

Kathy said, "Jamie, can you tell us about it?"

Jamie said, "It's so strange we felt like we were floating and we saw things
together in our head at the same time. We saw all of us performing in a hug
auditorium with a cool song playing."

Kathy said, "did it sound like this?"

Kathy sang the song we just were messing around with. Jamie and Gary turned
white as ghost. I said, "We had a similar dream and were downstairs playing
it. Wait till you hear the arrangement."

Gary said, "Jamie and I are so much in love. I've never felt anything like
this before."

I reached out and gave Gary my hand, and the other to Jamie, to help them up,
and I said, "Let's go downstairs. I think you are going to be very surprised
when you hear what Kathy and I were doing."

Kathy carried our coffee cups and we went downstairs. We went into the live
room and Kathy turned on the real equipment. I plugged in my strat and tuned
on the room PA. Jamie set up 2 mics and set the level. I said, "Kathy,
anytime you're ready baby."

Kathy counted us off and we played the intro we just worked on and then went
through the first verse. Kathy sounded so hot singing this tune. We did the
chorus in harmony and stopped.

Jamie and Gary looked at us with their mouth's open. They looked at each
other and Jamie said, "This is so weird. That is exact. How? How could you
have known this? If you just wrote the intro now, how did we already hear it
in our heads, just the way you played it?

Kathy said, "Jamie get used to it. It's been happening to Ken and me quite a
bit lately. Your mother said it happens to her and Dave sometimes when they
orgasm together. Maybe it is something hereditary. Maybe it's just magic.
Maybe someone is looking out for us. We don't know any more about this than
you do. It really scared me last night but I think we're getting used to it.
Think of it as a special gift."

Kathy said, "I'm going to run the tape from yesterday in here for Gary to

Kathy went to the control room and queued the tape and selected the speakers.
She set the remote and walked back in. She said "Ken and I dreamed this song
together when we were at the lodge with you guys."

Kathy pressed play and the song played in the room. Gary was listening to
every note. When it finished he said, "that's was fucking unbelievable. Let's
record it. Any arrangements yet? Lead sheets? Words? "

Kathy said, "slow down, we have it all."

Kathy gave all the sheets to Gary, and set it up for Gary to play in the drum
booth and listen to the tape through headphones. Kathy worked the remote and
after about 4 run through Gary had it down cold.

Jamie said, "Why don't we try recording it live, instead of multi-tracking,
and see how it sounds"

Jamie was in the control room and Kathy said to me, "Stand on your hands over
against the wall. Put little Willie through the control room glass window
opening. I am going to make Jamie laugh."

I stood on my hands and Kathy held me up with my soft cock trough the opening
in the sliding glass windows. Kathy was using my cock like a puppet and said,
"Hi Jamie. It's me little Willie. Like my beard? I was in a terrible flood
last night that lasted over 7 hours. It's a good thing I had on my scuba
gear. Kathy made me wear my bathing suit this morning and I went swimming in
warm yellow water. They she put me in a wet cave and I was being pushed back
and forth. I got seasick and threw up this while stuff. But I'm feeling much
better now."

Gary was laughing on the drums and shaking his head. Jamie was laughing
throwing crumpled paper at little Willie and said, "Kathy you definitely need
professional help."

Kathy helped me down and lit me a cigarette. We sat on some chairs while
Jamie was finishing. She set up mics, did a level check and queued the tape.
Jamie came back into the room and took a drag of my cigarette. She touched my
cock and said, "So little Willie went swimming in yellow water today?" and
winked at Kathy.

Kathy said, "Yeah, it was great."

We all got to our instruments, with Jamie on Bass for this tune. We did a
quick tune check and Jamie said, "I'll queue it - Rolling, Take 1 - Forever
in Love", as Gary hit 4 clicks with his sticks. We all came in on cue and it
sounded amazing. The timing, emotion and vocals. Kathy and I looked at each
other the whole time. We knew this song was good, but the performance was
terrific. We ended with Gary hitting the crash symbols. I held up my hand
until the sound died and Jamie hit the remote and said, "Cut".

We all couldn't wait to hear it. We ran into then control room and sat in the
chairs like little kids waiting for candy. Kathy lit us cigarettes and Jamie
and I did a trial mix. We started the tape and listened through the control
room mix monitors. It was good, really good. Kathy came over to me and put
her arms around me while I was sitting. She kissed my neck and ear and said,
"Baby we have to be dreaming."

We listened to every note. There wasn't anything wrong. Nothing to fix. This
was a live recording that sounded better than anything we ever did as a multi-
track. The tape finished and I hit stop. We all looked at each other with our
mouths open, not saying a word.

Kathy said, "To quote your father - That's a keeper."

Kathy sat on my lap and was rubbing my cock. She said, "You know guys, if we
can record the other songs this fast, sounding this good, we can make love
together all weekend."

Jamie and Gary smiled and Gary said, "Queue up the tape and let's go."

We recorded all 5 songs in less than 4 hours. We only had to fix one thing in
an overdub. We also added some over dubbed harmony vocals and some really
cool guitar and keyboard parts.

Jamie had an automated mix programmed for each song and we decide to take a

We went out to the pool and just sat in the shallow end. Kathy lit a
cigarette for her and me. She took a drag and blew the smoke into the wind.
She was leaning against me and said, "I can't believe what we just did. That
should have taken us a week."

We all were just emotionally exhausted both from the experiences we shared as
couples and the studio work. Kathy and I took a drag and blew out the smoke
watching the wind take it. Gary and Jamie were doing the same.

I stood up and grabbed my soft cock and held it like a puppet in Kathy's face
saying in a falsetto voice, "Hi Kathy, I have my goggles on and hard hat. I'm
ready to go back into that cave again. I just had a whole bunch to eat so
when you shake me I'm going throw up white stuff all over the place."

Gary turned to Jamie and said, "They are both absolutely out of their minds."

Kathy laughed and said, "Yeah, but the good thing about being nuts is that
you just don't care."

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and while blowing out the smoke took
little Willie into her mouth and was sucking and massaging me with her
tongue. She had me hard in less than 30 seconds. I sat down and Kathy sat on
me in her favorite position. She moved her pussy around and I was inside her
again. We both looked into each other's eyes and completely forgot about the
music, band or anything else. We were connected. We kissed and our tongues
explored each other mouths.

Gary and Jamie were in the same position sitting next to us. Kathy and Jamie
learned toward each other and kissed open mouth. They darted their tongues
into each other's mouth and then Kathy kissed me again.

Kathy was rocking on my cock as we caressed each other in the shallow water.
She was moaning softly saying, "baby, this is so good. Keep loving me,

Kathy started to rock faster and then was pushing down on my cock while I was
pushing up. We were moving faster and got into a steady rhythm. Kathy held
each of her breasts for me to lick and them she put them to her lips. We took
turns sucking on her nipples and were fucking faster. Kathy was starting to
cum and was licking my ear saying, "I want to stay like this forever baby.
You're making me cum already. Oooooh, mmmmmm".

Kathy jerked and continued her rhythm. I was getting close to cumming when
Jamie learned to me, kissed me and said, "Cum in Kathy baby. Make her feel
good." Gary was shooting into Jamie and Jamie was saying "Cum in me,
aaahhhhh, I cumming again baby, shoot in me".

I was on the brink and Kathy started licking my ear and was so sexy saying,
"cum in me and stay hard baby, I want you always in me connected, just like
this, cum for me now baby cause I'm cumming and can't stop."

I shot my load into Kathy. She spasmed on each stroke and so did I. We felt
connected as one for a few seconds and then it left. We kissed and just
looked into each other eyes while I stayed hard inside of her pussy. Kathy
whispered in my ear, "I saw us again baby. We were so hot. That's the first
time we saw ourselves making love. It was so sexy."

Kathy and I kissed and I stayed inside of her. We slowed down to a slow
rocking and Kathy was grinding her pussy slowly on my cock. We were licking
each other`s neck and gave each other a hicky. Kathy sat back and arched her
back and put a cigarette into her open lips. She lit it and took drag. She
blew the smoke into the wind and put the cigarette into my lips. She said,
"Look at Jamie and Gary. They are so good together."

Jamie reached out and took the cigarette out of my lips and took a drag. She
blew the smoke out while saying, "Let's go inside and finish the mix and
mastering. That way we can go someplace tomorrow together."

Jamie put the cigarette back in my lips and I took a drag and said to Kathy,
"Can we go back in baby?"

Kathy licked my ear again and said, "If you carry me, because you going to
stay in me for the next hour or two."

Jamie and Gary heard that and Jamie said, "Let's all fuck while we do the

If anyone saw us it would have looked really funny. Gary and I were leaning
against each other trying to get up out of the water with Jamie wrapped
around him and Kathy around me. We managed to make it out the water and
walked through the gardens to go into the studio through the glass outside
doors by the control room. Gary and I sat at the master console with Kathy
and Jamie still being fucked by our hard cocks.

I was definitely having trouble concentrating and Jamie was saying, "Move the
level, ohhhh, mmmmm, yeah that's it Gary, move the level to 3 mmmm."

Kathy was fucking me faster and I just gave up tying to do anything but make
love to her. We were kissing and she said to Jamie, "let's have Ken a Gary
suck each other like me did the other night. That was so hot when we helped
them. But I want Ken to suck me pussy first"

Gary said "OK baby."

Kathy got off me and she sat in the chair and I got on the floor. I put my
mouth on her pussy and sucked in my cum and used my tongue to lick it out. I
held it in my mouth and stood up and kissed Kathy. We kissed while she stood
up and we laid down on the floor. I moved into a 69 position with Gary and
Kathy had her face next to mine.

I started to suck Gary's cock into my mouth. I was rubbing him and then deep
throated him. Kathy was watching every move and then she put her mouth on his
cock while licking Gary's shaft. We both licked his shaft and then kissed
when our mouths met at the tip. Kathy would suck Gary and then I did.

Jamie and Gary were doing almost the same to me. Jamie had a finger in my
ass and was working it around. She moved over and was licking my butt hole
and then put in 4 fingers and was stretching me. Kathy said to Gary, "fuck my
lover baby, while I watch."

I raised my ass up and Gary pushed his cock into me. When he pushed in, I
pushed back and he was completely in me. He was fucking me slowly and then
faster. I could feel him going all the way in and could hear his balls
slapping my ass cheeks. Kathy was under me and sucking my cock watching me
get fucked by Gary. Jamie was licking Gary's ass.

Gary was getting close to cumming and then he shot into me several times. It
felt good as Kathy was sucking my cock. Gary pulled out and Jamie was licking
Gary's cum out of my ass. Kathy was sucking my cock faster and I started
cumming. I shot into Kathy's mouth again and again. She pulled her mouth back
to the just cover the tip of my cock and jerked me off into her mouth. Kathy
pulled her mouth off of me and knelt in front of my mouth. She opened her
mouth and showed me my cum and put her finger in it. She pulled out strings
of it and put it on her nipples. She put some in my mouth and then she kissed
me and we swallowed it. I licked the cum off her nipples and then we kissed

Gary knelt by my mouth and Kathy and I sucked him clean.

We all laid down for a minute and then got up and sat in the high back
chairs. Jamie went up to get some wine and poured us each a glass, while
Kathy lit us all cigarettes. Kathy, Jamie, Gary and I clicked our glasses and
I said, "To a loving relationship, and one hell of a kick ass band."

We decided to really finish the recordings and mix and edit all 5 tunes. We
mastered them to DAT, and then listened to each again. Then we made 50
production copy CDs. We were done except for two things. Selecting a name
for the band and printing CD labels and jackets for the demo.

It was 6:30 so we decided to get some dinner and discuss possible names.


We went into the kitchen and were deciding what to order for dinner. Gary
suggested pizza and we all laughed. Jamie told him about the pizza delivery
guy yesterday, so we scratched that idea.

We decided to order some Chinese food for delivery. I said, "Who's answering
the door this time?"

Gary said, "I will, just play along with me. I speak some Chinese."

We had some more wine, more wine, more wine, and more wine. Also a joint. We
couldn't come up with a name at all, and I said, "Little Willie, what should
we call the band?"

Kathy said, "That's it! Call the band Little Willie. No one will know what it
really means."

We all looked at each other and I said "OK, we'll be Little Willie for
tonight. We'll get a real name tomorrow."

Jamie started to get serious again while Gary was massaging her neck. She
said, "Ken, last night, last night - you, Kathy and I had something
different. We've have had sex lot's of times before, but it was just sex.
Last night it was romance and love. It was wonderful."

Jamie took a drag of her cigarette, smiled and blew out the smoke saying, "Is
that mental illness you were born with contagious?"

Kathy laughed and said, "obviously."

Jamie stood up and put her arms up to the ceiling and tilted her head back
and yelled, "What the fuck did I do wrong? Anybody home up there?"

Kathy stood up and put her mouth on one of Jamie's nipples and her arms
around her. Kathy started to suck, and moved her other hand to squeeze
Jamie's other breast. Jamie put her arms down around Kathy and said, "Baby
that feels real good. If I am going crazy, I couldn't of asked for a better
way to do it."

Kathy and Jamie kissed as the doorbell rang. Gary grabbed some money that I
had left on the counter, and went to answer it. We could hear him speaking
Chinese and then Gary yelling, "No, I didn't mean that. I didn't mean, Oh

Jamie was chuckling when Gary walked back into the kitchen carry our bag of
food with vegetable lo-main noodles covering his chest. He sat down and said,
"I guess my Chinese needs a little work. Jamie honey, I'm wearing your side

Kathy took the food out of the bag while Jamie ate most of her lo-main off of
Gary's chest. Kathy said, "Jamie, that looks good. Can we try some?"

Kathy and I stood next to Gary and ate some of the lo-main off of him while
Jamie was licking his chest clean. Gary was enjoying every minute of it as he
had a hard on when we finished.

We ate our food and Jamie passed out the fortune cookies for desert. I opened
mine and it read, "The mind is powerful. Your instincts serve you well."

Gary's read "New friends are made for a lifetime. Cherish them always."

Kathy's read "You have followed your heart which has brought you to a
spiritual lasting love."

Jamie was opening hers and read it out loud, "You will fall madly in love
with a drummer, your bother, and his equally crazy fiancee. Make sure you
fuck all of them at least 3 times a day."

Kathy said, "give me that", and grabbed it out of Jamie's hands reading,
"Your life has many roads to choose. You have chosen wisely and are on the
road to love and wealth."

Kathy said, "not bad future sister in law", and kissed her.

I lit a cigarette and passed the pack around the table. Kathy sat on my knee
with her arm over my shoulder, as we were all drinking more wine and feeling
absolutely no pain. Kathy said, "I really do like the band name Little
Willie, lets call Robert or Dave from the record company tomorrow and ask his

We all agreed and talked about the CD jacket. Kathy told us about how she
learned to do movie editing from her father and said that she could put
together the cover in about an hour or two after we took some pictures. She
asked me if we had this long list of software programs on the computer and I
thought we did. Kathy said, "We should get dressed looking as hot as we can
tomorrow morning. Then we'll take individual photos in different posses. I
can use the software to put it all together. My father showed me how to do
it when he was putting together a scene from a movie where the actors weren't
able to be together for a part of it. I was really cool. I gave a guy big
tits and my father was laughing and just shaking his head."

Kathy and I were kissing and so were Jamie and Gary. Jamie said me, "Gary and
I are going to bed. Can you and Kathy join us?"

Kathy broke our kiss and said, "We would love to."

Kathy and I got up and I said, "I have to return some of wine first."


Kathy and I were holding hands walking into Jamie's room. As we were going
into the bathroom Kathy said to Jamie, "we're going to take a quick shower."

Jamie smiled and said, "water sports time again?" as Gary kissed her.

Kathy turned on the shower and the steam was filling the shower area. She
took my hand and we stood under the shower spray as she said to me, "Baby,
just pee on my pussy."

We both peed and the shower washed away all of it as we kissed. We washed
each other and caressed each other's body. The shower felt great as we kissed
with the water running over our heads.

Kathy and I dried off and I was holding her from behind as we were looking
into the mirror. She turned around and kissed me with the same passion as
last night. Our tongues explored each other's mouth like it was for the first
time. We held each other for a few minutes and walked back into the bedroom.

Kathy lit up a cigarette as we stood watching Jamie and Gary making love.
Kathy took a drag and blew out the smoke handing it to me. I took a drag and
we held each other watching Jamie in a moment of passion. Kathy whispered to
me, "she is so in love. Isn't it beautiful."

Kathy and I finished her cigarette while we were caressing each other. My
cock was rock hard as we got on the bed next to Gary and Jamie. Kathy laid on
her back and said, "Get on top of me baby."

I knelt down in front of Kathy with my legs open just inside of hers. I
positioned my cock on her pussy and was rubbing it over her clit. Kathy was
watching me and said, "Push into baby. Put your cock into my pussy and fuck
me. I need you in me now."

I pushed slowly and was teasing her a little. I went in a little and then
pulled out. I did several times until she reached for my legs and pulled me
into her hard and pulled me on top of her. She whispered, "I want you to fuck
me hard Ken. I want to cum baby."

I started moving in and out of her hard. I was slapping my balls against
Kathy's ass and she was moaning. Kathy was lying back with her eyes half
closed while I was the aggressor this time. She was rubbing her breasts and
also her clit, while I fucked her over and over again. Kathy said to me,
"Reach over and touch Jamie's pussy and feel Gary's cock going into her, with

Gary was on his back up against Kathy, and Jamie was straddling him. Kathy
and I both put our hands on Gary's cock sliding in and out of Jamie as Jamie
said, "Touch me too. Touch my pussy and rub me."

Kathy and I kept fucking hard and we both were rubbing and caressing Gary's
cock and Jamie's pussy as they fucked next to us. Jamie was moaning, "I'm
cumming baby, shoot into me now, now honey."

Kathy and I moved our hands off of Gary and Jamie, and were caressing each
other. Gary jerked and shot his load into Jamie as he was saying, "I love you
Jamie. I cumming, mmmm". Jamie fell forward and kissed Gary with her mouth
open and was still moving her pussy back and forth over his cock.

Kathy started to moan into my ear, "I'm ready, mmmmm, oooooh, now baby, shoot

I felt my self starting to cum and exploded into Kathy. I shot over and over
and we kissed holding each other tight. I slowed down and pushed deep inside
of her and then rested back up on my knees without pulling out. Kathy said,
"Roll me over and let me get on top of you."

We rolled over and repositioned ourselves with my cock still in Kathy's cum
wet pussy. She sat down hard on me and arched her back, and then collapsed
forward and kissed me. She whispered into my ear, "That was nice. Let's keep

Kathy sat back up on me and slowed down and was touching shoulders with Jamie
sitting on Gary. Both were slowly grinding their pussies and turned toward
each other to kiss. Kathy and Jamie put their arms around each other and
kissed exploring each other's mouth with their tongues. They broke the kiss
and both sat back moving slowing on us. Gary and I watched a very sensual
kiss between Kathy and Jamie.

Jamie reached for a cigarette and lit it up. The tip glowed red in the low
light as she put it in Kathy's lips and then lit another for herself. Kathy
took a drag and blew out the smoke while rocking faster on me. I put her
cigarette in my lips and took a drag. As I blew out the smoke Kathy bent
forward and kissed me and spasmed. She had another orgasm and was slowing
down a little and leaned back. Kathy moved my hand to her lips and took
another drag of her cigarette. She blew out the smoke and started fucking me
faster again. She had another orgasm within minutes and had her eyes half
closed. I put her cigarette out and was sucking her nipples. Kathy was
squeezing her breasts and rocking faster on me. She said, "I'm going to cum
again baby. Shoot into now, now, now baby."

I exploded again into Kathy. She lunged forward and kissed me hard and
wrapped her arms around my neck as I came. I was jerking inside of her pussy
as she was moaning into my mouth as we kissed. We stayed like this and then
Kathy laid her face on mine as we watched Jamie and Gary. Jamie was
screaming, "now, now, please Gary, cum in me now honey."

Gary was shooting and they both spasmed and kept moving. Jamie leaned over
and put her hand on Kathy's back and was massaging her. Kathy moved up and
Jamie pulled Kathy to her and they kissed.

Kathy wrapped her legs around me and said, "Turn our your side baby. Let's
sleep like this all night."

We rolled over and Kathy's nose was touching mine with our heads on the
pillow. Our arms were over each other and my cock was still inside of her
semi-hard. I kissed her and she fell asleep, before we stopped. I closed my
eyes and fell asleep dreaming of Kathy and me sitting in the pool.

... 3am.....

I must have been dreaming as I woke up to slowly fucking Kathy and feeling
like I was going to cum. She was still asleep and I shot into her. Kathy
squinted her eyes and kissed me and said, "that feels so nice", and fell
right back asleep. So did I.

.. 5am .....

Kathy was kissing me and I woke up. She said, "You came in me again just a
few minutes ago and didn't wake up. You were talking in your sleep and
telling Jamie how much you loved me. That was so sexy. I love you too baby."


I woke up to Jamie and Gary fucking and bouncing against us. Kathy was still
asleep and I kissed her closed eyes softly and said, "Wake up baby and watch
Jamie and Gary."

Kathy squinted her eyes as we both saw the sunlight coming in through the
window. Kathy smiled and said, "How did I ever sleep through this?"

Jamie's ass was pushing against Kathy's and moving her whole body every time
Gary fucked into her. Kathy and I moved over a little and turned to watch
them. She said to me, "Fuck me slowly while we watch but don't cum in me. I
want you to get on top of me when you're ready so I can suck your cock in
mouth baby. I want you to shoot in my mouth."

Kathy and I fucked slowly and caressed each other. We were slowly moving as
Gary shot his load into Jamie's pussy. I was feeling my cum starting and I
pulled out of Kathy and got on top of her in a 69 position. She put my cock
into her mouth and deep throated me as I shot my load into her. I could hear
Kathy swallowing, as I sucked my cum out of her pussy and swallowed. I licked
her and then sucked her pussy again as she was still sucking my cock deep in
her mouth.

Jamie and Gary moved over to us and Gary took Kathy's place sucking my cock
and I sucked on his. Jamie and Kathy were also in a 69 position. Gary and I
sucked each other until we were hard again while we watched the girls having
orgasm after orgasm. They came back over to us and Kathy put her face next to
mine. She took Gary's cock and was sucking it with me. She rubbed him, and
then I did the same. She said, "Suck it baby and I'll make him cum in your

I put my lips over the tip and Kathy jerked Gary off into me. He was shooting
in a less than 10 strokes as Kathy said, "Fill your mouth baby and open it to
show me. Then I want you to swallow all of it."

As Gary was cumming in my mouth, I shot into his. When we both finished
cumming I lifted my head, opened my mouth to show Kathy and then swallowed.
She kissed me said, "Watching you do that is so fucking hot."

Gary and I moved apart and we all laid back on the pillows next to each
other. Jamie lit us all cigarettes and passed them out. As we all smoked we
talked about the photos and finishing up the CD process. Kathy took a drag
and blew the smoke into my ear while saying, "Every time I watch you sucking
Gary's cock I get so fucking wet. Does that happen to you when I'm with

I said, "Ask little Willie what happens."

Kathy bent down over my soft cock and said, "So tell me little Willie what
happens when I lick Jamie's pussy?"

I said in a falsetto voice, "Oh Kathy. I get so strong and start to grow. My
head is huge and my chin hangs down real low. Then I feel upset in my stomach
as someone is rubbing me there and I throw up while stuff everywhere. Then it
starts all over again."

Jamie was laughing and I could hear her say, "There is no fucking way we are
naming the band after your dick."

Kathy and I made a dash for the bathroom, did our thing, and got cleaned up.
We all went downstairs for breakfast.


Kathy hopped on my back and was riding piggyback on me down the stairs into
the kitchen. Jamie and Gary were mumbling something about how we should be
put in a home for the hopelessly retarded.

Kathy, Gary and I sat at the kitchen table as Jamie took out some cereal and
fruit. Then she turned on the coffee maker and sat down with us. Kathy lit us
all cigarettes. Kathy and I sat leaning back in the chairs with our bare
feet on the table. She took a drag of her cigarette and while blowing out the
smoke said, "As soon as we're done with breakfast, let's all get cleaned up,
dressed, and take the pictures. I can work on the CD cover, while you guys
burn the CDs. Jamie, we should put on some outrageous cloths that will give
every guy a hard on looking at us. I am going to photograph both of you guys
with just underwear on. Ken do you still have that real small speedo stuff?"

I said, "Yeah, I think so."

"Good, get that and some boxers for you and Gary to wear."

Jamie was blowing out her smoke asking, "Ken, do we have any blank CDs left.
I didn't see them."

I said, "We have everything we need. I got a delivery last week of 1,000
blanks. They're in the control room closet."

Kathy and I put our feet back down and Gary said, "Hey, put those back up.
The view was great."

Jamie added, "I could see into the cave little Willie was in last night."

Kathy kissed me and said, "They're making fun of us baby. Let's give them a
show and then eat something, I'm hungry."

Kathy and I both stood up and lifted one leg up on the table. She rubbed we
until I was hard and then we both spread her pussy wide open and held it for
Gary and Jamie to see inside. Kathy said, "now this is a view", and we both
sat down. Gary and Jamie were getting hot and kissed, as Gary mumbled "no

We all had some cereal. Kathy was trying to feed little Willie fruit loops
and Gary laughed so hard he started to pee. He stopped himself and he and
Jamie ran to the bathroom. Kathy said, "water sports again?" as they left the

Kathy and I had some coffee and lit another cigarette. We discussed the CD
jacket layout and transparent sticker on the disc layout. We had some good
ideas. Jamie and Gary came back down showered and Kathy and I just started

Kathy was needling Jamie about her water sports activities and then we all
went upstairs to get dressed. We sat in Jamie's room and Kathy and Jamie
modeled different outrageously sexy stuff. They settled on 2 outfits each.
Both had on short skirts, no underwear, see through tops, no bra, and high
heels. We went into my room and Gary and I tried on different boxers and
speedos. Kathy and Jamie picked 2 for each of us. Kathy and Jamie put on make
up and we went into the living room and used a large white wall as a

We used my mother's high tech camera, tripod and photo lamps. Kathy set
everything up and had us all pose in about 10 different positions with
different cloths on. She also took 4 nudes of us. When it was Kathy's turn,
she told me what to do. I was getting hard watching her pose, as I was
snapping the pictures.

We put away the camera gear and Kathy brought the camera to the control room
with us. She took about 20 shots of the studio and live room and said it
would make a great background. Kathy went off by herself to work on the
computer in the back of the control room, while Jamie and I did the master
mix. We loaded the DAT masters and used the computer editing system to set
the songs in order and allowed for a 2 second gap between them. Just as we
were doing this Kathy said, "Hey, what order are the songs?"

Jamie called it out and Kathy said, "Thanks future sister in law".

Jamie and I got the production master ready on DAT and then set up the CD
duplication system to run 50 CDs. We started the CD burn 20-minute process.

Gary just watched mesmerized. When we finished he said, "I've taught music,
been around studios my whole life, but I have never seen anyone produce a
finished product that quick. This is unbelievable."

Kathy yelled over, "It's not done yet Gary. But it will be in about 25

Kathy lit a cigarette and took a drag. She blew out the smoked taking a bunch
of trial run papers off the color laser printer. She brought them over and
laid them out on the console for us to look at.

These were really good. There were several CD covers, transparent labels, and
a bunch of photos for an insert. The best one was one she pieced together of
all of us naked with our backs to the camera, and a reflection in water of
our fronts. She also had just our faces on the corners of the photo. You
couldn't tell much from the reflection, but it was sexy. I said, "Baby, you
did real good" and kissed her.

We all picked the same picture for the cover and then all the others would go
in the insert. Kathy was going to overlay the words of the songs over the
pictures inside. She went back to work.

Our CDs were burned and Jamie and I took them out of the machine. Kathy
brought over the disc transparencies and 3 stands for applying them. I showed
Gary how to do it, and the three of us put the labels on in less than 5
minutes. Kathy came back with a stack of covers and inserts. I carried out 50
plastic cases from the closet and I showed Gary how to put them together. In
15 minutes they were all done and stacked. Kathy came back over with a couple
of pages of peel off yellow stickers and said, "I'm not sure we should use
these. I can change them if any of you has and other ideas."

The stickers said "Little Willie - Changing music forever."

Gary said, "Kathy, did you have to pick yellow? All I keep thinking about is
little Willie's swim suit and umbrella."

Kathy actually blushed. I grabbed the camera and snapped her picture and
said, "This is only the second time I've seen you blush and you look

Kathy kissed me and sat on my lap. She lit a cigarette for me and one for
herself and said, "are we done or should I change it?"

I said, "Let's call Robert or Dave from the record company and ask their

Gary had their information in his drum case and went to get it. I reached
over and turned the telephones on for the studio and hit the speaker button.
I dialed a cell number and got Dave. I said "Hi Dave. This is Ken from the
gig the other night at the Mountain Lodge."

We heard "Oh yeah. Do you need help on the demo?"

"No, It's done, but thanks. What we wanted was you opinion on the name of the
band. We came up with the name Little Willie."

There was a pause and then we heard, "I like it. It's catchy, easy to
remember and really doesn't mean anything."

I hit mute as Gary was howling. Then I said "We can send you the CDs on

We heard, "I was told you live in the Lakeview area, is that right?"

I said, "Yes I do."

Dave said, "That's where I am right now. I have to go to my daughters house
at 24 Walking Terrace and pick up some of her things to send to her."

I said, "Dave, that is next door to us. Is Faith your daughter?"

We heard, "Yes, You know her?"

I said, "Yes we know her, very well. She left us the keys to her place while
her and Jack are gone."

Dave said, "Can you let me in then, in about 5 minutes. I was going to call
the security company."

I said, "Sure. We'll met you there."

"OK bye."

I said, "Cloths on. Kathy you and Jamie look hot for us. I'll get the keys
and get dressed. Met me at the front door."

We all ran off to get ready and met at the front door. We walked over and
Dave was just pulling in the drive. I let him into the house and we helped
him carry out 2 closets full of cloths. He said, "Thanks. Can I hear the

This was music to our ears. I said, "Leave you car here and we'll walk over."

We took Dave into the house and down to the studio. He was definitely
impressed. We showed him the final CDs and had him sit dead center in front
of the console. Kathy and Jamie set the best speaker systems on, as I loaded
a CD and then pressed play.

The CD started and Dave sat and just listened. He didn't say a word. We were
waiting nervously as he heard every song. When it was finished, he turned to
me and said, "That is the best production CD I have ever heard. You couldn't
have possibly done this in 3 days. The artwork alone is like 3 months. And
the mix. I could hear every single instrument and every note. The singing was
perfect. Not just good. Perfect. How in the world did you do this? Every one
of these songs could be a top hit. The first one Forever in Love is

I said, "Thanks. This is the team. We did everything. Do you want to come sit
upstairs and I'll get us something to drink while we tell you about it."

Dave said, "I'm all ears."

We went up stairs and Jamie poured us all some wine and we sat in the living
room. We all lit up a cigarette and Dave took out a cigar. I told him how we
did everything including playing live in the studio. We talked about
engineering and digital editing. I think Jamie was the best when she went
into detailed descriptions of mix down signal chains using varied
compression, gating, and how we used outboard effects to create the mood for
the vocals.

Dave said, "How long would it take you to do another 12 songs?"

I said "A week or 2."

He said, "Take 4 weeks, but I'll hold you to it. I want you all in my office
tomorrow morning at 10. I know it's Saturday, but I'll call and make sure my
entire staff is there. This too damn important to let it slide until Monday.
Little Willie is going to be a household name. Since you are doing all of
your own production and art work, I am prepared to offer you $4 million up
front followed by 3-4 per year guaranteed for 3 years. Royalties and tour
venues of course will be additional. I do however want you to record one
other band we signed last year. Their look is bad, the recording sucks and we
can't sell it, or them. We will pay the typical producers fee and recording
time fee. Since you own the copyrights to your music, I will split the
publishing with you 50/50. Want to shake on it?"

I looked at everyone and put my hand out and so did Kathy, Jamie, and Gary.

Dave said, "Done. I forgot to mention, we might also be able to use your
songs on some movies. They would also be compensated separately."

Kathy said, "My father may want to use our songs in a new TV series."

Dave said, "Who is your father?"

Kathy replied, "He's a movie and TV producer, Matt McDonald."

Dave said, "You're Matt's daughter. I've been trying to get your father to
use our music for years, but he is so picky on the quality, we were never
able to get a deal done. If you can get your father to sign your music, I'll
give you and extra 10%."

Dave said, "I have to get going. Can I have 20 of those CDs? I want everyone
in my organization to hear what music should sound like, before you get there
tomorrow morning."

I gave Dave 20 copies of the CD and we all shook hands.

We walked Dave out and as soon as he was down the driveway we all just
screamed at the top of our lungs and hugged. Kathy was jumping on Jamie and
me. We all kissed each other.

We took off our cloths by the front door and went back to the living room for
some serious drinking.

Kathy and I sat down and Gary and Jamie followed. Jamie poured us all another
glass of wine. We were all incredibly excited. I lifted my glass in a toast
and said, "This is only the beginning. I love all of you and I hope we will
always celebrate like this at the same time each year."

We all clicked our glasses and took a sip. Then we all chugged the wine and
Jamie poured more. Kathy lit me and her a cigarette and was blowing out the
smoke saying, "This is so fucking unbelievable! Ken honey I love you so

Kathy put her hand on my soft cock and kissed me. I put my hand into her
pussy and she kept rubbing me until I got hard while Jamie and Gary watched.
We both were looking into each other's eyes the whole time. It was like Kathy
was trying to talk to me with her mind. When I got hard, Kathy straddled my
cock , without breaking eye contact. The she moved closer and we kissed
softly. Gary and Jamie watched us starting to fuck.

Kathy picked up her wine with one hand and her cigarette with the other. She
took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke while she was rocking on
me faster. I felt great. Kathy had her wine in one hand and cigarette in the
other and was rocking on my cock. How much better can life get. Kathy chugged
the wine and tossed the glass on the far end of the couch. Then she took
another drag of her cigarette and reached for the ashtray and put it out. She
blew out the smoke and said, "Now I'm ready to fuck your brains out baby."

Gary and Jamie were in a 69 position on their sides. Gary was licking Jamie's
pussy and Jamie had Gary's entire cock in her mouth. Kathy was fucking me
faster and was sucking on my neck. She spoke into my ear, "I want to see you
and Gary fucking each other tonight when we're in bed baby. I want you to
suck his cock and swallow his cum. It gets me so hot seeing that."

Kathy put her arms around my neck and kissed me. We were exploring each
other's mouths with our tongues. Kathy was rocking back and forth and moaning
into my mouth and then she said, "mmmm, I'm gonna cum baby, keep fucking my
wet pussy."

Kathy and I got into a rhythm and she pushed down while I pushed. She turned
my head to watch Jamie and Gary as they changed positions to the same as us.
Jamie was screaming "Faster, Faster. Fuck me faster."

I felt myself getting close to cumming and tried to slow down but Kathy kept
moving faster. I whispered into Kathy's ear, "Slow down baby, I don't want to
cum yet."

Kathy keep going and said, "Now, shoot now, I'm cumming, ooooh." I exploded
into her pussy and shot 8 times while she squeezed me tight. We both spasmed
and jerked. I felt so relaxed as we kissed and almost feel asleep. I could
fell what Kathy was feeling while we were cumming. This was different than
any time before and she smiled at me and said, "Did you feel that?"

Kathy slowed down to a slow rocking and I said "Yeah. It was almost like I
could feel what you were feeling."

Kathy whispered back in my ear, "I felt what you were feeling too baby. That
was wild. I felt you shoot into me as if the cum was from me."

Were heard Gary cumming and saw Jamie collapse on him. Kathy and I watched
Jamie kissing Gary and holding him tight like Kathy was holding me. Kathy
whispered in my ear, "Did I ever tell you how much I love you."

Kathy sat back on me and smiled. She stopped rocking and lit up a cigarette.
She took a deep drag and blew out the smoke saying, "Can you guys stop
fucking for a minute and pay attention here. We're having a band meeting."

We heard Jamie laughing, "I don't fucking believe her. What Kathy?"

Kathy said, "How would everyone like to go meet my father and get our songs
signed to the TV show. Val's home and we can say hello to her." Kathy winked
at me and whispered, "She wants to suck you off again, so bad."

Jamie said, "Yeah. Let's get ready."

Kathy said, "In a minute. Ken has to do some clean up work first."

Kathy got up and stood on the couch above me. She put one leg over my
shoulder and pushed her pussy into my mouth. She held my head and was
grinding her pussy onto my tongue. I sucked out all of my cum into my mouth.
Kathy put her leg down and said, "Open wide baby. I want to see it before I
kiss you and swallow all of it."

I opened my mouth and then Kathy kissed me. She sucked all of the cum all out
of my mouth while we kissed. She backed away and opened her mouth for me to
see it. She swallowed and opened her mouth wide again. She smiled at me and
kissed me. Kathy was absolutely intoxicating.

When I got up, Kathy bent down and sucked my softening cock and cleaned me
off. She said, "Let's get dressed.

Kathy and Jamie put on the same hot outfits they had on before and Gary and I
got dressed in our cloths also. Gary went to the studio and took 10 CDs and I
grabbed a pack of smokes. We went to the garage and took my mothers Porsche
911. This was really interesting as Kathy and Jamie were crammed into the
make believe back seat and were in fetal position. I kept saying, "Are you
sure you want to take this car?"

My mother has the new twin turbo, and this thing hauls ass. I only stepped on
it once. Kathy and Jamie screamed, while I think Gary left a skid mark on
the passenger seat. I hit 150 in about 8 seconds from when we were cruising
at 40. We got to Kathy's parents house and I got out. I had to pull Kathy and
Jamie out. Gary said, "This is like having your own private roller coaster."

I said, "After next week, you can buy one too, if you want."

We went to the house and Kathy's father was waiting for us. He said, "I heard
the car. Is that the twin turbo?"

Kathy said, "Sure is, brand new. Want to see it daddy?"

I tossed Kathy the keys and her father fired it up and they were off. We all
had a cigarette waiting for 15 minutes for them to return. We heard this
beast screaming down the street and pull into the driveway. Kathy's father
got out and shut the door. He tossed Kathy the keys said, "I've have got to
get one of these."

We went inside and her father offered us a beer. We all accepted. Kathy
introduced Gary and her father said, "All of you, please call me Matt". Kathy
said in the most little kid way, "Daddy, we finished our demo CD and we are
so proud of it. Can I play it for you now?"

Matt walked us into a studio that was even more sophisticated that what we
have, but mostly geared to film production. He said, "we'll listen in there",
and pointed to a lounge with speakers everywhere. He pushed some speaker
selection buttons and said, "Let me sit in the center." He loaded the CD into
a changed and sat down and pressed play on the remote.

It was like this morning. Kathy's father listened to every note and didn't
even move for 5 songs. When it was done he stood up and hugged Kathy and
said, "Angel this is perfect. Ken, did you do this?"

I said, "Met the production team, sound engineering, graphic designers, song
writers and performers. Yeah, we did it all."

He said, "How long did it take?"

Kathy said, "We could have finished in a day, but we took a long break to
goof off."

He said, "Impressive. We need to sit and talk."

We went into his office and he lit up a cigar and said "smoke if you like"
and we all lit up a cigarette. Kathy was playing daddy's little girl so well.
We almost had the same conversation with him as with Dave this morning. We
told him about the record deal and said that it is one of the best he has
ever heard of. He also said that this by far the best sounding CD he's
heard, and that the material is out of this world. Matt ended by saying, "I
want to use all of these songs, and maybe even the other ones I haven't heard
yet. Also, I want you all to perform live on one of our film sound stages. We
will use you in a new TV show where there is bar that has a band playing.
There is one scene made for the song Forever in love. The words paint such a
picture of true love. How's next Wednesday for all of you?"

We all looked at each other and Kathy said, "Thank you so much daddy. We
won't ever forget you for doing this for us."

Matt said, "Kathy, if your music was shit, I'd tell you so. You know me too
well. This is amazing. You should be proud honey - and your voice sounds
terrific. All of you. The musical performance is top notch."

Kathy said, "Is Val home, we wanted to see her?"

He said, "I think she may be in her room."

We all walked with Kathy through the house to Val's room. Kath knocked and
open the door. Val had headphones on and didn't hear us. Kathy waved her
hands in Val's face and she took of the headphones and jumped up and kissed
Kathy. Kathy gave Val the CD and said, "Daddy likes it and he's using it on
the new TV show. This one is for you."

Val walked over and shut the door and locked it. She gave Kathy a big wet
kiss and said, "Can I do Ken again baby I love to suck his cock. I want you
to fuck him while I watch and the let me finish him off."

Kathy kissed me and said, "I warned you" and grabbed me by my neck and laid
me down on the bed. Val did it just like last time. She took off all of
Kathy's cloths and then mine. Then she took her own cloths off. Val sat next
to me and started to suck my cock to get it hard and held Kathy's pussy wide
open while she sat on my cock. Val said to Kathy, "Fuck him while I watch and
touch both of you."

This was such a turn on for both Kathy and me, we were fucking our brains out
while Val touched us, and watched. Jamie and Gary were sitting on the bed and
also watching. Val was saying to me, "Don't you go and cum in Kathy. I want
to suck you off baby."

Kathy and I were going strong and Kathy whispered in my ear, "I really want
you in me baby, but you should stop now."

Kathy got off of me and sat on the other side of Val. Val put her mouth on my
cock and gave me an incredible blowjob while Kathy stroked me, and then
kissed me while Val was doing her thing. Kathy was licking my ear and saying,
"Cum in Val's mouth for her baby."

I started shooting and Val swallowed all of it and kept on sucking me clean.
While I was cumming Kathy was kissing me and then went to Val and kissed her
when they were finished. Kathy licked the inside of Val's mouth wanting some
of my cum.

Kathy got on top of me and said, "Val, I really need Ken in me now honey."

Kathy and I were fucking again faster and faster. I didn't get soft after the
blowjob and Kathy was pounding her pussy onto my cock. We kissed non-stop as
we fucked for over a half hour. Kathy had 3 orgasms and I shot into her
during the last one. We were so exhausted, but felt so good. Gary, Jamie and
Val applauded for us and Kathy and I just smiled.

Kathy said to me ,"You're not done yet", and touched her pussy. She put in a
finger and then put it in my mouth and said, "Suck it out baby, and show me
it before we swallow together."

I got between Kathy's legs and sucked and licked all of my cum out. My mouth
was full and I held it open for her and she kissed me. We swirled our tongues
through my cum, and we both swallowed it. Val was leaning on us and said,
"that was so fucking sexy", and kissed us both.

Val gave us a kiss goodbye and dressed Kathy and me. We went back out to the
car and Kathy and Jamie said, "Oh shit, again?"

I helped both of the girls get in. They found it was easier if they sat
sideways with Jamie in between Kathy's open legs. This looked really hot as
neither had on any underwear. Kathy had her hand in Jamie's pussy, mostly
because they're was no other place to put it.

I started the car and Gary said, "Kathy that was great", and turned around to
see Kathy fingering Jamie with both hands. Gary said to me, "It's too bad you
have to drive. This is better than the show was inside."

I moved the rear view mirror down and watched as I drove. I never got out of
3rd gear so the ride took 20 minutes. Jamie came twice. I pulled into the
garage and Jamie didn't want to get out. Kathy said, "Come on Jamie honey, we
have all night."

We pulled them both out.

We were all still in shock from everything that has happened today, and felt
we needed a little more R&R before tomorrow mornings meeting with Dave and
this troops at the record company. We went inside, took off our cloths, sat
in the living room and poured some more wine, which was now warm. We all
drank it anyway and were talking about places to go. Kathy whispered in my
ear, "Baby you know we can make our fun. Just agree to whatever they want to

Whatever Gary said, "Kathy and I said, "OK lets go", and then Jamie would say
"No, we've been there."

Kathy and I started laughing and Kathy said, "Let's go into the city tonight
and see a good band play, dance, and get drunk. Then we could stay in hotel
and go straight over to the record company in the morning. All we need is a
change of cloths."

Everyone agreed and Jamie said, "Can we take the Porsche again and let Kathy
and me sit in the back sideways? That was great."

Gary started to laugh and spit his wine out through his nose. I said, "I'll
call a limo."

Kathy and I were busy on the phones. She was using the second line and found
some good bands and where they were playing. We also found the band that Dave
told us about he wanted to help and thought that it might be a good idea to
see them before tomorrow's meeting. So we got reservations at two places,
just in case they really sucked. I got Jim to pick us up in 4 hours, and I
got us a great suite with a hot tub in it at the Plaza. Jim was going to
leave after we checked into the hotel and then return in the morning to pick
us up again at 9:30 for our meeting.

Gary said, "We have 4 hours what do you want to do?"

Kathy and I just laughed and said together, "Fuck. We want to fuck."


Kathy and I were lying on the couch and drinking piss warm wine. We both just
wanted to chill out and relax for a bit. I said, "You were definitely daddy's
little girl today."

She said, "He'll give me anything if I do that. Otherwise he's an absolute
bastard. You should hear him yell at the people that work for him. All I have
to do is say hi, daddy it's Kathy, and he smiles and stops."

Jamie brought in some cold wine and said, "Ken, are too lazy to get up and
get your fiancee some cold wine?"

Kathy gave me a wet tongue licking kiss and said, "Jamie, maybe we like warm
yellowish wet stuff. I know little Willie likes to go swimming it when I
dress him up."

Jamie kissed Gary and we could hear her say, "They are both so great, but so
totally out in left field sometimes."

Kathy and I laughed as she laid back on my chest. I said, "What was the name
of the clubs you got us into?"

Kathy said, "Blue Dungeon and Trapeze".

Kathy lit a cigarette and took a big drag. She blew out the smoke into a thin
stream and handed the cigarette to me. I took and a drag and gave it back
while saying, "Isn't Trapeze the one where the waiters and waitresses are
completely naked and pretend to have sex on those box things.

Kathy said, "Awhile ago, now it's strictly high class. That's the one that
Dave's band is playing at. They also have really good food. Val and I went
there about a year ago. I'll call back and get dinner reservations also."

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and picked up the phone while laying on
me. She asked for a very private dining table, and a front table seat for the
band. She offered to pay extra and then said "200 is fine". Kathy said,
"Done. Just bring an extra 200."

Kathy turned to me saying, "Baby, when Val swallowed your cum today I got
real upset. I wanted you in me and fucking me. I wanted it all. I'm sorry,
but I love you so much."

I said, "Kathy honey, Val is your sister. You should have stopped her. I
didn't want you to get off of me. I love you too. You know how much."

We kissed and were softly caressing each other. Kathy said, "When we are with
Jamie and Gary, nothing matters. I love them both and so do you. Maybe it's
this competition thing I had with my sister."

I said, "Kathy, promised me you will always tell me if something's upsetting
you from now on. I'll understand. I love you too much to make you unhappy."

Kathy kissed me and I reached down and was rubbing her clit. Kathy just laid
back on my chest and took a drag from her cigarette. She blew the smoke out
slowly and was softly moaning. She handed me her cigarette and I took and
drag as she bent over and starting sucking my cock. She stopped and lifted
her head up and kissed me very passionately and said, "Ken honey, lie down on
your stomach. I'm going to give you a message like Jamie showed us, and then
you can do me."

I laid down on the couch and Kathy sat on my ass. She was really getting into
it and it felt wonderful. We talked about everything. She laid down on me and
gave me a full body massage, which was very sensual. She rubbed my feet and
sucked my toes. When she rubbed my neck I started to fall asleep and Kathy
said, "Wake up baby, it's mine turn now."

I kissed her as she laid down and I sat on her ass. I did a complete message.
Kathy was moaning the whole time saying how good it felt. We were both just
so happy being with each other, today sex didn't matter, which for me was
really unusual. I massaged her back, neck, head, thighs and feet. When I
finished, she rolled over and kissed me and said, "Let's go relax in the
Jacuzzi and bring some wine baby."

We walked into Jamie's room and took a couple of joints and Jamie and Gary we
so into fucking they didn't even notice us. We went into the Jacuzzi and ran
the water. Kathy smiled and said, "We're just like them, you know."

Kathy sat on my lap waiting for the water to fill the tub and she lit a
joint. She took a deep drag and held it, and put it in my lips. I took a drag
and then another and held it. Kathy was rubbing my cock slowly and I was
fingering her while we kissed. We both took another toke and checked the
water. With the six faucets running it fills up fast. The water was deep
enough, so I turned off the faucets, and we walked in and sat down. I hit the
jets button and it felt great. We both just laid back, chilled out, and
finished the joint.

Kathy said, "Ken, when you are sucking Gary, do you like it? Or are you doing
it just for me?"

I said, "I like it, but I like it better when you're with me. It really turns
me on when you help me. I also really liked it when Gary was fucking my ass.
That felt really good."

I said, "When you're with Jamie - same question."

Kathy said, "I love Jamie in a different way and we get each other off. But
it's much better when I'm with you and your helping me also."

Kathy lit another joint and took a big toke. She took another drag and then
put the joint to my lips. I did the same as we blew out the smoke together.

I said, "Kathy, I could stay like this all night." She said, "No way baby.
You are going to be fucking my brains out tonight", smiled and then kissed

Kathy and I finished the joint totally stoned and just relaxed the tub. She
dunked her head under the water over my lap and then said, "I just wanted to
see if little Willie was still alive."

We both smiled and I said, "He's has his diving gear on and is holding his
breath. Let's put him in the cave and make him throw up."

Kathy got on top of me and sat with her back to my chest. She leaned forward
and lowered herself onto my hard cock. When I started going into her pussy
she moved down very slowly and moaned. She turned and kissed me as we were
exploring each other's tongues. I held her and was massaging and squeezing
her breasts, as she started to fuck me faster. Kathy was bouncing and moving
her hips side to side as I was squeezing her nipples and breasts. I was
kissing her neck from the side as she was moaning, "I'm cumming already baby
don't stop, keep going faster."

Kathy spasmed and kept going. Each time she pushed down, I lifted up into
her. We were both about to cum. Kathy was moaning and I was too, "I love you
so much. I going to cum honey."

Kathy orgasmed again and I shot into her over and over again. She stopped
moving up and down and was grinding her pussy onto my cock. She turned her
head to mine and we kissed for a long time as I keep holding her and
massaging her nipples. Kathy laid back on my chest not moving. She turned
back to me again and said, "that was real good. Let's just sit here a while
with you still in me."

Kathy was moving real slowly and lit a cigarette. We were lying almost still
and talking about our music. Gary and Jamie came in and Gary said, "That
looks great. Can we join you?"

Kathy said, "You don't have to ask. Just get in."

We were all sitting pretty close and I whispered into Kathy's ear, "If I suck
off Gary, will you watch me?" Kathy whispered back, "I wouldn't miss it for
the world baby."

Kathy got off of me and I walked to Gary and kissed him. I said, "Sit in the

Kathy was sitting with Jamie watching every move.

I took Gary's cock in my mouth and was sucking him to get him hard and
massaging him with my tongue. When he got hard I started to deep throat him,
and also rub him with my hand when I stopped my mouth at the tip. Gary was
starting to fuck my open mouth and I let him. Kathy's face was right next to
mine and she was kissing my ear and rubbing my neck with her hand. Gary was
fucking my mouth faster and I put a finger into his ass and massaged him.
Kathy was breathing heavy in my ear and said, "Make him cum baby."

I fucked Gary's cock with my mouth open, while Kathy was telling me what to
do in my ear. Gary grunted and I felt him start to spasm. I pulled my mouth
up to cover just the tip of his cock and jerked him off into my mouth. When I
was all done, I opened my mouth to show him and kissed Gary on the lips until
he swallowed half of his cum. I then kissed Kathy and shared the rest with
her. Kathy and I kissed for several minutes and then she whispered in my ear,
"That was so fucking hot. Did you like it?"

I whispered back, "Loved it. It turned me on knowing you were there."

We laid back in the tub and Kathy lit me a cigarette. I took a drag and blew
out the smoke saying to everyone, "Kathy and I changed the reservation to
dinner also at Trapeze. They have really good food. We need to be ready in a
little over and hour, and girls - I want to see some really fucking hot sexy

Jamie said to Gary laughing, "We need to take his batteries out for awhile."

We all chilled out for another 10 minutes in the tub without the jets running
and then got out to shower and change. Kathy and I went into the shower and I
pissed on her without telling her. She was laughing so hard she peed herself.

We got dried off, changed, I took some cash, and we packed an overnight bag.
We were all walking out the front door and Jim was already standing by the
door to limo with it open. I said, "The Trapeze Club Jim".

Kathy and Jamie looked so incredibly hot sitting together in the middle, with
me and Gary sitting on either side of them. I said, "We have about 20 minutes
until we get there. Anyone want a drink?"

Kathy pushed the button for the bar to open and I poured us each of shot of
Black Bush whiskey, which was all that was in there. Jamie said, "down it
fast", and we all swallowed the shot. This stuff is smooth, but very potent.
I poured again, and Kathy said "1,2,3 and now", as we all chugged another

Kathy and Jamie tossed the shot glasses on the floor and Kathy leaned back to
my ear and said, "Jamie and I are going to get ourselves really hot. I want
you to watch me baby. We aren't wearing any underwear."

Kathy and Jamie kissed and then they both put their hands in each other's
pussies. Kathy started rubbing Jamie's clit and Jamie was rubbing Kathy's
clit. They kissed again as they both rubbed each other faster. Jamie learned
backwards and was arching her back and pushing her pussy up in the air off
the seat, as Kathy leaned toward Jamie and licked her nipples through the
opening in her blouse. Kathy was rubbing harder and moaning, "Jamie rub
faster baby I want to cum."

Jim knocked on the window and Jamie moaned, "Not yet, please not yet."

Five minutes later Jim stopped the car. We were there. Gary pulled Jamie's
hand from Kathy, and I pulled Kathy's hand from Jamie's pussy. Kathy was
saying in my ear "No, please don't. I have to cum now. I don't care where we
are baby, please I have to cum."

Kathy kissed me and I touched her pussy. It was soaking wet. I leaned forward
and held up my hand to Jim saying 5 minutes. He looked back at Kathy and
Jamie, smiled and nodded. I went back to Kathy and started to rub her clit
like Jamie was doing, as Gary did the same to Jamie. Kathy kissed me and
wrapped her arms around me. She was bucking into my hand and said, "I'm
almost there baby, don't stop. Please don't oooh mmmmm."

Kathy orgasmed and Jamie followed within seconds. Gary and I helped the girls
get their cloths back together and I opened the door to let us out. Jim
walked around and helped Kathy and Jamie out, both a little wobbly from the
whiskey shots and orgasm. I said to Jim, "We'll be out after dinner and

Jamie and Kathy composed themselves and I took Kathy's hand and said to her,
"That was fucking outrageous baby."

Kathy kissed me as we were walking into the club.

I said to the waiter at the front desk "reservations for Blackwood." He held
out his hand and Kathy nudged me and I gave him two 100 dollar bills. The
waiter said, "Follow me please."

He showed us to our private room with a small table in the center set for
four. He pulled out our seats and when we sat he placed a napkin on our laps.
He spent a lot of time looking before he put the napkins on Jamie's and
Kathy's lap. I glanced down and they both had their skirts up in the front. I
looked at Kathy and see winked at me, smiled and said, "Something wrong

Kathy took out a cigarette and we passed around the pack. The waiter was
standing so he could see Kathy's and Jamie's pussy when he lit our
cigarettes. Then the waiter passed out menus and did the same thing. Jamie
pointed to the waiter's pants and said across the table pretty loud "I think
our waiter either has a hard on. Look at that small thing sticking up in his

The waiter turned beat red and left as Kathy and Jamie laughed and hit hands
high five. Kathy took a drag of her cigarette, blew out the smoke into a thin
stream and said, "What's good here?"

She started reading the menu out loud and stopped saying, "Anyone for Lobster
bucket, it sounds good."

We all agreed and Jamie went to find the waiter. She came back holding his
arm and said, "This is Armando. He is our waiter this evening."

I ordered the lobster bucket for everyone and also 2 bottles of good white
wine. I said, "Armando, bring the wine now and you can fix Jamie's napkin

Armando was back in less than a minute. He poured the wine for me to taste
and then filled everyone's glass. He then walked over to Jamie and said, "May
I miss, and your napkin is crooked."

He reached his hand down and just moved it. We laughed as you could see him
get another hard on. Kathy and I put our arms intertwined and drank our wine
and then kissed. She learned over to me and licked my ear and said, "Baby, we
were definitely meant for each other."

We drank all the wine and ordered 2 more bottles. We played the same game
with Armando using Kathy. Armando had a hard on and Jamie grabbed it and
pretended to be rubbing some crumbs off his pants. Armando ran out before he
came in his underwear.

We eat all the Lobster and were felling pretty good. Armando got up the
courage to come back into our private room, and I said, "Armando, we were
only having some fun. Can we go to our table for the show? Please bring us
some more of this wine too." I handed him a $50 bill.

Gary said, "Ken, what's wrong with this picture here? You just paid a guy 50
bucks for getting jerked off by one of the hottest women on this planet. Are
you out of your fucking mind?"

Jamie kissed him and said, "We already knew the answer to that question."

Kathy took my hand and we walked somewhat sideways over to the table in front
of the stage. We sat down with a great view of where the band will be
playing. They were getting ready to go on when Armando brought us 4 bottles
of wine on ice and said, "You guys are great. The extra two bottles are on
the house."

I poured us all a glass as we could see the band's name `Dangerous'. Kathy
said, "Let's hear how bad they really are then we'll know how much money to
ask for tomorrow morning."

The place was not even half full. Most of the tables by us were empty. An MC
walked onto the stage and the spots went on, as he said, "Please welcome
Dangerous" and the only ones that clapped were us. Kathy said, "This isn't a
good sign."

Dangerous was definitely dangerous. They played like mechanical robots, or as
Jamie put it "This is going to cost Dave a lot of money."

We decided to drink heavily so the music would sound better. It didn't, but
we just didn't care. Kathy and I were making our own fun as usual. We were
both getting trashed and I was fingering her under the table and she was
rubbing my cock. We moved our chairs together and she was leaning onto my
chest and watching the band with her head under mine. Kathy put her head up
and said, "Light me a cigarette baby."

I lit her a cigarette and she took a drag and blew out the smoke. She handed
it back to me and said, "I'll be right back", as she slipped underneath the
table. The table had a large white tablecloth so no one could see anything. I
moved my chair all the way in and I could hear Kathy giggling under the table
as she unzipped my fly. She pulled out my cock and was sucking me so good.

Jamie saw what was going on and she did the same to Gary. Gary and I were
sitting with our chairs pushed all the way in and leaning back smoking a
cigarette. We were both smiling ear to ear.

Kathy and Jamie were both jerking us off now with their mouths over our
cocks. I shot 5 times into Kathy's mouth and tried not to look too
suspicious. Gary jerked back when he unloaded. I could feel Kathy zip up my
pants and then she came out and sat next me. She put her mouth in front of my
eyes and opened it, showing me all my cum. Then she kissed me. I can't
believe no one saw us do this.

The band was finishing their show and we noticed that no one clapped the
entire time. After the last song they just walked off stage. The MC came back
out and said "Dangerous will be back in 30 minutes."

Two guys in the back were yelling. One of them screamed, "You guys suck! We
want to see the babes at the front table to get up on stage."

Kathy and Jamie heard them and were about to get up and do something stupid
when the band walked over to our table. The singer said, "You're Little

Kathy, Gary and Jamie started laughing and Kathy said, "That's not nice. It
isn't that little and kissed me"

I said, "Yes we are the incredibly drunk Little Willie."

The singer said, "I thought I recognized you from your pictures on the CD
jacket that Dave dropped off this afternoon. He told us to listen to it and
that you would be producing our new songs. He also said that if we didn't do
exactly as you said, we were fired. We listened to your CD and this is
awesome. Do you guys want to play a song on stage?"

I said, "Anybody sober enough to play?"

Jamie slid back under the table and answered, "What difference does it make.
It will still sound better."

I said, "Yeah sure, we'll play."

That kind of snapped Kathy, Jamie and Gary back to reality. It was like when
you see a cop's lights flashing behind you when you are driving drunk.

Jamie and Kathy went right up to the stage. Jamie checked everything then
went to the sound board and changed almost everything. She yelled, "Kathy,
talk into every mic."

Kathy started talking into the mics and the guys in the back yelled again,
"That's better than anything we heard tonight baby. Show us your tits and

Jamie and Kathy went over to the guitars and both bent over so their asses
were showing. They tuned the guitars as Jamie sang an `E' note in perfect
pitch. I walked up and took the guitar from Kathy. I played a few licks and
started changing every setting on the amp until it sounded descent. Gary was
tuning the drum heads and Kathy was changing everything on the keyboard. I
said, "Lets start with a fast rocker. How about Fast Ladies and then go
straight into Forever in Love."

Dangerous's singer walked up on stage and said into the mic "we have a guest"
and walked off. Kathy started to laugh as Jamie said, "Dave's not going to
like what we ask for."

Kathy said into the mic, "Hello everyone. We are totally drunk and hot as
hell. We're the band Little Willie and are going to get you hot with us."

Kathy moved away form the mic, turned her back to the audience and bent over
just a little and moved her ass in a circle. She went back to her position
and pointed to Gary, as Gary hit the start beat and we were rocking. Even
drunk this sounded good. I played my ass off. Kathy sang lead while playing
the keys and was shaking her ass. The music was almost as good as the other

Everyone in the audience was moving forward and people were standing in front
of the stage. Jamie was playing Bass solid and started to dance like a
stripper with me, while I soloed on guitar. The crowd was getting into it.
They were cheering and clapping. We ended the song and Gary went into a short
fill on drums and slowed the temp down. We came in with Kathy's phenomenal
keyboard intro and into the verse. The crowd listened to everything, as no
one was sitting. We ended the tune to cheering.

I said, "Thank you all for being so good to us and letting us play here as a
guest of Dangerous. We are Little Willie! Look for our CD on Columbia records
in about 4 weeks. It's killer. Let's hear it for the babe's! Kathy take a bow
and Jamie. That's Gary on drums and I'm Ken."

The crowd was still on their feet and cheering. We went back to our table and
sat down as Kathy kissed me. She said, "We even sound OK when were trashed.
Baby, all I was thinking about up there was fucking you all night."

Kathy sat on my lap and kissed me again. She lit up a cigarette and blew out
the smoke. The singer from Dangerous came back and said, "If you can make us
sound even one quarter that good, we'll do absolutely anything".

Jamie slid back under the table and I could hear her mumble, "fat chance of

Gary went under the table with Jamie and Kathy and I starting laughing as we
heard Jamie saying, "Oh Gary, I want you to fuck me here under the table."

Kathy put a cigarette in her lips and I lit it for her. She took a deep drag
and the table started to move up and down. We tried to push it down so no one
would notice but it was hopeless. I sat on it for a few seconds until we
heard Gary yell, "Get off the fucking table. This is hard enough in this
small space."

I sat back in the chair and Kathy and I laughed every time the table moved.

Gary and Jamie got back out from under the table and sat down with us. We
finished the 4 bottles of wine and were completely trashed. We managed to
stumble our way to the door and Jim helped each one of us into the limo. Jim
drove us uptown to the hotel.

When we arrived Kathy and Jamie had the giggles. Jim helped us all out and
called the bellhop for our bags. He said "Blackwood reservation". Jim said
to me "I'll be here at 9:30 for you" and then drove off.

Kathy and Jamie got on an empty bellhop cart and Gary I pushed them to the
room. This way Gary and I had something to hang onto to keep from falling
over. Kathy's and Jamie's pussies were hanging out as they both had their
legs wide open. It looked great. Kathy was beyond drunk and was saying,
"Jamie, would you tell the driver to slow down. He's going way too fast and
he's going to get a ticket. I don't want to get into an accident in this car
because it has no doors."

We made it to the room and the bellhop took both carts after we pulled Jamie
and Kathy out. I gave him a tip and mumbled, "Can you give us a wake up call
at 8?"

The bellhop left and we all jumped onto the king size bed. We tried to take
off our cloths but I couldn't. Kathy was laughing and unzipped my pants and
then got my belt undone. She managed to pull them off and my underwear.
Kathy didn't get undressed; she pulled up her skirt and sat on me in her
favorite position and starting fucking me.

I think we both passed out as our wake call came with Kathy sitting on my
cock still wearing cloths. Neither of us remembers anything after lying down
in bed. We did feel my hard cock still inside of her pussy and she started
fucking me again. Kathy was rocking back and forth and unbuttoned her shirt
and took it off. She bent down over me and kissed me hard and said, "Fuck me
faster baby."

I was pushing my cock into her pussy as fast as I could go and was still
actually a little drunk. Kathy was leaning forward with her hands on my
shoulders and moaning, "I'm also there baby, keep going."

Kathy was in rhythm to my cock going in and out. She pushed down as I pushed
up. I was starting to cum and shot into her over and over. We keep fucking as
she moaned in my ear, "I'm cumming baby. That felt so good when you came in
me. Mmmmm"

We laid still for a minute as we kissed. Kathy said, "We really need a shower
baby. Where are Gary and Jamie?"

We got up and looked around and found them sleeping on the floor next to the
bed. I guess they never even made it to the bed."

Kathy and I woke them up and it was like waking the dead. We took off their
cloths and dragged them into the bathroom with us.

I called room service from the bathroom phone to order breakfast and 2 large
pots of coffee, and then got Gary and Jamie into the shower with us. Everyone
woke up eventually, but no could remember a thing after we got into the room.
Jamie remembered Kathy thinking she was in a car sitting in the bellhop's
cart. Kathy couldn't remember much of anything past the Dangerous band

We dried off, had breakfast and a lot of coffee. The girls got dressed in
sexy stuff again and we were off to see Dave.

I checked us out, and the clerk behind the desk handed me a picture they took
last night of me and Gary pushing the bell hop's cart with Jamie's and
Kathy's pussies hanging out. He said, "For your scrap book."

I gave Kathy the picture as we went out to the limo.


Kathy looked at the picture and said, "Oh my God. That can't be me. Ken is
this really me?"

I said, "Well let's look at the evidence. The other people in the picture are
Gary, Jamie and me. And, the picture was taken here where we stayed last
night. And, we were all drunk as hell, and you can't remember a thing. So -
Yes, I would say that this is definitely you in the picture. I also want to
point out that your pussy looks really hot hanging off of the cart like that.
Maybe we can get one of these carts for home."

Kathy smacked my leg and said, "No shit! Baby, I don't remember this at all."

Kathy lit up a cigarette and was still looking at the picture with a puzzled
look on her face as we got into the limo. I gave Jim the address and we were
off. Jamie lit a cigarette for me, Gary and herself as Kathy was still
looking at the picture saying, "I can't believe it. I must have been totally
smashed out of my mind. Ken honey, did I give you a blow job under the table
last night?"

I said "Yeah, and it was great."

Kathy said, "I thought I dreamed that."

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke saying, "I didn't
do anything really stupid did I?"

Gary laughed and said, "Other than being drunk and naked in a bellhop cart in
the most expensive hotel in the New York City, you were just fine."

Jamie said, "Kathy, I think Gary and I fucked under the table in the
restaurant last night. Did you see us?"

Kathy smiled and said, "That I do remember. Gary was pushing the table up so
much that Ken sat on it so no one would notice. I remember laughing my ass

Kathy gave me a wet kiss and said, "I think we're here baby."

Sure enough, Jim stopped the car at the curb. He got out and opened the door
for us and said, "I'll be waiting here."

We went into the large building and asked at the desk for directions. The
security guard said, "Go to the 31st floor."

We all got in the elevator and I pressed the 31 button. As the door was
closing a very conservative looking woman dressed in a grey business suit,
maybe 24 years old, got in with us. She looked at the buttons and then eyed
Kathy and Jamie up and down. She turned to Jamie and said, "We have rules
that you are not following. You are never to go through the main lobby
entrance when you are here to service one of the performing artists. I will
make sure you never provide call girl services here again."

Jamie and Kathy looked at me and Jamie said, "What the fuck are you talking

The evaluator door opened and the woman speed out. Gary laughed and said,
"She thought you and Kathy were hookers."

We all laughed and walked into the lobby area. We didn't expect to see anyone
as it was Saturday, but the place was full of people. A receptionist said,
"You must be the Little Willie Band. Dave is expecting you."

She gave us directions and we walked through a maze of hallways to the
executive wing. A secretary introduced herself and knocked on Dave's door. He
was sitting behind a big desk smoking a cigar and said, "Come in. Come in."

Dave was wearing jeans and a golf shirt and clearly hadn't shaved. He said,
"Sorry for the appearance, but I was up most of the night getting everything
ready. Please let's sit at the conference table."

Dave sat down with us and said, "Feel free to smoke if you like. Kathy, I got
a call from Matt, your father, after you gave him your CD yesterday and we
spend most of last night with the lawyers working out all the details. I can
tell you, your father is one tough son of a bitch when it comes to business.
He asked that I let you call him from my speaker phone when you get here. I
am going to leave the room and I'll give you a few minutes. I'll knock before
coming back in. Just dial 9 to get an outside line."

We all lit up cigarettes and Kathy took a deep drag. She blew out the smoke
while dialing her father. We heard it pick up and Kathy said, "Daddy, it's me
Kathy. We are all here in Dave's office."

Matt said, "Hi princess. I wanted to talk to all of you before Dave had you
sign anything. I took the liberty of calling Dave yesterday after you, Ken,
Jamie and Gary left. I just wanted to make sure that my little girl got a
good deal. Dave and I spent almost all night with our attorneys going over
everything and I got you guys what considerable are really terrific contract.
I told Dave about the songs being signed onto a syndicated show and that we
want to use more of them with a guarantee. I also pointed out to him that I
wouldn't have even listened to the music if he sent it over, so he shouldn't
get much of everything for this. My attorneys went though every line and we
removed all clauses that would allow the record company to just dump you
guys. In short, you can leave anytime you want after 3 years, and they can't
fire you. You get 60% of publishing instead of 50, and 25% better on all
movie and TV work coming from the stuff I'm doing. Also the sign on bonus is
much higher. You are going to get a stack of papers to sign including
copyright assignments, incorporation of the Little Willie name, trademarks
and a letter stating that if the contracts you sign don't match exactly to
the agreement that Dave and I signed, they are worthless. You guys should
leave today with three checks. The first should be $5,000,000 for the up
front signing bonus, $2,400,000 for the work with the TV shows and a $500,000
retainer for producing Dave's other band. I you don't get those exact checks
call me immediately. Keep the checks in the safe at your house Ken, until the
attorney picks them up. They have to be deposited into a business account,
which the attorney will open for you. Did everyone hear me?"

Gary's eyes were bugging out of his head. Jamie was in shock and Kathy was
taking a drag of her cigarette. I said, "We heard you. It sounds great."

Matt continued, "Make sure you get a copy of everything that you sign. Don't
leave without it and the checks. Also I want you all to make me a promise.
Can you do that?"

We all said, "Yes".

Matt continued, "I want you all stand up. Yes stand up, and say - I Promise
to abide by the following. Now stand up say it".

It felt like when we were in third grade and stood for the pledge of
allegiance. We all said, "I promise to abide by the following."

Matt continued "Don't sit down yet. I want you to say - I Promise - after
each of the things I list. Number 1 I promise not to do drugs. I don't mean
pot or hash. I mean heroine or additive stuff. Now say it I promise.

We all said "I Promise."

Matt continued "Good, Number 2. I promise to not squander all of my money and
keep 25 percent in the bank for when I stop playing. Now say it."

We all said "I Promise."

Matt continued, "Good, Number 3 and last - I promise to trust, love and
respect the other members of the band, no matter what. Now say it"

We all said, "I Promise."

Matt continued, "Sit down everyone. You are about to become very wealthy and
very popular. Within 6 months you won't be able to walk down the street
without someone recognizing you in almost every town in America. If this is
not what you want, then please don't sign the contracts. Ken, you have taken
good care of Kathy. I'm proud of you. I know you too will always be together
by the way you love each other. Jamie, whether you know it or not, you are in
love with Gary. I could see it in a minute yesterday. I hope it works out for
you honey. I wanted to end this with a surprise. We had to do some last
minute editing last night for the premier show of a new TV syndication that
is going to air tonight at 8 on channel 5. There has been a ton of
advertising and we're expecting a huge ratings share. I want you to watch the
whole show from 8 until 9 and watch for your surprises, there are 4. I think
you're going to like it. And Kathy, I `m real proud of you honey. Call me
tomorrow and let me know what you guys thought of the show. Please be
careful. You are in Nero's coliseum and you are the guys wearing the
Christian robs. If you have any problems with anything, call me immediately.
Love all of you. Bye"

Kathy had a tear running down her cheek and said, "Bye daddy and thank you so

Kathy jumped up and hugged me so hard and was crying tears of joy. She kissed
me and said, "Do you believe this?"

Jamie and Gary were still in shock. It started to sink into Jamie as she
stood, put her hands in the air and just screamed and then jumped on Gary

We all sat down and lit a cigarette. Kathy took a deep drag and said, "Anyone
got a joint, and I could use one about now?"

There was a knock and Dave walked back in. He said, "Everything still a go?"

I replied, "We're ready."

Dave said, "Before we get started, I forgot to mention that I talked to Faith
last night. Her and Jack are having a blast and they both said to send their

We spent 30 minutes going over every conceivable form and contract. We never
imagined it was this complicated. We all signed our names over 50 times, in

Dave was collecting all the documents and said I need to get you copies and
get you the checks. But first I'd like to introduce you to Lonny. She will be
you personal assistant and direct liaison with us here. She will control
schedules and any other issues. This is her only job being assigned to your
band. Dave went out and brought in Lonny.

Jamie said, "No shit. It's the bitch that called us hookers in the elevator."

Dave said, "You two have met I see. Well, I'll leave Lonny here and you try
to work it out. Lonny, if you fuck this up, you're fired! I'll be back in
about an hour with your checks. Oh, and see if you girls can convince Lonny
to dress a little more with it."

Lonny stood there with a tear in her eyes and said, "I'm so sorry. I can't
get fired. Please forgive me."

Jamie and Kathy both winked at me and walked over to Lonny. They both walked
around her and then looked at her up and down. Jamie reached behind Lonny's
head and undid a clip holding her hair up and let it drop. It was long blond.
Kathy said, "Lonny you have been very bad, and need to be punished my
Mistress Jamie."

Lonny said, "Please, I apologized. Don't hurt me."

I said, "Lonny, no one will hurt you or make you do anything that you don't
want to do. If we ask you to do something and you refuse, we'll tell Dave it
isn't working out. If you look like you're not enjoying doing something we
ask you to do, we'll tell Dave. Kathy's going to lock the door, but you can
still leave anytime you want. We live a really different life style and we
want to make sue that you can handle it. Do you understand?"

Lonny nodded her head yes, as Kathy locked the door.

Jamie said, "Take off you cloths and leave them on the floor where you are

Lonny started crying and I said, "It doesn't look like you're enjoying this
Lonny. Should I call Dave?"

Lonny stopped crying and continued.

Jamie and Kathy took off their cloths and walked up to Lonny. Kathy kissed
Lonny on the lips and then gave her a full tongue kiss. Jamie did the same.
Lonny looked confused. Jamie said, "light me a cigarette" and pointed to the
pack on the table.

Lonny took one out, put it in her lips and lit it. She didn't inhale and
coughed a little. Jamie said, "Inhale and blow out the smoke."

Lonny did it, made a face, and coughed a little again. Jamie said, "You
didn't enjoy that did you?"

Kathy was sticking her finger in her open mouth, like make me puke, so Lonny
couldn't see her. I saw the look on Jamie's face and I knew what they were up
to. Jamie was going to make Lonny barf in Dave's office from smoking and
licking her pussy.

Jamie said to Lonny, "I said -You didn't enjoy that did you? Now do it

Lonny took another drag, inhaled and blew out the smoked. Jamie said,
"Better. Now do it again."

Lonny put the cigarette to her lips slowly, inhaled deeply, and blew out the
smoke. Jamie said, "Good. Now take another drag and give me your cigarette.
Then go light one for Kathy."

Lonny did it and this time inhaled, and blew out the smoke. She gave the new
cigarette to Kathy.

Jamie said, "Go light 2 more and give one to Gary and one to Ken."

Lonny lit each one, inhaled, and gave the cigarettes to Gary and me. Then she
walked back to Jamie.

Jamie said, "Lonny, you are to kneel in front of my pussy. Take your hand and
run it through my slit and get me wet."

Lonny knelt down and reached her fingers into Jamie's pussy and moved them
around until she was wet. Jamie said, "Lonny, take a deep drag of my
cigarette, hold it in, and go do the same to Kathy",

Lonny did as she was told. Kathy was wet and Loony took a deep drag of
Kathy's cigarette.

Jamie said, "Now Lonny, I am going to raise my leg and put it over your
shoulder and push my pussy up to your mouth. You will lick and suck it until
I cum in your mouth. Then you will kiss me with your tongue so I can taste it
and know that you ate it. Then you will do the same for Kathy."

Lonny didn't look too sure about this, but she did it. It took 5 minutes for
Jamie to cum and about 5 minutes for Kathy. Lonny was now standing again.

Jamie said, "You have done well so far. Now you are to light yourself a

Lonny did it, took a drag, and blew out the smoke as Jamie continued, "You
are to go to each person in the room. You must kiss that person and suck on
their tongue and touch them between their legs. Then you will light them a
cigarette as before and place it between their lips. You will take a drag
from your cigarette and blow out the smoke looking then straight in eyes."

Lonny walked over to me and kissed me, and sucked my tongue. Then she rubbed
my cock. She pulled back and put the cigarette in my lips. Lonny looked me in
the eyes and took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke.

Kathy walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "I thought she'd barf by
now. She's really cute isn't she baby?"

Lonny walked over to Gary, kissed him, and sucked his tongue. Then she rubbed
his cock. She pulled back and put the cigarette in his lips, looked him in
the eyes, took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke.

Lonny did the same for Kathy and then Jamie.

Jamie said, "Good Lonny, now sit on the conference table."

Lonny took a drag of her cigarette and sat on the conference table. We all
gathered around in front of her.

Jamie said, "Lonny you will smoke your cigarette while each of us licks and
sucks your pussy."

Lonny took a drag of her cigarette as Jamie started sucking on Lonny's pussy.
Jamie stopped after about 20 seconds.

Lonny took another drag as Kathy licked her. We did this until Lonny finished
her cigarette and then Jamie said, "Lonny tell me how much you want to cum
right now. Tell us how much."

Lonny said, "I want to cum."

Jamie said, "That wasn't very convincing. I want to know how much. Tell me to
lick your pussy. Tell me to fuck you. Tell me to rub your clit and make you

Lonny said, "Yes please make me cum, I'm so wet from this. I need it now.
Make me cum Jamie."

Jamie started rubbing Lonny's clit and she came in less than a minute. Jamie
then said, "Lonny, Ken and Gary have not cum yet. Light yourself another

Lonny did as she was told.

You will move over and suck each one of them until they cum. But you will
stop every 30 seconds and take a drag of your cigarette. You will light
another, if you have finished the first.

When they shoot you will hold it all in your mouth without dripping any and
without swallowing. You will then take another drag of you cigarette. You
will open you mouth so we all can see it, they you will kiss Kathy and me to
share the cum and swallow it."

Lonny lit a cigarette and blew out the smoke. She started sucking me off.
Kathy came over and helped her. Lonny stopped every 30 seconds to inhale her
cigarette. In less than 5 minutes I was shooting in Lonny's mouth. Lonny took
the cigarette and put it into her cum soaked lips and took a drag. She
inhaled and blew the smoke out through her nose.

She did exactly like she was told. She opened her mouth and showed everyone
my cum, and then Kathy and her kissed. Kathy then kissed me and gave me some.

Lonny lit another cigarette and did the exact same for Gary. When Gary came
into Lonny's mouth, Lonny opened her mouth and showed us all the cum. She
closed her mouth and put the cigarette into her lips and took a deep drag,
and another drag, and then blew the smoke through her lips, as some of the
cum bubbled and ran down her chin, and spattered out. Jamie got so hot seeing
this she kissed Lonny, swallowed all of the cum and licked her face clean.

Jamie said, "Lonny, light us all cigarettes and one for yourself, and the sit
in a chair at the table with us."

Lonny lit all the cigarettes and put them in each of our lips and sat down.

Jamie kissed her, smiled and announced "OK guys, she is definitely a keeper!"

We all kissed her and I said, "Lonny before you say you want to work with us,
this was mild. We record naked. Actually we do everything naked. We are all
bi-sexual and fuck all the time. Can you handle it?"

Lonny took a drag of her cigarette and said, "This was so hot. I've never
done anything like this before and I'm so wet I'm going to come again. God, I
just had two orgasms. When I blew the smoke out and cum was dripping down my
chin, I came so much. Yes I want to work with guys. This was unbelievable."

Kathy smiled and said, "I guess that was a yes."

Kathy kissed me and said, "Baby I love you so much."

Jamie said, "We all should get dressed before Dave comes back. Lonny, come
with us in the limo and we'll get you some cloths. We're going to change your
style honey."

We all finished dressing and Kathy unlocked the door, just as Dave was coming
back in. He gave us our checks and a big envelope with copies of everything.
He shook all of our hands and said, "Looks like Lonny is working out OK."

We went out to the limo and all got in.

Kathy gave her pack of cigarettes to Lonny and said light one for me. We all
laughed and I said, "Lonny, you don't have to do that. We were just busting
you for being such a bitch to us in the elevator. What made you do that?"

Lonny lit the cigarette and took a drag. She kissed Kathy and the put it in
her lips. She said, "I kind of like doing this for Kathy, it's making me wet

Lonny continued, "Dave screamed me at about using hookers for the band
Disastrous. The singer and guitar player are so bad, and they can't get laid,
so I set them up. I got read the riot act about using the front entrance. I
thought you were the girls that were sent over again. I'm really sorry."

We all hugged Lonny and Kathy said, "welcome to our band baby. It's a lot of
fun. Jamie, where can we stop to get Lonny some cloths?"

Jamie said, "Remind me to tell Jim where to stop."

Lonny opened her pocket book and gave me her card. It said `Artist &
Repertoire Executive'. Kathy was looking into Lonny's pocket book and
spotted a pack of cigarettes, and said, "We thought you didn't smoke - the
way you made that face, that's why we busted your chops like that."

Lonny took out her cigarettes and said, "I smoke menthol. When I took a drag
of yours, it just tasted funny. Besides, I thought it would be kind of kinky
to just play along. I knew you were trying to get me sick. Trust me, it takes
a lot more than that to get me sick. Here Kathy, try one of mine."

Kathy's father was right, this was the coliseum.

Lonny lit one up and put it in Kathy's lips. Kathy took a drag and said,
"Very different. Jamie, when we stop at the store, I want to get some of

Kathy kissed me and was rubbing my cock. Lonny was watching every move. Kathy
said to Lonny, "We all rub ourselves off in front of each other. If this is
getting you hot, go ahead and do it baby. We'd love to watch you."

Lonny started squeezing her breasts and nipples and then was fingering
herself under her skirt. Gary and Jamie were also going at it. Kathy and I
kissed and caressed each other watching Lonny have an orgasm.

Jim knocked on the glass as he was pulling into our driveway.


Kathy said, "Jamie, we forgot to stop. Let's you, Lonny and me have Jim drive
us shopping. Ken you and Gary don't have to tag along with this girl stuff.
We'll be back in about 3 hours."

Kathy gave me a wet kiss and Gary and I got out and went into the house.

We took off our cloths and sat in the kitchen as Gary made coffee. I went up
to Jamie's room and got a couple of joints and brought them back down. We lit
up cigarettes and drank our coffee while talking about the music and
recording the rest of the material. Gary had some great ideas and we talked
for over 2 hours.

I took out one of joints and lit it. I took and deep toke and passed it to
Gary. We smoked both of the joints and were really stoned. Gary said to me,
"Ken, I wonder what it fells like for Jamie and Kathy when they sit on our
cocks facing us. They both love it and keep getting on the top."

I said, "I don't know. I've never done it that way with someone in me. Have

Gary said "No. You want to try it while the girls are out?"

I said "Sure. Let me get some of Kathy's KY to make it easier."

We went into the living room and I laid down. Gary rubbed me hard and put a
dab of KY onto my cock and some on his ass. They then sat on me, just like
Kathy. I felt good for me and I started to fuck up into him. I said, "How
does it feel?"

"It feels great Ken, wait until you try it."

Gary leaned forward and was kissing me the way Kathy does and I responded.
Gary was moving up and down on my cock using his legs to push himself up. I
said, "Stop now before I cum."

We changed positions and I put some KY on his hard cock and some on my ass. I
squatted down just like he did, as his cock went into my butt hole. This felt
really good. I fucked by moving up and down with my legs, and also tried
rocking like Kathy did. I learned forward and kissed Gary and felt lots of
hands on my shoulders and caressing my back.

Kathy, Jamie and Lonny had returned and were watching us for a while. Kathy
kissed my ear and said, "This is so fucking hot. We have been fingering
ourselves watching you two. Don't stop baby, enjoy it. Let Jamie and I help
you cum in each other's mouth."

I started fucking Gary faster by moving up and down and rocking. He stopped
me after about 5 minutes and said, "I'm ready to cum."

We laid on our sides and Kathy's face was next to mine and Jamie's next to
Gary's. I sucked off Gary and he did me. Kathy was softly telling me what to
do in my ear as I started to cum into Gary's mouth, as he shot into mine. I
held his cum in my mouth and kissed Kathy as she was hugging me tight. Lonny
was right next to Kathy fingering herself and I kissed her also and gave her
some of Gary's cum.

Jamie and Gary were lying down lip locked and sat up as Gary leaned over and
kissed me and then said, "That was great. Now we know why they sit like that
on us all the time."

Kathy and Lonny were kissing and then Kathy laid onto my chest. Lonny said,
"That was so hot. I came watching you guys while we were standing by the door

Kathy said, "Let's give Lonny a tour of the place and have some lunch. We
picked up sandwiches for everyone."

We went upstairs first, as Lonny kept saying, "This place is so huge, you
could get lost in here."

We stopped at Jamie's room, my parent's suite, and my room and I said, "We
have 5 guest rooms over there just like these, and the servants quarters are
behind the kitchen. Would you like to live here with us while were work?"

Lonny said, "I live with my parents now in a real small place. If it's really
OK with all of you, I can get my stuff and move in. I'd really like that."

Kathy smiled and said, "Baby, isn't she cute. Of course you can move in. Why
don't you stay here with us tonight and watch the surprise TV show with us.
Tomorrow we'll take you back to get your car and help you pack some stuff."

We went through the whole house, den, library, study, billiard room, studio
and the grounds including the pool. I said "Lonny, there are only a couple of
rules here. No cloths. Don't force anyone to do anything. And most important,
what goes on here and is said here, stays here. Period. Are you Ok with

Lonny nodded her head and said, "Sure."

We decided to have lunch out by the pool and just spend the rest of the day
lounging outside. The sandwiches were pretty good. Jamie livened things up a
bit by fucking Kathy's pussy with the pickle and then eating it. Kathy was
really getting her rocks off making Lonny blush. Kathy said to me, "Baby,
better find out now if she can handle this."

We finished lunch and Lonny lit a cigarette for each of us. She took a drag
and then put it each person's lips. She was really getting into this slave
type of thing.

We all got up from the patio table and laid down on our towels by the pool.
Kathy as laying partly on me with her leg over my cock and we were caressing
each other and kissing occasionally as we talked. Lonny was sitting next to
Kathy and watching us. Kathy was telling Lonny about all of things we have
done as she went into incredible detail about almost every fuck session. I
was fingering Kathy while she spoke and she came twice and had to stop to
catch her breath. Each time Lonny did the cigarette bit, Kathy started to
laugh about it.

Lonny was fingering herself and massaging her breasts while listening to
Kathy. Kathy told Lonny about the time when I fucked her and we put a
vibrator in with me and 2 in her ass, to make it like 4 cocks at once. Lonny
got really turned on. She started kissing Kathy and me and said, "I want to
do that so bad. I've never tried it in my ass and want to know what it's
like. When I watched Ken and Gary I couldn't even breathe I was cumming so

Kathy gave Lonny a wet kiss and said, "Go get my suitcase in Jamie's room.
It's brown and on the floor. Bring it out here for me baby."

Kathy took out a cigarette and lit it as Jamie said, "Kathy you've been bad.
That is the slave's job. You must be punished."

Kathy smiled at Jamie and took a deep drag. She blew out the smoke as Lonny
came back handing Kathy the case. Kathy said, "Sit her Lonny. Have you ever
used any sex toys before?"

Lonny blushed again and Kathy said, "Oh isn't that so cute baby. Look at her
getting all red."

Kathy took another drag of her cigarette and opened the case for Lonny to see
inside. She continued, "I have all types of great stuff here. Before you can
even try anything like I told you about, you have get you butt loosed up and
stretched a little or it's really going to hurt."

Lonny held up a couple of things from the case and said, "What's this?"

Kathy said, "That is a double headed dildo and it allows you to fuck yourself
in the pussy and ass at the same time. I'll let you use it later. It will
drive you crazy. Do you want me to stretch you a little now?"

Lonny said "Sure. What should I do?"

Kathy took another drag of her cigarette and said to Lonny, "Come her in
front of all of us and get on all fours, and put your ass in the air. We'll
take it from there. You just relax and enjoy the ride."

Lonny got down on all fours and Jamie, Gary and I moved to get a good close
view. Kathy sat under Lonny with her case next to her. Lonny said, "Can I
have a cigarette first?"

I lit one and gave it to Lonny. She took a drag and blew out the smoke
saying, "I ready doctor."

Kathy said, "I'm going to put a little KY on my fingers and just get you
loose a little. I'm going to rub your pussy also to get you wet baby."

Kathy put a finger in Lonny's ass and was fingering Lonny's pussy with the
other hand. Lonny was softly moaning. Kathy said, "Now I'm going to put a
vibrator in your pussy baby and fuck you with it."

Kathy left her finger in Lonny's ass moving it around slowly, and then put
the cock looking vibrator into Lonny's pussy and slowly moved it in and out.
Kathy moved it faster and Lonny was bucking back into it and moaning. Lonny
took a drag of her cigarette, picked up her head to blow out the smoked and
said, "This feels so good. Please don't stop."

Kathy smiled at me and said, "Kiss me baby."

I leaned forward and kissed Kathy while she was fucking Lonny with the

Kathy pushed a second finger into Lonny's ass and Lonny was really getting
into it. Kathy moved her fingers apart to stretch her and then fucked Lonny
with her fingers. Kathy said, "Lonny honey, I going to take out my fingers
and put in a real small dildo into your ass baby. Tell me if it hurts and
I'll stop."

Kathy pulled out her fingers, picked up another dildo and pushed it in slowly
into Lonny's ass. Lonny pushed back onto it and it was in. Kathy used both
dildos to fuck Lonny and kept them in rhythm. Lonny was moaning as Kathy
fucked her faster with both. Kathy slowed down to almost a stop and said, "I
going to put in a cock size one in your ass now honey. Again you tell me to
stop if it hurts."

Kathy pulled out the dildo in Lonny's ass and then put in the same type that
she was using on Lonny's pussy. Kathy slowly pushed it in and then starting
fucking Lonny again full speed. Lonny was moaning, "fuck me Kathy, fuck me,
God that's great, I'm cumming, ooooh."

Kathy smiled at me and said, "Lonny are you ready for a big one now?"

Lonny was humping the dildos and Kathy pulled the one out of Lonny's ass and
took out a large one. Kathy put KY on it and said, "Here it comes baby. This
will probably hurt a little until you get used to it."

Kathy pushed it in slowly and Lonny was rocking into it. She screamed a few
times and Kathy went slowly. Kathy said, "You want me to stop baby?"

Lonny moaned, "Fuck me with it all the way in to me, this so good. I need it
in me Kathy. Please don't stop."

Kathy pushed it in and was fucking Lonny with both dildos in rhythm. Lonny
came twice in less than 5 minutes. Kathy took out the dildos and Lonny was
almost in tears saying, "Please put them back in me, please Kathy put them

Kathy took out the double dildo, put some KY on it, and sat Lonny up next to
us saying, "Sit on this and you can rock back and forth on it all day if you

Lonny sat and was cumming again. Then she got into the rhythm of the double
dildo and was moving slowly rocking on it. Lonny said to Kathy, "This feels
so fucking incredible. I can't wait to try it with two guys in me at once.
Kathy, can you hand me a cigarette?"

Kathy lit a cigarette for Lonny and put it in her lips. Then one for her and
me. Kathy had me lay down right next to Lonny as Kathy sat on my cock facing
me. Kathy was so wet I slipped straight in. She bent down, smiled and said to
me, "Was that hot or what?"

I said, "Kathy, if you were my sex Ed teacher, I would have never left high

She kissed me and whispered in my ear, "Little Willie is getting much
stronger and taller. Let's make him throw up in me."

Kathy moved slowly while we both smoked our cigarettes. We were watching
Lonny rock with her eyes closed. Jamie and Gary were about 6 feet away doing
the same thing.

Kathy was rocking faster and Lonny had her hand on Kathy's shoulder watching
us with her eyes half closed. Lonny was almost catatonic from the Dildo in
her pussy and ass, as she keep having orgasm after orgasm. Kathy fucked me
faster and was grinding her pussy into my cock. I pushed up into her and she
moaned in my ear, "Look at Lonny baby. She is going to pass out soon. I
going to cum, I going to mmmmm."

Kathy kissed me with her arms around my neck pulling her self down. She was
fucking me faster while kissing my ear and neck. I was getting close to
cumming and kissed Kathy's ear and whispered, "I'm going to cum baby real

Kathy fucked faster and was moaning loud, "Fuck me, cum in my pussy, cum in
me baby, do it now, now, now."

Kathy was spasming while I shot my first load into her. We came together and
I shot over and over again as we kissed. Our mouths were lock together as I
felt dizzy and saw another vision with Kathy. We laid in this position for a
while kissing and she lifted up her head smiling and said, "I didn't know she
could sing."

I said, "She was really good. Did you recognize the song?"

Kathy said, "Not at all. But did you see who was on stage with her?"

I said, "Dave's gonna love this. I can't figure out who was playing guitar,
but it was really good."

Kathy looked at Lonny and she was passed out, laying on her side with the
dildo still in her. Kathy reached over and pulled it out and we heard Lonny
moan, "No please, fuck me more, I need more, fuck me more, please."

Kathy said, "She's had enough for now."

Kathy lit a cigarette and we shared it. Jamie and Gary were still kissing for
over 20 minutes and Kathy said, "I think they are experiencing, what we just
went through."

Kathy took a drag of our cigarette and flicked it away. She blew out the
smoke and said, "Lick it up baby."

Kathy rolled over and I sucked my cum from her pussy. I kept it in my mouth
and we kissed and swallowed.

Gary and Jamie came and sat next to me and Jamie said, "We just saw some
incredible things. Can she sing?" Jamie pointed to Lonny.

Kathy smiled and said, "We saw it too. We're about to find out."

Kathy went over to Lonny and kissed her to wake her up. Lonny sat up still
dizzy and said, "Wow."

Lonny lit a cigarette as Kathy said, "Lonny, after we have a smoke, let's go
to the studio. Have you ever sung with band?"

Lonny said, "I was a singer, but we couldn't get anywhere. I took a job at
the record company, hoping I might get a chance to perform someday again.
Why'd you ask?"

Kathy said, "We all just have a hunch about something. Just go along with us
for a while."

Kathy took a drag of Lonny's cigarette as the two caressed each other's
breasts. Kathy and Lonny got up as Kathy said, "Let's go make some music."

We went into the studio and Jamie turned everything on and set up a mic for
Lonny. Jamie also queued up a fresh 2 inch tape and set the remote, which was
already level set from out last session.

I said, "Lonny what songs do you know the words to?"

She said, "Just about anything you can play."

I said to Kathy, Gary and Jamie, "Do you know any older Pat Benetar? I think
that style would fit her."

We figured what key was right for Lonny and Jamie started the tape. We played
while she sang. She sounded damn good. Not in our exact style, but good. We
finished the recording and all went to the control room to listen. Kathy and
I sat with her on my lap and Gary and Jamie did the same. We had Lonny sit in
the center chair. Jamie and Kathy were leaning forward setting the levels for
the mix. Jamie queued it, and hit play.

It really did sound good. I said, "Lonny do you play any instruments?"

She said, "Yeah, believe it or not I am a really good guitar player."

I said, "Go pick up one of the guitars and play and sing something for us. I
want to run another tape."

I queued the master past the other recording and said "anytime you're ready"
into the intercom and pressed record.

Lonny started to play and we all recognized the song. It was from our shared
vision we just had. This song was good, and she played a strong guitar. Not
as good as me, but pretty damn close. When she ended, I stopped the tape and
we all applauded.

Lonny blushed and Kathy said again, "How cute, she's blushing again."

Lonny came up to the booth and we all listened to the tape. It was a really
good song and had excellent vocals.

Kathy reached for her cigarettes and Lonny took one out and lit it for each
of us. Then one for herself. Lonny said, "I must be so fucked up. Doing this
type of stuff you all of you makes me so wet."

We started to laugh and Jamie said, "Lonny, trust me - Ken and Kathy have you
beat by light years in the fucked up department."

Kathy was rubbing my chest and neck as I said to Lonny, "Dave asked us to fix
the band Dangerous. They are to do anything we say, or Dave said they're
fired. Their guitar player and lead singer absolutely suck. We already got a
producer's retainer for helping them and couldn't even think of where to
start. They also have shitty material. How would you like to play guitar and
sing for them and write the material with us? We have to clear it with Dave
first, and we probably won't start until we finish recording in about two to
three weeks."

Lonny was smiling ear to ear. She screamed, "Yes! I can't believe it!"

Lonny kissed each of us and I said, "Dave still has to OK this, because we
have to fire their guitar player and singer."

Lonny was in heaven and really didn't hear another word I said. Kathy said,
"Let it sink in first. We'll have a lot of time to make it work. We all know
Dave's going to agree, we saw the results. You know they are using our
equipment, which can only mean that we tour together."

I said, "Lonny, how would you feel if we changed the name of Dangerous to
Dangerous Curves? You are sexy you know."

I whispered in Kathy's ear, "It saw it on the bass drum head."

Kathy said, "Let's ask little Willie."

Kathy started talking into my crotch and was playing puppets again. She said,
"Hi little Willie. Yes, I know the cave was dark again and you threw up all
that while stuff. But we cleaned it up for you. We wanted to ask you what you
thought of the name Dangerous Curves? I know she is really sexy and has lots
of curves. You like it? Oh that's good. And she sings good too. What? You
want to go swimming. Ok get on your swim suit and goggles."

Kathy lifted her head smiling and said, "Race you to the bathroom baby."

Kathy and I ran to the bathroom and she sat while I peed into her pussy. Then
we laid down and Kathy sucked my cock clean and I licked her pussy. We went
back into the control room and Lonny said, "Jamie, you were so right. I have
nothing worry about. These two are really sick. So that's where the name
Little Willie came from. I like it."

I said, "Let's go have some wine."

We all went upstairs to the living room.


We all went upstairs to the living room and Kathy and Jamie got out couple of
bottles of cold wine and 5 glasses.

Jamie went upstairs and came back down with two joints. Jamie walked over to
Lonny and said, "Light one of these baby and pass it around. They are really

Lonny put the joint in her lips and lit it. She took a deep drag and held it,
another and then blew out the smoke handing it to Jamie. The joint made its
way halfway around, as Lonny lit another, and started passing it also. We
were all stoned in 10 minutes.

Kathy was rubbing my cock while we sat next to Lonny on one side, and Jamie
sitting on Gary's lap on the other. Kathy got me hard while I was rubbing her
nipples and licking them. Lonny was massaging Kathy's breasts and also
fingering herself.

Kathy got up and sat on my cock and I was buried 8 inches into her. She
started fucking me as Jamie was fucking Gary the same way. Kathy and Jamie
leaned over and kissed and darted tongues into each other's mouth. Then Kathy
leaned the other way and kissed Lonny and was really going at it with her.
Kathy whispered to Lonny slowly, "baby, you looked so hot when I was fucking
you outside with my toys. You want the real thing a little later?"

Lonny was sucking on Kathy's breasts and said, "Kathy that would be
wonderful. I want to be fucked in my pussy and my ass at the same time. I
want to scream when I cum and want you and Jamie to hold me."

Kathy was fucking me faster and said, "I want you to cum in me baby."

Kathy bent over and kissed me and then reached down and kissed Gary. She
said, "Gary honey, how would you like to fuck Lonny with Ken, while Jamie and
I make Lonny feel good?"

Gary was smiling and said to Jamie, "Only if you're Ok with it, and will be
watching me."

Jamie kissed Kathy while the two girls were arching their backs, and fucking
me and Gary in time with each other. Kathy bent back over me and kissed me
again moaning, "I'm cumming baby, I cumming now, mmmmm" as she jerked once
and then started to fuck me again.

I knew I was getting close to cumming, as Lonny moved forward and put her
hand on my cock going in and out of Kathy's pussy. Kathy put her hand over
Lonny's and pushed down hard onto my cock, and I started to shoot. I shot my
load into Kathy making her spasmed, and then she started to slowly grind her
hips on my cock. She whispered to me, "That felt so good when your came in me
honey. Stay like this for a while."

Gary shot his load within seconds after I did. Jamie was rocking back and
forth on Gary grinding her pussy into him.

Lonny stood up and walked over to Jamie, and Jamie started licking Lonny's
pussy as Lonny held Jamie's head. Jamie put her hand behind Lonny and was
slowly fingering her ass.

Kathy kept moving on me slowly and bent down and we kissed while we sucked
each other's tongues. Kathy moved her head down to my neck and said, "I want
you to eat your cum out of me and show me you have it all in your mouth
before you swallow it."

Kathy got up and stood on the couch with one leg wrapped over and around my
shoulder. Then she pushed her pussy into my face. I licked and sucked all of
my cum out of her and held it in my mouth. I pushed Kathy's leg open a little
so she could see my open mouth and Kathy said, "Swallow it baby and lick me

I swallowed and Kathy pushed her leg back so I could lick her again. I licked
her pussy lips and then her clit. I flicked my tongue the way I know she
likes it, and Kathy was moaning again. She said, "Keep licking baby, I'm
almost there."

I licked and then sucked again. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in her
entire pussy, and then licked it while it was in my mouth. I darted my tongue
in and then went back to her clit. Kathy was bucking my face and came again.
I sucked all her juices and then she put down her leg, and kissed me to taste
herself in mouth. Kathy sat back down on my lap and was pushing my semi-hard
cock back into her pussy. I was inside of her just a little, and Kathy rocked
back and forth until I was completely inside her again.

Lonny had moved back over by me and was rubbing my cock inside of Kathy's
pussy. Kathy said, "Lonny can you hand me a cigarette."

Lonny lit up a cigarette and put it in Kathy's lips. Then lit one for me and
put it in my lips, and one for herself. Lonny was sitting with one hand just
inside of Kathy's pussy on my semi-hard cock. Kathy was blowing out smoke and
said, "Lonny, that feels good baby. Push your fingers in farther on top of
Ken's cock honey. Put them in my pussy and move them around. Rub Ken's cock
to get it hard honey. That's going to be in your ass in few minutes while
Gary's cock is in your pussy. Doesn't it make you hot thinking about it? It
makes me so wet thinking about watching you get fucked baby."

Lonny was getting into it and was pushing her fingers into Kathy and rubbing
my cock, which was now getting hard again. Kathy said to Lonny, "That was
real good baby, now stop cause Ken's hard again."

Gary was licking Jamie's pussy as Jamie was sucking his cock back to being
hard again. We watched Jamie and Gary as Jamie got off of him and came over
and gave me a tongue kiss, and then said, "Little brother, I want to watch
you fuck her ass. Fuck her hard and make her scream."

Kathy got off of me and took Gary's hand and said, "Lay down here baby and
kissed him."

Kathy walked over and took my hand and walked me over to Gary, and said,
"Kneel behind Lonny after she gets onto Gary."

Kathy kissed Lonny and walked her over to Gary and had her sit on his cock.
Gary slid right in as Lonny was soaking wet. Lonny bent forward and Kathy
positioned my cock to her butt hole. Kathy spit on my cock and also her
fingers. She put her fingers in Lonny's butt first and Lonny moaned. Then
Kathy positioned my cock to go in. I pushed in slowly as Lonny pushed back
onto me. I timed Lonny's rocking and started to fuck her. Kathy was watching
my cock fuck into Lonny's ass while reaching around Lonny to massage her
nipples. Jamie sat on Gary's face and was kissing Lonny.

Lonny was moaning into Jamie's mouth and broke the kiss, as I was fucking her
hard. My balls were slapping against her butt checks. Lonny screamed, "Fuck
me harder. I want it to hurt. Harder and faster. Yeah just like that baby,
just like that."

Gary was pushing up when I pushed in giving Lonny both full cocks at once and
stretching her ass and pussy. I could fell Gary's cock against mine and I was
getting close to cumming again. Kathy had her head right next to my cock and
said, "Shoot in my mouth baby, cum in me."

I felt Gary spasm and shoot into Lonny. I pulled out and Kathy deep throated
me as I fucked her face. I shot over and over into Kathy's throat and she
kept sucking me. As I started to get softer, Kathy was massaging my cock with
her tongue and sucking hard on my cock. She stood up on her knees and kissed
me passionately.

We laid down and kissed for over 10 minutes. Kathy broke the kiss hugging me
tightly and whispered in my ear, "Baby, we gave Lonny a gift that she'll
never forget. I love you so much."

Jamie must have cum 4 times riding Gary's face while kissing Lonny. Then she
sucked Gary's cum out of Lonny's pussy and shared it with Gary. Lonny was
cuddled up holding Jamie with her head on Jamie's breasts and lit a
cigarette. Kathy and I sat up and Kathy said to Lonny, "Toss me the pack

Lonny got up and walked behind Kathy, and sat down with her legs wrapped
around Kathy's. She put a cigarette into Kathy's lips and lit it from behind
and then started massaging Kathy's breasts with one hand and rubbing Kathy's
clit with the other. Lonny said to Kathy, "Thank you so much baby. This has
been the best day of my life. I'll never forget you and I want to make you
feel good. Just lean on me and enjoy it."

Kathy's eyes were half closed so I took the cigarette from her fingers and
took a drag. Within a few minutes Kathy was moaning and had another orgasm.
Lonny didn't slow down until Kathy had 2 more. Gary, Jamie and I just watched
Kathy with her eyes half closed in ecstasy. I leaned over and kissed Kathy
and she held my head to her lips and then said very slowly, "This feels so
good, please don't let her stop."

Lonny heard Kathy and kept going until Kathy had another orgasm and was
laying on Lonny, collapsed on the floor.

Kathy crawled over to me and lay on me as we kissed. She lifted her head and
said, "That was real nice. Did you like watching me baby?"

I said, "Kathy, you were beautiful."

Lonny came around with the cigarettes again and a fresh glass of wine. I
noticed it was past sunset and said, "What time is it?" Jamie said, "It's
7:55, everyone to the den and I'll turn on the show."

We went into the den and I took out pillows and blankets from the closet so
we could watch the show lying down on the floor. We were all laying on our
backs with our heads propped up on a couple of pillows with a blanket over
us. Jamie turned on the remote and the commercials were airing. The show
started and within the first 2 minutes one of our fast rock songs was playing
during the first scene. Kathy was lying next to me and sat up screaming,
"It's our song! Yes! Thank you daddy!"

Kathy lay back down next to me and squeezed my hand hard. The show was really
good and we all getting involved in the plot. At about 8:20 another one of
our songs was playing while a couple was in a bar. It only played for about
30 seconds, but Kathy sat up and screamed "Yes! That was number 2 !"

We were all watching the show and the plot was very sad, a real tear jerker.
The couple was getting back together and he proposed to her while they played
`Forever in Love', the entire song. Kathy didn't stand up. She rolled over
to me and we hugged each other crying like babies. This was so emotional for
us. Jamie, Gary and Lonny also had tears in their eyes.

The show was excellent and they played `Forever in Love' during the ending

Kathy and I laid there for a while kissing after the show ended and everyone
kissed us on the check and said come up stairs to the kitchen when you're
ready. We were both so choked up we just kissed for about 15 minutes and
hugged each other.

I said to Kathy, "You still want to marry this lunatic laying next to you?"

Kathy said, "More than ever."

I said, "Let's go have some wine, some dinner and then you and I will make
love all night."

We went upstairs to the kitchen.

Lonny said, "That was so beautiful. You both cried over your song. I felt it

Gary said, "Kathy, we all owe your father a lot. That couldn't have been

Jamie toasted her wine glass, "Well said lover."

I said, "So what do we want to order for dinner tonight?"

Lonny said, "How about Pizza?"

We all laughed and told her about the last two nights. We agreed on sub
sandwiches and Lonny said that she would answer the door this time. I ordered
the food and we poured some more wine. We all lit a cigarette and talked
about the TV show. Lonny whispered something in Kathy's ear and Kathy smiled
and got up. She came back with 2 butt plugs and KY. She lubed them and Lonny
stood up. Lonny then sat down on one in her ass and put the other in her
pussy. Lonny was moving her ass a little and said, "I hope the doorbell rings
soon or I'm going to cum all over the chair. This feels great."

Lonny took a drag from her cigarette as the doorbell rang. She put her
cigarette in Kathy's lips and walked to the door with the plugs in her, bent
over. We listened. She sounded frantic and said, "Can you please help me.
Bring the food into the kitchen. We're having a sex party and I got these
plugs stuck in me. Nobody will help me and I can't get them out. Please can
you help? They all told me that I wasn't wet enough and that I needed more
pussy juices to get it loose. Please."

We were all trying very hard not to laugh as Lonny walked to the kitchen
hunched over, with the delivery driver carrying the subs. He put the subs
down and said, "What's wrong with you jerks, you can't help the lady?"

Kathy said, "We tried but it's just stuck. She put them in without anything
and they're stuck like glue. Why don't you try to pull them out?"

I handed the driver his money and a tip as Lonny got on all fours on the
counter top with her ass facing the driver and said, "Please help me. It
really hurts."

The driver tried to pull the one out of Lonny's pussy and he was actually
having trouble. Lonny winked at me and then he got it out. He then pulled the
one out of her ass and Lonny screamed, "My God, you ripped me inside, get
out, get out of here."

The driver left in a hurry and we all laughed. I said to Lonny, "How did you
get it stuck."

She said, "I use to do this gag to my old boyfriend when he loved watching me
play with a dildo. I can flex my muscles to hold it in."

I said, "You can put them back in while we eat if you want. We can always
wash the chair."

Lonny said, "I think I just may do that", and put then back in and sat down.

We ate the food as Lonny was squirming on the chair a little and then had an
orgasm while Jamie was passing out cookies for desert. Kathy said to Lonny,
"Good dinner wasn't it?"

Lonny put her head down on the table and just smiled with a dazed look.

I said, "We better get some real food in the house, because we are going to
run out of places that will deliver to us real soon."


We went into the living room and Lonny changed the butt plugs for a two
headed dildo. As Kathy would put it, she was making her own fun.

Kathy and I were sitting on the floor by the fireplace, next to Gary and
Jamie. Lonny was about 10 feet away and in her own world right now. We had
some wine and Jamie had a joint in her mouth looking for a lighter. Gary
said, "I think its stuck in Lonny's ass, want me to go check?"

It was actually next to Lonny and Gary lit the joint for Jamie. She took a
drag and we passed it around. Kathy and I were leaning against each other.
She put her arms around me and kissed me. Then she pulled me to the floor and
rolled on top of me. She said, "I love you so much. Do you believe what
happened today? We're fucking millionaires. Holy Shit!"

I said, "I know baby and the best part of it is that we are getting paid to
do what we both love to do".

Kathy was rubbing my cock and getting me hard while we kissed, as she kept
saying, "I can't fucking believe it."

Kathy took the last drag of the joint and tossed it into the fireplace. She
got on top of me in a 69 position and I was licking her pussy. Kathy started
by licking my shaft up one side and down the other. She was massaging my
balls and put a finger in my ass. The she moved her finger around in my hole
and was rubbing my cock with her other hand. She started sucking me slowing
and deep throated me before going back to licking the shaft. It felt great.

I was licking her pussy and flicking my tongue over her bud in her clit. I
licked the length of her pussy and then stretched my neck to circle her butt
hole with my tongue. I darted it in and out and then licked back down to her
pussy lips. Kathy moved around and sat on my cock and faced me in her
favorite position. She was moving slowly, kissing me softly and moaning, "I
want you in me all night honey. We are going to fuck until we can't move
baby. This I our night."

As Kathy and I were really getting into it the phone rang. Since it was on
the table right next to me I answered it. "Hello this is Ken."

"Ken, how are you? Is Kathy there, this is Matt, her father."

I said, "Hold on a second", and pushed mute. I said, "Kathy baby, you father
is on the phone."

She said, "You talk to him while I fuck you senseless. Tell him I'm in the

I hit mute again and said, "Kathy's in the bathroom, you want me have her
call you?"

He said, "No. I just wanted to know what you thought of the show."

I was having trouble thinking with Kathy fucking me and smiling, knowing it
was her father on the phone. I said, "It was great. We loved it. We can't
thank you enough. Kathy and I cried when `Forever in Love' came on. It was

Matt said, "We'll, I've got some more good news for you. The network got the
highest rating ever for that show. Their switch boards are overfilled with
calls wanting to buy your music. I already called Dave and we are going to
cancel the Wednesday gig, and have you guys work as fast as you can to finish
the album. Ken, he is going to release your song `Forever in Love' as single
as soon as Wednesday. I can't believe it. Tell Kathy, Gary and Jamie, and
give them my best."

I said "Thanks again."


Kathy was still fucking me and I think my dick went numb. She smiled at me
and said, "I'm glad you didn't say something like I'm cumming daddy in the
phone. So what did he say baby?"

I said, "Kathy, slow down a minute if you want me to talk honey."

Kathy slowed down and sat up on me. She lit a cigarette for her and me and
said, "So tell me why you couldn't talk while I was fucking you, because I'm
not stopping until we wake up in the morning."

I said, "Gary and Jamie should hear this too baby."

Kathy called out, "Gary, Jamie. Stop this horsing around we are having a very
important band meeting. Ken has something to say."

The both got up and Jamie was sitting on Gary just like Kathy on me. Gary
said, "What's so important."

I said, "Matt just called. The TV show had the highest ratings ever. People
are calling to buy our music. Dave's releasing `Forever in Love' Wednesday as
a single and they want us to finish the CD as soon as possible. They canceled
Wednesday's gig for the TV show until we get the CD done. So I thought we
could start tomorrow afternoon and just go until we finish it."

Kathy looked at me smiling and said, "Baby, that's great news, but all I want
to do is fuck you all night. Let's talk music tomorrow."

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and so did I. We blew out the smoke as
Lonny came over to lie by my side. Lonny said, "I heard what you said. I'm so
happy for you. Can I take one of your cars in the morning to get my stuff,
that way I won't slow you down."

Kathy kissed Lonny and said, "We need to slow down. And, besides, I want to
help you get your stuff and move in. It will be fun. We can record really
fast. It won't take us more than a week to finish the CD."

Lonny said, "I would like that very much if you helped me Kathy", and kissed
her with a passionate mouth open kiss.

Lonny moved to knell behind Kathy between my legs. Lonny was doing to Kathy
again what she did before, and Kathy was already starting to cum. While Kathy
was fucking me, Lonny had one hand massaging Kathy's breasts and the other
rubbing her clit. Kathy was fucking me slow and keep saying, "I love you
baby, keep fucking me while Lonny makes me feel so good. Watch her squeeze my
titties honey. She does it so soft and gentle it makes me so wet. Ken honey,
I want you in me forever. I want you to cum 100 times in me tonight. I want
us to paint our faces with it in the morning and then lick each other. I want

Kathy spasmed and kept on fucking me. Lonny was rubbing Kathy's butt hole and
pushing a dildo into Kathy's ass. I could fell it against my cock. Kathy
started fucking faster and faster. She leaned forward and we locked lips and
were sucking each other's tongues. Kathy said, "Cum in me baby. cum now, I'm
starting again."

I felt my self starting to cum and then I shot again and again into Kathy's
pussy as she spasmed with me. We closed our eyes and drifted for a minute and
then came back to reality and kept fucking. I was still hard and she was
moving on me bucking and grinding her hips with the dildo still being fucked
into her ass. Kathy said, "Lonny honey, please take it out now baby. I want
to fuck Ken all night and sleep like this. I don't want to get so worn out we
can't make love. Please understand."

Lonny took out the dildo and kissed both of us. She laid down just cuddling
with us while we kept fucking. Kathy and I were in our own world now. We
didn't hear anything or see anything that wasn't part of our love making. I
was starting to cum again and jerked and shot several times. Kathy slowed
down and said slowly, "Baby that fells so good. Just keep going and pick me
up and carry me to our bedroom."

Kathy wrapped her legs around me and I got up carrying her. She held her
cigarettes and we walked up stairs to our bedroom. She kept fucking me the
whole time. We laid down under the top sheet and she turned us over and we
got into a position we could fuck and sleep all night. I couldn't believe
that I was still semi-hard inside of her.

When we got comfortable, Kathy slowed down and said, "let's have a cigarette
and then go until the sun comes up baby."

Kathy lit a cigarette and put it in my lips and then lit one for her. She
took a drag and then another, before blowing out the smoke slowly. She had
her head on mine and said, "Baby, when I was little girl I wished upon a star
that I would meet someone someday that I could love forever and have
children, and make music with. I never thought it would ever come true. Were
you the little boy wishing on that same star that night? Because this is more
than I could have ever hoped for. I love you so much and I want to marry you
and be with your forever."

Kathy kissed me and hugged me tight. I said, "I wished on stars every night
for someone like you Kathy. I guess I was just lucky enough to have my wish
come true."

Kathy and I kissed and we were so emotionally connected. We finished our
smoke and we caressed each other. I was hard inside of Kathy and was fucking
her again. She was moving with me and I felt like we were somehow different,
like the other night when we had that long experience together. I felt like
she was reaching into my mind with hers, and I answered her in my mind, "Yes
I love you too."

We made love, non-stop for over 2 hours. I was holding off cumming as Kathy
had several orgasms. I said, "Kathy baby. I'm going to cum soon."

She moved faster as we kissed and Kathy was licking my ear. She said, "Shoot
in me now baby, I going cum too, now, now, do it now."

I shot my cum and jerked while Kathy was cumming. We both were having orgasms
uncontrollably. Our body's felt like one again. We saw a vision and it was
beautiful as we were speaking in our minds watching. I said to her in my
mind, "wake up baby, wake up." We opened our eyes and it had happened again.
The sun was just coming up and we were still fucking. I was still inside of
her and I could feel everything was soaking wet.

Kathy kissed me and said, "That was beautiful. We were talking to each other.
Ken, it's so fantastic, we saw everything together. Our first child. The
first days of school. My parents were back together again and yours are
living in Hawaii. We saw everything that was good. I feel so wonderful. Kiss

Kathy and I kissed and I was still fucking her. I reached down with my hand
and used my fingers to wipe up some cum and put it in our mouths. She licked
and kissed me hard. I moved out a little and it was like a flood coming from
around her pussy. I cupped my hand and wiped the cum up and put it in our
mouths several times, as we kissed and swallowed. I pushed my cock back into
her and we both fell asleep kissing.


Kathy woke me up fucking me and kissing me. She said, "Baby, we just passed
12 hours. How about if we fuck one more time before we get up. When your
ready to cum, lets 69 and you can shoot in my mouth."

We fucked each other hard. My cock was sloshing in her cum drenched pussy and
we both were getting ready to explode. I pulled out and turned on top of
Kathy. She started to suck me and I was eating my cum out of her pussy. I
felt my self starting to cum and shot a small load into her mouth. Kathy
swallowed and said, "Ken honey, let's get up baby."

I moved my mouth and said, "Look at the mess that we made."

Kathy saw white sperm still flowing out of her pussy. I cupped my hand and
brought it to her mouth and we swallowed it together. We went into the
bathroom and she sat on the toilet and it ran out. I put my cock to her pussy
and we kissed and I said, "Little Willie's not going to like this one. He
needs a submarine".

Kathy smiled and said, "Just piss on me baby, just piss on me."

We did and I couldn't lick it up. We got into the shower and cleaned
ourselves good. For having fucked all night, we both felt great.

We walked downstairs to see if anyone was up.

They were all in the kitchen having coffee and Jamie said, "Did you really
fuck all night? We went into see you 6 times and you didn't even hear us and
were fucking your asses off."

Kathy smiled and said, "Last night Ken and I experienced something I can't
explain. Yes we fucked all night and he came so much we had to wash it out of
me. We were speaking to each other in our minds."

Kathy and I kissed and she said, "I am so happy baby. Let's have some

Jamie said, "I made eggs, bacon, potatoes, toast, and sausage."

I fixed Kathy and me a plate and we sat down to eat. I asked Lonny, "You
sleep Ok?"

Lonny said, "I feel great. When can we go to my house so I can get packed?"

Kathy smiled again and said, "As soon as we eat and dress."

We ate our breakfast and were having coffee. Lonny lit us cigarettes. Kathy
took a drag and was blowing out the smoke when the phone rang. I picked it up
and said, "Hello, this is Ken."

I heard "Ken, it's your father and mother. Is Jamie and Kathy there with

I said "Yeah. I'll put you on speaker."

I pushed the speaker button and said, "it's mom and dad - We're all here."

We heard, "Hello everyone. Your father and I called to tell you some news. We
have decided to sell our surgical practice and stay in Hawaii."

Jamie's face went blank and mumbled, "No fucking way I'm going to Hawaii".

My mother continued, "Doctor Carson is buying us out. We've already bid on a
research lab here and got our licenses to operate here. We also found a
lovely home and put down a deposit. Ken, Jamie, this is something we wanted
to do for a long time and we hope you're happy for us. Your father's new
surgical techniques have finally been approved and we can start using them. I
won't bore you with details but they can help millions of people. Your father
and I want to spend the rest of lives here. All of you can come visit us
whenever you want. Now your father wants to say something."

I took a drag of Kathy's cigarette and was thinking about telling them of the
plane crash that Kathy and I saw in our dreams.

My father continued, "I don't want you to think that we are not going to take
good care of you. Ken and Jamie - the house is yours. I already signed over
the title. Keep it, sell it, do what ever you like. I set up a trust to pay
the taxes, utilities and upkeep for the next 20 years. Ken, I know you're
going to hate us for this, but the Porsche is yours also. Your mother and I
will be sending someone there to pack cloths and some personal things and
ship them to us. We didn't want to tell you about this until we knew it was
finalized, and we didn't get that notification until yesterday. Jamie, I
didn't want you to think we left you out of this either. Your birthday is
coming up so we are having a new car delivered to you. I think you are really
going to like it. I'm not going to tell what is it is but I'll give Kathy a
clue. Kathy, The car has a flying lady on the hood. It is a convertible,
turbo charged, and has over 560 horsepower. Do you know what we got Jamie?"

Kathy yelled "Oh my God Jamie. Oh my God. You got her the Rolls Royce Bentley
Turbo R Convertible? Oh my God that's orgasmic."

We heard, "See Meg - I knew she'd know what it was. Kathy, that's why we are
giving you and Ken the Race car we got at auction. It's the original Lemans
Porsche 917K that finished first. Again, do what you want with it. However,
I'm guessing that your father may want to drive it. We spent an hour talking
on the phone about his collection of Ferraris. Your mother has one more
thing she wants to tell you."

My mother continued "Ken, Kathy and Jamie, we didn't tell you everything we
knew about the visions you were experiencing because we didn't want to
frighten you. Your father and I have had these now for many years and have
been able to figure most of them out. If you notice he always has a Rolex
watch on his wrist showing the time and calendar. He never takes it off.
When we have a vision, the first thing we focus in on is his wrist, so we can
tell when it may occur. The visions are what will happen if you let it. You
can change it. I know that you saw the vision of us dieing in a plane crash.
We saw it too, and changed it by not taking that flight. Visions are only
about the people you love and are closest to. I saw your record contract deal
and we both wanted to say congratulations, you all deserve it. If your
father and I understood the vision correctly, you got somewhere over 6
million dollars today, and you will end up with over 100 times that much in
the next few years. And, we loved your songs. Kathy your voice is amazing.
What I want for us to do is to promise to call each other every time we have
a vision of something bad. We can change it. We have done it over 30 times so
far. Just please Ken, keep your watch on. It will make our visions of you and
your visions of us that much easier to figure out."

I was kind of relieved not having to tell them about the plane crash as my
mother continued. "We will call you when we have our house ready. If you need
us, you can call the pager. Ken, Jamie, and Kathy, have a wonderful time with
your music, enjoy it and be good to each other, and all of you, please call
us when you find time. We love you all."

We all said, "We love you too. Bye".

Kathy said, "I have to drive that car."

I said, "the Porsche?" Kathy said "No, the Bentley Turbo R, Oh my God what a

I said, "Kathy you should call your father. He wanted us to call him today
anyway. He really wanted to talk to you last night, not me. I told him you
were in the bathroom, when you were really fucking my brains out, remember?
If you want to give him a hard on, tell him we are going to have delivered to
his house the original Porsche 917K that won at Lemans. It's his but it does
need something - do you remember what it needs?"

Kathy said, "A turbo housing which is easy to do. Ken, do you know how much
that car is worth?"

I said, "It doesn't matter. He will appreciate it much more than we will.
Anyway I'm sure he'll let us drive it on the track."

Kathy reached for the pack of cigarettes and Lonny came over and lit one for
each of us. Kathy took a drag and said to me, "Are you going to miss your

I said, "a little. But we can fly to Hawaii for vacation and visit then
anytime. This is what they wanted to do. Why not be happy for them."

Kathy picked up the phone and dialed her father. We didn't listen to
everything, but she had a few tears running down her face when she gave her
father the 917 race car.

I called Jim, the limo driver, and asked him if he could drive us somewhere
today. He said he could be here in 20 minutes. We all got dressed and went
with Lonny outside to wait. Lonny said, "I can't believe that your parents
gave you this house. This has to be a fortune."

I said, "My parents have lots of money and have always done things like this.
They even operate free sometimes if a person can't afford an operation. Then
they pay for their living and transportation costs to the hospital and rehab.
They really like doing this type of stuff."

The limo pulled up and we all got in.


We were in the limo and Lonny gave directions to Jim and said it should take
about 40 minutes. Kathy hit the button to open the bar and we all did 2 shots
of Black Bush whiskey again. Kathy said, "Jamie and Lonny, come sit in the
back with me. We are going to entertain the guys for a while."

Kathy, Jamie and Lonny all had on very sexy outfits. Kathy did a great job of
buying Lonny some new cloths. They also didn't have any underwear on again,
which was also getting me hard. Damn, just looking at them without their
bras on, gets me hard.

Lonnie sat in the middle. Kathy and Jamie pulled up their skirts exposing
their pussies and then they both pulled up Lonny's skirt and Kathy said,
"Spread your pussy baby so Ken and Gary can see it. That's good. Now take
your hand and put it on your clit, just the way you like it. Yeah that's it.
Jamie and I are going to do the same thing to get ourselves off also."

Kathy, Jamie and Lonny all had their hands rubbing their clits. Kathy said to
me, "Do you like what we are doing for you baby? Why don't you and Gary come
sit closer to us?"

Lonny and Jamie were moaning softly and Kathy had her head back. Lonny was
squeezing her nipples and so was Kathy. Jamie was using her other hand to
touch her pussy.

Gary and I got up and moved near to the girl's feet. Lonny was moaning and
pinching one of her nipples and said, "I want you both to jerk each other off
and cum onto my pussy. I want to watch you while you watch me."

Kathy was moaning, "Touch yourselves so we can watch."

I unzipped my fly and started rubbing my cock. I saw Gary pull his out and I
reached over to him and was rubbing his cock also. He put his head back and
just watched as I jerked him off. Lonny and Kathy were getting turned on
watching me and were fingering themselves faster. Kathy was moaning, "Jerk
him of baby. I want to see him cum."

I was jerking off myself with my right hand and Gary with my left. As I
rubbed Gary faster, he was getting into it and I could see the pre-cum on his
cock. I bent down and licked the tip and then sucked his cock into my mouth,
while still jerking him off. Lonny was bucking into her fingers and said,
"Suck his cock Ken. I want to watch both of you cum on my pussy."

Jamie started to spasm and was cumming. She kept fingering herself and was
now gently massaging Lonny's breasts. Kathy kissed Lonny and while rubbing
herself and pinching her nipples. I was sucking Gary for over 10 minutes and
stroking myself. Gary was starting to cum and I pulled my mouth off and moved
his cock to Lonny's pussy as he shot on her. I knelt right in front of Lonny
and was rubbing myself fast. I felt my cum starting and I moved forward to
where my cock was inches from Lonny's pussy and I shot. Kathy grabbed my hand
and helped me jerk myself off as I was cumming.

Gary and I sucked each other's cock for a few minutes and swallowed all the
left over cum. I sat with my face almost touching Kathy's pussy as she was
cumming. I moved her hand and licked her pussy and then sucked it. I licked
the length and them flicked my tongue of over her clit. Each time I darted my
tongue into her, and then sucked her again. I pulled Kathy's face to mine and
we kissed and I said, "I am in love with the sexiest woman in the world."

Kathy smiled at me as I kept rubbing her pussy while she watched Lonny.

Gary was sucking Jamie's pussy, lifting her to his face with his hands under
her ass. Lonny was rubbing herself into another orgasm and was spreading our
cum all over her pussy and legs. She wiped some with her fingers, and then
licked her fingers clean and then did it again.

Kathy pulled me up and had me sit on her lap. I was on her knee with her arms
wrapped around my neck as she was kissing me. I was caressing her breasts and
squeezing them as Kathy was rubbing my semi-hard cock that was hanging out of
my fly. She said, "Baby, let's do something special after we get back with
Lonny. We are going be locked the studio for a long time after tonight. I
want us to go somewhere or do something we will always remember."

Lonny recovered from her last orgasm and was lighting a cigarette for Kathy.
Kathy put it in her lips and took a drag while I whispered in her ear, "Just
the two of us?"

Kathy whispered back, "Just us baby, just you and me."

I said, "How about something we have never done before."

Kathy smiled and said, "How about we do some really stupid stuff that could
be fun. I've never gone bowling, never played miniature golf, and never been
to a baseball game. Which one sounds good to you?"

I said, "You really never did any of those things? We can do all of them if
you want. Let me call to get tickets to the ball game tonight."

She smiled again and said, "I also never had sex standing up in a limo with
the sun roof open, while people can watch us driving by. Let's ask Jim to
drive us."

Kathy kissed me again which I guess meant we were taking the limo.

I used the car phone and we had no luck on the game. The teams were both out
of town. I said, "How about we settle on bowling and golf, and we go to a
nice dinner and afterwards."

Kathy kissed me again and said, "Remember, we can make our own fun where ever
we are."

Jim knocked on the glass partition as we were pulling into Lonny's street.
Lonny moved forward and told Jim which house it was.

Lonny lived in a small house. Her parents were much older than Kathy's, or
mine and were waiting for her outside on the porch. When Jim stopped the car,
they walked over to the limo and opened the door for us. We all got out and
Lonny hugged and kissed each of them. She introduced her parents to us and
introduced us the biggest rock band for the next ten years.

We went inside to Lonny's bedroom and helped her pack some stuff. Kathy was
looking at some of the things on Lonny's bookshelf and was really interested.
Apparently, Lonny's hobby is ancient archeology. She had books on everything
imaginable. Kathy asked, "How long have you been into archeology?"

Lonny said, "I was for a long time, but I couldn't find a job. I have my
Masters, but lost interest while going for my PHD. I just love music too

Kathy said, "What are all of these artifacts?"

Lonny went on for a while explaining where things were found, the age, who
used them, what they were for, why they were important, and lots of other
stuff. She really is intelligent. She also had some neat stuff from an
Egyptian tomb. Jamie picked up some ancient wood masks used for religious
dances and was trying them on. She was chasing Kathy around the room saying,
"I want to eat you."

Lonny had everything packed and we all carried some of it outside for Jim to
load into the trunk. Her parents invited us to stay for lemonade on the back
porch and we all agreed. They also asked Jim to join us and he did. Her
parents must have had Lonny when they were over 40, as they told us that
Lonny was their 12th child, but definitely the favorite. We had our lemonade
and went back to the car.

As we were pulling out of her driveway, Kathy said, "Your parents are so
cute. They're adorable."

Lonny said, "They've had a tough life but always stuck together. They barely
make ends meet."

I said, "Lonny, if my hunch about your music and Dangerous Curves is right,
you are going to have more money than you know what to do with. You'll be
able to give your parents anything they want."

Kathy wanted to cuddle with me and we sat together kissing and caressing each
other. Lonny asked if anyone wanted a cigarette and she lit one for every
one. Kathy touched Lonny's pussy as Lonny put the cigarette into her lips.
Kathy took a drag and then held up her wet fingers. Lonny blushed as Kathy
said, "Lonny don't be embarrassed. This is great baby. I wish I could get wet
that quick."

Jamie jumped in, "Kathy, I get that way when Gary and I pee together. Doesn't
that get you off also?"

Kathy and I took a drag from her cigarette and she said while blowing out the
smoke, "It feels good when Ken pees in me, and we love cleaning each other up
after. It's just like warm water. We have fun at it, which makes it romantic.
I don't think either of us gets turned on by peeing. It's not like when he's
holding my breasts to his lips and sucking my nipples. That gets me fucking
wet. Watch. Lonny, give me your hand."

Kathy put Lonny's hand on her pussy and pulled up her shirt. I squeezed her
breasts and started sucking on a nipple and licking around it. Kathy was
breathing heavy as Lonny said, "Yeah, she's really wet."

I keep on going and Kathy was getting hot. I licked each nipple and then
sucked. I used my tongue to flick her hard nipples and then suck her breast
in my mouth. Kathy was holding my head and licking my ear and saying, "Baby,
now this makes me wet and I want you in me."

We kissed and held each other tight as Jamie said, "How about you Ken. Does
the pee get you turned on?"

I said, "I'm just like Kathy. It's a turns me on because we made it into a
game and it's kind of romantic. Peeing doesn't do much for me though. We lick
each other off and that usually gets us really hot."

I said, "How about you Lonny, ever been into water sports?"

Lonny said, "Never tried it. But I'm open to anything."

Jamie said, "Lonny when Ken and Kathy go out tonight, we are going to have
such a treat for you."

Kathy smiled and put my hand on her pussy and said, "I'm still hot from you
sucking me, let's not waist it."

I was fingering Kathy and sucking her nipples. She undid my belt, unzipped my
pants and pulled my pants down enough to get my hard cock out. Then she
pulled up her skirt and sat on me. I moved until my cock slid in and Kathy
rocked on me slowly. We kissed the whole way back home as Lonny was caressing
us together. It was really sexy.

Jim knocked on the window as we were pulling into our street. Kathy broke the
kiss and said "baby, this is so good, but we have to finish this later."

We all got out and unloaded Lonny's stuff. I asked Jim if he could drive us
tonight and he said he would pick us up at 6. I asked him for a
recommendation on the best restaurant he knew of. He gave me the name and I
made a reservation for 9:30. I asked him about miniature golf and bowling and
he started laughing. I said, "She wants to do something fun and stupid that
we've never done before."

He said he would find out and take us there when he picked us up.

We helped Lonny unpack in a guest room and Jamie said while rubbing Lonny's
tits, "Lonny baby, Gary and I have got pee, you want to try something new?"

Lonny kissed Jamie and took her hand as they walked to the bathroom. Kathy
said to me, "Can we watch. I want to see how she gets off."

We walked into the bathroom and they were all in the bathtub. Gary was
pissing on Jamie's and Lonny's face with their mouths open. Then Jamie
swatted over Gary's face the same way. Kathy said, "Does that do anything for

I said, "not really".

Kathy said, "Me either. I like our game with little Willie better, and I have
to pee right now."

Kathy sat and I squatted to put my cock to her pussy. We kissed and she said,
"Make my pussy feel real warm baby."

We both peed and then licked each other off, as we both got excited again.

Gary, Jamie and Lonny went to the Jacuzzi. Kathy and I went into my bathroom
to take a regular bath, without the whirlpool. Kathy lit a cigarette while we
were filling up the tub and found a small rubber duck on the bathtub ledge.
She said, "So, you're into animals too?"

I said, "Only sheep, goats and dogs. That's why my mother got rid of the
dog." Kathy smiled and we got into the tub.

Kathy sat between my legs leaning back against me in the tub. We were just
enjoying the hot water while she was trying to drown my little rubber duck.
Kathy was giggling and said, "Is this hole on the bottom of Donald here so
you can fit in little Willie?"

She turned over the duck and there was huge hole. I said, "You caught me. I
wasn't going to tell you about how I fantasized about Donald and Mickey ever
since I went to Disney Land and saw them giving Goofy a blowjob. It was so
hot I told Jamie. She bought me the duck and told me she cut a pussy hole
into Donald for me to play with."

Kathy laughed and said, "You really are nuts, but I love you anyway baby",
and kissed me.

We washed each other and goofed around a little. The water started to get
cold so we got out and dried off.

We were getting dressed and I said, "Kathy, it's supposed to be chilly
tonight. Wear something warmer because we are going to be outside for a

"Ken honey, I'm going to wear the hottest things you have ever seen. It is
going to give you a hard on all night. The cool air is going to make my
nipples hard and stick out right through my blouse, and if I get too cold,
I'm sure you'll be able to warm me up real quick."

Kathy kissed me and we were caressing each other again. We laid on my bed and
I got between Kathy's legs and was licking her pussy. I used my hand to rub
her clit while I was darting my tongue in and out. Kathy had her hands on the
back of my head and was moaning, "Make me cum baby, mmmmm, just like that,
keep licking."

I took my time and was licking Kathy in same circles, the full length of her
slit and also her ass. I kept rubbing her clit as I worked my mouth. Kathy
was moaning louder as I sucked her pussy into my mouth and flicked my tongue
over it. Kathy was cumming into my mouth. She spasmed and pushed my head
harder with her hands, while pushing her pussy into my mouth. I sucked for a
few more minutes and then laid next to her, and kissed her.

Kathy said into my ear softly and slowly, "That was so good", and kissed me

We got up and dressed. She wasn't kidding about the cloths. I was getting
hard when I was watching her put on her make up.

We walked into say goodbye to Jamie, Gary and Lonny. They were still in the
Jacuzzi with the jets running. Gary was fucking Jamie in the ass and Jamie
was licking Lonny's pussy as she sat on the ledge. They all stopped moving
for a minute when we walked in as Lonny said, "You both look great."

Jamie turned her head around and said "Wow. Little brother, you and Kathy
have some fun".

Then Gary started fucking full force into Jamie's ass again as Kathy said,
"we will", and smiled at Jamie.


We walked downstairs and out the front door. Jim was already waiting for us.
Before we got into the limo he said, "I got a phone call from your father
about an hour ago. He told me about Hawaii and also asked me to be available
for any of you, anytime. He's paying me a very generous salary. So anytime
you want me to drive, just call or page me. I can be here in under 10

We got in the limo and Jim drove us to a miniature golf place. It was pretty
crowded and Kathy couldn't wait to get out.

Kathy and I have played regular golf together twice. Both of our parents
belong to Oak Hill country club which is a really stuck up, snobby place for
people with too much money. Neither of us really likes it, but our parents
seem to really be into it. My mother and father played with us and we also
played with Kathy's parents. We had a blast. We took a lesson and we were
both decent, being well coordinated to start with.

The last time we played we had a caddy carrying both of our bags, and Kathy
hit a tee shot into the woods. She gave the caddy a 20 dollar bill to
distract her parents while we went into the woods to look for her ball. She
didn't look for anything except my cock and sucked me off. The caddy was
laughing the rest of the round. Her father started to get mad when we were
winning so we both purposely goofed up on the last hole. He had an 84 and we
had an 86 and 87. We still laugh about it as we both got poison ivy from the
blowjob in the woods.

Kathy and I walked up to pay, and got our putters. We were standing in line
and they had music playing through some outside speakers. It was one of the
popular radio stations. A kid who worked there was walking down the line and
said, "How many are playing together?"

I said "two", and he replied, "You will be playing with this couple in front
of you."

Kathy and I introduced us. Their names were Blake and Eva. Both were about 25
years old. I said, "I hope you two don't take this game to seriously. Kathy
and I are totally insane most of the time, and we just wanted to have some
fun tonight. We have never played before."

We talked for a few minutes with Eva and Blake. Kathy and I lit up cigarettes
and were blowing out the smoke when she took my golf ball. I said, "Honey,
you've been holding my balls all day. Now give it back."

Kathy smiled and kissed me as Eve blushed and looked away. Kathy said, "This
I going to be fun baby."

The one thing that Kathy and I leaned how to do pretty good at our golf
lesson was putting. That was the only reason we both scored so well. It was
finally our turn on the first hole and Eva went first. She missed the ball
and Kathy and I laughed. Then she hit the next one so hard it bounced over
the windmill and Blake had to run to get it. He picked it up and dropped it
near the hole. Kathy and I were laughing again. Blake wasn't too much better
and complained about the putter.

Kathy stood next her ball and took 3 practice strokes in a pendulum motion.
She tapped the ball and it rolled perfectly straight under the windmill and
into the hole. I got up and did the same thing. Kathy said, "stint 9 or 10?"
I said "closer to 11, both would have rolled past by 4 feet if they didn't go
in the cup."

Kathy had the score card and said, "Now that's 1 for me, 1 for Ken, how many
for you?"

Blake said, "Give us both a 4".

Kathy and I were really getting into the game and Blake was getting pissed
off. On the 7th hole Kathy and I took off our shoes to walk into the water
and get Eva's ball. Kathy kissed we hot while we were standing in ankle deep
water, and her nipples were sticking almost straight out of her blouse. Blake
was getting excited by watching. He hit his shot dead right and it hit a
little kid on the foot. The father came over screaming. Kathy and I laughed
our asses off.

Kathy was getting Blake mad as hell. On the 13th hole Kathy said, "Blake you
and Eva are only 35 strokes behind us, but you could still win if we both
fuck up really bad."

On the 18th hole the ball has to go up a ramp, through a small hole and it
ends up on a green about 20 feet away. I said, "Kathy I think you still have
honors baby", and gave her a tongue licking wet kiss for about a minute.

Kathy said, "Baby, you're making me wet again."

Kathy hit her shot and it made it through the hole and onto the green. I hit
mine and I got a very lucky hole in one again. Kathy and I jumped up and

It took Blake 5 shots and Eva 4 to get to the putting green. When it was
Kathy's turn she had about a 7 foot putt and said, "Ken, how much break?"

This green actually had a slope to it. I said, "Play it 4 balls outside."

Kathy smiled and said, "You mean like 2 against my ass, and 2 against my

I said, "Yeah, just like that."

Eva blushed, as Kathy hit it into the hole. Blade just yelled, "Shit."

Kathy totaled up the score and Blake didn't want to know what it was. Kathy
had a 31, I had a 32, and Blake and Eva both were over 75. Kathy kissed me
said, "This was a blast. Let's try bowling."

We were getting into the limo and Blake and Eva walked past us to their car.
He came over and shook my hand and said, "I'm sorry I got angry."

I said, "Don't worry about it and have a great evening."

We got in and Jim said, "What was that all about?"

Kathy told him the whole story while we drove to the bowling alley. Jim was
laughing so hard he almost hit a parked car. We got to the bowling alley and
Jim opened the door for us still giggling as we got out of the car and went


Kathy and I walked up the center desk where everyone was gathered. A guy
said, "What size 9,10, 11?"

Kathy had a puzzled look on her face and I said, "I'm a size 10 shoe."

She caught on and said "7."

We had to take off our shoes and Kathy whispered to me, "If I sit to take off
my shoes, my pussy is going to be hanging out. I didn't wear underwear."

I had Kathy sit on a chair and I took of her shoes and put on her bowling
shoes, and I tied them. She kissed me and we gave the guy at the desk our
shoes. He gave us a score sheet and said, "Number 43."

We walked to number 43 and there was another older couple bowling next to us.
I've bowled about 4 times in my life and I suck at it. Kathy has bowled
exactly zero times and has no clue. I told her we needed to get bowling
balls, and we walked through the racks to find the lightest ones that fit our
fingers. We carried then back to the alley and put them in the ball return.
The couple next to us heard us talking and the woman said, "Hi, I'm Angie and
this is my husband Chet. I take it that you have never bowled before?"

Kathy said "Nope. I'm a virgin."

Chet laughed and said, "Angie, I like them already."

It was a little hard talking over the music on the radio station playing
along with the sound of the bowling pins being knocked down. We put our names
on the score sheet and I was explaining to Kathy how to throw the ball down
the alley. Chet and Angie also demonstrated. We each rolled a few practice
balls and Kathy said, "I think I got the hang of it."

Kathy rolled her fist ball that counted and knocked down 9 pins. She ran back
to me and said, "I not a bowling virgin any more", and started to laugh.

Chet couldn't take his eyes off of her. Each time Kathy rolled the ball, Chet
watched her every move. Kathy's skirt was short and it occasionally lifted up
to show she had no underwear on. Also, she didn't have on a bra and her
nipples were hard as a rock sticking out. Kathy sat at the scoring desk and
lit a cigarette and said, "you next baby, knock the shit out of them."

I threw the ball and got a 7. My second ball missed. Kathy got up and rolled
the ball to get a 5 and then her second shot was in the gutter. Kathy gave me
a wet kiss every time we changed turns. Chet was getting a hard on watching

We were in 6th frame and Kathy went to roll the ball and it slipped out of
her hand and bounced on the ball return shoot. Then slowly rolled down the
next alley of Chet and Angie. It barely reached the pins and she got a
strike. Kathy jumped up more excited than we got the $5,000,000 check
yesterday. When she jumped everything showed and Chet was smiling ear to ear.

Angie congratulated Kathy and so did Chet. Kathy sat on my lap and we kissed
for over a minute. She said into my ear, "This is great foreplay. I love
putting my fingers into the balls."

Chet heard us and was pretending not to have. He stood up and had a tent in
his pants as Kathy tried not to laugh.

I rolled and got a strike by luck and Kathy ran up me and we kissed again.
There was a good rock tune on the radio and Kathy got up and started to dance
like we were on stage and then threw the ball. I thought Chet was going to
cum in his pants. Kathy and I were hugging after she threw both into the
gutter while she sat on my lap. I was getting up when we heard on the radio
"Now, the most requested song we have ever had here at WPLX. Just released to
radio stations today from Columbia records, `Forever in Love' by Little

Our song came on from the TV show and Kathy screamed at the top of her lungs.
We both stood and kissed and jumped like idiots. Chet and Angie were just
watching us kiss and hug. We kissed through the whole song and then were just
hugging. We heard the disc jock, "For all of you who want to buy the Little
Willie CD, you are going to have to wait until Wednesday. Now for the

Angie said, "We like that song too, but we didn't get that excited. We
actually cried when we heard it in the TV show."

Kathy had a tear running down her cheek and said, "That's us. We wrote and
recorded that song. We're Little Willie."

Angie and Chet both looked at each other. Chet said, "I don't believe it. You
can't be."

Kathy said, "Just listen."

I sat on the chair at the desk for scoring and Kathy sat on my lap. We sang
the song all the way through together. Angie said, "Chet, that is them

Chet asked us to autograph their bowling sheets and shirts. We both signed
our names and then Kathy wrote at the bottom of the bowling score sheet "To
Chet and Angie, Thank you for helping me loose my virginity. We will always
remember both of you. Love and Kisses, Kathy and Ken."

Angie and Chet read it and laughed hysterically. We bowled the last 2 frames
and both of us ended up with a 102. We said goodbye to them and they insisted
on walking out with us. Kathy put her own shoes on and Chet's cock was about
to burst out of his pants. Angie saw it and smiled. She said, "We need to
thank you. This is the most fun we have had bowling in over 40 years, and
Chet has something below his belt right now that hasn't been there for quite
a while."

We walked out together, and Chet and Angie walked us to the limo. Chet shook
my hand and Kathy gave each of them a peck kiss on the cheek. Jim opened the
back door for us and we got in.

Kathy sat on my lap and said, "That was wild. Where are going to eat?"

I said, "Someplace Jim recommended."


Kathy was sitting on my lap and we kissed. I was rubbing her clit lightly and
she was moaning into my ear. We weren't in the car more than 5 minutes when
Jim knocked on the glass and stopped. Kathy whispered in my ear, "I'm so

We got out of the car and Jim said, "This place is known for it's very unique
meats and beers. Everything is very good."

We walked in and I gave my name. We were escorted to a private table in the
corner of the restaurant. We had 3 waiters seat us, give us our napkins, pour
water and one lit our cigarettes for us. They gave us menus and rattled of a
whole bunch of stuff as specials, and said, "Can I get you a beverage? I
would suggest looking at the last page."

It listed 22 different kinds of beer and also a beer sampler's package for
two. I ordered that. The waiter was back in 2 minutes and gave us the beer
and walked us through the menu. We decided to order the butterfly Venison and
the Lamb, and had then put half of each on both plates. There were 22 shot
glasses of beer on a tray in front of us with ice under the glasses. Kathy
said, "let's each drink half of each glass."

We both picked up a glass and took a taste, and then switched. Some of them
were really good. By the 12th one we were both starting to feel it, and
narrowed it down to two that we really liked. We both took a drag of our
cigarettes and as Kathy was blowing out the smoke she smiled and said, "Let's
chug a few."

We each did 5 shots in a row and then kissed. The waiter came back and I
said, "Bring us a pitcher of beer that was in the glass labeled number 7".

Kathy kissed me again as he went to get our beer. We drank, joked, eat a lot
of terrific food, and kissed. We had just finished our tiramisu for desert
and the waiter was serving us coffee. Kathy took out a cigarette and I lit it
for her. She blew out the smoke in a thin stream and said, "This was great
baby. Move a little closer."

We were sitting next to each other facing the other people in the restaurant,
rather than across, and both moved our chairs closer. She took my hand and
put it on her clit and said into my ear, "Get me wet again."

I started to rub her clit very slowly and Kathy was leaning on my shoulder. I
had a cigarette lit and took a drag. The waiter came over to us watching
Kathy and gave me the check saying, "I'll take that when you are ready."

Kathy whispered in my ear, "I'm not ready yet baby, keep rubbing me."

I took another drag of my cigarette and blew out the smoke rubbing her. If
anyone was looking at Kathy, it was more than obvious what was going on.
Kathy took my cigarette in her fingers and was moaning softly into my ear.
She moved her head and took a drag and blew out the smoke and kissed me. She
said, "I'm ready now."

I took out the cash for the check and tip, and signaled to the waiter. We
left with Kathy's arm around me while we walked. We went outside and Jim
opened the door for us and we got in. Kathy almost attacked me and was
climbing on me in the back seat. She pulled off my pants and was sitting on
me. Then she turned around to face the front of the car and sat on me again,
and was pushing herself up and down on my cock. Kathy leaned back on top me
and said, "How about if we open that sunroof", smiled, and kissed me.

I reached up and hit the button and the roof opened, but the air was chilly
coming in. I said, "Are you sure?"

Kathy just smiled and said, "Stand up just the way we are, and keep fucking

We stood up and Kathy put her arms on top of the car and I kept fucking her
pussy. She was getting so turned on as we passed people on the sidewalk. She
kept fucking me back and moaning. Since the limo has blacked-out tinted
windows in the back, know one could really see what was going on. From a
distance it probably just looked like two people standing up in the back of a

After about 20 minutes, and Kathy's second orgasm, we were both getting cold
and went back inside the car to our favorite position. Kathy leaned forward
and kissed me, and licked my lips, and said "Cum in me sweetheart. Cum in me

We fucked faster and I started to cum. I was shooting into her pussy as she
bucked on me, and then was grinding her pussy hard onto my cock. We kissed
and stayed that way while we kissed softly. I was licking Kathy's ear and
kissing her neck while she was arching her back. Kathy started to cum again
and spasmed and fell forward onto me moaning.

Jim knocked on the glass and held up 5 fingers. I said "Kathy we're almost
home baby. We got to get our cloths back on."

Kathy didn't want to move, but got off of me and helped me get my pants on.
Then she sat on me over my cloths and lit a cigarette. She blew out the smoke
and I took a drag and said, "Did you have fun tonight?"

Kathy just kissed me and said, "What do you think."

We both smoked her cigarette and Kathy looked down at my crotch. My black
pants were covered in her pussy juices and my cum. We both forgot that she
didn't have any underwear on. We both started to laugh.

Jim pulled into the driveway and he opened the door for us. He said,
"Goodnight, and call anytime. You have the numbers."

It was 1:30 as we went into the house and the lights downstairs were still
on. We walked in and didn't see anyone, until Kathy spotted a light on in the
den also. Gary, Jamie and Lonny were all sound asleep with a porno movie
playing on the wide screen. They were lying all over each other naked, and it
was chilly in the house. Kathy opened the closet and covered them with a
blanket and put some pillows by their heads. We turned off the lights and
left the porno flick on and went upstairs.

We walked into my room and Kathy kissed me as we took off our cloths and
walked into the bathroom. She sat and I peed into her pussy. We walked over
to the bed and got under the sheets and 69'd each other. I licked Kathy's
pussy and sucked out all of my left over cum from before, while Kathy licked
my cock until I was hard again.

Kathy I moved into the position that we slept in last night. I put my cock in
her and we started to fuck again, but slowly. I was licking her nipples and
massaging her breasts as she held each one up to my mouth. I licked then
slowly and then flicked my tongue over each nipple. Kathy was moaning slowly,
"I love you so much baby. Don't stop honey. That fells so good."

We kissed and caressed each other, as we fucked slowly for over a half hour.
Kathy said, "I'm going Cum, I'm going to cum again, mmmmm, I want to feel
your warm cum in me."

Kathy kissed me and I exploded into her pussy. I jerked and shot 8 times as
she was starting to orgasm. Kathy spasmed and kissed me sucking on my tongue.
She said, "let's sleep baby, just like this."

Kathy and I fell asleep almost immediately with our lips together and my cock
inside of her pussy. I was dreaming about her laugh when we jerking around at
the miniature golf place.

.. 4am ...

Kathy woke me up rubbing and sucking my nipples. She must have been fucking
my hard cock for a while because I felt like I was going to cum soon. She
raised her head and was kissing me hard and we pushed our tongues in each
other's mouth. I shot into her and she fell back to sleep with her head on
my chest.

... 8am ....

The sunlight was shining through my windows and it woke me up. My cock was
hard again inside of Kathy and I moved in an out a few times to wake her up.
Kathy was moaning softly in her sleep and I keep moving and then sucked on
her nipples. Kathy was dreaming and talking in her sleep softly, "That was
our song. I love you."

I started moving into her faster and licking her nipples and massaging her
breasts. Kathy started to wake up and squinted her eyes and kissed me with
her mouth wide open. I fucked faster and she was bucking me back and wrapped
her arms around me. She said, "Roll me over on to my back."

We rolled over and I was on top of her. I keep pushing my cock deep into her
pussy as she pushed back. I felt my self cumming, kissed her, and shot my
load into her. Kathy held me tighter. I lay on top of her while we kissed and
then I turned to a 69 position to lick her pussy, while Kathy sucked my semi-
hard cock. I sucked out and swallowed most of my cum, but kept some in my
mouth while I licked her clit until she came. I got off of Kathy and we
kissed as she swallowed the cum that was left in my mouth. I said

Before I could finish the word Kathy was sitting on the toilet. We peed
together and then took a shower. While we were in the shower washing each
other Kathy said, "None of this stuff with the band really sunk in until I
heard our song on the radio and then Chet and Angie asked for our autographs.
That was so cool."

We got dried off and went downstairs to the kitchen. Gary, Jamie and Lonny
were there eating breakfast as we walked in. Jamie said looking at Kathy, "I
can tell by that smile, you guys had a great time. Tell me everything."

I fixed Kathy and myself a plate of food, and we eat while she told everyone
about our night out. Kathy was great at telling stories and went into detail
on everything. When she told about the song on the radio Jamie and Gary
kissed and were jumping up and down. Lonny was getting really turned on when
Kathy told her about me rubbing her in the restaurant and fucking standing up
in the limo through the sunroof.

We had some coffee and Kathy lit us cigarettes as I said, "Everyone ready for
recording today?"

Jamie said, "I never thought you'd ask. We were ready since last night.
That's all we talked about. Oh, and thanks for the blanket and pillows, we
were freezing."


We all left the kitchen and went down to the studio. Jamie was as excited as
when we were kids on Christmas morning, and talking a mile a minute - "I
demagnetized and cleaned the heads, checked everything with a scope, got our
tapes marked, did the lists, set the board levels, and .."

I interrupted her and said, "Slow down sis, you're flying. Just take a deep
breath and blow it out, and remember - we're just here to have fun. If the
tape sucks, we'll redo it."

Kathy said to me, "Nice job. I thought she was going to tell us how to build
a mixing board."

Jamie started laughing and chilled out a little.

We went into the control room and Jamie and Gary already had everything set
up last night. They even had a list of tunes to record written out for each
of us in the studio. Remotes were set up also. I said, "I am definitely
impressed. You did this last night?"

Gary said, "and you thought we were watching porno flicks and fucking all
night. We fell down on the floor, turned and on the TV, and all of us fell

I said, "Lonny, do you know how to use a master console?"

She said, "A little."

I said, "Just watch the meter bridge. If anything is in the red area past
this mark, hit stop and tell us. Push the intercom button and hold it down
when you talk."

Jamie said, "Nothing should peek, I checked it last night."

I said, "Are we all ready to Rock & Roll?"

Jamie said "Let me set up the first tape and I'll be down to join you."

We all checked the tunings and loosened up a little. Jamie came back down and
said, "Ready?"

Jamie stepped on the record pedal remote foot switch, and said, "Rolling Take
1, Crash and Burn."

Jamie pointed to Gary and he counted off as we came in. It sounded good. We
all played with such excitement and attitude. This song is a fast hard rocker
and Kathy and Jamie were dancing like on stage when they were playing. The
singing sounded good and the harmony was right on target. I had a killer solo
in this song and pulled it off the first time. We finished the last chorus
and ended crisp. Jamie waited 3 seconds and said, "Cut ", as she pushed the
stop foot pedal.

We all put down our stuff and I said, "Lets hear it. If it's as good as I
think it was, we can just blast through all the tunes."

We went up to the control room and Lonny said, "That was unbelievable. How
did you guys get it to sound like that playing live?"

I said, "We're going to teach you, don't worry."

Jamie set the tape and a pre-set mix setting and hit play. We all listened to
every note. It was really good. Kathy kissed me and said, "Let's go play

Jamie set the tape past the last tune and came back to join us. Jamie said
again, "Rolling Take 1 - Just you baby."

We played again and it felt and sounded great. We ran straight through 6 more
songs. Jamie changed the mastering tape and then went through another 5 tunes
all of them in under an hour. I said "let's take a break before we do `Hit
and Run'."

Kathy and I were reading each other's mind and raced to the bathroom, as we
heard "Don't take to long, we're dying here also", from Gary.

We peed quickly and went into the control room and laid down on the floor in
a 69 position. Both of us were getting hot. I had a hard on and Kathy was wet
and breathing heavy. We sat up on the floor and I said, "I want to try an
experiment for the last song. If it sucks will redo it the way we did the

Kathy was licking my lips and said, "Baby, you know how much I like to

Lonny lit us each a cigarette and put it in our lips, and then lit one for
herself. Kathy reached to touch Lonny's pussy and Lonny held Kathy's hand
there and said, "Kathy, it will always be wet for you", and gave Kathy a wet

Gary and Jamie came out of the bathroom and I said, "I want to try an
experiment for the last song. When we play this song, it never has the
emotion that it really needs. If what we do doesn't work, then will go back
to recording it the way we did the others."

Gary and Jamie both agreed. I , "Jamie can you put down a click track?"

Jamie programmed a track with time code and set up the parameters in a synth
to lay a click track. We all had another cigarette and Jamie said, "done".

I said, "We are going to multi-track this one. Kathy's going to record first.
While she's playing and singing, I going to be fucking her to add a little

Everyone laughed and I said, "They all laughed at Einstein also." Everyone

Jamie worked the board and Kathy and I went into the studio. She was already
wet and I moved to fuck her from behind while she was playing the keyboards
and singing. She put on headphones and I pushed into her and she moaned and
starting fucking me. I was holding on to her and moving real slow so she
wouldn't get pulled away from the keyboard. I heard the click track coming
through Kathy's headphones and she was playing. She was singing unbelievably
and was fucking me back. We keep going until the song ended. I heard the
click again and I pulled out. Kathy turned around and said, "Put it back in
me now. That was so unfair."

I said, "Kathy, we've get to do it again with me next."

She said, "Now that's more like it."

I put on my headphones and guitar. I told Kathy to bend over the stool and
put my cock in her pussy. She did and I was fucking her again. I signaled
Jamie and heard the click track. I came in right on target and was playing
and fucking. It felt great. I sang the harmony and played a killer lick. I
ended with a solo and power chord.

I took off the guitar and headphones and kept fucking Kathy until we both
came in about 5 minutes. We kissed and ran to the control room. Jamie was
smiling and said while we were walking in, "Sit down Einstein and work the
board. It sounds great. Gary and I are doing to me, while I play bass."

We recorded Jamie being fucked by Gary and it was good. She moaned once and
it sounded like part of the song. Gary was little tougher. We set it up so he
played while Jamie was giving him a blowjob. They fucked for about 10 minutes
after it ended.

Jamie and Gary came back to the control room and sat with us. Jamie ran a
quick mix as Lonny lit us all cigarettes. Lonny said to me, "I am so wet from
watching you and Kathy. That was so fucking hot." Lonny kissed Kathy and then

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke just as Jamie
pressed the play button. We all listened to every note through the entire
song. I sounded better than we every played it. Jamie, Gary, Kathy and Lonny
stood and applauded me. Kathy kissed me and said, "Einstein would be proud."

I said, "How about we get some lunch and do the mix."

Lonny said, "We thought of that last night and there are sandwiches already
made in the kitchen. I'll get them and some wine."

Jamie took a drag of her cigarette and was blowing smoke rings. Gary was
putting his finger through them. Kathy tried to blow one and couldn't, and
was laughing at herself. She took another drag of her cigarette and blew out
the smoke and said to me, "That felt so good while I was singing that song.
There's got to be a way for us to do this on stage without anybody seeing

I said, "We could do it just like we did, if we played in Amsterdam, or where
ever that porno station is broadcast from."

I took a drag of my cigarette and put it out. Lonny came back down with the
food and drink, and we all took a sandwich and glass of wine. Jamie was
eating and started the mix with the first song. We mastered it in no time to
DAT. We went through all the tunes in under an hour except one, which need
something in the middle. Jamie dubbed in a blues harmonica fill and it
sounded great.

At 3 o'clock, we finished setting up a CD mastering DAT including all of the
original 5 songs. Kathy changed the artwork a little, and cleaned it up. She
also added the copyright information and words to the rest of the material.
She saved everything to a disk that can be used for production by the record
company. She printed out 6 copies of everything for a sample as Jamie set up
a trial CD burn from the DAT master. She loaded 6 CDs in the machine and
started it.

Lonny was helping us with everything, watching and learning. We had her do
the last mix as we watched.

Lonny lit us all cigarettes as we all sat leaning back in the high back
chairs with our bare feet on the console drinking more wine. Lonny picked up
the camera Kathy left here from the last session, and started taking pictures
of us. She got a picture of Kathy finally mastering blowing a smoke ring and
was so excited she yelled, "Look, look I did it" and was laughing at herself
again. She kissed me and said, "Aren't you proud of me?"

I said, "Kathy, I very proud of you, but it has nothing to do with smoke
rings", as she kissed me.

Lonny also took some photos of the mess in the studio and I said, "We have to
hire a replacement for Grace."

Lonny asked me about Grace and then said she would have the record company
take care of it.

The CD burn was done and Jamie put one in the player and pressed play. We all
listened to every track for the entire 18 song CD. No one said a word. Lonny
lit us cigarettes and filled our glasses with wine as we all just listened.

When it was done I said, "So what's the verdict? Jamie you first."

Jamie said, "I like it a lot."

Gary added, "That is really good."

Kathy kissed me and said, "It's a keeper."

I said "Lonny, what do you think? How will Dave react? Is it a keeper or
should we redo something?"

Lonny said "Ken, I would give up sex for a year, if I could ever make
something that sounded like that."

I said, "I Guess that's a thumbs up. Let's put together the first 6 and I'll
call Dave."

Lonny lit us all cigarettes again and I turned on the telephone switch. I
dialed Dave's number and his secretary put me through. I put him on speaker.

"Hi, Dave it's Ken. I have you on speaker and we're all here. I wanted to let
you know we finished the CD. It's ready and it sounds great. We have a DAT
production ready and all the art work ready on a computer CD."

Dave said, "You're shitting me. It's done already? How in hell did you finish
it so fast?"

Lonny said, "Dave it's Lonny. It's not only done, but the sound is

Dave said, "Bring it over Lonny. If we can get it through a production run by
tomorrow we can distribute it to the stores the same time as the single. This
is excellent."

I said, "Dave, I'm going to take you off speaker and pick it up. Hold on."

I picked up the phone and said, "I think I have a solution to Dangerous. With
your permission I want to make a personnel change."

Dave said, "You can do anything you want. Just make them sound good and sell

I said "OK. I'm going to fire the lead singer and guitar player. Lonny is
going to take their place. We did a tape of her, and she is really good. Her
voice matches their music and she can play just like me. She also writes, and
the material is radio friendly and catchy."

Dave said, "Do it. Make it happen and I'll cut Little Willie in on everything
Dangerous makes for a full producer share."

I said, "There's one more thing. They will now be called Dangerous Curves."

Dave said, "I like that, Curves with Lonny. That has some real possibility.
Ken you are brilliant. Make it a happen and get me a demo. Also, I was going
to call you today and congratulate you. Billboard is publishing the hot play
list this Wednesday and they called to tell me that `Forever in Love' is
going to listed as number 1. This means Gold Record. Give me a call and keep
me posted. Bye."

I walked back into the studio like I heard some bad news and sat down. I lit
a cigarette and blew out the smoke and just had my head down. Everyone else
lit up and Jamie said, "Bad news?"

I said, "Yeah. Billboard is publishing the hot play list on Wednesday and
they are listing Forever in Love as number 1, doesn't that suck?"

Everyone was quite and I yelled, "We have a number one fucking one hit."

Kathy kissed me and Jamie and Gary kissed. I said, "There's more. Lonny, I
asked Dave about what we discussed and he said just do it and make it happen.
Lonny you are now the lead singer and lead guitar player for Dangerous Curves
signed to Columbia Records. Dave told us to work with you and get a demo to
him as fast as possible. Dave also said that he wanted Little Willie to get a
full cut, as your producer."

I didn't sink in to Lonny at first and then like a light bulb went off over
her head, Lonny jumped up and screamed and kissed all of us. Kathy checked
Lonny's pussy and said laughing "Yup. Wet again."

I said, "There's more. Dave wants Lonny to get him our mastering DAT and
artwork CD this afternoon. He thinks he can get it into production for
distribution by Wednesday into the record stores along with the single. So
Lonny, I'll call Jim and have him drive you this afternoon. When you get back
we'll talk about your new band. Now go get dressed, Jim will be here in 10

I picked up the phone and called Jim. He was on his way.

I said, "I think this calls for a hot tub celebration. How about you?"

Kathy kissed me and said, "I never thought you'd ask."


We all walked upstairs to the Jacuzzi. Jamie went to grab a hand full of
joints and Kathy brought up as much wine as she could carry. I turned on the
water waiting for everyone and also turned on the radio to the city rock
station. I helped Kathy with the wine, and Kathy and I lit a cigarette.

Gary put his hand on my shoulder and was squeezing my ass and rubbing it. He
said, "Every girl in America will be wanting to do this to you in about 2
weeks, but now I can say I did it first."

Kathy laughed and said, "You know he's right. You are one hell of a hunk

Gary put his hand back and I said, "Feels good buddy. Guess I better get used
to it."

Jamie walked in with the joints and saw Gary's hand on my ass, kissed him and
said, "Go for it. That looks sexy."

Gary took his other hand and started stroking my cock. He knelt down in
front of me and put his mouth on my hard on. Kathy kissed me and was rubbing
my back. Gary was licking my shaft and then my balls while he rubbed my
shaft. Then he put his mouth all the way down and sucked me. He started
fucking my cock with his face and I started to move into his mouth.

Kathy was watching every move Gary made, and was saying in my ear slowly and
softly, "He's sucking you now and using his hand to rub you. I bet that feels
so good. I can tell you're really into it as you're fucking his mouth. Give
Gary what he wants baby and cum on his tongue."

Jamie lit a joint and was passing it to me. I took a drag and Kathy took it
from my lips and took a deep toke. She put it back in my lips and I took a
toke, and then another, before blowing out the smoke. Gary was sucking me
hard and I was getting ready. Kathy saw the look on my face and said in my
ear slowly, "I can tell you're ready honey. I want you to blast into Gary's
mouth with your cum. Shoot it down his throat and kiss me when you cum."

Kathy put the joint in my lips and I took a toke as I started to cum. I shot
into Gary's mouth as Kathy kissed me and then Jamie kissed me. Gary keep
sucking me and cleaned me off while Kathy and Jamie were both kissing each
other and me. Gary stood up and kissed me also, and we both swallowed my cum
in his mouth. Kathy licked the drip off of my chin and said, "Let's sit in
the tub. I want you hard again and inside of me."

Kathy lit another joint and took a toke, another, and another, holding it in.
She passed it to me and I did the same. Kathy lit another joint, and we had
two being passed around. I was so stoned within 5 minutes I was actually
dizzy. Kathy finished the last joint and lit another one. She put it in my
lips and I took a drag and then felt so funny. I was giggling and so was she.
Jamie was sitting on my lap and rubbing my cock to get it hard again. She
was kissing me and then Kathy while Gary was fucking Jamie from behind in the

Kathy blew out smoke and put the joint back in my lips. I took a drag and
Jamie put her open mouth over mine and inhaled as I blew out the smoke. I put
the joint in her lips and she took a drag and said, "Kathy honey, put Ken's
cock in me. I want him to fuck me while Gary fucks my ass."

Kathy reached down and put my cock into Jamie's pussy and said to me, "Fuck
you sister baby, but don't cum. I want you to cum in me."

Kathy kissed me hard and was rubbing her clit under the water. Jamie was
going crazy bucking up and down and side to side. I could feel Gary's cock
against mine and then I felt him cum. Jamie moved slowly and got off of me
and Kathy got right on in her favorite position. I said, "Kathy I'm so fucked
up. I can't even focus my eyes."

Kathy kissed me again and leaned, arching her back and fucking my cock. Jamie
put a fresh joint in Kathy's lips and lit it. Kathy took a deep drag and held
it. She put it in my lips and I did the same. It felt like Kathy and I were
fucking faster than we ever had, as Jamie was kissing me and then kissing
Kathy. Jamie started sucking Kathy's nipples and Kathy was bucking on me with
a joint in her lips. Jamie took it out of Kathy's lips and put it in mine. I
took another drag and shot into Kathy's pussy over and over again.

Kathy kept fucking me and I stayed hard. She started to slow down and went
into her slow rocking motion on me, and it felt so good. She kissed me hard
as Jamie lit another joint and took a deep drag, another, and another. She
held it in, before blowing out the smoke. Jamie put the joint in my lips and
I did the same. So did Kathy. Gary came back over to us and he took a hit
also. I said "Gary, that thing between your legs have any life in it yet?
Make Kathy feel good and do her with me buddy."

Kathy kissed me hard and pushed her ass onto Gary's cock. Kathy was holding
my neck and bent over breathing into my ear saying, "Baby that feels so good,
fuck me faster. I know you can feel Gary in me too. His cock is pushing
against yours. It feels so good baby."

Kathy was fucking me faster as Jamie put a joint in my lips and I took
another toke. I blew out the smoke and she put it in my lips again and I
toked again. Kathy leaned over her head and took a drag while fucking me and
Gary. Jamie gave us each another hit and then walked over to Gary and said,
"Honey pull out and fuck me now, I want you to cum in my pussy baby."

I was getting close to cumming again and Kathy was fucking me faster. She
kissed me and said "cum in me now, now. Cum in me please now, mmmmm, ooooh'.

Kathy spasmed and I started to shoot into her. She started rocking on my cock
and I kept shooting into her. Kathy kissed me and are lips were locked as
were moved our tongues inside of our mouths. Kathy slowed down her rocking
and kissed we softly and whispered in my ear, "baby I love you so much."

Kathy looked and Lonny put a joint in her lips and walked into the water with
us. Kathy took a drag and held it and then put it in my lips and I did the
same. I said, "Lonny you just left."

Lonny said to Kathy and me, "I've been gone for over 3 hours. You guys are
totally ripped", and then she kissed Kathy and then me.

Lonny was caressing Kathy and held the joint to our lips to take hit, after
hit. She lit 2 more before we stopped.

I was still hard inside of Kathy. Kathy and Lonny were kissing and Kathy said
to me, "Give Lonny a ride baby. I want to watch, but when you're ready to
cum let me know, I want to get back on."

Kathy kissed me and got off. Lonny got on and started to fuck me. Kathy was
massaging Lonny's breasts and suckling her nipples. Kathy reached over to
the ledge of the tub and put another joint in her lips and lit it. She took
several hits and then held it for me and Lonny to do the same. Kathy went
back to sucking on Lonny's tits and kissing both of us between hits of the

I don't think I had ever been this stoned in my life. Lonny was fucking me
faster and had an orgasm. Kathy took her place and kissed Lonny while she was
getting on my cock again. Kathy whispered in my ear slowly while fucking me,
"Thanks baby. Lonny needed it, and I loved to watch it. You were so sexy."

Lonny was now massaging Kathy's breasts and sucking her nipples. Kathy
spasmed and was having an orgasm again and as I started to shoot into her
pussy. I said, "I'm cumming again Kathy. I cumming", and shot and jerked.
Lonny kissed Kathy and me as we both came. She reached her hand down to feel
my cock and Kathy's pussy under the water and then kissed us both again.

Kathy lay perfectly still on my softening cock with her head on my neck. I
said, "Kathy honey, we made a record today and I broke a record. I have never
been this stoned in my life. I can't even focus my eyes."

Kathy said, "Me either. Let's try to get out of the tub."

We got out and we both were so light headed we had to hold on to the railing
on the stair to the tub to keep from falling over. I saw the empty wine
bottles and said, "Did we drink those?"

Kathy said, "All of them, don't you remember?"

I said, "I don't remember even having a drop."

Kathy started to laugh and said, "Kind of like me in the hotel bell hop's
cart. Now you know how stupid I felt when you showed me the picture. Ken, you
drank a whole bottle yourself."

I said, "Can't be, can't be."

Lonny dried us both off. Kathy was laughing as we held each other up and
walked down to the kitchen. Gary and Jamie were there sitting down as Kathy
and I fumbled to get into a chair. We both laughed at each other and kissed.
Kathy lit a cigarette for me and one for herself as Jamie said, "We were
getting worried. I have never seen you this fucked up. Why did you chug that
bottle of wine?"

Kathy started laughing, "told you", and I said, "I know. Don't remind me. I

Jamie said, "You were on fire when you had the UPS guys fuck your ass Ken.
That was something."

I thought to myself, I must be loosing it. Kathy moved to sit on my lap as I
said, "What in the fuck are you talking about? I don't remember any UPS

Kathy said, "Honey, I'll fill you in. We thought you were going to pass out
in the hot tub so we all dragged you out and laid you on the bathroom floor.
You were laying on top of me in a 69 and were sucking my pussy so good. You
had Gary fuck your ass while you and I stayed in the 69. The UPS guy rang the
doorbell and you told Jamie to get him up here and you wanted the driver to
do you also. Jamie came back up with the driver and his trainee and they both
fucked your ass while you were eating me."

I was remembering bits and pieces of it as Kathy said, "Oh how cute, he's

Kathy kissed me and continued, "The UPS guys were disgusting. One had to be
over 350 pounds, but you didn't care. You wanted then to fuck you so bad and
kept sucking my pussy. They both did you, and then you had Jamie get my
vibrator and fuck you again. Baby you made me cum 10 times in your mouth and
you came in my mouth 3 times while you were getting fucked. We both stayed
together for a few minutes and then you wanted to go back in the tub. We
helped you up and then we fucked again. Lonny came back and .".

I interrupted Kathy as I felt myself blushing again and said, "I think I
remember the rest. Kathy, why do you let me do all of that?"

Kathy kissed me a said, "You were on fire baby. We couldn't have stopped you
even if we wanted too, and you were licking me while I was sucking you.
Watching your ass get fucked was such a turn on."

I could feel my ass being really sore and knew it was all true. I said, "Did
everyone enjoy watching me get my ass ripped apart?"

Jamie and Gary laughed as Jamie said, "Little brother, you were great. We all
loved it, and you were so into it."

After about a half hour I started to drift back to reality. I said "Anyone
want to go with me. I thought I'd take out the Porsche for a drive." I tried
to get up and fell back into my chair.

Jamie laughed so hard I thought she would pee herself at the table.

Kathy kissed me and said, "Baby, none of us are going anywhere tonight", and
moved to sit back on my lap again.

I said, "Let's order food. It will help me get back to being conscious

Then I had a case of the giggles. Everything seemed so funny.

Lonny said, "We already did. There is a diner already for you and Kathy. I'll
get it for you."

Lonny brought out both plates and I couldn't even hold a fork. I started to
laugh and said, "sis. You get to play airplane with both of us."

Jamie sat on my other knee and feed both Kathy and me. We ate and laughed the
whole time. Jamie really did play airplane and then licked up some of the
Veal Parmesan she dropped on Kathy's tits and my wilted soft cock.

I swore I would never drink again, which lasted about an hour. Kathy poured a
glass of wine and I had a sip. I was actually feeling better and stood up and
walked around without being dizzy. I sat back down and said, "Lonny, you want
to talk band now or later."

Jamie said, "Ken, welcome back from the dead. Glad you could join us."

Lonny lit us all cigarettes and put them in our lips and then sat down. I
said, "I want to call each band member and talk to them. Can you get me their

Lonny made a few phone calls and wrote down the numbers. I started dialing. I
called Mike the singer first and fired him. I then called James the guitar
player and did the same. The drummer, Robert, was cool with everything and
then I called Derek the bass player. He was a great guy and we talked for
over an hour. His main instrument is a keyboard, but they needed a bass
player so he took the gig. He said his sister, Kate, is a terrific bass
player, and is living with Robert their drummer. I told him to come over here
tomorrow morning at 9 with Robert and his sister, and bring their guitars.

Lonny was listening intently as I spoke. When I hung up she lit Kathy and me
another cigarette and said, "I owe you so much", and kissed Kathy and then

I said, "Lonny, how many tunes have you written that sound as good as the one
you played for us ?"

Lonny said, "About 15."

Kathy smiled at me and said to Lonny, "Get Ken's folk guitar in the studio
and bring it up here. We want to hear them all."

The phone rang and Kathy answered it "Hello, this is Kathy."

All we heard was Kathy saying, "Lee how are you?" "Yeah, it's the same
little Willie, but please don't tell anyone", "Oh baby, thank you so much",
" Oh we can't, we are really busy with the band stuff. As soon as we get
another gig date we'll get you and Ron tickets. We'll meet you after the
show." "I got to go honey.' " Bye."

Kathy said, "She heard our song and love's it. When she heard the band name
she said she had to call and check to see if it was us on the CD. I told her
we would get her tickets next gig and meet up."


Kathy was sitting on my lap and lit both of us a cigarette. Jamie and Gary
lit one also, as Jamie made some coffee. Jamie got a pad and pencil and was
sitting close to Gary when Lonny came back in holding one of my folk guitars.
Lonny sat in a chair across from Kathy and me and lit up a cigarette. She
took a deep drag and blew out the smoke and said, "This is called Flying

Jamie wrote down the name of the song as Lonny played and sang. This was
better than the one she played for us in the studio. We all asked questions
and discussed possible arrangements. I asked Lonny, "How do you hear this
song in your head? What is the arrangement? What instruments? What are the
harmony parts?

Kathy, Gary, Jamie and I sang the harmony to try it, and this song was really

We did this for over 3 hours and 4 cups of coffer with every tune. We only
heard two songs that we scratched. Lonny said, "I have been working on a new
song that is slow. Kind of different. I don't have a name yet. Want to hear

I said, "Rolling - take 1 - the song without a name."

Kathy said, "I like that name."

I said, "What name?"

She said, "The song without the name."

It was like an Abbot and Costello routine. I guess I was still a little drunk
and stoned as it took me about 2 minutes to catch on.

Lonny played it, and it was a really good ballad. Definitely radio material.
It just wasn't finished. I said, "Sounds good, you just need to finish it -
hand me the guitar."

Kathy moved off my lap and I took the guitar. I played what Lonny had played
and said, "How about this as a bridge."

I played a section that just popped into my head when she was playing her
tune. Kathy heard it and said, "Jamie, write this down."

Kathy started dictating words for Jamie to write down, that were a perfect
fit. I gave the guitar back to Lonny and Jamie gave her the word sheet. Lonny
played it from a verse and the new the section finished the song. We all
stood up and applauded for Lonny. She blushed and Kathy smiled and said
again, "Oh how cute. She's blushing again. Just like you Ken. Maybe she's
thinking about getting a UPS package."

Jamie laughed and said to Gary, "They are so crazy. I love it."

I said, "I still haven't had a chance to sit and watch our new satellite TV
with the porno movies. Let's go in the den and turn it on."

Jamie said, "I'll nuke some instant popcorn and be there in a minute."

We went to the den and Kathy got out pillows and a blanket from the closet so
we could lie on the floor. Kathy hit the remote and started channel surfing,
as Jamie came in with the popcorn and two six packs of beer. She and Gary
laid down, then Lonny, and then Kathy and me. We were watching Kathy change
the channels and she stopped for about 10 seconds on each of 18 porno
channels. We all said "yes or no" and she kept going. After we previewed all
18, Kathy said "number 119 or 122?"

Jamie said, "definitely 122".

Kathy hit the remote and lay back down with me. This one was actually in
English and had 3 guys with 2 girls. I reached over to Jamie and took a
handful of popcorn out of the large bowl she had balanced on her chest. I put
the popcorn on Kathy's tits and ate a cornel from her nipple. Lonny licked
one off the other nipple as Kathy smiled and watched the movie. Lonny and I
were both licking the popcorn off of Kathy and sucking her nipples every time
we ate a piece. Kathy was moaning softly and watching the flick. Kathy said,
"Baby, that's what you looked like today."

I looked at the screen and there was a guy 69ing a girl with two guys fucking
him in the ass. Each would take turns. I said to Kathy, "See he likes it

Kathy smiled and said in my ear slowly, "You were so fucking hot. I just kept
cumming and cumming when you were licking me."

Lonny was eating more popcorn off of Kathy's tits, picking each piece with
her teeth and giving it to Kathy by kissing her. Watching them was better
than the movie. Kathy was getting turned on kissing Lonny, as I was sucking
Kathy's nipples. Kathy had her hand under our blanket and was rubbing my cock
while watching the movie again. She turned her head to me saying, "I want to
try that."

I looked at the screen and a guy was carrying a woman upside down with her
sucking his cock and her legs wrapped around his neck while he was eating her
out. I said, "Get on top of me, and ask Lonny to help get us up."

Kathy laid down on top of me sucking my cock, while I was eating her pussy. I
lifted us up a little and she wrapped her legs around my neck and her arms
around my ass. Lonny helped us get up and I stood. Jamie and Gary looked at
us as Jamie said, "We were just saying that wasn't possible. Wow."

I walked around the room with Kathy on me and then went back to the blanket
and said, "I don't know how to get us back down."

Kathy took her mouth off of my cock and started to laugh. Lonny, Jamie and
Gary helped lower Kathy down and she rolled over in a somersault so she won't
fall. She stood up and kissed me, and then smiled saying, "What a rush."

We laid back down and Lonny lit a cigarette for Kathy and put it in her lips,
then one for me and herself. Kathy took a drag and blew out the smoke while
running her hand through Lonny's long hair, as Lonny was sitting up. Lonny
was blowing the smoke out slowly through her nose and said, "Kathy, that
feels so nice. Can you rub my shoulders too?"

Kathy was softly rubbing Lonny's shoulders, neck and hair as both watched the
movie. I watched Kathy and Lonny gently caress each other and then Kathy
said to Lonny, "Let Ken and I give you a back message."

Lonny laid down on her stomach and Kathy sat on Lonny's ass, as I sat next to
her. We both gave Lonny a full neck, back and foot massage. She was softly
moaning, "That feels so good."

Kathy moved to be beside Lonny as I massage her ass cheeks. Kathy spread them
open and used her tongue to lick Lonny's butt hole in small circles and then
dart her tongue in and out. Lonny was getting excited and Kathy took my hand
and put it on Lonny's pussy. I reached under Lonny and was fingering her wet
slit as Kathy kept licking Lonny's ass. Kathy replaced her tongue with two
fingers and kissed me while we made Lonny cum. Kathy moved by Lonny's face
and kissed her, and asked, "Did you like our message?"

Lonny softly moaned and reached her hand to Kathy and put it on her face, as
they kissed again.

Kathy and I laid back down under the covers and cuddled watching the movie.
Kathy lit a cigarette and Lonny took it out of her lips and took a drag. She
put it back in Kathy's lips and kissed Kathy's ear saying, "I want to be with
both of you".

Lonny laid down spooning Kathy and reached for my cock. She held it and moved
Kathy so that I was pressing into Kathy's pussy. I pushed into Kathy as Lonny
was massaging Kathy's breasts and gently rubbing her nipples.

Kathy kissed me as we were exploring each other's mouths with our tongues.
She said, "Make love to me while Lonny touches us both baby."

Lonny took Kathy's cigarette from her fingers and took a drag. She blew out
the smoke and then held the cigarette to each of our lips to do the same. I
was fucking Kathy slowly and she was licking my neck and ear. I was massaging
one of her breasts and Lonny was doing the other. We stayed like this for
over an hour, exploring each other's body. Lonny was rubbing Kathy's clit
while I fucked her slowly and Kathy moaned loudly, "oooooo, mmmmmmm, don't
stop either of you, I cumming now."

I was still fucking Kathy and she said softly in my ear, "Cum in me baby.
Make we feel warm inside."

I moved faster and couldn't hold back any longer as I shot into her pussy.
Kathy moaned softly and was nibbling on my ear lobe. Lonny had her fingers
touching my semi hard cock still inside of Kathy and was putting them inside
of Kathy's pussy. We stayed like this for a few minutes and Kathy said to me,
"Let Lonny eat your cum out baby."

I pulled out and Lonny laid between Kathy's legs. Lonny was sucking out my
cum and swallowing it. She sucked and licked Kathy's pussy until Kathy had
another orgasm while we were kissing.

I lit a cigarette and gave it to Lonny, then one for Kathy and one for me. We
all laid back on the pillows and saw Jamie and Gary fucking. Kathy took the
remote and started channel surfing again.

She stopped at an entertainment news show seeing a picture of our CD cover.
We heard the end of a woman announcer saying, "Yes that's right, Little
Willie's CD will be available on Wednesday at your local stores. Plan on
getting there early if you want to get a copy, this CD is really hot. And now
for other news.."

Kathy smiled at me and said, "I still can't believe this is happening."

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and surfed to the local news stations and
we saw our CD cover on 3 more stations. All she said was, "Holy shit, did you
see that?"

I said, "Kathy, your father was right. We aren't going to be able to walk
down the street without people recognizing us."

I could tell it was finally starting to sink in with Kathy as she said to me,
"When we get married can we do it in a small church where no one will bother
us? I want it to be special for just the two of us."

Kathy kissed me and I said, "That's what I want too honey."

Kathy put her head on my chest as we laid back and on the pillow. We both
closed our eyes and feel asleep holding each other.

Lonny woke us up sometime in the middle of the night and said, "You two want
to go to bed?"

We both shook our heads no and kissed. I was hard and Kathy had her pussy
over my cock and reached down and put me into her. We slowly fucked for a
long time, as we were both half asleep. I shot into her and we both fell back
to sleep with our lips touching.

...sunlight ..

Kathy and I woke up squinting our eyes to the sun coming through the windows.
I was hard inside of her pussy and Kathy kissed me. We started to fuck me. I
pushed my cock in and out of her a couple of times and could feel myself
ready to cum already. I shot into her and keep cumming. Kathy kissed me again
and stopped moving. She said to me, "I want you to marry me in the center of
Times Square and let everyone see us together. I know we'll never find the
small church we want, but we will always have each other. Baby, I love you so
much, I would marry you anywhere."

Kathy kissed me and smiled saying, "But now it's time for you to eat me for

I pulled out of Kathy and laid down with my mouth over her pussy. I sucked
out all the cum and licked her. I put my face next to hers and opened my
mouth wide so she could see my cum and I kissed her. We swallowed all of it
and kissed sucking each other's tongues.

I said, "I have to go." she interrupted, "Me too."

We ran to the bathroom in the den. Kathy sat down on the toilet and I
squatted to put my cock into her pussy lips. Kathy put her arms over my
shoulders and said, "let's piss baby", and kissed me. We both peed and
sighed in relief. We laid down and cleaned each other off and I got hard
again while Kathy was sucking my cock. We stood up and Kathy lit a cigarette.
She took my hand as we walked up to our bedroom and said, "Let's take a
shower and fool around in the bathroom."

I took a drag from Kathy's cigarette as we walked into the bathroom our
bedroom. She sat on the vanity counter with her legs wide open. Took a drag
from her cigarette and said while blowing out the smoke, "You need to eat
some more breakfast baby, until I cum again."

Kathy took another drag of her cigarette as I put my mouth over her pussy.
She blew out the smoke and put her hand on my head. I started licking her
clit and then her entire slit. I darted my tongue in and out and then sucked
her entire pussy into my mouth. Kathy was moaning and pushing my head into
her pussy. She took another drag of her cigarette and while blowing out the
smoke moaned, "Suck my clit baby. Use your tongue on it."

I licked and sucked her clit and Kathy spasmed and came into my mouth pulling
my head into her pussy. I sucked and licked her juices, and then kissed her
so she could taste herself on my tongue. I helped Kathy down from the vanity
counter and she helped me sit in her place.

Kathy took a drag from her cigarette and started giving me a get blowjob. She
had her mouth over the tip of my cock, and jerked me off to cum in less than
2 minutes. I shot my load and she kept it all in her mouth, and then stepped
back a bit. She opened her mouth for me to see it and then closed her mouth
again. She opened her mouth again just a little, and put the cigarette into
her lips, as a drop rolled on to her chin. Kathy took a deep drag and blew
the smoke out through her nose, and then another. She inhaled and moved close
to me. She opened her lips and blew the smoke out, as some of the cum ran
down her chin and spattered on my face. Then she kissed me with her mouth
wide open. We licked each other's faces clean and swallowed all of it.

Kathy said to me, "I was remembering what Lonny did in Dave's office. Did you
like it baby?"

Kathy put the cigarette in my lips and I could taste the wet cum on the
filter and said, "Kathy, that was definitely hot."

Kathy smiled as I got off the counter and we turned on the shower. We got in
and washed each other, and kissed under the hot water running onto our heads.
Kathy said, "Let's get out and dry off. Remember we are working with Lonny
this morning."

We dried off and wet into the kitchen.


Jamie, Gary and Lonny were sitting eating breakfast and Lonny said, "They'll
be here in 20 minutes. I'm so excited."

Kathy fixed our plates and poured coffee. I said to Lonny, "When they get
here, tell them to come in and we'll sit down and talk first. No Wait. First,
ask them if they have a problem with us being naked. If they do, then we'll
put on some cloths before they come in. You can wear one of the robes hanging
the bathroom to answer the door."

Jamie said, "Ken, you are actually developing manners. I am really

Kathy smiled and snapped back, "Leave my sexy lover alone and stop busting
his balls. The UPS guys already did that yesterday."

Kathy and Jamie started laughing as we finished our breakfast. Kathy and I
lit cigarettes as I noticed Lonny was very nervous. I took a drag and blew
out the smoked and said, "Lonny, chill out. You're a nervous wreck. If the
band sucks we'll just keep fixing it until you get a group of musicians that
sound as good as you do. You are really good. Don't let this scare you.
You're going to be the reason this band succeeds."

Lonny said, "I can't help it. What if they hate me?"

I said, "Then we'll replace them also."

Kathy got up and put her arm around Lonny and gave her a wet kiss. Then she
put her hands on Lonny's breasts and bend down to suck her nipples and lick
them. Kathy reached her hand between Lonny's legs and started rubbing her
clit. Lonny was getting into it and softly moaned and pulled Kathy's face to
hers and kissed her again. Kathy kept rubbing Lonny's clit and said, "Fell
better now baby. I`ll keep going until you say to stop."

Kathy was rubbing Lonny's clit faster and Lonny was closing her eyes and
leaning her head back. She grabbed onto Kathy tight and spasmed. Kathy sat on
the floor under Lonny's pussy and put her mouth up to her pussy and started
licking. Kathy sucked Lonny's pussy and licked her until she came again into
Kathy's mouth. They stood and kissed, and Kathy said, "Did that take the edge

Kathy sat back down next to me as the doorbell rang and Lonny ran to get a
robe. Lonny walked to the door. She was there for a while and came back into
the kitchen by herself. She said, "Everyone is OK with us being naked, but
they want to leave their cloths on. Is that OK with you?"

I said, "Sure, bring them in."

Lonny came back naked, with Derek, his sister, and Robert. She introduced
all of us and Derek's sister, Kate. Lonny had then sit down and Kathy poured
everyone coffee.

I said, "What I want to accomplish in the next few minutes is to just an
understanding of what we are doing and then will go to the studio. I already
spoke to Derek and Robert, but I didn't get a chance to speak to you, Kate.
Derek told me that you were dynamite on bass. I want you to tell me how you
think you play? What other instruments? Do you sing? Do you write music? Just
tell us all about you."

Kate said, "I play bass guitar, 6 string guitar, and some keyboards and
drums. I'm best on bass. I can sing pretty good and I write. I also am
totally in love with Robert. We have written a bunch of stuff together.
Dangerous didn't do any of our material, because the old lead singer couldn't
reach the notes or handle the range."

I said, "Jamie, where is the folk guitar from yesterday? Can you grab it?"

Jamie found it leaning against the wall and I gave it to Kate. I said, "Make
some music. Let's hear your material and you sing."

Kate played and we listened. Two of the songs were good, the others were
poor. Jamie wrote down the names of the good ones. Kate's voice was great for
harmony. I said, "That was good Kate. Now Derek, you said you play keys
best. Do you sing?"

Derek said, "I play bass, guitar, keys, sax, trumpet, and I also sing and
write." Derek took the guitar and played a slow ballad and sang. He had a
real good voice and the song wasn't bad.

I said, "How come you weren't singing in the band?" He said, "I wasn't
allowed to."

I said, "Robert- same questions."

Robert said, "I play drums and piano. I sing backup harmony and I'm good at

I said, "One other thing. As you noticed we usually don't wear any cloths
while we are in the house. Feel free to take yours off anything. Kathy and I
are madly in love and fuck our brains out whenever we can, so if this bothers
you, don't look. What we do and say here, stays in this house. That goes both
ways. We will trust you, but have to trust us. Jamie, grab the notes we made
last night and let's go to the studio, and Lonny take the folk guitar."

Kathy smiled saying, "I could really go for having my brains fucked out
whenever you take a break."

I gave them a tour of the place and we went into the control room. I said,
"pull up a chair", and we all sat in a circle. I said, "Lonny has written
some very solid tunes. I want to pick one to start with and just let you hear
her play it on a folk guitar. Then work in the harmony, arrangements and then
do it electric. Jamie gave Lonny the list from yesterday. Pick one of the
really strong fast ones."

Lonny played and sang. Derek, Robert and Kate all listened. When Lonny
finished they all agreed that Lonny was the lead singer and lead guitar
player. They also all liked the song. Kathy wrote down the words and typed
them on the computer and gave everyone a copy while Lonny was teaching
everyone the harmony parts. I gave Kate an acoustic bass guitar so she could
play the bass lines. They did the whole song and it was sounding better. I
said, "Music has to have emotion. Play it like you mean it. Let's talk
arrangement and then you can do it electric. Lonny, think of how you hear
each part of the song in your head, and then tell each person what you

Lonny and the group were talking while Kathy, Gary, Jamie and I were in the
back of the control room. They all agreed it had potential and we should keep
going. Kathy and I lit up cigarettes. Kathy took a deep drag and reached for
my cock saying, "is it break time yet?" I kissed her and said, "Soon. Very

They all had their parts and I said for them to go into the live room. Robert
would have to wear headphones, but everyone else could leave theirs off.
Jamie set the systems up so that everything was going through the PA system
in the room, and also in the monitors by us so we could listen. They all
checked the tunings and were ready. Jamie announced on the intercom, "Any
time you're ready."

Robert started with clicks. The music was hopping and Lonny was playing
terrific. Lonny's voice was perfect for the song. The harmony was on, but the
parts needed work. They ended and Kathy and I walked into the room. We told
them what we thought and Kathy asked Derek if she could show him something.
Kathy said, "Just give a 4 bar lead into the bridge."

They all did and Kathy played what Derek was playing, but added some
outrageous stuff on the right hand. They ended and Derek said, "Can you teach
me how to do that?"

Kathy was showing him and I reworked the harmony parts. Lonny, Jamie, Gary
and I sang the harmony so they could hear what it should sound like. Kathy
had Derek playing the keys better, and I said. Play it again, while we're in
here with you.

It sounded much better. I said "OK gang. You all saw what we just went
through for the first song. We are going to leave you alone for a while. Work
on 5 songs, just like the way we did this. We'll be back at 1 with some lunch
and take a listen. If you need anything just come upstairs. There's a
bathroom just past the control room.

Jamie set the speaker selection switch so that we could here it softly, out
by the pool, and we left the room.

I said to Kathy, "now its break time", and she smiled and kissed me.

We walked upstairs, gabbed some stuff and went outside by the pool to listen.
The studio mics are so sensitive, we could hear everything they said. We
heard Kate asking about our cloths and Loony telling her about our adventures
and how we recorded a song getting laid. We heard Lonny kiss Kate and Kathy
said, "That's a real good sign. They're making friends", as Jamie laughed.

We tried to ignore what was coming through the speakers, but it was hard.
Kathy lit a cigarette for me and one for herself. We sat by the pool and
laughed at some of the off key stuff when they were learning each song. It
really got much better as they leaned it, but it was funny. I said to Kathy,
"What do you think of Kate?"

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and blew out the smoke into the wind
saying, "I love her long dark hair and big blue eyes. She looks beautiful and
exotic. She plays bass pretty good. I think we're going to have to teach her
how to excite the crowd."

I smiled and said, "You're going to have to teach her that. But I'll watch."

Kathy and I kissed and she bent over to suck my soft cock. She massaged me
with her tongue and then licked my shaft and balls. I was getting hard and
she put my cock into her throat and was fucking my face, while I rubbed her
clit. Kathy lifted her head up and kissed me. We tongue fucked each other's
mouth and then I sucked her nipples while squeezing her breasts. Kathy got on
top of me and straddled my cock. She pushed it into her slowly and rocked
back and forth. Kathy sat on top of me and put her hands on my shoulders and
started to fuck me up and down and then back and forth.

Jamie and Gary moved over right next to us in the same position. Kathy leaned
over to Jamie and the two kissed while fucking both Gary and me. Gary grinned
at me and said, "Life is good."

Kathy and Jamie were sucking each other's nipples, as they both were rocking
on us. First Kathy would bend over, and then Jamie, as Kathy sat up. They put
their arms around each other's back and fucked us in perfect time together
and then both learned forward. Kathy kissed me, and then I kissed her ear and
neck. I sucked her nipples while she held up each breast to my mouth. Kathy
was pinching her other nipple at the same time. She started moaning softly,
"Fuck me faster. It feels so good, I want to cum now. Don't stop sucking my
nipples. Fuck me faster."

I was still sucking Kathy's nipple as she shook with a spasm in orgasm. She
didn't stop fucking me but slowed down and was now grinding her pussy onto my
cock. She was leaning backwards and feeling her breasts softly and then
bouncing up and down on my cock. Jamie reached over and pulled Kathy to her.
They kissed as Jamie had an orgasm.

I was getting close to cumming and tried to hold on longer, as I heard Gary
groan and shot his load into Jamie's pussy. Kathy was rocking on me faster
and I was just about to explode as she said "Now. Now. Now. Now. Cum now."

I shot my load into her over and over. Kathy grabbed me tight and we kissed,
as she was cumming also. We both felt it happening again and were sharing the
same thoughts. We saw our wedding and Jamie and Gary getting married with us.
Lonny was their and her band. Our parents were all there and we were so
happy. Kathy was speaking to me in my mind and I was answering her. We could
feel as each other felt. After we said our vows I told her we have to wake up
and we both opened our eyes. Kathy stared into my eyes and we kissed again.

Jamie said, "Do you know how long you too were fucking. My God it's noon."

Kathy said, "We know baby, we know", and kissed me again.

Kathy rolled off of me and it was like before, I used my hand to wipe some of
my cum and we both shared it. Kathy laid with head next to my ear and said,
"When this happens it's so beautiful. I love you so much. You need to get
that watch your mother told us about so we can see when it will happen. My
dress and your tuxedo. God that was great."

Kathy kissed me again and I laid down and sucked a mouthful from her pussy. I
crawled up to her face and opened my mouth wide. She smiled and kissed me.

We sat up and Jamie saw all the cum still there, and got up and laid down
between Kathy's legs sucking it out and swallowing. I lit a cigarette and
took a deep drag and blew out the smoke. Kathy put it in her lips and took a
drag, and was cumming again from Jamie. Kathy orgasmed and blew out the
smoke. Jamie came up to Kathy and opened her mouth wide, and it was full of
cum with some dripping down her chin. She kissed Kathy, and then me, and we
swallowed all of it.

Kathy took another drag of the cigarette and gave it back to me. I said, "I
don't hear anything."

Jamie said, "Yeah, we should go down and check to make sure no one is dead.
And Ken, how in the fuck did you cum that much?"

I said, "You'll find out soon with Gary."

We walked around the gardens to the glass door entrance from the back and
didn't see anyone, so we walked in and up to the control booth. We saw Lonny
sitting on Derek on the floor fucking him, and Robert fucking Kate from
behind as she leaned on the console.

Kathy and I walked over to Lonny and knelt down next to her. Kathy kissed her
as Lonny kept fucking Derek. I knelt behind Kathy and was massaging her
breasts while she kissed Lonny with an open mouth and was caressing her
breasts. I reached one arm around Kathy and was rubbing her clit. Kathy
broke her kiss and arched her back, turned her head and kissed me. She
whispered, "They look so sexy."

Kathy turned around and we kissed on our knees and then she moved onto all
fours with her face next to Lonny. I spread Kathy's cheeks and I put my cock
up to Kathy's ass. I spit on my fingers and used them to lube her butt hole.
Then I spit on my cock and started to push into her. I wasn't fully hard, but
it was going in. Kathy pushed back hard and I was inside of her ass. I moved
slowly at first and then pushed in all the way and started fucking her
faster. Kathy and Lonny were kissing passionately and rubbing each other
breasts. I reached my arm around Kathy and started to rub her clit again as
she was moaning into Lonny's mouth, "Fuck my ass baby. Fuck me faster."

Derek was cumming into Lonny as he groaned and spasmed. Lonny slowed to a
stop and kissed Kathy as she was getting off of Derek's cock. Derek stood up
and I touched his ass. He turned to me and I touched his cock, and then he
walked towards me. I put his cock into my mouth and sucked his left over cum
off while massaging his cock with my tongue. He pulled out of my mouth and
sat to watch.

I was fucking Kathy faster, and Lonny was squeezing Kathy's tits as the two
kissed. Kathy was cumming and jerked as I kept going. I was close to cumming
and was slapping my balls against her ass. I felt my cum starting and shot my
load into Kathy's ass, and then slowed down. Kathy felt me cum and sat back
turning her head to kiss me. I pulled out and kissed her as our tongues
darted into each other's mouths. Kathy stood up and bent over from the waist
and I sat behind her and licked my cum from her butt hole. I swallowed some
and licked her butt hole clean.

Gary was fucking Kate in the ass, while Robert was fucking Kate's pussy. Kate
was licking Jamie's pussy. Lonny lit us cigarettes and put them in our lips
as we all watched the show. Derek sat next to me and was staring at my cock.
I said, "You can touch it if you want."

Kathy watched as Derek rubbed my softening cock gently and then sucked in
into his mouth and cleaned me off. He sat up again. Kathy took a drag of her
cigarette and said while blowing out the smoke at Lonny, "This is such a nice
way to start a band, I'm proud of you", and kissed her.

Gary and Robert shot their loads and Jamie orgasmed in Kate's mouth.

I took a drag of my cigarette and said, "Let's go sit in the chairs."

Kathy sat on my lap, Jamie on Gary's, Lonny on Derek's and Kate on Robert's.
I said, "That was nice. Everyone got to know each other. How did you do with
the material?"

Lonny said, "It sounds pretty good. Want us to play?"

I said, "Sure do. But this time we are going to roll a tape so we all can
listen to it after you're done. Listen to Jamie, she will give you a cue of
when to come in. When you're done with the song, stay quite until you hear
Jamie say cut. Now, go make some music."

We moved the chairs back to the console and Jamie queued up a 2 inch and set
the board. Kathy and I were leaning back in the chairs with our bare feet on
the console. Jamie said, "Rolling - Take 1 - Moonlight Sky."

We watched and heard them play. It sounded really good. They all played with
emotion and feel. The guitar solos were killer, as Lonny was playing just as
fast as I do. Her singing and the harmonies were perfect. They ended the song
and Jamie said, "Cut. Stay their guys. We're going to go through all of the
tunes and then listen to them."

Jamie queued the tape and started them again. She went through all five songs
and they asked if they could play one more, so we recorded it. The last one
was a ballad that we never heard before, but it was excellent. The harmony
sent chills down your spine. Jamie said, "cut", and they all ran to the
control room.

I said, "Let's grab some sandwiches from the kitchen and then listen to the
tape. Lonny said, "We already brought them down with some wine. There on the

We all got some food and a glass of wine and Jamie set up the playback. She
did some trial mix levels and said, "OK, listen up."

Jamie played the tape and it was really good. A great rock sound. Kathy
whispered in my ear, "You just performed a miracle oh great one. This is
fucking good."

We listened to every note on the tape. We it was finished I said, "Let's go
around the room and discuss the good and bad stuff we heard on the tape."

Everyone liked all the songs. We only found 2 minor glitches that Jamie fixed
in the mix. Jamie also found a note that was marginally off key, but everyone
agreed that no one except her could possibly pick it out. We listen to the
last song again and all agreed it was the best.

I said, "Thumbs up to keep it, down to redo it or add to the tracks."

Everyone gave a thumbs up. I said, "We're going to do a master to DAT for CD
production. Kathy I'll help you take some pictures for the cover."

Kathy and I took some nude shots in the studio and had them play instruments
naked. We had Robert sit naked at the drums and play. We took a full front
and full back shot of everyone and then as a group. Kathy took some
background shots also. We went upstairs and they got dressed. Lonny gave Kate
some of her cloths for the pictures. When Kate walked out, Robert said, "Wow.
You look terrific."

Kathy posed everyone and took shots, as I asked about the last song they
recorded. Kate said, "I wrote it, but never finished it. Lonny finished it
and we played it once before recording."

I said, "I may be wrong, but think that is going to be a hit."

We finished the photos and went back to the studio. Jamie and Gary had
finished the mix and were just finishing the DAT master. Jamie said, "I going
to start the CD burn for 50 copies."

Kathy was already doing her thing with the photos. I sat and talked with the
band, and they couldn't believe how the tape sounded. I said, "It's because
you played with emotion, feeling and the music was dynamic and it breathes.
You could hear every note of every instrument. You all did it. We didn't fix
anything in the mix except 2 glitches."

I turned on the telephones and called Dave at the record company. His
secretary put me through. "Hi Dave, it's Ken. We have a nice surprise for
you. I have a new 6 song demo from Dangerous Curves. We are just finishing it
up and could have something to you in about 2 hours. I'll have our driver
drop it off."

Dave said, "How does it sound?"

I said, "It's all new material, and I think it's really good. There is a slow
song that is excellent and is definitely radio top 10 material."

Dave said, "I'll wait for it and listen to it. Then I'll call you back."

I said, "Let me know what you think ASAP, because I'm going to keep working
with them tomorrow also."


Kathy was showing everyone trial artwork and I looked at it. I selected the
same one for the cover everyone else did. I kissed Kathy and said, "Good work

Kathy took another 20 minutes and was printing all of the stuff. She showed
everyone how to assemble the CDs, as I called Jim and arranged for him to
take the CD to Dave. I told him to come to the glass doors in back and knock.

The last CDs were completed as Jim was knocking on the door. I handed him 20
as he was staring at my cock. I said, "What can I say. They all wanted to
watch it grow again." Jim smiled as he walked back to the car.

I said, "Now we relax a little, and wait for a phone call."

Kathy sat on my lap next to Kate and Robert. Lonny made the rounds lighting
everyone a cigarette and when she got to us, Kathy put her hand on Lonny's
pussy and said, "I know it's wet, I just wanted to get you to kiss me."

Lonny kissed Kathy and then me.

Kathy leaned over and kissed Kate and Robert said softly, "Wow. Kathy is so
hot. I envy you Ken."

Kathy sat back with me and we kissed. I took a drag of my cigarette and drank
some of the wine. We all bull shitted for a while and Kate told us a little
about herself. She seems to be very shy. I poured everyone another glass of
wine and the phone rang. I picked it up, "Hello, this Ken."

Dave asked me to put him on the speaker and I did. I said, "OK, you're on the

Dave said, "I listened to the CD and it is top notch. Lonny you made this
band. If Ken hadn't found you, Dangerous would have been Disastrous. Ken,
the recording quality, mix, everything is outstanding. Keep going with them.
I'm going to get all of you a set of contracts to sign."

I interrupted, "Dave, send them to our attorney and let him talk care of it.
They are going to using him also."

Dave said, "I was afraid you were going to say that. Yes, I'll do that -
first thing tomorrow. Also I want to release the last song, the slow one as a
single. Most likely the end of next week. Keep up the good work guys and have
a good night."

I said, "Raise your glasses. Here's to a very successful and talented band.

We all drank and then Lonny stood up and screamed at the top of her lungs,
"You fucking did it. Ken you did it", and she ran over and hugged me and
Kathy, then Jamie and Gary.

I said, "One more thing. Tomorrow at 9. We start the next 5. If any of you
want to stay here there are extra bedrooms. Help yourself."

Lonny said, "Derek is staying with me here, and Kate and Robert are staying

I said, "How about we call a caterer and see what they do for us for dinner

Jamie made some calls and said with the phone mouth piece covered, "They can
be here in 2 hours with Filet Mignon and Lobster. Everyone Ok with that?"

Jamie ordered it we all went upstairs naked, which is what I expected to
happen. Just not on the first day. I pulled Kathy aside and said, "We have 2
hours, how about you and I go buy me a watch."

We got dressed and told everyone we would be back in less than 2 hours. We
took the Porsche twin turbo, it was really fun to drive. I drove to the
jewelry store and Kathy drove back.


Kathy and I drove the Porsche like maniacs, but it was fun. We got back to
the house just as the caterers were pulling up. I said to the caterer, "Just
put it in the front foyer and we'll take it from there", and paid them.

Kathy said, "We have to try that watch out tonight."

I said, "I know."

We went inside as the food was brought in and the caterers left. We couldn't
find anyone but we heard music. Kathy and I walked to the studio, and they
were recording again. I was definitely impressed. We waited for the red
recording light glowing above the hall door to turn off, and then walked in.
I said, "Food's here."

Jamie said, "They want to finish one more, and we'll be up. They already
recorded 2 and it sounds good."

Kathy and I listened to them record and I showed Jamie and Gary the watch. I
said, "You need to get one too. You heard my mother on the phone."

Gary said, "We were going to go tomorrow and get his and hers", as Kathy held
up her wrist with a ladies Rolex. Gary continued, "These guys are good, can
we get them to play with us on tour?"

Kathy then held up her hand and showed Gary and Jamie the diamond ring that I
got her. Jamie said, "Congrats baby. It looks great."

I said, "That's the game plan. Little Willie and Dangerous Curves will be a
sell out everywhere; and we all get a piece of everything that they make."

Gary just smiled and then said, "I like you Ken, a lot."

The song finished and everyone came into the control room. I said, "Dinner's
here but everyone is going to have to help carry it to the dining room."

Jamie removed the tape and said, "We'll mix it later. Let's eat."

We all went upstairs and Kathy and I got undressed. We carried in the food to
the dining room and all sat down to eat. Jamie and Kathy got dishes and
silverware out of the china closet. Gary brought in red and white wine, and I
got all the glasses. The food looked great. We all had a huge piece of Filet
Mignon and a whole Lobster tail.

We were about halfway done with our dinner when Kathy and I were squirting
each other with lemons. She got some on my dick and it burned like hell, as
my skin was almost raw in one spot from so much fucking this week. I screamed
and Kathy laughed, and bent down to my crotch and sucked my cock, and then
starting talking to it.

Kathy said, "I'm so sorry little Willie. Are you OK now? You look like you
have a very bad sun burn. I'm sure we can take care of that when we put you
in the cave tonight. Did you see your big brothers new watch? He's going to
time you and see how long it takes for you to throw up that white stuff
tonight. Yes, I know little Willie. You were drowning in the stuff this
morning by the pool. The cave was full and overflowing. Now you feel better
little Willie, and we'll play later on."

Jamie said, "As can you see they are both completely crazy, but me love them
very much."

Derek said, "That's little Willie?"

I said, "Remember what I said about not telling any secrets. This is one of

Robert and Kate started to laugh, as Robert said, "The band is named after
his dick?"

I said, "Little Willie is getting very upset with you, and he might just pee
all over your dinner plate."

Jamie said, "If you want to pee, you can come pee and me anytime little

I said, "That's secret number 2", and walked over to french kiss Jamie.

Derek said, "You and your sister get it on?"

I said, "Hell yeah, since I was 12. Look how fucking hot she is. How about
you and Kate?"

He said, "That's our secret number 1."

I said, "You don't have to hide anything here."

I sat back down next to Kathy and said, "Little Willie is still upset you. He
smells like lemonade and doesn't like it at all. He told me so."

Kathy smiled and kissed me. We finished our dinner and played with the empty
lobster tails.


We all had some wine, joked around, and Lonny said, "We want to keep
recording tonight."

I said, "How many songs did you rehearse and arrange?"

She said, "We've recorded 9, we can do 2 more tonight."

I said, "Let's go. It's still early, we can party in the studio."

Kathy went upstairs to get a couple of joints and I brought down some wine.
Jamie set up the tape again and the band went in to play. Kathy had the
joint in her lips looking for a lighter. I found it and said, "Little Willie
was hiding it. He thought you might burn him again to even out his new red
sun tan".

Kathy was laughing too much to light it, so I did. I took a deep toke and
held it and passed it to her. She took a deep drag, another, and another, and
held it in. We both sat in the chairs with our feet on the console listening
and smoking the joint. The songs were good.

The band came back into the control room. While Jamie was cueing the tape and
doing some trial mixes Lonny said, "I had a new song in my head that I can't
stop hearing. I want to play it for you."

Lonny played it and it was terrific. She said, "I just can't finish it."

Kathy took her hand, and mine, and said, "Get the guitar and come with me."

Kathy took us to the back of the room and turned on the spare keyboard and
played something. She fiddled around a minute and said, "I have an idea. Play
your verse and stop."

Lonny sang and played, then stopped. Then Kathy continued the song playing a
killer chorus, and the words made sense together. I said, "Hold off on this
until tomorrow. I'd like to do something different with it. This is another
hit if we do it right."

Kathy said, "What are you thinking?"

I said to Lonny and Kathy, "We want air time, and we want to sell records.
What if we record this together as both bands? Put in on Lonny's album and
have a label on the cover, Little Willie and Dangerous Curves collaboration."

They both smiled. Kathy kissed me and said, "For someone who is nuts, your
are really very smart and I love you so much."

Jamie had the tape cued and we all returned to our seats to listen. She
played all 5 songs and only one had a problem. It needed something, and I
said, "any ideas?"

Jamie and Gary went into the studio and Gary said, "Cue it up for us and just

Jamie played some keyboard synth stuff that sounded really cool. She used
sample sounds that were weird but sounded great in the background, and Gary
and her did some vocal underneath harmonies. We all agreed it sounded good,
so they laid down the dubs.

Jamie came back and did the mix to DAT, and we were done for the night. Kathy
lit a joint and took a drag, and passed it me. I took a toke and passed it
around. I told everyone about my idea of the collaboration and they loved it,
and wanted to hear the song. I said, "Little Willie is getting sleepy and he
really wants to go play in his favorite cave. But first he wants to go

Kathy and I ran to the bathroom, as we both had to pee bad. After we pissed,
we lay down and sucked each other and really got into it. Jamie walked in and
said, "I really have to pee little brother, either move over or open your

Kathy and I got up. I kissed Jamie and Kathy sucked her nipples, while she
was peeing. Then we put Jamie on the vanity counter and both licked her pussy
clean. We both kissed her again and I said, "Now isn't that better?"

Jamie said, "Yeah, I think I agree with you."

We went upstairs and everyone wanted to go in for a swim, so I turned on the
pool lights and we went outside. I checked the water temp and it was a warm
92. Kathy and I lit up a cigarette and sat by the pool. I said, "So much has
happened in such a short time. I seems like it was a lifetime ago and it's
been less than 2 weeks since we had that first crazy party here."

Kathy took a drag and blew out the smoke and said to me, "Our lives have
changed so much in the last 2 weeks. We've seen into each other thoughts, and
felt what each of feels inside. We've done more in 2 weeks that most people
do in a lifetime. Individually, we wouldn't have been able to do any of it.
Together, we can do anything if we try for it. Baby, I love you more than
anything, and I want to see your watch in our dreams, so I know when we're
getting married."

Kathy smiled and we kissed softly. I said, "Kathy, we can get married anytime
you want. We can even go get married tonight, but it will change the vision
we had. Let's see the date, and follow our destiny that is being laid out for

We kissed and laid back on the cold concrete. Kathy said, "Let's go get
little Willie wet in the warm water."

We walked into the shallow end and sat down. Kathy sat on my cock that was
still soft and was rubbing it with her pussy to get me hard. I caressed her
breasts and sucked her nipples as I was getting hard. Kathy kept rubbing her
pussy on my cock until I was fully hard and then she rubbed my cock at an
angle and I slid into her slightly. She moved her hips and my cock was in her
all the way. We fucked and kissed, as everyone else swam and splashed. Kathy
had her hands around my neck and was slowly bouncing up and down on me. Kathy
was softly whispering into my ear, "We have a special magic baby. Can't you
feel it? I love you so much."

Kathy and I kept fucking as everyone went inside. We stayed by ourselves in
the pool and made love. Kathy orgasmed twice and I was careful not to come at
the same time, as we were in the water. I shot into her and she hugged me
tight. I was licking her neck and ear, and we both felt so close. Kathy was
right about the magic, she made it happen.

We got out of the water and dried off and went into join the others.


We went into the kitchen and Kathy lit us both a cigarette. I said,
"Desert?" As I took out 3 cherries from the refrigerator and put 2 on her
nipples and 1 on my cock. I ate the two on her, and she swallowed mine. We
looked around and didn't see any one. There was no noise from the studio, so
we looked upstairs. We found everyone in their own rooms. Kathy said, "How
weird is this?"

We decided to go make our own fun and went to bed and try the watches. Kathy
sucked the rest of the cherries off me and I was hard again. She didn't waste
any time and sat on my cock and we started fucking. We moved into our
sleeping position under a sheet and were both fucking slowly and kissing. We
caressed each other and felt so at peace with each other. Kathy was cumming
and I held off. She said, "Why did you wait?"

I said, "Not yet baby. Let's enjoy it for a while longer."

We fucked for over and hour and I was getting ready to cum. I whispered, "Rub
your clit and make yourself cum. I'm almost ready."

Kathy was rubbing her clit and was moaning, "Now. Now, Now, Cum Now."

I exploded into her pussy. I shot over and over again and we hugged tight and
kissed. I was happening again and we were inside each other's mind. We were
talking and saw our wedding again. We both looked at our watches and kissed
each other. Kathy smiled at me and we saw other things. We watched our tour
with Lonny. We saw the screaming fans and TV shows. We saw ourselves doing
things we never even dreamed about. Kathy was telling me to wake up and we
both did to the sun shining in our eyes.

We stared into each other's eyes and kissed again. I said "September 5 of
this year. Think you can wait 8 weeks?"

Kathy kissed me and smiled from ear to ear. Kathy was soaked in cum again and
we laughed about it. I scooped some up and we both swallowed it and we went
into take a shower. We held each other in the shower for a long time under
the hot water. It felt so good neither of us wanted to get out, but we did.
We dried off and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

Lonny was in the kitchen with Derek. Lonny said, "Jamie and Gary said to tell
you that they went for watches and will be back by 10."

I looked at my watch and it was 9:30. I said, "Kathy, this was a new record.
Look at the time."

She hugged me and kissed me. Lonny said, "You to are so incredible. Your are
so much in love and you share everything. I think it's fantastic."

Lonny noticed Kathy's ring and said, "Wow. That is beautiful."

Kathy said, "Ken gave it to me last night. It's a 3 carrot perfect stone. He
asked me to marry him and we never got the ring."

Lonny said, "When is the wedding."

Kathy winked at me and said, "Soon, you'll be invited. We'll let you know."

Kathy and I got out some cereal and I said, "You're not allow to feed little
Willie this morning. He has had a very tiring night and wants to rest for a

Kathy started to laugh and said, "I guess I better put back the fruit loops."

We finished our breakfast. Kathy lit us each a cigarette and poured us more
coffee. I said "Lonny, we could finish the CD today, if you can keep up at
this pace."

Derek said, "The last CD we did took 5 months and sounded like shit. This
sounds so good, I can't believe it."

I said, "You just had the wrong producer", and smiled.

Jamie and Gary walked in and showed us their watches. Jamie also announced
that her and Gary were getting married and showed us the ring. Kathy and
Jamie were comparing stones. They were almost identical. I pulled Jamie aside
and said, "Did you have the vision of the wedding?"

She said, "Yes. When is it?"

I said, "September 5 of this year."

Jamie screamed, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Jamie then said, "I know how you came in Kathy so much now. I happened to us
last night. Isn't it so unbelievable?"

I kissed Jamie and said, "Sure is sis. Sure is."

I asked Lonny where the rest of the troops were and she said that they were
already in the studio.

I said, "Let's go make some rock and roll."


We went back down and I got them started rehearsing and arranging the
remaining songs. Kathy, Jamie, Gary and I watched and listened. Each hour
they played together, they get better and were anticipating what the others
will do. Jamie ran the tape as they recorded the final tunes. We listened and
they sounded good.

We took a break as everyone wanted to do the collaboration song. Lonny and
Kathy brought down some sandwiches for lunch and we started talking about the
arrangements. I thought this song was going to take all day just to play it
once through without making any mistakes.

Lonny and I figured out some outrageous guitar parts, where we played some if
it in harmony. Kathy, Derek and Jamie worked on similar keyboard stuff. Jamie
figured out a blues harmonica section during the verses. Robert was going to
play sax and Gary play the drums. We all discussed vocals and Kathy and
Lonny did some really interesting things in the verse, alternating and
overlapping the phases. We did the final chorus as an 8 part harmony acapella
and then ended the song with 4 straight hard quick beats, with Lonny and I
doing some very difficult guitar licks.

Jamie and Gary set up the equipment we needed, and I set the levels and
queued the tape. We all went into play and Jamie hit the remote record and
gave us the cue. We all played with such intensity. I was so focused on the
playing my own parts; I wasn't really paying much attention to the overall

Surprisingly we made it through the song without a hitch and none of us could
tell how it sounded, as everyone else was doing the same thing as I was. We
went into the control room and all sat to listen. Jamie did some preliminary
mix levels, and Lonny lit us all cigarettes. Jamie said, "I'm changing the
panning of the guitars and keyboards. You'll hear Kathy and Ken on the left
side at 7 o'clock and 9, and Lonny and Derek on the right at 3 and 5. The
harmony will be dead center with a plate reverb. The blues harp at 11 o'clock
and the Sax at 1."

Jamie pressed play and we all listened to three and half minutes of the most
amazing song and performance. We all had our mouths open. I said, "I wouldn't
change anything. That wasn't just good, that was fucking great."

Kathy grabbed me and kissed me. Actually everyone hugged and kissed everyone
else. Jamie said, "I'm going to run the final mix of the tunes and master
them to DAT. Kathy can you get all the words into the computer to make the
final CD cover and insert?"

We finished the production, and ran off 6 CDs by 5 pm. Kathy even had a
sticker designed that read "Contains a collaboration performance by Little

Just as we were finishing, there was a knocking on the glass door entrance. I
walked over and let Dave in. He didn't mention a thing about me being naked
as he said, "I wanted to give you a copy of Billboard. I tried to call but
then I realized you probably had the phones shut off".

I said, "Thanks Dave. I want you to hear something. We just finished the
Dangerous Curves CD and it has something special on it. We did a joint
collaboration tune on it."

We walked into the control room and Dave said smiling, "I see everyone was a
little warm today", and laughed shaking his head. I handed him the CD to see
the cover and sticker as Jamie queued the last tune we did together. Jamie
pressed play and we all listened again for three and half minutes.

All Dave said was, "Holy Shit!"

Then he paused and said, "I want you two to tour together. Little Willie and
Dangerous Curves. Catchy, isn't it? Damn, we're going make some big money."

We gave Dave 3 production copies, the mastering DAT and the artwork on a CD.
Dave left with a big smile on his face and Kathy said, "I swear I saw his
dick get hard when he was leaving."

We all sat and relaxed in the control room as I called a towing service to
take the 917 to Kathy's father's house, which I forgot to do yesterday. Kathy
called her father and they spoke for a while. She told him about September
5th, her engagement ring and Jamie's ring, the Dangerous Curves CD and our
number 1 spot in billboard."

Kathy hung up and said, "Daddy wants to meet you guys also. I'm going have
Jim drop off your CD to him tomorrow morning. He wants to listen first, but
could have us both on the TV show. We could be filming as soon as Friday."

I said, "That means we need to finish now."

Kathy, Jamie and Gary knew exactly what I was talking about, but the others
had now clue. Lonny said, "I thought we were done?"

I said, "All you did was record a CD. Now we have to get your stage presence
so that every guy and girl in the audience jerks off to your picture in their
head, after they leave your shows."

Lonny lit us all cigarettes as Kathy and I talked about choreography, dress,
creating sex appeal, talking to the crowd as if they were your friends, and
keeping the audience entertained, and the whole attitude you want to maintain
during the show. Kathy, Jamie and I demonstrated some of the crazy stuff we
did on stage and how it went over. We went over each song, and Jamie wrote
down notes. Then we had each of then try it. We only had one casualty, a
Fender bass guitar, as Kate tossed it to Derek and he just plain missed it.
We all laughed as Kathy said, "I don't think that's such a good idea for
these guys."

Kathy is a master at talking to crowds and had each of them practice,
especially Lonny, as she will obviously be the center of attention.

Everyone sat back down as Kathy went into excruciating details of how we
recorded our last song, fucking each other. The emotion we all felt while
playing, and how it sounded. She said that she wanted us to figure out a way
to do it on stage. Kate was getting really turned on by Kathy's descriptions
and was fingering herself. Kathy smiled at her, gave her a kiss and said,
"Kate honey, that's a great place to start. The expression on your face is
what every guy sees when he's fucking you. Make them all wish they were
fucking you, when you play your music."

We had the band play live without recording it, practicing the moves, and
getting the audience into it. We sat in the control room and watched. At
midnight we really did finish. Jamie said into the intercom, "That's a rap.
Let's go get fucked up."


We all went upstairs to the living room, exhausted. Jamie and Gary brought in
several bottles of wine and some joints. Kathy took a joint and lit it. She
took a deep drag and put it in my lips. I did the same and passed it to
Lonny. Kathy lit another and we started passing the two around as we sat down
on the floor by the fireplace. Gary poured us all wine and I made a toast
holding up my glass, "Everyone please raise your glasses. Damn it Kate, stop
fingering yourself and raise your glass would ya? And Kathy pass me the
joint baby"

Kathy and Derek laughed as I continued, "I wanted to tell you that it has
been a true pleasure to have met and worked with all of you, in helping you
to create a great rock band. I know I speak for Kathy, Jamie and Gary also.
You will always be my friends. You will always be welcome in my home. You
will always be remembered in our hearts. So Ladies and Knights, let the games
begin by chugging the first glass."

We all clicked glasses and chugged our glass of wine. Kathy and I were
kneeling and she wrapped her arms around my neck as we kissed. Kate was
fingering herself again, and Derek, her brother, said, "Sis, I want you to
fuck me in front of everyone to see, while Lonny caresses us."

We all moved into a circle around Derek lying down as Kate was rubbing his
cock to get it hard. Lonny moved to Kate and kissed her while she helped Kate
with Derek's cock. Derek was getting hard. Lonny sucked Kate's nipples and
then lifted Kate's leg to straddle Derek. Lonny held Derek's cock and
positioned it for Kate to sit on it, as Kate pushed herself down slowly until
Derek was completely inside of her.

Lonny walked over to Derek, knelt down, and kissed him saying, "Baby, I want
you to suck and lick my pussy while Kate and I have some fun."

Lonny sat over Derek's mouth and she and Kate started kissing. Kate was
fucking Derek and they were all getting excited.

Kathy was lightly stroking my cock and I was messaging her breasts, as we
were both getting into it. Gary and Jamie moved close to us and Gary kissed
me, and then Kathy. Then Jamie did the same. Robert was sitting by himself as
was rubbing his cock leaning between Lonny and Kate.

Gary put his hand on my cock and was rubbing it with Kathy. I reached over to
him and did the same. We were both moving slowly and watching the show. Kathy
kissed me and said, "Every time I see you and Gary touch each other, I get so
fucking hot."

We all caressed each other as we watched Lonny bucking on Derek's mouth. She
was kissing Kate and squeezing Kate's breasts. Kate was moaning loudly into
Lonny's mouth and fucking her brother fast. Robert was now standing with his
cock next to Kate's and Lonny's mouths as they were kissing, as he was
jerking himself off.

Kate and Lonny broke the kiss and were sucking on Robert's cock and rubbing
him. Derek jerked twice and was cumming into Kate's pussy, as Robert started
to cum into Kate's mouth. Kate swallowed all of it and Robert moved back.
Lonny got off Derek's mouth and moved Kate into a 69 position and they sucked
each other's pussy. Lonny swallowed all of Derek's cum from inside of Kate
and then the both had an orgasm.

Kathy put my cigarette into her lips and took a drag. She blew the smoke out
through her nose slowly, put her mouth on my cock, and licked it and Gary's

Derek said, "Wow. We want to see you and Gary suck and fuck each other off
while Kathy and Jamie help. Then we want to see you fuck your sister, like it
did to mine."

Kathy looked up into my eyes and said, "They were reading my mind."

Gary and I got into a 69 position and Kathy was helping me with Gary, while
Jamie was helping Gary suck my cock. I licked the shaft of Gary's cock, as
Kathy was sucking him. Jamie and Gary were doing the same to my cock. I got
up on my knees and moved Gary on his back. Kathy lubed my ass and spit on
Gary's cock. I sat down on him as we did before. It felt great. Kathy and
Jamie were watching and kissing each other and then me. I fucked Gary for a
few minutes and then got off, and we changed positions.

Jamie got his ass ready and spit on my cock as he sat down on it. Gary pushed
himself up and down as Jamie reached under his ass to touch me, on his up
strokes while Kathy was fingered her. After a few minutes Gary got off and
Jamie sat down on me. Gary laid down next to my head and Kathy and I sucked
his cock. I deep throated him and then Kathy did it also.

Jamie was fucking me faster and had an orgasm. Kathy starting jerking Gary
off fast while I held the tip of his cock in my mouth. He shot onto my tongue
and Kathy bent over and kissed me as we swapped and swallowed all of it.
Jamie got off of my cock, kissed Kathy and put her on top of me so Kathy and
I could fuck. Jamie sat on my mouth and leaned forward to kiss Kathy while
massaging her breasts. I was getting ready to cum as Jamie was grinding her
pussy into my mouth. Kathy was moaning, "cum in me baby. I want to feel it."

I shot into Kathy's pussy as Jamie got off of my mouth. Kathy leaned forward
and kissed me and wrapped her arms around my neck. We kissed sucking each
other's tongues as Kathy started rocking her pussy on my cock slowly. Kathy
sat back on me and I stayed inside of her.

Lonny knelt over and kissed Kathy and me and said, "This is going to be one
hell of joint wedding" and put a lit cigarette into each of our lips. Kathy
took a drag and blew out the smoke and whispered to me, "You realize little
Willie is not getting out the cave until the morning."

I whispered back into her ear, "He was prepared this time and is wearing his
goggles and miner's hat."


Kathy, Jamie, Gary and I said our goodnights to everyone and went up to bed
to sleep together in Jamie's room. Kathy and Jamie lit a cigarette, as we all
got under the covers and laid down with our heads on the pillows. Since it
was cloudy out, it was much darker in the room.

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and the tip glowed red. She blew out the
smoked as I said, "Let's call Dave in the morning and get him the finished CD
and see about playing together this week someplace. I'm getting itchy to be
on stage again."

Kathy kissed me as Jamie said, "I can't wait either. This is so much fucking
fun. Gary honey, rub we faster, yeah that's it baby, just like that. Mmmm."

I took a drag from Kathy's cigarette as she was blowing out the smoke. Kathy
was licking my ear and kissing my neck while rubbing my cock to get it hard.
I massaged her breasts and bent over to suck her nipples. Kathy was moaning
softly as we both took a final drag of her cigarette. Kathy moved into our
favorite sleeping position and wrapped her leg over me as she guided my cock
into her pussy. Kathy said, "Jamie honey, little Willie is going to be busy
all night, so please don't wake us up in the morning."

Jamie was moaning and didn't say anything.

Kathy and I kissed and hugged while I we fucked each other. We moved fast and
then slow, and kissed. Each of us licked and kissed each other's neck, face
and ears. Kathy was moaning and fucking me as she spasmed and came, and then
I shot into her. We fell asleep with my cock still in her and our mouths only
inches apart.

... 2am...

I woke up to Kathy fucking me in my sleep. I was dreaming of fucking Kathy
while we recorded, and was ready to cum. Kathy whispered in my ear, "Baby, so
were dreaming and fucking me, shoot in me now honey."

I exploded and came into her. Kathy had an orgasm after I came. We fell back
asleep kissing.

...4 am...

Kathy woke me up by whispering in my ear, "wake up baby, you have to see
this." Kathy was fucking me and I felt almost ready to shoot. I squinted my
eyes to see Jamie sucking Gary's cock and fucking herself with vibrator. Gary
shot into Jamie's mouth and then she moved over and kissed Kathy and gave her
Gary's cum. Kathy kissed me we kissed swallowing the cum as I shot inside of
Kathy again.

We fell asleep with Kathy's head on my shoulder while I was still inside of


I woke up and started fucking Kathy as she was still sleeping. I moved slowly
but deep. Kathy was moaning in her sleep and started to cum. It woke her up
and she kissed me, and started fucking faster. I shot into her and we both
fell asleep again while kissing.

.. 8am ..

Jamie kissed Kathy and me and said, "Time to get up."

Kathy and I squinted our eyes in the sunlight and looked at our watches.
Kathy read my mind and said, "Go Away. Let us Sleep for a while. Please."

Kathy and I put our heads back down and were out cold as soon as we closed
our eyes.


Kathy and I were both waking up. She licked her lips and said, "You're hard
inside me honey. How about one more time before we get up?"

Kathy and I started fucking again and kissing. I massaged her breasts and
sucked her nipples and we fucked fast. I could fell my cock sloshing in my
own cum as Kathy was bucking into me. She said "cum now honey, cum into me."

We fucked wild. Kathy got on top of me and then rolled me over and I was on
top of her. I was fucking my cock into her pussy as fast as I could. Kathy
spasmed moaning, "I love you so much, cum into me."

I exploded into Kathy and jerked several times. I shot my load as she wrapped
her legs and arms around me, and we kissed. I kept moving slowly and then
speed up as I was still hard. We kept going for another half an hour until I
shot into her again.

I got off of Kathy and laid down between her legs and sucked my cum out. Each
time moving to her mouth and kissing her with it. We kissed until we both had
to pee so bad it hurt.

Kathy smiled and said, "I'm going to piss all over Jamie's bed if we don't
get up right now."

We both ran into the bathroom and she sat while I put my soft cock to her
pussy. We kissed and Kathy took my hand and put in under my cock and her
pussy. We peed, and our hands got drenched. Kathy and I laid down and sucked
licked each other and then she licked our fingers. We kissed on the floor and
were getting excited again. Kathy said, "Later baby, we have to call Dave.
Let's take a shower."

We showered and washed each other. We died off. I shaved and we brushed our
teeth. Kathy lit a cigarette and I took a drag, while she blew out the smoke.
We held hands and walked downstairs to the kitchen.

Everyone was sitting and talking and stood to give us a standing ovation when
we walked in. Jamie said, "Now that was a performance."

There was food out and I saw some jam. I picked up a spoon and scooped some
onto Kathy's tits and licked it off, while she laughed. Jamie walked over to
me and said, "Come on Ken, we have stuff to do."

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette as I put some Jelly on Jamie's tits also,
and Kathy and I licked it off. Everyone laughed as Jamie moaned when Kathy
licked her nipples.

Kathy and I sat down and ate breakfast. We had some coffee and I made the
phone call to Dave.

He said that the CD was terrific and told us to plan on playing a gig
tomorrow as part of a televised live show. It was some awards thing and we
were to each play the single release tunes, and then play the collaboration

Everyone was incredibly happy. I turned to Kathy and said, "Now can we go
back to bed?" She kissed me and said, "later baby, later."

We all talked for a while about the music, the touring logistics and
equipment. We swam for a while and then Kathy and I went back to bed and
fucked and slept all day. We were so emotionally exhausted we didn't get up
until the next morning.

Kathy and I had another dream vision about our wedding during the night.
There was going to be some surprises there, but all good ones. We both woke
up laughing.


We played the TV awards show and it was incredible. When we went on stage,
Kathy and I looked at each other and smiled. The faces in the audience were
the same that we saw in our dream.

We met so many personalities that we had only seen on TV before, and now they
all wanted to meet and talk to us. We were invited as guests on 7 talk shows,
and so many radio shows we couldn't possibly do them all.

Dave assigned us another A&R person who did nothing but keep our schedules.
We signed 11 sponsorship contracts for musical instruments, recording
equipment, shoes, clothing, and cosmetics. Everyone was so nice and
supportive. Dave gave us a tour schedule and we were scheduled for 16
concerts up to our wedding date. Three of them were in Europe.

Jamie had her birthday and we all celebrated. We had the audience sing happy
birthday to her at one of our concerts and she cried. Our father sent a
picture of the car that he had delivered to our house for her, and we gave it
to her on stage. It was the Rolls Bentley Turbo-R convertible, just like
Kathy guessed. Kathy announced the car to the audience, and they were
cheering for Jamie.

Kathy, Jamie and I decided to not attend college this year as planned. We
just didn't see any reason for it. We were now doing exactly what we wanted.
Julliard offered us all full scholarships if we ever decided to change our
minds. They also extended Gary's teaching position the same way.

We did get tickets to Ron and Lee, but could only talk to them for 10 minutes
after the show, as we had to catch a plane. They did tell us that they were
getting married over Christmas, and were trying to save enough money for a

Each week our attorney called and gave us a bank account balance. The numbers
were staggering. We couldn't imagine how we could possibly spend the money.
We each had over 42 million in our bank accounts, after taxes. Out first CD
went gold in 3 weeks, Forever in Love went gold in 2 weeks, and the
collaboration single went Platinum. Dangerous Curves CD went gold and so did
the single. We were getting paid on all of it, and having a blast.

Kathy, Jamie, Gary and I have become inseparable. Besides being lovers, we
were also best friends. Gary and I became a lot closer and also sexually.
Jamie and Kathy were always close. Dangerous Curves was the same way. Lonny
and Derek are getting married, and so are Kate and Robert.

One of the concerts in Europe got us into a lot of trouble. For starters, we
all got drunk on the plane ride to London from New York, and all fucked in
the bathrooms on the plane. Derek and Lonny got caught and were arrested by
an Air Marshal. When he found out who they were, he settled for a couple of
free tickets to every show this year, and a handful of cash.

One of the European concerts was in an area where anything is allowed on
stage, not like the US. Kathy and Jamie thought it would be cool to fuck on
stage like we did in the studio, but do it so no could see it. We did. I was
behind Kathy with my cock in her pussy playing guitar while she played keys.
Everyone in the audience thought that it was just part of the show and that I
was humping her butt. At the end of the song she gave a wet kiss to me and
then Jamie. Gary came out from behind the drums and kissed all of us also.
Some photographer took pictures of Kathy and Jamie kissing, and Gary and me
kissing. They made the next day's front page of the tabloids with a headline
that read "Little Willie is Gay."

Dave called us and went ballistic on the phone. I told him we'd fix it. I
called the paper and said, "We will give you an exclusive interview with us,
if you agree to print a front page retraction."

They agreed. Kathy, Gary, Jamie and I told them everything. Buy most
importantly, that we are not gay, we were all bi-sexual. The headlines the
next day read, "Little Willie is Here to Stay". The article told all about
our bi-sexuality and love for each other. It also went into our planned
marriages. Dave called 2 days later and said, "That was brilliant. You just
made yourselves into the sexiest thing on this planet. We are being
approached by TV series, movie producers and someone even wants you four to
act in a movie next year using your next album as a sound track."

Kathy and I called our parents regularly, and they were planning the wedding
along with Gary's folks. It was going to be at our parent's country club. The
guest list was incredible. We were invited to the White House for a dinner,
which we were told is offered to personalities often. We had to respectfully
turn it down, as it was on September 5th. I extended an invitation to the
President to our wedding instead, and we were all shocked that he accepted.

Kathy's father called several times to let her listen to the engine of the
Porsche 917K as he got it running. He was asking her about all types of stuff
and she was telling him how to fix it. I started calling her the "Car

At one of the concerts in Europe, four days before our wedding, we decide to
stay and extra day and relax. It was winter there, and we were staying at a
ski resort.


We finished the concert and said goodbye to Lonny, Derek, Kate and Robert.
Kathy said "We'll see you at the wedding." We all hugged and they left to
catch a flight back to the states that evening.

Kathy, Jamie, Gary and I got into a limo to take us to the resort hotel,
which was about 20 minutes away. It was cold here, about -3 degrees. As we
got into the limo, Kathy said to me, "Does little Willie have on his snow
parka and ear muffs? I don't want him to be too cold to come out and play
with me tonight."

Jamie said, "150 million dollars, 16 tour concerts, God knows how many TV
shows, millions of fans, and you are both still so fucking crazy. I love it."

We got to the hotel and were all shivering. The resort was great. I
registered us at the front desk as we got one suite with a hot tub. The
manager came out to welcome us and gave us complimentary Champaign delivered
to our room. I asked if we could have room service send up strawberries and
whipped cream. Jamie pretended that she didn't know me while Kathy whispered
in my ear, "you forgot the chocolate syrup." I said, "chocolate syrup also
please", and smiled.

The bellhop took our bags from the car and said, "Follow me to your room
sir", in broken English. We were stopped twice by people asking for
autographs on the way up. Jamie was really cool about it, and loved to sign
women's shirts and breasts. Kathy always wrote cute things.

The room was terrific. Kathy lit all of us cigarettes. She took a drag and
blew out the smoke still shivering. We both kept our coats on until the heat
started coming up in the room. The bellhop put our bags down and turned up
the heat. He also lit the gas fireplace. I tipped him and we sat by the
heater vents to warm up. Room service came with the Champaign and desert
foods, as we finished our cigarettes.

Kathy grabbed me around the waist and threw us on the bed, laid on top of me
and kissed me. She said, "baby, I've been wet the whole concert, get
undressed before I rip off your cloths."

Kathy and I took off everything and were freezing, and got under the covers
trying to keep warm. Gary checked the temperature of the hot tub and said,
"It's really warm. Jamie, do you want to have totally wild and uncontrollable
steaming hot wet sex with a drummer?"

Kathy and I both yelled, "Yes", before Jamie could even answer. I pushed the
Champaign desert cart by the tub, Kathy took her cigarettes and we both got
into the water. I felt great. The tub was large enough for 6. I popped the
cork, and poured us 4 glasses of Champaign as Jamie and Gary were getting in
also. Kathy lit a cigarette for herself and one for Jamie. We all sat down,
clicked our glasses and drank the bubbly.

We had been going non-stop for 14 days of concerts, TV shows, filming,
interviews, and travel. Although we made time for lots of sex, we really
needed time to space out someplace and relax. Kathy took a drag of her
cigarette and while blowing out the smoke put her head back against the edge
of the tub. She said to me, "Baby, this is so nice. Come her and hold me."

I moved closer to Kathy and we cuddled under the water. I took a drag of her
cigarette and said, "Tonight, we are going to write a song in our dreams
together. I'm going to say the words and music, and you are going to answer

Kathy turned on her side and then sat on me in her favorite position. We
kissed as she was rubbing my cock with her pussy moving back and forth to get
me hard.

Jamie and Gary were already eating desert. He sprayed whipped cream on her
nipples and put a strawberry on top of each one with some chocolate syrup. He
was licking and eating them off, as Jamie was loving it.

I was getting hard and Kathy moved herself so I went into her as she moved
her pussy. She kissed me again and we were fucking slowly. I massaged her
breasts and licked each nipple. Kathy reached for the food and put whipped
cream on her nipples and said, "I want you to suck it off really good and
them lick it clean." I kept sucking and licking her nipples as she rocked
slowly on my cock. Kathy then put chocolate syrup on my nipples and licked
and sucked it off.

Jamie and Gary moved close to us and were in the same position with Jamie
sitting on Gary's cock and rocking. Jamie leaned to Kathy and they kissed
open mouth, sucking each other's tongues. Gary and I leaned to each other and
also kissed. Jamie said to Gary, "I want to watch you and Ken fuck each other
sitting on each others cocks in the tub baby. I think Kathy would like it

Kathy said to me, "that would me so hot watching you get off like that", and
I said to Gary, "Mind if I take a ride?"

Jamie got off of Gary and sat with Kathy. I sat on his cock pushing it into
my ass. It took a little moving around, but in the hot water he slid inside
of me. I pushed my myself up and down on him using my legs, as my cock was
hard against his stomach.

Kathy and Jamie were rubbing each other's breasts and pussies. Jamie kissed
Gary and then me. Then Kathy did the same. Each time I moved up and down on
Gary's cock, Kathy kissed me and rubbed my cock. I felt really good. I keep
going for a few minutes and then stopped so Gary wouldn't cum yet.

We changed positions with Gary on top of me. He sank down onto my cock and
Jamie helped him get it in his ass. Kathy was leaning on my chest and kissing
me as Gary started to move up and down fucking me. Kathy pushed Gary's and my
head together and Gary and I kissed. Jamie was rubbing Kathy's clit and Kathy
was moaning softly as they both watched us fuck each other. Gary was getting
into it and was moving faster as Jamie was rubbing his cock under the water.
Gary kept going for a few minutes and then we kissed and he got off of me.

I slid over and Kathy got onto me, putting my cock into her pussy again. She
was fucking me faster as we kissed and hugged tight. Kathy whispered in my
ear, "I get so hot watching you and Gary, fuck me baby, make me cum."

Kathy and I fucked faster. Jamie and Gary were doing the same next to us, as
the water in the tub was splashing out onto the floor. I was sucking and
licking Kathy's nipples as we fucked. She was moaning, "I'm cumming baby,
mmmmm" as she spasmed. We kept fucking each other and I felt ready, saying
to Kathy, "I'm going to cum baby. I'll make you fell warm inside."

I shot my load into Kathy's pussy, just as Gary was shooting into Jamie.
Kathy and I kissed and sucked each other's tongues and she slowed down to
rocking slowly on my cock still inside of her. Jamie said to me, "Ken honey,
I want you to lick Gary's cum out me baby, and let Gary lick yours out of

Gary and I moved over a little more apart from each other. Kathy and Jamie
both got off of us and both stood with one leg up on the side of the tub to
push their pussies into our mouths. Jamie pushed into my mouth and I sucked
her, while Kathy pushed hers into Gary's mouth. Jamie was moaning and so was
Kathy. Gary and I sucked out each other's cum as Kathy and Jamie put their
legs down and got out of the tub. Gary and I did the same. I kissed Kathy and
Gary kissed Jamie.

We dried off and it was warm in the room. Kathy lit us all cigarettes and I
poured everyone another glass of bubbly. We went over to the bed and all laid
down with our heads propped against the head board with pillows.

Kathy took a drag of her cigarette and while blowing out the smoke, starting
humming and then sang two phases. I said to her, "how did you know that one?"
and she whispered back to me, "that's the song your were talking about us
finishing wasn't it? I dreamed about it after we shared the vision last

We watched as Gary moved on top of Jamie, and they were fucking and kissing
each other.

Kathy and I finished the Champaign and put down the glasses. She took a drag
of her cigarette and started to rub my cock again. I was already hard and
Kathy looked at me and stared into my eyes. She moved herself onto my cock
without us loosing eye contact. She was sitting in her favorite position,
straddling me, and still looking into my eyes. She put one hand on my
shoulder arching her back and took a drag of her cigarette. She blew out the
smoke and took my cigarette, and hers, and put them in the ashtray.

Kathy learned forward and kissed me, and we started rocking back and forth.
She was fucking me faster, moving up and down holding me tightly. We licked
each other's neck and kissed. I massaged her breasts and she was bucking on
my cock and moaning. I felt her spasm and she moaned loader and kept on
fucking me. We were going for almost a half hour as Gary and Jamie had
already finished and were hugging. I felt that I was getting close to cumming
and Kathy whispered in my ear, "I almost there baby, fuck me just like this,
yeah, keep going, ooooh, mmmmm, Now. Now. Now. Cum Now. Cum Now".

Kathy was spasming and I shot my load into her. I felt my self shoot and
shoot again and then I knew we were connected. Kathy and I watched ourselves
playing the song we were thinking about. I looked at my watch and she laughed
at me. We heard the words, the whole melody and some things Jamie was doing.
We saw Ron and Lee in the audience waving to us. We saw ourselves making
love. I asked Kathy if she was happy and she told me in her mind that she has
never been happier in her life. She told me to wake up and we both open our
eyes to find ourselves still kissing and fucking with the sun shining into
the room.

We broke the kiss and she smiled at me from ear to ear. She said, "Did you
believe all of that?" and kissed me again. Kathy was still on top of me and I
said, roll over honey, it's breakfast time."

She got off of me and the cum sloshed out. I scooped some with my fingers and
so did Kathy and we put it in each other's mouth and kissed. Kathy started to
laugh saying, "If anybody saw my pussy they would have thought I just got
gang banged by 10 sailors on shore leave." We both scooped up some more and
Kathy lit us both cigarettes.

Jamie and Gary were in the hot tub and we walked over but didn't go in. Jamie
said, "You had a vision last night."

I said, "Yeah, it was wonderful."

She said, "We saw it too. That song is incredible. We should learn it after
the wedding. You getting in?"

I said, "Not unless you want piss in the water", as Kathy and I ran to the
bathroom. Just as Kathy sat down we could hear Jamie saying, "You can piss
it. It's really OK with us."

Kathy was laughing and I put my cock to her pussy and we both peed. We both
really had to go and it was such a relief. We laid down and cleaned each
other off. I sucked out two mouthfuls of cum and we swallowed it while we
kissed. Kathy turned on the shower and we got in and washed each other.

We dried each other off and were looking in the mirror. Kathy said into the
mirror looking at me, "Will you love me old and grey? Will you kiss me every
day? I'll love you `till heaven takes me. Promise you'll remember me always."

I said, "You remembered the words. They're beautiful Kathy."

Kathy kissed me and said, "that song was really good. If I was reading your
watch right, we will be playing that just before Christmas."

We got out of the bathroom and I ordered breakfast from room service. Gary
and Jamie were making love in the bathtub and Kathy said, "Look at them they
look so sexy."

We went to sit at a small round table in the suite and Kathy made us coffee
in the typical hotel coffee machines. I lit us each a cigarette and we sat
and talked about our honeymoon plans. We were taking a cruise with Gary and
Jamie, of course, for a week. I think all of us were more excited about the
cruise than the wedding.

The breakfast came and we had it brought into the room. Kathy and I forgot to
put on cloths, so the woman who brought it in got a good show. I gave her a
big tip and she just kept staring at all of us and then finally left.

Gary and Jamie got out of the tub and sat down with us. I said, "Skiing?"

Gary said "Please, no broken bones. Novice or Intermediate only today.
Everyone OK you with that?""

Gary had a good point and we all nodded our heads. All of us have skied

We had our breakfast and Gary and I sampled marmalade from Kathy's and
Jamie's nipples. It was a good after breakfast snack.

We rented skis and went out on the mountain. It was absolutely breathtaking
here, but unbelievably cold. We all bought thermals, ski hats, and heavier
gloves. Kathy and I lit a cigarette and blowing out the smoke caused ice to
form on our face above our lips. We were licking it off each other, which
just made it worse.

We were all pretty good skiers, but Gary was right about not doing something
crazy. We did go to a wide open steep single diamond trail that was all
fresh powder with no tracks on it, and skied the 4 miles down to the lodge.
That was great.

We stopped for lunch and were bombarded with people wanting autographs. We
stayed and talked with a few of the people and asked them to join us for
lunch. It was amazing that they were star struck. We are just 4 somewhat
unbalanced screw ups, who just happen to be really good musicians.

We skied the rest of the day and were exhausted. We had a great dinner with
too much wine and went back to the room and mostly slept, as our legs were
killing us from skiing that deep powder 4 mile run, 6 more times.

Kathy and I woke up as usual, with me inside of her. Neither of us wanted to
get up, but Jamie and Gary were yelling at us, "We'll miss the flight."

They actually dragged us out of bed. Kathy and I were laughing hysterically
as we wound up on the floor and I was still inside of her. We were hitting
Gary with pillows to leave us alone. Gary and Jamie pulled us apart and made
us get dressed.

We took the limo to the airport and were back in the states in 9 hours.


None of us believed in the wedding superstition of not seeing the bride
before the wedding. Kathy, Jamie, Gary and I all slept together the night
before the wedding and fucked our brains out before we got dressed.

Kathy's and Jamie's gowns were beautiful. Gary and I had on Black Tuxedos.
Gary and I were each other's best man. Jamie and Kathy were each other's maid
of honor. Dangerous Curves were the ushers and brides maids and they stayed
the night in a hotel together.

Kathy's father had a photographer come to the house. We wouldn't let him in
until we were done making love to each other. I can imagine the family album
if we let him in at 9, which is when he showed up.

My father had Jim arrange for a lot of limos. Jim and a second full limo were
both waiting for us outside in the driveway. We could see Derek's head in the
other car, so we knew that the crew survived their hotel party last night.
Kathy looked drop dead gorgeous. I couldn't stop staring. She said the same
to me. Gary, Kathy, Jamie and I got in one limo and the others in the second.

Kathy and I didn't get our wish for a small church, but it was nice. The
police required everyone to have an invitation to get in. There were press
and photographers outside and we all posed for photos. Kathy was great with
crowds and said a few nice words to everyone as we went into the church.

We walked in and her father was there with mine, and they both hugged us.
Gary and I walked to the alter as Kathy and Jamie stayed in rear. We heard
the organ play and Kathy and Jamie were being walked down the isle. The
minister conducted the service and had us take our vows. Kathy and I, and
Gary and Jamie each wrote our own. We kissed and the minister pronounced us
husband and wife.

The minister then said, "We have an addition to this ceremony and wanted to
surprise our married couples. I am now going to ask Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood,
and Mr. and Mrs. Cousin to move back about 10 feet. Everyone please rise and
look to the rear of church."

We heard the organ music start to play again, and watched Lonny and Kate
being walked down the isle by their fathers.

The minister said, "I going to marry Lonny and Derek, and Kate and Robert.
Everyone please be seated."

Kathy and I kissed as tears were rolling down both our faces. Gary and Jamie
were the same way. Kathy whispered in my ear, "That's why they made us wait
outside at the rehearsal so long, and then stayed in the hotel. Baby this is
their wedding day too, and we didn't know it. I going to cry I'm so happy for
them. Look at how beautiful their wedding gowns are."

The minister pronounced everyone husband and wife, and then said, "We would
all like to see all husbands, kiss their brides." We all kissed and then
Kathy and I lead the group to the receiving line to greet everyone that

Everyone threw rice as we went into the Limos. Gary and I sat in the rear
seat and Jamie and Kathy were hanging out the window as people threw more

We drove off and Kathy rolled up the tinted windows. Jamie and Kathy lit a
cigarette and Kathy said, "We have a surprise for you guys. We want you to
always remember this day."

Kathy and Jamie both pulled up their gowns and neither had any underwear on.
They unzipped our tuxedo pants and we fucked in the limo all the way to the

Kathy was sitting on me in her usual position and fucking me fast as we
drove, kissing me the whole time. Jamie was doing the same to Gary. I shot
into Kathy as we pulled into the country club. Jim saw us in the mirror and
parked in the corner of the lot until we all finished. The other limo was
parked there too. Kathy and I kissed, and I said, "Mrs. Blackwood, how does
it feel to get fucked by a married man being right next to another married
couple?" Kathy smiled saying "great" and kissed me.

The reception was fun. The president didn't show up, but the Vice President
and First Lady did. The way they were dancing and feeling each other up, we
all thought they had to be fucking each other.

Taking the garter off of Jamie's and Kathy's legs was a piss. The best man,
Gary, had to take it off Kathy and I, the best man, had to take it off of
Jamie. When we sat back down Gary said to me, "your wife's pussy looks good
enough to eat", and I said, "so does yours", as we both laughed.

The best man's toast was interesting as there were four. All sincere and also
funny. I will never forget Gary's as he also had everyone in both bands say
something. Kathy and I both got choked up. After the last speech I stood up
and thanked everyone. I also thanked the Vice President and First Lady for
being here. The First Lady got up to say something and she was so smashed.
She started to speak slurring her words and keep saying, "Bobby, later, we
have all night." The place was howling.

We eat, drank, and talked with all our old friends. Kathy and I asked Ron and
Lee to come with us outside for minute. They followed us and Kathy said, "We
both wanted to spend time with you when you came to see us, but we just
couldn't. It has been so hectic. We know you're getting married and wanted to
give you an early wedding present because I think we are touring that week.
We wanted you both to have this for your honeymoon, and what ever else you
want to do with it."

Kathy handed Lee the envelope. Lee opened it and screamed and showed Ron.
Both of them kissed Kathy and me, and hugged as we walked back inside. Kathy
and I wrote them a check, as a married couple, for 500,000 dollars.

As we were walking back inside, Jamie was paging us to the bandstand. Jamie
handed a mic to both Kathy and me, and said, you know the words, and we heard
it also. Jamie and Gary started playing the new song that Kathy and I were
working on. We had never played it before.

We smiled at each other, Jamie pointed a cue, and we sang. The words came out
like we had sung this a hundred times. Kathy and I held hands while singing
and walked through the audience. There were a few tears on faces as Kathy
just kept smiling at me. We walked to the bandstand to end the song and Jamie
and Gary both hugged us together. Everyone stood up, some on chairs cheering
and clapping.

Kathy took the mic back and said, "I wanted to thank everyone for coming here
to celebrate with Ken, Gary, Jamie, Lonny, Derek, Kate, Robert and me. We
will never forget this."

Kathy paused and continued speaking slowly, "When I was a kid, I wished on a
star that someday I would be lucky enough to met someone I could love, and be
with the rest of my life, and share in my music and my happiness. I thank God
that Ken just happened to be wishing on that same star that night, for the
same thing. We are sole mates. We both know it, and I know now that we will
always be together. Ken, this is the happiest day of my life honey." Kathy
hugged me and we kissed, as everyone applauded.

We let the band back up on the bandstand, and I said play some dancing music.
We all danced and drank for over 2 hours. Kathy's father and mother were
dancing with us and so were my mother and father. The reception was ending
and people were starting to get their things to leave. We were the only ones
still dancing and drinking.

The band asked Gary, Jamie, Kathy and me to sing Forever in Love from the
dance floor and those in the lobby came back in. They gave us mics and I said
to the band, we will do it acapella, just give us a soft beat. I said, "Do
you remember the 4 part harmony we were goofing around with, sitting in the
hot tub in Tampa? Let's try it. Jamie, give us a G".

Jamie said "youuuuuuu" in the perfect pitch of `G', and Gary counted to four.
We sang the song in 4 part harmony, with the bands drummer playing a very
soft beat. We really surprised ourselves on how good it sounded. Everyone
was crowding around us and watching. Kathy and I danced with two little kids
while we sang and Jamie was holding our father's arm. Kathy and I were
getting into it and started dancing with other people who were in the front.
She danced with Gary's grandfather and then Lonny's father. Kathy was waving
to Lonny and the others to join us. They each sang along side one of us into
our mics for the last verse. They sang the normal part everyone hears on the
radio and we did floating harmonies around it. Lonny looked at Kathy and gave
her the thumbs up. I think we just found our first unplugged collaboration
song. Everyone, including the country club members in the dinning room, came
in to listen. They all applauded, and we all kissed and hugged. Kathy and I
were kissing and started getting into it as Kathy's Grandmother pinched her
on the ass and said "Not here! Save that for the hotel!" Kathy and I just

Dave came up to Kathy and me and said "You played two new hit songs tonight.
Whatever you're doing, don't stop. Whatever you need, I'll get it for you. I
wish you two the best luck in the world always. I'll talk to you both when
you get back. Enjoy yourself."

The band played one more tune and we all said our goodbyes. Lonny told us
that everyone was taking the same cruise and that they would see us on the

We all went out to the limo and Jim was holding the door. Gary and I sat in
the back seat again with Kathy and Jamie facing us. We all lit up cigarettes
and Kathy unzipped my pants as Jamie did Gary's. Kathy got on my cock and
Jamie did the same to Gary's. We all fucked in the limo for an hour on the
way to the hotel. Gary and I both shot our loads and then we eat our wives.

Kathy was talking to my crotch playing puppets just as we pulled into the
hotel saying, "Little Willie, you had such an exciting month. You almost
froze and then we thought you drowned. What's that little Willie? Yes, I know
you were scared. Now you better get your goggles and swim suit on because you
are going to be inside that dark cave for a long, long, long time."


The band toured for a number of years. We decided to only tour for 6 months
of each year and spend time together. We recorded 16 more albums and then
focused on just producing, just like what we did for Lonny.

Kathy, Jamie, Gary and I have now produced over 30 bands that have had hit
records and have also done some TV shows. Kathy and I have 6 Grammies,
including 1 for producing and 1 for writing. The best song we ever wrote was
for a band we produced, and the single went double platinum. Dave keeps
sending us new bands, and we are now producing almost all of his new signed

We are all still best friends, have sex all the time, but we did move to
separate houses that are right next door to each other. Kathy and I built
that big white house we saw in our dreams, and Gary and Jamie built their
home also. Kathy and I have 2 boys and a girl, and Jamie and Gary have 2
girls and a boy. Age wise they match up, and they all are really into music.

On our third year of touring, we did a concert in the islands and we all fell
in love with beaches. We decided to stay there and spend the first month of
our time off living on a beach in a hut together. Gary and I grew beards,
which we didn't like. We shaved and I kept my moustache. Kathy absolutely
loved it and gets hot cleaning it off after I lick her. I really did look
different with it. Jamie and her were calling me Magnum PI from the old TV
show. When we got back to the states, Kathy and I went out to dinner at one
of the local clubs. A photographer took our picture making out in the
restaurant. It was in the tabloids with the headline 'Little Willie caught
cheating'. Kathy and I laughed our asses off. We played along with it to get
the publicity. The gag lasted about 3 weeks until someone touched up a photo
and removed my moustache.

Kathy and I wanted a Nanny that we could hire for the kids. After we
interviewed everyone the normal way, Kathy gave them each the same audition
we did with Lonny. We hired a beautiful woman in her early twenties that gets
wet every time she does anything for us. She's really into being a slave.
She's also great with the kids. Kathy and I have her light our cigarettes and
rub our feet while we give her orders. She orgasms without anyone touching

Kathy still talks to little Willie and when our daughter turned 6, she came
in to ask us, "Daddy, how come Mommy asks little Willie to come out and play?
I thought that was the name of your band."

I said, "She's just asking for Aunt Jamie and Uncle Gary to come over here."

My daughter asked again, "Then how come she talks into your underwear? Do you
have a phone hidden in there?"

Kathy said, "Yes baby. It's real small so you can't see it." Our daughter
said, "OK" and left the room. Kathy laughed so hard she wet her pants.

We moved the studio to an underground building we built on the property and
sold the home my parents gave Jamie and me. We expanded the studio to include
full film production, and also full digital recording. Kathy and her sister,
Val, also operate a graphics design company, and we are doing a ton of
artwork projects for other record companies.

Kathy finally turned me into a car junkie, just like her. We bought 3 vintage
racecars; a Ferrari p4, Lola T70 and Ford GT-40, all previous race winners.
We both drive them 3 times a year at vintage race events with her father.
Kathy has won twice and my best finish is 2nd. I always drive the P4 and get
such a rush pushing it to its limits. We usually camp at the site for the
weekend and make it a family thing.

After the first race Kathy won, she was like on speed. We slept in tent that
was about 5 feet away from her mother and father's tent. Kathy was showing me
how she late apexed the turns and short shifted, demonstrating her shifts on
my cock. Then she made my try it, shifting my dick with my right hand. Kathy
had a marker with her and was taking to little Willie as she drew a race
helmet on him and a nomex suit. We could hear Kathy's parents laughing
uncontrollably in the next tent and her mother saying, "Matt, they are so out
of their minds."

Kathy and I fucked all night in the tent, and I came 6 times in her. We heard
her mother saying, "Matt, I can't believe they are still going, why can't we
do that?" In the morning I was eating my breakfast from Kathy's pussy laying
down and I had my bare feet sticking out the front of the tent. Kathy told me
later that see watched her mother looking at us through the partially open
flap in the tent. When I kissed Kathy with a mouth full of my spunk, her
mother was fingering herself. Kathy said that it was the most turned on she
has ever been, seeing her mother watching us and getting herself off.

Ron and Lee have remained very good friends. We called them before their
wedding, and they told us they were honeymooning in Las Vegas, which is where
we were playing. We got them front row seats and a pass for back stage. Kathy
and I kissed the bride and groom for 3 hours in our dressing room. We spent
part of the next day with them in a casino and Lee won a little under 30
grand playing craps.

They both used the money we gave them to finish college and became stock
brokers. They opened their own company after 2 years and we thought they were
doing pretty good. We were joking with them last year about money, to find
out that Ron and Lee have made a lot more money than we have, and both were
still hungry for more. Ron was addicted to making money and was now buying
off shore companies.

Kathy and I have visited my parents twice a year in Hawaii. My father and I
have become closer and speak often. Kathy and my mother have had great sex
together. We found out that the dream vision thing we all experienced is
actually hereditary, handed down from my mother to Jamie and me. Kathy and my
mother had it happen to them while they we eating each other out. My father
and I watched them in a vision for over 4 hours. The bed underneath them was
soaked and their faces were coated with pussy juice when they woke each up.
My father and I have only been intimate 3 times since we first did it. Twice
because we were horny, and once when Kathy and my mother begged us, so they
could watch. Each time my father told me it was kind of weird. I said the
same thing to him.

My parents have a research team working at their facilities to try and
isolate exactly what causes the visions. They have discovered that it is
chemical reaction that is produced by something inside of my sperm, and also
contained in the secretions from my mother and Jamie. I only happens when two
people have the chemical reaction together. My father explained it being like
when a woman's egg gets fertilized, but with higher odds of it happening. My
Mother is doing a lot of the testing. I can only image what is going on, as
she called us and said the research is simply wonderful. My father is now
thinking billion dollar drug venture.

We stopped looking at the bank accounts. Last year when we checked, we had
over 765 million. We never did go back to college.

Kathy and I started leaving each other notes last month, as we were both
running 200 miles an hour, with so many different projects. She left me a
note on the console in the studio that said, 'Please sing to the tune of
Remember me When I'm Gone', which is the song we sang at our wedding. It was
written like a poem.

I want to write a story, before I'm old and grey,
Can you help me remember, how we use to play?
I want to re-live the laughs, music and love,
I want to write it, for all the ones we love.

I took her note and tapped it to her computer screen, and wrote under her
last line:

We will help each other remember the laughs,
Little Willie puppets, hot tubs, and autographs.
Bellhop carts and UPS trucks, Riding horses and dinner for two,
Skiing the Alps, and most important, how I met you.
I'll be done at 7, waiting for you in bed.
Let's make some more music, in our heads.


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