Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Me and Jenny McLay

Mike was furious. A week before, I promised him to spend a whole
weekend with him, for two days of lust and good things... Bad luck! My
parents phoned and told me they will visit me during these two days!
I have to tell that I am a student, far away from home... Furious was my
boyfriend, because he was waiting for the goodness of my body and my
talents in sex things for a long time! He let me in the hall of the
school, and I didn't know what to do.

My parents called me on Saturday morning, to tell me that it was
impossible for them to come, beacause Dad had to meet some VIP for his
job. No matter!, I said for myself, let's dress in a sexy way and go
to see the poor Mike!

On my way to his apartment, I could feel the looks of men on my body,
dreaming of what was under my short clothes, willing to put their
hands on my thighs and more. That was a strange but pleasant feeling!
Mike's door was not locked, that would be a very good surprise!
No. Or, yes, the surprise was for me. On the sofa in the middle of
the room, was Jenny McLay, a damned sexy girl of our class, naked, and
Mike upon her, and there was no doubt to have about this relationship.
They didn't seem to hear me, my head was between the door and the
wall, and I couldn't help staying to look at this luxurious scene.
Mike stood up, turned his back on me so he couldn't see that I was
there. But Jenny, this pretty bitch, kneeled in front of my now
ex-boy, and her mouth began to play with Mike's sex. And she saw me!
For a very short moment, she looked at the door and saw my face. Then
she smiled and continued her work ...

Disappointed is a gentle word to describe how I was feeling.
Going back to my own apartment, I began to think of all the ways I
could have my revenge!

Later in the afternoon, someon knocked at my door. I didn't want to
speak to or see anyone. But I stood up and went to the door.
Behind was Jenny McLay, dressed in a crazy sexy way, and for the first
time she was not smiling!

"I know I did something bad," she said while entering my room. But
Mike was so angry and lost, that I couldn't let him like this!

"You're very charitable," I answered. "But I thought he was my boy, and
if he had any problems, he had to talk with me!"

"Things didn't go that way, darling," said Jenny, now comfortably
laid on my sofa. "Why don't you sit down and talk?"

"I don't want to talk, you bitch!" I screamed. "What do you think you
are, with your perfect body, your clothes so short that evreybody
wonders if you are dressed?"

"Really, you find that my body is perfect? Thanks a lot! I didn't
know that you could have some dreams about my body!"

In a way, she was true. It happened to me to dream of some strange
nights with a naked girl aslept by my side. But the way she told that
made me furious. But I couldn't move, because she began to undo the
buttons of her silk shirt one after one, with her fantastic smiling on
her wonderful lips.

"If you have some fantasy about my body, you know you could see it
without any problem," she said.

I didn't know what to think at this moment. My brain wanted to put her
out, but all my body wanted to wait, or more ...

She stood up, walked to me, ran her right hand slowly on my neck, and
stopped behind me. I could feel her breasts on my back, her lips on my
shoulder, her hands on my skirt.

"You have a beautiful body too, you know?" she asked me. "Mike told me
that it was a pleasure to feel your nibbles becoming hard, your thighs
shaking. Could you show me?"

I could stand it no longer, my body was warm, I was becoming wet
inside. I put her right hand into my skirt, so she could feel that
ther was nothing under but my skin. I felt her searching my pussy, and
she beagn to rub it softly. On of her fingers came on my pussy lips,
entered a little bit and went out immediatly. Jenny was full of
surprises, and her finger beagn this game again. My body was trmbling,
I whispered "Come, come into me Jenney, fuck me, please!"

The waiting of pleasure was terrible, and so exciting. My ass was rubbing
against her skirt, that she put down of her left hand. So did she of
mine, and her finger entered in me, deeply, softly. He began to play
with lmy clitoris, and I felt I was coming, because of the waiting and
the way she was fucking me.

She exited, faced me, took my hands and asked me, "Are you still angry

My only answer was to join my lips on hers, and to let my
tongue into her mouth. She laid me on the sofa, naked as she was now.
Kneeling between my legs, she began to suck my feet, my legs, my
thighs, and arrived to my pussy, so wet after what she did to me. When
I felt her tongue inside of me, I screamed of pleasure. That was so
great! All my secret dreams were becoming true, and while she was
fucking me with her tongue, I began to cum, in her mouth.

"Ohhh baby, you're so good, don't stop, ohhhh--"

She fucked me deeply, with tongue and two fingers, then she slid on
me, and kissed me. Her wet lips had the taste of sweet and so good
sex, and while I was licking her fingers, she rubbed my pussy with her
left foot.

"So darling, are you happy now, or do you want me to stop here?" she
asked with smile.

"I want to fuck you, baby," I said. "I want you to
fuck me once more, you pretty bitch."

I slid under her body, my
tongue and my teeth playing with her breasts, and I knew that was what
she was waiting for, because her body shook of pleasure. Coming
between her thighs, that was my turn to suck her deeply, remembreing
my first lesbian experience with my cousin Jane, three years ago.
Pleasure was there, but this day with Jenny was of another dimension.
While sucking her pussy I put mine on her face, and we ate each other
so deeply, on the same rythm, that we nearly climax at the same
moment. Playing with fingers, tongues, feet, rubbing my pussy against
Jenny's, I lost the count of my climaxes after the fourth in this
luxurious afternoon. Jenny knew everything about love between two
women, and she showed me how to increase climax, a finger in the
asshole, another in my pussy, and licking the breasts of your lover.

At a moment, we stopped, in the arms of the other. I thought Jenny was
asleep, and decided to take a shower. Naked under the warm water kept
the pleasure of my love scene with Jenny in me. I was only
half-surprised whe I felt two hands on my highs, and lips on my neck.

"Come on baby, let's do it once more," Jenny whispered tenderly. "You
know I love you!"

"I love you too, dear," I answered while turning back, and putting my
lips on hers. Our French kiss had the taste of sex, sweat, warm water,
taste of love.

That was a weekend I wanted to spend with my boyfriend, full of
desire, dreaming of his sex in my pussy, his hands rubbing my breasts.
That was a weekend I really spent with Jenny McLay, making love every
where in my apartment, in hers, even in Mike's while he was jogging,
two girls full of love and lust and fear to be discovered ...

I made love with other women since this weekend, with men, too -- even
with the two sexes. But when I meet Jenny, twice in a month, we know
it's for speaking, drinking good wine, and love ...

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