Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Two-Day Workshop

The phone call came as a pleasant surprise. "How would you like to come own
for a two-day workshop, and spend the night at our house?", my friend
George asked. I checked my calendar, and said, "Sure, that'd be great."
George and I had known one another for quite a few years, and he had often
suggested that he and his wife lived a fairly open lifestyle, in spite of
having young children. I had never actually met her, as our jobs were in
fairly distant cities, but he had told me lots about her - enough to pique
my interest.

I travelled to the workshop a few weeks later, and after six hours of
boring business, looked forward to kicking back and relaxing. We made our
way to George and Jill's house, in time to have a beer or two before
dinner, and to give George the opportunity to play the father role with his
kids while it was still light. Jill, his wife, was busy preparing
dinner. We chatted, and got to know one another a little, and passed the
daily pleasantries. She appeared to be the typical suburban housewife, but
certainly not unattractive. After dinner, the kids were bathed and put to
bed, and we continued socializing. All of this was very "on the up and
up". We helped Jill clear the dishes, and George suggested a walk in the
back yard. Although it was fall, it was still mild enough to walk around in
our shirtsleeves. As we were strolling along, George offered me a
joint. Never one to refuse a free offer, I helped him toke some excellent
homegrown weed - good enough that we decided another would be a great
idea. By the time we got back to the house, we were both extremely mellow,
and ready for just about anything.

George got some tapes from the hall closet and set up the VCR. Now I have
to say that he and I had in the past shared some blue movies, this at a
time when they were fairly rare, except as Super 8 films. So, I pretty well
knew we weren't going to watch a tape of the family vacation. Anyway, we
started watching this raunchy blue movie. Jill had by this time joined us,
but seemed disinterested, as though she was acknowledging that this was "a
guy thing". Nevertheless, she didn't leave the room, nor stop looking. Just
the normal suburban housewife sitting around with friends watching the
show. After a bit of this, George suggested that I check out the sauna he
had just finished building in the basement. We had both enjoyed saunas in
the past when we travelled together in Northern Ontario, and he knew how
much I loved them. Of course, I jumped at the chance. "Great, I said, but I
didn't bring a suit." "Not to worry, "said he, "we normally sauna in the
nude." At this I thought, "Oh, wow!"

George and I went downstairs, stripped and got into the sauna (He had
turned it on earlier). Jill stayed upstairs, watching the video. The sauna
was pretty small - basically a four-seater, so we sat fairly closely
together on the top shelf, letting the heat soak away the aches and pains
of the day. A few minutes later, Jill joined us, also deliciously naked. I
couldn't take my eyes off her. This ordinary housewife had a lovely body,
small but well-formed breasts, and a lush hairy muff. Having always been
very partial to eating lovely hairy pussies, I couldn't believe my eyes. I
was mellow enough from the excellent pot that I didn't get hard right away,
and just vegged as she took her place on the lower shelf. We sat there and
quietly enjoyed the sensations of the sauna, still making small talk.

All of a sudden, a small, feminine hand reached up and circled my now
rising cock. I couldn't believe it! Another man's wife was wrapping her
fingers around my cock, and he was watching with approval. She didn't say
anything, and I, too, was speechless. She stroked it almost absentmindedly,
while I quickly grew to a full erection. I reached down and touched her
hair, and then her earlobe, palming the line of her chin. She strengthened
her hold on my cock, and leaned into my hand with her face. We still hadn't
spoken - like, who needed to. George reached over and put his hand over
hers, and they both wrapped their warm hands around my now straining
cock. I reached over and did the same to George. His cock was lovely. I had
not had another man's cock in my hand since I was first seduced when I was
fourteen. I loved the sensation. I wanted nothing more than to sink my
mouth over the end of his gorgeous instrument, but when I leaned over to do
so, he shook his head. Not wanting to spoil the mood, I stopped, and
returned my attention to what their hands were doing to me.

Thanks to the pot, I didn't shoot my load as soon as would normally
have. Instead, my rigid pole of angry purple flesh stood solidly at
attention from its pubic shrubbery. My normal seven inches seemed like
nine, as the educated fingers of my dear friends worked their magic. I
thought of mouths and cocks, of cocks and pussies, of cocks and assholes,
of mouths and noses buried in fragrant pubes. No sooner had that thought
rushed through my now thoroughly stoned brain, but Jill turned and engulfed
my member with her oh so willing mouth. It was like dipping my cock into
warm, liquid honey. I was ecstatic. Never in my life had I been fellated,
and then to have such an expert work on me was heaven. She inhaled my cock
like a bass sucks in a minnow. Her lips formed an airtight seal, sealing in
my juices. I felt like the bottom was being sucked out of my brain. I could
taste her tongue in my mind. My cock was like my tongue in her mouth. I was
hard-wired to this woman's sex. I don't know whose hands were cradling my
balls, and I didn't care whose finger was insinuating it's slow and lovely
way into my hole. All I knew was that I had never in my life been this
turned on, and this willing to try anything - anything at all. I was so
ready, I'm sure that if he or she had tried to fist me, I would have been a
willing disciple. As good things go, this also had to end. After holding
off for what seemed to be hours (but was probably only about 5 minutes -
pot will warp your sense of time), I could feel the cum rushing up from the
depths of my balls. The shot drove her head back, but she never missed a
stroke. This woman loved the taste of cum! I pumped and pumped and pumped,
but was finally done. She sucked the dregs, then turned to her husband, and
passionately, and deeply kissed him on the mouth. I could see the small
drool of jism escape their lips as they kissed.

Meanwhile, her hands were busy with his still rampant fuck-pole. She went
down on him as though she had been doing this all her life. Even though I
was flagging slightly after the sucking I had received, I was still able to
reach over and gently slip my fingers into that luxuriant bush of fragrant
pubic hair, and fondle her inch long clit. This woman was built for sex! I
couldn't wait to wrap my lips around her little fem-penis, and to do for
her what she had done for me! She moaned with satisfaction when I found her
love bud. It was literally dripping with her juices. I tried one finger,
then two, then three, then slipped my hand into her love canal. She was
going slightly insane - her husband's huge, but stubby eight-incher
stuffing her throat, and my hand buried to the wrist in her snatch. Between
us, we lifted her off the bench, suspended in mid-air, sucking and being
wrist fucked, all at once. She was whimpering, trying to come. Her fuck
juice was dripping down my arm. I had one hand in her love canal, the other
fondling her delicious breasts and supporting her slight body. Finally
George gave a great groan, and unloaded what seemed like a cup of jism into
his wife's throat. She swallowed madly, gave a great groan, and collapsed
on my well lubricated wrist. I still don't know if she passed out. If she
did, it was short and sweet. We all three got up, hugged one another with
all the associated groping, and headed for the shower.

George and Jill turned on the water, getting it comfortable before I was
invited to join them. It was your basic tub-shower layout, so we didn't
have a lot of room. Nevertheless, George and I managed to wash Jill to
within an inch of another orgasm. We toweled each other off, and headed
back to the living room. George and Jill checked on the kids (OK there),
and then we remembered to pull the drapes. (I don't think the neighbours
actually saw three naked people wandering around). The tape was still
playing, but after five minutes of watching it and cuddling on the couch,
the towels were put on the floor and we got into some serious
fucking. Seems like Jill really like to get fucked, and George liked to
watch - well, for a while, anyway. She beckoned to me, grabbed my cock, and
started sucking. I was already half hard, and it didn't take very long
before I was fully up again. Still, I wasn't about to give up the
opportunity to feast on this magnificent bush that was displayed in front
of me. In no time, my tongue was installed in her pussy, my nose playing
bump-de-bump with her amazing, inch long clit. I couldn't help it, I had to
taste this woman, and believe me, she was exotic!

In the meantime, her husband, taking all this in, had a raging hard-on
rising from his crotch. Jill was rolling her eyes as though she was on
drugs, though both George and I were the stoned ones, not she. She caught
sight of his penis, and begged him to fuck her in the mouth. He was quick
to comply. In the meantime, I decided that she was ready for my rampant
cock. I straddled her legs and sank my cock to the hilt on the first
stroke, she was so ready. As I lay on her sliding my cock into her
wonderful gash, her husband's member was stroking in and out right in front
of my face. I reached out and once again cradled those lovely balls in my
hand, and snaked my tongue around his cock in her mouth. We were truly
connected! We fucked like this for what seemed like hours, sliding,
sucking, fucking, eating, and finally ....cummming!! We three came together
in what seemed like rivers - there was come pouring out of her snatch, her
mouth and down her chin. She swallowed all that she could, and I licked up
the rest. When George and I both pulled out, we cleaned each other up, and
got one another hard again.

We took a little break, and put a new tape in the VCR, but we all agreed it
didn't hold a candle to what we had been doing for the last hour or so. We
once again snuggled on the couch, Jill with a cock in each hand. This time,
our recovery was a little slower, so we sipped some wine and generally just
held and fondled one another. Eventually, we were ready again, and Jill
took my hand and led me to the towel. We 69'd for a while, which was truly
lovely, but she was bound and determined she was going to get fucked yet
again. This time, she wanted it doggy-style, and, not suspecting a thing, I
said, "Great!!". She got on her knees, and after I slithered my tongue into
her pussy and her delicious anal bud, slipped my once-again erect, but
tiring cock, squarely into her hot box. It was like slipping it into a hot
greased glove. She had muscles that she hadn't used till now. I almost came
when I entered her, but managed to hold off.

George, in the meantime had left the room, but returned almost immediately,
wearing, of all things, a condom. His massive cock was sheathed in latex,
but that certainly didn't stop it from looking angry and ready. I didn't
have time to wonder, as Jill urgently sucked my into her incredibly hot
channel, and I was so ready. I wrapped myself around her, cupping her
lovely tits in my hands and slowly sliding my well-used cock into her
pussy. I was truly hanging loose when I felt a finger probing my anus. At
first, I resisted, but then thought, "What the hell", and relaxed. The
finger was coated with some sort of lubricant, and felt absolutely
wonderful sliding in and out of my asshole. I moaned a little, both from
fucking Jill, and from the finger in my ass which had become two, reaming
me gently, while another had was fondling my balls. I moaned again when the
finger was replaced buy a hard, hot cock, encased in a safe. I didn't know
whether to back up into this wonderful intrusion, or to forge on ahead into
Jill's hot snatch. I moved ahead, and George's cock pushed me onwards. I
felt the head slipping into my virgin hole, and opened up to take it
all. The ridge of the head passed through my sphincter, and it felt as
though an elevator had dropped in my guts. I forgot all about Jill in the
exquisite pleasure of this wonderful cock making its way into my
rectum. "God!", I cried, "I can't stand it, but for God's sake, don't stop
now!!". He grunted and shoved his wonderful cock all the way in. It felt
like nothing I had ever experienced. then he started to pull out. How do
you describe the sense of loss yet intense pleasure - who knows, I didn't
have time to think about it as he once again sank that hot rod into my
ass. What a feeling!! No wonder women love getting fucked by a truly well
trained cock. I felt my bowels shift, with an incredible feeling of
fullness. When he withdrew, it was like my brains were getting sucked out
of my head. Back and forth he fucked, while I was driving my cock into his
wife. We were totally connected. He increased the pace, and I knew he was
about to come. How I wished he had removed the rubber. No sooner had I
thought it but he pulled out, whipped off the safe, and entered me again in
the raw. What a rush! His cockhead easily slipped into my rectum, and as he
did, Jill started to moan with her oncoming orgasm. I could feel the
pressure building in my own balls, and felt George's cock start to
swell. We came together in a welter of bodies, cocks and sperm flying
around and totally satisfied. We lay on the floor, Jill hugging us both,
and slowly starting to lick the cum off our bodies. I reached over to
George's dick, not worrying about spoiling the moment, and sucked that
massive trunk into my mouth. Jill, in the meantime, wrapped her lips around
my cock, while George dove into his wife's snatch with a vengeance. We
sucked each other like this for quite a while, since we had little left to
give but hugs and kisses. Nevertheless, we did manage to come one more time
in each other's mouths.

By now it was early in the morning of the next day, and as we both had to
go to work, we called it a night. I would have liked to share the bed with
them, but they made it clear that the rest of the night was for them
alone. In a way I was grateful, because I was not sure I could get it up

What a night!

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