Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Big Dan

It was in the summer when I first thought about beating off. I was only eleven
years old and had just begun to sexual thoughts. Thoughts that made my young
dick harden. I hadn't yet discovered the joys of masturbation, nor did it
matter that much to me. The few times I had flogged myself had led to a sense
of ambiguous unease caused by guilt that masturbating was bad, and from the
fact that my balls weren't ejecting any sperm when I climaxed. At that age, I
didn't realize that masturbation was normal, and that I would soon enough be
ejecting all the sperm I could.
I had a brother that was three years older than me, but I hadn't paid much
attention to his sexual exploits. He had his friends that were usually older
than him by a couple of years that he hung around with, usually they got stoned
together and left me alone.
We lived in a very small community in the middle of the desert. There were
about six kids over the age of fourteen there, three of them boys. The town had
a community pool, a tennis court, a huge lawn in the center that was a bit
larger than a football field.
One night I went to the pool where my brother, John, and one of his friends,
Danny, were swimming. Danny was sixteen at the time, six foot three inches
tall, blonde, and a little beefy. I played in the water for a while, and then
joined John and Danny at the table where they were bullshitting. They were
talking about sex. Probably some male bonding thing, but nevertheless, the
conversation fascinated and intrigued me. I listened intently as they bantered
back and forth to each other, learning as much about male sex as I could. The
two boys were ignoring my presence as usual, just trying to one-up the other on
how they masturbated. I was probably trying to hide my rising dick from them,
when Danny looked over at me and asked, "So, Gary, you beat off don't you?" I
stayed silent not knowing how to respond when Danny added, "Oh, come on, you
can tell us."
I uttered, "No."
They stared at me in disbelief. Danny broke the tension by saying,
"When I was your age, I was pounding my pud at least five times a day. In fact
I still do when I'm not gettin' any." I still didn't say a word, and before
long they continued their jocular sex talk.
When I got home that night, I decided that beating off a lot wouldn't be such
a bad thing to do, just like Danny said. I tugged my dick until I had a dry
orgasm that night. From that point on I beat my dick as many times as I could
in a day, every day. I even thought myself proud when I was able to jack off
six or more times a day, having an orgasm, but not producing any sperm for a
couple of years. Ejaculation wasn't my goal, but I did wish my cock was bigger.

With time I began experimenting on different ways to masturbate. (Something I
still do twenty-five years later.) When I was about to turn fourteen, I would
jack off fantasizing about sex with other people. I soon found that the
thought of a naked man with his hard dick made me horny, and it didn't take
me long to figure out that girls didn't do me hard, but guys sure did! My
fantasies would usually involve older guys at school, guys I checked out from
the locker room, or some of my brother's friends.
By the time I knew for sure that I liked men only, Danny had graduated from
high school and joined the Navy. I didn't see him for a couple of years, but
sometimes I would think of him when I was jacking off. He was in the Navy for
two years, so when he was discharged, he came home for a a few months before
moving on. My brother was still at home and Danny would come over to bull shit
with him, or to get stoned, or drunk and talk about pussy. I noticed that
Danny had lost some weight, and maybe grew a few inches taller. He stood at six
feet 4 inches tall, was trimmed down to 190 pounds, but still had a good
physique. He had bright blonde hair, blue eyes, and usually wore tight Levi's
button fly jeans. He sported one huge bulge in the crotch, which caught my eye
all the time he was in front of me. I stole as many stares at his basket as I
could, trying not to be caught, since I knew that I better keep my sexual
tendencies hidden from everyone.
So, I whacked off now fantasizing about Danny's big blonde body, wonder what
his naked dick looked like. I wondered if that big bulge caused by his balls
was as tempting hanging free below his cock as it was crunched up in his pants.
It could only be that his dick was as big as those big round balls pushing
against the denim wanting to be released and admired. I assumed that his dick
would be at least eight or nine inches long, surrounded by soft, curly blonde
hairs at the base of the shaft. I just knew that his dick head was a wide,
round member, the size of a tennis ball. I wondered if I could open my lips
wide enough to get his head in my mouth, and if I could swallow enough cock to
actually suck him. I wanted him to pop my virgin cherry butt with his big dick,
and fuck me every day like the bitch I was, pounding his manhood into me as he
lay on his back, bouncing me up and down onto his erect shaft like I was a rag
doll in his massive arms, loving every inch of man cock as it plowed into my
asshole. I liked this idea so much that I began experimented inserting larger
phalluses/dildos up my ass, stretching my hole wider and wider until I was
certain that I could handle Danny's huge cock. I fucked my ass with anything
round wishing that it was Danny fucking me while I pounded my prick furiously
with a dildo up my ass. Yep, I wanted Danny to be my first man.
He made it clear to all that he was straight, always talking about the "pussy"
he had gotten in the navy. Bragging about catching the clap, or some such
story. One night, he told my brother and I of being hit on in San Diego by some
"fag" and his disgust at the idea of having sex with men. I was sorely saddened
when I heard this, my fantasies of blowing Danny vanishing with his contempt
for queers. But I still jacking beat off, thinking about Danny with or without
him being clothed, as he was sexually exciting in a pair of jeans as he would
have been stark naked.
Since this visit of his was in the summertime, I would hang out at the pool
hoping that Danny would show up so I could get a better look at him with as
little clothing as possible, or hoping to catch more sex talk between him and
my brother. Maybe I could catch him with a hard-on during one of his pussy
tales. Or I just would settle for viewing Danny with as little clothing on as
possible as he was swimming, hoping that his wet swim trunks would cling to his
body and reveal all that there was underneath. I knew he would show up at the
pool eventually, and finally one night, he did. He wore cut-off's to swim in,
his nuts bulging out as usual, his fine chest showing a little blonde fuzz over
the muscles underneath. I began to appreciate his big rounded butt that night,
trying not to be obvious when I looked at him, knowing that my eyes remained on
his body longer than I should have, and knowing that he would catch me looking
straight at his balls and getting angry at me. But the fear of this didn't stop
me from watching every move he made in and out of the water.
Danny played around with some of the little kids in the water
until they got tired and went home. Once the kids left, there were only two
other people there besides Danny and I. I had to stay in the water to conceal
my raging hard prick that refused to go limp as long as my blonde god was
there. Danny looked so very sexy that night, he was so open and friendly, like
a high school boy again, but with a real man's body.
Once he was swimming in the deep end of the pool, I ducked under the water to
sneak a look at him. I wasn't afraid of being caught under the water, and I
swam as close to him as I could, lingering between his legs as he kicked at the
water to stay afloat. His thighs moved back and forth as well as in and out,
spreading open his legs to offer me a good view of his crotch under the water.
I would come up for air only to return to my underwater man gazing. I could
sometimes see some part of his nuts peak from the side of his cutoffs, teasing
me before bouncing back under the cloth. I was hoping that his limp dick would
free itself and hang out the left side of the trunks, showing its mushroom head
to me. Damn, I was horny right then. My own cock was as hard as a fucking rock,
needing to be beat on with my hand for release. My hard dick hurt from being
constrained in my swim trunks, stretching the zipper, wanting to be able to
stand straight out in front of me in all of its glory. From time to time I
would have to adjust it from the left or right side of my thigh, and rubbing it
as I did so. I almost had to go home to jack on my prick, but I couldn't leave
an almost naked Danny behind.
After a while, Danny got out to dry off when the other two people left,
leaving me all alone with this guy that had encouraged me to start beating my
meat off a couple of years ago. He had no idea that it was the thought of him
jacking off that made me hard more than six times a day, and the way my dick
wouldn't go limp, I knew that I would have to pound my pud many many times that
night before I would be satisfied. Soon, I had to get out of the water, trying
to tuck my dick between my legs so it wouldn't be obvious to all that I was
sporting a boner as I joined Danny at the table.
He was talkative that night, just bullshitting with me about nothing in
particular. He had always been nice to me, even though I was six years younger.
I talked with him, avoiding the temptation to glance down at his nuts in front
of him, and trying to keep my mind off of sex, and especially trying to keep my
dick from getting hard in front of Danny while we talked.
Finally I had to piss, so I got up and told him I was going to the bathroom,
which was located outside of the pool gates and around the corner. The
bathrooms were made of concrete and cinder block with cement floors and
porcelain furniture as usual. The men's room was always stuffy and smelled
sweet from the deodorant in the single urinal. Beside the urinal there was a
semi-private stall with toilet, and of course a sink across from them. I didn't
like to stay in the cramped humid place for very long, so I peed quickly, being
hampered by my dick that wanted to get hard again since it was now free and
swaying in the open air. I was almost done when I heard someone grab the door
knob, open the door, and enter the room from behind me as I hurriedly stuffed
my dick in my trunks and zip up before turning around. I turned to see that it
was Danny who was with me in the bathroom. I finished zipping up facing him,
waiting for him to say something. He smiled down at me as he unzipped the
cut-off jeans, reached in and hefted out his flaccid dick in front of me. I
guessed that a couple of years in the navy erased any forms of modesty with him
as he pointed his dick at the urinal and let loose the flow. He didn't turn his
back to me completely, offering me a pretty good view of what he was doing. He
had a flaccid seven inch snake in his right hand, aimed at the urinal, pee
flowing out of his piss hole that topped a pink knob of a dickhead that was the
size of a golf ball.
Danny showed no modesty as he pissed, saying something inane to me. I openly
stared at his male genitals, admiring the soft dick that was surrounded at the
shaft bottom by the brightest blonde pubic hairs that I had ever seen. I
couldn't take my eyes off of him pissing right there in front of me. I knew
that if he had known how I felt about him, he wouldn't have been so casual with
me. Luckily he was concentrating on peeing and didn't notice that I was gawking
at his exposed dick.
He was saying something to me as he finished pissing, but I didn't hear what
he said because I was mesmerized with the sight of him. I had never really seen
a dick this close up before. He turned around to repeat himself again to
discover me with my mouth open staring down at his manhood. I looked up and
waited for his reaction to my checking him out hoping I could bluff my way out
of a bad situation if he got mad. He stood there motionless, with his dick
swaying in front of me, droplets of pee clinging to his pee hole. He towered
over me with a kind of smirk on his face. We stood there for at least a full
minute in silence until finally he said to me, "What are you looking at there,
Gary?" And before I could reply adding, "You were watching me take a leak,
weren't you?"
With a shaky voice I answered,"Yeah, I guess I was."
He smiled at me. "Do you always check out guys while they take a piss, or is
this the first dick you've ever seen?" He thought and then asked with a
chuckle, "Or do you just like watching me pee?"
My fears went away with his laugh. I got brave enough to say to him, "I guess
yours is the first one I've seen this close before." I quickly added, "Your
dick has a different color to it than most the guys in the locker room. It's
sort of pink instead of gray."
He casually said, "Yeah, I know." And asked me , "But what do you think of my
pink dick anyway. From the way your staring at it, you must like what you see."
Confused, I lamely answered, "What do I think of what?"
"You know, what do you think of my big pink dick? Don't you want to see more
of it?" He stated flatly as he pulled down the cutoffs to his ankles and tossed
them into the sink. He stood up straight to face me fully naked showing a
wicked grin on his face, his limp member dangling its seven inch length over a
round, pink, compact testicle sack that I felt at the time resembled a
grapefruit with blonde hair surrounding it.
He stood his full six foot four inch frame over me and looked down first at
his nude body, then he glanced at me once again fully hardened dick that was
sticking out from under my trunks, clinging to my left thigh. At first he
looked confused, then I saw that he realized why my dick was hard.
He said with a teasing voice, "You've got a problem there." Pointing to the
head of my dick. "Got out of those wet trunks. Why should I be the only naked
in here. "
I unbuttoned and unzipped real fast. I had to pull the trunks off from my ass
first, so I could shove them over my rock hard prick. As soon as I stood back
up, my dick stuck straight out its six inches in front of me, bobbing itself up
and down in its own excitement of being freed in front of my man god's own
naked body.
I saw that Danny's dick was slowly snaking down his leg, growing longer and
thicker as it hardened. My eyes met his, and I imagined that I saw sexual
excitement in them. I uttered meekly to him, "Danny, you sure are a good
looking man. I hope it doesn't make you mad that I'm hard because of you. And I
guess it's not a secret to you anymore that I like guys."

Big Dan Part Two

There it was. The first time I had ever confessed to anyone about what I
thought was my terrible secret. And why not sat it? With my raging hard on, I
couldn't hide my sexual desire for naked hulk of a man that stood in front of
Danny said to me in a plain voice, "You're queer I take it. Wow, I would have
never guessed." Then he asked, "How long have you been a fag?" And, "Does your
brother know? Does anyone else know?"
I answered him, "No. Don't tell anyone! Nobody knows! Please don't tell my
brother. Please."
"OK. Fine. I won't tell anyone. Don't worry about it, we'll just have to have
a little secret between ourselves, if you know what I mean?" He taunted.
I asked him, "What kind of secret between us? What are you going to do?" My
erection was dwindling now. I didn't know what to expect from Danny, this manly
navy guy that hated it when some faggot hit on him in San Diego.
Resting his hand on my shoulder he explained, "It's like this, Gary. I know
that you want to have sex with me. I'll be your first, right? Well, since I
haven't gotten laid in a month, and since you're the closest thing to a pussy
around here, I'm going to let you do what you want with me." Staring into my
eyes he simply asked, "OK?"
I couldn't believe what he was saying to me. Was he just teasing me? Or would
I be able to blow the man that had filled my sex fantasies for the last month.
I mumbled, "OK."
He smiled, "Good. I think we better get out of here though. Get dressed." He
ordered as he reached for his cutoffs and put them on. I was a little saddened
to see his dick and balls covered up again as they nestled in the bulge under
the zipper.
We were dressed as he opened the door for me. He held it open as I walked
fully upright under his arm. He was a massive man it occurred to me then. He
walked along side of me passed the pool gate. I wasn't sure where we would go,
so I fell behind him. He turned back to me and asked, "You're not having second
thoughts are you?" I quickly said no, and asked, "Where are we going?"
He answered, "To the big lawn. No one can see you when you're in the center on
a dark night like this. Why, I've been naked on the big lawn many times
I asked, "You have. With who?"
"I'm not going to tell you that! But I have beat off a lot there."
Surprised, I said, "Really? You've beat off on the lawn at night without
getting caught?"
He said, "Sure. I've beat off in a lot of places. I used to have to beat off
at least three times a day when I was your age, sometimes more."
Knowingly, I said, "I know what you mean. I jack my dick six times on the
weekends. I've even jack off in the library at school."
"No way. How did you do that?"
I replied, "I'm a library aide for third period. Mrs. W. has that period off,
so I get the library to myself most of the time. I just drop my pants and whack
off standing while I watch to see if anyone is coming. Sometimes I get cum all
over myself and have a gooey crotch for fourth period. I can beat off up to
three times in the library."
I decided to go on, "I even beat myself on the bus. I sit in the back seat
putting my hand down my pocket and I massage my cock until I shoot in my pants
while no one notices. My dick is always hard. Are you like that too?"
With bravado he said, "Hell yeah. I'm always trying to hide my hard on. And
it's not easy with as big a dick as I've got. You just can't hide eleven inches
of salami in your Levi's. I have to pound my pud a lot just so I don't
embarrass myself."
I dreamily told him, "That sounds kind of nice though. There is a big enough
bulge down there as it is. I bet you look wonderful walking around with a big
boner in your pants. Or with your dick hanging out of your zipper. Wow."
We reached the edge of the big lawn as Danny grabbed his crotch and said, "I
bet you would like seeing that. You are a little fag aren't you."
"Yes, Danny. I'm queer. A faggot. And soon to be a Cock sucker too. Your cock
sucker." Then I said, "Are you really sure about this? You're not gay I know,
but will you be ok with the idea of me, a queer sucking you off?"
Almost to the center of the lawn he slowed, turned to cup my own balls and
said lustfully to me, "You're gonna be my bitch. You're gonna take care of me
just like a bitch would. You're gonna be my pussy." Dropping his cutoffs once
more, he added, "From now on, you're not a little guy. You're my very own dick
sucker, beater, and fucker."
Danny grabbed his monster rod by the base to make it stand out and harden up.
With his left hand encircling the base of his shaft, his now hard cock stood
out at what I estimated to be almost eleven inches. I was almost embarrassed to
reveal my own six inch dick as his was twice the size of mine. My shyness
evaporated as he began to play with his prick for me, swinging it right and
left in front of me. I think he was enjoying his little exhibition in front of
me. I certainly was a captive audience. He pulled, pushed teased and tugged on
his rod for me, while I gripped my own little dick in my right hand.
He pulled my hand onto his flaccid dick, stroking up and down as I felt it
harden in my fist. Soon, I had both hands wrapped around his hard pole, one
hand twisting at the base of his shaft, the other massaging the mushroom
dickhead. God, his hard cock felt so good in my hands. I murmured, "MMMMM. I
like this. Does this feel good?"
"Yeah it does. You do know how to jack a guy off." He said before he reached
into my trunks to bring out my raging boner. His right fist encircled my entire
dick and he squeezed with his string hands. My knees buckled at the feeling of
Danny and I jacking each other's hard dicks.
Knowing what I wanted I asked him, "Will you teach me how to suck your cock
He asked back, "Do you think you can get your lips around d the head? If you
can, then that's most of it there. No bitch has ever been able to take more
than the first four inches in her mouth. Just get down there and lick me for
I fell to my knees and faced my first dick. It was monstrous. I stuck out my
tongue and felt for the first time the head of a hard cock on tip of my tongue.
I was surprised at how velvety soft his dickhead was. I licked all around it,
kissing it, rubbing my lips along the tender underside of head. I opened my
mouth wide and let the head enter my mouth. I pushed my head onto the round
mass until my lips encircled the entire mushroom head. I slobbered all around
the knob, slowly trying to swallow more cock. I took in too much and gagged. He
laughed at me so I opened wide and sank my gullet onto the rod in front of me.
As the huge knob stretched my throat I fought the gagging sensation and was
able to take in a good amount of his shaft too.
His knees bent and he soon fell onto his ass, pulling my head along with his
dick, his legs spread out at right angles on the grass. I settled on my belly
with my elbows dug in the grass, both fists still wrapped around his dick
shaft. He leaned back on his elbows with both hands on the back of my head
guiding me on his dick knob. He wouldn't let my swallow too much cock, instead
he twisted my head to the right and let and up and back pi stoning on the head.

He held my head still and said, "Start sucking on my cock head. Just stay
there and suck. That's it. Oh Yeah." Until he screamed too loudly, "SUCK IT!!!
SUCK MY COCK HEAD." Then quietly he said, "You little faggot dick lover. Blow
me. That's it. I'll make you my best dick sucker yet. Suck on it harder. More
I was sucking as hard as I could, my jaws aching. He began to pump his dick in
and out of my mouth slowly at first, rocking more dick in and out, holding my
head onto his prick head. I kept sucking. Soon more dick shaft entered my
throat until the huge round head slid down easily. I opened my eyes to realize
that I had half of his tool in my mouth. I shook my head to loosen his grip. He
let go and I swallowed more cock, then suck back up the shaft. I dove onto his
dick, taking in still more with each thrust, his dick sliding down the inside
of my neck. He lay flat on his back in silence. Once in a while he would twitch
and moan. I sucked and bobbed until my jaw no longer hurt, and the cock shaft
slid up and down my mouth.
I would come up for air and breath in through my nose as I increased the
suction all around his head before swallowing the shaft again. I looked to see
that his pubic bush was a few inches away, and decided to suck the top of his
knob until he shot his wad. I sucked furiously as he pistoned my head on his
cock with more intensity. He was gasping, moaning, fucking my face, uttering
sexual filth like, "Cock sucker. Suck my big cock you smutty queer." Or things
like, "You like your first cock don't you? You like sucking on my big dick
don't you faggot?"
And finally, "Oh yeah, dick licker, I'm gonna shoot your mouth full of my cum
soon. Just keep sucking. SUCK MY PRICK HEAD!!!" Until I felt his balls explode
and he whelped, "OH god Oh yeah, I'm cumming. I'm cumming." As he pumped his
sperm out of his cock shaft into my waiting mouth. He came and came, pumping
more sperm out, filling my mouth spilling out onto my chin, dripping onto his
balls and pubic hairs.
He let go of my head and stopped the spasms. I pursed my lips around his cum
hole and sucked out more sperm before letting the tube fall onto his belly.
There was jism everywhere. It covered my face, it was in my nose, in my hair,
dripping from my jowls. It tasted so good. I licked up all around his balls,
lapping up sperm from his hair patch, following the trails of goo down his
outer thigh to the grass. Still there was spent jism everywhere, drying in the
night heat. I didn't think any man could shoot so much sperm.
Dan was laying on his back in the grass, breathing heavy, while
I sat up next to him eying his silhouette and enjoying the after taste in my
mouth. I was happy with what had just happened, and though I was still hard, I
didn't feel it necessary to do anything about it. I soon realized that after
giving my first blow job that I was hooked on dick for real. I knew that I
would always be "queer" and would like it! Then I thought how nice it would be
to suck off this blonde giant of a man in full light so that I could see his
magnificent body better.
I looked at him on the ground to see that he was looking in my direction. I
waited for him to say something first, hoping that his heterosexual instincts
wouldn't surface. My fears eased as he reached for my with his bulky arm.
Sitting up, he said, "Wow. That was what I was needing. You're pretty good at
giving head."
I beamed, "Thanks."
He scooted closer to me and teased, "Are you sure you haven't done this
before?" I answered quickly, "No! Never! You're the first one, honest."
Dan laughed and I realized that he was playing with me. Then he asked, "And
since this is your first time at sucking dick, how do you like it?"
I didn't have to think long before telling him, "I liked it a lot. An awful
lot. I've been wanting to be with a guy for a long time now."
He asked me, "And you don't want to be with girls?"
I replied, "No. Just men. I guess that makes me a queer in your eyes."
Dan didn't answer for a minute, then said, "Yeah, but I'd like to think of you
more as a cock sucker than a queer. That is, like MY cock sucker." He looked at
me for my response.
I told him, "Your cock sucker, Danny? As in your personal cock sucker?"
He said, "What else? I think I might like having someone like you around to
blow me whenever I want while I'm here. What do you say?" Then Danny leaned on
his side and pulled me closer to him. I could smell his breath as he whispered,
"Don't you like that idea of going down on me everyday? I'll let you suck me as
much as you want, and then some."
Resisting the temptation to kiss him, I simply said, "I like that idea a lot.
Just you and me, right?"
He said, "Of course just us. I don't want anyone else hearing about this. And
I don't think that you do either."
I said back, "Right." Then I added as I gently rubbed his soft dick, "You sure
do have a nice one either soft or hard."
I played with the limp tool for a couple of minutes when Danny said, "Keep it
up and I'll be getting it up."
I merely said, "Good."

Big Dan Part Three

Danny stayed at his parents for three months, then he left for better
horizons. I knew that I would miss his big cock, and I had to settle on the
many memories that I had. About a year later I heard that he had moved to a
city close to Palm Springs, and that he was getting married soon. I didn't see
Dan for a few years after that, until I moved away from my parents when I was
eighteen. It wasn't long after I moved to the same city near P.S. that I was
taken to Danny's place to score some marijuana which I found out Danny was
selling on the side for extra cash.
Upon arriving at his apartment, he greeted my warmly, like old friends should
and introduced me to his wife. I talked with her and really liked her as it
became obvious that they were happy together. I couldn't help but notice that
Danny looked as handsome and masculine as I remembered him to be, but I decided
to not think about him in a sexual way since he was married and all. Before
leaving with some weed, Danny asked me where I was living. I told him how to
find me, but didn't think that he would.
About three weeks later, while I was undressing after work, I heard a knock at
my door. I was very surprised to open the door and see Danny standing there. I
told him to come in, offered him a beer, so he sat back on my couch and
relaxed. He was wearing a pair of worn jeans and a white tee shirt, his balls
bulging from the crotch. He spread his legs as he came to the point of his
visit right away.
"Ever since I saw you, I've been wondering if you still give blow jobs to any
guy that wants one?" He asked with a sly smile on his handsome face.
I wasn't really expecting that from him, so I hesitated before answering.
"Well, not to just any guy, but for an old friend I sure do."
He smiled, chuckled, and said, "Good."
I piped up, "Is that why you came over today? You want me to suck on your dick
like I used to?"
"Yeah." Was all Dan said back.
"What about your wife; doesn't she go down on you?" My dick was hard just
thinking about getting it with Danny again.
"No, she hasn't sucked me in two years. She never was good at it anyway, but
she has a tight pussy." He explained.
"Dan, my man, with that huge monster that you call a dick, aren't all pussies
tight for you?" I licked my lips after saying that.
He thought about the compliment I gave him before saying, "I guess they are at
that, but I've been faithful ever since getting married, and I do love my
I asked him, "But you still have the need for a blow job, right? Why me?"
He quickly answered, "Because you gave me some of the best head so I decided
that I wanted you to suck on me again." He paused, then continued, "Now, how
often do you get offers like that from straight, married men?"
I replied, "Not too often."
He asked me, "Well, what do you say?"
My answer was, "You know that I would like to get my lips around that monster
of yours again, but is this going to be a one time deal, or a continuing deal?"
"We'll work out something later. Right now, why don't you get down here
between my legs and see what I've got for you." He told me as he shook his
shoes off, lifted his butt and pulled off his pants. I knelt between his
massive legs and helped him take off his tee shirt.
He was smiling at me while I got a good look at him sitting in front of me with
his hairy, muscular body covered only by his boxers.
As I sat back eye level with his crotch and flanked by his thighs, he toyed
with the hole in front of his shorts to tease me some before saying, "You
really want me to take these off, don't you?" I smiled and nodded, and then the
boxers were off of him revealing his nude body to me.
I immediately grasped at his snake-like dick, massaging it as I felt it harden
and grow longer and thicker until it was at its full mast at ten inches long by
at least seven inches around at the shaft. I had both fists wrapped around the
shaft, holding my right index finger below the ridge of his head, which
blossomed out from my fist just like a pink mushroom. It was then that I
recalled just how big Danny's cock was and how much time it took for me to take
all of it when I was a kid. But, dammed his dick looked so good, and felt so
hard and soft in my hands. His cock head reminded me of a small green apple,
about the size of a tennis ball, but not as large as his ball sack. Danny had
the biggest pair of nuts I have yet to see on any man! But first I had to
reconquer that prick.
I looked up at Dan's face to see that he was watching me admire his man-hood.
He said, "You must have been missing me these last years."
I smiled and answered, "A little bit; You still have a beautiful cock, you
know. I hope you hear that a lot, 'cause if you haven't been told that by your
wife, you're gonna hear it a lot from me."
Dan chuckled and said, "I know that my dick is nice, it's real nice to me, as
a matter of fact. And my wife surely does tell me what a big cock I have,
especially when it's buried all the way into her cunt. She loves my big dick
pounding in her. Almost as much as you liked it when I fucked your tight ass,
except that I didn't make her cry the first time I poked her." He laughed a
little, reminding me of the first time he had bent me over and entered me hole,
making my eyes water while he pushed his thick shaft up my virgin ass.
I squeezed the shaft as I replied, "Yeah, I remember. But, you have to admit
that I took to it pretty easy after that." He nodded as I continued, "But, I
haven't had one this big in a very long time, so you'll have to be patient at
first. It won't take me long to swallow the whole thing, and maybe you'll be
happy with the new techniques I've picked up lately."
He barked at me, "Well then, get to it cocksucker fag! SUCK MY COCK!!!"
So I opened wide and had the head in my mouth in a flash. Soon, I was sucking
in more and more of the shaft, then I would suck on it some, pull up and plunge
downward until I felt his prick head sliding down my throat deeper and deeper
until I opened my eyes to see his pubic bush in my nose. If I could have
smiled, I would have, but my lips were wrapped around the base of this blonde
giant's cock, and I was loving it, and decided to make sure that Dan loved it
That's when I began sucking the hell out his dick, pulling back and applying
as much suction as I could, bobbing up and down on his cock. I felt Dan's body
stiffen and twitch, then his big hands fell on the back of my head. I wondered
if he was going to slam his dick in my face, but he simply guided my head on
his dick shaft, twisting to the right or left and either pushing into my gullet
or pulling out a little bit. I slurped and sucked while anxiously waiting for
him to shoot his prize in my mouth. I really wanted him to cum soon, just so I
could taste his jism.
Dan started to moan softly at first, then louder and louder with each thrust
of my mouth, until I heard, "OH GOD YES. OH YEAH...THAT'S IT, RIGHT THERE."
I quickened the pace on my thrusts, sending him over the edge as he blasted
and blasted his male sperm into my throat, filling my mouth up, then shooting
more so it flowed past my lips, down my chin, up my nostrils, my god, there was
sperm everywhere, and he kept cumming as he held my head onto his dick until
the last spasm and the last shot of jism. I then realized how loud he had been
while he came, because the silence was so abrupt. He then released my head and
he fell back onto the couch and tried to regain his breath.
I, on the other hand was busy wiping up all of the cum from my face, lapping
it up from his blonde bush, and licking it off of his big balls, savoring the
sweet, salty, musty taste. I have never had a man shoot as much jizz as Dan did
that afternoon, and I wondered if he came that much all the time. I thought
that I might ask him later, but for now, I rested my head on his thigh as his
breathing became smoother.
I had no idea of the amount of time it took to get him off. It seemed like an
hour to me, but was in reality, it took only about fifteen minutes to make my
married Adonis shoot his wad. And as I waited for him to recover I realized
that he did have one hellatious orgasm, so the amount of time it took to get
him there didn't matter. I watched his dick soften and shrink, still wet and
oozing cum from the piss-hole.
I sat up next to him on the couch to light up when he finally opened his eyes.
He had a dreamy look on his entire face, his eyelids drooping halfway down, a
semi smile on his lips. He turned his head to face me, put his arm around me,
pulled me close to him, and said in a soft, deep voice, "Your the best. I think
that we'll be doing a lot of this from now on. Is that all right with you?"
My heart was racing, and I almost screamed my answer, "Fuck yeah, it's all
right with me. As much as you want, Dan."
He smiled and said, "Good. "Cause I lied to you about me and the wife. We
really don't fuck as much as we used to, sometimes once a month is all. But,
I'm still as horny as I was when I was eighteen, and I'll be by an awful lot to
take care of that!"
I wanted to kiss him, nut knew that I better not, so I simply agreed with him.
He then surprised me as he grabbed at my still hard dick and said, "One thing
I've learned at being married is that you've got to keep your piece of ass
satisfied." He had his whole hand around my seven inch dick and was beating me
off before I could say anything. His strong fist was tight as he asked me,
"Feel good? You like me hand beating on your dick?"
I gasped an affirmative and then he began to talk while pounded my cock with
his fist, "I bet you have never had a married man beat you off before. No?
Well, I've never done this to any cock but my own, and let me tell you that
your dick feels good in my hand. Yeah, I like this."
I was about ready to shoot, he realized this and pounded faster and said,
"About ready to cum?" I think I said, "Yeah." And then his grip tightened as I
shot my wad. He milked my cock like only a man knows how as my sperm shot all
over his hand. Dan Let go of my dick and shook my jism off of his hand, but his
hand was still covered with the sticky goo. He looked at me and asked for
something to wipe his hand off with. I got a towel and handed it to him when it
struck me that I was standing buck naked in front of this huge and gorgeous
Danny wiped his hand dry, sat back, spread out his legs and let his limp dick
flop onto his thigh, then said to me, "You know that you are the only other guy
that I have ever had sex with. I'm not gay, for sure, but I kind of regretted
that fact that I always had you suck me off and I never sucked you in return.
Guess I wasn't ready for that back then, but now that I've found you, I think
that eventually I'll be sucking on my first dick."
I couldn't think of anything to say, so he kept on saying, "Don't you want to
teach me how to suck cock?"
I regained my brain and replied, "If that's what you want, sure. I can't
imagine you with a hard dick in your mouth though, be it mine or anybody elses.
And by the way, your fist on my cock is really enough to make me crazy as it
is, I think we should wait a while before I stick it in your mouth."
He agreed and I continued, "Besides, I'm the cock lover here. You know 'the
faggot,' 'the cocksucker,' and all that, so what do you say to another round?
Do you have time?"
Slyly he asked, "What kind of second round? What do you have in mind?"
I told him flatly, "First I want to lick your balls and watch your prick grow.
Then, maybe I could slurp up on it for a while, and then, perhaps I could
grease up your tool, jump on top of you and sink my butt down the entire length
until I get used to the size, and then, well, then you can fuck me in any way
or position you want to."
"OOOOhhhhh. You want me to butt fuck you already, do you? Sounds good to me. I
can recall giving you some mighty good fucks out there in the desert. Remember
that one night that I had my dick in you almost all night long?"
I dreamily remembered, "Oh yeah. You had me bouncing on your cock like a rag
doll. Maybe one night you can escape and do it again. So are you ready?"
He pulled my head on his dick and said, "Get it hard so I can fuck you like
the little bitch that you are."
I licked his big balls, I sucked down his tool, I lubed him up, and then I
positioned my ass on his dick head. We looked each other in the eye before I
sank onto the knob. Damn he was big. But I managed to get all of his cock in my
ass with no major trouble, and was soon in heaven, bouncing atop this man.
With his cock all the way in me I looked at his face, and asked, "Feel good?"
His answer was, "Oh yes."
"Me too." And then I got my face in close to his, kissed his lips lightly,
then headed for his ear. I whispered, "You better take charge before my lips do
something regrettable." No response from him, so I ran my tongue down around
his neck up to his mouth and kissed his lower lip, then the upper, all the
while rocking on his monster tool.
I knew I better stop, so I shouted at him, "FUCK ME!!!"
With that, he held me on his cock, stood up, turned us around to flop me on my
back on the couch and pumped me. After a while, he stopped, saying he wanted to
get more comfortable. His cock flopped out of my ass and he led me to my
bedroom. He turned me to face the bed, held me in place as I felt his cock
enter in my ass hole again. We fell onto the bed where Dan fucked me for a good
half hour. Then He sat up on his knees, lifted my ass up, pushed my head onto
the bed and rammed that cock into my butt hole, pulling me back as he slammed
in, harder and faster until he came again, filling my insides with his male
When he was done, he lay on top of me before pulling his dick out of my butt,
his face on mine, his lips next to mine. And then he was out of me, and laying
on his back next to me. My ass hole felt raw and wet as I sat up I felt his cum
dripping from my ass cheeks on top of the bed. I went to the bathroom to clean
up, and when I came back, Dan was sitting up with a huge smile across his
handsome face.
He laughed at me and said, "You're walking sort of funny there. Looks like you
just been corn holed by a telephone pole."
Sarcastically, I said, "I have. I won't be able to sit for a week because of
that jackhammer you call a dick."
"You loved it. Admit it, You always have loved my big dick." He taunted.
I answered, "OK, I admit it Mr. Dan, I absolutely love your ten inch cock. And
those grapefruit sized testicles. There isn't much I don't like about you. "
"I know." Is all that he said before getting up for the living room to get
dressed. I remained naked while I watched him dress. He told me, "I better get
home, but I'll be back in the next couple of days." He thought, then asked,
"What day is this?"
I said, "Wednesday."
"Fine. How about Friday? Will you be home?" He asked.
"Sure. Friday's good." I said. And with that, he left me alone. I must have
beat off four more times that night thinking about Dan's boner. I also began to
plug my ass with bigger and bigger dildos in anticipation of Danny's mambo
tool. I wanted him to fuck me and fuck me some more. And then I thought about
him wanting to blow me, and how nice it would be to see my cock sliding in his
heterosexual mouth. Then I decided that I was going to fuck Dan in the ass
also. I also realized that after a while I could probably persuade him to get
in on a threesome with some other man of his choosing. I would wait and see...

Chapter Two

On the following Friday afternoon, Dan was rapping at my door again. I said
"hi" to him, unzipped his pants, fell to my knees and sucked him off right
then. After he came, he began to play with my hard cock with both hands,
enjoying himself when I told him, "You know, Dan, with a body like yours, we
should have some pictures done, or even a home made video of just you in the
He remained quiet, so I kept selling the idea, "It would be fun to do, and fun
for me to watch when your not around."
He thought before saying, "Pictures of me doing what?"
I answered, "Stripping, Showing off your manhood. Beating off for the camera.
Cumming on the lens maybe. Or with a tape, you could tell the audience what you
like about women, and how well you can fuck while you masturbate. Oh, yeah, an
outdoor scene would be cool. What do you think?"
He said, "I don't know. Maybe. Do you have a camera or Cam-corder?"
I answered, "No, but I can get one pretty fast. Want to try it?"
"Sure. Go ahead." Was his reply.
I called a friend and had a Cam-corder in a half hour. Dan set the machine up
to the TV Monitor while I set up the tripod facing the couch. Dan took a set on
the couch and I began taping. He was awkward at first, not really knowing what
to do. So, I asked him, "What makes your dick get hard?"
He told the camera, "A nice tight pussy attached to a brunette bitch."
I prodded further, "Before you got married, how many of these bitches did you
fuck? And go onto details if you want."
He thought and said, "When I was in the Navy, I went to a whore house in Hong
Kong and stayed for two days. I must have had my cock in at least thirty cunts.
It was wild. I walked around with a hard on and just plugged it into any
waiting hole around. I did some drugs to stay awake, and to stay hard. Man, my
cock was in heaven that weekend."
I asked, "How many other sailors were there when you were, and were they doing
the same?"
He said, "Fuck yeah. We all did the same things. There were hard cocks
flopping all over the place, and those Chinese wenches sure did like big
American cock, too. This one bitch liked to have a cock in her mouth, her cunt,
and her ass at the same time. Every time I saw her that weekend, she was
getting dicked in every hole she had. The only time I saw her go solo was when
this black dude fucked her. He had to have at least a fifteen inch cock and as
big around as my arm. He couldn't even get all that dick in her snatch he was
so big. But she layed there on her back wailing in Chinese and having one
orgasm after another. That was when I knew for sure what having a big dick
could do to women."
I asked, "What do you mean? Explain." I noticed that he was sporting a hard on
in his pants.
He said, "Well, women love big dicks. They can cum and cum with a big one
pounding her snatch."
I asked him, "And do you have a big dick?"
He rubbed his crotch and said, "I've got a real big one. You want to see it,
right? "
I said, "Yes, show us your cock. Let's see how big it is."
Danny made a face at the camera and stood up. He asked me, "You want me to
take off all of my clothes and show off in front of the camera."
Behind the cam corder my words were being recorded along with his, "Of course
I do."
He was still a little hesitant, so I blurted out, "For god sakes, you've never
been shy about pulling your dick out for me before. Get naked!"
Wordlessly, Dan first pulled his shirt off, then he unzipped his drawers and
pushed them down and off his legs. He stood in hid boxers which had an obvious
tent in front from his massive cock and balls. Finally he pulled his boxers off
and was standing in front of the couch naked.
I encouraged him by saying, "Good. That's good. You do look mighty fine too."
He said, "Thanks. Now what do you want me to do?
I looked past the camera and told him, "I want you to beat off. That's all.
Just grab your meat and whack off until you cum."
"Ok." Was his response. He sat back on the couch and spread his big legs out
wide. He cupped his huge balls with his left hand and grabbed his rod at the
base with his right hand. His dick stiffened and grew to it's full glory.
I said to him, "I think I was asking you how big your dick is."
He gazed down at the swollen member and proudly said, "It's eleven inches
Still massaging his nuts, he slowly stroked the shaft. I asked him, "How does
that feel?"
Still looking only at his big dick, he answered, "It feels just fine." Then he
began his jacking off in ernest. He pounded on that huge cock with his right
fist as fast as he could. His head was pressed back against the back of the
couch, his hips thrusting up and down in synch with his strokes. After about
ten minutes or so, Dan's legs tensed up, his mouth opened wide and the first
shots of cum came blasting out of his dick head. He gently massaged the big
purple head and milked his balls to squirt out all of his sperm until there was
just a slow stream of the white sticky stuff flowing from his piss hole.
Then he relaxed on the couch dripping with his own cum. He looked up at me and
the video camera and said, "Get me something to wipe up with."
The first episode of this video was over. I turned the recorder off and set it
down to fetch a cum towel for Dan.
Danny would never let me tape us together, but he did do a few more jack off
segments for me. After the first time doing this in front of the camera, he got
more comfortable at it. Pretty soon he no longer needed any direction from me
and was jacking his meat in all kinds of ways for my film. Our favorite scenes
took place outside. It seemed that big Dan liked to beat off in the great
outdoors, sometimes out in the open, or on the hood of a car. Wherever it was,
he always managed to put on a good show.

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