Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 9

As we got back to the truck the passenger door was open. We found Michelle
at the back of the truck. She was bent over the tailgate, which was down.
She was out of it. Mike knelt down behind her in just his jeans and boots
and socks and sniffed her cunt and nuzzled his nose into it. Then he
smelled her ass. He licked it a few times and I sighed thinking he was
preparing her. He pulled away soon enough though and in the moonlight I
could see a serious load of cum leaking out her ass. . . . "Well someone
with a huge fucking horse cock just fucked my wife and I'd like to find out
who." Mike said sternly lifting Michelle into the truck. . . . I wondered
who it could be? Luke was out of town I later learned with a buddy of his
doing some recruiting work for the USMC. Besides, I would have known the
taste of his cum. It wouldn't have been him . . . . who could it be then??

Part 9

As I walked in the house I noticed that it was quiet except for my Mom's
snoring which could be heard throughout the house when she was sleeping
very heavily. Dad would have heard us drive up and would be awake,
slightly, but wouldn't come out of the room. They never bothered me when I
came home early in the morning. I'd hear about it the next day. That was
always one of the cool things about my `rents.

Mike carried Michelle up to the guest room down the hallway from my room.
I went to my room and closed the door. I went to get into the shower to
wash the cum, saliva and sex off my body. I got into the shower and washed
my body down thoroughly with soap and relaxed under the spray of the hot
water. After I'd gently washed my used hole and gotten enough water up
there to really clean myself out, I massaged my asscheeks. I felt the line
on the back of my ass where my cheeks met my legs and could feel the hair
on my legs. I marveled at why my ass had no hair on it. I was done
showering though and made sure I was completely clean of soap before
stepping out of the shower/bath to dry off. I dried of quickly. It was
chilly in the bathroom. The window was open part of the way. Probably my
mom's doing. So I closed and locked it and went to bed.

I got up the next morning early and got ready for school. Everyone was
still asleep. Dad didn't have to work today and neither did Mom until
later. I quietly made my breakfast, got my shit together and left. I
picked up Jim on the way to school as always. We didn't talk much, but he
did offer to give me road head. I told him that it'd have to wait -- I had
a lot on my mind. Mainly I think I was starting to miss Luke. It was
great being able to hang out and have sex with the guys I was, but I missed
him. I wanted to curl up with him even though I knew that most likely
wouldn't be a possibility with my parents being around. So I got to
school. It was no different today than any other day and I wasn't too
worried about shit. Practice went well and I brought Jim home after he was
done running Cross Country. He asked what I had on my mind, but I told him
I'd rather not talk about it. He took that the wrong way and I felt bad,
so I apologized and told him that I was missing a buddy of mine was all.
"Anyone I know?" He'd asked and I told him no, but that I'd introduce them
someday. Jim seemed satisfied with that and let me know that in two weeks
his parents would be going out of town. He suggested that we could hang at
his place since his `rents were probably gonna have my Dad stop and check
on him anyway. I thought that would be cool. I dropped Jim off and went

Once I got home I went to my room and studied. No one was home. I studied
for a while and Dad came home. He and I chatted for a bit and then talked
about generic school crap and plans for afterwards. He wanted me to do
some more visiting of colleges and stuff and I said `maybe.' All-in-all it
was a good conversation. I learned that Mike and Michelle had gone home.
They'd been more tired than they had originally anticipated and wanted to
be in their own home. They had left a letter for me with their address and
information. It was still sealed. I told Dad that I'd read it later. I
was a bit disappointed and he knew it. "You miss them, huh?" "Yeah," I
said, "They were really cool to talk to and hang with and stuff." "Don't
worry," he said, "They'll be coming back in a month or two. They really
loved it, but they want to spend some time when they don't have other
responsibilities waiting for them at home." "Oh." I said wondering what
Dad was referring to.

I got tired and went to bed shortly after dinner. I got up early the next
morning to a raging boner. I was so hard that the helmet on my cockhead
was purple. I decided that I wouldn't take care of it though. I took a
shower and shaved -- as I occasionally had to -- and went to school.
School went well and once again practice was great. There was a weird
moment when Tony looked back at me after I took the snap. He just kinda
smiled and played on, although he took quite a hit from the lack of his
attention. Other than that though, nothing out of the ordinary happened.
On our way home Jim and I were talking about life and what he wanted to do
after graduation. We were so engrossed that I almost hit Luke's truck and
him as he was standing in front of it five miles before Jim's place. "Wow"
I heard Jim half sigh at the sight of Luke. Luke walked to my side of the
truck after I came to a stop. I rolled my window down. He stepped up onto
the stepside and pulled my face to his and kissed me. The kiss was hot and
my cock was instantly throbbing. Jim just sat in awe of it all. I could
see his reflection in the mirror as he reached down and caressed himself
through his running spandex. "Follow me." Luke said as he climbed into his
truck. We went down the road about a half mile and then turned off to the
right side of the road and headed east for about three miles of
four-wheeler trails that ended by the small cabin we sometimes used for
hunting. It was in the middle of the forest we'd just driven through. I
had the key for it on my ring and went inside with the guys.

We lit the gas heater/lamp and were careful to open up one of the shuttered
windows a bit so that there was circulation besides the carbon monoxide
vent to the outside. Luke turned after he'd opened the window and grabbed
me again and started kissing me. I removed his Jacket and he had on only a
white T-shirt. Jim sat motionless on the queen sized bed which was in the
corner across the small room from the fireplace. He was jerking his cock
through his shorts. Luke had his hands all over me and told me how bad he
wanted to fuck my ass and have me return the favor. Jim just stared
transfixed. Luke moved us over to the bed and quickly pulled off my sweater
and half-shirt. I removed his T-shirt as he did this and quickly nibbled
his nipples which made him moan. Jim was breathing heavily. I undid
Luke's jeans and his cock immediately poked out the opening, eager for the
first of several releases. Jim just gasped and said, "holy shit!" I
laughed into Luke's mouth as his tongue danced with mine between our mouths
and our bodies moved together. I was so damned horny after not jerking it
or ANYTHING the day before. Luke wanted to fuck and we were going to.

Luke was in control and he proved that as he removed my shorts and jock and
gave me some incredible head. He really put a lot of spit on my shaft and
it felt awesome! He continued to move lower over my balls and down to my
asshole. I pulled my knees up to my chest and held them in a wide V to
give him maximum access. He really liked this. Jim leaned over and
started sucking on my cock but before long I commanded him to stop so I
didn't shoot yet. I wanted to save my load. Before long Luke had me go on
all fours so he could really get my hole sloppy. My hole had healed
quickly thanks to youth and a lot of hand lotion. It was still slightly
puffy from the double dicking I'd taken the other night. While in this
position I helped Jim out of his spandex. He had a really nice six inch
cock. It was very substantial at the base -- so much so that I couldn't
touch my fingers around it. It was thinner at the head and had a nice
shapely head on it, but not a huge helmet. It had one big vein traveling
each side of it and as soon as I put it into my mouth, Jim started shooting
spunk into me. I swallowed and took it all as Jim moaned and thrust his
cock all the way into my mouth causing my jaw to make a popping noise. He
pulled out after he had finished cumming, but was still hard. I started to
lick his hairless balls which I was sure he shaved (something he had in
common with Jake) and moved to his hole. It smelled slightly funky from
his physical exertions, but I tasted it anyway. It started out really
bitter but was okay after a minute. Really manly, actually. So I started
getting really turned on and horny. Luke was now working his whole hand
except his thumb into me marveling at what I could take. "You've been real
busy little dude." He said in appreciation. He quickly found my prostate
and massaged it with fingers careful not to jab at it lest he cause me to
cum. After a while Jim moved into a doggie style position as well. He
slowly backed himself under me until my cock was causing his rosebud to
open. He moaned softly and pushed back even further. Luke continued to
widen my hole with his large hand. He eventually worked his entire hand in
and was able to get it in up to his wrist. I was amazed and had to
continually remind myself to relax. After a while I was able to take it
without any discomfort. It actually felt pretty good being that full.

Between Luke's fist up my ass and Jimmy rockin back and forth on my cock, I
was ready to spew a load to rival a tsunami wave. I hadn't come in several
days and my cock was already twitching inside Jim's ass in anticipation of
the load. Luke removed his hand from my ass and went to the bathroom.
While he was gone Jim had me lay on my back and put my hands behind my head
so he could do all the work. He squatted over my cock and bounced up and
down. I was just starting to get close when Luke came out of the bathroom.
He could tell I was close and moved in behind Jim. I had been laying
across my bed so that Jim was squatting right at the edge. Luke grabbed
Jim behind the kneecaps and lifted him up off my cock. I opened my eyes
all the way. Luke lowered Jim onto his cock about three inches. Jim just
moaned. After another half inch he squealed in pain. Luke pulled him off
and said, "ah yeah -- that's nice and tight. You might need to start a
little smaller than Trent here, stud." "I want Trent" Jim replied. "And
Trent you shall have . . . ALL of Trent." Luke said in a very warm, but
matter-of-fact tone of voice. He lifted Jim onto the bed and laid him down
next to me on his back. Luke lifted me off the bed and bent me over the
bed. "I've missed you" he whispered in my ear as he entered me in one fell
swoop. I tightened my hole as much as I could around Luke's thick ten inch
shaft. He noticed and grunted his appreciation as he started to thrust
harder and faster. He was getting hotter and this was really turning me
on. In a few seconds I'd be cumming all over the bed. But Luke had other
plans as he reached around my chest with his hands and cupped my chest like
it was a pair of breasts. He lifted me back up and moved me so that my
cock was at Jim's rosebud. He pushed us forward so that I was kissing Jim.
He pulled his cock all the way out and as he slammed back in he pushed my
hips forward causing my cock to run deep inside Jim. Jim just moaned as I
felt his cock restrict time and time again against our abs as he started
cumming. The contractions of his asshole around my cock brought me over
the edge and as my ass started contracting around Luke, he started to cum
as well. It was a remarkable moment and I collapsed on top of Jim. Luke
was laying on top of me. He was still pushing his cock in and out a little
bit at a time. Jim hummed at the sense of the motion. This had been our
first sexual encounter but definitely not our last. Luke said he was going
to drop Jim off at home that I should clean up the cabin and meet him back
at my place. They took off but I knew that Luke had other plans for Jim
than a simple ride home. I was cleaning the cum off the floor and throwing
the rags into the fireplace. Luke's truck started up and took off. I was
moving the bed back over from where it had slid when I found a tits n ass
rag. I opened it up and it showed dudes and chicks. Some of the shots
were penetration shots that were really hot. One picture showed a dude's
cum dripping out his woman's cunt. It made me hot and I started to beat
off as I hadn't dressed yet. I stood up and walked over to the fireplace
and leaned against the mantle. I had one hand on the mantle next to where
I had the magazine propped and I had my other hand choking the hell out of
my ten inches that was slick with my own cum from deep inside Jim's ass.

I was moaning and breathing heavily from the thought of plowing the chick
in the picture. Having her get on all fours just like in the picture and
grabbing her mound of muff hair to help slide her back on my thick cock. I
didn't hear the door open or even sense anything until I heard someone
spit. I figured it was Luke and didn't even open my eyes. He rubbed his
cockhead against my used hole. He was harder than ever! This was going to
rock. I thought about Jim for a second and then let the thought of where
he was drift out of my head. All of a sudden I felt his cool fingertip
touch the inside of my assring. He moved his tip into that hole and
started sliding. He was going very slowly and he stopped after about eight
inches. He was really hard. He felt even thicker than he had a while
before. He took off his t-shirt and tied it around my head so that I
couldn't see. That was fine as I hadn't opened my eyes yet. After the
t-shirt was secured, he started to withdraw. He was all the way out and
pushed back in about three inches and then backed out. He kept teasing me
like this . . . finally I growled, "c'mon, Luke, GIVE IT TO ME!" The cock
was shoved all the way inside me. I had to go on tip toes to avoid the
pain! This wasn't Luke. I reached up to grab the t-shirt, but my hands
were held forward on the mantle. "Keep your hands down or you'll regret
it. Just enjoy the ride, buddy." He kept fucking in and out of me
withdrawing all the way and slamming all the way back in. "Yeah, tighter
than that bitch you fucked a few nights ago, huh?" "Oh yeah, you fuckin
high school jock ass punk. You're gonna take my scum up your tight jock
ass. Take it." He continued to plow me deep with every stroke. It was
painful, but I could take it. He had a fuckin sexy voice and with him
talking smack to me it wasn't long before I started cumming all over the
fireplace as he dumped a load deep inside my ass. I hadn't even touched
myself. He shoved so deep inside me.

He left his cock inside me, but lifted the t-shirt over my head. It was
the tall lanky dude from the bar Luke and I had gone to weeks ago when we'd
fucked that chick together. He looked a little pale, which I would later
find out was because his blood flowed down to his cock when he got excited.

His body was tight and he had a six pack. The cock, which was still inside
me, was slightly softer than it had been for the duration of our fuck. Rob
started to withdraw and I whimpered. "You want it to stay in?" "Yeah man,
I wanna go again." "You're gonna need to follow my lead outta here so you
can see your lover fuck your neighbor dude." With that he started to turn
us around and we walked awkardly out the door. We climbed a hill barefoot.
I didn't even notice the sharp twigs and leaves under my feat nor the cool
breeze over my skin as we walked up over the ridge of the hill across from
the parking area where my truck was. Luke was in the back of his truck
holding his legs up by his knees and Jim was alternating between rimming
his ass and sucking his huge cock. `Not as huge as what's up my ass' I
thought and felt kind of smug about that. As if reading my mind Rob jabbed
his cock in my manhole to remind me that he was in there. I grunted and
saw Luke lift his head a little. Rob waited a second - he stopped moving.
After Luke's head went back down and he was breathing heavily again Rob
whispered in my ear, "You better shut the fuck up this time because if he
comes up here and sees this big old cock of mine plugging your ass he's
gonna want a piece of it and I don't think you want that." We were behind
a bush that had changed colors with the start of the seasonal change and
being that we were naked, we blended in perfectly. I could feel the crotch
hair of Rob's crotch against my asscheeks as he fucked me. Luke started
getting out the truck and bent over as he had Jim continue rimming him.
They didn't stay in that position long though as Jim's strong tongue was
obviously pleasing Luke to no end. Jim laid down on the ground and Luke
squatted over his face holding onto the bumped of the truck. As he did
this he was looking into the back of his 4-Runner. A pair of muscular legs
appeared. They were darker than average and covered with a thick covering
of dark curly hairs. As the dude in the back of the truck leaned forward I
could see his head and face. He was Italian and handsome as fuck! He had
hair that was cropped really close to his head and sideburns down to the
middle of his ears. The Italian dude was squatting in the back of the
4-Runner feeding Luke his thick 7 incher as Luke continued to receive one
hell of a rim job. Jim was oblivious to the new player as he continued to
rim Luke's ass. Rob got really hard again and he started to move in and
out with more force now. He was turned on by this. Luke stopped sucking
on the dude's dick and the dude laid down just like luke had and Luke
rimmed him while Jim just continued to slobber and now jack his cock. Luke
was humming around the ass of his new lover. Then the guy motioned with
his hand to start fucking Jim. Luke stood up and grabbed Jim. He grabbed
something from behind the seat while the guy hid in back of the driver's
seat. He tied a scarf or some piece of fabric around Jim's head and left
the knot in front. He lifted Jim up by the knot and bent him over the back
of the truck. He entered Jim fast and hard. Jim squealed and I think that
Luke probably had an appreciation for my masculinity. He smiled at the
other dude who got out of the truck without making a sound. The guy went
behind Luke and thrust up into Luke hard. Luke just smiled. They
continued in this position for just a minute before the Italian guy came.
His muscles tensed up and it looked like he wanted to scream but knew he
couldn't. Luke came a few seconds later and as he did he moaned. Rob
drilled me hard and came deep into me. He didn't make a sound. I came
just as Luke bent over to take his load out of Jim's ass. Jim just moaned
as he came all over the license plate on Luke's truck. It looked like Luke
had just had his truck detailed. He finished licking Jim's ass clean and
had him lay down on the ground. He squatted over Jim's head and had him
suck out the Italian dude's load. It must have been a huge load because
Luke kept telling him that there was more. Just as he was finishing, the
Italian dude got his clothes out of the open door and walked off into the
woods nodding at Luke.

Luke took Jim's blindfold off and pointed to the cum stain on the license
plate and make him lick it off. After he did so he kissed Luke
passionately. He got dressed and luke pulled on his jeans and t-shirt and
put on his boots and got in. They drove off. As they did the Italian guy
came up around the hill and saw us lying there with Rob's thick foot long
cock in my ass. He smiled and said, "Well hey Rob. Fine piece of ass you
have there. Mind sharing?" "Not at all, Mike. Let's get in his truck
with him and get goin."

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