Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 10

FROM LUKE PART 9 Luke took Jim's blindfold off and pointed to the cum stain
on the license plate and make him lick it off. After he did so he kissed
Luke passionately. He got dressed and luke pulled on his jeans and t-shirt
and put on his boots and got in. They drove off. As they did the Italian
guy came up around the hill and saw us lying there with Rob's thick foot
long cock in my ass. He smiled and said, "Well hey Rob. Fine piece of ass
you have there. Mind sharing?" "Not at all, Mike. Let's get in his truck
with him and get goin."


Rob's cock has softened somewhat inside my ass, but he made one final deep
jab before pulling out and getting up. He ran back to the cabin to get our
clothes. As he left Mike walked up to me and laid down on top of me. He
was semi hard. He inserted his thick seven inches easily into my well-used
hole. He lightly jabbed a few times and hit my prostate perfectly. I
groaned softly and he pulled out. He squatted in between my face and the
bush, which had been hiding me while I'd watched Luke fuck Jim and Mike
fuck Luke. "Clean it." He ordered in a voice that left no doubt as to who
was in command. I did. I could only taste the pungent taste of Rob's cum.
Rob had been the one who had fucked Michelle when he and my dad's Marine
friend Mike had come to town. Rob had been the one who left Michelle's
cunt gaping with cum dripping out! I didn't know whether Michelle's
husband Mike would be pissed or not. It made my cock twitch and it started
to harden. Soon enough Mike got close to the point of no return when he
turned around and went on all fours. He pulled my face to his ass. His
butt was hairy, his hole surrounded by dark curly hairs. He reached back
and pulled my face into his ass. "Oh yeah, muscle bitch! Lick that
fucking hole! Stick your tongue in it. Tongue rape my ass man. Oh FUCK
YEAH!" As I moved my tongue around and inside his hole he just kept
talking smack. I was completely hard. I had worked my tongue inside his
musky hole. He was all man and I was giving him the tonguing of a
lifetime. All of a sudden his hole started contracting really fast and
hard around my tongue . . . . almost spasming. He moaned and I knew he was

"Fuckin wonderful. I leave you dudes alone for fuckin TWO damn minutes and
you're playin around? What the hell. Get in that fuckin truck." We got
up and I scrambled over to the truck. I waited at the door to get my
clothes but Rob only handed me my short shirt. He said that I wouldn't
need clothes where we were going. "Give me my shirt" Mike said. When Rob
hesitated Mike gave him a look that said he would regret it if he didn't.
Rob handed Mike the shirt and they got in. Mike reclined his seat and
spread his legs pretty wide. His thick cock was semi hard laying between
his legs. I was looking over as Rob directed me north of where I lived.
We were headed west toward a town called Spring Green. It was a beautiful
hilly area and I was so busy looking between the road and Mike's thick cock
and Rob's soft 8 inches that I nearly drove off the road. Mike kept
staring at me as Rob sat looking straight forward. "Stroke your cock with
your free hand." He ordered me while he watched. Rob looked at him and
said, "Just let the dude drive, will ya?" "That's it, bitch!" Mike said
and easily pulled Rob who was completely nude between his legs. He pushed
him down into a semi-kneeling position and forced his head down on his now
hard cock. "Aw yeah, bitch, take that fucking cock into your throat. You
need that cock. You like that cock. You're only a Beta Male, now take it
like a good Beta Bitch." Rob took it long, but Mike quickly got bored and
moved aside. He bent Rob over the seat so that Rob was facing backward.
With quick moves he was behind Rob. Rob started to realize what was
happening and started squaking and shaking about. Mike grabbed his hair
and pulled his head back as he spat first onto his cock and then onto Rob's
face as he slammed his thick seven inch cock into the hilt. Rob screamed.
And I mean screamed. "Shut the fuck up. You scream like a pussy boy."
Mike looked over the shoulder and had me turn onto a gravel road a ways
before we came to a town. We took that as Mike started really pummeling
Rob. Rob was just sighing and chanting something about Mike stealing his
cherry this way like it was a mantra. Mike was getting close and he
stopped at one point and I was so busy watching what was going on that I
didn't see the bump in the road and Mike came. As he did so he pulled out
and was starting to shoot a wad of cum as he forced his cock back into
Rob's tight hole. The cum was spread over the crown of Mike's thick
cockhead as he pushed in again. He grunted as he dumped load after load
into Rob. Mike was laying on top of Rob with his head against the back
window of the truck and through his legs I could see the head of Rob's cock
pulsing as he dumped a load on the floor of the truck. Mike looked over
his shoulder and told me to turn left and head into a thick forest on a
very obscure road. I wouldn't have even noticed it now that it was close
to dark except that there was a small reflective marker on the opposite
side. We followed the road for two miles with Mike's cock still firmly
entrenched in Rob's ass. I could tell Mike was hard and he started to move
in and out. Rob groaned slightly. Mike moved Rob so that he was able to
take my cock. C'mon Rob, show Trent here how good a cocksucker you are.
And he did. He took my throbbing eight thick inches down almost to the
base. Mike yelled at him even though we all knew it was the position that
we were in. Mike pounded him hard a few times and Rob tried harder and
open up and take my cock. "Pull over" Mike said and I did. Through the
canopy of trees overhead the full moon was shining casting a glow on the
truck and everything. Mike had me shut off the truck and the lights. He
had us get out and go to the back of the truck. There he forcibly bent Rob
over the tailgate. "Fuck his ass hard. Hard like you've never fucked
before. NOW!" And I slammed my eight incher into Rob. He started to
scream but Mike was in the bed of the truck and forced his mouth shut with
one hand on the bridge of his nose and the other under his jaw. Each time
I pulled all the way out and slammed back in. His hole had been lubricated
by Mike's orgasm a while earlier. Now I was spreading that cum deeper
inside him into uncharted territory. "Pull out Trent. Now beg for it
bitch." Rob remained silent. Mike smacked him in the face several times
with his cock. "I said beg for it. Now." The last word was in an almost
deadly tone. "Please, Trent, give it to me." Rob squeaked. "Sir. You
will call Trent and I SIR! And if you want to be treated like a man you
have to ask for it like a man. Real men can take dick, bitch, not just
give it! You need to learn that!" "Please, sir, fuck me, fuck my ass
hard. Draw your dick all the way out and slide it home. Hit my prostate,
fuck the cum out of me! PLEASE!" Apparently Mike was satisfied because he
motioned for me to resume my work as he shoved his come and ass-juice laden
prick into Rob's mouth. Rob actually started to hum after about a minute.
I was close to cumming and Mike could tell. He started feeling my abs and
my pecs. He leaned over Rob's back putting his hands on either side of
Rob's hips on the tailgate of the truck and licked my armpits. When he
moved to my left nipple and back up to my armpit I lost it. He pushed me
back with one hand and quickly moved it to my neck and pulled me back in
into a sensuous kiss. In doing so he had made my orgasm identical to his
last. My knees went weak as the sensations of the orgasm washed over me.
It was almost as good as the first time with Luke when he'd fucked the cum
out of me. Mike helped me sit on the tailgate and forced Rob to the ground
and made him clean the cum and ass juice off my prick. After that we got
into the truck and turned about a mile up into a driveway that led back off
the road for some ways and into a clearing. There against the trees on the
north side of the clearing was a small two-story house with a barn a few
yards away. This was where Rob lived. His roommate Jeff was home and Jeff
had three girls from the bar over. Two of them were regulars. One was
not. She was new and she was nervous. You could tell because she was
wearing her bathing suit top yet and no one else appeared to be wearing
anything. "Get in" Mike said to me. I had taken off my half shirt when
we'd gotten out of the truck on the road and so I just hopped in. One of
the regular chix (her name was Pam I'd later find out) straddled my thighs
and let my hardening cock bump against her beaver fur several times. She
was blond and short. Not petite, but certainly nowhere near overweight.
Her best asset was her perky tits. As she leaned against me on my lap she
shoved her tits into my face and I licked and laved them. Mike was
standing on the step behind me outside the hottub and was feeding her his
cock. "MMMMMMMmm" she said in a husky voice. "Someone's gotten some ass
tonight. Some manly ass." "Yeah, baby, I have." Mike replied and as she
continued to suck his cock he stepped into the water on each side of me and
Pam moved backwards a bit so she could continue her ministrations to his
burgeoning cock. His ass right in my face, he slowly moved backwards so I
could lick his hole. As I did this he moaned and I felt Pam slide down an
inch onto my hard shaft. She moaned around Mike's cock. He knew what she
was doing and pushed her shoulders down hard impaling her roughly onto my
cock. She screamed around his cock. I just enjoyed the warm moist heat
around my member as she took it. I continued licking Mike's ass and he was
really getting into it. The longer I did it the more relaxed his hole
became until I could eventually stick my whole tongue up inside him. He
just moaned and pushed his ass against my face further. Pam started to
move up and down and I used my hands to caress her tits. I reached around
and was moving my hands to her ass. I felt a cock beginning to enter her.
I took a break for a second to check it out. Here was Jeff nailing her
from behind. Jeff was extremely aroused and I could tell he wanted her ass
bad. He had an average cock that was uncircumsized. He was pushing into
her and she was again moaning around Mike's girth. Jeff had a really nice
body, he was probably about 29 and had a semi-hairy chest with short
straight hairs covering his abdomen. His hair and eyes were dark and they
danced with smiles and laughter as he looked from Pam to me. He was slowly
sliding into Pam and I could feel his cock advancing into her through the
thin wall that separated her vagina from her ass cunt. When his cock
reached about three fourths the way up against mine he stopped. I felt
around Pam's ass and Jeff was in to his balls. His balls were smooth. I
played with them a little bit and gradually he started to fuck her ass. I
decided to alternate and lifted her cunt off my cock and lowered her again.
Mike pulled my head back to his ass. Pam started to lift herself off and
lower herself again, so I used my hands to spread Mike's asscheeks and
really get into his bung hole. I started by putting first one then two
fingers into his hole as I licked. At one point I alternated my fingers
and my tongue so that he was getting the full effect. He was really
enjoying this. Jeff all of a sudden pulled out of Pam and drove into her
cunt right against my cock. He was getting really rough. With all the
bouncing and shaking I couldn't take it and released a load into her pussy.
She felt me cum and started cumming herself. Her tits and pussy quivered
around my hands and cock. She moaned really loud around Mike's prick. He
seemed oblivious to anything but his asshole though as I continued to work
it over. Jeff stood up with Pam still on his prick and moved her over to
the other side of the hottub. I stopped for a second to look over at him
completely withdrawing and slamming back into her. Mike turned around and
told me to follow him. We walked into the house and downstairs into a
small room no larger than 10 feet by 10 feet. In it there was a bed, a
fireplace, and a small couch off to one side. The fireplace had been
started what seemed like hours ago and the end of the bed that was nearest
it was very warm. Since we were wet and had been in the hottub with the
cool air, we layed down there. Mike layed down on his stomach and I laid
down behind him and continued to work on his ass. He was moaning by about
the third minute and in almost a whipser said, "enter me." I moved up and
let him lube my dick up. He wasn't very good at it, but being only 17 I
wasn't going soft. He slobbered all over it and I told him to spit on it a
couple of times. He did and I felt that I was ready to go. I spat on his
rim a few more times and laid completely on top of him. "Go slow." He
said and I did. I went so slow and eventually I was three inches in. He
was the tightest hole I'd ever fucked. Even tighter than Jim's had been
earlier that day. Jim had been a virgin which made me wonder about Mike.
I promised myself I would make this fuck like no other Mike had ever had or
given or would have again.

As Mike became accustomed to my size he would relax and I would be able to
advance more and more into him. After about seven inches he wasn't
relaxing. I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. He wasn't ready
for this and his eyes flew open as mine were closing. He lost himself in
the kiss and as he did so his ass relaxed and I pushed all the way in
clipping his prostate as I did. He moaned into my mouth. I withdrew and
inch and pushed back in. He moaned again as I hit his prostate. I
continued with this every few minutes withdrawing more and pushing back in
about seven inches until I clipped past his prostate. Eventually I was
ready to start completely withdrawing. I flipped him over and grabbed his
ankles and held them in front of each of my shoulders. I slid off the bed
and pulled his ass right to the edge. I aligned my cock with his hole and
slowly entered him until I was in to my balls. He moaned very loudly. But
it wasn't a moan of pain. He was enjoying this. I started to go faster
and faster until I was really slamming him and my balls were slapping into
his ass. He was getting closer. I made him walk over to the couch and
bend over on his hands and knees. He did so and I stood on the couch. I
kept my balance by holding onto the back of it. I leaned back and lined my
cock up and slammed into him hard. He whined a bit and I told him to take
it like a man. He started grunting with each thrust of my hips. I was
sliding all the way out and power thrusting back into him. He wasn't going
to last long and with the thought of how loose I was making his man cunt
neither was I! He started breathing faster and I knew he was getting to
the point of no return.

When he came it exploded all over the couch. He came in large bursts of
cum that as he leaned up against my chest and abs, hit the wall in large
volleys like cannonballs striking a ship. I came with him and as we peaked
at the top of Orgasm Mountain, I kissed him passionately. I was filling
him to overflowing as this was the most powerful orgasm of my day. I came
so hard. As I finished, I lifted him up and turned him around. I
reinserted my cock into him lifted him and took him over to the bed. We
laid down and I got behind him again and entered him again as we spooned in
bed. I fell asleep hard inside him.

Some time during the night I felt Mike start to move his ass back and
forth. I came in five short strokes. I'd never gone soft since we fell
asleep. I felt his ass clench my hard cock again as he came. He pulled
off me and told me he was going to the bathroom. A few minutes later I
felt him slide his ass back onto my prick slowly and moan lightly as he did
so. I just enjoyed it and fell back asleep having never even opened my
eyes. Damn this was great.

I awoke a while later to the feeling of Mike's ass moving back and forth on
my cock and moaning. He felt tighter than before even. Mike was moaning
as I fucked him, but there was other moaning as well. I opened my eyes and
it took a moment to adjust to the soft firelight. I looked down at Mike,
and was startled. I shook. It wasn't Mike. It was a blond kid. He was
about 6'1" and skinny. He was moaning as he took all of my thick cock deep
inside him. When I shook he turned and smiled. Damn he looked like an
angel. I felt his chest and abs and he smiled this killer smile and his
tongue skipped across his teeth as he hummed when I touched his nipples.
It was then that I noticed the two guys on the floor going at it.

I looked at the dude bottoming and it was the dude under me - or rather,
his twin - and the dude topping him was an ethnic dude - probably mixed
black latino guy with very light cofee colored skin. He was bald and very
muscular. What was more impressive was the cock he was using to fuck the
boy under him. He wasn't about the romanticism of the fuck either, he was
about the physical gratification he was taking. His cock was long and
thick. It was somewhat flat and he had a scorpion tatooed across the top.
He lifted the blond kid up and bent him over the arm of the couch. From
this angle I could see his cock come all the way out and plunge in halfway.
The kid next to me whispered that he wanted to be done the same way. I
pulled him flush with my balls and pulled him up into a doggie-style

The guy topping my boy's twin whose name I would later find out was Dominic
was pushing only half the way in. "Yeah, take it bitch-boy. How much can
you take? You want it all cunt?" "No, Sir! Please, don't, Sir!" But
Dominic had a look in his eye. His cock wasn't bigger than Luke's but it's
width was impressive. And the kid wasn't even getting to Dom's thickest
part. "That's right, bitch-boy. I'm going to breed your ass. You're
going to take my load bitch-boy. And then you're gonna take my buddy's
over there as he breeds your ass." I wasn't sure, but I think that I was
longer and just as wide all the way up and down my cock as his thickest
part. But Dominic was impressive in the way he controlled the kid. The
kid started jerkin his cock chanting in a mantra, "Can I cum, Sir? Please!
Can I cum, Sir? Please! Can I cum, Sir? Please! PLEASE, SIR!" Dominic
had to stop all motion to prevent himself from cumming. The kid's begging
was taking him over the edge. All of a sudden in a very masculine voice he
said, "Cum NOW boy. CUMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
agggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" He withdrew and as he started
spraying he slammed all the way into the kid knocking him over onto the
couch. He completely withdrew again and now the blond kid was laying on
his stomach on the couch cushions. As Dom prepared to cum back down and
into the hole that he was breeding I could see the profile of his
coffee-colored prick against the couch. He had a very shapely head that
was followed by the profile of a shaft that isn't very thick topside to
underside. This is where his bitch-boy's ass would be tight and I would
monopolize on that. The kid under me was begging just as his twin had a
few moments ago. It turned me on like nothing else to that point and sent
me over the edge. "Cum" I said in my most masculine but controlled voice.
I pulled out of him and stood in front of him and flipped him over. I
pulled him so his head was standing over the edge of the bed and slammed my
thick cock down his throat. I came. I came hard and as I did the other
twin sucked his brother's jizz out of his cock. The kid couldn't take all
my cum and gagged quite a bit as some of it ran off the sides of his face
and off his head onto his brother's feet. The bitch-boy who'd had his ass
fucked by Dominic was crawling onto the bed in front of me in the
doggie-style position. He was acting like he didn't want to do it and I
seriously didn't know if he would be able to take it all. I pulled him to
his side. Dom was doing his own thing with the boy he was now calling
slut. He was sitting on the couch making slut clean his smooth tight hole
and lick the insides as well. Slut was doing a good job judging by the
humming and growling that Dom was doing. Bitch-boy was now laying on his
side as I started to push into him. He started to groan. I went only a
third in and fucked him like that for some time. He became accustomed to
it easily. I figured his hole was used to taking the width this way and
when I pulled his leg so that he was laying on his back I thrust my hard
cock halfway into him. He started shooting all over. He hadn't asked and
I didn't care, but since he misbehaved I had to punish him. This was how I
felt - how I had been raised. So I punished him. I made him kneel on the
floor sitting on his heels. Dom was sitting on the couch and had been
making Slut take his cock while facing him. I went over to Dom and moved
him so that he was laying on his back with his legs reaching across to the
couch. I moved between his legs and slid my cock all over his tight hole.
He didn't do anything. I moved my cock up to Slut's hole and pushed gently
into him and forced halfway up his chute as he begged Dominic and I to let
him cum. Dominic said no that he'd regret it more than anything else he'd
ever done. Bitch-boy was whining on the couch and I told him to shut up
and follow orders next time he wanted my cock. Dominic peered around Slut
and nodded slightly. On our next drive in we both slammed in to the balls.
Bitch-boy was begging non-stop and said he'd do anything to make us happy
as we went in for a second thrust in this way. "You've been a good boy," I
said, "Cum now." Dominic smiled and dropped his head to slut's cock and
took his load. We continued to thrust, but we didn't cum. Despite the
fact that our hard, worked-over cocks were tired and wanted to cum, we were
harder than ever. We pulled slut off our cocks and I made bitch-boy clean
out his ass of our cum. As he did this slut sucked his brother's cock. I
laid down on the bed and Dom motioned for me to lift one of my legs. I
laid on my side watching the two twins in a sixty-nine position on the
floor as Dom got behind me. I had one foot resting by my knee and the
other leg straight down the length of the bed. Dom licked my hole. He
suckled it and played with it with his tongue. He used his muscular arms
to move me so I was laying on my stomach the short way facing over the bed
still watching the twins. He put a lot of spit into me. He ofound a
bottle of lube somewhere and started lubing up my hole. Very well. I
thought he was going to fuck me, but all he did was run his dick into my
crack. "You both may cum now." He said and they came in each other's
mouths. "Get up and go back to your area now." Dominic said. As they did
they each came over to me and rolled me to kiss my dick goodbye. They left
and went outside. Dominic spoke to me, "One day you will do well as a
master, but for now you have to learn something else." Go to sleep and
someone will come for you. Exhausted from all the sex and fucking, I did
just that.

I was awoken some time later by one of the ladies who straddled me and took
my cock to the base until she came. She didn't let me cum though. After
she was done she put a lot of vaseline on my cock and then a sock over it.
I could only surmise that this was to make the skin tougher like you do to
a child's hands in the harsh midwest winters when they suck their thumbs.
I went to sleep . . . .

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