Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 11

Motion . . . that was the sense that was waking me, yet again tonight. And
it was still dark out. But that was fall in the Midwest. I was being
removed from the room that I'd been in. I was starting to become more
alert as I was being hauled out of the house and down a path to a barn.
The main doors were both slid open and I could see a small fire burning in
the center barely casting light on the ground passing before my eyes as I
dropped my head back down. There were six pairs of hands carrying me and
it didn't feel as though my 175 pound frame were much of a burden. I
turned my head and looked up at one of the guys carrying me. He had a
blond crew cut and piercing green eyes that danced when I looked up at him.
He was naked to the waist and wore a pair of faded jeans that accentuated
his bulging crotch. You could see some of his blond pubic hair through the
fraying fabric. Fabric that had been worn down to sheer threads by the
wear and tear of heavy equipment. As my head turned down I noticed his
construction boots, well worn and comfortable. His warm hands on my right
bicep and under my shoulder holding me up as we continued forward.

I looked up and to the left and saw a guy that was pretty skinny. He
wasn't downright scrawny or anything, he was just on the slender but
muscular side. He had jet-black hair and no sign on facial hair anywhere.
His body was completely hairless except for the bush peeking above his
jeans, which were unbuttoned, and the zipper quickly giving way to more of
his dark and curlies. He was very good-looking and when I looked closer I
could see his cock snaking it's way down his right thigh. He had as
massive a member as Rob had. My neck grew tired and I let my head loll
looking at the ground.

We got to the barn and I was placed on a hard wooden bench. It was about
three and a half feet off the ground with worn leather, like a saddle,
covering the top. The head of the bench near a brick fireplace, where the
light was coming from, had a set of padded leather restraints like the ones
you see in a hospital. The butt-end of the bench had ankle restraints near
the ground. The six guys put me on the bench and secured me in. My ass
was hanging in the air now as the bench was a little short.

I could hear a slurping sound coming from near the fireplace. It was just
out of the light cast by the small fire, but I could hear it. Then a big
hand gestured forward. I looked over my shoulder to see the blond guy
entering my hole. He entered hard and fast. The wind was instantly
knocked out of me! I gasped to breathe but I didn't whine or moan. I just
took it. A few minutes later as it was beginning to feel comfortable and
good, he came. And he came hard. His whole body shook and I could feel
the head of his cock pulse large as he came. He had a wide cock and he
slid it in and out a few more times before leaning down and kissing my
brow, then my mouth. As he pulled his mouth from mine he lifted himself
off and out of me in one fluid motion.

Then there was another guy. He was shorter than the others and a bit
stockier, but not fat at all. He had more of a body builder's build and
was in his 20's like the others. His features were Hispanic and Pacific
Islander and his thin six-inch cock was easy to take after the poundings
I'd received so far that evening. The blond's cum made his entrance easy
to take. I didn't even feel him cum and he didn't betray that it had
happened. I knew it must have though because as he finished he walked
around me and made me clean his cock. From his snout I could taste his
bitter cum and the rest of the cum from the blond. The blond's cum was
milder and sweet whereas the new guy had bitter biting cum. Upon finishing
he turned and made me rim him for a few moments. The only hair on his body
aside from his head were the wispy hairs surrounding his sweet hole. He
played with his hole making it tighter and looser around my tongue. Just
as I was getting into it, he stopped. He moved away out of the light and
the next guy stepped up. He had sea gray eyes and he looked foreign. He
had no hair on his chest, but his abs were covered in a thicket of very
light brown/blondish hairs. He looked European. His cock was about eight
inches and not quite as thick as mine. He had a foreskin. As he put his
cock in my mouth he moved so that I could pull back his foreskin with my
hand while still restrained. As he did so, he looked over next to the
fireplace. I could now make out a chair and a man sitting in it. Barely.
The man grinned and I could see his white teeth. The boy looked down and
gently started rocking his hips while massaging my muscular back. He got
close to cumming and pulled out. His legs, which were very furry, rubbed
against the hair covering mine as he placed his feet on the bench just
outside my thighs and held onto the bench just above my hands. In this
squatting position he made love to my ass entering slowly and making sure
that I was receiving the most pleasure. I started to buck my ass up to him
a bit and he grunted. He sped up fucking me harder and I growled as he
started jerking in orgasm. He thrust firmly into me with the last of his
cumshots. He pulled off me and I saw him and the blond kiss firmly.

The dude with the huge cock I'd seen was just putting his boots back on
after having had his pants removed. He moved behind me and stretched my
arms as he pulled my ass closer to the end of the bench. With one fell
swoop he jumped forward as he launched his cock up my chute with a force
that stretched my legs and bent my arms bringing my hands close to my mouth
and my feet off the ground. It hurt, but this guy was a thin nine inches
and I'd taken Rob earlier in the day. I found that I was able to make him
cum quickly which was a good thing as his thin member felt more like a
proctologists' exam than a fuck. He came and got off me without ever doing
anything except a brutal fuck with a cock as thin as his fingers.

Then came the fifth guy. He stepped out of the shadows on the left side of
the fireplace opposite where the chair was. He was magnificent. To put it
into stereotypical words -- he was a gym punk. His pecs formed awesomely
by the weights that he lifted. His abs under just a thin layer of skin and
muscle with a little fat that added to their definition. He had a mohawk
that was blond and a face that could be Matthew McConaughey's. His cock
though was what had me most intrigued. With his blue eyes he looked a lot
like me but his cock, his cock was the very same one that I played with.
The very same one that was hard at the back of the table leaking cum
between the worn leather and my hard abs. His was a body I longed for.
There was something that made me want to have him inside me. I think he
sensed this and undid my restraints around my arms. He stood me up and I
could tell that this was something controversial by the sounds coming from
the guys who were now out of sight next to the chair. I nearly came as he
stood me up. He went behind me and rubbed his hardening cock into my
crack. I let out a breath of air having been released from my arm
restraints. I saw his hand move in front of him as he motioned for someone
to come over. The blond dude and the European looking guy came forward.
The blond went behind me and started rimming my ass between the legs of the
gym punk. The Euroguy went to work on my hard cock. As he did so he
slowly undid the restraints at my ankles. Eventually the gym punk got so
worked up that he had the blond rim him and started his assault on my
asshole. He nudged his cockhead against the opening several times and
after a slight moan/growl pushed it in. I pushed my ass against him until
he was in to the base. Many times cocks feel too big or too small, but his
filled me completely and rubbed my prostate. I came and as I did, he did
also. His bulbous head flexing and pouring cum on to my prostate making me
flood the euroguy's mouth. It ran over onto his body and the blond moved
to lick up that which had fallen onto his chest and hairy abs. The punk
started to go for a second time. The Euroboy and the blond were now
sucking each other while one of them constantly had a mouth on the punk's
hole. The punk had been quiet while cumming and was now going for round
two. He withdrew all the way and slammed back in to his hilt. Over and
over he followed this process until at last he bent me over the bench and
stood on each side of my hips fucking the shit out of my ass. As he did
this there was motion from the shadows and Luke stepped out from the
shadows. He put his 10-inch cock in my mouth and then leaned forward and
kissed the punk. I was a little jealous, but was betting that he was more
jealous. Me having the punks spunk up my ass. Luke made the other two
move and slid beneath me his back on the bench. As he did so, he slid his
cock in next to the punks and put his hands behind his head. The blond
went to rimming him right away and the Euroguy and the Hispanic guy came
forward to each lick the areas of his body that were exposed. The punk
stepped down from the table and pulled my ass and Luke along with me down
the table some for better stability while fucking. He basically was the
drive in the fuck now as Luke just laid there, his cock never really
moving. The punk drove me forward and slightly off Luke's cock and then
pulled me back down the big 10 incher as the punk slid out. I started
licking Luke's face and that did it. He grabbed my face and pulled the
punk's head to our mouths as we three shared a passionate kiss that lasted
our orgasm. As we were spiraling down the euroguy moaned as he came into
the blond's mouth. The other two came by their own hands. Luke and the
punk slid out of me and lifted me and carried me around the fireplace and
into a steam room with shower heads and had the others clean me up while
they made out and Luke fucked the punk. After I was cleaned up and cleaned
out with three enemas the punk came over to me and everyone else left the
room except for the Euroguy, the blond and Luke. They started having a
threeway over by one set of chairs and The punk sank his lubed-up ass down
on my rigid prick. He rode me easily for a while and then we shifted to
the floor. He put his ass in the air doggie style and I entered him
quickly with my feet on each side of his knees. I nailed him harder and
faster than I had the first time not slowing at all after my first orgasm
inside him. The second was more intense than the first. Luke had just cum
inside the Euroguy when he motioned the punk over to him and ate my cum out
of his ass. As he did so the blond came and started playing with and
fondling my cock. He was very hard. As he rubbed his hole on my prick
Luke growled. The blond shot him a pleading look and Luke said, "Very
well, but upstairs." We went upstairs and got onto a huge bed only two
feet off the ground while we were still soaking wet. The blond stuck his
ass by my face and I rimmed him. He moved forward after a while and put
his ass up in the air and I put more spit into him letting gravity do some
of the work. After a few minutes he was ready to go. I lined my cock up
with his hole and he slid back onto it very slowly. I would later learn
that until two weeks ago he'd never been fucked and this was the first time
since then that he had been fucked. He winced at my intrusion but grew
accustomed to it quickly. I found that by keeping his ass a little higher
I could nail his prostate upon penetration. The punk apparently wanted some
of his ass also because he munipulated the blond so that his ass was lower
and he could slide his prick next to mine. The blond moaned and growled
some, but took it. His lean legs showing all their muscle as we packed his
ass full of hot hard cock. He took it like a pro, though and after a
minute Luke made him take his prick down his throat. The punk got off the
bed and went behind Luke and began rimming him. Shortly after he started
he stood up and entered him. Luke just moaned. The blond orgasmed first
as I was able to manipulate his prostate again. He came all over the bed.
As I started cumming I moaned at which Luke spread the blond's legs so he
could see all my cum run down the sides of my shaft and out the blond's
hole as I continued to thrust. Luke came and gasped short breaths as he
and the punk both came simultaneously. We all kind of collapsed on the bed
after that having the blond lick us clean as we dozed in the early morning
fog in the hayloft of the barn.

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