Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 12

I woke up in the morning and the gym punk , who's name was Trey, was
looking into my eyes. It felt weird. It was like my own eyes were looking
back at me, seeing me for who I really was. He pulled on my arm and we
left Luke and the blond sleeping. Luke looked up for a second and nodded.
Trey led me down the ladder. We reclaimed our clothes after a quick
makeout session in the steam room and headed outdoors. It was very early
morning and the fog was still thick and the sun not yet up; the horizon was
barely visible.

Trey led me down a path and across a paved road about a mile away. We went
down by a river and to a shack. This looked a lot like the shack that Luke
and I had hooked up with the bartendress. Trey entered and as soon as he
did I realized it was the shack. There was a woman sleeping in the bedroom
. . . it was the bartendress. She was sleeping under a thin sheet with one
leg hanging over the side of the bed. Trey gingerly lifted the sheet and
moved his head between her legs and began working her pussy with his mouth.
She stirred but didn't moan. Trey pulled me down and had me work on his
cock, balls and hole. He rolled her over and assaulted her hole with
jabbing motions of his tongue before moving to her asshole and doing the
same. She was dripping with sweat and heat. Her woman-juice was making
her vagina wet. Trey stood up pulling me up with him. He pulled my head
to his chest and I licked his nipple as he fucked her vagina. After half a
dozen thrusts he pulled out and moved me so I was where he'd been. I
pushed into her vagina and started some slow long thrusting action and he
rimmed my ass as I bent over on the bed. After a few seconds he stood up
and slowly entered me. He reached around and placed his hands in a V on my
pubes and pulled me back to the hilt. It was the strangest sensation - a
perfect fit. He was hitting my prostate perfectly. I was completely
outside the bartendress' vagina. He held my cock at the base just like I
do and aimed it at her hole and pushed all the way in. She let out all her
air like she'd been punched or something. Trey held still for a second
inside me and after a moment started fucking my ass and I in turn started
fucking Terri. Trey moved his hands behind my knees and pushed me up onto
the bed so I was closer and he was too. He pulled me out of Terri by the
hips and kept my cock away from her ass as he first plowed her pussy a few
times and then my ass. He kept switching between us. He started fuckin us
both loose. I was getting close and he was too. He pulled out of her
gaping vagina and started cumming just as he slammed his cock up my ass.
He pulled out and pulled me back. He put his cock back in her vagina and I
pushed my cock into his ass. I was so worked up from the previous 10
minutes that I came upon entry. I grunted as I came and Trey whipped his
head around to look at me. Terri turned her head around and opened her
eyes wide to see us both there me with my cock up Trey's ass still enjoying
my orgasm. "Well Trey, I see you found your twin." She said. I was

It all made sense but I didn't get it. Trey turned around my dick flopping
out pulling cum with it under the helmet and kissed me passionately. I
didn't know what to say, but Trey did. He'd been prepared for this. He'd
known what he'd been looking for and that I existed. I hadn't known that
he existed, but alas, here he was. In front of me. Full raging hormonal
body of 17, the same as mine with a thick eight inch cock standing erect in
front of me despite the wondrous orgasm we'd just had.

The reason we were here, now, of course was because of Luke and Terri.
Luke had realized that we were twins and Terri was the one who'd spilled to
Trey once Luke had fucked me silly that night at Terri's place after the
bar. Trey had been anxious to meet me and do other stuff once he'd found
out that Luke had fucked me and vice versa. His arms were just a little
bit bigger looking than mine, but my cock was a shade thicker than his. I
stopped after a minute (or two) and wondered what had happened. Trey could
see the change in my face and in a voice very similar to my own said,
"C'mon Trent, let's take a bath." And with that Terri led us into the
bathroom. She drew a bath and Trey started explaining that the hospital
had told my parents that he'd been born stillborn and that he'd been put
into the arms of a loving family after he'd been misplaced in the Genesis
Ward. Now don't ask me about how who or why . . . I didn't get it either.
At seventeen I was having enough trouble with everything except getting
sex. We bathed and touched each other and fondled and caressed. Then he
said it was time to thank the people who'd helped to reunite us. I was

Terri pulled the plug on the drain to let us know that she was agreeable as
well and with that we went into her bedroom. At some point someone must
have turned up the fireplace or something because the room was a lot warmer
and we were still wet. But Terri hadn't left our side. Trey and I got on
the bed and laid down cock to cock, legs intertwined, blond fuzzy legs
touching blond fuzzy legs. My scruffy balls touching his smooth ones.
Terri squatted slowly and took both our members in her vagina. She moaned
deep and low and Trey told her to go down further and gently pulled her
hips down to ours. She was facing me. Trey flexed his cock several times
causing a soft moan to escape her lips each time. He then started
thrusting in and out. The friction caused such an awesome sensation that I
just laid there. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I opened them
a minute later when I heard Terri slurping . . . it was Luke's massive
ten-incher that she was trying to take. Trey was urging her on with smack
talk and I started thrusting my hips hard. She was enjoying the ride as
the three of us dominated her. After a few more minutes Trey and I looked
at each other. We changed positions so that she was laying on her side
with her head near the side of the bed. Trey was behind her with his cock
up her ass and I was in front with my cock deep in her pussy. She was so
wet with excitement. Luke moved so that his one leg was on the bed behind
my body and I was able to rim him while Terri licked his balls and Trey
strained to take his head. "Awwww yeah . . this is what it's all about!"
He said. I was happy. But I knew one way I could be happier. Luke knew
it too. He was about to cum so he jumped up and stroked his cock a few
times while moving in behind me. He shoved the first six inches of his
cock into me as he came. I was breathing heavy and he grabbed my balls
gently, but firmly and pulled them away from my body. "Don't cum yet" he
whispered in my ear. Luke moved around behind Trey and grabbed the lube
from the nightstand on his way over. He moved in behind him and started
lubing up and playing with Trey's ass. He was working fingers in with one
hand while pulling Trey's balls away from his body with the other hand. At
one point he made Trey stop moving all together. I was just laying there
gently pushing my hips forward and back moving my cock head a total of
three inches inside Terry's salivating pussy. When I looked back over to
Luke he had his whole hand up Trey's ass and Trey was gasping while lightly
pinching Terry's erect nipples. Luke stilled his hand in Trey's ass and
moved his other hand around Trey's member which was almost purple it was so
hard. He guided Trey's member into Terri's pussy with my cock . . . only
his WHOLE FIST was inside along with mine and Trey's cocks! Terri came so
hard she was violently shaking as if in a seizure. She gasped and moaned
and screamed. As she did Luke pushed his fist further into Trey and Trey
started cumming. I quickly pulled out and put my face down by Terri's
pussy to see the motion of Luke stroking Trey's cock. Luke pulled out a
cum covered hand and licked it off sharing some with me and Trey.

Later that afternoon Luke brought me to my place and dropped me off. I
went upstairs and was about to hit the shower in my room when I heard
noises coming from the shower just down the hall. I heard the water stop
and heard walking down the hall. Intrigued, I came out of my room . . .
no one was in the hall anymore. I walked over to the open corner of the
balcony and couldn't believe my eyes. Jason was on the couch with his legs
in the air getting rimmed . . . by MY DAD!! My dad was licking his hole
and really putting tongue into it. He was totally excited. I wondered
where my mom was. Dad continued eating his ass for a long time and then
finally stood up and fed Jason his long cock. Jason took it like a pro
. . . no doubt thanks to the lessons taking my cock down his gullet. Dad
was forceful enough that tears started to flow down Jason's cheeks. My Dad
got off the couch and moved Jason's ass out over the edge of the couch.
From this angle I could see him enter Jason and Jason's eyes got wide. Dad
slipped in him easily and started fucking. I started jerking my prick. I
was pretty concealed here and decided to stay and watch this hot man boy
lovin goin on. My Dad kept pluggin away and all of a sudden Jason saw me.
He just looked shocked and then had a goofy grin on his face. He had my
dad move so that he could bend over the couch right below me and take my
dad's cock. He was shovin his ass back against dad's cock. The doorbell
rang and I jumped. My dad pulled out of Jason and went to answer the door
. . . NUDE! After a minute and a half he returned to the living room with
a nude Jim! Jim started eating my dad's ass while he was fucking Jason.
This was incredible! Two of my friends from high school having sex with my
dad! I was astounded. Jim climbed in front of Jason then and pulled
Jason's face into his ass. Jason was only too happy to lick his hole and
stick his tongue in it while dad fucked his happy ass. Jim was moaning
really loud and Jason started talking smack to him every now and then while
pulling his face away from Jim's ass. He called him his bitchboy and told
him to work his cock. Jim did so by backing down the arm of the couch and
right onto Jason's dick. Jason started getting really active then. He was
pulling his cock all the way out of Jim while impaling himself to my dad's
pubes on a long nine inch pole. He would then shove all the way back into
Jim leaving just my dad's cockhead inside his hole. My dad was getting
close. I could tell from all the times I'd seen him pull out and shoot all
over my Mom. I think he was still scared of her getting pregnant. All of
a sudden he had his orgasm and started twitching uncontrolledly. He shoved
in and pushed Jason forward into Jim's hole. Jason started moaning and Jim
pulled off of Jason's cock and swung down to take Jason's load in his
mouth. Jason's cock went from asshole to mouth and Jim couldn't keep up as
he came buckets into Jim's mouth. Jim's mouth was overflowing. He licked
up the sides of his mouth and pushed my dad out of the way as he slammed
his cock into Jason's hole and came. Cum started flowing outside of
Jason's asshole. The trio quickly shifted positions with my dad laying on
the floor - his view of me too quickly occluded by Jason's cummy ass to see
me. He ate his load and Jim's out of Jason's ass and Jim squatted on dad's
cock. They all orgasmed quickly again with Jason shooting all over dad and
Jim and Jim doing the same and my dad shooting inside Jim's hot little
hole. As soon as my dad's orgasm had subsided the three of them started to
come upstairs to use the shower. I soundlessly dashed to my room and
quietly closed the door and waited to hear the shower start before moving
about. They finished showering and I was careful to be quiet again.
Shortly afterwards they left. All three of them. Later, my mom came home.
I was showered and clean again . . . debating whether I should ask
questions or not about Trey, but decided not to. She was tired and going
to bed. I decided that I would do the same. It was chilly outside and I
slept . . . . hard.

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