Friday, April 10, 2009

The aspirin company and the dudes

I am writing this story as I am returning home from my
trip to LA. Pittsburgh is a great place to live, but
sometimes you just need to get away! Life seems so
different when you are away from the daily routine of
things and there's no better way to get your mind off
of things than driving up PCH, route 1 from Los
Angeles to San Francisco.

I'll start by giving you a little background about
myself. I am 33 yrs old, average build, blue eyes, and
brown hair. Fairly average looking if you ask me. I
don't have any problems meeting people at all and I
attribute that to my personality. I don't classify
myself as great or good-looking and I don't understand
how some people can do that. Beauty is in the eye of
the beholder, or something like that, but I really
think I have such a weird, fun personality; I am never
at a loss for words or making people laugh.

My problem is that I always find myself attracted to
men that are "straight". When I find myself in this
predicament I have no problems letting the suspected
person know my sexual preference, sometimes it does
lead to interesting responses. Well I work as a
contract employee for a small company outside of
Pittsburgh, PA and I actually work off-site at a very
large corporation located near Pittsburgh. You might
say this "campus" is located in Robinson, highly
visible from the parkway and the company I am working
at makes everything from "aspirins" to plastics,
polymers and just about everything else under the sun.
About once a month I head into the office of my
employer and spend the day there that is where part of
the problem is. There is a guy there by the name of
Brett that is just the most absolute perfect person
anyone would ever meet. He has the looks, and probably
has the best personality of anyone I have ever met; I
guess that is why I am so attracted to him. I like
guys that are tall and of a thin build, he fits beyond
that description. Brett is 26, has medium brown hair,
stands about 6'2",eyes that drive you wild, a chiseled
face and has a about a 29" waist. He is perfect and
believe me, he has an ass that I would love to bury my
face in all day long. And from the size of some of the
crotch shots I've seen, he is definitely all man. Of
course the crotch area doesn't matter to me, I'll take
the package as it cums. We spend time talking in the
office and we have gone out occasionally for dinner
and yes we have discussed the gay thing, but he is
straight to the `T'. I can't even get him drunk enough
to take advantage of him since he doesn't drink, but I
would never go after someone when they are vulnerable
like that anyhow, at least I don't think I would!

My second predicament is where I work off-site,
"campus" in Robinson, maker of Bayer aspirin. This
particular person I deal with every single day of the
week. His name is Kevin, he and Brett could be
brothers since they look very much alike, so I won't
bore you with the details of describing Kevin, but he
is just as hot and not boring at all. Kevin is 22 and
all the same good stuff that Brett has, but with the
bluest eyes and he has the darkest eyebrows that go
across his entire face. Just to look at him I get hard
or even think about him and I am hard! If one or both
of these guys don't let me do them soon I'll go crazy,
my fantasy is to have one inside of each orifice I
have. Who cares if it lasts for hours and hours,
Christ I would just love to be able to blow both of
them once. They drive me crazy and if they are
completely straight I would take seconds, these guys
are definitely worth the pain that I self inflict upon
myself. I'm thinking about asking each of them to send
me a pair of their sweaty briefs after the day, I'm
sure that will go over like a lead balloon. I would
love to just close my eyes while I am sniffing their
underwear and fantasy about being in between their
legs and taking great care of them! Kick back, relax
and leave all the work to me! My other fantasy with
them is to have both of them at the same time, just to
satisfy my needs of wanting them and then turn around
to see them taking care of each other. Fuck I would
pay a finders fee to anyone that would arrange that.
Okay sorry for going on and on.

My story or my fantasy (I'll let you decide) begins
with Kevin. He wears the baggiest clothes I have ever
seen. There is no way I can even get a good look at
his ass, but believe me its worth looking at in any
light, no matter how little of it you can see. When
Kevin started working I didn't have any problems
mixing some sexual conversation with his job training.
In fact Kevin is so laid back he more or less just
listened and laughed a little, occasionally adding to
the conversation. I tried every conceivable way to
just check out his ass a little more each and every
day. The one day he bent over to pick up something
from under the desk, my dick stood at attention in
less than 1/3 of a second. I started getting even
harder noticing the white band around the top of his
underwear. No I don't have x-ray vision, but you would
be surprised at what you can see when someone bends
over with a light white dress shirt on. All that I
could think of was being in front of him at crotch
level getting ready to pull down the front of his
briefs and smelling the aroma of his crotch, just
before my mouth would hit the tip of his cock. Kevin
then stands up to deliver a book to someone, he then
comes back into the cube we are sitting in and he is
at crotch level. He is talking to someone while he is
walking into the cube, so I can get a good shot of his
crotch, without him noticing. I do notice however that
his briefs support his bulge rather nicely, even in
baggy dress pants. The middle part of his zipper area
has a nice noticeable bulge to it and now I see myself
standing behind him. My cock out of my pants and I am
rubbing up and down the back of his dress pants. I am
rock hard and he is leaning forward, my hands are on
his thin waist. As I am rubbing up and down there is
pre-cum on the back of his pants and he reaches behind
me to pull me closer. I reached forward to feel out
the front of his pants and I feel a thick piece of
cock meat inside of his pants. Standing straight up
and not off to the side. Next thing you know I am in
front of him and his zipper is down, while Kevin is
pulling out his cock. He just starts to rub his cock
on the side of my face and I start to lick the pre-cum
off of the head of his mushroom shaped dick. Slowly he
starts to pump my mouth with his dick, harder and
faster he is face fucking me. I can't stand this any
longer, I come back to reality and we proceed with the
training, picking right back up where we left off,
sorry for that distraction!

While training Kevin, about 10 minutes later I decide
to excuse myself to run an errand on a lower floor. My
errand was to take care of myself and compose myself
for the rest of the day. I excuse myself and tell
Kevin that I will be back in about 10 minutes. I go
down to the 2nd floor and I figure the men's room
would be the safest place to get off. As soon as I
walk into the men's room, there is someone behind me
and also someone already in one of the stalls. Not the
type of privacy I'm looking for, especially when your
dick beckons to be taken care of. So I head up to the
3rd floor and decided to take my chances. The coast is
clear; in I go, up to one of the urinals and pull out
my already still hard cock and decide to take things
into my own hands. My underwear is soaked with pre-cum
and it doesn't help when you wear boxers, since things
can run a little further than you'd expect. It didn't
take me any time to get to the stage where I am ready
to blow a huge load right into the urinal, especially
thinking about Kevin's hairless chest and how great
his ass would taste with my mouth and my tongue eating
his ass for a long, long time. Not to mention that he
has a really nice cock; about 7 �", dark thick brown
wiry hair all around it and the greatest set of nuts
I've ever see. I am beating my meat like there is no
tomorrow and then all of a sudden the men's room door
opens. Shit, no privacy anywhere and I can't work like
this the rest of the day. I figured if I can at least
get off then Kevin will be safe from my comments and I
will be sane for at least an hour or so, we would at
least be able to get our work done. ( I love sex, oral
sex is the best and I have probably one of the most
vivid imaginations of anyone when it comes to
envisioning what someone would look like out of
clothes ). Well the only thing I can do is sort of try
to cover up my hard-on by moving forward, towards the
urinal a little and also keeping my left hand along
side my dick; you know the "holding my dick" while I'm
peeing look. Well at least you can't see a lot since I
am almost inside the urinal now. Guess who walks in?
When I look over, no way, wrong guess! It was Kevin,
with those blue eyes, dark eyebrows and he asked me
what I was up to, he was unzipping his fly and he had
his hands on his waistband. I don't know about you but
when someone goes for the waistband there's a lot more
to see than them just pulling their soft cock through
the sides of their underwear. I think some dudes don't
realize how much of a turn on it is to see someone
pulling down the front of their underwear, cock and
balls in plain site! What a fucking turn on!

As he is reaching to pull down the top of his
waistband he is looking forward and the front is still
coming down further. Before he even hits close to the
urinal his cock is almost completely exposed and what
a great bush of hair to bury my face in. Shit now I am
so hard that I am going to burst. Kevin is standing
there looking forward while pissing and I am staring
at his lower body as if I were a puma and going to
attack at any time. At least 4" soft and he was
pulling his skin back while he was getting ready to
piss, I just wanted to lick him clean right there. As
Kevin is standing there pissing he is talking and
believe me I hear nothing he says. Next thing he is
asking me about the agenda for the rest of the day, a
big smile was the only response I gave. I am dying
here and someone or something better help me out. I
can't piss, I can't beat off and I sure the hell can't
fit my dick back into my pants. What the hell I am
going to do. Well that problem sort of took care of
itself. We got back to the discussion of me being
sexually compulsive and how I think about sex 96% of
the day. This part of the conversation I heard, since
it was dealing with my favorite subject. I noticed
Kevin's hand was moving his skin around his cock back
and forth quite a bit. I figured he was either getting
rid of the piss on his dick or he was playing with
himself, well he was getting rid of the piss, since
his dick grew a little, but not a lot. He pulled his
cock back in, zipped up and went over to blow his nose
in one of the stalls. I figured he would be out soon
or he would think that I really have a urinal fetish
since I was still straddling the urinal. He finished
blowing his nose and then all of a sudden I felt his
hands on my hips and a 7 1/2" piece of meat on the
back of my pants. No way in hell! This was what I was
thinking earlier and then all of a sudden his hands
came around to the front and started moving my cock
back and forth. Meanwhile he is fucking the back of my
pants, I thought I died and this was my punishment for
being such a bad boy. As he was pumping my meat and
fucking my pants I shot probably the biggest load in
history. I could have drowned someone had they been in
front of me. When he was done beating me off he pulled
his hands away and I watched his one hand with cum on
it go past my face and straight into his mouth. He
licked his hand clean of my cum, man I was ready to
bust another fucking nut right then and there. I got
such a strange sensation right after that since he
started licking my neck while still fucking my pants.
It wasn't 8 seconds later and my dick was back up
again. I turned around, looked right into his eyes and
he started kissing me with his tongue going in and out
of my mouth. I dropped to my knees in 1 second flat.
This is what I have been dreaming about and
fantasizing about for the last few days. In front of
me is a 7 1/2" dick, fucking rock HARD and dark pubic
hair to swallow his cock all the way up to. His cock
had a mushroom head and the veins were very thick!
Wow, it took me about 0 seconds to swallow his entire
cock and I kept it deep in my throat for a few seconds
before he started face fucking me. This was no
ordinary face fuck either, he gently held the top of
my head and under my chin and moved his thin hips back
and forth while he was fucking my mouth. All the way
in then out to the tip, back and forth my head was
spinning. This was due to the fact I couldn't believe
what was happening. I managed to get one of my fingers
poking around his ass and he was starting to squirm a
little. In and out numerous times, then all of a
sudden, his balls tightened up and the flow started.
His cum was like none that I have tasted before.
Nothing about this guy is similar to anyone I have
every met. I wasn't going to waste any of his cum. I
swallowed every single drop that came out of his cock.
He came more than I did I think. And was still cumin
whenever I pulled my finger out of his ass. When he
was done cumin and we both could speak again he asked
me if I would like to put more than a finger up his
ass. I told him that I would love to fuck him, but I
would rather him fuck me first. I wanted to "feel" his
cock inside of me; nothing feels better to me than
having someone you really like fuck your brains out.
So low and behold that's all that he needed to hear.
He was hard again in seconds and lying on the floor. I
straddled his cock like a professional (imagine that)
slowly he put his cock inside of me and hit all new
heights. A gorgeous guy, great body and no slouch in
the dick department was fucking me on a tiled floor of
a corporate building. I was facing him and had my
hands on his chest. After we started fucking for a
while, I would just lower myself onto his dick as far
down as I could go and sit there for a little while.
It felt great that he was inside me. I played with his
chest as I watched him continuing to enjoy fucking me.
I love this more than anyone will ever know! Soon I
raised myself off of him a little and I watched him
arch his back and continue to pump into my ass like
there was no tomorrow. Again I would lower myself down
and sit there for a few minutes just to feel him
inside of me. Now Kevin was working up a sweat and you
could tell that he was close to cumin. He pulled out
and cum flew everywhere!! I do mean everywhere!!

We spent quite a few times like that, I almost
considered us bunny rabbits. That was the best sex I
ever had and probably ever will have.

I got to spend quite a bit of time with Kevin and we
really got to know each other. There was never a
commitment to a relationship, which was fine with me.
We had a good to great friendship, I guess after
finally having what I wanted made me for more
comfortable around Kevin. After a period of time I
realized that he was a wonderful person and that is
what I liked him for the most. The sex was great, but
it probably wouldn't have meant so much had I known
him less, I am not sure if that makes sense to anyone
or not.

There were times when we would meet at Settlers Cabin
early in the morning and Kevin would blow a few loads
down my throat! I remember the one time he drove up to
my car in his red Audi beater, walked towards me
sitting in my car and all I could see was this fucking
rock hard cock in the front of his pants! I pulled
down my window and we talked for about 20 minutes,
never once did his cock go soft and the entire time
Kevin kept saying, "you love checking out my fucking
hard cock, don't you? Would you like to taste it too?"
Many, many times we went to Settlers Cabin and there
were a few times Kevin would call me after he met his
girlfriend some nights and we wake me up and ask if he
could "pop over!" Popping over was just another way to
say, stay in bed, I'll unlock the door and fuck your
face raw until I make you wake up!

Kevin and I made a bet one time. Kevin lost so my
payoff was a pair of his boxer briefs he had worn for
a week! He gave them to me; slightly sweaty smelling
and he also dropped a little of his cologne on them,
but not too much so it didn't drown out the awesome
smell from between his legs! I used to sniff these
things for hours and hours for probably about a year
or two. In fact when he first gave them to me, I took
them over to building 8, went into the men's room
where not a lot of people go. I went into a stall,
took down my pants and opened up the bag! I checked
them out and started sniffing them and I bet within
two minutes I shot the biggest load I've ever blown!
Fuckin awesome and I owe it all to Kevin!! That were
incredible and just sniffing them gave me that
complete smell of being between Kevin's legs, taking
his cock all the way down my throat and rimming out
his ass!

Of course Kevin loved the fact that someone was after
him! I probably thought Kevin was so hot, because he
had every quality about a dude that I liked! Kevin was
sort of bi, girlfriend and shit, but he definitely
didn't have a problem unloading his cock down my
throat whenever he wanted! Kevin lived in Evans City
and sometimes I think the small town mentality gets to
some people.. After about 9 months or so, Kevin really
started getting weird.

Weird in the fact that he would tell me something,
then do something completely opposite. Kevin and I
went out one night and I swear I had the best time
ever! We laughed and laughed and laughed! We went to
the Park House bar on the North Side and a few times
that night Kevin said what a great time he had. Even
the next day he thanked me, which was nice, but
nothing I would of expected at all! He said we would
definitely need to go that again. So after a few weeks
I mentioned something to Kevin about going out and he
kept saying he had plans this and plans that! This
went on for a few weeks and I kept asking him, what is
going on? He really got defensive and said nothing was
going on! So I couldn't figure it out and I really got
to the point I didn't want to figure it out anymore! I
really think I started falling for Kevin and I also
think he had feelings for me but couldn't admit it.
There were just too many things that didn't add up!
Kevin started dating this whacked out chick from
Bayer, guess it was an age thing and Kevin was trying
to prove something to himself! It's hard to believe
also that someone like Kevin could and would point out
the "hotties" in my building, guess there is something
to say about growing up and knowing how to fuck with
people! It was just an age gap, maturity thing, I
guess. Oh well!

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