Friday, April 10, 2009

Best Friends

I first met David when I was 10 years old. We used to ride bikes
together, play cowboys and Indians, and all the 'normal' things that
prepubescent boys do at that age. Over the years, David spent more
time reading and studying and I spent more time in drama class, and
getting laid. By the time I was 15, I knew for certain that I was
bi-sexual, I just loved giving blowjobs. I told my older brother that I
when I grow up, I want a husband and a wife. He thought I was nothing
more than a deviated pervert, and he was probably right!

My family moved to Florida the year I turned 16 and I didn't see David
again until I was 33. I was at the roller rink to pick up my daughter
and there was David, picking up his daughter from the same party. He
had been living in Florida for three years, living only a couple miles
away. We even belonged to the same Synagogue. We chatted for a while,
he told me about his two failed marriages, and his current marriage
that was working OK. I told him about my one and only marriage and he
asked me how it is, after 23 years. I replied, "If I had only killed
her the first time I thought about it, I would be just now getting out
of jail!" We laughed and decided to get together the next day for

We met at Panera Bread, sat and chatted for about 3 hours, rehashing
all the things we had done 20 years earlier. I told him about when I
told my father about all the things we had done, which explained to my
dad why the Police were always driving past our home. We had so many
laughs, realizing that we were still good friends, even after all these

As we got to know each other, we bought new computers at the same time,
helped each other with our respective paperwork from our jobs, played
golf, got high together, double dated with our wives, and generally
bitched about our wives. David, nor my wife, ever knew about me being
bi, as the discussions we had really never went in that direction.

One day we were on the golf course. There were three of us, David, his
cousin Seth, and me. We were on the 6th tee when Seth blurted out;
"The guy with the biggest dick can hit first." David and I kind of
looked at each other, Seth was serious. I really didn't want to whip
out my dick on the golf course, and it was mutually agreed upon that we
would do the inspection later, in the locker room.

We finished our round of golf, turned in our carts and headed for the
locker room. I could tell that David was uncomfortable, Seth wasn't
shy and I just acted kind of nonchalant. The locker room in the
clubhouse had separate showers, with tile walls between each
showerhead. We each walked to separate showers with towels wrapped
around our waists. I started rinsing my hair, facing the curtain with
the water hitting my head. When I looked up, there was Seth, checking
out my dick. "I'd say that's about 7 inches, how big is it when it
gets hard?" I was enjoying him checking out my dick, didn't move, and
replied, "You'd have to earn that info the old fashioned way."
"Oh, yea, how old fashioned could it be to play with your dick?" So I
soaped it up while he watched. It grew to its full 10 inches, and I
was proud and Seth was impressed. His was hard, but it was only about
6 � inches hard. I asked, "Where's David?" "He's in the shower clear
down on the end, kind of shy I guess." So we quietly strolled to the
end shower peeked in and saw David showering. He didn't see us looking
in, and his dick couldn't have been more that 3" long. No wonder he
didn't want to share.

So we went back to our respective showers and finished cleaning off.
Nothing else was ever said about that day in the locker room.

A couple months later, I was divorced. David's wife invited me over
for dinner on Friday night. We met at the movie theater. The three of
us sat together, with Patty in the middle. During the previews,
David's mobile phone rang, and he left the theater. Patty and I
chatted, and she asked me how my love life was. I thought to myself,
very quickly, what would it hurt to tell her the truth? So I looked at
her and told her that my love life was great! I have been with several
women, and even more men. She asked, "Men???" It's a good thing it
was dark in the theater, I was blushing and hard, as I replied to her
question. "Patty, I don't know how to explain it, but I just love
sucking dick." She was the first 'friend' I had ever told that to,
except my brother, and of course, the dicks I had sucked. She seemed
to take it in stride; not too much of a reaction, telling me that she
was glad that I was happy. She then proceeded to tell me that after
tennis every day, she was eating out her tennis partners pussy in the
locker room of the same club!!! We agreed that David knew nothing
about this, and we would have to tell him sooner or later. After the
movie, I abstained from going to their house, and headed back to my

Tuesday afternoon my phone rang, and it was Patty. She wanted to know
if I wanted to go out on a blind date with her tennis partner, Celeste.
Is this the same Celeste that you eat her pussy every afternoon after
tennis? Yup, one in the same, and she is a babe, you will really like
her. So we made plans for Saturday night. David, Patty and Celeste
met me at the restaurant. Patty was right, she was a babe. We had a
very pleasant evening; good food, good conversation, and I had a great
view of Celeste's ample cleavage, keeping me semi-hard throughout the
entire meal.

After dinner, Patty suggested we go back to their house, so Celeste
rode with me and we followed Patty and David. David fixed us all some
drinks, and we decided to play some cards. Patty suggested we play
Rummy 500. After Celeste and I killed them the first round, we all
decided it would be fun to make it a little more interesting. If you
lose a hand, you have to take off a piece of clothing. It didn't take
long for the girls to be topless; I was down to my thong, David to his
boxers. After we were all naked, the rules had to change. The loser
had to do something the winner suggested.

At this point, my eyes met Patty's, and I knew what she had in mind.
Celeste and I won the first hand, and I told Patty that she had to suck
on Celeste's nipple. Shyly, but inwardly drooling, Patty approached
Celeste and nursed her tennis partners nipple. She started slowly,
working her way around her 36C breast with her tongue. Celeste was
moaning and Patty lightly bit Celeste's nipple. That went on until
David suggested we play another hand. Patty and David won the next
hand, and she popped the idea on the table that I should suck David's
David said, "No way, that's not gonna happen!" But Patty mentioned the
old double standard; how can you think me and Celeste getting it on is
cool and not allow us the same pleasure watching you and John going at
it? David finally gave in and I started by rubbing David's shoulders,
massaging around his neck and ears. Finding just the spot to make his
tiny little dick hard. I told him to relax and just sit back, and from
behind I reached around and rubbed his pecks while nuzzling his neck
with my mustache. David finally relaxed, leaned his head back and
closed his eyes... groaning. I gradually worked my way down his arm with
my tongue, and got in front of him. I couldn't believe how small his
hard dick was, but it still looked delicious.

While I was doing this, I heard the girls start moaning, and Patty had
her face buried in Celeste's shaved pussy. Patty's plan had finally
worked. I took David's dick in my mouth and began licking it. David
looked down with a look on his face that said 'I can't believe he's
doing this, but it sure feels good.' I was really enjoying this, it
had been a while since I had been with another man, and even longer
since I had a dick I could fit entirely in my mouth. I sucked him like
a champ, making him groan, and several times stopped, just to let him
relax so he wouldn't come so quickly.

By now the girls were going at it on the couch, 69ing for all they were
worth. It was pretty obvious to me that they had done this before, but
for whatever reason, David thought this was their first time at it.

After about an hour, the girls finished each other off and got up to
see how I was doing with David. Celeste lay down on the floor in front
of me and started sucking my dick while Patty went back to what she
enjoyed the most, eating out Celeste. Celeste was really good at
sucking my dick. She worked it hard, enjoying the precum that I was
giving. I didn't last very long with that experienced mouth working on
my dick and exploded into her mouth. I was so worked up that I went to
work especially hard on David's dick and within seconds of me cumming,
he came in my mouth.

We all piled onto the floor exhausted after over an hour of nothing but
sucking. I gave Patty a thumbs up, and we decided to head for the
master bedroom.

On our way, Celeste commented that the night was still young...

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