Friday, April 10, 2009

Best friends-2

As we entered the master bedroom, Patty turned on the stereo and we all
climbed into bed. The first thing I did was dive into Patty, licking her
slit and finding out why Celeste was enjoying it so much. She put her feet
on my shoulders and started begging me to lick her harder. I used my tongue
like it had never been used before. I couldn't believe how much fun I was

Patty was bucking on my mouth, I was really going after her, my tongue was
fully extended, my fingers were diddling her clit and the index finger of
my other hand was playing with her ass. Celeste decided to park herself on
Patty's face. Patty starting reaming her ass with her tongue. Celeste was
really enjoying this.(who wouldn't).

So Patty is laying on the bed, my face buried in her crotch, her feet on my
shoulders, Celeste is sitting on Patty's face,.. where is David?

We all looked up at the same time to see him sitting in a chair on the
side. Celeste climbs off Patty's face and goes over to him and I go back
to Patty's delicious pussy. I decide to climb up Patty with my tongue,
tasting her lovely skin from her belly ring all the way to the underside of
her 34D breasts. I twirl my tongue around her right nipple while pinching
the other. She starts screaming "Fuck me! Fuck me!" Her legs are sticking
up in the air and I shove my big 10" into her waiting box. She starts
bucking and screaming how good it feels, please do it harder, faster, oh it
feels so good!

I am on my knees fucking Patty, she is laying on the bed with her butt in
the air flopping all over my dick. Next thing I know, I feel Celeste
playing with my ass. I turn around and notice her telling David that it
will be better than any pussy he has ever fucked. He doesn't want to do
it, even though he is hard, all 3.5 inches, still feels that he will be
labeled a 'fag' if he touches another man. I have never done anything more
than give or get blowjobs, but with David's small dick, I figure I have
taken craps that were bigger than his dick. So, just to keep my buddy
going, I grabbed the Wet out of Celeste's hand, dribbled it all around
David's hard dick, and leaned forward to suck on his wife's nipples.
Celeste added some Wet to my ass and before I knew it, David had his hands
on my ass. I was still pounding away in Patty and Celeste was guiding
David's dick in my ass. I really enjoyed it! His little dick really felt
good moving in and out of my ass. I moved my butt into a better position
and Patty had to move down the bed because she didn't want to lose it, she
was enjoying the fucking too much. Celeste took her place on Patty's face
again and David started getting into fucking my ass while I fucked his

I couldn't believe it! After all these years, and all the blowjobs I had
given and got, I was finally getting fucked up my ass by my lifelong buddy,
David. At the same time I was fucking his wife and her tennis partner was
sitting on her face. We didn't want to break up this party, and it went on
for quite some time.

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