Friday, April 10, 2009

Four Sum

It was a great Saturday to be out with my friends. I was driving around
with two of my best friends, Chris and Josh. Josh and Chris are great, both
people that would do anything (almost) for a friend. I was about to find
out that they would do more then I thought. Josh is about 6'1", about 160
pounds. He just shaved his curly blond hair off and has beautiful eyes. I'm
5'4", about 125 pounds; shoulder length dark blond, hazel eyes that most
guys love, and a muscular, athletic body. Chris, just like Josh is tall and
skinny. He's 6'2" about 155 pounds, light brown hair that he keeps spiky
when he lets me do it, hazel eyes that see right through you and body that
makes me laugh because he's so skinny I have to laugh. Well the three of us
are real close, sometimes I think too close. We grew up in total different
neighborhoods and all met in strange ways. But that's not the story. It was
a great Saturday to be out and I wish the days were longer then they are.
We were supposed to work, but that got cancelled cause it was raining. We
had started the drive to work drinking and we weren't about to stop. We had
already drove around for awhile and drank quite a bit when we decided to
drive up and see Shannon, one of Josh's friends, who as he says is a
"certifiable lesbian." That kind of caught my interest as I'll try anything
once. While Josh was talking to Shannon in her room, Chris and I were
sitting in the living room. A few minutes later Josh calls me into the
room. I walked into the room with Chris on my heels. Josh says something
about a 3-sum with me and him and Shannon. Chris, not wanting to miss that
asked if he could "play" too. Well of course, what are friends for? So then
as the saying goes "it was on." Shannon locked her bedroom door and closed
the curtains. Josh sat on the bed and Chris sat next to him. After turning
on some music I walked over to Josh and started to give him a slow sensual
strip tease. He couldn't take it and helped me with what was left. Shannon
took my cue and striped for Chris. I then straddled Josh and started to
kiss and nibble on the back of his neck. Shannon got behind Chris and
started to kiss his ears and neck while slowly unbuttoning and unzipping
his pants. I'll admit my tits aren't huge but I'm proud of my 34C tits.
Josh in fact found them quite amusing, as he kissed and nibbled my nipples
to hard points. While Josh was busy turning me on, Chris was getting
Shannon turned on. Shannon and I made eye contact and decided to give the
boys a show. My mouth was quickly on her tits, her nipple hard against my
tongue. Shannon moaned as I sucked, my hands roaming across her warm
belly. Then she moved between my legs and lay down on top of me, licking
and loving my tits. Shannon stroked my hair, whispering how good it
felt. She lay between my legs moving her eager mouth down from my tits, to
my belly button. She continued on down and started kissing my inner
thighs. I stretched my arms over my head in surrender as she slowly moved
from my thighs closer to my warm, moist sex. She bit and chewed on the
soft, sensitive skin on each side of my pussy. She chewed and licked that
wonderful soft valley where my thigh meets my mound. A dark patch on my
crotch told her how wet and aroused I was. She wiped her face across my
crotch feeling the moisture on her cheeks. I spread my legs as Shannon
gently rubbed my pussy. I moaned, moving my hips in a slow, sexy rotation,
responding instinctively to her every touch. I reached up to her breast,
caressing it as she sank her face back to my crotch. She moved back up and
sucked my nipple into her hungry mouth. Shannon watched me as she
continued to run her hands through my blond hair. Then we were kissing
passionately, moaning into each other's mouths, our arms wound tight, our
bodies maneuvering to bring our pussies together. Shannon's hands were on
my ass, loving me with tender strokes. We ground our pussys together in a
slow, erotic rhythm. During our show, Josh and Chris were becoming VERY
aroused, slowly stroking their throbbing cocks, which were now becoming
very tempting to Shannon and me. I slowly crawled over to Josh, my pussy
still dripping. He started to moan as I took his cock in my mouth and
slowly started to run my tongue over and around his mushroom head. After a
gentle nibble, I started sucking with everything that I had, determined to
give him the best blow job that he has ever had. Shannon skipped the
tonguing and nibbling and went right to work sucking and sucking on Chris's
cock. As she was sucking he was making sure that her pussy stayed nice and
wet. 10 minutes later both Josh and Chris were about ready to cum, but
neither me or Shannon were ready to let them get off. Now, it was their
turn to have some fun. Josh picked me up and put me on the bed, and tasted
my pussy for a few minutes, but with his tongue ring and marvelous
technique I was ready to fuck. Chris and Shannon were on the floor, as he
was busy licking and sucking her pussy. I decided to take charge and made
Josh lay on his back. I straddled his throbbing hard-on and slowly lowered
myself down. I pushed further down and took him completely, making him
shudder and grunt. Chris and Shannon watched for a few minutes then Shannon
started riding Chris's hard cock. I got off and told Josh to fuck me from
behind. I turned over on my hands and knees and he lined the tip of his
dick up with my pussy. Then he slammed his hard-on into me and gave me the
hardest fuck that I have ever had. I tried to hold back but I couldn't, as
he proceeded to get me off a few times. Shannon and Chris were making so
much noise Josh stopped inside me to watch. They were on the floor, Shannon
on her side, Chris ramming her. She screamed into a pillow as she came for
the 3rd time. I turned and looked at Josh, telling him that it was his
turn. I wanted him to cum for me. He got that little devilish grin on his
face and began grinding, twisting and slamming into my pussy harder then
ever. I felt my pussy getting tighter and tighter, as his moans became
louder and quicker. I was about ready to cum when he turned me over and put
my legs over his shoulder, saying that he wanted to see me when we got off
simultaneously. As I got closer, my nails bit into his back more then ever
and then, light a freight train, I felt wave after wave of pleasure flow
through my pussy as I reached the most incredible orgasm of my life, made
even better since I could feel his cum hitting the back of my pussy. We
collapsed on each other and just lay there watching Chris and Shannon
finish. By this time Chris was on his back with Shannon riding him hard and
fast. His groans were matched with every time she squeezed her pussy on his
cock. He started breathing faster and harder as he started saying "I'm
gonna cum!" Shannon got off and started to suck him to orgasm. As he blew
his load she swallowed every little bit of his cum. And that was our
wonderful Saturday away from work.

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