Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 8

As we went to the edge of the loft to find out why Michelle was moaning, we
saw the most amazing sight. There was Michelle in the moonlight streaming
in from the door laying on her back . . . breasts in the air and pointy
from the cold. Between her legs was a body and a thick cock plunging in
and out of her pussy. I recognized that cock . . .

Part 8

As his cock went into her, Michelle moaned and warned a couple of times not
to get too far too quick. He just continued to fuck her roughly telling
her what a hot cunt she had so slick and sloppy like a dude drooling all
over his cock. He loved the attention she was giving him and she loved his
cock slamming in and out of her hot pussy. After about a dozen more
thrusts he started to cum in her: His abs clenching his head thrown back,
jugular veins distending down his neck on both sides. He was quietly
mouthing a moan that wasn't audible vocally, but the air rushing out could
be heard as his abs kept contracting harder with each thrust and squirt of
cum into her pussy.

Michelle hadn't cum yet and as he moved laid down his face came into view.
"Christ, he's a young fucker!" Mike said to me in a very hushed whisper. I
just nodded while watching. "Look at the width on him. He's gotta be
almost as wide as me." I just nodded again. "You know him?" Again -- a
nod. "Lucky ass." This time I replied with, "Actually his ass is the
lucky one here, dude." Mike motioned for me to stay where I was. I
followed him with my eyes as Michelle was getting her pussy eaten out.
They obviously hadn't wanted any seed to get out because there was my bud
eating out her cunt. Taking his seed, Mikes and mine. He kept licking and
sucking. I turned to look where Mike had gone and couldn't see him on top
of the hay anywhere and I was by the ladder! Where the fuck? Then I saw
some dust in the light of the moon coming in through the window at the top
of the loft. I looked up and mike was walking on one of the barn beams.
My breath caught in my lungs. Fuck! What if he fell? How the FUCK would
I explain that to my dad and Mom. But Mike was a Marine and a good one.
He'd done recon and had been a bit extreme in his MOS, which was Infantry.
With his hunky body I wondered how he'd ever been able to fit through the
one-foot wide pipe that Recon guys had to get through. He continued to go
along the beam into the shadow at the other side of the barn. I couldn't
make out his figure as he got down so I decided that it was outta my hands
and returned as Michelle was really getting into it now. She was squirming
like a fish out of water and her tits looked magnificent. He stopped
licking her cunt juices and came up to lick her tits and fondle her. As he
was in a doggy style position over her, he licked and sucked her tits.
While doing this he brought a hand down to her cunt and was fingering her.
She turned her head and I thought I saw movement from out of the shadows.
She started moaning and turned her head back to look down at her tits. All
of a sudden I saw him on all fours like a jungle cat. Mike moved slowly,
but stealthily toward Jake's ass. All of a sudden he started licking
Jake's asshole. Right up the center! Jake just moaned something that I
couldn't hear. He didn't even turn to look. I wondered what the fuck he
was thinking. So I sat and watched. Pretty soon as he started to push his
ass back onto Mike's face he was feeling really good. "Awwwww yeah Trent.
You know what I want man, don't hold back, just fuckin give it to me dude."
Jake thought that I WAS THE ONE tonguing his ass!!! I couldn't believe it.
I had to stifle a laugh when I realized his ass would most likely soon be
accommodating Mike's wide prick.

I had been silently making my way down the ladder and was able to go around
the manure spreader that hadn't been used in decades (probably literally)
and was in the shadows. I started licking Mike's cock and he spit into
Jake's hole. He had four fingers up there and was about to put his thumb
up there too. Michelle had taken hold of Jake's head and was directing it
where she wanted it. She hadn't allowed him to look back and he really
didn't want or need to. I looked up from where I lay on the ground sucking
Mike's cock and using all the spit I could muster when I saw his hand go
into Jake's ass to the wrist. Jake moaned, "Oh yeah Trent. Dude -- you
introduce me to a new level each time don't you buddy?" Mike pulled back
on his had which was now balled into a fist and Jake just moaned, "oh yeah
fucker, feels good stud. Feels real good. But I'm ready for ya, man.
C'mon don't make me beg." Mike brought his upper body up and aligned his
prick with Jake's hole. He started to put the head in and it went in
fairly easy after the fist fucking he'd started with Jake's hole. "Dude --
just do it man . . . I GOTTA have your prick all the way in, man. C'mon.
Give it to me like you did the other day!" Mike smiled and started
shoving. Michelle was now sitting up with Jake on all fours and was having
him lick her tits and kiss her intermittently. When Mike kept pushing in
and Jake started to feel how wide he was he knew something was up. He
turned his head and looked and freaked. I had been tonguing Mike's hole so
he couldn't see me and all he saw was Mike. He tried to get away but Mike
just held him. He lunged forward and Mike pulled him back hard. Too
hard. Jake got impaled on the thick spike and it seemed to break him. Mike
was now resting his ass on his haunches, which put me in constant contact
with his pucker as he pulled Jake up and down on his cock. Jake got his
feet under him and did a squat-fuck onto Mike's pole. Mike reached around
and grabbed his tits and start licking and sucking him here and there.
"That's it, boy, fuck yourself on that big dick you love so much. Keep
going there stud." After the little wrestling match, Michelle had come
over behind Mike and was alternating between sucking my cock and bouncing
her double D tits between around and on it. I think she liked how I stayed
hard and my large cock stayed off my abs. She was fingering her clit and
every once in a while I could see the light bounce off a strand of pussy
juice hitting the straw. Mike all of a sudden stood up and took Jake,
still impaled, over to the end of the manure spreader. Since the manure
spreader hadn't been used in years, the beaters had been removed and it was
covered with a thick coat of hay and straw from the other side of the barn.
Mike put Jake on his back and started fucking in and out again. Jake
started moaning. Michelle dropped her cunt down onto my cock as I watched
Mike and Jake move. She only went completely off me and back on for a
minute before getting up. She told me that I was lubed and she wanted me
to fuck Mike again that he'd really like taking my big cock up his ass
while he fucked Jake senseless. She said she wanted to go in the truck and
warm up. I went over to where Jake and Mike were and entered Mike in one
fell swoop. He just grunted his approval. "Yeah, take me like a man." I
started to fuck him and set the rhythm for this fuck fest. All of a sudden
Jake started cumming. He wasn't even touching his prick . . . he just
started to shoot. It was incredible and it brought back memories. Seeing
him cumming sent Mike and I over the edge. Just as my orgasm was about to
subside Mike's ass started clenching in orgasm as he too was amid orgasm
and I had another one. A few seconds later I was being pulled up onto the
spreader by Mike and Jake. Jake turned around so that he was laying on his
back with cock still springing into the air. Mike moved so that his cock
was pressed against Jake's and he was also lying down. "C'mon man," Mike
said, "please us both like a real man." I was a little worried that
between the two of them and their thick cocks that I was about to get split
open, but fear didn't cause me to hesitate and slowly I squatted until I
felt contact with Mike's wide cockhead. I started to go down and just as
his head popped into my hole, Jake's cockhead came in contact with my hole
and started it's entrance. I felt a burning, but knew it would eventually
subside. I sat still for just a moment and then continued down the wide
poles stretching my hole. As I came to rest at the base both guys were
staring at me in amazement. To really shock them I started moving up and
down and this created not only a tight sensation around their poles, but
made them rub together.

I was so hot. Sweat was pouring down my back and into my asscrack. I was
getting tired and Mike noticed the signs right away. "Trent, you need to
cum first buddy. That'll bring us over the edge. C'mon man, make me cum.
You're workin hard for this one and it'll be worth it." As I continued I
tightened my hole and started thinking about having Luke and Mike's cocks
up my hole. This had all made me so horny. I couldn't control myself and
I started to shoot thick streams of cum over Mike's face and chest and abs.
With the contraction of my ass Jake started cumming and Mike followed
closely thereafter. "What a hot lil' fuck stud." He said to me as he
started to withdraw his prick. I felt empty after they were out of me.
Mike made me sit on his face and had me clean off Jake's cock while he ate
his and Jake's juices out of my ass. My ass felt like a Mack Truck had
just driven through it. But I was happy as we finished our tasks. Jake
had to quickly clean off Mike's meat, but was happy to do it and we all
walked out toward the truck to leave. Jake had brought his Monte Carlo.
It was parked off to the side before the trail got bad. He'd parked it
there after he'd seen us pull in. He was supposed to be meeting a dude
down at the corner from the internet and had decided that we might be them
since he had been too far away to make out the truck. Well -- he'd gotten
what he'd come for. Some hot sex.

As we got back to the truck the passenger door was open. "I thought
Michelle said she needed to warm up IN the truck," I said as we approached.
Mike took several strides ahead of us. Michelle wasn't in the cab and he
went to the back of the truck. He saw Michelle and looked around. No one
was to be had. Michelle was bent over the tailgate, which was down. She
was out of it. Mike knelt down behind her in just his jeans and boots and
socks and sniffed her cunt and nuzzled his nose into it. Then he smelled
her ass. He licked it a few times and I sighed thinking he was preparing
her. He pulled away soon enough though and in the moonlight I could see a
serious load of cum leaking out her ass. Come here he said to Jake and I.
Jake knelt down first. Mike told him to lick the cum. Jake did. He stood
up, "You know of anyone who's cum tastes that bitter?" Jake shook his head
no. He pushed me down and I licked. It had a very dark taste to it and
not quite as bitter as Luke's was sometimes, but was pretty bitter. Mike
asked me the same question and I indicated I didn't. "Well someone with a
huge fucking horse cock just fucked my wife and I'd like to find out who."
Mike said sternly lifting Michelle into the truck. I kept a blanket in the
back and Mike wrapped her as I drove us out of there and dropped Jake off
at his car. I told him I'd see him the next day at school and he indicated
that we could talk then. As we were pulling out Mike noticed a second set
of tire marks where a vehicle with wide tires had been. The dew in the
grass was different. He looked at it for a second and then we took off for
a quick bite and then home. I was thinking about what Mike had said.
`Someone with a huge fucking horse cock . . . ` I wondered who it could be?
Luke was out of town I later learned with a buddy of his doing some
recruiting work for the USMC. Besides, I would have known the taste of his
cum. It wouldn't have been him . . . . who could it be then??

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