Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 7

As I pulled up I saw Luke's truck parked in the driveway. I went inside. He
kissed me passionately and could instantly taste the sex juices on my mouth.
"Tastes like somebody had an awesome fuckin' time today, man." He said. I fell
onto the bed like a falling tree and Luke got naked. He squatted with his ass
over my face. I licked his asshole until I tasted a very weird taste. It was a load
of cum. But it tasted different. It was very very musky, though not in a bad way.
I continued to lap at his hole until Luke stopped. We grabbed some chow without
any conversation and went to bed curled up next to each other. Tonight though,
he was curled into my arms my cock resting in his crack. We were both sawing
logs before the clock struck 10 p.m. Tomorrow Mom and Dad would be home.

Part 7

Luke and I got up at the same time. I had to get to school and he just always got
up early. Never understood why a guy would wanna get up if he could sleep in. I
threw on some boxers and jeans grabbed my docs and went into the bathroom.
It was funny, but as I was brushing my teeth I noticed the hair on my face. I was
gonna hafta start shavin soon. I kinda laughed . . . I'd hafta talk to Dad about
that later tonight when they got home. I continued to get ready as Luke got out of
bed and stretched his lithe body this way and that. His long thick cock tilting one
way then the other. He was remarkable. He was so big and beautiful. I put on
some deodorant and threw on a t-shirt and was headin downstairs for a bite.
Luke casually walked down the stairs behind me completely nude. We went into
the kitchen and I started makin some cereal. After havin that I had my one raw
egg that I usually ate before school to help with protein and muscle growth. "You
have school and then football practice?" Luke asked, "Yeah" was my reply. "I
might stop by and check out practice if that's cool with you bud." It was more a
question to see how comfortable I'd be. "Dude - that'd rock. Then you can
maybe give the coach some tips on how to get our front line to protect the
quarterback instead of caving in like a bunch of pansies!" I realized as soon as
I'd said it that I said pansies and didn't want Luke to think that I was talking about
him, but he laughed and said, "Dude, I have NO football experience other than
watchin the game you played Friday man. I would be of no help." I kinda
chuckled and said, "Trust me, you couldn't be worse than what we're dealing with
now." With that I finished my cereal and was getting my shit together to head out
to get Jim. Jim was this little dude about 5'6" and maybe 120# if he was wearing
a parka that was soakin wet. It was about 20 minutes to school since we lived
way on the north end of the district. Between Jim and I we would've made the
bus trip a lot longer since it took a lot to get back to our houses. Jason's was the
next closest and he was like 10 minutes away. Jim was a runner. Loved to run
in the woods and could literally run for days . . . . he was on the track team so
that prevented him from getting more razzing than he took about his size. He
was good looking with blond/brown hair a nice smile and green eyes. Not every
chick's fantasy, but a lil' hottie nonetheless. He hadn't dated a chick since we'd
been in HS. One of the main reasons he rode in with me was because my
parents and his were friends, he couldn't afford a car and it was only a mile down
the road on the way to the county highway that would take us into town.

Usually Jim was pretty talkative but not this morning. "somethin up there dude?"
He looked at me. "What did you say?" He obviously had been off in lala land . . .
"I said are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine Trent. How are you?" he asked me
emphasizing the 'you'. "I'm doing great, is something eating you man?" He
didn't want to talk about whatever it was that was bothering him so I let it go. He
leaned back into the corner of the door and the seat and kinda looked at me. He
was staring and I could see it from the corner of my eye. I let him stare and put
on some music. Finally he started talking. "went for a run yesterday . . . " he
began. I didn't say anything thinking he would start to spill. He kept talking . . .
"was running over by Jason's place. I've always loved running over there. It's
beautiful. The trees, the hills, especially at this time of year with the leaves on
the ground." I was beginning to see where this was going. I let him finish . . . "I
saw your truck, Jake's car and some other car out by the cabin and was gonna
stop and say 'hey' and see what was up. Dude - please don't be mad at me . . "
He looked at me now and I pulled off to the side of the road about a mile before
the turn onto the highway. He must've thought that I was gonna punch him
because he had undone his seatbelt and was out the door before I even got the
truck all the way in park. I chased him. Now like I said, Jim's a runner, but one
thing he's not faster at is sprinting. I could kick his ass in the 100. I caught him
about an eighth of a mile away. He'd gotten that far only because I had to shut
off the truck. He'd been running towards home through a small field and I caught
him. He instantly pounded against my chest. Why do people ALWAYS do that?
It's so futile. Like he could hurt me or something. I pulled him really close and
hugged him strong. "What did you see?" I asked him. He squirmed, "Y-y-y-you
you won't hurt me will you?" "No, damnit! Tell me what you saw." "I saw you. I
saw you and Jake in the bedroom." "Oh." I said in realization. "So you saw Jake
and I making Love." "Yeah" He replied in a very small voice. "And how do you
feel about it now, Jim? Are you going to tell the whole school that we're fags?
Cuz we're not. I like ass just as much as I like pussy, dude. Jake's in the same
boat." "I'm gay" I looked at him a little surprised. "Dude, I didn't know man, I'm
sorry," I apologized to him. He just hugged me. "Ever since we were little kids
I've always been in Love with you Trent, I always wanted you to do things with
me. You're my Hero, I Love You." I didn't know what to say so I just continued
to hold him. "You remember the time that we were in Junior High and all the
guys on the defense sat there and picked on me while I watched you guys
practice? How they were all just calling me names and shit?" "Yeah" I replied
remembering the day. He'd called his mom to come pick him up and my Dad
had picked me up after practice. I'd had Dad drop me off on the way home at
Jim's and had gone up to visit him despite his Mom saying that she didn't want
me to. Jim had been a trainwreck crying and not feeling for shit when I got in. I
just hugged him then much the same way I was doing now. "I was gonna kill
myself that day, Trent. I decided not to after you told me that it didn't matter what
they thought because you and I were always friends and would always be." He
said. I was shocked. "You didn't see all the Aspirin I had sitting on the bed. I
had been about to take it when I heard you talking to my Mom. You saved me,
Trent. You might not remember this, but once when Jeremy Shinilski was
picking on me you told him that he should stop picking on other people who
might not be as big an asshole as he was and he should focus on catching the
damn football instead. 'Your fingers flab like your jaw in a damn game and you
cost us points bitch so shut up until you start catching balls'. Do you remember
that? I do and Jeremy does too. To this day he doesn't like me but he stays
away from me." "I vaguely remember that, dude, but that was a few years ago."
"Trent, would it be okay if I spend more time with you after school and stuff?" "I'd
really love to hang out with you . . . " "Here's the deal, dude . . " I started . . "You
have your running schedule after school for Cross Country and I have mine for
Football. During the week we can hang out after practice and stuff. During the
weekends I'll try to include you in some of the things that I do . . . that cool with
you?" "Anything is, Trent, anything." And he reached up and pulled my head
down to his and we kissed. I let my hands wander down to his ass as I bent to
kiss and fondle him a bit. I put my hands inside his jeans and boxers and
kneaded his hands in my ass. It was completely smooth and felt like heaven. I
groaned and broke off the kiss. "What's wrong," He asked, "School, dude, we
have to get our asses there now. We're gonna have to study at my place tonight
man." I told him as I let go of the embrace and grabbed his hand as I started
walking toward the truck. When we got in Jim sat in the middle part next to me
and put his head on my shoulder for a while. "How do you know you're gay?" I
asked him. "I just don't like girls and I LOVE you. I like guys a lot. I look at them
online all the time and jerk off." "So you've never done anything with a guy
then?" "The time when you and I were kids and you stayed over and we were
mimicking sex was the only time." I laughed out loud remembering that and Jim
did too. Jim slid back over to his seat and put on his seatbelt as we got into
town. We were a few minutes later than normal, but still got there with enough
time for me to shoot the breeze with some buddies on the team and bullshit
about the team coming up and how we were gonna score some after the game.
Little did these dudes know I WOULD be scoring some after the game and they
didn't have a fuckin' clue about it. I didn't feel the need to brag about it though so
just shut my mouth and went to class when the bell rang. Jim, who normally
takes off when we get to school to go do whatever hung around with me. He
stayed by me and we walked in the building together. Nobody in the parking lot
thought it strange or different at all. Some guys talked to him some didn't. No
big deal.

School went well. Practice was better. Nothing out of the usual at all. Jason
and Jake were playing well and pretty soon we were done. I went into the locker
room to shower and change with the rest of the team. A few minutes later the
men's cross country team came in. Jim was with them. Jake and I were at
showers next to each other and Jason was a few down from there shooting the
shit with one of the other guys on the team. Jake's cock was rock hard, but it
was no big deal. Half the dudes on the team who were in the shower were half
hard or completely as they sat around talking about pussy and getting all soaped
up. We'd been in a few minutes when Jim came over and asked us if he could
share our showerheads with us. I looked at Jake and he smiled at me as his
eyes lit up and he said, "Yeah man, c'mon over." This wasn't all that uncommon
a practice at our school since we only had like 16 showerheads against the walls.
Not the kind that stood in the center and sprayed out as guys stood around in
circles like the larger schools we played against. Jim started talking which set
me at ease that things were okay. He was completely masculine and everything,
but talked quite a bit. He was talking about one of the English teachers and how
she was always drooling over us football jocks. "Well you could join the team,"
Jake said, "We could use some wide receivers." WOW . . . talk about your
double entendre. I shot Jake a look that told him to back off a little and he just
winked at me. The showers were clearing out and Jake moved down a few so
that he could talk to Jason. They were down there talking and Jim and I were
shootin the shit about all the homework we had when the coach came in. "Van
Den Elsen!" he shouted. "Yeah coach" I replied. "I left the keys in your locker,
you guys are the last ones in here. I have to go home and change for dinner with
the wife. Lock up and head out when you're done. I'll get the keys from you
before school tomorrow." With that the coach took off. Jake had this look on his
face and Jason did too. Jim was still facing me and Jake indicated that Jim
should leave. It was so funny . . . I was trying not to laugh. Here Jake didn't
know that Jim was into dudes and Jim didn't know that Jason was into dudes cuz
he'd only seen Jake and I together. I actually just laughed and grabbed Jim and
started making out with him. Our hard cocks bumping into each other and sliding
against each other with the soap all around us. Jim was uncut and a good 7 �
inches long. He had a nice knob and his cock was completely straight and had
some heft to it due to it's thickness. Jason also had a lot of body hair - more than
any of the dudes who were our age or younger. Jim responded by making out
with me and pushing his cock into my balls. I hunkered down a bit and started
licking his nipples and getting him worked up. He was really enjoying this. I
twisted Jim's body a bit so that I could check out the action between Jake and
Jason. I'd been thinking that they would be making out as well. They weren't.
They started walking over to Jim and I when they saw me looking at them. They
came over and Jason crouched down between my legs and started servicing my
cock as Jake started servicing Jim's. He moaned and I kissed him to quiet him.
He got the point. He started kissing back. He was really enjoying his first
blowjob. So much so, that he started cumming in Jake's mouth. Jake just took it
like a pro and then stood up and meshed his face in with ours. He shared Jim's
load which had been considerable and then kept some on his tongue. He laid
down on the floor and rimmed Jason's ass and pushed some of Jim's cum inside
Jason's hole as Jason continued to work on my thick 8 � incher. Jim looked
down and his eyes got big as Jason came off my cock to moan as Jake rimmed
his ass. I moved over one shower head to the next one and pulled Jim with me.
I bent him forward against the wall and leaned over him. I soaped up his crack
and started humping his ass with my rock hard cock while feeling his tits, his
cock and his body all over. He was panting and moaning. I licked at his ears
and he was really loving it . . . he started pushing his ass back to meet my thrusts
. . . I pulled away and let the water wash down his back into his asscrack. He
was rinsed now and I pulled him away from the water. I made him watch Jake
and Jason fuck around. I had him grab his ankles and pulled his ass back to my
face. Jake and Jason were now 69ing each other and having a good time of it. I
started licking Jim's ass as I reached around and jerked him. He came in about
four strokes. I stood him up and we moved under the warm spray of the shower
to clean ourselves off. Jake and Jason were getting close and you could tell
when they orgasmed. Jake's was so strong that cum was running around the
outside of Jason's lips as he tried to swallow faster. It was a truly amazing sight.
They just kept pumping into each other until their orgasms subsided. We all
washed off and got dressed without saying too much. We headed out. Jake and
Jason were headed over to Jason's place to 'study' and Jim and I were heading
to my place to 'study'. We were about to leave the locker room when Jake
grabbed me and kissed me deeply and then Jason did. I kissed them back and
they each gave Jim a big hug. Jim was tearing up a bit when we walked out of
the school together. He said that this had been the best day of his life.

When we got to my place Luke's truck was gone. Dad's suburban was in the
driveway along with a new car that looked like it was a rental. It had weird
parking stickers on it from the airport an hour and a half away. We walked in and
I greeted my parents and got hugs and kisses all around. I asked who had the
new car out in the driveway and Dad explained that it was a rental and it
belonged to a couple who had been his close friends when he'd been in the
corps and that they were in the living room. Jim and I walked in to be introduced
to Mike and Michelle. I later found out that Mike was 28 and Michelle was 27.
They lived somewhere out east near Maryland. Dad and Mike had been in
together and Mike had served under my Dad. They had bumped into each other
at the county airport my parents had flown back into. My father had asked them
to come stay with us for a few days. Since they had no prior plans and Mike still
had some time to kill before he went back they agreed.

Mike was hot. He had short brown hair in the typical Marine Corps 'Jar Head'
style that drove me nuts. He had a nice chest that was visible through his white
t-shirt. He had powerful legs of which the muscles stood out even through his
jeans. I went back up to his face and could see that he was checking me out just
as I was checking him out. I shook his hand and his grip was very warm. I felt a
current as my hand was grasped a moment too long. I heard the blood flowing
through my ears and something really primal was happening. I couldn't put my
finger on it, but I was hard through my jeans. My dad was bantering with my
Mom and quickly introduced Michelle before going into the kitchen to see what
she was talking about. Mike let go of my hand and I took Michelle's which was
warm and moist . . . just as I imagined her vagina would be. Michelle was
beautiful with brown hair and eyes and a very nice figure. She had breasts,
which seemed large for her petite frame. I imagined that Mike spent many a
night giving her backrubs from the tits that probably gave her a backache, which I
wanted to worship with my tongue. She also looked me over like she was sizing
me up. She looked down at my waist and licked my lips. I held her hand in the
one-count-too-long handshake and Jim coughed and introduced himself to them
both. They both looked at Jim and Michelle dropped my hand. As she turned to
shake his briefly she turned and I saw her voluptuous ass, which I wanted to nail
after a good tonguing.

Jim said something about studying and he and I went to my room. We got up
there and I wanted to fool around with Jim, but he seemed somewhat more
interested in homework for some fucked up reason. So we started working on
the English assignment that we'd been given. Who fucking cared about
sentence structure. ((Certainly not the author of this story - lol)) It was about an
hour and a half later at seven that my dad knocked on the door and waited for
me to say, "come in" before he came in. That was weird, normally he just
knocked and walked in. He came in, "Sorry to interrupt guys. Trent, Mike &
Michelle would like to go out for dinner and your mother and I would like to stay
home, could you go with them and show them where the local establishments
are?" "Sure, dad, lemme just finish up here real quick. Be down in ten minutes."
"Okay." He said and Jim and I started to pack up. Dad left and closed the door
behind him. Jim grabbed me and started kissing me like a fiend. He did this for
a few minutes and I just layed against my bed while sitting on the floor. He
opened his jeans and put his cock in my mouth. He started fucking my face. I
slipped a finger in my mouth next to his cock and put a lot of spit on it. I pulled it
out and fingered his hole. He started backing onto it and moaned. Half a second
later he came in my mouth. I rolled his cum around on my tongue like I'd done
with Luke and then pulled his face to my and forced the cum into his mouth. He
moaned against my mouth and took it and swallowed. "Thanks, stud." He said
and packed up his shit.

I went downstairs with him and with a thick voice announced that I was ready to
go. Mike and Michelle said that we could take my truck. So Jim, Michelle, Mike
and I went out to the truck. Jim offered to get in the bed of the truck but Mike
said, "naw man, you can sit on my lap. It's only a ways down the road, right?"
"Yeah," Jim said, "How'd you know that?" "I asked Trent's Dad where you lived."
Mike replied. With that we settled into the cab: me in the driver's seat, Mike on
the hump with Jim in his lap and Michelle in the passenger's side. I thought it
was different that Mike would prefer that Jim sit on his lap versus Michelle, but
knew better than to say anything and kept my mouth shut. Especially since it
was a friend of my dad's.

On the way down the road I noticed that Jim let go of the dash and was wiggling
on Mike's lap. Mike had his head resting against the back window and his eyes
were closed as I looked in the rear view mirror. He was now biting his lip and
Michelle was looking and where Jim's butt met Mike's crotch. I could see her tits
get hard through the tight sweater she was wearing. As we went over a bump
Mike moaned and Jim gasped. We pulled into Jim's driveway and he said,
"Thanks for the ride." Looking more at Mike than me, "No problem, man. I'll see
you tomorrow morning bright n early." I replied with a chuckle in my voice.
Michelle got out of the truck and Mike moved him and Jim to the side and thrust
his hips up to bounce Jim out of the truck. "Up you go" Mike said as he did this.
Jim just gasped and turned and said he'd see me in the morning. "Let's get goin
a little earlier tho Trent, okay?" He said as though he had something going on in
the morning. I didn't think he did, but said, "Okay." with a puzzled tone in my
voice. Mike and Michelle got back into the truck and we headed off to dinner.
Mike was again in the middle and Michelle was on the side. Michelle started
rubbing the bulge that I'd noticed in Mike's jeans when we left Jim's place. I was
driving towards a bar on the opposite side of town where the school was so we
had a while to go. We'd gone barely three miles down the road when I heard the
unmistakable sound of Mike's zipper. "Baby, I'm gonna rest my head down here.
I'm so tired from the travelin'." She had this southern drawl goin for her which I
hadn't noticed before. Then Mike started talking to me, "You got a girlfriend,
Trent?" "No" I replied. "They all want marriage and no fun." "Yeah, I know that
type. Michelle and I just want to relax and enjoy life and not worry about the
politics that go along with being married. We're both adults and like to do things
together and have fun together." Michelle slurped a little and my cock got hard
knowing that Mike was getting head as I drove them. We came to a stop sign at
a lighted intersection about four miles later and Mike sucked in some air. I could
see half of his fat eight inch cock in Michelle's mouth. And when I say fat I mean
FAT. This thing had to be about as thick around as my fucking WRIST! It put
Jake to shame easily. I was staring and we weren't moving when mike moved
his big hand over mine and brought it down to his cock. "Jack it a little, Trent."
He said in a whisper. "Damn, that feels awesome man. I love your callused
hands, Trent." I kept moving my hand. "We'd better keep drivin, dude. You
know of any barns around here?" There was this one about a half mile down the
road and then a mile in from the road on old dirt trails. I started to drive there
instead of town.

As I turned off the road I put the truck into four-wheel drive and turned on my
bright lights. The overhead light bar came on and we headed back into a thick
forest. We kept going and as we went over bumps Mike lifted his ass off the seat
and slid his jeans down. He hadn't been wearing any underwear. I heard
Michelle choke quite a few times and mike had his hands behind his head resting
against the back window. I moved my hand back to his cock after putting the
truck in four-wheeled drive. I decided to try something. I wasn't sure what would
happen, but didn't think Mike would hurt me since my Dad had been his CO. I
put my finger in Michelle's stretched mouth and then worked my way to his
asshole. As I reached down to get to his bud Mike grabbed the wheel in a
lightning fast movement, his bicep now in my face and pulled us from nearly
hitting a tree. "We almost there little stud?" He asked as he moved his bicep
from my face and massaged my cock through my jeans. "Yeah" I half moaned
as we pulled up to a clearing where the hay barn stood.

Old man Mosston had owned this barn for generations. Now that he was too old
to keep working his farm he'd sold some of his nearly 1200 acres for some cash
to go into a retirement home and leased the rest to farmers. He never returned
to the barn anymore so upkeep had been left to Jim's dad who was a distant
relative, but the only one living nearby to keep an eye on things. Jim's dad was
home tonight so I knew he wouldn't be coming out there. Especially not on a
Monday night when kids would be at home with school coming early and with
pro-football Monday night there'd be no trouble. And the three of us certainly
weren't trouble. We got out of the truck after Mike pulled Michelle off his stiff
monster. Mike pulled his pants up so he could walk, but left his cock hanging
out. We climbed up to the hayloft and Mike split a bail open. He laid Michelle
down on it and stripped her. It was warm in the hayloft from the day's sun and
the heat rising throughout the barn. The hayloft had light pouring in from the
moon in the window at the top of the mow. The moonbeams hit the hay and
bounced to the walls to give the place a very romantic glow. I'd have to
remember this place in the future for fun with the guys.

"Trent." Mike brought me back from my thoughts, "have you done a lot with
guys?" "Yeah," I replied. "Have you been fucked?" I replied affirmatively. He
squatted over Michelle's head so that she was rimming him. "Have you fucked
men before?" Again I replied to the affirmative. "Good. Why don't you come
here and let me suck your big cock. Go ahead, dude, drop those jeans and
boxers and lemme take care of that thick beast." And I did as I was asked. Mike
took my whole cock right down his throat and didn't choke. He did this amazing
swallowing thing that felt somewhat like the milk machines that Jim and I had
used a long time ago playing in this very barn when it actually housed cattle. But
that had been 10 years ago when we were both six. Now it was a completely
different feeling. I felt my balls beginning to churn and as they drew up Mike
pulled them gently away from my penis not allowing me to cum. The feeling was
somewhat uncomfortable, but he made me turn around and he bent me over. He
licked my asshole for what seemed an eternity. My member never going soft he
twisted his body so he was now getting rimmed by Michelle in the crab position
and sucked my cock this way. I stood up and started forcing my cock down his
throat. A tear rolled away from his face and for a second I worried that I might be
hurting him, but he was a Marine. He could take it. I gave it to him harder and
he groaned. All movement stopped. I withdrew and he came up off of Michelle.
"He likes your dick," she started and Mike looked down. "He wants you to tell
him when he can cum. He wants you to make him beg for you to fuck him. He
wants you to tell him exactly what to do and how to do it. He'll do anything for
you now that you've shown him you can force him to do anything." I was
astounded. This dude's biceps were the size of my fucking CALVES! For fuck's
sake what the hell. I didn't let my surprise show though. Instead I ordered in a
very authoritative voice, "Lick the bitch's cunt. Get it ready for me to fuck." And
while he got into a doggy position to follow my orders I got behind him and
rimmed his ass. His cock still hard he was so thick and heavy that even hard it
hung almost straight down to the floor. The moment he moaned I stopped and
moved to Michelle's head. I faced Mike and hunched over her like he'd done. I
then stopped and backed up and put my cock in her mouth. She greedily
accepted and I shoved the whole thing down her throat in four strokes. Being
used to Mike's thick meat she had no problem acclimating to my size. My length
might be new to her, but she like it a lot.

As I looked at Mike I noticed how completely beautiful he was. He had a smooth
chest that jutted out like a shelf over his protruding abs which were covered with
fur. His chest was smooth, though. His fur which was soft and curly was a light
brown whereas the fur covering his ass and legs was a much darker shade more
closely resembling the hair on his head. He had nice fur-free nuts about the
same size as my big low hangers. On him they looked more in proportion with
his thick meat which was now dripping. I wanted to taste that, but first there were
other things to try. I made him sit to the side of Michelle and finger his hole while
he watched me fuck her. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and entered in one
deep thrust. She came instantly. Her pussy vibrating from the moaning she was
doing I nearly came as well, but instead thought of fishing in the river. It worked.
In a few seconds while she was still coming down from her post orgasmic bliss I
started fucking her hard. I withdrew all the way and slammed all the way back in.
I kept going harder and faster until she came again. I was about to come. I
shouted at Mike to come over and as I withdrew it was too much. I pulled Mike's
head down on my cock and shoved my pussy-juice laden cock into his mouth. I
pulled down on his balls so he wouldn't cum. "That's how a man fucks your
bitch." I told him. He agreed and smiled saying, "yes, sir." I backed away from
Michelle and she said she had to go to the bathroom that she'd be right back.
She climbed down the ladder and Mike waited for his next order. I made him lay
down exactly where Michelle had and then squatted over his face. My ass was
smelling a bit by now as I'd worked up a sweat that had trickled down to my crack
while fucking Michelle. I told him to eat it up. He did and I moaned and moaned.
I thought I heard something but assumed it was Michelle and went back to where
my thoughts were already drawn. Mike's cock was standing up and looking huge
as ever. I jacked it a few times and he grabbed my wrist to stop me his big bicep
bulging again. He was getting pretty much his whole tongue up my ass and
wiggling it around which felt fucking awesome. So I bent down and started to
return the favor. He moaned as he took my balls in his mouth which caused
them to vibrate. My cock thumped up and down off his somewhat stubbly chin
causing a slight chaffing on my cock. It was time to fuck him. I moved down
between his legs as I'd done with Michelle and put them on my shoulders. He
flexed his leg muscles and rubbed his rosebud against the tip of my cock.
"Please Trent, Please fuck me. Fuck me hard, slam it in just like you did to
Michelle. C'mon . . . please sir, fuck me, fuck me." It was like a mantra. I pulled
away from him. I squatted over his head and force fed him my cock for a few
seconds. I made him get into the doggy style position again and kept feeding
him my cock. When it was dripping with his spit I got behind him in a squat. "If
you want it, you need to fuck yourself on it like you mean it, Mike. Take the
whole thing to the bush in on stroke or you're not gonna get it man." He thrust
back that had I not been holding onto his waist I might have been thrown. He
fucked himself like a pro. He was panting hard as was I after a minute of this and
between pants said, "Trent, please sir . . . . . squeeze . . . squeeze my balls . .
don . . . don't let me . . . agh . . cum." So I pulled his balls away from his cock. I
had him flip over and lay on his back so that I had complete control of the fuck
now and started into him. I pulled all the way out and slammed all the way back
in several times until he begged for more. I was about to cum and he started
saying, "Can I cum, Trent? Can I cum, Sir?" "Yes" I shouted and he started to
erupt. Being in this position I quickly grabbed his spewing prick and placed my
lips over the tip and took wave after wave of cum off his cock. I started spewing
into him. He was pinching my left nipple with one hand while he shoved a finger
he'd quickly rolled in in his cum halfway up my ass. I came so hard.

"My turn" he said and told me to follow his orders. He laid me down where he
and Michelle had been and squatted over my face. He made me eat my cum
from his ass and made me kiss him when it was on my tongue. He was
completely in control and he let me know it when he kissed me. After a few
minutes of some very sensual kissing Mike moved my hands over my head and
began licking my face slowly. Like an animal licks it's young. He moved down to
my neck and began biting gently at first and then became more intense. It was
tickling me and driving me nuts. I started to squirm and Mike just held me. I
could see his right bicep bulging as he held my hands over my head. I tried to
push him off because this was really driving me nuts, but he just kept biting and
licking. He made his way down to my armpits and started licking those as well.
The blond hair was turning brown as he added his saliva to the sweat that was
created fucking Michelle and then him. He was loving it. I hadn't put any pit stick
on after the workout at school because I didn't think I'd need it. I was right - I
didn't. Mike switched hands as he started to work my nipples over. He was
masturbating his dick as he did this and before long I felt his cockhead pressing
into my asshole. He started cumming into my hole. He was careful not to thrust
though. Soon, however, he started pushing into me. It hurt like hell. I let out a
long deep breath so that I wouldn't have to make him stop. I could feel inch after
inch slide into my cum-slick hole. Soon he was in all the way and I could feel his
bush tickling the area surrounding my hot, moist hole. He started to move back
and forth and pulled all the way out. He began biting my neck. I was squirming
and flopping around like a fish out of water when he pushed his thick eight incher
all the way back in. He never stopped biting, so I never really had time to think
about how bad it was hurting since I was so distracted by his teeth on my neck.
He started fucking rougher and was moving his freehand between my cock and
my tits while he continued licking and biting me all over wherever his mouth could
reach. I started flexing my asshole around his thick cock and two strokes later he
was cumming deep inside me. He grunted like an animal and thrust hard. A little
too hard. It hurt like hell. But I just grunted out my pain. He appreciated this.
He just kept moving in and out of me. He started pulling all the way out and
shoving my cock all the way in. Before long it started to feel really good and he
started really slamming my ass. It felt so good to take him so deep now. He
slapped my ass with his free hand no longer biting and licking me he started
kissing me. My ass tightened in response to the slaps and he moved his hand
around my cock. He started masturbating me in time with his thrusts. Before
long I started to blow my load. "Yeah, that's it, cum so your ass milks my cum
out of my cock, Trent. Oh yeah, man. I'm cumming!!! Aaaagggghghhhh!" And
he was thrusting with lots of depth as he emptied his second load into me.

This time he softened somewhat. He pulled out and kept my hands above my
head as he put my mouth on his cock and made me clean it off. "Good boy" he
told me as I licked all the cum and my own ass juice off him. I licked around the
base of the cock as well. He really enjoyed this and pretty soon was hard again.
He placed some hay under my neck and really fucked my face good. He pulled
back just as he came leaving several thick globs of cum on my tongue. "Oh yeah
man . . . take my load." He'd enjoyed this. He pulled out and lifted me off of our
clothes. He put me into a squat and slid under me like a mechanic. He ate my
ass for all he was worth. Soon he was rewarded with his own cum and my ass
juices. He just moaned and I could see he was hard again but just touched his
cock and marveled at it's width. This had been inside me. Completely. It had
taken me. Luke was almost as thick . . . maybe he didn't appear as thick as Mike
because he had more length, but he was. When I put middle figer around and
tried to touch my thumb tip it didn't reach by about a half inch just like Luke's
cock. This was amazing. Mike had a big blunt head that felt really really good
while I was being fucked by it. I moaned as I felt more cum slip out of my ass
into Mike's waiting mouth. Then I heard a moan. It was Michelle. She was
downstairs somewhere. Mike finished up and pulled me around into his lap and
kissed me deeply. I could taste his cum and my ass juice on his tongue and it
was very sensual.

As we went to the edge of the loft to find out why Michelle was moaning, we saw
the most amazing sight. There was Michelle in the moonlight streaming in from
the door laying on her back . . . breasts in the air and pointy from the cold.
Between her legs was a body and a thick cock plunging in and out of her pussy.
I recognized that cock . . .

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