Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 6

We were sitting there - no shirts no shoes or sox, no underwear jus our
jeans unbuttoned and open to the pubes. Jason was sitting next to me, our
legs resting on the coffee table. We were watching whatever the NFL Game
was that was on at noon. Neither of us was paying attention, especially
because Jason would occasionally play with my pubes.

Jake and Heather were standing in front of us to the side of the TV just
looking at us. Jason was lying against me, my arm over his shoulders.
Jake didn't know what to make of it. I motioned with my index finger for
him to come nearer to me. I grabbed him by the back of the head and kissed
him. Deep. With lots of tongue action and a throbbing need to be inside
his ass. He was compliant and was really starting to get into the kiss
when I stopped. I moved his head down to my chest and put his lips on my
nipple. He started licking but quickly realized he could start chewing on
it to cause me to moan. Jason saw this and started kissing me. I glanced
Heather's way and she was rubbing her clitoris through her jeans. She was
getting moist and I could tell that it wouldn't be long before she'd want
to join in. I moved my right hand to expose Jason's hard penis and he
moved his head to my chest. Jake and he shared a deep kiss. They had
never kissed each other before and this was new to them. I looked down and
they were staring deep into each other's eyes. They were a beautiful pair
and they really loved each other despite the fact that Jake liked to fuck
women as well.

They shared a moment during which I'll never exactly know what transpired
between them. Jake's jeans were now just bulging in front. He winked and
then Jason and he went back down to work on my nipples.

Heather having seen me whip out Jason's cock instantly had licked her lips
and in the moment that Jason and Jake had discovered each other - really
discovered each other - she had taken off her clothes and moved to suck
Jason's cock. Jason might have been gay - I wasn't exactly sure, and
didn't care - but he seemed to enjoy Heather's attention to his cock and

Pretty soon we were all getting pretty warm when clothes began to get
discarded. Heather helped Jason the rest of the way with his jeans and
Jake lifted my legs while Jason removed my jeans. My cock now exposed Jake
started to suck and lick the glands and the head while Jason dove for my
balls. I now had both hands free as the guys were on their knees on the
floor. Heather had come off of Jason's cock after helping him with his
jeans. I pulled her up so she was standing on the couch with her feet on
each side of my hips. I pulled her down by her neck until I could gently
nibble her nipples. She moaned and her head flew back. I stopped mouthing
her nipples and waited for her to straighten. As she did so I grabbed her
by the hips and lowered her vagina until it was on my mouth. I licked
lightly at first teasing her and occasionally nipping that sensitive bud
that made her scream my name. Not 'Jake', but 'Trent'. Jake didn't seem
to mind as he was now tonguing my ass which was making me really horny. I
started to deep tongue Heather's labia when Jake's cum from their previous
session started to make it's way onto my tongue and into my throat.
Heather was going wild now as I started to nibble and play with her
clitoris. Having Jason licking my balls and Jake licking my ass it was too
much. I need to drill someone and now! I lifted Heather up and put her
down on my cock. She moaned and fell against my chest as she was impaled
on all eight thick inches of my cock. She just moaned, not moving. My
legs were now drawn up with just the balls of my feet resting on the coffee
table and my ass hanging over the edge with Jake licking my hole like a car
mechanic under the hood of a car.

Gradually Heather started moving and moaning. She kept saying 'Trent' like
it was a sacred mantra or something. She came off my cock and let it slide
all the way back in no more than a dozen times when she started cumming.
She wasn't as tight as Jason or Luke had been so I was still a ways away.
She kept moving though, despite her orgasm. Her legs were trembling so I
assisted her moving up and down my cock by lifting her from her ass-cheeks.
She looked at my bulging biceps as she did this and moaned as she touched
them. Jason started licking my armpit and chest and Jake got up and stood
between my legs behind Heather. He sat down on the coffee table. I felt
something touching the base of my cock and could see that Jake had his hand
down there. It was his finger. He was sliding first one and then more
fingers inside Heather's cunt as she moved up and down my cock. After five
minutes Jake stood up and squatted down. As Heather came down she got not
one, but two cocks in her cunt. She screamed, but kept going further down
until she had both completely inside her. She was now moaning. Her orgasm
from before had helped to coat the inside of her vagina. Jake started
moving gently and then picked up speed. He was lifting her up with his
thick member and making her take all of my cock. Heather was so far gone
in bliss now that she couldn't manage to get her legs to work. Jake was
doing most of the work and I was helping. Jason was pretty worked up and
moved over me with his ass in my face and his cock in Heather's. I started
eating his ass like it had been Heather's cunt and was rewarded with my
load from earlier and a small bit of Jake's load from earlier as well. It
tasted awesome and I was hooked. Heather came again and as she did I stuck
two fingers deep into Jason. He came down her throat as I'd expected he
would. Heather let Jason's cock slip out of her throat and fell against
me. She was completely exhausted and a bit dehydrated. I handed her a
bottled water from the side couch cushion where I'd left it earlier and
moved her to the other end of the couch. As I moved Heather Jake grabbed
Jason by the hips and turned him around. He pulled Jason down on his cock
and did a few quick strokes. Then he moved Jason down to my cock and
pushed him down on it. Although I'd fucked Jason a little on the rough
side a while ago, he still wasn't accustomed to my size and moaned. Jake
moved down and started licking my cock and Jason's hole where they met. He
then started fingering Jason alongside his tongue just as he'd fingered
Heather earlier. Heather was asleep. Jake stood up after about ten
minutes. He slowly moved in behind Jason. I stilled Jason's movements.
Jake moved his cock against mine and I looked Jason right in the eye. I
said, "If it hurts u don't have to do it, dude." He started moving down
the length of both Jake and my cocks taking them in to the hilt. Jake
squatted as my cock was longer and he wanted me inside Jason to the base.
Jason's head flew back against Jake's shoulder as he hit bottom. Jake
started making out with him. He started fucking Jason slowly. I was
feeling great and when Jason started moving himself up and down along with
the friction of Jake's cock against mine, I couldn't stand it. I moaned as
I came shooting a very sizeable load deep inside Jason as he kept taking my
cock to the base. Jake moaned and he started coming. As this happened
Jason started shooting. I covered his cap as best I could and took his
load. I had really enjoyed it earlier and I liked it just as well this
time. Jason gave me a long, deep kiss as Jake continued to orgasm.

"Oh my God, I don't think I've ever cum like that before!" Jake said as he
pulled out of Jason with a pop. "Dude, that was fuckin' awesome!" Jason
almost whispered as he slid all the way down my cock. He was significantly
looser now that Jake was out of him. Jake said he had to use the restroom.
Heather was still blissfully out of it. Jason, still on my cock, started
to move a little bit which cause a pleasant shudder to go through me. We
started kissing and he stopped moving. I was still hard despite all my
orgasms today. He asked me why I liked fucking chicks and I told him that
I couldn't explain it. I asked him why he didn't like it and he couldn't
answer. I had an idea. With Jason still on my cock I had him hug his
knees and swiveled him around. His cock was still hard as well and I stood
him up with my cock lifting him. He stood in front of me and I squatted.
I told him to relax and let me do the work. I reached around him as we
faced the couch where we'd just been sitting. I fucked my pole in and out
of him a few times as I adjusted Heather's cunt in front of him. As
predicted, he didn't notice what I was doing with my hands as he was more
focused on me flexing my prick deep inside his hot little ass. He was
still focused on this as I pushed his cock into Heather's cunt. He moaned
as he felt her hot warmth envelop his cock. Heather stirred a little
smiled and pinched Jason's nipple and then went back to sleep. He came. I
could tell because his breath caught and his ass started contracting around
the base of my cock. I pulled all the way out and his ass came back a
little. I slammed back in and Jason just moaned as a whole new wave hit
him. He was tired now as well. I pulled out of him and helped him curl up
behind Heather. His cock still hard and inside her loose pussy.

I decided to go looking for Jake and found him in the bedroom where Jason
and I had earlier fucked. My cock was semi-hard as I saw him leaning
against the window looking into the autumn forest. The bright colored
leaves on the ground contrasted against his skin and I could see the hair
in his armpits. It was a gray day - perfect for relaxing . . . . thinking
. . . . fucking. I came up behind him and my cock fit right between his
ass cheeks and my hand went to his hard abs. I felt the patch of fur there
and stroked it. He leaned back into me. "Do you think this makes me less
of a man?" he asked me. "Does what make you less of a man?" "The fact
that I want you. I want Jason. I want Heather. I want it all. Am I a
fag, man? Answer me honestly. I know you won't lie." "Dude - I don't
think you need to worry about what you are or who you are so long as you're
happy with yourself. I've been discovering that recently." "Why have you
been thinking about deep shit like that lately?" Jake asked me. I wasn't
ready to reveal to him my relationship with Luke so I simply stated,
"Getting ready for bigger and better things after graduation, I guess." He
probably assumed college, but I didn't know. I was thinking possibly the

We continued to look outside for a time and Jake started squeezing my cock
with his ass. "Dude," I started softly, "Would you let me fuck you?"
"Yes" he said softly but quickly almost as if he were waiting for me to

We moved to the bed and I laid Jake down on his back. I pulled him so his
ass was over the edge, legs resting on the floor. I started at his lips
and kissed him softly and then worked my way down to his nipples. He
started readily responding to that by moaning and rolling his head from
side to side. I moved back up to his neck and started gently, but
continued to get harsher with the biting. It was now moving from sensual
to just hot and wild. I continued to move down and enveloped his cock. He
was nowhere near Luke's cock size, but was thick. My jaw ached a bit as I
took him down to the base. But the reward of seeing his head still and his
face relax as he moaned, "aw Trent, man, you don't know how long I've
wanted this. I've wanted you to fuck me and make me yours for a long time
man. Do it. Don't waste any more time. Fuck me man."

That was all it took. I didn't lick or moisten his ass, but it was hot and
lubricated as my cock slipped in slowly to the base. He just moaned in
bliss. A tear rolled down his cheek. I was standing on the floor - his
legs over my shoulders and I leaned forward to kiss away the tear. We
started making out as I fucked into him deeply, but gently. I was charting
new territory in his ass and could feel his ass stretch to accommodate my
cock. His ass was so tight as I moved back and let the prominent helmet
stretch his asshole. But Jake didn't get looser as Jason had - he just
stayed tight. He started moaning again and begged me to fuck him harder.
I complied by long-dicking him the way Luke had done to me. I pulled until
my head was about two inches outside his hole and then slammed back into
the base. Jake had one hand up behind his head clenching the sheets in his
fist. The other hand was feeling me all over. "Oh yeah, Trent . . . man I
need you dude! That's it fuck me hard man, make me take it all. All of it
. . . aaaggghhh!!" He started to moan as he came without touching himself.
I started cumming as his tight asshole clenched around my cock and milked
what would be a powerful orgasm with very little cum. As I pushed one last
time, I pulled him into a sitting position and kissed him deeply for a long
time. Tears started rolling down his face, "I Love You, Trent." "And I
Love You too, Jake." I held him and we laid down on the bed together and
fell asleep. When I woke up later it was to Jason's cock humping my crack.
I moved my pelvis so that he could slip inside and he did. He fucked me
like a pro and barely moved the bed. It felt good, but not as good as
Luke's had. He was groping me all over and jacked my cock. I came all
over Jake's ass and Jason started cumming. I could feel large spurts in my
ass. It was dusk. I moved Jason so he was lying on his back and I
squatted over his face. I put my hands behind me in the pillows at the
head of the bed and Jason licked his load out of my ass. He was still
hard. I got my clothes from the other room. Heather had left. She left a
note that she would see Jake next weekend and that she had an awesome time.
She said that we should all get together at some point during the week. I
kissed Jake on the mouth goodbye and he kissed back, but didn't wake up. I
kissed Jason goodbye and squeezed his hairy hamstring just below his ass.
He had such a beautiful body. He smiled and kissed me sharing part of his
load. It was saltier now that it had my assjuice in it as well. I turned
to go and before closing the door I looked back to see Jason entering
Jake's well used, but tight ass. They were in for a long night.

As I went outside the cabin Heather was out there. She had waited for me.
She said that she'd had fun, but wanted to say a special goodbye. She was
wearing only her jeans, which weren't buttoned, and a zip-up sweatshirt
from Abercrombie. She opened up the sweater and revealed her breasts and
abs to me and hiked her jeans down around her knees. She begged me to take
her right against the truck. "I just need to have you inside me one more
time, plleeeeaase" she begged. I opened my jeans and was surprised that I
was still hard. I was drawing closer behind her and she said, "Don't be
gentle, make me feel it for the rest of the week." And I did. I pumped
her so full of my cock and jizz that she was breathless. I reached around
as she was leaning with her hands against the bed of the truck and fucked
her relentlessly. In and out of her pussy with long strokes. Despite the
number of orgasms I came within four or five minutes but kept going. I
wanted one more good one. Besides she was loose and I could feel Jake's,
Jason's and my cum all inside her. She started cumming after ten more
minutes and as I came a second time I pummeled her with my cock causing her
to come up off the ground a bit as I slammed into her. She shrieked and I
immediately stopped worried that I was seriously injuring her. "You're
still coming," she said and I was. "I can feel your cock head pulsing."
"Oh my god" she practically collapsed in my arms. I left my cock inside
her and lifted her jeans a bit. I was going to zip up her sweater but
decided not to. I withdrew from her and she moaned. I told her to pull up
her pants. She did and fastened the button. She was about to zip up her
hooded sweatshirt but I stopped her. I told her she needed to clean off my
cock. She knelt in the gravel and leaves on the driveway and licked my
cock. She took it pretty far and got all of her own juices off as well as
Jake's, Jason's and mine. I then squatted and fucked my cock between her
breasts and teased her nipples with the head for a few minutes causing her
to shiver. "I can't wait to see you again. This is just what I needed!"
She gave me her email address and we parted ways. I guess maybe there were
girls who weren't the marry-me-now types.

As I pulled up I saw Luke's truck parked in the driveway. I went inside.
He kissed me passionately and could instantly taste the sex juices on my
mouth. "Tastes like somebody had an awesome fuckin' time today, man." He
said. I fell onto the bed like a falling tree and Luke got naked. He
squatted with his ass over my face. I licked his asshole until I tasted a
very weird taste. It was a load of cum. But it tasted different. It was
very very musky, though not in a bad way. I continued to lap at his hole
until Luke stopped. We grabbed some chow without any conversation and went
to bed curled up next to each other. Tonight though, he was curled into my
arms my cock resting in his crack. We were both sawing logs before the
clock struck 10 p.m. Tomorrow Mom and Dad would be home.

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