Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 5

I awoke to an overcast sky and this strange, very full sensation. Luke was
inside me. The reality of the situation made me instantly tense up and
Luke started cumming instantly as my assring tightened around his thick ten
incher. He thrust slowly this time as he came. He seemed to be savoring
the moment. My own cock was hard against my abs. Luke was all sweaty from
the run he'd taken prior to waking me up. I'd been dreaming about the dude
at the bar and him having a nice fat cock to play with while we fucked when
I woke up to the strange sensation of being filled below. And filled I now
was. It wasn't a weird feeling anymore, it had just taken some getting
used to. Terri had been fun last night. My first piece of pussy. Damn
. . . that had been hot. And I'd gotten to share it with Luke. I couldn't
wait to strike out on my own and find another piece. I'd have to have it
now that I knew it felt so fuckin phine.

I felt something warm and Luke slapped my ass a few times. My ass puckered
in response. I was feeling REALLY full now and was feeling more pressure
by the second. It didn't take long to figure out what was happening. I
was a bit confused. I'd done this to Luke last night. He'd asked for it.
I was really fuckin' mad, but it felt really hot at the same time. It felt
like it might be cum. Luke said he was hungry. He headed down the stairs
naked and told me to shower and clean out my ass. Sunday. My parents
weren't due home until the following evening late.

I went into the bathroom and dumped the piss out of my ass, ignoring my
aching cock the whole time. I proceeded to go to the shower and soaped up
all over. Really cleaning myself. Especially in and around my asshole and
my cock. When I'd finished I got out and dried off. I could hear some
noise coming from the living room and started to head down the stairs naked
and around the hall that led through the kitchen to the living room. Luke
was on the phone. "Yeah," he was saying, "That would be great." I stepped
onto the carpeting and Luke heard my sock against the fabric and turned to
look at me. He turned back to looking out the window and then headed to
the back deck off the kitchen to finish his conversation. I went into the
kitchen and started making my breakfast. Luke had shut the door behind him
so I figured it was a private conversation.

I was sitting at the table naked with a cock that was slowly deflating when
Luke came back in off the porch - his tan skin contrasting the darkness of
the day and the green backdrop of the woods surrounding our house. His
cock was completely hard. I expected him to say something but when he
didn't I just kept on eating until I was done. Luke was now leaning
against the counter. He had been since coming back in. His cock had
started to leak precum. I looked at it and as I bent down to put the bowl
and spoon I'd used in the dishwasher I licked it off. He was pleased.
"MMmmmmm, buddy. That's nice." I stopped after a few minutes. I finished
putting my breakfast stuff away and he said, "A recruiter friend of mine's
in town and I'm gonna go hang with him for a few hours. I'll be around
later tonight." "That's cool." I said.

I was planning on hanging with the guys anyway. Luke headed up the stairs
and I picked up the phone and dialed my friend Jake's phone number. He had
this chick that he was fucking from one of our rival schools. She was
dating the quarterback of their football team, but Jake was fuckin her.
And his whole school knew it too. Jake was a hot fucker. He stood about 6
185# with a tight waist and nice V. He wasn't very hairy - just on the
legs and he trimmed his bush . . . or at least he said that Heather did it
for him when she came over to his place a few times. Truth was it looked
nice. Jake was pretty muscular, but had a small layer of baby fat that
just made him look hotter. His abs came through - but they were a bit
protruding which made him look fuckin awesome in just jeans or shorts. I'd
seen his cock soft in the shower. He had a fat fucker that wasn't nearly
as long as mine, but impressive in the way it got so thick at the base.
Looked a lot like a cone that yarn came on. Only it was fleshy.

I called Jake and he'd said that he was gonna hang with Jason today but
that Heather wanted to hang out with him today since Chuck - the
quarterback from the other school - was at a family reunion today and she
didn't want to go. He'd made arrangements to hang in the cabin that was a
few miles into the woods behind Jason's place and the three of them were
gonna hang out there today. "Well hey dude, that's cool. I'll see you
guys at school tomorrow." There was a moment of silence and then, "Dude,
why don't you come over to Jason's place too? We could all hang out man.
It'll be a good time. I guarantee you dude." "Dude - are you sure?" I
asked him. "Oh fuck yeah, Trent. We'll see you in a half hour." "Okay,
man" I said, "later." And hung up the phone. Luke stepped out of the
shower as I was coming into my room. He winked at me and started playing
with my cock as he dried himself with one hand under a towel. I
immediately got hard. He got down on his knees and started to go to town.
He was sucking and moving his head back and forth. I was about to cum when
he sat back on his ass and turned my body by grabbing my hips. He leaned
back with his hands behind him and started rimming me. I had been so close
to cumming. But this was equally as hot. I liked it a lot. I was close,
but getting further away. Luke reversed me and started going down on me.
Just before I came he pulled off and said, "Your next orgasm will be
powerful dude. Just wait a while."

He finished getting dressed and kissed me deeply before saying, "I'll see
you later tonight, stud." "Later man" I said as he headed down the stairs.
I decided to skip the underwear today and go straight to jeans and a
form-fitting t-shirt. I didn't care that it was one of my Hanes
undershirts. I just wanted something that I could feel against my nipples.
I took the truck over to Jason's place and back through the trail that only
my truck could get down in the springtime after the thaw. Jason's
four-wheeler was there and so were Jake's car and Heather's.

I walked in and Jason was sitting in the main room watching porn. "Where
are Jake and Heather?" "In the room man." He replied. There was a room
just off one side of the cabin and another off the other end. In the
middle room was a fireplace with vents going to each of the rooms for heat
and a/c. The middle room also had a pool table and a huge couch and big
screen TV. Jason seemed a little left out. He was stroking his cock
through his jeans when I arrived. I looked at him. I mean really looked
at him. This was the first time I was really looking at Jason. He had a
nice body. Being that he was only 5'8" and 130# he was pretty muscular and
it looked as though he had a sizable bulge goin on in those shorts. Jason
was an Italian and had dark curly hair on his legs and his chest with a
nice trail going down into the band of his shorts when he practiced with
the team. I had been half hard when I walked in today. Now I was almost
fully erect. Jason noticed and said, "sit down, dude. Take a load off.
Or two or three." He chuckled. I sat down next to him touching elbow to
elbow. The video he had on showed a couple of chicks goin down on each
other for a while until the one moaned really loud. As all this was
happening Jason had removed his shirt. You could see six of his eight abs.
The final two sat behind the waistband of his jock. I checked him out. He
noticed but didn't say anything. He looked at me a few minutes later and I
took off my shirt. He inhaled deeply as I did and then watched as the
chicks in the video moved into the shower to shave each other. As they
finished a really hung muscular dude entered the shower and started
fingering one while he lapped at the other's pussy. Jason undid his belt
and pulled his pants down. He pulled his boxers down too. Out popped his
cock. He was about 5 inches and a little thicker than the average cock I'd
seen in the shower. He had a beautiful patch of hair. What was most
remarkable was that he was uncut. He glanced my way and quickly turned
back to the T.V. when he noticed I was checking him out. I liked his uncut
cock and he jumped almost clear off the sofa when I touched him. I don't
know why, but I wasn't worried. I mean, Luke wasn't gay and I sure the
fuck wasn't gay, so no big deal, right? I continued to caress his cock and
play with the skin. He was moaning softly. I licked his nipple and he
jumped again - his cock pushing forward in my hand. He was enjoying

He had his eyes closed now with his head against the back of the couch just
breathing heavily. I worked the other nipple over while I stroked his
cock. "Holy fuck!" He said under his breath. I then spat on his cock and
moved it up and down. I peeled back the foreskin and as he clenched the
leather couch cushions on either side of him I went down on him. He let
out a half wail/bark as I hit his pubes with my nose. I pulled off his
cock and plunged back down to the base twice while playing with his
nipples. I was on my knees in front of him. He moaned again. Twice more
I repeated this and he just moaned as his body spasmed in orgasm. He shot
nine really large loads into my mouth. The first four hit my throat and
did that trickle-down effect while the last five I was able to keep in my
mouth. He was bringing his head to the upright position with his eyes
still closed when I put my lips on his.

Jason's eyes flew open in shock but quickly relaxed as he saw and felt the
smile on my face and in my eyes. He let go of the couch and was feeling up
and down my lats and touching my chest. I fed him his load and he
surprised me by swapping it back and forth as his tongue moved between our
mouths. He was still hard. He slipped his jeans and boxers off over his
shoes and walked to the other unoccupied room across the cabin and got on
the bed. I followed him the twenty-five feet to the other room and shut
the door behind me. He turned around on the bed so he was facing me and
started undoing my belt and the button on my jeans as I slipped off my
shoes standing at the foot of the bed. He started pulling down the zipper.
I'd been completely hard since licking his nipples and with all the
foreplay from Luke this morning with no release I was ready to fuck the
wool off a sheep.

Jason revealed my hard thick eight cut inches with an "Oh, Sweet Jesus"
under his breath. He started licking and getting it all sloppy wet with
his tongue. He then flipped over onto his back. He started pulling my
cock further into his mouth and throat. He kept going at it until he had
me going right down his throat as my nuts hit his nose. His head was over
the bed and I was getting pretty close after this morning when he lifted
his head and started licking my asshole. 'DAMNIT' I was thinking. 'Why is
everybody pulling this shit with me today?' But I wouldn't regret it later.

Jason moved out from under me and turned around on the bed in the doggy
style position. He was rubbing his ass against my cock. I didn't want to
just enter him since I thought I might rip his ass open inside. He settled
for me humping his ass hard and fast. He was starting to really thrust
back against me when all of a sudden he reached back and pulled my cock
into his hole. I went all the way in to the pubes! IN ONE STROKE! He
moaned really loud. I was sure that Jake and Heather would hear and I
didn't care. Jason's hole clamped around my cock like a vise. After a
minute of adjusting to the volume in his ass he started to move. It felt
like he had a lot of lube in his ass because there was less resistance than
when I'd fucked Luke. Jason was now moaning like a wanton whore. "Oh
yeah, Trent! Yeah, buddy. Fuck my ass hard man. Make it hurt!" So I
started really slamming him. "Whoa! Oh yeah dude that's the spot! Aw
yeah! Jake never makes it feel this good!" I started moving my hips
around and he was really getting into it. All of a sudden my legs started
to tremble and I started pulling all the way out. My cock head would catch
the lip of his asshole and pull it out and then push it back in as my cock
went back in. I started cumming as I was fucking him. I was shooting load
after load. My cock slipped out on the fourth shot and when he slammed
back it went straight up between his cheeks and my shot hit the ceiling.
He quickly pulled my cock back in his chute while moving back and forth and
I shot three more times inside his slippery chute.

As my orgasm ended I collapsed on top of him. He was breathing heavy and I
said, "So Jake never hit those buttons, huh?" He blushed. He went on to
admit that Jake fucked him every time he fucked Heather before he met her.
Jake had said that he wouldn't last two seconds if he didn't come first.
The lube I had felt was Jake's cum and spit. I couldn't believe it! Was
this something that all dudes did and I never knew about it? We got up and
started to get our things together and get at least our jeans on. We
flipped on a game and were watching that when Jake and Heather came out of
the bedroom more than disheveled. We had a plan . . .

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