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Luke 4

Aight y'all . . . just wanted to say thanks for the feedback. Those of you
who've written I really appreciate it and you might see your names in this
episode and more to come. For those of you who are reading for the first
time and going through all of these I'd like to explain that some of my
'inspiration' and hard-ons are coming from the people who write me with
their fantasies. Their fantasies become mine, and now yours as I share
them with you. This story is not just the culmination of one author's
fantasies, but the fantasies of the readers who email me as well. I hope
that you like these and will let me know if you do. I especially
appreciate the feedback from the females - great to hear from you ladies!
I guess I was wrong about you not being as 'into' this as the dudes. Sorry
this cums to you so late. I've been working extra shifts. Catch u l8r!

(Part 4)

We finished showering and threw on some jeans and T-shirts. We were
shootin the breeze about what my parents might be doin. I said that dad
probably had mom bent over the couch and was nailing her. Luke laughed and
said, "yeah, I can just see him long dicking her 'til his legs are sore!"
And he chuckled as though recalling a memory or something. I was thinking
about things that might have transpired prior to my knowledge of Luke when
he broke the spell by saying, "dude - what's up with you. Most dudes
usually get grossed when thinking about their 'rents fuckin'." "Dude," I
said, "Some dudes have seen their parents fucking on the counter as they're
coming home from school. And there isn't any fucking way that they
couldn't hear the goddamn door close behind me." Luke jus chuckled. "So
your rents are a bit of voyeurs, are they?" "I dunno man" I said, "But
prior to last week they were fuckin all the time man." "Hmmmm
. . . nothing having to do with my arriving." "I don't know." I replied,
which was the truth.

To avert this onslaught of questioning I said, "Aight, stud . . . let's
check out what mom left us for grub, dude." "Fuck that man . . . let's go
out for some food." "Uhhhh . . . lemme call the guys quick and tell Jason
that I won't be comin over for college ball night." "Well hey man," Luke
said, "if you wanna go over there I can head out by myself." He was
looking at me waiting for a response of some kind. "Naw - it's cool, Luke,
we can hang . . . I just don't want them to think I'm comin when I'm not."
"Alright you do that and I'm gonna finish getting ready, man." As Luke
turned to walk out I looked at him and all you could see were the lines of
muscle in his back. Each individual muscle stood out and as he walked
under one of the incandescent ceiling lights the shadows cast on the shirt
made me hard. He turned again to go up the steps and his chest stuck out
like a shelf. I was surprised that I hadn't noticed it before. "Ahh fuck
it." I said under my breath and called Jason. As was usual at 8:30 his
parents house was noisy when I called. They said that they'd already
started the UNLV vs. Penn State game and were waitin on me to start the
Badger Game. I kinda chuckled . . . "Started with the shit, didja?" He
chuckled back and said, "Well ya know we couldn't watch Wisconsin without
the stud star of our team, could we?" I said, "Damn, Jason. You're so
fuckin sweet man. When did you turn into a sloppy pussy like that?" He
laughed and said, "So what the fuck you doin that you're not here yet." I
explained that Luke was in town and that he was dad's Marine buddy and that
we were gonna grab some grub. He told me that we should stop over. I
declined and explained that we were just gonna grab some grub and hang and
shoot the breeze. "Alright dude - but it's not like you to miss college
ball night." "I know," I said, "but I'll make it up next week." So with
that we said our goodbyes and I got some shoes on and threw on my flannel
in case it got cooler out. Luke had on a dark Nike running jacket and
chuckled when he saw me. "What's so funny smartass?" I said. "You're
funny my sexyass." I felt weird that he'd called me 'his' and 'sexyass'.
He wasn't looking at me and I was getting better at not betraying myself
through facial expressions so he didn't notice when I started thinking
about this. "You're dressed like an farmboy." I just laughed and said,
"It's Wisconsin dude, what were you expecting? A sequin jacket in
coordinating colors?" He just laughed and said, "Let's go dude - your
truck or mine?"

This was the one thing that I really loved. My truck was a 1997 Chev Z71.
Black with rollerbars and a kickass Bose sound system. I had it all
tricked out with foglamps, overhead lightbar and just about anything you
could ever want in a truck including a gun rack which had been used while
out in Montana with my dad the autumn before for Elk Hunting Season.

Luke's truck was a new Toyota 4-Runner that he'd purchased just after he
got out of the Marine Corps a few months ago. He'd spent some time
roadtripping prior to coming to Wisconsin to hang with my family and I. It
was jet black with dark tinted windows and full power. It was a nice
vehicle, but mine was definitely more souped-up.

We took the pickup to a bar, which was about 45 minutes away. Luke just
said, "What's about 45 minutes west of here?" and said, "Okay, drive
there." So here we were . . . pulling into Bob's Riverside somewhere on
the Wisconsin River. It was somewhat crowded but dim with lots of
cigarette smoke. We went in and sat down and Luke ordered us two beers.
The bartender looked at the USMC tattoo on Luke's right bicep as he leaned
forward on the bar and didn't ask any questions. She was a hottie. I
would later learn her name was Terri. She licked her lips as she slid the
bottles across the bar sliding her hands down the Corona Longnecks. I was
starting to get a little hard. Luke had been watching me check this babe
out and said, "whoa . . . . . . Down boy. Damn, dude . . . . are you
drippin down there or what?" He asked of the bulge in my pants. I was
embarrassed. Terri had heard the whole conversation and just looked at me
and said, "How old's the pup?" "Luke" he said as he extended his hand and
she said "Terri . . . with an 'i' and a lot of stamina behind the dot."
"Nice" Luke replied. "This is Trent. Trent this is Terri" he let go of
her hand and offered it to me. She had this rack and a low cut white top
showing off her nicely tanned upper breasts. "Hey" I said. Introductions
having been made, a gentleman at the end of the bar called Terri over for
another drink. She helped him out and Luke checked over the menu.

"Dude!" I said. "Why aren't you keeping her over here by talking to her?
She's TOTALLY into you man." "Dude," Luke replied, "You seriously gotta
let me work this man. If you're too forward or jumpy she'll just bolt, so
sit the fuck down and I'll get her to follow you home." "Okay man . . "
My stomach rumbled. I was hungry. We ate listening to the jukebox playing
while Terri chatted to a slender looking dude down the bar a way. He kept
talking to her and they'd occasionally look our way. He got up halfway
through our meal and Terri just stayed put waitin for him to come back. I
noticed that he was about six feet tall and probably weighed in at 175
lbs. with great definition. His arms were nice and his lats were really
defined. He tipped his baseball cap back and scratched his head as he went
into the bathroom. He had nice black armpit hairs to match the jet black
hair on his head. He looked like he could be the mechanic in the area. I
looked at Terri. She was now smoking a cigarette looking at the bathroom
door the dude had just walked through. With her profile I could see her
nicely rounded bubble ass (have a thing for those) and her perky breasts.
I could have sworn that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her nipples had perked
up suddenly. I looked up to check out her hair and she was staring at me
right in the eyes. She quickly exhaled and checked on her other customers.

The dude came back from the bathroom sometime later. I didn't notice as
Luke had engrossed me in conversation about the Marine Corps and what a
good time it'd been and how he loved hangin with the guys - and my dad -
and havin a good time. We were the only ones left in the bar when Terri
came over and said, "closing time fellas." "Well, time to settle up, I
guess." Luke said. He threw a fifty on the bar. "Actually . . . " Terri
said quickly licking her lips and putting a hand down the front of her
faded blue jean shorts . . . "you could settle up the RIGHT way if you
wanna follow me back to my place." "You live solo?" Luke asked. "Yeah -
rent this cabin on the river every summer and work here." "Okay, but we'll
follow you." So with that she threw some glasses in the dishwasher, threw
the beer bottles out and headed toward the door after turning a bunch of
switches off. "Let's go boys . . . it's gonna be a Looooooooonnnnng
night." "The longer the better" Luke muttered under his breath.

We followed her roughly three miles to a small cabin that was completely
dark. I parked the truck next to her car and got out with Luke. Terri got
out of her car and I could barely see her. Luke, however, had no problem
and had gone around the back of the truck and her car to come up behind
her. She hadn't heard him and neither had I until I heard her breath catch
as he grabbed her naked breasts from behind and softly tickled the hard
nubs. "AAAAhhhohhhhh, you scared me . . ." she half said, half moaned.
"That's what you get for taking off your top while driving." I was
starting to see better now and could now see her. She was beautiful. Her
breasts were very round and firm under Luke's hands. C'mon guys
. . . let's go in. So we did. She led us into a two-room cabin. As I
walked in the door I had eight feet of kitchen to my right separated from
the sixteen-by-twenty great room with a bar and stools. The whole cabin
had cathedral ceilings and separating the great room and what I assumed was
the only bedroom was a fireplace and stone wall. It was massive and
beautiful. I could see the light of the moon coming through the fireplace
from the window in the other room. It was beautiful and there was a
bear-skin rug in front of it over a thicker burbur carpeting in a light
color. I was looking around until I realized that Luke was making a fire.
Terri came up to me and groped me through my jeans. She pulled me by my
growing meat to the rug. Luke continued to make the fire. Blowing and
adding some woodchips from a tub near the side of the great fireplace.
Terri wiggled out of her daisy dukes and I could now see that she was clean
shaven. She lifted my shirt over my head and started licking my nipples.
I let out a soft sigh. Luke quickly got the fire going and was getting
naked as Terri was kissing my chest and down my abs toward my
blood-engorged cock. It was clearly tenting my jeans and she undid the
button and slid the zipper down and it popped out at her getting some
pre-cum on her cheek. "Wow Kid! All your friends have tools this big
too?" I just smiled this dumb smile. Luke was just dropping his jeans and
she saw his cock. She stroked it lovingly. He was standing next to me and
it was inches from my face until he squatted so she could take the tip in
her mouth. "Maybe this night won't be as long as I thought" she said
before taking him in her mouth. He held the back of her head with his hand
and pushed her a little further down his cock. He let her back up for air
and had her lay down on her back. He positioned me over her head and had
me more or less squat over her head. My low hanging balls were now in her
mouth and the insides of my legs were almost suctioning themselves to her
ears. I moved my legs out but Luke made sure that she couldn't hear by
repositioning them where they'd been. "Look, Trent . . . I know that this
will be your first time with a woman, but I need you to pay attention to
what I do because in order to be good and to have them want you, you need
to do more than you do for dudes. Pay attention to what I do and listen to
what I'm telling you. I'm going to teach you to make her orgasm several
times and then it's up to you whether that happens. With women you need to
make sure that they orgasm more than once and the first one should come
preferably before you do. Do you understand?" "Yes." I said. "First he
said you should start by nibbling on their ears and necks and working your
way down to their breasts. Stay there for a while. When their breathing
slows down you can move down to their belly. Stay in their navel a while
unless they push your head down. If they do that part their vagina and try
to find their clitoris." I laughed - thinking of South Park - The Movie.
But Luke gave me a look of curiosity. I told him I'd tell him later. He
continued, "The clit is this little nub that will protrude a little bit and
is usually at the top of their vagina. It's like a little man in a canoe.
Only he's sittin in the front or near the top." "Okay." I said as he moved
and started kissing and nibbling the underside of her jaw as best he could.
He gave my nuts a few swipes with his tongue and my cock was dripping more.
"Take your nuts out of her mouth when I finish talking in a second and
slide backward and put your cock in her mouth. Make her take it ALL the
way after about five minutes and drop a load in her throat man." I
followed his instructions and slid back removing my balls from her throat.
I slapped her chin a few times with my cock and she responded by taking it
in her mouth. She could only take the first inch or so and I could feel
her teeth. I didn't like that. So I drew back. Luke was laying on top of
her licking her ears now that they were exposed and pulled me forward by my
ass until my cock was in his mouth a few inches. He then slowly spit it
into Terri's mouth. She started sucking like it was the last blowjob she'd
ever give.

Luke continued to work his way down as he'd told me to do. When he reached
her breasts and started licking her nipples they puckered right up and she
arched her back. This helped her to take another two inches of my cock.
Her teeth weren't scraping so bad now and she was taking it pretty well. I
was moving my hips back and forth as Luke moved down to her belly-button
but she groaned and he kept moving. He licked her vagina and his tongue
flicked across her lips at first and then a few deep licks right up the
center before he gently parted her lips with thumbs and forefingers and
exposed what he'd been looking for. He started with a slow sucking motion
much like what you'd do with a straw in a shake and then moved on to
flicking his tongue. As he did this Terri's skin turned to gooseflesh and
she was relaxing her jaw and her throat and was able to take me about 6 and
a half inches into her mouth. I wasn't impressed. Luke had deep-throated
me taking me all the way to the balls. I got close to Luke's face and he
had me lick her clitoris as he licked around it. It was weird and our
tongues kept bumping into each other. I could see that he'd slipped a
finger into her dripping cunt and was moving it back and forth. He kept
doing this as he watched me lick her clit. He was jacking his cock with
his free hand really getting into the show he was getting. I had
remembered what he'd said about the female orgasming before my first one.
So I redoubled my efforts and moved one hand to her breasts slowly flicking
and playing with her erect nipples which were a beautiful rosebud pink.
All of a sudden she started bucking and moaned and all this fluid started
shooting out her cunt. Luke moved his face down there and licked her hole
in the deepest part and hummed like it had tasted good. He slowly pulled
me off Terri into a deep passionate kiss. Terri watched Transfixed as I
tasted her jism so different from Luke's or my own. I felt weird about
Luke and I kissing in front of someone. I wasn't a fag. I tried to back
away, but he just pulled me closer with one hand and stroked my fat cock
with the other. I instantly forgot about Terri and started to really get
into this. We parted lips and as we did I opened my eyes and he looked
into mine. There was something there.

He moved me into position on my back. I was laying down as Luke moved
Terri into an upright sitting position over my head. Now her legs were
covering my ears. I could tell they were talking but I couldn't make out
what they were saying. Luke continued to play with my cock as I tongued
Terri's pussy and clit. The remaining juices that had been left inside her
were now draining into my mouth and it tasted good. I kept licking and a
few minutes later they finished talking. Terri leaned forward and was
licking my abs and my cock. Luke was licking my asshole. He found what
he'd left there earlier and just sucked it into his mouth. He kept doing
this for some time. Eventually his tongue came out of my ass and he
deep-throated my cock leaving his jizz that he'd taken out of my throat
over my cock. He stood up quickly and pulled Terri so that she was laying
on her back the opposite way and knelt over her head covering her ears. He
put his balls in her mouth and then pulled her legs so her toes were
touching his shoulders. "Long-dick her deep. NOW!" I thrust into her and
she screamed into Luke's balls and jumped around like she was being shot up
with electricity. "I love it when they rattle my balls like that." He
smiled at me. I was worried that I'd hurt her or something, but Luke
lifted his balls out and she was moaning with each of my strokes - all the
way out and all the way in. Luke grabbed a pillow from one end of her
couch and put in under her head and pushed his cock back behind his ass as
he bent forward to lick my nipples. She grabbed it and was licking and
sucking it. As he did this he reached around and stuck two fingers up my
ass hitting my prostate head-on. I started bucking and moaning as I shot a
huge load up Terri's pussy. Luke let my orgasm subside before he moved
Terri to the couch and sat her upon it with her ass hanging over. He had
me stand behind the couch, close to the bar and hold her legs in the air.
He quickly inserted and pushed into her no more than a dozen times before
he started cumming. Terri came again with the second long thrust as Luke
slammed all the way back in. Luke was satisfied. Eventually after a few
minutes of sitting on the bar stool I had to piss. I asked where to go and
Terri indicated that I'd have to go outside to the treeline about 20 yards
away. I thought this was weird because I wondered if she did this every
time she had to piss.

I must've been pissing out all the beer I'd had 'cuz I was pissin forever.
All of a sudden I felt a large fart coming and thought I might have to shit
so I squatted with my ass toward the treeline and was pushing out. I sat
there for a few minutes just farting. I looked at the river just past the
cabin and thought it was beautiful. I stood up and started walking back to
the cabin and heard Terri moan again so went to a window instead of going
in. Luke had her facing the fire bent over grabbing her ankles and was
dicking her deep. I just couldn't tell if he was in her ass or her cunt.
He was really enjoying it and fucked her harder when she moaned. He pulled
out of her all of a sudden and pushed her to the floor. He then stroked
his cock twice to an orgasm that made cum shoot all over her face and tits.
He looked up at me and smiled and signaled for me to come in the cabin. I
did so shocked that he knew I was there. I came in and he had me lick all
the cum off Terri. He then told her to flip over. He pushed the pillow
she'd had her head on earlier under her belly so that her ass stuck in the
air a bit. He indicated that I should fuck her and do it deep and hard. I
did and was shortly rewarded with moans. Luke decided that it would be
cool to lick my ass. After a few minutes I could feel him kneeling behind
me slowly inserting his cock. Terri was still face down and moaning. She
didn't look to see why the strokes had died down. She just didn't moan as
loud. I was slowly sliding into the slushy mixture of cums that Luke and I
had left inside her before when Luke slid all the way in aided by some of
the cum he'd left before when he'd fucked me so hard. He pushed me hard to
get me started again and the harder I slammed Terri the harder Luke's cock
pounded into my ass. It started with Terri moaning and cumming and then I
started cumming which caused Luke to cum up my ass. We were all moaning
and sweating when Luke finally pulled out of me and me out of Terri. We
were loving it. Terri was visibly and audibly exhausted. She was about to
get up when Luke said, "I got it. Where are your glasses?" She collapsed
back on the floor and then told him where to find a drinking glass. He
grabbed the magic pill from his jeans pocket and headed over to the kitchen
to get Terri a glass of water.

He came back and helped her drink it. He left us with her glass of water
in the great room while he went into the bedroom. All of a sudden I heard
running water. Luke came back a minute later and carried Terri like she
was a bride into the bedroom. I heard him helping her into the bathtub and
walked through to investigate. Here was a huge bathroom right in the open
in the bedroom. What the fuck?! I was thinking to myself. Reminding
myself of how I'd had to piss outside. Terri was in the tub facing the
fire and if she'd turned her head to the left 90 degrees she could see the
bed. It was a beautiful room and I was instantly jealous that she lived
here. Maybe I could rent it some time this winter? Terri was seated in
the bathtub with her head on the back of the Queen Ann tub. You know - one
of those really nice ones on legs. Luke turned to me and brought me out to
the great room. He sat on the couch and pulled his knees to his shoulders
and said, "Lick." I did. Very shortly we were both hard and breathing
heavy. "Fuck me Trent." He said and I did. I slid my dick in and out
slowly and then harder and pulled my cock out of his ass three inches
before slamming it back it. "Harder" he moaned. And I started really
slammin him. I wasn't gonna last long like this. He realized this and
started jerking off. He came so hard he shot right in his mouth. His
asshole spasming around my cock created such vibrations that I came up his
ass. I came so hard I could feel the sperm and semen shoot out of my cock.
I collapsed on top of him and he rested his feet on the small of my back.
We kissed deeply. Then he said, "do you have to piss again?" "Yeah," I
said somewhat confused. I started to back out, but he pulled me closer and
deeper into his ass with his muscular legs. "Piss inside me." He said.
It wasn't a question. I was weirded. "What the fuck, dude?" I was
getting kinda freaked. Was Luke turning into some kinda gay fuck? He'd
talked me into all this shit and now he wanted me to piss in his ass? Wait
. . that actually seemed kinda hot. "I told you to piss in my ass. Now do
it man. If it doesn't turn you on, think about how much it'll make me hot.
Now fuckin PISS MAN!" It was an order and I didn't have time to think
anymore. I started pissing. "Aw fuck yeah dude. Love the feel of hot
piss inside me. Feels like loads of cum getting shot up there. Aw yeah
man - make me your pisshole. Love it man." He could tell when I was
finished and clamped his ass tight around my still-hard cock. He then
pushed me out of him and went outside.

I heard a soft moan from the other room and went in to see how Terri was
doing. She'd just cum as evidenced by her look of complete relaxation and
a hand on her clit. Luke came back in shortly and put her on the bed. He
tucked her in and we went into the other room. Luke grabbed our clothes
and my car keys. He dumped the remaining bit of water in the sink rinsed
the glass and we headed to the door. He locked it and made sure the cabin
was locked as we got into the truck naked. We headed back toward the bar
to catch the county highway we'd taken to get here. On the way we saw a
car. It was rocking and the windows were all steamed up. A little further
up the gravel path leading to the road to the bar was another car - an old
T-top trans-am -- only this one was empty. "Hmmmmmmmm . . . looks like a
popular place stud." "Yeah I said and Luke slid over and started suckin my
cock. It felt good so I just left him in place and drove back home. We
took a shower together and went to bed after a long kiss.

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