Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 3

Hey guys - glad you've liked this stuff so far. Some of your suggestions
are pretty cool and might go with that shit. I'm planning on this shit
being very broad in terms of the different fetishes and subsets/subcultures
of sex. It's like the weather in Wisconsin dudes - don't like it stick
around for an hour it'll change.

I'm a 25 y.o. male and live in Wisconsin. (Obviously) I grew up on a farm
out in the middle of BFE and moved to a larger city remaining in the state.
I like to workout and hang with the guys. Go out for brews with my buds n
shit. My stats are: 6'1" 200# 32"w 45"c 17"a . . . basic kinda
bodybuilder/gymrat. Anyway if you guys wanna keep emailin - that shit is
cool and makes me pound these parts out to you hard n fast - the best way.
Thanx for the emails and if there's a chick out there that finds this shit
erotic - EMAIL ME. Chix jus don't get into this like us horndogs.

Aight . . . have a good one. Enjoy part 3. CYA - M



"You and I are buds. But if you let me fuck you now I'm going to fuck you
hard. REALLY hard. You might bleed just a little bit inside. But my cum
will be with you forever dude. And once that happens you will be mine
forever. This means that you'll please me and do as I tell you to do when
I tell you to do it. You'll be happy this way, Trent, I know you will.
And if you're not you're free to end it, but know that if you end it, I'll
be gone and we'll never cross paths again. Ever." I was thinking about
this. I wasn't sure. But the thing I did know was that Luke was fucking
awesome and would never hurt me. Not intentionally. He would be there to
hang out with and stuff like that. Not only that but he'd make me into a
man. What was I to do?


I had this weird feeling . . . I wanted to please Luke and wanted to be
happy and hang with him, but this sounded like the whole fuckin
'marry-me-now' bullshit that Missy had pulled last time I'd gone to take
her bra off in the truck. But Luke had already given me a piece of ass so
it wasn't sex that he wanted to make sure I stuck around for . . . or was
it . . . who fuckin knew?

With the passing time Luke could sense my apprehension, but didn't say shit
as I think he wanted an honest answer . . . so I succumbed to the voices in
my head (which head I'll let you determine) and told him to go for it. He
said, "you're sure." It was more a statement than a question, but I nodded
anyway . . . . so Luke started rubbing the floor of my pelvis, which made
my cock jump. He certainly knew what he was doin. I was relaxing and
trying not to cum in his hand. Despite the fact that I'd just orgasmed and
shot a load up his ass to put out a Yellowstone Fire, I was still fuckin
horny. The power of the almighty erection when you're 16! I was a nympho
in Luke's hands and the fucker took advantage of it.

He started by licking my nipples and moving down to my abs. As he did this
he moved his ass around and stuck it in my face. All he said was "Lick it
out." In a voice that was stern and an octave lower than his normal
baritone voice. I did and he went to work on my balls. Slowly he took one
then both into his mouth and massaged them with his tongue. He was
enjoying himself and was wiggling his ass on my mouth. After a while of
this he sat up with his ass still firmly planted on my face and all of a
sudden it started oozing out. It tasted awesome. Dude was now bucking his
ass up and down trying to French kiss me by getting my tongue UP his throat
through his ass. He was moaning like Tammy had been the night before.
"Fuck yeah Trent . . . lick my asshole . . . get that tongue in there
dude!" He started smacking my chest with his dripping cock. The thump
resonated and the precum splattered harder the more he hit my chest. His
cock was long enough to reach both my nipples easily and he moved his hips,
ass and cock in circles so that his cockhead traced patterns around my
nips. Dude was on fire. He slowly lifted his ass off me and bent his head
to lick the precum off my nipples. He threw me this sexy smile . . . the
same one I gave the cheerleaders while walking off the field and grabbed
something from a drawer under my bed. It was a black bottle and it had a
top like a shampoo bottle. He put something on his finger below the level
of the bed and worked it into my hole . . . I tightened up initially at the
penetration of his finger. "Whoa . . . easy there big man, you're gonna
love this. This will be something that you're gonna remember for the rest
of your life. It's not gonna hurt as much as you think . . . relax. Just
like last night, dude." After that he pulled his finger out completely and
just put some more of this shampoo shit on my assring and massaged it. My
breathing slowed down and I was enjoying his thumb massage of an area that
noone had ever touched before. He pushed his thumb forward, but not far
enough to penetrate just enough for me to feel pressure. Eventually he got
his thumb in and it felt okay. The more he did it the better it felt. My
cock jumped a little as he added his index finger. This time though he
went up with his fingers and hit a bone. BOOM! I couldn't hear anything
. . . . the blood was pumping so hard in my head. My abs contracted, my
cock jumped and was about to jizz a load that would make Niagra look like a
water fountain. Luke quickly pulled my balls away from the base of my
cock. "DUDE DON'T STOP" I pleaded. But Luke did stop. "You can't cum
yet, Trent." "Dude, what the fuck was that?!? I've NEVER felt anything
like that before in my life man!" "That, DUDE," he said, "is your
prostate." I just sighed, "Oh fuckin' Mary Sweet Jesus." He sat there and
chuckled and slipped another finger in. He was making this easy for me.
He started massaging my prostate again and was fucking his fingers in and
out. He kept a hold of my balls keeping them pulled away from my cock. He
massaged them and it felt great in combo with his fingers hittin my
prostate. I was in Fucking Heaven. He eventually put his hand in me and I
didn't notice until I noticed that I didn't feel any digits on the outside
of my assring. I was alarmed and tightened up a lot and groaned as I did
so. I was trying to shit Luke's hand out and he immediately probed my
prostate with his thumb which made me relax all over again. "Chill out T.
It's cool . . . . you're seriously gonna fuckin LOVE this shit man." He
started to move his whole hand in and out of my hole. I was weird to think
about so I didn't. I let him do what he wanted. He was enjoying this a
great deal, but Luke had needs and what he needed was to fuck my ass good.

My window was open and the curtains were blowing in. The sun was enough
above the horizon to cast a warm glow on Luke's face and upper body as he
mounted me and placed his cock at the entrance to my hole. "Trent," he
said, "Look at me." "What's up Luke?" I replied. I want to be the last
one to look at you as a boy and the first to look at you. To touch you. To
make Love to you. To fuck you. To take you. To have you. To know you as
a man. And as the sun slipped below the horizon I let out my last breath
as Luke leaned down and started to kiss me while his cock breached my hole.

He sunk in all the way to the pubes. I felt a little uncomfortable but
then again, I'd just slammed his ass, so fair was fair, right? He started
slowly, but quickly picked up the pace slamming my ass by pulling his cock
all the way out and shoving all the way back in. He pulled out and told
me, "stand up and grab your dresser, Trent." It was an order and I
followed . . . . quickly. Luke pierced my ring and fucked me hard. He was
flogging my hole and my prostate with his cockhead. It would slam my
prostate on the way in and just grate against it on the way out. I started
to feel dizzy, but didn't say anything. All of a sudden I started cumming
all over the dresser . . . I couldn't help it. I thought Luke would be
pissed, but he just chuckled and said . . . there's more where that came
from. He lifted me up like I weighed nothing. He carried me by grabbing
my legs by the hamstrings and pulling up with me still completely impaled
to the base on his cock. He walked into the bathroom and made me plant my
feet on the counter in a squat.

"Lesson One" he said. "This is how you do most of the work. Now bounce
like you're trying to stretch your legs before a good run." I did. It
felt better for me to bounce a little higher though and let his cock fall
out and then go back in and he moaned his appreciation. I was still
fucking hard having never gone down and looking at myself in the mirror -
seeing Luke's cock piercing my asshole with every bounce - I felt more like
a man than I ever had. Look at the size of that fucking pole. That's
going all the way in me I told myself subconsciously. And I lowered my
head. Luke knew I was getting hot and lifted me up and brought me to the
computer and chair. He put me on the chair and reclined it so the back
went waaaay back like a lazy boy. "Make me cum, Trent." I started moving
back and forth. I did this for about 15 minutes and he said, "Tell me how
you feel . . . you need to verbalize everything, I want to hear it, Trent.

"Oh yeah dude - feels so fucking good. Your long dick sliding in and out
of me. Awwww fuck dude - ream my ass good. Make me a man, Luke." He
thrust against my ass as it moved back to his pelvis when I mentioned his
name. He liked that. "Aw Luke . . . dude . . . Luke" a few more punches.
I just kept moaning his name and he kept punching my ass harder
. . . "Gonna jizz here man" I said and Luke pulled his cock out. He
grabbed me around the waist and threw me on the bed. He pushed my knees up
to my shoulders and pounded my ass. I started cumming without ever having
touched myself. It shot Luke on his face. He licked the cum up and pulled
his cock out so the tip was six inches from my hole and slammed all the way
back in to the base. He did this 8 times and started shooting his load.
He kept doing this as he shot his load and as a result I got several
cumshots right in the mouth. It tasted a bit dark . . . manly. Luke.

He kissed me his tongue hitting the outside of my lips in one of the
sloppiest kisses I've ever experienced to this day. "You're mine now,
stud." Is all he said and pulled me by my cock to the shower.

He started running bath water. Very warm bathwater. My bathroom had a
window and he opened it. One of the farmers had run some silage in tonight
as I could smell it coming from the machine at the bottom of the silo that
would shoot the mixture up into the silo. Not unlike what Luke had just
done to my ass. He got into the whirlpool tub and helped me get in. Once
there he moved all the way back to the end of the large oval and stretched
his legs out so that I had to sit on them. He pulled my ankles so that I
was laying on them. He shocked me by pulling my ass out of the water and
licking it lightly and gently. I moaned. My upper traps were resting on
his knees and he bent them to raise me out of the water. Eventually I felt
his juices leaving my ass, but not before his tongue came and captured
them. He did this for twenty minutes before slowly lowering my ass in the
water. He took some of the bath salts that my mom used when she used this
bathroom. (the one time THEIR whirlpool tub which is larger broke down -
never figured out why she left the salts and oils in there) It smelled like
eucalyptus - which a year ago had smelled like fish in the sun for two days
- now smelled like leaves. It reminded me of Basil in a way, but not so
minty. He put some oil on his hand and slowly moved his arm to my hole.
He rubbed his oily fingers into my hole. Massaging my prostate. Relaxing
me even more. I was really feelin kinda woozy. Like being drunk, but
without that feeling like you gotta barf. I was feeling really good
inside. Luke deftly moved his fingers and gradually I came to the
realization that he was just thumbing my hole in much the same way he had
been upon starting this whole charade. I hummed a moan.

"Dude," I started, "That was fuckin cool man." "I'm glad that you liked
it, Trent, but we'll have to set up some ground rules man." Uh oh
. . . . "Okay man - but can we do this another time? I'm kinda outta it
dude and I can't think." I farted and it bubbled up. I reached over and
as I half laughed half coughed turned on the jets. They felt good and the
smell quickly went away. "Do you have plans tonight, dude?" He asked. I
thought for a minute and then said, "Well Saturday night and small towns in
the middle of Wisconsin generally don't go together too well unless you're
into drinking. Coach made it very clear that if we're caught in any of
that bullshit we're off the team as long as he's coach of it. Usually me
and some of the guys get together at someone's house and watch the college
ball games that we missed while watching our favorite team play. It's
pretty lame, I know, but keeps our asses out of trouble. Sometimes
chicks'll come over and piss & moan or talk about shopping and trips to the
big city while we watch. It's cool, but there's not much else ta do 'cept
go skinny dippin' in the river or fuck your chick if she'll let you or
drive up and down the main drag like those fuckin redneck assholes that
don't have much else better to do." "Ah yes . . . " he said, "life in the
small town. Well dude, we're just gonna have to go and find us a pretty
lady to have some fun with."

With that thought in mind I stood up and started to run the shower and was
pulling the curtain inside the large tub while Luke sat there and drew his
knees to his chest. In a sigh I could hear his contentment and his peace.
He stood up and got behind me. His semi-hard cock fitting into the line of
my asscrack and said, "I was so scared that you were gonna say 'no'." This
moment of fragile exposure created this urge to hold him. I turned around
and we rested our heads on each other's shoulders.

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