Friday, April 10, 2009

Luke 2

The fire was dying out but I could still easily make out Luke's muscular
form as he entered the living room. He asked me about my dad and what I
knew about sex. I told him everything including about dad and mom fucking
sometimes even when I thought they knew I was watching. Periodically Luke
would get hard and when he got up to throw more logs on the fire in the
middle of our conversation I saw a string of precum hit the ground by the

Luke asked me if I'd ever done anything with guys. I said, "fuck no" and
he instantly asked why not. And I said because I wasn't queer. He sat
there and said that just because you fucked a dude or were fucked by a dude
or even sucked a cock or had your cock sucked by a dude didn't mean you
were queer or a fag. He started to tell me about life in the barracks and
how a few guys had taught him some cool shit. He was explaining to me that
it wasn't about being gay or not . . . it was about pleasure. And how much
pleasure you could give and receive. How satisfied you and your partner

I asked him how he found out about all this and he started telling me this
story about how one of his co's caught him whacking off while on watch. He
quickly showed Luke some things about man-to-man action that changed Luke
forever. I noticed that while Luke was telling the story he got really
hard. At the end of the story I was staring at his thick cock sitting
against his abs when he gently took my arm and pulled me over to him. I
was still naked and had been hard the whole time. He gently rubbed my cock
while he brought my face down to his thigh. "I can show you things, Trent,
but you have to want to learn." I said 'okay' in a half daze being so
close to his cock. "Lick it," he said. Still a bit unsure, he stuck his
finger in my mouth and told me again to lick it and ordered me to close my
eyes. I licked his finger. He moved his finger down to his thigh and I
licked his finger and his thigh around it. He moved his finger up to his
abs and his nipple and I licked them . . . wherever his finger went, Luke
got licked.

Luke sat on the couch with his legs spread wide and had me move to the
floor on all fours. He told me to keep doing what we were doing. Pretty
soon I was licking Luke's leg and he was no longer leading me with his
finger, but with his hand on the back of my head. Gradually he moved me to
the area under his balls where his legs met. He pulled my head up and he
sighed heavily as I took one of his huge, hairless nuts in my mouth. He
was breathing heavy now and pulled my head over his huge cock. I licked
it. At first it was different. Softer than the rest of his skin . . .and
slightly salty with a fluid that tasted very similar to that which I had
licked out of Tammy's ass.

I started to suck Luke's dick and he let go of my head with his hands. I
was getting his head in my mouth and opened my eyes to see how much of that
ten- inch monster I had in my mouth. I looked down and I saw that I only
had like two inches in and the rest was too intimidating to even
contemplate taking. So I just continued . . . moving my tongue around
more. I looked up and saw Luke staring with his blue eyes into mine. His
eyes were glazed over with Lust. I saw this in my dad's face sometimes
when he'd fuck mom. He had his hands behind his head and damn his biceps
were big. I noticed that the blond hair in his pits was slightly moist
from his sweat. I closed my eyes and continued licking his cock and going
down the shaft. He growled his approval every now and then. Luke shifted
around after a few minutes and when I opened my eyes he had his feet up on
the cushions and his ass pushed out more. He indicated to close my eyes
and he moved my head with his hand. He kept pushing me lower and lower. I
started to move away from his asshole, but he was stronger and pulled my
tongue right to it. It smelled a little musky and tasted a little bitter,
but overall wasn't too bad . . . I started to lick around there with my
tongue . . . wetting the little hairs that were soft and blond. I tongued
the center of his hole and Luke moaned. I kept doing this for some time,
just licking lightly across the center of his hole. Luke was moving his
head from side to side. "Oh yeah, Trent, tongue fuck me, man . . . . Dude
- you gotta sweet fuckin tongue. That's it, tongue fuck me dude." And I
did. I licked his hole and then after a while, stuck my tongue in. His
hole was relaxed and he had let go of my head. He was into it and so was
I. By this time my cock was oozing and I was ready to shoot. I hadn't
touched myself, but I had never in my life been so turned on. Luke sensed
this and moved us onto the floor. He laid me flat on my back and we were
69ing with him on top. He was pushing his ass on my face and was licking
me. This was my first blowjob. And Luke knew what he was doing! Soon I
was thrusting up to meet his mouth. I was getting really close when Luke
sat straight up and rode my tongue inside his warm ass. He was moaning and
arching backwards. Luke got up then.

He told me to close my eyes and I did. To make sure I didn't see what was
going on he secured his shirt around my eyes like he had with Tammy. But I
knew what was going on. He slowly sat on my prick. I was all the way
inside him. He was riding me! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Luke was riding my
COCK! Damn this was hot! He was warm, moist and very slippery inside. I
would later find out that he'd been using his dildo prior to going to the
bar. All of a sudden I got curious and just ripped the shirt off my head
and started touching Luke and looking at him. I played with his chest, his
abdomen, and when I got to his nipples he stopped moving. His ass was
clenching my cock like a fist. He came up off my cock and went back to the
sofa . . . he sat down with his ass off the cushions and I followed. He
threw his hairy legs over my shoulder and pulled me inside of him with one
hand. "Dude," he said, "This is your first time and I want you to fuck me
hard with that beer can cock dude. Pull all the way out and slam it back
in me. It feels REAL good when you do it man." So I did as he requested
and started slamming the hell out him. At sixteen and in great shape I was
able to last all of six strokes when I started shooting my wad. Most of it
landed inside his hot hole. I was still long-dicking him - pulling all the
way out - when I started my last shot some of it hit him square in his open
mouth and the rest went in his hole and I stayed there. I was about to
collapse when Luke forced my head to his cock to engulf his spasming cock.
I drank down as much of Luke's cum as I could, but a lot had streamed down
his shaft when the flow had subsided. Luke told me to clean it up . . . so
I did. And then he made me eat his hole, which I'd flooded earlier. I
licked and lapped for about twenty minutes and had the treat of my life.
Luke's hole tasted so good and he was very appreciative of the fucking and
sucking I'd done. It was only after I ate my own cum which had mingled
with that which I'd missed and had run down the crack of his ass that he
made me sit back.

We were both still hard and had just finished panting heavily when he sat
up. He lifted me onto the couch and put the blindfold back on. He told me
if I took it off I would regret it. Luke started kissing me. It didn't
seem weird at all because I couldn't see what or who I was kissing. But I
thought it was cool - I mean after all - it was Luke.

Luke was using his hands to play with my body. He certainly knew what he
was doing. He was playing with my tits and moving his hands down my sides
to my legs and ass. He started fingering my asshole with his fingers and I
instantly tensed up. He whispered in my ear to relax a bit. I did and as
I released a deep breath, he stuck just barely the tip of his finger into
my hole. I nearly shot my load then and there.

He then started moving his mouth down my body, playing with my tits and
licking my abs and then lower. He teased me with his mouth licking just to
the sides of my penis and on the sides of my balls slowly driving me mad.
I tried to move, but he saw this and held my hands down. I was under
Luke's control and he told me to submit and let him do what he wanted. He
said it in a voice that made me believe I'd regret it if I didn't let him
have his way. I was getting super hard and my cock had been dripping a
steady stream of precum all over my abs. Luke licked it up and then
engulfed my raging cock down to my pubes. I instantly started rocking my
hips pushing my cock in and out of his mouth. After just a few moments of
this I started cumming in his mouth. He just took it all in his mouth
swirling his tongue around the crown of my cock.

"Boy, you've got some sweet cum." He said after he'd finished. I was
feeling a bit tired and light-headed, but Luke obviously wasn't. He
decided to keep going. One of the advantages of being so young I was able
to stay hard the whole time. He went down on me for a while longer and
then moved down to my hole. He started licking and as I relaxed, a world
of sensations opened up to me. He physically made me kneel on the floor
and lean forward on the couch as he had been when I fucked his ass a few
minutes ago. He kept licking and started pushing a finger in. After a
while I came to the realization that I had his whole finger in my ass. He
was still licking and frenching my asshole like it was a chick's mouth.
Occasionally he'd spit in there and I'd feel the cool breeze inside me. I
was losing track of time and he eventually got three fingers in me. All
the way. I wasn't in pain. I was pretty close to an orgasm. Luke took
the lube off my dripping cock and put it on his own. He knelt behind me
and in one steady move slid his cock all the way in me. I came all over
the couch as he hit my prostate. He started moving in and out. And still
I was cumming. I was having what might quite possibly be the best orgasm
of my life. Luke kept pumping away at my ass as I started to drift down
from my climax. As I caught my breath and enjoyed the new sensations for
the third time tonight Luke started giving me orders. "Clamp your ass like
you're trying to hold in a fart, dude." He said sternly. I did and was
rewarded with a low moan. Then he stopped moving. He told me to push out
like I was taking a shit. I complied wanting to give Luke a great ride
like he'd done for me. He started fucking my ass again. This time he was
a bit rougher and drew his huge cock all the way out and then slammed back
in to the balls. He did this for a while. My abs were getting sore as I
was still pushing out, so I stopped. He noticed right away and slapped my
ass open-handed telling me not to stop until he told me I could. So I
pushed my ass to meet his thrusts and kept pushing my asshole out. He
started getting really rough and told me to clench my ass again like I'd
done before and do it hard! I did and he plunged all the way out and back
in several times. I could feel the cum hitting the inside and outside of
my ass as he went in and out of my ass while cumming. I had been hard the
whole time and started cumming when he slammed me again for the last time.
I was exhausted. So was he. We got up and went upstairs to my room where
I fell asleep against him.

Saturday Morning I woke up in my bed alone. I felt sort of weird about
things. I decided to take a shower and clear my head. Had last night
really happened? I showered and went downstairs in my boxers like I
usually did and went about pouring myself a glass of milk and started
getting cereal. I really didn't think too much about last night - or was
trying not to. As I was closing the refrigerator door Luke came around the
corner into the kitchen. He'd gone for a run to God knows where and was
sweaty as hell. I just stood up holding the milk and looked at him. He
was glistening and had a pretty easy breathing pattern for having worked up
that much of a sweat. I noticed because his chest was expanding to even
larger proportions every time he took a breath. He saw me checking him out
and the corner of his mouth lifted in a cute grin. He farted. Then
laughed and groped me and said, "Thanks for last night, stud. That was
just what I needed." I was feeling a bit weird about it now. I didn't
know what to say. What do you say after you've fucked a dude's ass and
he's fucked yours? 'Yeah, no prob? Anytime . . . ' So I said nothing.
He understood my silence and went upstairs without saying anything further.
After finishing my breakfast I headed downstairs like I always do Saturday
mornings to workout. It totally increases your metabolic rate if you
workout in the a.m. That way you burn more calories throughout the day.
This was my philosophy. And my dad's as well.

I was downstairs still in my boxers doing a set of inclined bench press to
work on the shelf that is my chest when Luke came downstairs. His hair was
still wet, but sticking up as guys with the jarhead cut usually does. He
was wearing jeans and nothing else. He sat down at the leg press machine
across from me and watched me finish my set. I was doing a set at about
160 which was a fair amount of weight and pushed out a good eight and then
really pushed for two more. Luke didn't come around to spot me. I was
cool with that though. I still wasn't feeling really sure about what'd
happened. What if Dad ever found out? What would he say or do? Would he
be cool with his son gettin' dicked and dicking a dude he'd served with? I
put it out of my mind as the barbell hit the rack. I was breathing a
little heavy and Luke said, "You always workout like this?" I asked what
he meant and he said, "Do you always exhaust the largest part of your
muscle first?" to which I gave an affirmative reply. He explained to me
that sometimes - about once every four times he worked a muscle he'd start
by working the accessory muscles and then work the larger ones at a lighter
weight. He said by doing this I'd be able to lift more weight more quickly
than if I continued to lift the way I had been. So I worked out and he
gave me little tips here and there. It was just like old times. After
working up a sweat I smelled pretty funky and started to head upstairs.
Luke followed me to my room. I was grabbing a towel from the closet and he
grabbed my arm. "Trent," he said in a very gentle voice, "are you okay,
man? I don't want to confuse you or hurt you dude. I care a lot about
you." "I just don't know what to make of it." I replied. I was confused.
He moved a step closer and we were standing toe to toe. He said, "look bud
- I know you're probably confused about some things, but I can help you
with that. It doesn't matter what people think so long as you're happy and
healthy man." "It's cool for now dude - just don't bring it up to my dad."
I told him. "Fuck no, man! He'd KILL me." Luke said. I was relieved.

I started to turn to go into the bathroom, but Luke pulled me back
unexpectedly and pulled me over to the bed. He pushed me down so my legs
were hanging off the side of the bed and pulled my boxers off. I wasn't
sure what he was going to do. He started by licking my cock and balls and
the insides of my thighs. It felt really good and I'd squirm when it got
ticklish. I was hard and barely noticed Luke pulling his jeans off. This
was great. I was in heaven. As he kept working me over he was massaging
me in different areas with his hands. He'd worked me over pretty well so
far, but started tonguing my asshole like he'd done last night. As he did
this he crawled up on the bed so that we were in a 69 position with my
mouth on his hole and his on mine. He worked his tongue into my raw hole
and eventually a finger. When he got his finger in to the knuckle he
pushed up and I felt a wave of horny heat flow over me. I would learn that
he was literally massaging my prostate with his finger. It felt hot. I
was about to shoot when he pulled his finger out slowly and sat up so that
he could be in control and really force my tongue into his now somewhat
loose hole. He started bouncing a little and moaning. A little of my cum
dripped out from the night before. He must have missed that in the shower
earlier. I licked it up and it was still warm and clean and tasted a bit
sweet. He bent back over and went back to work on my cock, which still
hadn't touched my abs or the moderate covering of hair there. He got me
nice and slick spitting several times and eventually barely touching my
cock with his lips. After somewhere in the neighborhood of five minutes
dude got up and turned around and started riding my cock.

"Squeeze my right hand when you're getting close." He said. Luke was
going up and down much like an equestrian. Pretty soon I was squeezing his
hand and he stopped with just an inch of my cock out of his ass. He looked
into my eyes and smiled. He told me that he wanted me to learn how to
control my orgasm so that I could last longer. "What's the use in lasting
longer when I can go a few times in a row?" He told me that the chicks
really dig it and it'd be something to make them beg for. Guys too. I
wasn't sure how I felt about that until Luke started moving up and down
again. I was all for it! He rolled to his side while I was still inside
of him and pulled me over so I was standing on the floor and he was the one
laying on the bed. He moved his hairy blond calves up to my shoulders and
told me to pound him good, but not to cum yet. I started moving my hips
and before long was slowing to a stop. When I stopped I was pushing my
pubes against my skin from the contact with the bottom of his pelvis. As
soon as the feeling passed I started fucking Luke again. This time as I
was fucking him he told me that I would fuck his ass by just plunging my
mushroom headed cock in and out of his hole as I was cumming. I should
grunt as I felt the onset of my orgasm. He told me to be as verbal as I
wanted. No one would hear.

I was plugging away and it was about two minutes later when I grunted. I
was long-dicking Luke and he was yellin, "yeah, c'mon man! Give me your
seed! That's right plow my ass you fuckin stud!! Drill me with that big
cock!" And I did. He yelled at me to just fuck with the head of my cock.
I started doing that and he tightened his hole. "Oh yeah, man! Just like
that! Oh FUCK that feels good, Trent!" This sent me over the edge and I
started cumming. I came so much that it was spilling out around the edges
of his hole and on my cock. It was dribbling on to the shirt that had been
on the bedpost, which Luke was now holding under his ass. After my orgasm
subsided he pulled my head down to his cock and told me to suck just the
head in and out. I did as he told. He was jerking his cock up and down
the base while I did this. He told me he was going to cum in my mouth and
that I should keep it on my tongue. He started cumming and started bucking
his hips and groaning as he shot six large hot volleys into my mouth. The
first four had gone directly to my throat so I was sure to pull back and
keep the last two in my mouth. I was successful. As Luke's orgasm
subsided he told me to show him his cum which I did. "Awesome, Trent. Now
keep it in your mouth and lick my asshole clean." I had to think for a
moment, but put it off to the side of my mouth and went about licking
Luke's hole. He brought his hands down and opened his ass cheeks and then
pushed cum out of his hole as I was licking. IT was fucking hot! I was
loving this. Still hard from fucking him, I was stroking while I licked up
all my cum. Luke told me to keep some on his tongue.

Comparatively speaking, my cum was much sweeter than Luke's. Later I would
come to find out that it was because I ate more fruit and he ate more
veggies in the 24 hrs preceding our little session. Luke had me show him
my cum and I did. Then he shocked me by grabbing my neck and pulling my
face to his and kissing me. Both of our cum from my mouth was sucked into
his by gravity and some kinky tongue movements by Luke. Then he started
REALLY kissing me. He rolled us over so that I was on my back. He
continued to make out with me for a while which was making me really hot
and then told me that he wanted to fuck me. I didn't say anything. I had
just fucked dude's ass so in my mind he had a right to return the favor.
He sensed the hesitation and said that if I didn't want it he would go
away. I was torn. This was all so fuckin new and weird. But I didn't
want Luke to go away. I told him to go for it. "Okay, Trent, but before
we start I'm going to tell you some things and then ask you again if you
want me to make Love to you." I nodded. He said, "You and I are buds.
But if you let me fuck you now I'm going to fuck you hard. REALLY hard.
You might bleed just a little bit inside. But my cum will be with you
forever dude. And once that happens you will be mine forever. This means
that you'll please me and do as I tell you to do when I tell you to do it.
You'll be happy this way, Trent, I know you will. And if you're not you're
free to end it, but know that if you end it, I'll be gone and we'll never
cross paths again. Ever." I was thinking about this. I wasn't sure. But
the thing I did know was that Luke was fucking awesome and would never hurt
me. Not intentionally. He would be there to hang out with and stuff like
that. Not only that but he'd make me into a man. What was I to do?

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