Friday, April 10, 2009


Being an only child and not having other siblings sometimes gave my parents
the feeling that they could take over the entire house as their territory
for just about anything and everything - especially sex. I remember when I
was seven and coming home from school one day I found them on the couch.
My dad, who'd been 17 when he joined the Marines, had a great body at 25.
He had my mom kneel on the couch while he long dicked her from behind.
Shoving his long cock all the way up her pussy and then pulling all the way

My parents were young. My dad had decided to leave and join the Marines
right after high school. But not before getting my mom pregnant with me.
It was so funny. They never cared if I saw them having sex. A few times I
think it actually sent them both over the edge.

This continued through my sophomore year in high school when I was 16. My
mom was just celebrating her 34th birthday and my dad was now 33. Me being
the horny teen I would sometimes watch them and jerk off or spy on them and
think about what they were doing later. My dad was a workout freak and
made sure that I was also. At 33 he was still a Herculean man. Being
six-foot-four and weighing in at 212 - none of which was fat - and having a
strong Scandinavian heritage, he was an impressive looking man. My mom was
only two years older and was an impressive brunette. My buds all gave me
shit about the size of her breasts. I was never offended about it because
I'd seen them. I'd seen my dad sucking on them, fucking his cock between
them, eating his own cum off them. There weren't too many things I hadn't
seen them do together . . . it seemed perfectly natural to me.

One afternoon after football I came home. My parents were arguing. Dad's
best Marine buddy - Luke - would be moving into our house. The thing was
Luke was only 8 years older than I. He had joined under my dad's command
when he was 18 and had been in the marines since. I'd only met him a
handful of times and never really thought much of it. My mom was concerned
about the house being too small and my dad was explaining that it would
only be for a few months while Luke got settled here in the Midwest.

I really didn't think much of it, but did notice that my parents weren't
having sex anymore anywhere except their bedroom. But being busy with Fall
sports and homecoming and being one of the better athletes on a football
team in a small school that really wasn't very much competition, I was
popular and didn't notice as much. I was also busy working out and with
practices and games I was having a good time. I had a body to keep up.
Almost 17 I was already 6'2" and 175 pounds of lean muscle. My brown hair
and blue eyes were gifts from my parents. Call it good genetics. The best
part was my thick 8 inches of cock. I had a mean looking cock. It wasn't
like my dad's. His was thick and longer about 9 and a half inches. But
where I didn't have his length, I did have much more width. All the better
to split the bitches open with when I finally found one who didn't have
'this thing' about having sex before she was married. Small towns were
like that . . . I longed for a larger city.

So my days and nights rolled on. On a particular Friday Night my parents
were taking a vacation two hours away and missed the game that I was
playing. We lost, as usual, but I wasn't worried. I'd helped to score
some serious points. I was leaving the field when I saw a blond
haired-blue eyed guy approach me. Luke. He certainly had gotten a lot
bigger. More muscular. Damn . . . I had to find out what he was doin with
his workouts and what kinda protein he was on! Even through the
cool-weather clothes he wore I could see his chest pump out and his arms
straining the sleeves on his flight jacket. He approached and slapped me
on the ass and said, "nice job, sport. Wassup?" "Not too much, man, you?"
I responded. Luke filled me in that he was only here for the weekend and
that he'd be coming back later in the week.

Well Luke beat me back home and asked why I hadn't brought a chick home. I
told him I didn't have one. He teased me saying he wouldn't tell my 'rents
if I gave her a lil' bump bump while they were gone so long as I used a
condom. I told him about the chicks bein' the marry-me-now, fuck-me-later
type. He understood. He was actually goin' to the bar and was gonna pick
up a chick and bring her back. I told him cool so long as he knew how to
do laundry so mom didn't get pissed if the bed sheets were fucked up. He
said with a wink that he hadn't planned on usin' their bedroom. Made me
think for a minute . . . .

So I went and stowed my shit and went to hang on my computer and download
some shit from the internet. Just your average shit - porn, music,
whatever. Didn't have any homework. I was about to crash when I heard the
front door open and close. I heard a couple of voices and figured Luke had
found what he was looking for - pussy.

I crept down the stairs to the lower level and was peeking around the
corner into the living room. Luke had gotten her kinda drunk and she was
all over him. She was about 5'6" and probably 120 pounds. She had blond
hair and a lighter eye color I couldn't distinguish. She had a skinny lil
body and a nice ass and really nice breasts. The kind that point up when a
chick's on her back. Luke wasn't really kissing her. Just rubbing her and
watching her squirm. He had built a fire in the fireplace. It was easy to
see that she was putty in his hands. It seemed that Luke knew exactly what
to do. Pretty soon she was clawing his clothes off his body. At this
point I saw him lift them up and move them to the floor . . . I could now
see everything as the back of the couch wasn't in the way any longer. She
was naked . . . and damn if she didn't have a nice rack.

Then I recognized her . . .this was Missy's older sister! I had dated
Missy for a while, but ended up breaking up with her when I needed to
concentrate on football and grades. I told her my dad would kick my ass
and that was good enough for her. The truth that she wouldn't even touch
my cock was something that even at 16 I knew better than to tell her. And
here was Luke, about to nail her sister. Damn . . . I watched him lick his
way all over her body . . . she had taken off his shirt to expose his tan,
muscular chest that stuck out like a shelf over his washboard abs. She was
in the process of freeing his cock while as they were moving into the
sixty-nine position when he started to munch on her clit . . . she threw
her head back and moaned really loud. Luke finished taking off his pants -
he didn't wear underwear - and inserted his cock in her mouth . . . well as
much of the 10 inch beast as she could . . . . Luke was just as thick as I
was and longer than dad!! I was instantly jealous - both of the fact that
he was going to get some and of the fact that he was totally brawny and
powerful. I was having a case of penis/body envy.

I started stroking my eight inches through my jeans as Luke put her through
her paces. He eventually got between her legs and had her lie back on the
floor. Kneeling like he was at a church pew he pulled her onto his thick
cock fast and hard . . . . too fast . . she shrieked. He yelled at her to
take it all and stop bitching . . . she shut up for a second and started
yelling in a few seconds. Apparently Luke wanted total silence because he
took his shirt and rapped it around her head covering her eyes. She
instantly tried to remove it but Luke kept her hands at her sides with his
big ones and continued to pound into her. Drawing all the way out and
slamming back in until his pelvis connected with hers. She'd stopped
screaming from the lack of sight and her cunt became used to his size.
Luke was now lying on top of her but keeping his upper body held way off
her. His hands were on the floor and if I'd been able to see a profile
shot it would've looked like he was doin' 'shups. Only he wasn't . . . he
was fucking the hell out of Missy's older sister Tammy. All of a sudden
Luke started really slamming and you could tell he was coming as he roared
in pleasure. As he came inside her cunt you could see each of the sinew in
each muscle of his body stand out. All of a sudden he threw his head back
and closed his eyes as he withdrew. He slammed all the way into her
causing the wind to be knocked out of her and leveled his head. He opened
his eyes and looked right into mine and started shaking as he began having
another orgasm. I was too shocked to move . . . and still we stared. He
smiled, dropped his head down and pulled out of her. He stood up and walked
right past me into the kitchen slapping my ass as he walked by. I think he
enjoyed that he was in my parent's house enjoying his 'kill'. Tammy hadn't
moved. She was still locked in a trance of post-orgasmic bliss when he
returned to the living room, hairless ass cheeks bouncing in sync with his
macho walk. Luke was a machine. His crew cut and Marine body was not only
a killing machine, but a fucking machine. And he was going to show me how
relentless he was.

Luke was still hard and spiked Tammy as he held her sit up and had her sip
the glass of water that contained the crushed up 'morning-after' pill that
he'd put in the glass while in the kitchen. Luke was no dummy. He kept
her on his prong and had her drink the entire glass. He then pulled out of
her which caused her to moan softly. He had her put her elbows on the
la-z-boy and had her in doggy position. I thought he was going to fuck her
this way until he waved me over and had me sit on the couch. He was
careful not to let her know I was there. She never complained about the
shirt still covering her head. I think we all knew that nothing good would
come of her complaints except another one of Luke's orgasms from a hard

I came into the living room and sat on the couch where he'd indicated. I
had full view of Tammy's now-gaping cunt as I sat across from the la-z-boy.
Then Luke laid down on the floor and slid himself under Tammy like a
mechanic sliding under a car. He put his bulging arms around her and
pulled her cunt down on his face. Not so close that I didn't see the mix
of her cunt-juice along with his cum slide onto his tongue and down his
throat. She was getting all horny about 10 minutes later and was sliding
her clit back and forth on Luke's tongue and nose when I didn't see any
more cum. Luke pushed her back to her doggy position with her arms on the
soft cushion of the chair. He came out from underneath her and approached
me, all 10 inches waving around as he walked over to me. He lifted my arms
and removed my shirt revealing much the same of what he saw in the mirror
when he looked at himself . . . a muscular chest with nice arms sitting
over an eight pack of abs. I however, had a small patch of hair over my
jeans on my abs. Luke brought me over to Tammy and had me get on my hands
and knees behind her. He indicated to lick her cunt and proceeded to push
my face into her.

I didn't know what I was doing at first, but Luke quickly grabbed my head
with his large hand and pushed my neck up and down and stuck his finger in
Tammy's pussy next to my tongue. Pretty soon I was licking his finger.
He'd move his finger around where he wanted me to lick. He soon had me
licking her clit and she started moaning. He pressed on her clit and
within a matter of about a minute her sweet nectar started to flow
stronger. I was addicted. As I got into it Luke pulled me off and sat me
on the couch again. He stood and moved around to Tammy's face and had her
take as much of the shaft as she could . . . I knew that her teeth had to
be scraping his massive pole but Luke didn't seem to care . . . he was only
concerned with getting her drool all over his cock.

As he pulled out of her mouth he had me stand at her side just opposite of
where he'd been standing a minute ago. My jeans were tented and he took in
the sight with a quick lick of his lips as he knelt between Tammy's legs
and started to slowly enter her ass. She started to scream and he quickly
jabbed about two inches into her and that caused her to really wail. No
need to worry about the neighbors though as we were smack dab in the middle
of forty acres of land that my parent's six year-old house sat on. All the
same Luke told her to shut up. She didn't . . . he withdrew the four
inches he had in her and slammed about six back in. She quickly got the
point. I'd never seen anything quite like this . . . even Mom and Dad
never did this . . . it was interesting and I thought that it must feel
really good for Luke to put Tammy through all this pain. Luke never put
his whole penis in her ass, just did quick short strokes for about forty
minutes until the end. All of a sudden he slammed into Tammy's ass and
started shaking all over . . . Tammy started moaning like a wanton whore.
She was cumming all over the floor. Luke continued to shake and looked at
me and smiled a sexy confident smile. Luke pulled his cock out of her ass
and pulled my face down to drink his cum. I was grossed out at first and
tried to pull away, but was no match for Luke's brute strength. Good thing
that Tammy had no idea what was going on. He held me there and soon cum
started to ooze out of her used butt-hole. The funny thing was that once I
tasted it, I didn't mind it so much. It was actually starting to taste
pretty good when the flow subsided. Luke pulled me off and had me kneel
between her legs. He quickly removed my jeans and grabbed my cock.

I was a bit shocked. I'd seen other dude's cocks in the showers and stuff,
but never touched another dude's aside from my dad's when we'd shower
together. Even now sometimes when we'd shower together he'd let me touch
his penis and stroke it. We had a huge shower stall upstairs across the
hall from my room and sometimes just walked into the shower when the other
was already in there. We had shower heads on each side of the stall so it
wasn't a big deal. But dad had never touched me anywhere except my ass.
But I trusted Luke. He gently rubbed my asshole with his finger while he
moved my cock head around and slightly inside Tammy's used pussy and
asshole. I was about to cum when he squeezed the head to prevent it. How
he realized when I was about to cum I'll never know. He pushed me back
onto the couch. I just sat there as he picked up Tammy, her clothes and
shoes and carried her out to her car. I watched from the couch in the
firelight as he made her kiss his cock goodbye - she was driving home nude.
She wanted a kiss and he said no. She kissed his cock again and left. As
Luke was walking back to the house, his cock hard once again from God knows
what, I noticed how incredibly sexy the lines were around the sides of his
torso stretching down in a V to where his huge cock and big hairless balls
were swaying with each step he took.

This was going to be a helluva weekend.

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