Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kim's promise

Kim Jones sat at her desk at All Things Computers and thought how lucky she
was to have met such a good man and to have married him. She had met Steve
while he was stationed in Taiwan as a member of the Army. Kim was from a
very good Chinese family and at the time she met Steve, she was working for
the Army personnel Department . They had dated for a year and when he got
orders back to the states he had ask her to be his bride and of course,
being in love, she accepted. Kim was fluent in English and had no problem
getting a secretary job when they arrived in the States. There was a
problem though. Her boss, the vice president for marketing, had made
advances toward her almost from the start. Kim was very beautiful and it
was easy to see why her boss wanted her. Most men and some women did.

Kim has promised Steve that she would never let another man fuck her and
she intended to keep that promise. Not long after the advances started, Kim
thought she had come up with a plan to stop him from trying to get into her

One day her boss, Mr. Garnet had a meeting with a very important Client, Ms
Smith from a Big computer retail store chain. When Ms Smith arrived for the
meeting Kim ask her to have a seat and she would inform the VP that she had
arrived. She said he had to sign a couple of things and then she could go
in. Kim went into Mr. Garnet's office and he said, Kim when are you going
to let me have some of that Sweet pussy of yours? Kim replied, I have told
you that I promised my husband that no man would ever stick his dick in my
pussy but just to shut you up I will do this. She walked behind his desk
and pushed his Chair back. She then pushed his legs apart and squatted down
between his legs and unzipped his fly.

His large cock leaped out of his trousers. Kim slowly stroked it and then
the leaned over and kissed it on the tip. Mr. Garnet's eyes were wide with
lust and his breath was very shallow. Kim then licked the head very softly
and then took the head into her mouth. Mr. Garnet thought he had died and
went to heaven and he was very close to cumming. Kim jumped up and ran to
the door, opened it and told Ms Smith Mr. Garnet would see her now. When Ms
Smith entered, He was trying desperately to get his cock back in his
trousers and get zipped up. He didn't quite make and Ms Smith thought she
knew what had probable went on there and she smiled to herself. I am going
to get to know this Kim, she thought.

Mr. Garnet was furious with Kim. He made a promise to himself to find a way
to get even with her and get some of that pussy as well. Even as
embarrassing as it was he couldn't get the feeling of Kim's sweet lips on
his cock. He knew he couldn't fire her because she would bring sexual
harassment suit against him and the company. He didn't want to anyway. He
liked having her around.

When Ms Smith had finished her meeting she stopped by Kim's desk and as it
was time for lunch she ask Kim to have lunch with her. They went to a
small, dimly lit cafe close to the office and selected a table in the
back. After they had ordered, Ms Smith ask Kim about what she had saw and
told her she probable knew what had went down. Kim confirmed her thought
and told her about Mr. Garnet's Constant harassment.

Ms Smith was delighted with what Kim had done but she was secretly envious
of Mr. Garnet. She would very much like to have some of Kim's pussy to. She
was not totally gay; she liked both men and women.

Maybe someday she thought. They chatted during lunch and Kim was quite
taken with Ms Smith and felt she had made a new friend. She liked to look
at her as well. Kim had never been with a woman and the feelings she was
getting were quite new. After lunch, Ms Smith walked Kim back to the office
and when they departed she squeezed Kim's hand and gave her a light kiss on
the check. Kim's heart began to beat a little faster and her legs got a
little weak. She sat at her desk for a few minutes thinking about Ms Smith
before getting back to work. Her mind kept wandering back to her all

5 O'clock at last and time to go home for the day. Kim stuck her head into
Mr. Garnet's office to see if there was anything else she needed to do
before going home. He gave her a hard stare and told her she could
leave. She fixed a light supper for she and Steve and after some TV and a
couple of glasses of wine she and Steve went to bed. As she lay there in
the dark she decided to tell Steve some of what had happened that day. She
told him about what she had done to Mr. Garnet but only told him that she
had Stroked his dick and not about the kiss and taking the head of his cock
into her mouth. Although Steve didn't like the idea of Kim touching another
man's dick, he understood. She also told him that she thought she had made
a great new friend in Ms Smith but again left out the part about being
sexually attracted to her. After some more conversation, Steve pulled Kim
closer and started to kiss her and rub her neck and back. Kim felt herself
responding. After all the sexual tension of the day, she really needed
this. Steve's kisses grew more passionate and soon his tongue was deep in
Kim's mouth and his hands began to wander over her body. It felt so good to
her and she returned his kiss eagerly.

Steve started to kiss her neck and his mouth slowly began to wander down
her body until he came to her breast. He licked one of the nipples and
gently massaged the other one between his finger and thumb. He than slowly
sucked one of the breasts in to his mouth. Kim was on fire. Her hands began
to wander to and she slowly moved down his stomach until she reached his
cock and balls. She cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed gently. Then
she grasp his dick in her small hand and started to stroke it lightly up
and down. His dick was small compared to Mr. Garnets but it didn't matter
to her because she loved Steve very much and he satisfied her in so many

Steve switched tits and began to suck this one massaging the other one. He
then started to lick down her body stopping at her belly button and licked
around it and then continued down until he felt her pubic hair touch his
chin. He then moved his mouth to the right and licked down her thigh and
then switched to the other one and slowly licked back up until he was even
with her cunt. Kim used an exotic Chinese perfume on her pussy and that
mixed with the smell of her cunt drove Steve wild. He licked the entire
length of her slit and then pulled one of the cunt lips into his mouth as
far as he could.

Then he switched to the other lip and did the same to this on as well. He
then drew back and lowered his mouth to her cunt and stuck his tongue into
her as far as he could and fucked her with it then found her clit and
licked on it for awhile and then drew it in between his lips and sucked on
it gently. Kim was going out of her mind. She grabbed Steve's head and held
it between her legs and as hard against her cunt as she could and had a
very hard cum. Steve then stuck his fingers into her and then sucked on his

He inserted his fingers again and offered them to Kim. Kim sucked Steve's
fingers clean enjoying the taste of her sex. Steve again kissed Kim deeply
and again she tasted her sex. Kim kissed Steve deeply and then started to
explore his body with Her tongue. She teased first one nipple and then the
other. She continued down to his belly button and inserted her tongue and
licked gently. She then continued down his body until she came to his cock.

She licked the entire length and then his balls gently. She then sucked one
of his balls into her month and sucked it and then switch to the other. She
indicated that he should raise his legs and position himself so she could
reach the small space between his balls and his ass and licked this
spot. Steve was beside himself with pleasure. She then let her tongue touch
his ass hole it was all Steve could do to keep from crying out.

It felt that good. Kim then went back to his cock and licked the entire
length again and then licked the head before sucking it into her month. She
sucked and stroked his cock for awhile and then sucked the entire length of
his dick down into her throth. As his cock was not very big it didn't gag

She continued to lick, suck and stroke until she felt he was ready to cum.
Steve stiffened then his orgasm racked his body and he shot hot streams of
hot cum in to Kim's month. Kim loved the taste of it and swallowed every
drop and continued to lick his dick until it was completely clean. She
kissed Steve and he could taste his cum on her lips. Steve held Kim and
stroked her hair and told her how much he loved her and how lucky he was to
have her. After a short while and with Kim playing with his dick, Steve
felt himself getting hard again. He rolled Kim onto the back and positioned
her knees even with her tits, slowly entered her. This position allowed him
to enter her as deep as his dick would allow. Kim loved this position.
Steve started to move in and out slowly and then increased the speed of his
thrust. He had already had a long hard cum so his staying power was
good. Kim was moaning and begging Steve to fuck her hard and long. He
did. He stiffened and shot his load in to Kim and she was climaxing as
well. Again Kim lowered her head to Steve's cock and licked it clean. They
fell asleep in each other's arms.

Kim was at her desk doing some word processing for Mr. Garnet when the
phone rang. She answered is her usually polite manner when a familiar voice
said "hello Kim, this is Karen. Are you free for lunch? Kim said
"Karen"?. Yes, Ms Smith. We met the other day. Kim heart started beating
faster and she replied. Yes but I didn't know your name was Karen and yes I
am free for lunch. Karen ask her to meet where they had lunch the day they
met and the time was set for 12 o'clock. Kim again got a funny feeling just
thinking about Karen. She had never had this kind of feelings for a woman
and couldn't understand it. However, She couldn't wait to see her
again. Karen was already in the cafe when Kim arrived. She was setting in
the back again but this table only allowed the two women to set side by

When Kim sat down, Karen took her hand and again kissed her lightly on the
check and told her how glad she could have lunch with her.

Kim felt weak and she had a warm feeling between her legs. She was confused
and found it hard to speak.

They made small talk while waiting for their sandwich. After they had eaten
and having coffee, Karen said something to Kim and placed her hand on her
leg. Again, Kim's heart started to race. Karen started to slowly move her
hand back and forward. Kim was wearing a skirt and it was inching up with
each stroke.

When Karen's hand brushed against the side of Kim's pussy, she almost
fainted. She couldn't speak and wouldn't know what to say if she
could. Karen sensed this and slipped her finger under Kim's panties and
stuck a finger into her very wet cunt. She then started to move her finger
in and out in a very slow fucking motion. Kim was beside herself with
pleasure and was sure the people in the next table knew what was going on
but she was unable to stop her. Karen whispered do you want me to stop? Kim
replied no, no, no.

Please don't stop. Karen continued to finger fuck her and Kim let out a
soft moan and came all over Karen's fingers. Karen put her finger to her
nose and savored the smell of Kim's pussy juice and the exotic Chinese
perfume she used. She then licked her fingers clean. By this time it was
time for Kim to return to work but before she left, Karen ask when she
could see her again. Kim answered soon, very soon.

Friday at last. Kim sat at her desk and tried to work but her thoughts kept
going to Karen. She was very confused and wondered if she should confide in
Steve. She thought better of it and tried to put it out of her mind. The
office intercom buzzed and she answered to hear Ms Lockert ask if
Mr. Garnet was available for a short meeting. Ms Lockert was the VP for
personnel and every one suspected that she was a lesbian.

She was. Actually, Mr. Garnet has asked her to his office for a chat. He
told her what Kim had done and Ms Lockert thought it quite funny but agreed
to help him get back at Kim.

Mr. Garnet said "Kate, lets me and you both try to fuck her at the same
time. Kate was delighted at the prospect and wholeheartedly agreed. They
gave themselves the weekend to come up with a plan.

5 o'clock at last and Kim went home a made supper for herself and Steve.
They went to bed early because Steve had the duty at the base the next
day. They had a quick fuck and went to sleep.

They arose early and Kim saw Steve off. After cleaning house she decided to
give Karen a call just to talk.

Karen answered and after a brief conversation, asks if she could come over
and they could get to know each other better. Kim was a bit hesitant but
finally said yes. She went upstairs and put on a pair of shorts and
halter. She looked very nice and very sexy. A few minutes she heard a knock
at the door and when she opened it there stood Karen dressed much the same
as Kim but Karen had not put on a bra or panties. She knew she was taking
things for granted but she could hope. They sat on the couch and talked
over a cup of coffee. Karen could see that Kim was very nervous so she
decided to take things slow and see where they went. Finally Karen said,
Kim I hope I didn't offend you at the cafe but you are so beautiful and
to tell you the truth, I like women as much as men. Kim responded that she
had never been with a woman and had never had the kind of feelings
before. Karen asks her if she would like to try it and Kim said she didn't
know. She told her about her promise to Steve. Karen replied that a woman's
tongue was not the same as a man's dick. Kim said she supposed not. Karen
slid closer to Kim and put her arm around her and gave her a light kiss on
the lips. It felt so good to both women. Karen traced the outline of Kim's
face and licked her ear softly. She then moved her hand to one of Kim's
tits and rubbed it over the halter. Kim's breathing was fast and
shallow. She felt weak and she could feel her panties getting wet.

She than reached one of Karen's tits a started playing with it. She could
tell that she wore no bra so she slid her hand under the halter and
squeezed her breast. They were so soft and smooth. She lifted the halter
and sucked in one of the nipples.

Karen couldn't believe it but Kim was taking the lead. They continued to
kiss and stroke each other. Finally Kim broke away and said softly, Karen
lets go to my bedroom. Once there, they undressed each other. Each thought
that the other was the most beautiful woman they had seen. Kim was small
with nice firm tits, a slender body and a small bush of black hair over her
very pretty pussy. She had a small rounded ass and narrow hips. Karen was
larger with big full tits that were very soft. She had wider hips and
bigger ass and a lot of blond hair on her cunt. They stood and looked at
each other for a minute. Karen reached for Kim and they fell on the bed and
started kissing and exploring each other's body.

Both had their tongues deep into each other's mouth. Karen moved her hand
to Kim's tits and started to excite her nipples, one after the other. Kim
let her hand wander across Karen's stomach and down to her pussy.

She felt at once that Karen was very wet there. She slipped one and then
two fingers in her and slowly started to finger fuck her. She then found
her clit and rubbed it. Karen started to moan and she broke the kiss and
started to suck Kim's tits. She then started to lick down Kim's body,
across her stomach until she came to her pussy. It smelted so good. She
could smell the clean smell of hot cunt and the exotic perfume.

She licked one thigh and then the other one. Kim was going wild. She wanted
to scream to Karen to put her tongue in her pussy. After a couple of
minutes, she did just that. She licked around and around going deeper and
deeper with her tongue. She also inserted a finger on each side of her
tongue and opened her cunt lips up and made a noise sucking her sweet
pussy. She then found her clit with and began to suck on it drawing it in
between her lips. Kim was about to explode. Suddenly, Karen turned her body
so that her pussy was over Kim's face. She lowered her ass until her cunt
was only an inch from Kim's lovely mouth.

She then went back to sucking and licking Kim's pussy. Kim reached up and
put her hands on Karen's ass and pulled her down until her pussy was
covering her mouth. The smell of her was intoxicating.

She began to lick and suck on Karen's cunt the same way that Karen was
doing to her. She also inserted a tiny part of her finger into Karen's
ass. This made Karen push down harder into Kim's mouth. Kim had gone 69
with Steve many times but this was so different. The sucking and slurping
noise was getting loud. In the mean time, Steve had been relieved early by
a Sgt. that owed him a favor. When he got home he saw Karen's car and
though that this must be the friend that Kim had mentioned. When he entered
the house he heard the moaning and slipped quietly to the bedroom. The door
was open and he could not believe the sight of his wife and her friend
eating each other in the 69 position. He stood quietly for a while and
watched them. They were not aware that he was even on earth, must less
watching them. Steve slowly backs away and quietly left the house and went
to a bar for a few beers. As he sat and thought he said to himself, now
this changes things.

He felt the excitement building up in him. When he returned to the house,
Kim and Karen were setting at the kitchen table drinking a glass of
wine. Kim introduced Karen and they all three had a nice visit and after
awhile, Karen excused herself and went home. Steve told Kim that he liked
Karen very much and was glad she had made such a nice friend. He didn't
mention what he has seen but he certainly had plans to use what he had

Monday morning Kim was setting at her desk thinking about the incredible
weekend when Ms Lockert came in to the office and said she had an
appointment with Mr. Garnet. Kim announced her and Ms Lockert went into his
office and closed the door. Mr. Garnet said, well do you have any ideas on
how we can fuck my little assistant? Kate said how about calling her in
and tell her that I have ask that she be transferred to me and of course a
raise goes with it. Then you follow my lead. Garnet agreed and pushed the
intercom and asks Kim to come in. Kim entered the office and Garnet told
her to sit and she took the chair beside Ms Lockert. Her boss then told her
that Ms Lockert has ask for the to be her new assistant and their would be
a nice raise to if she agreed. Kim asks a few questions and then said she
would like the change. Kate stood up and walked behind Kim's chair and
placed her hands on her shoulder and rubbed them gently. Kim was stiff at
first but began to relax as she just thought Ms Lockert was being
friendly. She soon learned different as Kate's hand went to both her tits
and she began so squeeze them. Kim started to stand but Kate held her
firmly. She motioned for Garnet and he came and knelt in front of Kim and
pushed her legs apart. He reached up an pulled her panties down and looked
up at her and said now I am going to do to you what you started to do to
me. He lowered his head to Kim's pussy. He could smell the freshness of her
and the exotic perfume. He stuck his tongue in her cunt and started to lick
and suck. His heart was beating fast and he could feel his dick getting
hard. I am going to fuck her he thought. Kim knew she was out manned and
that if she hollered rape it would be her word against two VPs. She relaxed
and Kate let up on her but Kim didn't try to get up. Garnet's tongue was
beginning to feel good. Kate went and locked the office door and started to
remove Kim's clothes. God, she is beautiful she said out loud.

Garnet had his mouth full of cunt and could only grunt his agreement. Kim
put her hands on her boss's head and pulled him hard into her pussy. Kate
removed her own clothes and both women were completely nude. Kate told
Garnet to lay Kim down on the couch. Kate knelt between Kim's legs and
began to eat her cunt.

Garnet put one knee on each side of Kim's head and offered his big cock to
her. She held it with both hands and slowly slid it between her lips. She
sucked the tip for a few minutes and then began to take more and more into
her mouth. She didn't know how far she could take it in without
gagging. His was much larger than Steve was. She loved the taste of his
dick though. She had no thought of stopping this time. Kate had found her
clit and was sucking on it as hard as she could. She could feel that Kim
was about to cum so she inserted a finger in her ass and slurped the juices
from Kim's cunt. About that time Garnet big dick started to jerk and he
started to pull out but Kim stopped him and he shot load after of load of
hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed every drop and licked his cock
clean. Kate then asks Kim to eat her, as she was the only one that hadn't
had a climax. Kim licked Kate's tits and then put her tongue into her pussy
and brought her to a quick orgasm.

Garnet had played with himself watching the two women and was now hard
again. He told Kim that her wanted to fuck her. Kim told him again that she
had promised her husband that no man would ever put his dick in her pussy
and she intended to keep her promise. She said she would take care of it
another way and she lay on her back and told him to put his dick between
her tits. She then held them together and told him to fuck her that
way. Kate again knelt between her legs and began to eat out her cunt
again. Garnets dick felt good sliding between her tits and his big balls
rubbing underneath them. When he came, she tried to catch it with her mouth
but most of it went on her neck and face. To the surprise of both, Kate
licked his cum from Kim. The women freshened up in Garnet's private
bathroom and Kim said she was looking forward to working for Kate. Kate
kissed her lightly and Kim went back to her desk. Garnet just looked at
Kate and said well, well.

Steve was the NCO in charge of the Motor Pool. He had several soldiers of
different grades under him and the newest one was a 19 year old female
Pvt. Just out of school. Steve didn't think much of women being assigned to
combat status. He didn't like them in the motor pool either. He didn't
think grease and girls went together. Pvt. Ayres was really good looking
with very big breast and curvy body. All the other soldiers were very happy
she was there, each hoping for a chance at her.

From the first day in the motor pool she flirted with Steve. Steve was
well aware of the problem the Army was having with NCOs taking advantage of
women under them and he didn't need or want that trouble. He didn't know if
she was attracted to him physically or just saw Steve as a means of getting

He did nothing to encourage her attention. He would have liked to get to
her though. After he had seen Kim and Karen together he began to hatch a
plan to get Pvt. Ayres without getting into trouble. He told Kim about
Pvt. Ayres's flirting. Kim asks him, what are you going to do? Steve
replied, You and I are going to fuck her. Kim was shocked and couldn't say
anything for a minute. She finally croaked, what did you say? Steve
repeated it. Kim said what in the world do you mean. Steve smiled and told
her that he had watched her and Karen eating each other's cunt so he
thought Kim wouldn't mind helping him with Ayres. Kim started to cry. She
said that she didn't know why or how it happened and she was sorry and
wouldn't let it happen again. No, no Steve replied.

Don't be sorry. I am glad you made a new friend and especially one like
Karen. I think she is going to make life better for us both. In the future
though, I want you to be completely honest with me and I will be with
you. And, I still don't want another man fucking you unless we are
together. Kim dried her eyes and kissed Steve; told him that she loved him
very much. She told Steve every thing that had happened the last week or
so, leaving nothing out this time. Steve was very excited. Kim, he said, I
think we are going to have a very interesting life together. Kim smiled and
said, now how are we going to fuck this new Pvt. Of yours. Steve said he
would invite her to dinner Saturday night and they would take it from

Karen lay on her bed and thought of Kim. Lord she thought, she is so
beautiful and sexy. I think I could eat her pussy non-stop all day. Steve
is a nice man too, she thought, but I am very jealous of him. I wander if
there is some way to fuck them both. Karen's raised her hands to her tits
and started to squeeze and tease her nipples. She couldn't get Kim out of
her mind. She started to fantasize about Kim and Steve and let one of her
hands slide across her belly and to her cunt. Slowly she rubbed her hand
back and forth over her pussy pretending it was Kim's hand. She daydreamed
that she was sucking Steve's cock at the same time.

Karen then inserted two fingers into her very wet cunt and started to
finger fuck herself. She spread her legs far apart and moved her hips up to
meet her fingers. She found her clit and began to rub it lightly at first
and then harder. In her mind, Steve's cock was deep into her mouth and Kim
was now eating her pussy.

Her hips were now bucking wildly and she started to cum. She started to
moan and thrash about finally coming down from her climax. After she caught
her breath she decided to think of a plan to get both of them at the same
time. As it worked out it turned out to be Kim's plan.

Steve called Pvt. Ayres into his office and told her that it was his policy
for him and his wife to invite new members of the motor pool to dinner and
if she was free Saturday night they would like her to come. She accepted
and he told her it would be informal and to dress casual. Skirt and blouse
would do fine. Ayres arrived at 6 o'clock and was served a couple of drinks
before dinner and wine with the meal. After dinner Steve fixed more drinks
and said he had rented a movie. He told Ayres that he and his wife enjoyed
porn movies and if this type of movie didn't offend her, she could stay and
watch. Ayres said she very much wanted to see the movie. Steve loaded the
VCR, turned on the TV and started the movie. He and Kim sat on the couch
and Ayres sat in the easy chair. After watching some very hot scenes for
awhile, Steve whispered to Kim to rub his cock through his pants. Kim
whispered she will see me. Steve replied that was what he wanted. Kim
started to rub Steve's dick. Ayres was trying not to look but she kept
steeling a glance now and them. Steve then told Kim to unzip his pants and
take his cock out and masturbate him. Again Kim hesitated and Steve told
her again to do it. Ayres couldn't believe what was going on but she was
getting very hot and it was all she could do to keep from rubbing her

She was watching Kim and Steve part of the time and the movie part of the
time. Steve then told Kim to give him some head. Kim leaned over and took
Steve's cock into her mouth and started to suck it.

Ayres was no longer watching the movie at all. She kept crossing and
uncrossing her legs trying to get some friction on her cunt. She thought
she was going to cum just watching them. Steve motioned for her to come sit
beside him on the couch. She came over and sat on the other side of him
never taking her eyes off Kim's head bobbing up and down on Steve's very
hard dick. Steve leaned close to Ayres and kissed her on the lips and
inserted his tongue in her mouth. Ayres's heart was beating very fast and
she felt faint. Her pussy was soaking wet. Steve leaned back and started to
unbutton her blouse. He told her that he very much wanted to see her big
tits. She didn't resist as Steve removed her blouse and then her bra. Her
breasts were magnificent. Very large and firm.

Steve leaned over and kissed each one. He then sucked one of the nipples
into his mouth and gently rubbed the other tit. All the while, Kim
continued to suck his cock. Steve ran his hand up under Ayres's skirt and
rubbed her pussy through her panties. Steve then said I think it is time we
all got undressed. As the two girls were taking off their clothes, Steve
unfolded the sofa bed and then removed his clothes. Both girls were very
beautiful but very different. Ayres was as big busty girl with lots of
brown hair around her cunt.

Steve told to lay down on her back. He told Kim to play with her pussy
while he fucked her tits. He told Ayres to hold her tits together and he
slowly fucked them. His dick touched her chin with each forward
thrust. After doing this for awhile, He asks Kim if Ayres cunt was wet. Kim
said that it was very wet and Steve to her to give him a taste. Kim stuck
three fingers in to Ayres's pussy and then offered them to Steve.

He licked her fingers and then told Kim to taste it too. Kim reinserted her
fingers and then put them her mouth and liked the juice from them. Steve
told Kim to eat her while he fucked her in the mouth. Kim got between
Ayres's legs and licked her thighs and then licked the length of her slit
and then inserted her tongue and fucked Ayres with it. She found her clit
and began to suck on it.

She tried to suck her whole cunt into her mouth. Her face was wet with
pussy juice. Steve had put his cock in Ayres's mouth and was fucking it as
if it were her pussy. Ayres was consumed with lust. She had never had
anything like this happen to her but she knew she liked it very much. Steve
was getting close to cumin so he removed his cock from her mouth. He asks
Ayres if she had ever eaten a pussy. She said no but she would. Steve put
Kim on her back and told Ayres to go down on her while be fucked her doggy
style. He held onto her hips and fucked her as hard as he could while she
was slurping Kim's cunt. They all three came at about the same time. Steve
shot so much cum into Ayres that part of it ran out of her cunt and down
her leg. Steve rubbed it up with his hand and told Ayres to lick it
clean. All three cuddled on the sofa bed as they rested.

Steve then asks the girls to eat each other 69 style while he watched. The
girls started eating each other and Steve Started to jack off. When he was
about to cum he pulled Ayres's face away from his wife's pussy and stuck
his cock into her mouth and shot his wad down her throat. Ayres swallowed
most of it and then let some of it run out onto Kim's cunt and then licked
it up. Steve then sat in the easy chair and watch the girls bring each
other to a climax. Steve thought that this had been a very successful
evening. After some rest, Steve fucked his wife while Ayres sat on her
face. They all fell asleep and when they awoke, the two girls were in each
other's arms.

Kim liked her new position under Ms Lockert. She was learning a lot and
would soon be a big asset to the personnel department. She wasn't under as
much strain. Kate had not made one sexually advance toward her. She was
very friendly and kind. She was a big change from Mr. Garnet.

Kim had been working for Kate for about two weeks when Ms. Lockert told her
to come in and have a seat. She said she wanted to discuss some things with
her. Kim sat on the couch and Ms Lockert told her that she was doing real
well and she was glad she decided to transfer to her department. She fell
quite for a couple of minutes and then came and sat beside Kim on the
couch. She told Kim that she hoped that she didn't hold against her what
happened in Garnet's office. She said she enjoyed it very much but she knew
it was wrong and was the same as rape. Kim told her that actually she had
enjoyed it and there was no hard feelings. Kate thanked her for saying that
and lay her head on Kim's shoulder and let out a sigh. She Told Kim that
she was a lesbian and had never been with a man. She said she had let a man
eat her once but it wasn't the same as being with a woman. Kim told Kate
that she had sex with a woman three times and never even considered it

Kate took Kim's face in her hands and told her she was such a sweet child.
She then kissed her on the lips. The kiss grew more and more until both
women were kissing each other with much passion. . Kim stuck her tongue
deep into Kate's mouth and licked her gums and teeth. Kate's hands began
to wander over Kim's body. She massaged her tits and then ran her hand
under her skirt and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Kim raised her
hips off the couch so Kate could pull her panties off. Kim lay back on
the couch and hiked up her skirt. She inserted a finger from each hand
into her cunt and spread her lips wide and told Kate to please eat her.
Kate thought that Kim's pussy was the prettiest one she had ever seen.
She lowered her head to her cunt and licked and sucked the sweet prize.
Kim hunched her hips up to meet Kate's tongue and felt as if she would
explode. Kate pushed Kim's legs up so as to have a view of her ass and
inserted her tongue into her ass as far as she could get it. Kim started
to cum and it seemed to last forever. Kate had cum as well and Kim had not
even touched her pussy. You are a real dear Kim and I think I love you.
Now get back to your desk before someone figures out what we are doing.

Kim and Karen were relaxing on Karen's bed. Steve had the duty again and
the girls had spent the afternoon together drinking wine and making
love. Kim told Karen that Steve knew about them. He had seen them eating
each other. She told her about Pvt. Ayres too. Karen thought again about
making love to Kim and Steve together. She didn't want to say anything to
Kim about it. She was afraid it might offend her. Kim told Karen that she
enjoyed working for Kate. She was kind and sweet. Not anything like working
for Garnet had been. She was still mad at Garnet because he had technically
raped her although she hadn't resisted. Kate had helped him too but she had
forgiven her because she had made it up to her. She told Karen she would
like to get even with Garnet and ask Karen for her help.

Karen asks what she had in mind.

Kim told her she wanted her to give a party and invite Her and Steve, Kate,
Pvt. Ayres and Garnet. There were two others she wanted to invite but she
would do that herself. Karen asks whom. Kim told her that there were twins
that worked in the maintenance department. They were very big and strong,
black and gay. She said that she was nice to them and they to her and she
believed they would do as she asks. Karen wanted to know what she had in
mind and Kim said she was going to show Garnet just what getting raped was
all about. Karen immediately knew what Kim had in mind and said this is
going to be some party.

Karen invited Garnet and Kate. Steve invited Pvt. Ayres. All were told that
the party would be sexual in nature and all except Garnet was told that
there would be special entertainment. Kim talked to the twins and told them
what she had in mind. They said they would love to do as she ask and was
actually looking forward to it. Garnet had not treated them very well and
beside, a change at a little sex didn't go against their nature. The party
started slowly with drinks and snacks. Soon they started to pair off. Kate
and Ayres, Karen and Steve, Kim and Garnet. Kate was quite taken with
Ayres. She found out her name was Anne.

She held her and talked to her like she was her child. Whispering in her
ear, stroking her hair and hugging her. She planted little kisses on her
face and top of her head. At times she would just hold her and look at her
lovely. Anne was thrilled at the attention. Later Kate held her face and
kissed her lightly on the lips.

Anne parted her lips slightly and licked Kate's lips. This was more than
Kate could stand and she started to kiss Anne harder and pushed her tongue
deep into her mouth. Their tongues met and tangled with each other and both
women started to moan. Kate then started massaging Anne's big breast. Kim
and Garnet were sitting on the love seat necking. He had his hand on Kim's
crotch and she had hers on his. Garnet whispered am I going to get to fuck
you tonight. Kim glanced at Steve and saw that he and Karen were kissing on
the couch. She whispered that she was still bound by her promise but just
maybe Steve would not hold her to is seeing that it was obvious that he was
going to fuck Karen before the night was over.

Garnet thought that at last I am going to get some of her sweet
pussy. Karen and Steve were locked in an embrace while exploring each
other's body. Karen rubbed Steve's cock through his pants and whispered you
don't know how long I have been waiting for this. They continued to neck
and finally Karen said she was going to take the party to a different
level. She removed all of Steve's clothes and then removed all of her
own. Steve pushed her back on the couch, got down on his knees in front of
her and started to lick her cunt. The others saw them nude and all four
removed their clothes. Kate started to eat out Anne's pussy and Kim took
Garnet's huge cock in her mouth. A few minutes later the door suddenly
opened and the twins burst into the room wearing masks and carrying
guns. The guns were not loaded. They didn't want anyone to get hurt by
accident. Not by design but all three couples were eating each other in the
69 position. One twin told the group that this was a robbery and if they
did as told, no one would get hurt. The other twin said, "man, look at this
scene". These white folks sure know how to party.

By now all of the group were huddled in the corner of the room and Karen
was told to gather all the money and jewelry and put it into a bag. One
twin pointed to Garnet and said to his brother, "look at this stud, I sure
would like to have some of him". The other one said let's do it then
bro. He walked over and lifted Garnet up and pulled him to the center of
the room. Garnet yelled for him to get his hand off him. He cuffed him
lightly and said for him to get use to the fact that they were going to
fuck him. Garnet was terrified.

He begged for them not to hurt him. He was told that they were just going
to fuck him. The hurt part was up to him. The men forced him to his knees
and then removed all their clothes. Kim and Karen sucked in their
breath. They had never seen cocks as big as these had. Karen whispered to
Kim, "how would you like to get one of those"? Kim sighed in reply and said
that it was too bad that they were gay. One told Karen to get some Vaseline
and she went into the bathroom for some. One Twin rubbed a big daub on this
dick and then put some on Garnet's ass and pushed some up his ass with his
finger. Garnet started to cry. He wondered why he was singled out and not
Steve. His ego took over and he guessed it was because he was better
looking. The twin worked his finger in and out of Garnet's ass. At first
his ass muscle tried to shit it out but then relaxed and excepted the
finger. The other twin lifted Garnet's head up and rubbed his dick across
Garnet's lips and said' white boy, I want you to suck my dick and if I feel
one tooth you are going to be in a world of hurt. Garnet begged but to no
avail. He pushed his huge cock between his lips and told him to lick and
suck. Garnet had no choice but to do as he was told. The twin behind put
the head of his greased up cock against Garnet's ass hole and started to
push. His ass started to spread until he had about an inch of his massive
cock in Garnet's ass. He felt as if he were being split into. The twin kept
pushing until he had about 4 inches of his 10-inch dick up Garnet's ass and
then he started a slow in and out fucking motion. With each forward stroke
he went deeper until he was balls deep into Garnet's ass. The pain was
intense. The twin kept fucking and after awhile the pain subsided and
Garnet was actually starting to get a small amount of pleasure and started
to move his ass backward to meet the thrust. The other twin started to cum
and Garnet closed his throat and let the cum run out of his mouth. The twin
grabbed him by the hair and said you are going to suck it again and this
time you had better swallow every drop. The twin fucking Garnet's ass came
in a rush and the cum ran out of his ass and onto the floor. He reached
under Garnet's body and started to play with his cock. In spite of what was
happening to him, his dick was getting hard. The twin pulled his dick out
of his mouth and they turned him over and he re-inserted his dick into his
mouth while the other one said I am going to give you a reward for being a
good boy and started to suck his dick. It was as good a blowjob that Garnet
had ever had and he filled his mouth with cum. After they were through,
Garnet balled up on the floor and whimpered. The twins put their clothes
on took the bag of money and jewelry and left.

Garnet was still crying and asks Steve to call him a taxi. He said he would
get his car the next day. Garnet didn't know it but Karen had video taped
the entire show. After he left in the cab the twins returned and gave every
one their stuff back.

Kim tried to pay them but they wouldn't take any money saying they enjoyed
it. Karen offered them a bottle of whiskey, which they accepted. Before
they left one ask Steve if he wanted them to fuck him. Steve smiled and
answered no. The twin said I love your wife and if I ever hear of you
mistreating her then you saw what you would get. Steve smiled again and
said not to worry that he loved her too. After the twins left Kim went over
and sat beside Karen and Steve and said may I join you two, my partner has
gone. Karen thought at last that her dream was going to come true. Steve
was in the middle and Kim and Karen started to tongue his ears. Their hand
started to slide down his body. Karen's hand stopped at his cock and Kim
cupped his balls. Karen slowly stroked him while Kim played with his balls.

Both girls then lowered their head. Karen put his cock in her mouth and Kim
got one of his balls in hers. Kim then got between Karen's legs and
started to lick her cunt. This was exactly as Karen had fantasized.

Her climax was so intense she almost passed out. Steve filled her mouth
with his cum and she swallowed every drop. Kate and Anne were in there on
world. Kate couldn't believe she could fall so fast for someone.

She held Anne in her arms and told her how much she loved her all the while
exploring her body as if for the first time. She told Anne she could have a
job in her company when her hitch in the Army was up. She ask if were
possible to live off base. Anne said that maybe Sgt. Jones could pull some
strings. Kate wanted Anne to move in with her. Anne was very excited about
this and would talk to her Sgt. as soon as possible.

Kate lay Anne on the couch and positioned her cunt over her face and then
started to lick and suck Anne's pussy. Anne put her hands on Kate's ass and
pulled her cunt to her mouth.

They resumed the 69 act that they were engaged in before the twins
interrupted them. Karen suggested to Steve and Kim that they go to her
bedroom saying that Anne and Kate would never miss them. Karen had a
king-size bed and they all three got on it. They lay so that Karen was
sucking Kim's pussy. Kim was sucking Steve's cock and he was eating Karen
cunt. Karen pulled Kim's cunt lips open and inserted her tongue as far as
she could and then sucked as much of her pussy into her mouth as she
could. Kim had the length of Steve's cock in her mouth. It has never
tasted so good. Steve was sucking and licking Karen's clit. They all
climaxed at the same time.

Mr. Garnet's new assistant put a package on his desk and said that it was
just delivered via a message service. Garnet opened the package and saw
that it contained videotape. A note attached said that unless he resigned a
copy of the video would be sent to the board of directors and it would be
put on the Internet as well. He put the tape in the VCR and was horrified
to see that it was a video of what had happened to him at the party.

Kim sat in her office, the new VP of marketing. She was discussing business
with Karen. Her assistant knocked and entered and placed some forms on her
desk. He was 6'2'' tall with wide shoulders and slim hips. As he left her
office, Kim said to Karen I have kept my promises to Steve. No other man
has fucked me but with him around, I don't know how long I can hold out.

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