Wednesday, April 8, 2009

kim's promise part 2

Steve sat on the edge of his bunk in his small apartment in Subic Bay in the
Philippians. He had one hell of a hang over and was holding his head in his
hands. The room smelled of stale tobacco, booze and pussy. Steve glanced
over his shoulder and saw his Filipino girl friend and her girlfriend asleep
each other's arms. Steve was leaving on a flight from Manila to Japan later
in the day and his girl had given him one hell of a going away party. The
three of them had drunk, fucked and sucked most of the night. What a show
the two girls had put on for him.

Two years earlier:
Kim and Steve lay necked on their bed. They had given a great party and the
guest had all departed and Steve and Kim was talking about how things had
gone. The regulars had attended. Also there were the black twins and their
boy friends. They had put on a demonstration on how to butt fuck without
hurting their partner. As usual, Kate and Anne stayed pretty much to them
self but Steve had gotten head from each one and both women had gone
down on Kim. All and all a success they thought.

While talking, Steve was rubbing Kim's inter thigh They had taken a shower
before getting into bed and Kim had put on some perfume she wore. Steve
pulled Kim close and kissed her and told her that as much as he enjoyed
their Sex parties, She was the only one for him. Kim started to stroke
dick and it was getting very hard again. She lowered her head and licked the
head of his cock. She then sucked the tip into her mouth. Then she bent
lower and licked his balls and the area between his asshole and his balls.
Steve said take it easy or I want be able to hold back. Kim lay back down on
her back and Steve kneeled between her legs and spread them wide. Her
beautiful pussy looked very inviting. Steve put his thumbs on each pussy lip
and spread her open. He put his nose in her and took a deep breath. You
smell so good he told her. Steve licked up and down her slit while still
holding her open. He then licked around her clit. Kim was holding her ass up
off the bed. She was rubbing her nipples and moaning. She said Please
Steve; I want to feel you inside me. Steve rubbed the head of his cock up
down her cunt and started to enter her and then the phone rang! Steve
thought he had better answer. It may be an alert on the base. It was a long
distance call from Taiwan. The voice on the other end said he was calling
her family and that her father was ill and she needed to come as soon as
Kim's flight left early the next morning. When she landed in Taiwan she
saw a driver holding up a card with her name on. The driver told her he
would drive her straight to the Hospital where she would meet her mother
and see her father. Kim has not been seen or heard from since.

Steve was overcome with grief. His hitch in the Army was up. Steve took his
discharge and joined the Navy and applied for SEAL training. Upon
completion, he was assigned to a SEAL unit in the PI that was sent as a unit
or individually on special assignments.

Steve took a bus from Subic Bay to Manila to catch a Red Eye flight to
Tokyo. He boarded the plane and found his seat, which was the window
seat. A very attractive Japanese lady that looked to be about 40 and a
beautiful young Japanese girl of about 20 took the other two seats. The Lady
asks Steve in perfect English if her daughter could have to window seat. She
has never flown before and would like to look out. She explained that they
had come by ship but her daughter suffered from seasickness so they were
flying back to Japan. Even though it was night, She would be able to see
lights when they flew over land. Steve said OK as he planned to sleep all
way if he could. So he exchanged seats with the young girl He was now
sitting between the Mother and daughter.

After the plane was airborne, Steve covered himself with a blanket and put
his seat in the maximum decline position. He had just dozed off when he felt
his pants being unzipped. He looked at the young girl but she was starring
out the window. Both her hands were in sight. He looked at her mother and
she had a smile on her face and put her finger to her lips and made a shush
sound. Steve cock was now hard and he closed his eyes and thought what the
hell. May as well enjoy it. The lady was very experienced in what she was
doing. She kept Steve just on the verge of cumin. He would come close and
she would back off. She kept him in this state for about � hour. Steve felt
Change and realized that instead of being jacked off his dick was now being
sucked. He looked at the mother and she just had a smile on her face. He
looked at the daughter and she wasn't there. Her head was under the blanket
and she was the one sucking his cock. The mother leaned in close and
whispered into Steve's ear. My daughter is getting married when we get
back to Japan and it is very important in Japan that a bride knows how to
satisfy her husband in every way. On the ship we met several pasengers and
crew members that was more than happy to help my daughter with the
experience she needed but she was seasick much of the time and only got
limited teaching. So I hope you don't mind if she practices her cock sucking
technique on you. Steve didn't mind at all. It wasn't long before Steve
started cumin. The girl swallowed every drop and continued sucking and
Steve soon became very hard again. The girl licked up and down Steve's
cock and then licked his balls. She teased the head with the tip of her
Soon she took his whole dick into her mouth and moved her head up and
down while sucking. Steve came again. He whispered to her mother that he
thought she would be able to satisfy her husband.

Steve finally fell asleep with the daughter holding his cock and the mother
holding his balls.

Upon landing in Tokyo, The Japanese lady gave Steve a slip of paper with
her name and address written one it and told Steve he should come for a
whenever he was in Tokyo. Steve promised he would.

Two Years earlier:

Kim entered the Lemo and was given a drink that contained knock out
drops. When she woke up she was on a small plane that landed in the
southern part of China. She was taken by bus to a woman's prison that
contained mostly political prisoners and a few kidnapped victims like her.
The warden and all the guards were women. After checking in and being
issued prison clothing and other personal items, she was assigned a cell.
cellmate was a very lovely Chinese girl that looked to be about 18 or 19.
After lights out, Kim heard the girl sobbing in her bed. Kim got up and sat
on the sided of the girl's bed and lifted her up and held her in her arms
gently stroked her hair. The girl told Kim that she was arrested for being
in a
Student anti-government demonstration. The girl's young body felt so good
and Kim felt a tingle in her Pussy. She whispered don't be afraid, we will
help each other get through this. The girl put her arms around Kim and
hugged her tight. Her firm breast was mashed against Kim's. Kim started
kissing the girls face gently licking the tears away. She stroked her
She could feel the girl's nipples stiffen. She sighed and whispered that
so nice. Kim unbuttoned her top and took one of the hard nipples in her
mouth and gently licked it. She massaged the other tit and played with the
nipple. The girl was moaning now and saying yes, yes. Please it feels so
good. Kim removed the girls PJs and laid her on her back. She spread her
legs and kissed her pussy. She said you have the most beautiful cunt. It
smells so fresh. She fucked her with her tongue and then kissed the girl and
told her to suck her tongue and see for her self how good she taste. Kim
licked slowly down her body paying a lot of attention to her tits. She then
licked down to her stomach, sticking her tongue in her belly button. She
continued down until she came to the soft black hair above her cunt. She
took several deep breaths to inhale her sweet pussy smell. Kim thought it
been along time since I have seen such a soft, pink delicious pussy. She
started licking her cunt, finding her little clit and gently sucking on it
her lips. The young girl was thrusting her hips up against Kim's face and
pleading for her not to stop. Kim lifted her legs and pushed them back until
her knees were almost touching her tits. She them teased her asshole with
her tongue and licking from asshole to cunt. The young girl was going crazy.
Kim could tell that she was about to cum so she sucked as much of her pussy
lips into her mouth and then thrust her tongue as deep as she could into the
sweet pussy. When she came, Kim had to put her hand over her mouth to
keep her from screaming. She continued to gently lick her pussy bringing
her back to earth slowly. Kim held her close for awhile and when the girl
dozed off, she lay her down and covered her with her blanket. She got back
in her bed and dozed off herself.

Kim didn't know it but each cell had a hidden video camera. Even with the
low light the camera showed the action live in the warden's office and also
made a tape. The warden and two of the guards were sitting on a couch in
the warden's office and watch the action in Kim's cell. They had removed
their clothes and were finger fucking each other. After Kim had gone back to
bed the two guards ate each other in the 69 position while the warden
watched. They then took turns going down on the warden.

After breakfast the next morning, Kim was summoned to the Wardens
office. The warden said Mrs. Jones; I would like to show you something.
She turned on the TV and VCR and pushed the play button. Kim saw herself
making love to her cellmate. The Warden laughed at the look on Kim's face
and said quite a show. We enjoyed it very much. The Warden went on to tell
Kim that she and all the guards were lesbians. I make sure of that during
job interviews. You may have noticed that there are a lot of very good-
looking prisoners here. One thing we don't do, however, is forcing anyone to
have sex with us if they don't want to. We don't rape anyone. We do allow
the guards to have sex with any of the prisoners that are willing and we
allow the prisoners to have sex with each other but again no rape is
Anyone caught doing that is severally punished and transferred to another
prison. We were very impressed with your performance last night and we
would like to assign pretty new girls to your cell so you can convince them
that the lesbian life is the best way to go. You will be well rewarded for
efforts. Not only will you have the opportunity for great sex you will have
lot of privileges the other prisoners don't have. You will be assigned a
day job so all your nights will be free. It will make your stay with easier.
Kim stood and leaned over the warden's desk and kissed her on the lips. I
gladly accept your offer. The warden said great and I would like you to join
me for dinner in my private dinning room.

Kim was escorted to the Warden's dinning room where she had an excellent
dinner and several glasses of wine. Kim thought that for a prison this
half-bad. After dinner they went to the warden's office and both sat on the
couch. The warden told Kim that the reason she was kidnapped. She said
your father is a very important man in Taiwan. If China goes to war with
Taiwan she would be use as a tool to assure her father assists China in the
war effort. The warden said she didn't agree with those methods. She had to
follow orders. After more small talk, She put her arms around Kim and
kissed her. Kim returned the kiss and they slowly undressed each other. The
warden gasp when she saw Kim's nude body. You are so beautiful she told
her. She had Kim stretch out on the couch and she slowly kissed and licked
her way down her body. She got between Kim's legs and put a thumb on
each pussy lip and spread her open. She leaned down and licked her pussy.
My, My you do taste as good as you look. She then turned her body so that
her pussy was just inches from Kim's mouth. The warden started sucking
and licking her cunt. Kim put her hands on the checks of the warden's ass
and pulled her pussy down to her mouth. The Warden had a very nice smell
and taste too. Their combined pussy smell was filling the office. They both
reached an orgasm in a very short time. They sat up and licked the juice off
each other's face. When it was time for Kim to return to her cell she
the Warden for a nice evening. She told her cellmate all about her evening
a whisper so the Video camera wouldn't pick up their conversation.

Kim had a great success converting the pretty young girls assigned to her
cell. They all seemed to enjoy lesbian sex very much. The warden and the
guards were very happy with Kim and she received Special favors from the
guards. She spent many enjoyable evenings with the warden.

Kim had been at the prison for six months when another new girl was
assigned to her. She was gorgeous. She was petite with long black hair,
small but perfect tits and a figure to die for. She had a beautiful slightly
rounded face, black eyes and full lips. Kim's pussy tingled just looking at
her. Oh my, she thought, I am really going to enjoy this one.

To Kim's dismay, the girl rejected every advance she made. She didn't get
mad or upset, but would just smile and shake her pretty little head. Kim
the Warden she might fail with this one. The Warden said to try for a few
more days. She and all the guards were licking their lips. Luck was on Kim's
side. During a soccer game in the exercise yard, the girl fell and bruised
shoulder and back. Later the girl was lying on her bed and Kim sat on the
edge of the bed and told her that a little rub down might help ease the
The girl said OK. Kim helped her remove her shirt and rubbed her shoulders
with a Very light touch. The girl sighed and told her how good it felt. Kim
moved over her until she was sitting on the girl's butt and gently massaged
her shoulders and upper back. She would run her hands down the girl's side
and brush against the outside of her tits as if by accident. Kim moved
inch by inch until she was sitting on the back of the girls knees and was
rubbing her lower back. When her hands came to the top of the girl's pants,
Kim whispered let's pull these down so I can massage you all over. The girl
sighed and raised her ass up so Kim could unbutton them and pull them
down. She removed them completely. The girl was now necked except for
her panties. Kim removed her own clothes as well and was now sitting on
the girls legs with nothing on. She bent over and with her tits pushed in
girl's back kissed the girl on the back of her neck and whispered you are so
beautiful. The girl sighed and said thank you. Kim was now rubbing her ass
cheeks through her panties. She started to pull them down and the girl
her ass up to help her. Kim pulled them down and off. They were both
completely nude now. Kim looked up and smiled at the camera.

The warden and her two favorite guards were watching on the closed circuit
TV and were cheering Kim on.

Kim spread the girl's legs a little. She could see a little of her pussy.
She was
massaging the girl's ass now and running her fingers up and down the crack
of her ass. She spread the girl's legs a little more. She spread her ass
and blew on her ass hole. The girl pushed down on the bed hard and the
raised her ass up again. Kim wet the tip of her finger and touched her ass
hole. Again the girl pushed down and right back up. Getting braver, she ran
her finger up and down lightly touching her ass hole. The girl was starting
moan now. Kim lifted the girl's hips up a little and continued to play
her ass with one finger. She rubbed a finger on the other hand lightly up
down between the girl's pussy lips. Oh that feels so nice. Please, please I
hardly stand it. Kim was beginning to smell the girl's pussy and she knew
she finally had her. She stuck one finger into her ass and one in her pussy
and finger fucked both holes. The girl was moaning louder now and pushing
her ass up further to meet Kim's fingers. Kim moved down further and bent
over and kissed the girls ass cheeks. She spread her open and licked around
her ass hole. She raised her hips up a little more and started licking the
cunt. O how sweet this one is she said to herself. She stuck her tongue in
far as she could and then sucked as much of her pussy into her mouth as she
could. She teased her clit with the tip of her tongue and then sucked on it
with her lips. The girl was going crazy. She was pushing her ass back
against Kim's mouth as hard as she could. Oh, Oh, Yes, yes, She kept saying
over and over. Then Oh I am commmming, I'm commmming!!!!!!!. It was
all Kim could do to keep her mouth on her pussy. Kim turned her over and
buried her face in the girl's cunt and quickly brought her to another
Kim kissed the girl and said did you like that sweetheart. Yes, Oh yes she
replied. Kim crawled up until she had one knee on one side of the girl's
and one on the other. She slowly lowered herself until her pussy was only an
inch from the girl's mouth. Now taste me she said. The girl put her hands on
Kim's hips and pulled her down until her pussy was against her mouth and
began licking and sucking her cunt. She said you taste and smell so good. I
just love your pussy. A few minutes Kim came really hard. The girls lay in
each other's arms. Finally Kim told her that her life just got better and
wouldn't be so bad now.

Steve took a bus to the Navy Base in Yokosuka. Steve was chosen for the
mission because he spoke Chinese and as he finished 1st in his SEAL class,
was felt he could work alone. The Navy and the CIA briefed him on the
mission. He was to take photos of a Nuclear power plant that was suspected
to be producing weapons, which was against the recently signed treaty. After
the briefing the CIA agent took Steve aside and told him that they had
intelligence that placed Kim in a women prison near the Power Plant. He
would be allowed to try and rescue her provided it didn't interfere with his
mission. Steve thought, yea right. I am going to get her out even if it
up the mission.

A few nights later a submarine surfaced off the southern coast of China and
Steve got into a rubber raft powered by a small battery powered motor and
headed toward shore. About 100 yards out Steve sculled the raft and swam
ashore with his waterproof backpack. He had no trouble locating the power
plant and a few miles away he found the prison. He returned to the plant and
took many digital infrared pictures and the next morning many daylight
pictures. He then uploaded what he had to a satellite with his hand
transceiver. He did this for several days and nights. He caught a few hours
sleep hidden in a forest. He had a few rations but he lived mostly off the
land. On the fourth day, A message was downloaded to him that they had all
the pictures they needed. They had found what they were looking for. He
was given a few more days to try and rescue his wife.

Steve had two problems. One find out if Kim was there and two how to get
her out if she was. Luck was with him. While watching the prison, he saw
Kim in the exercise yard.

Later he saw three people leave the prison by foot. He assumed they were
going to the caf� about a mile from the prison. He followed. He thought he
could take them and force them to help him rescue Kim. He soon found out
that they were willing to help. The three people were the warden and two of
her guard friends. They told Steve how much they thought of her, how much
she had helped them and that they didn't think she should be there. They
explained that they couldn't do anything about that though. They had to
follow orders. The Warden and guards agreed to get Steve into the prison to
see Kim. She thought if he could get in, he would find a way to get her out.

What a reunion it was. When they saw each other they flew in to each
other's arms. The Warden took them to her private bedroom. She told Steve
to spend the night. She winked a Kim and said no video camera in this room.
They spent the night making love, laughing, crying and talking. They told
each other what had happened to each other over the past two years. They
left nothing out. Kim's smiled and said. I have kept my promise. No one has
put a dick in me.

Next the escape and trip home.

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