Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mike and Kayla

This is my first time submission, but I'm glad to have the experience to tell.
I'm a 45-year-old married man, always with a healthy libido. I'm writing
about a recent experience that has me re-thinking my own sexuality - and
loving it.

It started with a a dinner invitation to the home of some very good friends.
My wife was out of town, and their kids gone to the grandparents for the
night, so it was just the three of us for a great dinner, and the food was
accompanied by some stellar wine. Kayla is so gorgeous, and she and Mike
both know it, and they have fun playing it. A former model, she's a natural
blond, kind of dishwater in winter, thin, muscled body, legs up to her neck,
and a chiseled face with baby-skin complexion, topped off with piercing jade
green eyes. Look right through you. She used to have absolutely perfect
bosoms (for me, that is - large peaches, slightly turned up), but in some
display of insecurity a few years ago she had enlargements implanted. Not
hooters, but distractingly large for me. Anyhow, giant tits aside, there was
a wonderful, warm feeling of trust and intimacy, with our usual suggestive
and playful sexual teasing. After dinner we were sitting on their back deck
shooting the shit when the typical flirtatious conversation took a turn of a
more personal, and for me, unfamiliar nature.

They started asking about my sexual experiences - had I ever had a
threesome, with whom, when and where, my reaction, etc. I was sure we all
knew where this was headed, and was savoring the idea(s) , but answered with
a deliberately teasingly slow response, enjoying stretching out the
exchange. After all, I figured we had all night if we wanted- Yes, I
answered, I'd had a threesome with an old girlfriend and another woman, but
never with another hetero couple. I confessed that I'd never actually ever
seen a man and woman making love in person. When I turned the question back
around to them, they answered that they had experimented a bit, but it
eventually hadn't been satisfying. Jealousy and dominance of their partner
had ended up making the experience negative. But putting this admission
aside, their libidos re-surfaced, and we continued playfully exploring the
sexual realm conversationally. We all knew where we were going, and we were
taking our time.

After a few more revelations about our own perspectives on the pure
enjoyment of sexuality in all its realms, Kayla came over to me and sat on my
lap, playing with my hair and pressing her cleavage "accidentally "against my
cheek. Well, again, she is so delectably fine, no man could help but get
aroused, and I was reacting predictably, as would any common human with a
penis. I looked over to Mike and saw that he was just grinning, encouraging
her and trying to keep the conversation going. He soon approached and joined
us on the other side of my chair and leaned in and began kissing her, still
babbling about some something or other, reaching past and around me, rubbing
her back and arms. He'd slip in an occasional discreet cop of her breasts
and lightly, quickly and almost casually tweak her braless nipples, inches
from my face. At this point all I could do was moan, and I put one hand on
each of their backs and leaned my head back with my eyes closed. To my
desired delight, Kayla then leaned in and kissed me wonderfully - soulful,
sensual and deep, while Mike continued to kiss her neck and caress her, and
occasionally stroked my arms and chest as well.

After a few minutes of this, Kayla pulled away and sat up, interrupted the
petting and asked Mike what did he think? Continuing to hug and stroke, Mike
just nodded and moaned, and responded with something like "no time like the
present". At that, Kayla turned back to me and tenderly put both hands
around my neck and face, looked me straight in the eyes and asked if I would
like to share a new experience with them in the upstairs bedroom.


We freshened our glasses, more out of nervous distraction than thirst, then
headed for the stairwell. As we climbed the steps my heart was beating wildly
- she was holding my hand as I ascended the stairs one step behind her, and
Mike trailed me just one step behind, all the while with his hand on my hip
- as if to both hang on and to ensure that I was there with the two of them.
I was heady with anticipation, unsure of myself and the situation, nervous,
and most of all, horny as the King Reindeer. When we reached the bedroom,
Kayla quickly excused herself to the bathroom, leaving Mike and I, and he
began to undress. I slipped off my shoes, but was a bit unsure of exactly
how to proceed. I unbuttoned my shirt and took off my socks, but chose to
stay seated in a dressing chair near the bed with my open shirt and pants
still on. Mike had completely stripped and gotten onto the bed, throwing
back the covers and then partially covering himself by pulling just a single
sheet back up to about his waist. Between his disrobing and getting to the
bed, though, there was ample time to observe his trim body. His body was taut
like an athlete, with a nice tan accenting the contrast of his white butt
and crotch, and was nearly hairless except for a light patch on his chest and
of course his pubes. But where my eyes primarily focused was on his erect
pecker - about 6 -7 inches long, obviously vein hard, tapered from a thick
root at the base to a slender, almost pointed tip. It was a fascinating
sight in person. I've seen plenty of films that show close-ups of penises,
but this was nothing like that. I've been face to "face" with plenty of
women's genitals, but had never been near or seen another man erect in
person. The actual up-close sight, and the anticipation of what was to come,
made me feel like a nervous virgin. I'd never been "exposed" to that sight
in real person-to-person flesh before, and it was absolutely an aphrodisiacal
experience, most definitely adding to my arousal and anticipation.

As he and I attempted to continue making suggestive small talk and tried to
maintain a sense of normal conversation, Mike was obviously fondling
himself. Whether to allow himself better access than he was getting beneath a
sheet, or to display himself, he then folded down the sheet down enough so
that he was mostly exposing himself, all the while continuing to casually
squeeze and stroke himself as he spoke. His dick was kind of tapered from
hefty root at the base to a thinning shaft, with a kind of pointed crown, and
if I wasn't imagining things, a glisten of leaking around his slit. It also
seemed to crook substantially, both in towards his belly and also a little
bit sideways. My unit is basically straight, about 6 - 7 inches, kind of
stout, with much more of a mushroom or plum-head, and it was a fascinating
glimpse to see a different shape in reality. And as I was nervously
sipping my glass and taking in these visuals, I have to admit I was making
some passing squeezes of myself. While this was ongoing, we began to engage
in some stupid banter about his workout routine, both of us enjoyably, and
obviously, just bullshitting to pass the time before the anticipated main

Kayla soon emerged from the bath, and to me it seemed as though she was just
gliding into the room. She had a palpable aura of sensual, gorgeous feminine
sexuality. She was draped only in a silk, vest-like garment - long tails
and cut high on the hips, and left open with the tie-strings trailing. About
half of each boob was revealed, along with her entire frontal assault of a
beautiful, almost tow-headed blond, sparsely furred bush. Holy shit, I could
have come right then and there with just one more squeeze.

She was obviously dominating the room now, and Mike's babble had ceased. She
walked to the bed and casually sat down on the edge, then turned to me and
asked wasn't I going to join them? I don't know how I summoned the composure
to actually engage conversationally, but I coolly asked her back, "join them
in what?"

"Maybe a little bit of this", she cooed, and slid onto and across the bed,
moving the sheet completely aside as she layed next to Mike and draped one
leg over her husband's legs just below his now exposed groin. She began to
gently rub and hold his balls and penis, and then to kiss him. Then, without
an interruptive second, she turned towards me and said "or a little bit of
this" as she moved above him, presenting her nipples to his mouth in an
alternating side-to-side tasting. Her tits in his mouth, Mike was moaning
and humping her leg, and began to fondle her perfect ass, then slipped one
hand underneath to her pussy, while massaging her buttocks with the other.

"Or", she said as she began to kiss down his neck and chest toward his
stomach, "maybe some of this", and began her slow descent with kisses towards
his tool. GOD, this was unbelievable.

I couldn't restrain myself any more, and went to the side of the bed and
began removing my clothes as I positioned myself for an up-close view of her
going down on her husband's veiny penis. She held the base of his shaft and
stroked upward with her hand as her head retreated, then downward again as
she rolled her lips and wrapped a wet descending band of a warm, wet mouth
downward on his shaft. It was totally engrossing, and I completely disrobed
and got on the bed behind her, my head close behind hers as she sucked him.
I rubbed her back and shoulders and began to kiss her neck and squeeze her
breasts and tease her nipples, to which she responded with muted guttural
moans of pleasure, accented by the thrusts of her bobbing. I tucked in
behind her, pressing myself against her back and entwining my legs with
hers. My dick was pressing against her crack and against her lower back, and
as I kissed her neck and shoulders from behind, her mouth and M's crotch were
just inches from my face. The touching sensations, the visual thrill and the
aroma of sex had never before been so potent.

I knew if I didn't disengage soon, I would simply just cum all over myself
(or her back) without any further stimulation, so I backed off out of groin
contact and just stroked her and moaned, totally entranced by these multiple
new sensations. Mike took my disengagement as a cue to turn around and
begin to 69 w/ his wife. I followed his lead and moved with him and coiled
next to both, my head next to his now, and her hips and pussy, watched
intently as he alternately gobbled her whole and sucked on her entire vulva,
followed by slow, flicking licks over her full length, from anus to clitoris.
I couldn't resist from trying to join in with a few kisses and licks myself,
but the physical possibilities were a bit limited. I mostly just rubbed her
firm, smooth-skinned torso and hips, and his shoulders and back, and watched
this incredible scene of my two friends who were lovers, orally getting each
other off. I'd never seen anything like this other than in film or
magazines, and the touch and smell and sight combined was indescribably hot!

As I watched Mike finger her as he licked, I felt Kayla reach for me with one
hand. I immediately accommodated and shifted around so she could access me
better, while she was still holding on to and mouthing Mike's curved penis in
and out of her mouth. As I paused to look down and watch, she pulled his
shiny tool out of her mouth, focused her eyes on my crotch, and while still
holding Mike's shaft, with her other hand she began to stroke me in earnest.
I naturally shifted closer towards her face, and between slurping on Mike's,
she began alternately tongue teasing around my penis head and underside, then
enveloped me with her full lips and mouth. She was still stroking Mike while
going down on me with fervor. She had a technique unlike anything I'd ever
felt before, or since. Maybe it was that I was just that hot, but I swear,
out of my life, that girl's mouth actions were the best I've ever had.

In just a few minutes, I informed them I was at my limit. I didn't want to
end it, but my ejaculation was undeniably on the way. I warned her and asked
if she wanted me to come, with her steadily bobbing up and down on me (and
Mike humping against me and poking his pecker around her face) she mumbled
out a "uhm-hum - come on, baby". I did. In a release like none other, I
was almost immediately reeling in orgasmic pleasure, squirting first in her
mouth, then pulling back and releasing more all over her lips, chin and neck,
and then on Mike's stomach and groin as well.

Kayla almost immediately surfaced and turned around to give Mike a mouthful
of my spoo, straddled him, quickly placed his dick at her opening and took
him all the way in in one smooth groaning descent. In my post orgasmic
recovery, I laid back next to them both and watched with fascination as they
copulated, kissing all the flesh within my lips' reach. Everyone was
moaning. As she was approaching her orgasm, I slid my hand down and found
and began to stroke her clit, and couldn't help but feel his boner and mound
pounding in and out. They both came hard, and then it was just the three of
us just laying together - recovering, replaying, wondering, and then again
stroking, kissing and moaning. I was completely hard again.

As we caught our breath, Mike just matter-of-factly repositioned himself and
descended on me, taking my dick in hand as he began to mouth me. Holy Dog-Do
Batman. I kissed Kayla hard when he began this, and she returned it headily,
moaning and reaching around my back to stroke and pull me closer, sneaking
peeks as her husband was aggressively jacking my dick and sucking the head in
his mouth. While Mike maneuvered and again presented himself to Kayla for a
69, he was continuing to fellate me all the while . Now here he was again,
in my face, as Kayla was passionately licking, then stroking, then bobbing
her gorgeous mouth up and down on his penis, right in front of me!

I was getting a blow-job from my buddy! - my first ever from a man - and
the difference between the feel of a man's approach and technique was an
almost overwhelming pleasure. At the same time tho', Kayla was just inches
in front of me with her husband's dick sliding in and out of her mouth. I
couldn't take my eyes off this incredible scene, and while watching her
actions intently, I began to kiss her neck, then cheek, and then with a plop,
she pulled that lollipop out of her mouth and positioned it against my cheek,
offering it to me.

Mike was sucking on me like a vacuum, and now I was faced with the
proposition of sixty-nining him! I had never touched, tasted or smelled a
man before, but I found myself responding almost immediately, in an
absolutely pure erotic reaction. I reached up and took that penis in hand.
Wow! What a feeling ! I was incredibly excited by all these multiple new
sensations - the texture, the scent, the view up close! - familiar, but
totally new somehow - and was initially overwhelmed with the feel of the
skin - so delicate, tender and soft, but the body of it was so firm - I
was entranced by the previously unknown paradox of such silky, smooth, soft,
tender skin and the firm, meaty, bony, muscular hardness. And the scent! In
retrospect, I can only characterize it as being absolutely intoxicatingly
seductive - musky, heady and unexplainedly compelling me to move closer.

At first I just tentatively stuck out my tongue and licked around the shaft,
then dared to tickle the area just under his opening. I suppose I was
tasting the remnants of both of them, but he was again leaking pre-come . It
was smeared around his slit and I dabbed at it with my tongue, and tasted
that intoxicating sweet salty fluid for the first time. Again, WOW! What a
surprisingly delicious and arousing flavor! Now I knew what I was there for
-what I really wanted - and I opened my mouth and sucked him in to just
below the rim of his head. After a couple of bobs that far, I went down on
that thing like I'd been doing it for years - it seemed as natural as the
weather. It was unfamiliar, and I worried about my teeth hurting him and
tried to use just my lips and tongue, wondering if I was pleasing him.
Between a couple of slurping rises and descensions, I asked if I was doing
okay, to which he responded with a sure, slow moaning, "oh, yeah", as he
returned to the same action on me. It was so delicious, and I was sucking
and slurping on him like I was starving! I got into the motion, incredibly
excited by the hardness, the rising texture of the veins, and his apparent
appreciation. Mike began to moan and thrust his hips matching my up and
down strokes, which excited me even more, making my attack on that thing even
more aggressive. I soon realized that I might actually be bringing him to
orgasm, which excited me all the more and made me intensify my efforts.

Now Mike had rolled away from sucking me and lolled his head back while
continuing to jack me off. His attention, as well as L's, was where I was.
She was kissing me and talking, stroking both of us supportively while
encouraging me to suck him, grinding against my side and back. She moved kind
of over us and started to kiss and lick the side of my face and neck,
watching intently as Mike's dick pistoned through my hand and in and out of
my mouth. As our heads together rode Mike's cock, I felt his hips lift and
surge into a huge thrusting rise. I held his dick still in my mouth for that
instant, and felt the head of his dick enlarge in a definite spasm. The
veins on the shaft were suddenly noticeably tight, and then I felt the two
inches of him in my mouth almost vibrate and pulse a few quick throbs, and
then, before the vibration was finished, I felt a warm flooding in my mouth.
With all the incredible excitement and abandonment of that moment, it took me
a second to realize that that warm fluid meant that I'd succeeded - that he
was really coming! As his penis twitched, his hips drove hard with
aggressive thrusts and a final, ultimate shove into my mouth. I was so
excited by this! I was diving and tasting and sucking and swallowing with
all my energy. I had to have that thang, and I anxiously slurped down what
was a combination of salty and sweet warm gooey liquid. Ummmmm... Kayla had
never left my face, and she was as turned on by this culmination as I was.

Probably the moment that I replay the most in my masturbatory reveries of
that night is the memory of her passion at that moment. As Mike began to
relax and recover from coming, she kissed me hard, our mouths sharing his
spunk, then joined me in licking up and down his juicy shaft, the two of us
sharing his taste as we kissed and tongued him and each other, with his dick
between our mouths. After a few minutes, I rolled away, and while continuing
to touch and massage his base and balls, I turned his penis over to her.

At this point she began to go down on him in the most energetic effort I have
ever seen. It was a driven, wanton, abandoned consumption, humping and
grinding against his torso as she devoured him and then suddenly was getting
herself off as she relished his dick in her mouth. As she was coming, I
rejoined her in kissing her cheek and neck as she sucked him, just as she had
been doing to me a few minutes before. That was the final height of eroticism
that tripped my trigger, and I came again in a huge, powerful release,
spraying Mike's mouth and chin and neck.

Wow and hmmm ... It was a whole new experience, never before even
considered, and it was delicious. I was (and still am) overwhelmed with
multiple new realizations as well as questions about myself and sexuality. I
know now that bisexuality needn't only be an acceptable idea in reference to
women - I am not gay, but I have come to be able to appreciate that
touching the same sex is simply one other part of the remarkable realm of
sexual behavior.

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