Friday, April 17, 2009

Indian wife discovers her lesbian desires

Always, in the evening, I love to hold my beautiful Indian wife Anita in my
arms and gently caress her soft and smooth body. She is 34 years old and
very feminine. Her body is naturally curvaceous - with generous breasts and
nicely rounded arse. But she looks after herself, exercising regularly and
keeping her stomach nice and flat and her legs well-toned. Her hair is deep
black and her skin dusky - its richness set off by her red lipstick and the
golden bangles and necklaces she loves to wear. Oh yes, her perfume is
always noticeable. In short, she is striking indeed and always turns heads.
She is also very sensuous and more than satisfies my needs. He cunt is
shaven smooth and always open to me - and invariably wet. What more could a
man ask? Well, I was now about to discover that there was more...

One evening as we lay together Anita reached for my cock and began to gently
and seductively stroke it. But there is something different about her, an
air of nervous excitement. She leans across to kiss me, her soft breasts
sliding across my chest. As she does so she holds my gaze. `Darling,' she
says, `I have a confession to make, I need to tell you something. Something
happened while you were at work today. Your Indian woman had an adventure.
I'm a little nervous telling you. But I don't want any secrets between us.
I think you can handle it - can't you?' `Go ahead, I reply, you know I
support you in whatever you do.'

`Well, she continued, you know Mrs Kumila across the road? ' I did. She was
a well-built woman in her late 50s who had stopped and chatted to us when we
first arrived in the neighbourhood. Her appearance was arresting: thick
black hair, large, buxom, breasts, and wide hips. Her husband was a wealthy
businessman who spent a lot of time away from the home. She didn't seem to
mind, she was one of those self-sufficient women who busied herself with not
very much. `Well, I passed her in the street today. We chatted and she
invited me over for some afternoon tea. Come any time she said, the later
the better.

It was about 5.00pm when I knocked on the door, to be admitted by a pretty
oriental maid. She told me to go upstairs. Madam was just getting ready
and had given her instructions to send me up. The maid smiled bashfully as
she said this - sweetly I thought. I ascended the stairs and finding the
door to what I thought must be the bedroom ajar gently knocked and entered.

The air was humid from the effects of a shower, and Mrs Kumila entered from
her shower room wrapped in a large red towel. It had to be large, for as
you know she is a large woman! She came up to me enthusiastically and
kissed me on the cheek. `I'm so glad you could come, I'm just getting ready
from my shower, do come and keep me company. She took my hand and led me
across to the dressing table, where she sat before a large mirror.

She began to do her make-up, putting a luscious red lipstick and combing her
long black hair. She is a handsome woman, and I found myself watching her
closely. Every so often she fixed her gaze on mine in the mirror. I
noticed that she had hair under her armpits. I found the sight strangely
arousing. Normally women are smooth, but the sight of this hair under Mrs
Kumila's arms was intriguing - speaking of earthy and elemental passions.
She began to apply lotion to her shoulders and arms. Be a sweetie, she
said, and rub some of this lotion on my back.

I was nervous. The thought of touching this woman's naked skin was bad
enough, but she was observing me very closely in the mirror. Her skin was
soft and smooth. The sensations I felt were electric. This act of
massaging a woman's back was deeply erotic and I responded by backing my
massage as slow and sensual as I could, kneading her shoulders with both my
hands and easing the tensions in her neck muscles.

Mrs Kumila lent back against me and rolled her head from side to side. `Ah,
this feels so good Anita. You are doing such a good job, you are getting
rid of all that stress.' She lifted her right hand and placed it on my
left, squeezing it. `Thank you, my dear, auntie really appreciates what
you're doing.' I flushed and stammered back `Oh, that's ok. I'm glad to be
of use...' My hand pushed down towards the edge of the towel wrapped around

`Here,' she said, `let me help you' and with that she unravelled the towel
and let it slide of her shoulders down to her waist. Her bare back was now
exposed. But that is not what caught my eye. Rather, my gaze was drawn to
her large dark and heavy breasts that were now clearly visible in the
mirror. They were the biggest breasts I'd ever seen, and they swung to and
fro to the rhythm of my massage.

Again Mrs Kumila saw my intense look and smiled seductively. `Here, give me
some of that cream.' She began to massage the oil into her large mature
breasts, rolling them in her hands, feeling the contours, and giving special
attention to the hard nipples. `You can see, dear, why your auntie's
shoulders ache. It is from carrying around these large objects. I
sometimes envy you smaller breasted women; you don't have this extra weight
to deal with. But then, they've brought me much pleasure over the years.
Men love them, and my husband still goes crazy over my breasts. But its not
men only who love them.'

At this she lent back against me and I stopped massaging her shoulders,
simply resting my hands either side of my neck. `Women do too. You'd be
surprised how often I see women gazing longingly at my bust. And you'd be
surprised at the women too - respectable women, married women, high-caste
women. And you know, Anita, I love to catch them looking. It excites me to
know that they want me, that they want to fondle my breasts.' She took my
hand again and this time led me round before her. `For you see, Anita, that
a woman's touch is special. It's gentler, more sensitive, more patient than
a man's. In fact, I prefer it to a man's. Yes, I like it when my husband
fucks me with his hard cock, but it's a woman's touch that I crave. Its
women I love and need.'

`Have you met a lesbian before, Anita?' I shook my head, startled by the
question. `You probably have - there are more women who have lesbian
desires than you can imagine. Well, I am a lesbian. I hope that doesn't
upset you' - at this she raised my hand to her lips and kissed it. `Most
women have lesbian desires at some time. Most women find other women
attractive.' She stood up now, the towel falling completely away to reveal
her voluptuous body. `Do you like what you see, Anita? Does it, I wonder,
turn you on?'

I was shaking violently now, with a mixture of fear and desire. What was
this woman doing to me! I had entered her house with no thought of sex, and
now I was before her glorious naked body, unable to move or speak. `I think
I do turn you on. Don't worry, Anita, many married women have reacted like
you, frightened to explore their desires for another woman. When they
yielded to me they didn't regret it.' She raised her hand and placed it
around the back of my neck. `Come to auntie, I've got what you need.'

She pulled me forward. Her breasts were only inches away. We were both
breathing heavily. `Go on touch me, Anita, feel the weight of my heavy
breasts. I'd love you to my dear.' She closed her eyes and raised her arms
above her head. Her breasts were thrust out, dominating my gaze. I reached
out tentatively, curious for my first touch of a woman. I gently passed my
hands across the soft orbs of her flesh, before taking the weight of each in
the palms of my hands and beginning to massage them. `That's it darling,
love auntie's breasts. Explore them. They're yours. Play with them. Oh
darling, come here.'

She took me in her arms and pressed my mouth to hers. I didn't resist. We
began to kiss passionately, because I was on fire now too. She tasted
delicious and her tongue was soon pushing deep inside my mouth. She was
unlocking something in me darling - something that has been dormant in me
for many years. `Yes, auntie, yes, I've gazed at your beasts, I've
fantasised about your voluptuous body. Teach me how to love a woman, take
my lesbian virginity. I'm yours, I'm yours...'

She stepped away from me now with a seductive smile and walked slowly
towards the bed, climbing onto it and leaning back against the sumptuous
cushions. Her large breasts hung naturally on either side of her body and
she parted her legs, to reveal the thick black hair of her cunt. She
stroked herself with her fingers. `Ummm Anita, you've got me nice and wet.
Why don't you take off those clothes? Let Auntie see that sexy body, that
body that drives your lover wild.'

Nervous still, I pulled off my T-shirt and slid down my jeans, leaving only
my underwear. `That's it my darling. Now remove your bra and panties - I
want to see all of you.' I did as I was told and was soon naked before this
woman. `Beautiful, beautiful. Now come here my sweet, come to auntie's

I clambered onto the bed and crawled into her welcoming embrace. She
smothered me in her voluptuous form, pulling me against her big breasts and
enveloping me with her soft thighs. Her hand stroked my back as she kissed
me lovingly and deeply. `God, you've made auntie so hot. I love your young
slim body. I want to make love to every inch of you. I want to show you
what a woman's tongue can do.' I lowered my mouth to hers again and our
sensuous kissing continued.

Oh Jon, i've never been kissed like that before, she was so gentle and
tender, she knew my needs so well honey. And the feeling of our breasts
pressing together, my nipples in her yielding flesh, was about as much as I
could bear. As we kissed her hand rested on my arse and firmly squeezed my
arse-cheek. I could feel her finger nail begin to stroke my anus. I
groaned, pushing back my arse to meet her finger. She took the hint and
pressed her finger into my arse hole.

`Urgghh, yes, auntie, I love this, I love what your doing to me, don't stop
- please...' She pushed her finger deeper and deeper into me until she was
fully accommodated. At first she did not move, content to enjoy the hot wet
pressure of my arse hole, but then she began a slight motion, easing her
finger back and forth, driving me to the limit of my pleasure. `Oh my
Anita, you are so wet aren't you? Your arse is so full of love juice for
me. I love it baby - I want to eat your arse, I want to suck out your
juice. Would you like that baby? Would you?' `God yes, auntie, I want it
so much. I want you to eat out my arse, to taste my juices. I want you to
take all of me...' `Oh yes, my sweet, all in good time. Auntie will give you
all you ever wanted - more than any man can give you. Now come my love, let
auntie Kumila have access to what she craves - your hot little pussy.'

At this point she slid down the bed a little and at the same time pulled me
up towards her, pushing me forward till my hands were gripping the headboard
and my cunt was directly over her face. `That's it darling, feed me your
sexy shaven cunt, let me eat your womanhood.' Her tongue began to slide its
way over my outer cunt lips, flicking hungrily against the soft exposed

As a woman she knew just how to please me, honing in on my clit, probing it
with her tongue and gently sucking and teasing it, encouraging it to grow
from her ministrations. I began to grind my cunt against her face,
clutching the bed head for support. `Yes, auntie, yes, love my cunt. Give
me your woman's love. Ummm, I love what you're doing to me, i've needed
this for so long - this is what i've wanted. Oh auntie your making me so
wet, uh, uh, oh yes...urgghh, yes auntie, yes, ahh, ahh...'

Her tongue was now jabbing into me again and again, deep into my wet and
open hole. Her hands were on my arse, squeezing the cheeks, pulling me open
for her greedy mouth. My juices were flow flowing thick and fast and I was
humping against this woman's tongue, enjoying the sexual release she was
giving me. My orgasm was building now and I began to scream out, arching my
back as I gripped the headboard tightly.

When my orgasm was spent I slumped forward, stunned - not only from its
violence, but from the fact that I'd orgasmed from the touch and tongue of
another woman. I rolled off Mrs Kumila's face and lay on my back, panting
for breath, my breasts heaving and my skin covered in a sheen of sweat. My
hair too was wet with perspiration. I was and felt myself to be a totally
wanton slut.

I reached across to Mrs Kumila and softly squeezed her hand. She shifted
herself onto her side, her heavy, ripe, body wonderful to behold. Our eyes
met and I looked at her with tenderness and gratitude. `Thank you,' I
managed to say. `Thank you for the best orgasm of my life. I can't believe
I'm saying this - that I'd be thanking a woman for satisfying me like this.
My darling auntie, how did you know - how did you know this was what I

Mrs Kumila reached across and gently stroked my damp forehead, pushing the
hair from my eyes. `You don't need to thank me my dear. The debt is all
mine my sweet. I know an erotic woman when I meet one. I've loved and
lusted after women for many years. I can sense from a woman's reactions to
my presence if she is open to the love of a woman - and believe me honey,
most are...'

As she said this her hand slowly wandered across my face, over my lips, down
the side of my neck and to my right left nipple. She began to finger its
hardness, making it erect. `For you see, Anita, I understand a woman's
needs, I know where to touch and suck, caress and massage. Most women find
me a better lover than any man. They go home to their husbands, but they go
home as lesbians.'

Mrs Kumila leaned over to me now and began to kiss my stomach, making her
way up to my breasts, her hand sliding up between my legs - which I opened
to give her access to my pussy, hungry again for her ministrations. `Can
you understand that Anita, can you understand women who want me for a
lesbian lover, who resist their husbands and save themselves for me? Would
you do that if I asked you? Would you give yourself to me Anita? Would you
become my lesbian slut if I wanted you to?

My cunt was speaking for me honey. I opened my thighs wider and wider,
desperate to show her my love, to open for her touch. Her finger was
teasing my clit, drawing it from its hood, stimulating it in ways I could
never have imagined. I slid my fingers into Mrs Kumila's hair and pulled
her too me, clasping her so tight, loving her voluptuous form, the scent of
her perfume, her intoxicating femininity. `Yes, auntie, yes, I admit it,
I'll do what you say. Yes, I'm a lesbian, your lesbian, and I'll come to
you whenever you say, whenever I can. I love you and I love what you've
done to me and are making me. Use me how you wish - but please, darling,
please love your Anita...'

I couldn't finish the sentence as Mrs Kumila's red lips closed over mine
while two of her fingers slid into my cunt. I was wet and slippery and she
moved her fingers in and out with ease while her thumb continued to torment
my clit. My juices were flowing thick and fast and Mrs Kumila eased her
fingers out and raised them to my face.

`Here you are my love, breathe in the scent of a woman, the most arousing
smell in the world.' I smelt deeply my own juices, loving their pungent
odour. `It's good isn't it my love? Now taste yourself for me.' She
lowered her fingers to my lips and, gazing all the while into her eyes, I
slowly sucked her fingers into my mouth. This act of sucking my own
feminine juices from the fingers of this lesbian while I gazed into her deep
dark eyes was supremely erotic. I relished every heady drop. `That's a
good girl. You are going to learn to love the taste of pussy - I can tell
your going to love eating my hairy cunt aren't you? I can't wait till your
young lips are kissing my mature ripe pussy. But I think my love that today
you'd like me to fuck you - to take your lesbian virginity. I think you'd
like that, wouldn't you my sweet?'

To my disappointment Mrs Kumila slide off me and crawled across to the side
of the large bed. She eased herself off and walked across to the bathroom.
I watched longingly the swing of her ample hips and plump arse. As I lay on
the bed I stroked my pussy, yearning for my lover to return. And then,
looking up, I saw her at the door of the bathroom, she was leaning against
the doorframe in a seductive pose, her hips jutting out. And there,
strapped around her hips was a large black cock.

As I looked at her she began to stroke it and then with oozing sensuality
walked towards me. Her pendulous breasts swung as she walked, as did the
shiny black cock. The sight of such a sexy woman sporting an erect cock was
extraordinary. Id never seen such a big cock and to see it on a woman was
too much.

I rose to greet my lover as she clambered to kneel on the bed. I put my arm
around her neck and began to kiss her with forceful passion. My right hand
I lowered to the dildo, stroking it and feeling its dimension. `Oh yes, my
auntie, you are so beautiful and your cock is making me so horny. I could
never have imagined, its, its...its wonderful, a dream, take me now darling,
I'm so wet and ready, fuck me honey with this cock - take my lesbian
virginity, make me your slut...' she pushed me back onto the bed and I opened
my legs, pulling her towards me, into me. As she slid over me her big
breasts dragged across my body, driving my cunt wild with desire.

I was taking the initiative now, confident in my desire for this woman. I
reached for the cock and placed it at my cunt lips. I nodded to Mrs Kumila
that I was ready - `now, auntie, now, fill me up with your cock, fuck me,
fuck your lesbian whore...' She began to ease the cock in, deeper and deeper,
filling me in ways that a man's cock has ever done. When she was fully in
me I groaned, closing my legs around her, gripping her so tight. We kissed
again, knowing that we were consummating our relationship, our lesbian love.

And so she began to fuck me. Fuck me as I've never been fucked before. And
for longer than I've ever been fucked. For a time she played with me,
varying the tempo, bringing me to the brink of orgasm before letting me
down. Finally she thrust long and deep and continued to hump against me
until I screamed with my climax. I was left breathing hard, my body a
sweaty and trembling mess. But she didn't stop. After giving me a moment
to catch my breath she fucked me again with her gorgeous cock bringing me to
orgasm after orgasm. Only after my fourth orgasm did she roll off my
satiated body and onto her back, her black cock glistening with my juices.

Her own dark skin was drenched in sweat and the smell was intoxicating.
Tired though I was I crawled over to her and snuggled up to her generous
form, resting my head on her breast. And so my dear we slept. Two Indian
women. Two lovers. And yes, my dear, two lesbians.'

With these words Anita tightened her grip on my already rock-hard penis. It
is hard to describe the excitement I had experienced listening to her
account of her passionate encounter with Mrs Kumila. I had never heard
anything so erotic. My love and desire for my Indian wife had never been so
intense. She looked up at me with her wide and dark eyes: `Jon, dear, I'm
so confused. I love you very much - you must know that - and I love your
cock and the way you make love to me. But I'm afraid that after today
things have changed. I've discovered what I suppose I'd known, feared even,
from my days as a girl. I'd always suspected that in might be a lesbian,
that I might prefer women to men. I've tried to fight it baby, to be a good
wife to you. But Mrs Kumila knew, baby, don't ask me how, but she did.
Today, Jon, she unlocked my hidden self, my true nature, and I can't go
back. I'm a lesbian. Your wife's a lesbian. Can you handle that Jon?'

The words were so intoxicating that my cock immediately grew to its full
hardness in my wife's small hand. She gazed directly into my eyes. `I
think that might give me my answer. You're turned on by it aren't you?
Tell me that you can handle it. That you are turned on by the fact that
your wife lusts after other women. Am I right?'

My mouth was dry with desire and though I nodded I found it hard to answer.
`Tell me Jon. I want you to tell me how much you love the fact that I'm
lesbian.' She now began to stroke my raging hard-on and leant across to
kiss me on the lips. `Tell me.'

`Of course, yes, yes. I've never been so turned on in my life as I am now.
I can accept your lesbianism. I won't divorce you - I want you to remain my
wife always. And I'll never stand in your way - you must explore your
desires - here in our marital bed, with your friends, with Mrs Kumila,
whatever you want my love - my beautiful and sweet wife...' At this point my
long delayed ejaculation burst forth and cum cascaded onto my stomach.
`Umm, Jon, I love you. I think we are going to have a lot of fun, don't

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