Friday, April 17, 2009

First 3-sum

I'm a 49yo G/BiMWM. I've known that I was gay since I was 9 or 10,
but my family was intolerant, Catholic school was intolerant, and by
the time I was in college, Anita Bryant and the Silent Majority
(aka, Homophobicrepublicanmotherfuckersthatshouldalldieandrotinhell)
were in full swing. In a nutshell, I wasn't brave enough to be true
to myself. In 1979, I got married (I still am and out to my wife) to
str8en myself out.

Along the way, my wife and I have collected many gay friends, both
female and male. One night, about 15 years ago, a male couple was
visiting, and we 3 guys decided to relax in the hot tub under
the subfreezing winter sky. Now, I'd been in the hot tub several
times before with Greg and Adam, along with my wife, and sometimes
our 5yo son. This night was different. It was only the men. for
years, Adam had been badgering me to come out, as he was sure that I
was gay, and this night was no exception.

After soaking for a while, Adam kept grabbing and releasing my
crotch. It didn't take long for me to get hard. I started to grope,
Greg started to grope and suddenly, Adam stood up in front of me.
Now, it's 20 degrees outside, there is steam rising, and my friend's
dick is at its full 7" and at mouth level. I didn't hesitate. I
didn't fool around with kissing or nibbling. I opened my mouth full
and engulfed Adam's dick. It was as if I'd been doing it all of my
life. I was in heaven--inscatable--insane--in love. He came in
torrents within minutes. He then bent down and kissed me. We shared
his cum. Then I climbed onto Greg's lap and started to kiss and
shared the remainder of Adam's cum with him. Greg then floated me on
my back and buried his face into my crotch. It was the blowjob I had
been dreaming about for the last 25 years. His beard, rough against
my balls. His strong hands holding my floating ass. And Adam kept
slipping his tongue in and out of my mouth while Greg licked my
throbbing knob. Swirling his tongue around it over and over and
over. I came--no, I exploded into his mouth and he immediately
pulled me toward himself and slid his tongue into my waiting mouth.
OHMYGOD!!! This was great! I pulled Greg's legs over my shoulders
and started to lick his balls. Then the shaft. Then the head. Then I
repeated the swirling action that he had so skillfully used on me.
In no time, he shot his cum into my mouth. I climbed back into his
lap, rubbing our dcks together, and sliding our tongues back and
forth into each other's mouths. I reached down and slid my hands
under his ass and started to massage his anus. He started to kiss me
wildly. I think that Adam was getting jealous, because he climbed
out and said, "Com'on, Hun, it's late.". Greg, being the obedient
husband he is, pushed me away and climbed out. I just laid back and
floated...reveling in the memory of what had just transpired.

At 35, that was my first time.

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