Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Peak Season For the Leaves

Its peak season for the leaves, the trees are bursting with vibrant colors
of red, yellow, and orange. The smell of autumn is in the air, damp grass
below our feet, the first of the leaves have started to fall from the
trees. The leaves crackle as we walk over them. Small animals are
rustling through the leaves gathering the last of their winter supplies.
Nicholas and Amber stop by the house to hang out with Christian and I. We
all sit in the leaves near the lake and sip hot tea and reflect of the past
year leading up to this beautiful season when everything around us changes
from life to death then back to life again bringing a whole new year.
Amber starts caressing Nicholas' chest through his red flannel shirt, she
whispers something into his right ear and he smiles and nods in agreement
with her. She gazes out upon the leaf covered lake and sips her tea while
plotting what exactly she is going to get her straight boyfriend to do with
her gay friends. Nicholas is somewhat skeptical of the whole situation but
he is willing to try anything

That Amber wants because he knows in return she will be so horny after the
fact that he can get anything he wants.

Amber looks at Nicholas and whispers in his ear I want to have a four-some
with Christian and his boyfriend Markus, Nicholas nods in agreement not
quite sure what he is getting himself into but he will soon find out what
plans she has cooked up in her head for him. Amber pulls Christian and
Markus aside and tells them of her ideas and what she would like to happen
between everyone and the 2 guys nod in agreement with her. Amber starts
kissing her boyfriend passionately while she slowly starts unbuttoning his
red flannel shirt, one button at a time sensually and seductively. She
pulls Christian over pushing his head down to Nicholas' chest; Christian
begins kissing and licking all over Nicholas' smooth boyish tan chest.
Licking, sucking and caressing Nicholas' nipples with his tongue. Amber
then whispers something into Markus's ear and Markus begins caressing
Nicholas with his hands while biting and kissing Nicholas' neck. Markus
give Nicholas a deep wet passionate kiss shoving his tongue into Nicholas's
throat, Nicholas lets out a loud moan showing he is enjoying what attention
he is getting from the guys while his girlfriend instructs them on what
they should do next. Amber decides to let the guys go with their own
intuition on what to do next as she watches with excitement. She starts
caressing her own body and trembling from what she is seeing, in her mind
she is thinking 'the power of a dominant girl can get any man to do what
she wants him to do', as she smiles. Nicholas is in wrapped in the moment
and lets down all his inhibitions and forgets where he is as he drifts in
to a fantasy world he has always dreamed about. Christian and Markus
continue to caress and kiss Nicholas as they switch back and forth between
kissing him and caressing his nipples with their tongues, Nicholas is
really enjoying himself as his nipples get harder and harder and the bulge
in his pants grows wanting to be released from the tight cloth that is
holding it back. Amber is so caught up in the moment that she slips her
own shirt off and slips one hand into her hip huggers and starts fingering
herself. The guys all let out deep breaths of panting and moans, as does
Amber. Christian moves down Nicholas's chest with his tongue to the
waistline of Nicolas's boxers and slowly starts unbuttoning each button on
Nicholas's pants revealing the pulsing rock hard cock poking through the
buttoned fly of his boxer shorts. Markus helps Christian slip Nicholas's
boxer shorts off of his rock hard cock and down his smooth shaved legs.
Amber is off in her own world her head filled with the fantasies she has
always had of 3 guys getting it on with her watching and soon enough she
will join them all for some hardcore action. She slips her hip huggers off
and slides out of her black thong underwear while she watches Christian and
Markus undress her boyfriend and go down on his rock hard pulsing cock.

Christian continues licking Nicholas's hot sweaty body, lowing himself to
Nicholas' hard pulsing cock licking up and down the hard 9.5 inch shaft
while Markus licks Nicolas's balls and inner thigh. The guys motion Amber
in to the action she has been sitting out watching too long and they all
want to get her into the action as well. She starts caressing her
boyfriend's hot sweaty body and kissing him all over. Markus and Christian
slip out of their clothes and let their raging hard cocks out into the
autumn air. Markus lifts Nicholas's legs up onto his shoulders and caresses
hit tight pucker with two moist fingers while Christian deep throats
Nicholas's hard cock to his balls in a repeated up and down motion. Nicolas
tenses his entire body and lets out a loud moan with heavy breathing and
panting. His hard cock pulses and jumps within Christian's mouth spurting
small loads of precum coating Christian's throat. Christian keep sup his
rhythmic dance on Nicholas's hard throbbing cock sucking him hard and fast
the more excited Nicholas gets the hard and faster Christian thrusts his
mouth over Nicholas's hard cock. Markus puts both of his fingers inside
Nicholas ass fingering him gently until Nicholas relaxes enough for Markus
to get three fingers in. Christian pulls off of Nicholas before he blows
his hot load into his mouth and lubes ambers wet pussy up and has her
straddle Nicholas's hard throbbing cock. Amber teases his cock with her
body riding him slowly forcing him to hold back his hot boy juices.
Christian positions himself over Nicholas's face and rubs his hard dick
over Nicholas's lips until Nicholas opens his mouth and Christian slides
his throbbing cock inside the warm wet hole. Nicholas starts nursing on
Christian's dick sucking every drop of precum from his cock. Amber rises
off of her boyfriends cock and makes him get in the doggy style position as
she lies underneath him and he penetrates her wet pussy with his hard pre
cum lubed cock. Markus lubes up Nicholas's tight ass and his hard cock as
well, and then gently slides his dick inside of Nicholas. Nicholas lets
out a loud moan from the huge cock that just penetrated his tight virgin
ass. Christian forces Nicholas to turn his head so that he can fuck his
hard cock into Nicholas's mouth. All three of the guys are panting and
moaning with every movement of each of their bodies, Amber is moaning
orgasmicly out of rhythm. Nicholas thrusts his hard cock in and out of her
wet pussy as Markus thrusts his hard cock in and out of Nicholas's tight
virgin ass stretching his ass to fit his large cock as Christian pants and
moans while fucking Nicholas's mouth deep and hard shooting globs of pre
cum into Nicholas's mouth. Christian pulls his hard cock out of Nicholas's
mouth and stands up, he walks over to Markus who is pounding Nicholas's ass
hard forcing Nicholas to pound Amber just as hard. Christian grabs his
boyfriend's head forces his dick into Markus's mouth and starts fucking his
boyfriend's mouth with his hot wet throbbing cock. Markus pulls his hard
cock out of Nicholas's ass and forces his boyfriend to his knees to suck
his hot dripping cock that just pounded his friend ass hard and deep while
the two watch Nicholas pound his girlfriend's pussy like its his first time
having sex with a girl. Markus instructs Christian to put his hard cock in
Nicholas's ass while Markus lubes up Christian's tight pucker and thrusts
his hard cock into his boyfriend's ass. Amber is losing control of herself
and roaming like crazy as the force of three guys' pounds her at the same
time. Christian is taking long hard strokes pulling his hard cock out of
Nicholas and thrusting it back in as hard as he can as Markus does the same
to him. The three guys are moaning louder as they get closer and closer to
busting their hot loads all over each other. Markus pulls out of Christian,
as does Christian from Nicholas. Nicholas pulls his throbbing hard cock out
of his girlfriend and lays oh his back as Markus and Christian jerk their
hot hard cocks off onto Nicholas's face, chest and hard cock shooting a
huge load each all over Nicholas. Amber pounds Nicholas's hard cock in her
hands until he burst his hot load all over his own chest and chin.
Christian starts kissing Nicholas with a combination of his, Markus's and
Nicholas's hot cum, amber and Markus join in licking up all the hot cum off
of Nicholas and kissing each other was well as Christian and Nicholas all
at the same time sharing the hot load between the four of them. They all
lay on their backs shoulder to shoulder staring at the afternoon sky while
a slight breeze touches their bodies.

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