Friday, April 17, 2009

Indian wife explores her lesbian desires - part 2

Returning from a tiring day at the office I found the house quiet. My
sensuous Indian wife Anita had not met me at the door and sat with me in
the drawing room as was her normal custom. I went up the stairs to our
bedroom and found her sitting at her dressing table. I could tell from the
humid air of the room that she had been bathing and washing her long black
hair. There was a strong aroma of perfume. I watched as she applied
lipstick to her full lips.

I walked up behind her and kissed her on the neck and gazed into her
relection in the mirror.

`You look and smell beautiful my darling' I said.

She smiled and rose from her chair, turning to face me. She looked
ravishing. Her hair was open and slightly curled. She was wearing large
silver earrings and a complementing silver necklace. A white shirt was
unbuttoned sufficiently far to draw attention to the cleavage of her full
breasts. A short leather skirt hugged her rounded hips and arse, giving
way to bare smooth legs which reached down to black stiletto shoes.

`What do you think of your wife? Do I look okay - I mean, sexy?'

`God yes, honey. Devastating is how I'd describe you!'

Anita stepped towards me and gently pressed her body against mine. `Thank
you' she whispered in my ear. `I'm so nervous darling. Mrs Kumila rang
this morning and has asked out to dinner tonight. I accepted her
invitation - I hoped you wouldn't mind...'

Anita reached up to kiss me and I met her lips with mine. `Tell me you
understand, Jon, that you don't mind my going on a date without you and not
with a man - but with a woman...'

`You know I don't mind my darling. I want you to be happy - and I can see
that Mrs Kumila's invitation has certainly made you that!'

Anita clung to me closely now, her head pressed against my chest. I
stroked her soft hair.

`Oh Jon, I'm so excited. I haven't like this since I was a teenager on my
first date with a boy. I've been hot all day, getting ready - shaving and
moisturising my body, washing my hair, selecting my clothes. I want her to
want me so badly - I want her to love me, to take me. I don't want to
disappoint her. Do you think she'll be happy with me darling?'

`My love, her cunt will be dripping when she sees how sexy you look.
Believe me, she will want you my sweet.'

Anita pushed herself against me, her hand sliding onto my bulging cock.
`Show me how she'll want me, baby, show your little wife how she'll be
loved by her woman...'

I lifted my gorgeous wife into my arms and carried her to the bed. Sitting
her on the edge I pushed her back so her legs were open to me, encased in
her short leather skirt. As I pushed back the skirt I made the surprising
discovery that my wife was wearing no panties. Never in our years of
marriage had she done such a thing. Her pussy was completely bald and her
dark cunt lips were open and moist. The combination of her juices and her
perfume was overpowering. I planted by tongue on her opening, savouring
her taste. She groaned and gripped my head, pulling me into her.

`Ummm, darling, that's it. Suck me honey - suck your wife. She's been in
heat all day dreaming of her lesbian lover - her tongue, her massive
breasts, her swollen stomach, her arse. I need some relief, I'm going mad
with lust. Get me ready for her, Jon, stir up my juices, I want her to
smell my arousal. Ahh, yes, that's it, my clit baby, suck it...Urghhh,
please, ahh...ahhh...

My wife was now thrusting her cunt against my mouth, yielding to her
orgasm, covering my face in her wet juice. When she was spent she simpered
quietly and I looked up to admire the heaving outline of her breasts.
Slowly she raised herself up, kissed me softly on the lips, before
straightening out her clothes and re-touching her lipstick. She picked put
on her coat and picked up her small black handbag. After a final peck on
the cheek she went to the door. `Please don't wait up for me darling. And
darling - thank you.'

I watched as my beautiful wife walked down the drive. Our driver opened
the door and soon she was driving away into the hot Delhi night. True
enough, I did not see her again until late the following morning. I knew,
of course, where she was and my cock ached with a hard-on all night at the
thought. My imaginings were confirmed when Anita returned the next day.
I'll leave it to her to describe what happened...

My husband has asked me to continue the story of my evening adventure. I
cannot hope to capture all that transpired but I will do my best.

My car pulled up outside the restaurant and I was met by the head waiter.
Mentioning Mrs Kumila's name he gave a knowing smile and led me through the
dimly lit interior past dining couples to a secluded corner table, lit only
by a lamp casting a golden hue over the surroundings. My heart began to
pound when I saw Mrs Kumila. She looked up as I approached and smiled
broadly. She stood up to meet me, taking me gently in her arms and kissing
me on either cheek.

`My dear Anita, I'm so glad you could come.'

I blushed and looked down, nervous now before this woman whom id been
lusting after all day.

`You look ravishing my sweet. Come and sit next to auntie.'

In truth it was Mrs Kumila who looked truly ravishing. I had expected her
to be wearing a saree. She was, however, dressed in western clothes like
myself. She was all in black: above a tight black top which highlighted
her large breasts; below, tight black trousers which drew attention to her
generous thighs and plump arse. She exuded sensuality - and she knew it.

Once the waiter had taken our orders and had left us Mrs Kumila reached
across the table and slid over bejewelled hand over mine. She squeezed it
gently. My head span and I could fill my cunt juices stirring.

`I've been looking forward to this moment all day, my baby. I couldn't get
your darling young body out of my head. And you look so beautiful Anita.
Tell me Anita, have you dressed you dressed yourself up so well, so sexily,
for me?'

`Yes, auntie, for you - I wanted to please you, I wanted you to like me...'

Mrs Kumila began to scratch the back of my hand with her red nail.

`Let me tell you my sweet, that I like you very much. You are a very
attractive woman. I love attractive young women Anita - especially ones
that taste as sweet as you do.'

Again she tightened the grip on my hand. I gazed into her deep and
alluring eyes. There was a world in her gaze - a world of new and amorous
possibilities. My old life paled in comparison. I wanted to give myself
to this woman, to let her dominate and mould me as she saw fit.

`I'm glad your husband could spare you for this evening. Sometimes men can
be so jealous, locking their wives away, frightened of their desires. Does
he know your on a date with me baby? Does he know about us? Did you tell
him about yesterday?'

`Yes, auntie, I told him everything. I told him how you seduced me. And
how I wanted you and loved it. And how we made love and you fucked me.'

`Good, my sweet, that's what I wanted. And did you tell him that you were
mine...that you were my lesbian lover? Did you tell him that honey?'

`Yes, auntie, I told him - I told him that you were everything I wanted.
That I, I, loved you and I had found my true self. That I was a lesbian,
your lesbian...'

`Excellent, my love, excellent. I'll see you don't regret it honey - I'll
look after you, you'll see.'

As Mrs Kumila raised my hand to her lips and kissed it I knew I had made
the right choice.

At this point the food arrived and we began to eat. All the while we
flirted and I allowed myself to become accustomed to basking in the
attention of another woman - to savour her flashing smile, her seductive
habit of stroking her hair from her face, the glint of her jewellery in the
lamp light. And yes, above all, to gaze upon her wonderful breasts, those
soft orbs that she had opened to me and offered for my exploring hands.
Though covered by the tight black fabric of her top their contours were
visible for all to see. My mouth went dry at the thought of enclosing
those large dark nipples once more between my hungry lips. As if to
heighten the expectation we did not touch during the meal - except when, in
a tender moment, Mrs Kumila leant across to stroke some sauce from the side
of my mouth. Looking at me intently she slipped her fingers into her mouth
and licked them clean. My cunt juice oozed from my open pussy at this
erotic act.

Between courses Mrs Kumila leant across and whispered: `Anita, my dear
love, would you like to dance?'

`Of course,' I replied, `I'd like that very much.'

Mrs Kumila rose and offered me her hand. I took it and allowed myself to
be led to the dance floor. I was embarrassed and intensely nervous. As a
girl my parents had forbidden me to go to public dances and since marriage
I had rarely done so. But here I was being brought to the floor by a
voluptuous woman, who was so obviously treating me as her girlfriend.
There were some other couples dancing slowly to the soft music and we took
our place at the corner of the floor. I knew I was crossing a Rubicon -
that I was proclaiming my lesbianism to the world. But I was under this
woman's spell - and deeply in love.

Sensing my nervousness Mrs Kumila pulled me close to her and held me in her
soft embrace. My inhibitions quickly melted away. I felt that I was
floating in heaven. I rested my head on her shoulder and relaxed as she
ran her right hand through my hair. Her left hand she placed on the small
of my back, gently pressing and manipulating my spine. I clasped her
tight, loving the feel of her smooth back and pressing my C-cup breasts
into her large bosom. I breathed deeply on the aroma of her perfume.

Tentatively, still nervous of the gaze of others, I planted a kiss on Mrs
Kumila's exposed neck. Emboldened I did so again, a longer kiss, running
my tongue over her flesh.

`Mmm, baby, that feels nice. I love your tongue my sweet. Does auntie
taste good baby?'

`Oh yes, auntie, yes - you taste so good...'

I let my tongue run freely along her neck and up to her ear, which I probed
with my tongue and kissed with my lips. Mrs Kumila sighed again and I felt
her hand slide down to my arse and squeeze it through my leather skirt. I
responded by pressing my pelvis against her soft ample stomach. My heat
was rising fast. I had never in my life been so horny - never so turned
on. I was going to jelly in this woman's embrace. With her feminine
intuition she lifted up my chin with her other hand and kissed me with her
soft lips. We held the kiss for some time before I broke free, panting.

`Oh auntie, I love you. No one has ever made me feel like this - and
certainly no man. I want you so badly, I want to worship your body - with
my tongue, my lips, my fingers, my breasts, my pussy. I so want to satisfy
you - will you teach me darling, will you teach me to really love a woman?
There's nothing I won't do...'

Reaching behind me I took Mrs Kumila's hand and slipped it under my skirt.
Finding that my pert arse was bare and smooth she grinned widely.

`Well, you are a deliciously naughty girl aren't you my dear! I can feel
that you are going to be a very fast learner.'

Her hand deftly slid around to my aroused pussy and came to rest on my
distended cunt lips. She stroked me gently but oh so subtly - none of the
other couples could have guessed the pleasure I was experiencing at this
woman's soft hands.

`My darling, I love the feel of your smooth pussy. Did you shave it for
me, baby, for auntie?'

`Yes, yes, I wanted to be totally bald for you my love.'

`Good, good. And when you were awaiting our date, did you touch yourself
honey, did you finger yourself thinking of me?'

`How did you know? Oh yes, several times - I have been in heat all day. I
even got my husband to relieve me with his tongue - but it was you I
imagined between my legs, your tongue on my clit. You must believe me.'

`Yes, Anita, I believe you. And this juice, darling, is it for me?'

`Of course, auntie, its my gift - only for you. Its been streaming out of
me all evening. I'm so wet for you.'

`And Anita, if I explore you with my feminine fingers will you cum for me -
now, amidst these couples, in my arms?'

Mrs Kumila slipped her forefinger into my went and welcoming cunt. He
middle finger soon followed, while her thumb circled my clit. My arousal
was such that I couldn't have held back if I'd wanted. I pressed my face
into her neck to stifle any cries and began to push myself against her soft
and smooth fingers - so different from a mans. My sharp intakes of breath
alerted Mrs Kumila to my arousal and my approaching crisis.

`That's it lover, give yourself to auntie. Come on baby, oh yes, you are a
horny one, give me your love-juice, now, baby, now, I've got you, I want

My orgasm broke now and I pushed my self deep onto Mrs Kumila's sensual
fingers. Again and again I thrust, clasping her all the time to disguise
my ecstasy. I felt myself totally wanton - and I loved it. And when Mrs
Kumila raised her juice soaked fingers to my lips I had no hesitation in
licking freely of my own juices.

Mrs Kumila began to stroke my hair and placed a tender kiss on my lips. `I
think your going to be quite a wonderful little lesbian slut. Is that what
you want my love - to be auntie's slut, her sex-toy?...'

I had never thought of myself as a slut before. But as I stood in the
shadows of this dance floor, in the arms of a sensual lesbian, with no
panties and my love juice oozing from my bald pussy I knew there was no
other word to describe me. Under Mrs Kumila's attentions I had become what
I perhaps was always destined to be: a lesbian slut.

`Yes, auntie, I want that so much. Please take me home darling, take me
into your bed, let me learn to love you, let me service your hairy cunt
with my tongue - I want to attend to you all night long. Please, dearest,

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