Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gold Coast Fun - Part 2

I guessed that after the almost two hours of non-stop sex it had just
endured, it needed a well earned rest. They seemed to be disappointed
and both looked at me and asked if I had any suggestions. They both said
they needed more sex and were not ready to stop just yet. I looked at
each of them in turn, then as a joke, I said they would just have to
amuse themselves for a time, untill my cock was ready once

Without even a second glace, they were across my chest and pushing their
tongues into each others mouth. Their arms were around each other, they
were hugging, caressing, etc. as well as grabbing the opposites tits and
rubbing there as well. It did not take me long to figure out what, and
why, had happened here tonight. They were obviously bi, and as I was
between their respective ages, and Mark was older then both, they had
decided I was to be the one. As they were across my chest, I had nowhere
to go, so stayed put and enjoyed the "show". I had seen many a porno
where two girls kissed etc, but never could I have imagined just how
electrifying it could be, to be this close to the action.

They kissed each other passionately, then one would take a tit in her
mouth and suckle like a baby, then they would swap over and start again.
My hands went down to either side and I searched out their love mounds.
I was in heaven. Two naked women attacking each other across my chest,
and all the time my fingers probing into their pussy. How lucky could a
guy get. Soon one of them came further up and kissed me and asked if I
minded what they were doing, and did I want to join in. I was sure keen
to join in, but no matter how many pornos a guy sees, he is never going
to be ready, and, know what to do when he is given the opportunity to
join in like this.

I was like a virgin at the massage parlour, I had to ask what I was to
do. They both laughed and said they would lead and I could just take any
position that was available. They kept kissing and touching each other
and seemed oblivious to anything I tried to do, but slowly I got into a
rythm with them, when one was sucking on a tit I would do the same to the
other, and if one had her hands on the others pussy, I would attack the
others pussy. I slowly moved from between them so as to give them more
room to move, as well as give me a chance to do more.

The older one was now on her back and the younger had moved up so as her
pussy was covering the her mouth. The young one was beginning to buck as
the older one inserted her tongue and lick all around her clit, and at
the same time she would pinch at her nipples. I decided to take up a
position between the older ones legs and spread them far enough so as to
get my face up to her clit. As my tongue reached out and began to probe
its way around and into her hot hole, she arched her hips up a little
before raising her legs so as to give me a better access to her love
tunnel. They changed positions after about 5 minutes, and I just waited
for them to get settled before starting again on the younger of the two.

My cock was well and truely back in the game and ready to play, so I
asked which one wanted it first, and I was surprised when the older one
said that as they had decided the younger one was to try and fall
pregnant, it should be her that received my sperm. At the time I only
really half took in what she had meant, and I quickly pulled her up onto
her knees and entered her from behind. As I stuck my hard cock into her
wet and dripping pusy, she in turn went back down between the legs of the
older woman.

No matter how much my balls ached, and my cock felt like it was ready to
explode, it just did not seem able too. Never before had I experienced a
hard on like this, one that would not cum, or relent. As time went by
the older one decided that she would try and blow me, so I swapped back
to her for some time, before returning to the younger one. I had lost
all sense of time, and eventually the younger of the two said she neded a
break, as well as the toilet. A few minutes after she had left, we heard
her yell out that it was very late, and she had to get going, so as to
make it to the show-ground. It turned out that she was a show jumper,
and she had a meeting to attend.

When she returned she begged me to stop for now, and that she needed a
lift to get her car from Southport. She had left her car at the older
womans home, and had not intended to be out this late, it was now around
4 am. I begrudgingly agreed, and we all got dressed and went out to my
car. The younger one sat in the front with me, and all the way she kept
rubbing my cock through my pants, and was asking me if we could continue
that night when she got home. She lived somewhere just over the NSW
border, so we agreed that I would meet her at a tavern near the border.

When we arrived at her friends house, she quickly changed into her riding
gear, and with a quick kiss, she was off. Once she was out the door, the
older one asked if I wanted to resume where we had left off, and as I
still had not unloaded my built up sperm into either, I agreed. She took
me to her bedroom where we both undressed and got in. We kissed a few
times before I was ready to start again, but just as I was about to enter
her, she said she hoped I would not be too concerned in a few hours when
her 2 sons awoke.

I asked what she meant, and if they were alone, or someone else (like a
boyfriend or husband) was staying with them. She replied that it was
just them, and that they were 13 and 15 respectively. I asked what she
thought they would say when they saw me, a stranger, in bed with their
mum, but she said the 13 year old would not care. I then inquired as to
the reaction of the 15 year old and she shocked me when she said that as
long as I did not turn my back on him, I had nothing to worry about. Now
this had me worried.

After asking again what he would say or do, she said she was not sure,
but about 2 months ago she brought a guy home, but before she could fuck
him, her son took a carving knife from the kitchen and tried to stab
him. WEll, that was enough for me, there was no way I was going to stay
here and fuck, and run the risk of getting stabbed. I appologised and
said maybe it was best I leave, and save him the trouble of a murder
charge, and I left. I told her that I hoped we met again soon, and maybe
even that she was with her friend that night. I got in my car and left.

By the time I got back to my hotel it was almost 7am. I set the alarm
for 10:30 as the other guys from work were due around 11, and I needed to
be awake when they arrived. I had a quick shower, dried and colapsed
onto the bed naked. I must have fallen into a deep sleep right away, for
when the alarm went off at 10:30, I got up, and when I looked around, the
rest of the room had been made up by the house-maids. Damn, I wondered
if they were male or female, young or old. It seemed strange that when I
apparently did not hear them knock, and they entered and saw me face up
and naked, I imagined that they would have left. But no, they just came
in and cleaned the room. I did not even know if they had touched me or
not. All I know is I awoke with a raging hard on, and they (whoever they
were) had obviously had a good look, and maybe even a feel. I will never
know, but the next day I did notice one young housemaid gave me a very
broad grin when she saw me.

When the bus arrived with the rest of the guys I went out to meet and
greet them, and soon I noticed that Mark was chatting with a few of
them. I went over and asked him where he had gone, and he seemed very
annoyed with me. Finally he smiled and said that I was one lucky guy,
and I asked what he meant. He told me to stop the crap, that the older
one had sent him on his way after telling him that they only needed one
guy between them, and I was it. Apparently they had said more, which
made me realise what the older one had meant the night before. He said
that when he asked why both of us couldn't stay and fuck, she said that
the younger one wanted to get pregnant, and in fact they had both been in
an exclusive relationship, and wanted a child. I was stunned.

It was one thing to hear that I had been chosen, also that I had all the
fun, but it was worrying that at least 20 people from my work, at least
for now, knew that I had cheated on my wife, and not just with one, but
two women. How long before Joyce found out, I wondered. Soon the guys
began to ask me lots of questions about what it was like, and more
importantly, what the girls were like, and what we had done. As I began
to tell all about the young one and her fantastic body, Mark interrupted
and asked me to tell him all about the older one, as he had fancied her,
and wanted to know.

I went into detail about how she had nice tits for her age, her pussy was
definitely tight and I believed that she had not had sex in a long time.
He asked me to describe her in detail, and to give my overall opinion of
her. I told them that for a woman of 37, she still had a great body, but
the only put off was that very large scar she had on her upper leg, right
near her cunt. I enjoyed licking and fucking her pussy, but when I went
down on her, the sight of the scar made me feel a little uneasy and it
detracted my enjoyment. I then went on to say that I went back to her
house to fuck some more, but when I found out about her son, I bolted,
and that I thought that she was a very crazy bitch when it was all said
and done. After all, she left her boys alone, brings me back, then says
she wants to fuck me, but her son will try and kill me.

I (regretfully now) was trying to big-note myself to them all, and as
such had painted a very poor picture of this woman. But hey, I was also
young, and I was more interested in fucking the younger one, and I was
happy to tell them all that I was meeting her again tonight, and that we
were going to be fucking all night once again, and I was glad that the
older woman was not going to be around. I then added, 'Who would want to
father a child to someone like her'. Yes I know I was mean, but I had to
impress the guys after all. Just as I finished my little speil, there
was a hand tapping on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was,
and my jaw dropped opened with shock.

Apparently, unnoticed by me the night before, the older one had been
wearing a lot of jewellery, and had taken it all off and left it in my
bathroom. She had come back to retrieve it. I did not know what to say
or do, so slowly opened my mouth and said hello, and I was happy to see
her again, hoping that she had not heard what I just finished saying
about her. As we went to my room, Mark laughed out loud and said that it
served me right, and that she had heard every bad word I had said. That
bastard, he had seen her coming and had done this on purpose, leading me
into making a fool of myself. She collected her things without saying a
word, and was then gone.

That night I quickly showered and chaged after the last game and headed
directly to the NSW border, and my waiting young princess. I made a
point of arriving early, as I realised that the two states had different
times, and I was not sure which one she meant, and I was not going to
miss her. I waited the first hour and no sign of her. Ok, she must have
meant my time. I waited another hour and still nothing. Ah, maybe she
is running late, so I stayed another hour, then another, before finally
realising that the older woman must have been in touch with her, and all
deals were off. What a fool I was! What a big stupid mouth and ego I
had in the morning. If I had of just been a gentleman and said nothing
to the guys, I would now be fucking one, or even two hot women.

The following year we were going back to Sydney to play, and Joyce was
driving me to the airport. About 5 minutes from getting there, she turn
to me and said that I was to behave myself this year, and not do the same
as last year. I asked what she meant, and to my amazement, she said that
she knew all about the two women I had fucked the previous year, as 1 of
my work mates had told her. I was shocked, I began to blabber
incoherently. As she pulled up, I asked her to forgive me, but as I had
to go, I promised to behave, as well as tell her all when I returned in a

For the hour flight to Sydney I was in a state of shock, I did not know
what to think or do. When we landed I straight away changed my ticket,
so as to return in three days with the rest of the guys. I realsied that
I could not stay longer, as Joyce would presume I was off fucking with
other women once more. When I arrived home she was not home. I called
her mothers place, only to be told that Joyce, her mother, and my kids
were spending a week at Bribie Island. I decided to surprise her, so I
got on a bus and went to see her. I knew the place they would be staying
in, as they always stayed at the same little house. When I arrived I saw
our car in the front, so I went and knocked on the door. Her mother
opened it, but when I walked in she said that oyce was not there, she had
gone to the Gold Coast hith her friend Carol, Carols boyfriend, and his
cousin Bob.

The following afternoon around 4pm I heard a car pull in, I had never
seen it before, it was a Panel van, the sort with the double doors on the
back and tinted, bubble windows on the side. the sort that we used to
call a "Shaggin' Wagon". I walked and say that Carol was in the front,
so now knew who it was. I guess that the guy was her boyfriend. I asked
her where Joyce as, and she said in the back. I walked around to open
the doors, but by the time I got there, a young, well built guy had
already opened the door from inside, and he was now holding his hand out
for someone, to help them out. It was Joyce.

As I looked at her I first noted the "glisten" in her eyes as she took a
hold of this young guys hand. she never once looked at me, instead she
looked directly into his eyes. I said hello, but she just grunted a
terse "hello" back at me and continued to look at him. I moved between
them and introduced myself as her husband, and that I would help her out,
but Joyce would not let go of his hand. She slowly slid outwards, and
never once bothered to stop her short skirt from riding up her arse, and
showing of the tiniest of G-Strings that she was wearing. I was so micro
that it barely covered the lips of her pussy, he obviously was impressed
as he looked directly at what she was showing, and I saw his pants begin
to tent. As she got to the edge of the van she lifted both her legs and
gave him a very long view of her hidden pleasures before slowing lowering
one leg to the ground and stepping out. I knew that I was in trouble,
but also that she had decided to have her revenge, but I soon found out I
was wrong.

The others bid her goodbye and thanked her for going away with them, and
Bob said that he was looking forward to seeing her the following week.
Once they were gone, I asked her what she thought she was doing, and why
had she gone away and fucked with this stranger. She shocked me when she
that that she had not YET fucked him, but the following week I had to
look after the kids while she had her revenge for what I had done the
previous year. I sat her down and explained the entire thing, how I had
been drugged, and it was not my fault. I explained that I was very
remorsefull, and that if not for the drug, I never would have allowed
myself to get into that position.

Joyce burst out laughing, and I could not understand why. I knew she was
upset and would want to kill me, or get revenge, but to laugh at me like
this had me stunned. She then turned to me and said that the day I was
leaving, she was actualy making a joke. She had not known anything at
all, and that I was a fool for admitting that the story was true. She
then went on to say that her few days away were not planned, but had just
happened, and the more she was with Bob, the more she realised that she
had a right to have some sexual fun as well. Because her mother had been
with her and the kids, she had decided that she would not do anything
untill after she was back home, and I could look after the kids, and know
that she was having sex with another guy.

I was very shit off with what she was planning, also upset at the
flagrant way she flaunted her body to this young guy, but at the same
time I knew that she was right. Whether or not I was drugged or had sex,
I should have come clean and told her as soon as it happened, or at least
never admitted it. I was trapped, I had to watch as she went away to
fuck this guy the following week. It was not going to be easy, but if I
wanted to stay married, I had no other choice.

The following Tuesday was the appointed night she was going to fuck Bob,
and if that was not bad enough, she asked him to pick her up, and when he
arrived she invited him in for a few drinks first. He arrived at 8
O'clock. Now this was really getting me up tight. If she had to get even
and fuck him, the least she could do is just go and meet him and get it
over with. But no, she wanted to make me suffer as much as possible.
After an hour the got up to leave, but as they got to the door, Bob
turned back and looked at me.

"Hey thanks man, I'm glad you are not upset about me fucking your wife
tonight, I should have her back by morning, it just depends on how well
she fucks!" he said.

If I had of had the courage, I would have jumped him then and there and
killed the prick. Joyce on the other hand just looked at me, smiled, and
said she was sure Bob would not be dissapointed with her, and then said
goodbye. The rest of the night was not going to be easy on me. How
could I sleep knowing that this arrogant shit had my wife and was fucking
her as much he liked. I went to bed around 1am but could not sleep, I
kept tossing and turning, all the time wondering what she was doing, if
in deed she would even come back to me. At around 2 am I heard a car,
and when I looked out the window, I saw Joyce getting out of a taxi.

Whe she came in I was waiting just inside the door for her. I quickly
asked did she in fact enjoy herself, and did she think he was a good fuck
or not. I then realised that it was only early, so I asked why she had
come back so soon. All the time I had not given her a chance to answer
any of my questions as I was angry as hell. By the time I stopped asking
questions, I realised that she was crying. I asked her what was wrong,
had he hurt her, had she decided what she had done was wrong, but all she
said was that she needed to sleep and would talk tomorrow.

The following morning I once again tried to find out what had happened,
why had she come home crying, but it took many hours before she would
open up and tell me all. It turned out that when Bob arrived, he was
already half drunk. When he took her to the hotel he had booked, he
first set to drinking a lot more. Eventually Joyce decided that she
wanted to get it over with, so she undid his zip, took his cock out and
started to suck him. This she did for a few minutes before he lifted her
skirt and tore her panties off her in one quick movement. He then pushed
her backwards to the floor and shoved his cock inside her as quick as he

After only a minute of so of savagely fucking her dry pussy, without
warning, he slipped his cock out, roled her over, and shoved his 8" cock
straight into the depths of her arse. She said he never tried to warn
her, or even give her any lubrication. She said how she thought she was
going to split from side to side when he plunged the full length of his
cock into her. He continued to savage her arse untill he finally spurted
his cum into her, then he got up and left the hotel. It appeared that he
had booked in under a false name, paid in advance, and had no intention
of staying the night. He never even had any luggage with him.

I quickly rang her girlfriend and asked where her boyfriends cousin
lived, but all she could tell me was that they wee distant cousins, and
as they only bumped into each other the previous week, they did not have
a clue where he lived. He was one smooth customer this Bob. If I had
gotten a hold of him, I think 10 year in prison for his murder would have
been worth it. It took a ong time before Joyce felt good about sex
again, even with me, she always seemed to tense up when I tried to insert
my cock into her.

After almost a year of trying to sooth her pain, we did eventually get
our lives back together. We never have to this day seen or heard of Bob
again. It was after a year of Joyce having trouble trusting any guy,
that we finally sat down and began talking about "therapy" for her, but
not the usual kind. Instead we bagan to talk about "swapping" or having
having 3-somes, but where I was always involved, so as to make sure no
one ever had a chance to hurt her again. This was how we really got into
our sexual adventures that I have written about in other stories here on
this page.

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