Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fantasy Come True: Part I

Being bisexual isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Usually I'm with one or the other; a gorgeous woman
and some hot pussy, or another fella and some
delectable cock. I'd shared women with other guys
before, but never had the chance to really do anything
with him; it was just us guys screwing her. I decided
the time had come to see if I could fulfill a longtime

Jim and I found each other through an online sex
board. There aren't too many bisexuals out there;
mostly it's gays or couples searching either for her
or for him. That was the initial connection we made.
Unlike my usual hookups, this one went a bit slowly. I
guess it was partly because that was how Jim wanted
it, and for me, I just didn't want to blow this
chance. We traded e-mail for a while, talked a little
about ourselves, what kind of things we were into, and
what we both enjoyed during our sexual encounters. We
both discovered that while we'd had plenty of girls,
and had our share of guys on the side, neither of us
had ever had a proper bisexual threesome. Jim had been
with two women once, but neither of them were lesbian
or even inclined to lesbian tastes; it had just been
him satisfying two women at the same time. No MMF
playtime yet. We were both very orally inclined; Jim
had fucked a guy once, but had never been fucked. I
wasn't into anal at all. We decided we would meet up
for lunch, and if we liked what we saw, we'd try to
set up a threesome.

The lunch came and went, and Jim and I clicked. He
mentioned during the meal that he had a friend named
Sharon who might be willing to join the three of us.
It was fine by me, as this was what I wanted. So Jim
talked to her, and she enthusiastically agreed. Up to
this point, none of us had ever had sex with each
other. Jim was able to host, so we all met there one
Friday evening.

"Hi, Steve, come on in" Jim beckoned me in through the
door. I followed him into the kitchen, where an
attractive black-haired woman sat. "Steve, this is
Sharon. Sharon, Steve." We shook hands and made eye
contact. I liked what I saw - she had curves in all
the right places; I like my women with a bit of meat
on them, never into skinny waifs trying to be models.
;) Jim was masculine; not necessarily built up or a
gym rat, but not some rail-thin feminine twink either.
Just a normal dude. He had hair that was sandy, and
probably during the summer almost ash blond. We were
all roughly the same age- in our early thirties. Past
the blush of youth, but definitely in the prime of
life, generally attractive, and full of energy for the
evening ahead.

Over drinks, I found that Jim and Sharon worked for
the same company, but in different divisions. They had
gotten to know each other as co-workers during
meetings, presentations, and on their lunch breaks.
Sharon had been attracted to Jim (and the feeling
was mutual!), but had had no idea Jim was bisexual
until recently. I told her that I too was bisexual,
and that a true threesome was what we had in mind. At
first Sharon was startled, and unsure if this was the
right scene for her. We reassured her we wanted to
make sure everyone was comfortable, and that we all
received sexual attention. She began to relax, and we
talked a bit about sexuality, sexual identity, and
gender issues. Just an enjoyable conversation,
although I could feel an undercurrent of sexual energy
building around the kitchen table.

Finally, Jim rose. We could both see the bulge in his
pants; I had a similar lump, and looking at Sharon's
grey eyes, I could see the building lust. "My
bedroom's this way. Care to follow?" His casual
comment betrayed little of the passion his body

We are all on the bed, touching and rubbing, and
appreciating the slow, sensual feel of foreplay-- no
rushing into getting naked. We've all tossed off our
shoes, but we're all otherwise still clothed. At first
Jim and I concentrate on Sharon, massaging her
shoulders and neck, stroking her back, rubbing her
belly, her thighs, her calves. She in turn does
likewise to us, either both at the same time or a
little bit of Roman hands and Russian fingers on him,
then on me. Our hands go a bit lower on her back as we
move closer, our fingers creeping near her breasts,
approaching her inner thighs, and we feel her doing
the same. As we move our bodies closer together, Jim
and I start to occasionally rub each others' thighs
and arms, adding to the group connectivity.

Pretty soon, all of our shirts are lifted a bit, as we
make flesh-to-flesh contact, exposing our bare bellies
and the lower parts of our chests. The smoothness of
her skin contrasts with the rougher hairiness of our
male physiques. Before long, both Jim and I are
shirtless, and we have lifted Sharon's shirt off. Jim
kisses her neck and strokes her thigh, while I cup her
breast gently in my palm with one hand. I reached
around her back with my other hand to unhook her bra.
Jim pulls away slightly, helping me to take one strap
off as I remove the other, exposing the creamy
whiteness of her tits. We lower our heads, and
start using our tongues to lick in circles, starting
at the outer edges of her boobs, and moving in closer
and closer to her rapidly hardening nipples. Reaching
her tits, we each take one in our mouths, and gently
suck, using our tongues to lick the nib inside our

Sharon gently pushes us back, and with a slight nod
towards me, we begin working on Jim. Stroking and
rubbing his chest and back, we move our hands slowly
downward, as he lies back, enjoying the attention.
Eventually she and I reach his waistline, and I allow
her the initial reward. She unsnaps his pants, and
lowers the zipper. Moving one hand inside, she
massages his hardening cock through his briefs.With
the other hand, she reaches around, as do I, and as he
lifts his ass ever so slightly, we jointly tug his
pants down off his groin and ass, down to his thighs,
and over his calves until they are off.

We stop for a second; it is now her turn to receive
the same treatment, and she is left in just her
panties. Now it is my turn to have my pants removed.
We are all together on the bed, clad only in our

Hands are now everywhere, massaging every inch of
flesh, only lightly grazing over our oversexed organs
and asses. We want to stretch this out as long as we
can, to prolong our pleasure and intensify the orgasms
we know are coming.

This time I am to go first; two sets of hands run down
my chest, over my belly, and slowly massage my erect
cock. I lift my ass slightly, and off comes my briefs.
I am now naked, and visible for all to see. Jim's turn
comes next, and I don't hesitate to use the
opportunity to grasp his cock, feeling the heat
radiating from the shaft.

He and I turn our attention, removing Sharon's damp
panties, and the three of us are now completely naked,
and ready for the next stage in our session of

We are all sitting or lying on the bed, gazing at each
other. I examine Sharon: her hair is at least
shoulder-length; long enough, but not so long that it
gets in the way of anything. She is not skinny or
lean, and has padding in all the right places. Her
tits are neither small nor large, but what I like to
call "a perfect handful". Her pubic hair is generous,
yet neatly trimmed so that it accents and frames her
pussy, instead of being a bramble that a tongue
would have to hack through. Her hips are fairly wide,
and on the other side, a long smooth back ending in a
generous ass, round and firm.

As we continue stroking each other, rubbing, grasping,
touching, moving closer to each other, I look at Jim.
His shoulders aren't narrow, nor are they overly broad
in that "V" shape so many people get excited over. Yet
he is well formed and pleasant to look at. His chest
is not well-developed, but neither is it weak. A thin
sheen of hair in well-spaced tufts cover the inner
lines of his pecs, and trail downwards, past his
belly, joining up with his pubes. Tight, curly tufts
surrounding his cock and balls, extending downwards,
and I presume into his crack. I'll find out soon

Jim's now fully erect prick is, to visual
measurements, about 7 to 7.5 inches; not large or
massive, but not small either. The length and girth is
neither thick nor thin- a somewhat slender shaft, even
in all measurements, from the cap now leaking precum
to the base, crowned by pubic hairs. His balls were of
a good size; not long hangers swinging loose, but not
tight up against his body either. I knew during our
play I would have to examine them a little more
closely. *grin*

His waist tapered down to his solid legs, covered with
a light dusting of fur. A strong back, dimpled at the
waist, ended in a nicely shaped ass-- not flat like
many men, not a complete bubblebutt, but nicely formed
cheeks that said "this is an ass."

As for myself, I'm a gorilla. Hair all over, but not
so thick that it forms a carpet. I have a fairly nice
body, a little plump in spots, but nothing outrageous.
Little nipples that are perfect cones when I reach
full excitement, surrounded by dark hairs sweeping
across my chest, down my belly, thinning slightly
around my navel, picking up again in a wild tangle of
dark thick pubic hair surrounding my cock. I am
smaller than Jim, a just respectable five inches, but
I am definitely thicker around. My girth is quite
satisfactory, especially for the women I've been with.
I've been told my legs are my best feature, and they
too are covered with hair, down to the toes. I possess
an ample ass.

While I have been gazing at the eye candy gathered on
the bed, we have been moving closer and closer to each
other, until our Eve is surrounded by her two Adams,
each lying next to her. I gaze at Jim momentarily, my
non-verbal cues indicating which steps we are to take
next. He meets my gaze, smiles, nods, and moves in
closer. He angles his jaw ever so slightly, and Sharon
eagerly meets his gaze. Their eyes close, their lips
join, and are locked in a rapidly intensifying kiss.
He is on her left, so as they kiss, she moves her arm
upward, and her hand cups the back of his head,
caressing and ruffling his hair. He responds, while
with his remaining free hand, he begins to gently
massage her boobs, and lightly rubbing and tugging on
her swelling tits.

In the meantime, I have moved downward, so that I can
more easily do my part to enjoy this sexual union. I
rub up and down on her upper thighs, coming slowly
closer to the inner section. She responds, parting her
legs to allow my hands access. I take my time, rubbing
and massaging in wide circles, coming ever closer to
her cunt, which is now unfolding like the beautiful
flower it is; the lips parting, a thin sheen of
moisture covering the bud at the center, the clit
beginning to peek out from under its hood. I begin to
shorten the circles, moving upward and inward, until I
am in that sensual hollow, where the upper joints of
the legs meet the pelvis. I remove one hand, but
continue my exploration with the other. I lightly rub
the entire palm through her pubic thatch, then
slowly come down on top of her pussy. I rub up and
down, up and down, up and down... sweeping from the
mons down to the ass cheeks nestled at the bottom.

They are still madly kissing, hands wrapped around
each other, roaming across each others' chests. I
notice his cock is lonely, no one having yet paid any
attention to it. It is fully erect, and glistening
with precum. I reach out with my free hand, and stroke
his upper thigh. I hear him murmur, moving his groin a
little closer. She hears, and frees one hand as well,
moving southward towards mine. I grab her hand, and
guide it to his engorged penis. Sharon wraps her
fingers around the shaft, and slowly begins to pump
it. I decide to let her have it for now, and shift my
attention to his sac. I move my fingers under his
balls, letting them fall into my palm. I am now
rubbing both her increasingly wet cunt and his warm,
loose balls.

Now that I've had an opportunity to feel Jim up, I
decide to let Sharon enjoy him for now, and turn my
attention back to her now open pussy lips. I start to
let my fingers explore,going between her cunt lips and
down into her pussy itself. Dipping a finger inside, I
coat it with enough juice, and pull out, moving it
slightly upward, and cover her lips, clit, and hood
with her wetness. It is now her turn to murmur assent,
as I masturbate her, making sure the entire area
remained wet. All this time, our breathing has
quickened with each passing minute, and the sounds of
sex penetrate the otherwise silent room.

Sharon has begun rapidly pulling at Jim's cock, while
I am playing with her pussy. He reaches down, loosens
her grip, and moves upward on the bed. He turns around
and straddles her head, He leans foward, so that he is
now on all fours, and lowers his head towards her
pussy. Jim looks at me; I nod, and remove my fingers.
He lowers his head, and begins to lick her. In the
meantime, she has realized what he wants, and grabs
his cock again, pulling it towards her open lips. They
lock into a joyous 69.

I am not idle, for while he eagerly uses his tongue as
a drill, pressing in little circles between her lips
and clit hood, I have placed my fingers back inside
her, allowing her cunt to envelop my fingers, as I
probe the insides for her G spot. I quickly locate the
seat of joy, and pressing lightly on it with my finger
tips, I slowly saw my fingers in and out.

They both deliberately settle into a rhythm, neither
fast nor slow, but steady, steady, steady. She has
half his cock in her mouth, moving up and down, as she
uses her free hands to massage his ass and cup his
balls. He is nearly immobile, just his tongue boring
around her cunt and clit. My fingers are moving back
and forth, feeling his jaw pressing down, feeling her
muscles slowly tighten and loosen.

Suddenly, Jim lifts his head. "Stop." Sharon and I
both freeze. He pushes himself up with his hands, and
removes his slick penis from her mouth, dripping with
juices and saliva. He looks directly at Sharon, and
smiles. "I'm about to come. I'd rather do it in you."
She smiles back, and I move, expecting that now he
will take his place between her thighs.

"No, I want all of us together." He rolls her over on
her belly, and lifts her hips. He is going to fuck her
from behind. She is now on all fours. "69," he said to
me, gesturing for me to get under her. I am puzzled,
but glad to be a full participant. I slide under her,
until our faces are staring at each others' groins.
Looking upwards, I can see his delicious cock standing
straight out from his body, his balls halfway to my
forehead. He looks down at me, smiles, and moves
slightly forward. "Here, go ahead and get a taste." He
pushes his cock downward, so that the slimy head is
rubbing my lips. I open, and suck the head gently for
a minute. He removes his prick, and using his hands to
spread her ass cheeks gently, moves foward until he is
just a hairsbreadth away.

I feel something warm on my cock- I am being sucked,
and I can feel the lips gliding up and down my shaft,
Sharon's tongue expertly swirling around my cockhead
and the sides of my cock. I reach up, and grab his
cock, guiding it into her pussy. I see the tip enter,
the lips widen, the shaft slowly burying itself deep
within the fleshy warmth. I decide to reciprocate the
oral ministrations I am receiving, and as he slowly
pushes in and out of her cunt, I stick out my tongue
and begin to lap at her clit. Moving up and down, I
lick his shaft whenever possible; sometimes he
continues blithely onward, at other times he freezes,
allowing me to taste the mixture of pussy and cock
juices slathered all over his penis. When he stops, I
use the opportunity to go all the way back, taking a
ball momentarily into my mouth, then licking it all
over. I alternate between each of his testicles,
enjoying the feeling of each one rolling around in my

We three are joined together, as three pieces of a sex
machine: Sharon's mouth on my cock, bobbing up and
down as she grasps my hips and ass; Jim's cock sliding
in and out, sometimes balls deep, sometimes just the
head within her pussy lips; and me, my tongue bathing
her genitals and his, as my hands begin to softly
knead his ass, every so often rubbing his balls.

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