Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fantasy Come True: Part II

I remember the first time I ever sixty-nined: the
stimulation was so overpowering that it was hard to
keep both my heads concentrated at once. My cock had a
mind of its own, and I just wanted to focus on the
sensation of having my cock worked over rather than
contributing pleasure to the cock in my mouth. Since
then, I'd become comfortable with mutual cocksucking,
but that same feeling of being overwhelmed washed over
me that night with Sharon and Jim. We were all joined
together, but the multiple pleasure not only
heightened our erotic actions and reactions, but made
it difficult for any of us to maintain a regular tempo
for very long.

Since he was receiving the most attention (my oral
ministrations and a rapidly tightening cunt), Jim was
the first to reach the point of no return. "Unnngh...
Uhh... Yeah, yeah, yes, I'm close, I'm close, close
yeah I'm gonna cum..." I felt his balls suddenly
tighten, and saw his quickening pace suddenly come to
a tense, shuddering halt.

At the same time, Sharon had stopped bathing my prick
with her tongue and mouth, and was now very loosely
holding my cock between her lips, and she started to
groan, grunt, and mumble, as she shifted her pelvis,
pushing her ass back into Jim's groin. I continued
to gently lick within the folds of her pussy, right by
her clit. I wanted to aid in the pleasure she was
feeling, and help build towards the orgasm I hoped
she'd have. Because the connection was strongest
between Jim and Sharon, I was receiving only secondary
attention, and I didn't feel the need to explode yet.

Sharon removed my cock from her mouth, and was jacking
me off in a haphazard way, as Jim's cries and throes
indicated he was in the midst of unloading his cum
inside her. She pressed back one final time, and
started to twitch like mad.

"Yes, Steve, right there Steve, keep it hard Jim, yes,
I'm close, I'm there, more, more more... ah, ah ah
ahhhhh!" With a final shout, Sharon passed that
crucial moment, and spasmed through her enveloping

I watched, fascinated, as I saw the two of them
sharing an almost simultaneous orgasm; Jim had come
first, but Sharon hadn't been far behind. I gazed at
the union of cock and cunt right in front of my face
as the bodies these delightful nests of ecstasy were
attached to entered a bit of heaven. Orgasms are
mind-shattering things, especially when a good one is
achieved; no wonder the French call it "le petit
mort," or "the little death."

As their orgasms passed, and their bodies revived from
the otherworldly sensation of being suspended within
the pleasure of release, the room was filled with Jim
and Sharon's voices: "Ahhhh..." "Ohh..." By now,
Sharon was no longer doing anything to my cock, which
remained erect and wet, slathered with precum and her
saliva. Her body visibly relaxed a little, as did
Jim's. His penis was still ensconced in her vagina,
and he gave a slow final push up to his balls,
allowing his sac to drain completely into the
warmth of her cunt.

I had been alternately fondling Jim's balls and gently
rubbing that delicious spot just right behind his sac
as he shot his load. Now I removed one hand and moved
it back to his ass, softly massaging an asscheek. As
Jim's cock began to soften, I was able to see his
shaft emerge from between the clinging lips of
Sharon's cunt. I reached up and surrounded his dick
with my hand, helping to pull it out.

"Let me clean that off for you," I said, looking up at
Jim. He looked down, smiled, and allowed me to take
control of his semi-hard cock. I opened my mouth and
directed his penis downward between a different set of
lips. As gently as I could, I cleaned up the mixture
of juices.

Meanwhile, Sharon moved forward and off of my body,
collapsing on the bed. She moved downward a bit
towards me. "That looks so sexy," she murmured. "I've
never seen two guys making it before." Her
heavy-lidded but satisfied gaze focused on me, as
she observed my oral technique.

I was satisfied at having "dried" off Jim, so I
disengaged from his lovely tool, and moved out from
underneath him. He dropped from his knees down to a
sitting position, as I lay on my side. We sat there,
the three of us together: Jim sitting, me on my side,
and Sharon on her back. Jim's cock was now close to
its flaccid length, while Sharon's pussy lips were
closing up, hiding her love tunnel. Only I maintained
any obvious sexual excitement, as my cock was still

"I've never experienced that bef..." Both Jim and
Sharon spoke simultaneously, using the exact same
words; they swiftly turned their heads to look at each
other as they broke off their sentence. Smiles broke
out as both chuckled. Their gaze lingered just a bit
longer than one normally would in a conversation.

"Neither have I," I added. "Since I'm the one who
first approached Jim, I want to thank both of you for
being willing to help me achieve this. It's always
been a wish of mine to do something like this. Now
it's a fantasy come true."

"I've always wondered about something like this
myself, "Jim replied. "But I never wanted to do this
with total strangers. I'm comfortable with you, Steve,
and Sharon... I like you." He looked first at me as
he spoke, and ended by looking directly at Sharon.

Sharon laughed nervously. "I'm comfortable with both
of you. I've enjoyed myself... so far." She smiled as
she completed her sentence with that rather pointed
reminder that as far as she was concerned, the evening
was far from over. She looked over into my lap. "I
think there's someone in this room that needs some
assistance in making sure this fantasy is as complete
as possible."

"Well, then," Jim chimed in. "We'll just have to make
sure that everyone leaves satisfied, won't we? After
all, I wouldn't want to be accused of being a bad
host." At this, we all laughed.

Sharon got up onto her knees. "Steve, roll over on
your back, please." I quickly obeyed.

"Scootch down a bit, willya? Get your legs on the

I moved down the bed a bit, flopping a little bit like
a seal. As my feet hit the floor, Sharon said, "Good
boy. Now stay put while Jim and I see what it looks
like when YOU cum." She giggled. I watched as Sharon
moved across the bed on all fours, stopping once
her groin was directly over my face. She straightened,
and lowered her pussy towards my mouth.

"You're really good at eating pussy, Steve," she
declared. "Why don't you see if we can go for orgasm
number two for me, hmmm?"

That was just the invitation I needed; I opened my
mouth, stuck out my tongue, and started brushing her
pussy lips with broad strokes, from the thin edge
between the bottom of her gap and her asshole, up
towards her pubes. As Sharon started to get wet again,
her pussy lips opened, exposing her pretty cunt to my
hungry mouth and tongue. I continued to deliver the
same evenly paced, wide strokes with my tongue, until
I could see the glistening pearl of her juices nestled
in the base of her pussy, at the entrance to her
vagina. Dipping the tip of my tongue into her opening,
I transferred the moistness upwards, into the crevices
of her cunt, washing every inch until it was all wet.
Switching gears, I went to work, licking in circles
around the outer folds, narrowing my focus with
each passing minute, until I was centered on the
region right around her clit. Peeking out from its
hood, her clit started to swell. I was going to make
sure that her steamy pussy would continue to catch
fire, right up to the moment I helped her achieve
another earthshattering orgasm.

While I was going to town, I felt my legs being parted
a bit, and then a tongue on my balls. Without being
able to see, I knew it was Jim. I moved my legs a
little more to give him as much access as possible. He
placed both of his hands on my thighs, and rubbed
gently and softly, as his tongue explored my genitals.
He began by first licking one ball, taking it softly
into his mouth and sucking on it, then releasing it
and repeating it on the other ball. He kept this up
for a couple of rounds, then licked around the base of
my rock-hard cock.

As I probed Sharon's inner depths, she moaned.
"Ohhh... uhh... yeah, keep it up... mmmm..."
Encouraged by her vocal ecstasy, I remained diligent
about keeping my tongue as stiff and on target as I do
my cock.

I felt Jim's mouth nibbling, sucking, and licking all
around my groin, but never directly on my cock. His
hands roamed as well, first on my thighs, then cupping
my balls, stroking my ass, running through my pubic
hair, returning to my ass, balls, thighs... Finally I
felt his tongue run up the side of my shaft, and
circle my cockhead.

"You are such a tease, Jim." Sharon remarked. "Then
again, it all feels good, huh, Steve?"

"Mmph," I replied as best as I could, considering I
didn't want to lose the momentum I had built up.

I felt Jim finally take the plunge, and the warmth of
his mouth covering my shaft raised my body temperature
and hearbeat a little bit more. I was coming close to
getting lost in the moment, but I wanted to stay in
control for two reasons: first, to give Sharon the
maximum pleasure possible, and second, to hold off on
shooting my load, so that I could give myself the
maximum pleasure! Sex isn't always about being
altruistic, heh.

Jim bobbed up and down on my cock for a few minutes,
going all the way down to the base, then back up so
that just the head was within his gullet. He sucked
gently on the head, rolled his tongue all the way
around the edges, then went back down bit by bit,
letting all of my cock fill his mouth. He slowly came
back up, and then released it completely. Without
missing a beat, he let his tongue sweep down the
sides, and around, licking my engorged meat - if
you'll excuse the cliche- like an ice cream cone.

Suddenly Sharon bent over; this gave me a bit better
access to her cunt, especially as the pussy lips
opened a bit wider. I could feel her torso covering
mine, her boobs touching my body, and all of a sudden,
not one, but two tongues working away at my cock. I
always wondered how it must feel to have two people
giving me head, and now I was experiencing it!

I continued to lick Sharon's cunt, but it was proving
difficult, because within a few moments, I felt my
cock being engulfed by a mouth all the way to the
base, then lips gliding upward, my cock being
released, and then swallowed again. It took me a
minute to realize that Jim and Sharon were taking
turns. It was becoming harder for me to hold
back, as I started to feel that familiar sensation
building in my balls and groin. I stopped licking, and
leaned slightly back.

"Take it easy, you two. I wanna make this last if I

"No problem," Sharon replied. "I don't want you coming
in my mouth anyway."

"Why not? Unless you have better ideas?" I chuckled.

"Yeah, I do, as a matter of fact. Move your head, Jim.
You can suck him some more later." With that, Sharon
lifted her own head, and moved down my body until her
groin was right above mine. Grasping my cock in one
hand, she lowered herself onto my prick, until my
penis was embedded in her vagina. Her back faced me,
so that I could see the beautiful sweep of her spine,
the gorgeous roundness of her hips, the swelling of
her ass, and my cock, visible for just a second or two
as she slowly rode me.

"That's hot," Jim remarked. He was still between my
legs, and apparently watching the action unfold before
him. "You know, Steve, I think I'll return the favor
you were doing me earlier." I felt his tongue start
lapping at my balls, and then move up to the base of
my cock. He was indeed returning the favor, as he
started orally massaging my cock and Sharon's cunt. I
felt Sharon stop moving, and she planted herself
firmly on my belly, allowing Jim the opportunity to
get a taste of her pussy as well.

"Mmm... yeah, that feels good," she said. "Right
there, now down a little..."

After a couple of minutes, Sharon spoke again. "Okay,
stop. I wanna try something now. I've been curious
about this for a long time."

"What's that?" Jim asked.

"I wanna take both of you in at the same time."

I was puzzled. "You want one of us in your ass and the
other in your pussy?"

"No, I want both of you inside my pussy, ok?"

Now, this was unbelievable. I was very curious to see
how this would turn out.

"Ok, let's see... Steve, you're, no offense, a little
shorter than Jim. Let's change this around a little."
Sharon raised herself off of my cock, swung around,
and got off the bed.

"Get up, Steve, and let Jim take your place." I got
up, and stood next to the bed, my cock dripping with
Sharon's cream and my precum, standing hard and fully
at attention. Jim got up from the floor where he had
been kneeling, and lay down on the bed on his back.
Sharon dropped to her knees, parted Jim's legs, and
took his cock into her mouth. After blowing him for a
minute or two, she stood up, climbed onto the bed,
turned around, and straddled Jim just as she had done
with me.

"Ok, let's give this a shot. Jim, open your legs a
bit. Steve, move in between." As she commanded us,
Sharon sat down on Jim's cock, taking him all the way
in. She then raised up slightly, and leaned backwards
a bit, slowly letting Jim's now glistening prick
emerge. Once she was close to just having only his
head lodged inside her, she looked at me.

"Now, Steve, move in. See if you can get your cock
alongside Jim's, and let's see if I can take both of
you. If this doesn't work, we'll try it some other

"Are you sure?" I was a little worried.

Sharon laughed. "You know, vaginas were designed for
giving birth. I think if I'm capable of pushing a kid
out, I can take the two of you."

"True, true," I blushed, as Jim just laughed. I edged
in, and taking my penis in hand, I lined it up
alongside Jim's. This was so sexy; not only would I
get to fuck a pussy, I'd have the chance to feel a
cock sliding in and out against mine. Sharon moved
just a little bit back some more, so that I could see
Jim's cockhead in between her lips.

"Go ahead," Sharon whispered. I bent my knees
slightly, pushed a little, and she pushed back, and
just like that, both of our penises were rubbing
against each other, both surrounded by one warm, wet

I sighed. This was getting better by the minute...

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