Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fantasy Come True: Part III

Sharon gasped as I entered. "Are you okay??" I asked.

"Yeah, it's just, wow, a little more than I normally
take in." She smiled, giggling slightly.

"Feels good though, doesn't it, Steve?" added Jim.

It did feel good. To maintain balance and make sure
our cocks stayed in, usually one of us was pumping,
while the other stayed more or less stationary. Since
I had my feet on the floor and thus more control, I
was doing most of the fucking. Sharon was balancing
herself on one hand, and playing with her clit with
the other. Jim had one arm around Sharon's waist to
keep her stable, while his other hand was busy toying
with Sharon's tits. I allowed my hands to roam back
and forth between Sharon's thighs and Jim's hips.

Soon there was ragged breathing emanating from all
three of us, as we pushed ourselves closer and closer
to the brink. The wetness of all three of our genitals
heightened the erotic atmosphere, and definitely meant
I wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer. My
balls slapped alternately against Jim's shaft and
balls, depending on how deep or shallow we were inside
Sharon, and who was pumping away. I looked down and
saw Sharon's fingers practically flying, she was
rubbing herself so fast.

"Uhnnh, uhnnh.." "Ah, ahh, ahh..." We all either
simultaneously or alternately vocalized our passion,
either involuntarily or in response to the sounds of
sex within the room. All of a sudden, Sharon's pussy,
which had been slowly tightening over the last couple
of minutes, got as tight as it possibly could,
considering it was swollen with two cocks of
respectable to sizeable girth. Her cunt's contractions
in turn set both Jim and I off, as I pumped as fast as
I possibly could, with Jim following suit.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh, oh God, oh, yesssssss!" Just
like that Sharon bounced madly, her whole frame
stiffening and then spasming, as she came. Just mere
seconds later, I stiffened in turn, and felt my cum
course upward from my balls and through my cock,
flooding Sharon's cunt. As I passed the crest of my
own orgasm, I noticed Jim's body go rigid, and an
incredibly warm, wet channel became even more
saturated with the sexual juices of our union.

Sharon fell backwards onto Jim's torso, which prompted
my already shrinking prick to pop out from her
stretched cunt lips. My cock was quickly followed by
Jim's meat, also returning to a state of flaccidity.
This was followed by a copious stream of mixed cum,
oozing out from between the still distended folds of
Sharon's pussy.

I moved out from between Jim's legs, and laid down
sideways on the bed, next to Jim. After a few minutes,
Sharon rolled off onto the other side of Jim. We all
just lay there quietly for a few minutes. My eyes were
half-closed; I took in the sensual features of the
two people I had just had a fantastic fuck with. Jim's
eyes were completely closed and his breathing
gradually returned to normal. Sharon's hair covered
her eyes, so I couldn't tell if she was alert or not.

"Wow." Sharon brushed back her hair and looked
straight at me. "That was... something."

"No kidding," I replied. "That was so sexy."

"Yeah. Thanks for indulging my curiosity."

"Thanks for being here with me." I smiled.

Sharon returned my smile, then looked at Jim.

"Hey, wakey, wakey! Or have I worn you out?" She
lightly tapped his chest with her fingers, running
them up and down in an imitation of raindrops.

"Mmm..." Jim stirred. He glanced up at Sharon, then
looked over at me, and grinned. "I don't know `bout
you two, but I always gotta piss after sex." He raised
himself up to a sitting position, then stood up and
left to go to the bathroom.

"I gotta go too," I said.

"So do I," said Sharon. We decided to wander out of
the bedroom and join Jim.

After the three of us had voided our bladders and
taken quick showers, we gathered again around the
kitchen table for a cup of coffee. Jim had given
Sharon his bathrobe and was himself wearing just a
shirt. I had a towel wrapped around my waist.

"So, Steve, did we fulfill your fantasy?" Jim asked.

"Yeah, I finally had my bi threesome." I chuckled. "I
definitely wouldn't mind doing that again."

"Well, it doesn't exactly look like we're ready to
quit for the night." Jim glanced meaningfully at me.

"No, I certainly wouldn't mind another round soon." I
looked at both of them. Jim was more or less flaccid,
but it was so sexy seeing him in just a shirt, with
the bottom hem covering most of his pubes and the very
top of his shaft, but the rest of his cock visible.
Sharon was covered by the robe, but a hint of her
breast could be seen.

"Sharon, this was your first time with two guys
playing with each other, right? How were you with all
this?" I looked at her. Personally, I thought she
didn't have any problem, especially when she was the
one who suggested jamming two engorged cocks into her
hot cunt, but I wanted to make sure she was
comfortable with all of this, especially if we all
decided to play some more. Well, not IF. More like

"Well..." She looked upward, then down at the table,
then ahead at me. "Yeah, I must admit at first I was a
bit taken aback. I thought it just gonna be you two
guys tag-teaming me, but then finding out it was gonna
be all three of us on each other... Still, I've always
been curious about two guys making it with each other,
and watching you two suck each other's cocks, that was
hot. I don't have a problem with it at all." She took
a sip of her coffee.

"I'm glad to hear that, because I really enjoy feeling
Jim up just as much as I enjoy playing with you, and I
suspect Jim's answer would be quite similar." I
glanced at Jim, who nodded.

"So we're all on the same page." Sharon shot us both a
sultry smile. "But you know something interesting?"

"What?" asked Jim.

"You called the shots when you fucked me, and I called
the shots when I took both of you on, but we're all
here because of Steve, and I'm not sure if his fantasy
has really been fulfilled." She gave me an amused

Jim gave a low chuckle. "You're right. Well, Steve?
How about it? Anything left that you wanted to do? Was
there some specific part of your fantasy you want to
play out?"

"Hmmm..." I thought quickly. Jim had fucked Sharon; so
had I. I'd sucked Jim, and he'd sucked me. We'd both
done Sharon at the same time, and that definitely was
a highlight of my evening. "Well, how about if we go
back to bed and you'll find out?" I got up from my
chair, downed the remainder of my coffee, unwrapped
the towel from my waist, draped it over the back of
the chair, and moved over to Sharon. I pulled her up,
untied the robe, and moved my arms around her waist,
pulling her to me. I kissed her, gently yet firmly.
She responded, pressing back with her soft lips. As we
continued to kiss, I removed my arms so that I could
more easily take off her robe. She matched my move,
helping me to quickly render her naked. I continued to
hug her.

After a couple of minutes, I broke off, and opened my
eyes. Sharon and I looked directly at each other, and
then I looked over to Jim. I beckoned with my hand,
and he approached us. He had yet to remove his shirt,
but his cock was rapidly filling up and rising to
attention. I grasped him around the waist, and pulled
him into the circle. The three of us hugged each
other. I went back to kissing Sharon, and Jim joined

Until this time, I'd only kissed women. While I
greatly enjoyed sex with both men and women, I'd never
entertained romantic thoughts for men, or had any
great desire to do anything other than play with their
cocks. But I figured, what the hell; sex is one of the
great gifts humankind enjoys, and there's always room
for experimentation. I turned my head, and kissed Jim
on the cheek.

He looked at me, startled for just a moment. Then he
kissed me back, first on the cheek, and then on my
lips. I tentatively returned his kiss, and we
exchanged busses, each kiss becoming more assertive
and firm each time. We were all still hugging,
stroking, and fondling each other. I stopped for a
minute, moved slightly back, and took off Jim's shirt.
All three of us were once again naked.

"God, that was sexy. You guys are gonna make me cream,
and my pussy hasn't even been touched yet," commented

Jim and I smiled at each other. "Well, I don't
normally do that, but it was nice," I said.

"Me too," Jim echoed.

I grasped both of their hands in mine.

"Join me?" I led them both slowly towards the bedroom.

This time, we dispensed with the preliminaries. I
pulled Sharon to me and started making out with her,
at the same time rubbing her wet cunt. Jim stood
behind Sharon, hugging her from behind, his cock
lodged in between her asscheeks, his hands wandering
over her boobs, lightly tweaking her tits. We stood
like this for a few minutes, then I asked Jim to move
back for a moment. Now it was my show.

I laid Sharon down on the bed and quickly mounted her,
pushing my hard, pulsing cock into her pussy. I
started fucking her slowly, pulling out until just the
head was lodged between her cunt lips, then plunging
back inside until I was balls deep. Jim laid down
beside us, watching us.

"Don't just lie there. Move over to Sharon's head," I
ordered Jim.

He obeyed, getting up on his hands and knees, and
crawled over to Sharon's head. He then looked up at me
with a questioning look, awaiting my next order.

"Get over her face, facing me." He straddled her head,
his balls dangling in front of her face, his cock
jutting out towards me. I lowered myself further, and
took Jim's cock in my mouth. Sharon started sucking on
Jim's balls, and nibbling at that spot just behind
them. Together, we worked on Jim while I continued to
bang away at Sharon's cunt.

After a few minutes of slurping on Jim's meat, I
removed my mouth.

"Ok, enough." I commanded. I pulled out of Sharon and
moved up onto my knees. "Roll over, sweetheart."
Sharon obeyed, turning over on her stomach. I grabbed
her hips and pulled her up. Once she was on all fours,
I lifted one asscheek and spread it slightly, and
holding on to my love rocket, steered it into the
landing bay. Fucking from behind is always a treat,
because of the angle of the pussy. There's a certain
sensation, a grip, that's missing in other positions.

As I pistoned in and out of Sharon's sopping cunt, I
looked at Jim, who was sitting back on his heels,
being sucked by Sharon. "Get underneath. Remember
earlier tonight?"

He nodded, and taking his cock out of Sharon's mouth,
he lay down, turned around, and slid underneath.
Moments later, I felt his tongue dancing over my cock
and balls, and presumably Sharon's pussy. I also
assume Sharon continued her oral attention.

Again we were joined together, except this time Jim
and I had swapped positions. Boy, I liked this a lot.
Jim really got a treat earlier on when I was in his
spot. I decided to go for broke, and quickened my
pace. Sometimes I'd feel Jim's tongue on the
undershaft of my prick, especially if I pulled out
partially and held still. Other times, I'd feel him
lapping at my balls.

Once again, the air was filled with the moans, groans,
and cries of orgasmic rapture. As I approached my
orgasm, I abandoned all restraint, and pounded away,
allowing my cream to spurt out of my body and deep
into Sharon. I continued to feel Jim attending to me
until he and Sharon in turn culminated their pleasure.

All three of us decoupled and collapsed on the bed.
The digital clock on the nightstand by the bed told me
it was well into the wee hours. As my eyes grew heavy,
I scooched closer to Sharon, who was on my left, and
saw Jim do the same on her right. I threw my arms
and one leg on top of her, and Jim did roughly the
same, so that both of us males were embracing Sharon
from both sides, while our legs covered her groin and
thighs. Huddling together, we drifted off...

As I've said, being bisexual isn't everything it's
cracked up to be. Straights are suspicious of you, and
gays don't tend to trust you either. Finding the right
bi playmate can take time. But in my case, thanks to
Jim and Sharon, my fantasy came true.

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