Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gold Coast Fun - Part 1

It was back in the 70's, when I started working. As I worked for a very
large company, there were maybe around 500 men, all working on the one
shift, but spread over the many sections. I was an apprentice, and as
such, my job was anything that I was told to do. I was the proverbial
"shit-kicker", until I finished serving my time. If a section hand or a
boss told me what to do (and there were six bosses in my section), then I
had to obey. I had been there for about 3 months, when one of the
tradesmen approached me and said he needed me to sell "raffle tickets"
for the Social Football club, and that he was the president of said
club. I complained, that as I was new, and an apprentice (actually I was
not even that until the following January), that if I did that I could be
in big trouble. He walked away, but soon after, the 2nd-in-charge boss
called me aside and said that as he was the patron of that club, he
ordered me to sell the tickets. Now this was strange, I was 15 years
old, in my first job, and being ordered to "bludge", it was great.

A few days later I was asked by another guy there, if I would sell
tickets for the Social Golf Club. I thought that this was pushing things
a bit far, so I said it would be too hard for me. Of course, soon after,
another one of my bosses called me and said that he was the patron of the
golf club, and as I was selling tickets for the football club, it was
only fair I should do the same for his club. This soon seemed to be the
pattern of things to come. After two weeks I was selling tickets for the
football, golf, cricket and lawn bowls club. Over a 5 night week, with
my work hours of 7.5 hours, I was selling tickets and handing out the
prizes for a time of 4 hours per night. What a life. Only 3.5 hours a
night for 4 nights a week, and 7.5 for the other night, and being paid
for this.

This continued for many years, and as a reward, I was invited to many a
social dinner and fund-raiser by each of the social clubs. I would
attend some of their sports days and get all my food and drinks supplied
for free. And as I had learnt to play Lawn Bowls as a kid, when I used
to help my brother-in-law when he was a green-keeper, I decided to join
the bowls club and play on the weekends.

Now the Social Bowls Club would play each Sunday at a local club, and as
I was a member, and worker of the company, no one at these clubs seemed
to bother and ask if I was of legal age to drink alcohol. And as any
young person will tell you, if they don't ask, we won't tell them. I
became just "one of the boys", even though I really only was a boy. When
I first started doing their raffles, they would just have half a box of
beer to raffle. Over the months I built this up to where I was raffling
up to 6 boxes, plus having extra bottles to sell to people who wanted a
beer after work. Also I put on special raffles for Xmas etc, and this
raised many thousands of dollars for them. Each year there was an
interstate game between our work, and another "sister" company in Sydney,
and as I had been raising the money for their trips, they invited me to
attend, even though I had not qualified. I was basically the team
manager as a reward.

One year we would go to Sydney and play, and the following they would
come to the Gold Coast and play. The event would only last 3 days, and
as such, our works would allow us one extra day off to attend, but I
would organise to take a week or two of my holidays, so as to stay and
enjoy myself. The first tip I went on was to Sydney, and it was also the
first time I would ever go into a "Massage Parlour", and experience that
type of sex. Actually, it was very nice sex indeed, and as luck would
have it, the "woman" was from my home town, who was married and trying to
earn enough money to put a large deposit on a house. But what happened
there is another story sorry.

The following year the game was to be played at the Gold Coast, and as I
had now been married for 7 years, and had 2 small children, they came
with me a few days before the game and we had a short holiday
together. The day before the teams were to arrive, a friend drove down
to collect Joyce and the kids, and to take them back home, as I needed
the car to transport peole around. When he arrived, Joyce and I were in
the middle of a "session", so I had to stop and open the door. I asked
if he could wait a short time, but he knew what I meant and just pushed
the door open, saying he would wait inside for Joyce to finish getting
ready. Joyce was under the covers, naked, and had not expected him to
come in, so I dropped my towel and climbed in, and she protested. I told
her that as I would be away for a few days, I needed to have at least one
fuck before she left.

Reluctantly she allowed me to re-enter her, as I said, if she did not, I
would pull the covers off and let him see all of her. Although she tried
to keep the covers over herself, they did from time to time expose her a
little. I guess I sort of helped with that a little, as I was a bit of
an exhibitionist, and he was still single, as well as a virgin. I took
great pleasure in changing positions every few minutes so as to give him
a better glimpse of my attractive young wife and I having sex. By the
time we were finally finished, I looked across at him and saw that his
cock was out and he was furiously masturbating, trying to finish before
Joyce saw him. I felt sorry for him, but also had a good laugh. Not
long after they were in his car and returning to Brisbane.

About an hour later I received a call from a work mate who was also down
there early, so as to visit his mother. He asked if I wanted to go out
and have a few drinks with him, and as I had nothing else to do, I
agreed. Now my friend Mark was older than me by 10 years, I was 27, and
he had wanted to go out and try and pick up a woman for the night. I
told him I was not interested, but he could have as many as he liked, and
I would just have a few drinks. At the third club we went too, he
finally felt his luck was in, as there were so many women, either alone
or in small groups. Over the next hour he tried so many times with so
many women, but each time he got a knock back. I felt like having some
fun, so I decided to show how easy it was.

I went over to a table of 6 women, the oldst being around 55, and the
youngest about 24 or so. I introduced myself and then, looking directly
in the eyes of the eldest one, I asked if one of the beautiful ladies
would like to dance. I had intended to make a point of directing my
request to her, knowing that she would be appreciative of my youthful
cheekiness. Before she could answer, the youngest one jumped up, came
straight to me, and said she would be pleased to dance with me. Once on
the dance floor I looked back at Mark and saw his disappointed look. The
young girl said that the older ones were her relatives and she was
looking for a way to get away for a few minutes, but one woman was her
workmate. We had two dances, and then I thanked her and returned to my

I had another drink, but Mark was very disappointed and said he wanted to
go home, so we went out to get a taxi back to my hotel. We rang a taxi
then went outside to wait. When we got outside the club, the young girl
I had danced with, and her friend, were also waiting for a taxi. We
talked a little longer and soon our taxi arrived. As she said that she
had to go back to her friends to get her car, and that was an hours drive
away, I suggested that if they wanted to come with us, I would have a
shower and change, and then drive them for free. I said as I was
married, I was not looking for a woman, and also I had not drank a lot,
but wanted to just freshen up in case we were pulled over by the police.

When we arrived at my hotel, I told them there were beers in the fridge,
and to help themselves, and also asked if one of them would make me a
coffee. 10 minutes later I was out of the shower and just had a pair of
shorts on. They called out that my coffee was ready, and I should drink
it first before getting dressed again. I sat down and began to drink,
but noticed it had just a slight different taste to the way I made it,
but then realised that maybe they put too much, or little, coffee in or
else it was the milk from the hotel that was "off". As it was now around
8pm, I said we should hurry, so I got up to go to the bedroom to dress,
but as I stood up my legs felt a little strange.

Not knowing what happened next, I can not fill you in on those details,
for the next thing I remember, is opening my eyes and realising I was on
my back on the bed, and totally naked. Not only naked, but the younger
of the two women was on top of me and fucking away on my cock to her
hearts content. Shit! What was happening here, was I dreaming, how did
this all happen. I looked at the bedside clock and it was now 10pm. I
asked what was happening and she just said I should not mind, and to just
lay there and enjoy it. All I could think of was Joyce, and how could I
ever explain all this.

Deciding that what I was doing was wrong, I was about to push her off
when suddenly I realised that either way I would be in trouble, Joyce
would never believe me. So I did the only thing I could do, I rolled her
over and decided I should finish the job before throwing her out. After
all, I did not start this, but I may as well finish it. She seemed more
than happy that I was now letting her relax and enjoy, while I took over
the "work" side of things. It was strange, but at the time I should have
been very excited at having this great looking girl under me, and I
thought I would cum really quick, but instead, my cock was throbbing and
pulsing, but it did not seem to want to cum.

About an hour later, and many different positions, the door slid open and
her friend walked in. At this point we were back in the missionary
position, and I froze. She asked her friend what was wrong, and she
replied that she had told Mark she would not fuck with married men, and
that he had left. I reminded them that I was the married one, and that
he was single. The older one (about 37) then said she needed the
toilet. We were alone once more, but I did not know what to do. It was
one thing to fuck my wife while a friend was there, but these were both
strangers, and women. I looked at the young woman and asked her what
were we to do, as we could not continue to fuck while her friend was
sitting outside. She surprised me when she just said.

"Well, I have always wondered what it would be like, for two women to
have sex with a guy, at the same time".

I could not believe my ears, but also realised that this was a load of
rubbish, there was no way the other woman would join us, as I had said I
was married. I did not have long to find out, as a minute later, as I
was about to get up and dress, the other woman entered the room
again. But this time she was stark naked. She got into the bed and
looked at me and asked was I going to continue to fuck her friend, or
would I fuck her first. As the younger one was more attractive, I
continued to push my meat back in and out of her, as the other one sat
and watched.

After a few minutes of pounding away, I felt a hand tapping on my
arse. I stopped and looked around, and the older woman then said that it
was "her turn" and she laid down and spread her legs. As I seemed to
have two women to enjoy, I moved across to the older, and began to pay
attention to her tits, before slowly moving down to check out this new
creavice that was on offer for my eager cock. As my face moved closer,
and saw that she had a very nice, but bushy, patch of hair covering her
pussy, I realsied that I had no recall of what the younger ones pussy
looked like. I knew that would be rectified shortly.

I began to lick away at her outer lips and then began to explore her
inner depths with my tongue. As I did so she was telling me that she was
looking forward to my fucking her, as she had not had a cock inside her
cunt for just over three years. Then she was moaning and thrusting, I
was almost believing her as well. As I moved up to position myself,
ready to enter her, she stopped me and said that she wanted to feel my
cock with her mouth. Now fucking is always nice, but I also enjoyed
having a warm mouth around my cock, so I was not about to refuse her.

She went to work on my cock like it was second nature to her, licking the
eye, then running her tongue down the shaft, before slowly taking a
little bit at a time into her mouth. She would gently suck on the head
of my cock, then she would almost Swallow my entire length in one go,
right down to my balls. She certainly knew how to give a man great head,
as my balls were jiggling, my shaft became rigid and then felt like it
grew an extra inch. I felt I was about to cum in her mouth and felt
worried what she may say, as well I really wanted my cock to feel inside
this wopman as well. I had nothing to fear, she stopped sucking and said
she was ready, but as I went to move into position, the younger one said
that she wanted the same treatment from me as well.

She right away took my cock into her mouth and began to suck away on it
for a few minutes before she rolled over and told me to lick her out. I
slid down closer to her cunt and could smell the warm aroma escaping from
her moist pussy. As I got closer I could see that she had her pussy
neatly trimmed, and there was just a small triangle of hair remaining
above her opening. My tongue went to work and probed around for a few
moments before she said she needed me to fuck her real quick. I moved up
and entered her in a hurried manner and began to pump in as far as I
could, before retreating until just the head of my cock was at the
opening. Then I would push back in half way, retreat, and then lunge to
the bottom of her hollow.

I finally felt like I was about to cum, and was looking forward to
filling this hot young cunt with my juice, when again the older one
slapped my arse and said it was her turn. I withdrew and moved onto the
older one and began my "service". As I found my rythym with her, I began
to delve deeper and deeper, slowly increasing my tempo the further I
entered her. After a few moments I was pounding into her hot pussy as
hard as I could, for by now I just wanted to unload my aching
balls. There would be plenty of time to cum into the younger one later.

My balls began to tighten and my cock was pulsating and was only a few
moments away from spewing its hot juice into her, when suddly she
quivered. I felt her hot juice hit my cock, and then I could see tears
running down her face before she screamed. Without being fully aware of
my actions, I had somehow managed to be on my feet, standing on the
bottom of the bed, and looking back at her and the younger one in
fear. Then she began to cry out:

"Oh Fuck! I can't believe how nice it is, after so fucking long, without
a cock inside of me!" she said.

I could not believe it, this was what her problem was. I yelled back at
her some obscenities, asking why she had done this, did she realise I
could have had a heart attack, etc. She and the other girl both laughed,
and the the older one told me that she had not been lying, she had not
had a cock for over three years, and she had indeed realised just how
much she missed it. By now my cock (for the first time since I came to)
was now limp. When it heard her scream it had been jolted from its
stiffness, and it had shrivilled up and tried to hide.

As I laid down between them, the younger one said she wanted me to finish
her off as well, but I pointed out to her that my "other brain" was too
scared for now, and needed a rest, or some reassurance and help. At once
the two women went down to my limp member and took turns to either suck
on my cock or to lick and suck my balls. This they did for nearly 30
minutes, but to no avail. It was not ready to react just yet, it needed
time to recover. As the girls were quite happy to have a rest, I went
and got three beers, and we just laid there and they told me all about
themselves, what they did for a living etc, how the older was divorced
and had 2 sons. Basically just small talk so that my cock could recover,
and at the same time they gently stroked away on my nether regions.

After they finished their beers, they once more went to work on my cock,
but still they could not get a reaction. I guessed that after the almost
two hours of non-stop sex it had just endured, it needed a well earned
rest. They seemed to be disappointed and both looked at me and asked if
I had any suggestions. They both said they needed more sex and were not
ready to stop just yet. I looked at each of them in turn, then as a
joke, I said they would just have to amuse themselves for a time, untill
my cock was ready once more.

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