Friday, April 17, 2009

Football Widow Ch. 3

Trina watched quietly as her goddaughter exited the shop and
headed off towards her car. Her arms were full of boxes and
she had the blonde girl in tow. The old woman sipped her tea
contemplatively. She had not expected to see Christa recover
from her heartbreak so suddenly. It was quite a pleasant
shock to see her back to her old self. The last time Trina
had seen her she was drunk and so down the old woman feared
she would try to harm herself. The young woman with her must
be something quite special, but she was married and that was
sure to cause her favorite more heartbreak. Trina rarely
took a hand in any of her goddaughters' lives, but Christa
was special. Her mother had been Trina's first lover and the
old woman felt a special bond with the small butch.

Rita came in and interrupted her meditation. The short black
woman with flaming red hair and more piercings than Trina
cared to count ran the shop during the evenings when the
clientele changed from respectable clients to strippers and
prostitutes. Trina nodded to her and went out the back door
and up the rusting black iron staircase that led to her
second floor apartment. Inside she sat at the small dinette
and took another sip of her tea. The apartment was neat and
homey, with plenty of knick-knacks on display. A lifetime of
careful planning and simple living was displayed there.
Trina had seen Paris and London, traveled extensively on the
continent and made a name for herself in the clothing
industry long before she immigrated to America in the late

Here in America she had gotten out of the design end of the
business with a small fortune when she sold her business.
She still kept up with the latest in trends and fashion, but
the small shop was all that she worried with now. That and
her once yearly trip to France for the fashion show of her
best friend in the industry were her only real contacts any
more. She did, however maintain a finger on the pulse of the
industry. Her clients here demanded the best and latest.
Trina had a great deal of influence in the city because some
of her clients were the wives and mistresses of very
powerful men. These clients were hyper conscious of fashion
and thus Trina stayed up on the latest trends.

She toyed with an idea for along time, not noticing as the
sun sank and the gibbonous moon rose. With a sudden and
purposeful movement she rose and exited the apartment. The
old woman would be up now and Trina needed her advice.


Sue and Christa were both quiet as they left the city.
Christa spoke finally as they crossed the GW.

"So what'd ya get?"

"None of your business!" Sue shot back. Her mind was already
on what set to wear first and she was hoping that Trina knew
Christa's tastes as well as she claimed she did. The old
woman was right, just knowing that she owned all the sexy
undies made her feel more sexy. She couldn't wait to try
them all on again, but this time for an appreciative

"Awww, come on, you know I can't wait to see you," Christa

"Well, you will just have to wait,"

"All right, want to go out to dinner tonight?"

"What time is it?" Sue asked. She suddenly remembered her
net meting, but had no idea how much time she had spent in
Trina's shop.

"Bout four-thirty," Christa said glancing at the men's
wristwatch she wore.

"Shit, I have to be home by five!"


"I have a net meeting, they're going to kill me if I am not
on," Sue said in a panic. The little car leapt forward,
shooting past others as Christa tromped on the accelerator.

"Don't worry, I'll get you home," Christa said.

Sue turned and began digging through the bags in the back
seat. She managed to find a silk top and blazer. While
Christa navigated the heavy traffic Sue ripped off her top
and struggled into the blouse. She got the blazer on and
then grabbed one of Christa's cigarettes. Sue hadn't smoked
in years, but the small woman was doing over 90 and Sue was
nervous. The first puff had her coughing and her eyes
watering. Christa smiled, but couldn't spare a glance at her
passenger. The Palisades was packed and she was weaving in
and out of traffic with only inches to spare. It wasn't that
hard for her, she often drove like a maniac when she was
down. Somehow the adrenalin rush always lifted her spirits.

"Skirt?" Christa asked, her eyes never leaving the road.

"Fuck it, I'll be sitting at the desk, no one will see," Sue
said distractedly. She didn't even notice the grin that
flashed across her lover's face.

As soon as the car stopped in the garage Sue jumped out and
ran to the door. She fumbled with the keys before finally
getting the door opened and ran to the living room, leaving
the keys hanging in the door in her haste. Sue leaned over
the desk chair and turned her machine on as Christ came up
behind her. The short black woman's hands slipped around her
waist and undid the fly of her jeans.

Despite her impatience Sue giggled and tried to grab
Christa's hands. The smaller woman simply dug her fingers
into Sue's ribs, causing the older woman to squeal and
before Sue could react Christa tore her jeans, thermals and
panties down to her ankles.

"What are you doing?" Sue asked as she started the net
meeting program and pulled her chair out.

"Well, since you are going to tease me with all those sexy
clothes, I figured I would tease you." Christa said. "Now
step out of those things before you sit down."

Sue didn't have time to argue; she kicked out of the pile of
clothes at her feet and took a seat. She connected at 5:00
on the button and adjusted her web cam so that it didn't
show anything except her torso from her boobs up.

"Hello Sue," Harry's voice came over the speakers. Harry was
an older man and head of the auditing department. He had
always been kind to her and it was through his intersession
that members of the department were allowed to telecommute.
The big brass were still not sure that people who didn't
come in were actually working.

"Hello," she said and smiled. Her eyes were however not on
the screen but on Christa who was crawling under the table.

"Sue here found the problems, so I'll let her give you an
overview," Harry was saying. Sue knew she was in real
trouble when she felt Christa's hands gently try to pry her
legs apart. Sue squeezed her legs tightly together and began
to explain what she had found in her spot audit. Holding her
thighs tightly together reminded her of the Ben-wa balls
still lodged inside her and she had to really concentrate on
what she was saying. She was just getting into the technical
jargon when she felt a soft warm tongue on her knee. Sue
breathed in deeply and exerted all of her willpower on
giving the report to her virtual audience.

Christa was being no help at all, rather than trying to pry
her legs apart the small butch began to sensuously lick
Sue's knee. Sue stifled a gasp when Christa's small tongue
touched the inner part of her knee and continued with her
presentation, but Christa's slow licking of her knee moved
farther to the inside of her knee and despite herself she
felt her thighs begin to relax. Christa's soft hands stroked
the outsides of her thighs while her warm tongue slowly
swirled over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

The smaller woman worked slowly upward and Sue's thighs
seemed to part involuntarily. By the time she finished her
presentation of the basic facts Christa was teasing the soft
skin where Sue's legs joined her torso. Despite her
intentions Sue found her legs splayed widely apart, allowing
her lover full access to her charms. Harry had begun a recap
of what she had said and Sue took the opportunity to glance
down at what was going on under the table. She instantly
wished she hadn't and tightly shut her eyes to try and
remove the image that seemed to be burned into her retinas.

Christa's face was only inches from her pussy and was framed
by her splayed thighs. Her soft pubic curls were damp and
the lips of her sex were puffy and swollen. Christa had her
tongue out and was looking up into Sue's face with those
mischievous brown eyes. A shiver of anticipation ran through
her and her over active imagination could almost feel the
soft caress of that tongue. Sue knew in seconds she would
feel that warm tongue on her pussy for real and
unconsciously bit her lip. Even then she barely stifled a
moan when Christa lapped gently at her lips.

Sue's legs sprang shut on Christa's head like the jaws of a
steel trap, but Christa didn't mind. It was too late now for
her victim to do anything to stop her. She dragged her
tongue slowly up Sue's lips, working first one then the
other from bottom to top. The woman's flavor filled her
mouth and Christa loved it. The little butch could hear the
guy she assumed was Sue's boss talking, but her mind was
focused on Sue. She wondered if the woman could keep her
face straight and stifle her moans through an orgasm.
Christa doubted it, part of what made Sue so exciting was
how she went from prim and proper to uninhibited once she
was excited enough. Christa loved this kind of sex, semi
public, where discovery would be hugely embarrassing, but
also was very unlikely. She wanted the added erotic tension,
but didn't want to embarrass her new lover.

Sue's lips were red and angry, it was obvious that she was
in a very heightened state of arousal and Christa decided to
just go for it. She pressed her tongue between the slick
lips and lapped gently at the area she thought contained
Sue's clit. For all her experience with women Christa wasn't
very good at giving oral sex. Lexi hadn't enjoyed getting it
and the girls she had been with afterwards were of the kind
where Christa didn't relish the idea of putting her mouth on
their snatches. Christa also had found a wide variety in the
way girls tasted and only a certain type appealed to her.
Sue was just that type, very sweet with only a mild
undertone of tangy and almost no salty flavor. She tasted
clean and wholesome and was so wet Christa didn't have to
worry about keeping her tongue from getting dry. Like almost
everything else about her, Christa found Sue's pussy to be

Sue's hips began to buck and Christa reluctantly ceased her
attentions and let the blonde woman recover just a little
before she resumed licking. When Sue relaxed Christa gently
introduced a finger into her tight passage and began to
slowly work it in and out. As soon as her tongue returned to
the soft folds Sue's body spasmed and her thighs clenched.
Christa couldn't do much, but she didn't really need to. Her
finger was pressed against one of the Ben-wa balls and with
little freedom she could still push against it causing Sue
to shiver. Christa let her finger slide out, but hooked it
through the loop of string that was attached to the two
steel balls. She then dusted Sue's clit with fast, feather
strokes of her tongue and pulled on the string.

Sue's breath caught in her throat, she could feel the balls
moving and Christa's tongue was about to set her on fire.
She chewed furiously on the inside of her lip, but she knew
it was no use. She was about to cum and there would be no
keeping it quiet this time. She had managed it in the mall,
but Christa's lips on her body just made it too intimate and
intense. Her foot shot out and she desperately stomped on
the red power button of the computer's power strip. Even as
the screen went black a ragged moan escaped her lips. She
felt the first ball stretching her entrance and her mouth
formed a surprised "O". She groaned, the lingering sound
turning into a moan of pleasure as her pussy contracted
violently and she came. Her body undulated from her hips to
her neck and she threw her head back. Waves of outrageous
pleasure assaulted her and she arched her back even more,
until only her ass and the back of her head were in contact
with the chair. She was still leaning back in the chair when
the second ball exited. Christa continued to lap at her
pussy, but reached over and turned the power back on.

When Sue could breathe regularly again the machine had
already booted back up and she started the netmeeting
software. Christa crawled out from under the table and stood
next to her. As the software began to connect Christa smiled
and held up the gleaming Ben-wa balls. They were slick with
Sue's juices and the blonde blushed prettily.

"Look at me baby," Christa whispered and as soon as Sue
looked up Christa's hand caught her chin.

"Oh, I think your lip gloss is wearing off, pucker up for
me," the little butch whispered. When Sue complied Christa
took one of the balls in her hand and slowly ran it over
Sue's lips, coating them in her juices. Christa smiled and
kissed her forehead, then stepped away from the web cam as
connection was established.

"Sue?" Harry's voice came over the speakers, "everything all

"Yes," she replied in a dreamy voice. She was so
embarrassed, knowing her co workers were looking at her with
her lips coated in her own juices, her thighs spread wide
and the scent of her arousal floating around her, but it was
incredibly erotic to her.

"Lost power for a moment," she managed in a more normal
voice. She licked her lips and tasted her own sweetness. The
seat of her chair was soaked and it slowly became cold,
clammy and uncomfortable as the meeting dragged on. Christa
carried armfuls of boxes upstairs and smiled at her. Sue
knew that the little woman would be visible to her co-
workers in the background, but she felt it was simply better
to ignore it than to try and adjust the camera to hide her

Sue was surprised to find her pussy felt empty without the
balls in. She wondered if that too was planned by her new
lover. She had just cum, but now she wanted sex again. She
wondered idly if Christa had just tapped into her latent
sexuality or if the little woman was fueling this sudden
need for sex. Either way it was damned nice.

"Well, it's agreed then. We will open a full audit on
Monday, you guys who come to work by computer make sure you
remember where the building is," Harry said and everyone

"Thanks Sue, we all appreciate your diligence here," he
said. Everyone agreed and Sue smiled, wondering how they
would feel if they knew she had been getting oral sex
through much of the meeting and dreaming about sex with
Christa through the rest of it.

"We'll work it like the last audit, everyone take a three
day weekend. Get your heads clear and make sure you all
download the preliminary report from Sue; it's on the main
page. On Sunday I'll have Marge send out the team
assignments, I don't want to hear any bitching either, we
are too short handed to work the rotations the way we
should. See you all Monday,"

Sue answered a few questions from various people and thanked
Harry for the praise before she killed the computer and
rose. She stretched like a cat and shivered slightly.
Christa was sitting on the sofa watching television. Sue
walked over and turned the thermostat up a notch before she
sat next to her lover. The girl smiled and turned to face

"Wanna go out to dinner?" she asked.


"Like Italian?"

"I love it,"

"Great, go get dressed," Christa said. Sue smiled at the
hungry look on her face; somehow she knew that hunger
couldn't be assuaged by food.

"Is this just a ploy to find out what's in those boxes?" she
asked, arching an eyebrow.

"You know it," Christa said and smiled. Sue laughed and made
her way upstairs. She entered the bedroom and locked the
door. All of the boxes were lying on the bed and for just a
moment the enormity of the choices overwhelmed her. She
opened the door and called down the stairs.

"What should I wear?"

"It's a nice place," Christa's voice drifted back up the

Sue closed the door and went to her closet. She decided on a
dark blue sheath dress with a sweetheart neckline. She
hadn't worn this dress in three years. Sue had purchased it
on a whim, back when she was still trying to spice up her
love life. It was slit almost to her hip and the top was
just this side of indecently tight. The dress also clung to
her hips in a very provocative way. It was the sexiest dress
she had ever owned and was made of raw silk, which made it
the most sensuous outfit she had as well. She loved the way
it clung to her and caresses her skin. She held the dress up
and glanced in the mirror, for the first time in a long time
she liked what she saw and smiled.

Sue tossed the dress on the bed and dug into her boxes, she
was looking for a particular item. She found it after much
searching and pulled it from the tissue paper. It was a
powder blue merry widow with beautiful stitch-work to cover
her breasts and long garters. It came with a g-string in the
same color. Sue quickly stripped off her blazer, blouse and
bra and put the merry widow on. From another box she
selected black stockings and rolled them up her long legs.
The garters were adjustable and in a short time she had them
where she wanted them. She pulled the G-string up and
glanced in the mirror. The powder blue looked wonderful
against her pale skin and the stockings made her legs seem
longer and sexier. She pulled the dress over her head and
wiggled into it, noticing that the sheer silk left no doubt
as to what she was wearing under it. Black heels and silver
jewelry completed her outfit.

She carefully did her makeup and spritzed herself with her
sexiest perfume. Sue smiled at her reflection. It had been
quite sometime since she dressed to entice someone. It was
not just to entice this time, she was hoping to have Christa
ready to tear the dress off and fuck her silly, and in fact
she knew she would be disappointed if it didn't happen. A
thought struck her as she walked out the door of the
bedroom. It was a fleeting thought, but one that would come
back to haunt her many times over the next months. Sue
wondered what it would be like to do this every day, to
actually have someone appreciate the effort and want her.
She felt like that would be the way it was if she was living
with Christa and that frightened her almost as much as it
excited her.


Trina sat quietly in the dingy little office. The man who
sat across the scarred desk was fat, balding and sweating
profusely. He was obviously nervous, but she suspected he
was also dying for a drink. His name was Jones and he was an
Ex-NYPD detective turned PI. He was also a drunk and the
whole place stank of sweat, urine and cheap whiskey.

"Can you do it?" Trina asked.

"Yeah, ain't no man alive I can't follow," he bragged in a
gravely baritone.

Trina was still unsure of this, but the mambo had suggested
him. Trina wasn't all that sure having Sue's husband
followed would yield any results, but the mambo had assured
her it would. After reading the signs and doing an augury
the old woman promised her that it would assure Christa of
happiness. Trina trusted Mama Ju, the old woman had given
her sound advice in the past. Trina didn't go in for love
potions, spells, wards or hexes, but she had found the old
woman was uncannily intelligent and insightful. On several
occasions her advice had proven to be the difference in
happiness and sorrow.

"How much?"

"Hundred dollars a day," the man said. His eyes were shifty
and Trina was no fool. She could see he was as desperate for
work as she was to see Christa happy.

"Too much. I'll give you one hundred today and a further
five hundred if and when you have something of value,"

"Done," the man said holding out his sweaty palm. Trina paid
him and left. Now all she could do was wait.


Christa pulled into the parking lot and stopped the car. She
glanced over at Sue and saw her face.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, it's just that this is my favorite restaurant," Sue
said hesitantly.

"Mine too," the little butch said as she got out of the car.
She went around and opened the door for Sue.

Sue hesitated for a moment. She was by no means a regular at
Taliferro's, but she did know some of the staff fairly well.
This was playing a dangerous game and she wasn't sure she
was ready for the consequences, but when Christa extended
her hand and Sue looked up at the small woman, her
misgivings vanished like fog under the morning sun. Christa
wore a tuxedo that had obviously been tailored to fit her.
She was as sexy as anyone Sue had ever seen in one. The
older woman felt her stomach lurch and she realized in a
stunned way that if the little butch asked she would have
sex with her right here in the parking lot. Christa was that
hot and Sue was that horny. She couldn't explain her
newfound libido, but she no longer tried to fight the urges.
She was learning to love sex again.

When she got out of the car the slit in her skirt revealed
her long stocking clad leg and Christa whistled. The small
black woman offered her arm and Sue took it with a barely
suppressed giggle. They walking arm and arm with her into
the restaurant. A tall man in evening attire met them just
inside the foyer.

"Good evening ladies," he said. He showed not the slightest
bit of surprise at two women arriving arm in arm. His name
was Jacques and Sue had always thought he was the very model
of a proper Frenchman. Nothing seemed to ruffle him and no
situation seemed to distress him in the least.

"Martin, table for two," Christa said. The man looked on the
register, picked up two menus and led them back to a small
booth. Christa held her hand as Sue was seated and then sat
across from her. Her dark eyes sparkled in the candlelight
and Sue felt her knees go weak. Those dark eyes held passion
and hunger, but a love so tender and real that it made her
heart sing.

The waitress arrived and Sue felt herself blush, it was the
same young woman who had served her and Bernie the last time
they came here. She was a tall girl with platinum blonde
hair and kind blue eyes.

"Good evening Ms. Martin, welcome back," she said.

"Hey girl, how's it going?"

"Business is slow and tips are even worse, nothing has been
the same since nine-eleven. They're cutting back our hours
and if things don't pick up soon they're going to start
passing out pink slips. Everyone is nervous, even Jacques.
With this anti-French attitude that's going around he's
walking on egg shells," she said. Her eyes moved from
Christa to Sue and a knowing smile touched her lips.

"Good evening Mrs. Prescott, nice to have you back with us,"
she said. Something in the way she spoke let Sue know she
surmised Christa was fucking her. Somehow it didn't bother
Sue nearly as much as she felt it should have.

"Thank you," Sue managed. The girl smiled then took their
drink orders and left. Once she returned Christa ordered for
them both and then lifted her glass.

"Too us," she said.

"Too us," Sue replied and took a sip of her wine. Christa
reached across the table and took her hand. It was a small
gesture, but one that seemed entirely appropriate and
extremely romantic to the older woman. Her dinner with
Christa was everything her dinner with Bernie hadn't been.
It was romantic, exciting and tender. Christa ordered for
her, selected the wine and in general did all the things she
expected of a date. They were playing footsy under the table
long before the appetizers arrived and dinner was a lovely
period of soft caresses and entertaining conversation.

Christa proved to be exceptionally well rounded and
conversation flowed from Monet and Rubens to Bush and
Chiraque. For the first time in a long time Sue found
herself mentally stimulated and challenged. Christa's views
were far more conservative than Dominique's had been, but
there were areas where she was quite liberal. Time and again
the small woman forced Sue to examine her own assumptions
about life and the world. It was profoundly enlightening for
someone who had slowly buried her intellect so as not to
stand out among her husband and his friends. When the
conversation turned to the gay lifestyle and many of the
pertinent issues surrounding it Sue found herself listening
more than talking.

"How do you feel about children?" Sue asked out of the blue.

"In general?"

"No, I mean for a gay couple,"

"I love kids. I don't think some of the women I know would
be any worse at being a parent than a lot of the straights I

"But I meant for you, would you want kids?"

"I'd have to find a wife first, I think kids need two
parents," Christa said.

"I don't think you would have any trouble there," Sue said
as she blushed.

"Maybe, maybe not, Why? Are you volunteering?" Christa asked
with a smile.

"Maybe, maybe not," Sue replied.

"I'd like to have kids. My Bro donated some sperm to a sperm
bank before he got killed in a gangland hit. Most girls I
know would make shitty moms, so I haven't really thought
about it," Christa said with a shrug. Her foot slipped up
Sue's leg to her knee and the blonde bit her lower lip. The
conversation moved on to other things, almost as if the
subject had been dropped by mutual assent.

By the time dinner was done Sue wanted nothing more than to
go home and make love. Christa's gentle compliments,
stealthy caresses and hungry glances made her feel special,
beautiful, sexy and loved. Her mind was active and she knew
a god deal of her sexual energy at the moment was fueled by
having to think on her feet throughout the evening's

As soon as they were in the car and moving Sue leaned over
in her seat and gently brushed her lips along Christa's ear.
The smaller woman's hand moved from the stick to gently
squeeze Sue's knee then back to the stick as she negotiated
the late evening traffic. Sue continued to nibble on her ear
and neck, occasionally running her tongue over the soft

"What's gotten into you?' Christa asked as a shiver ran
through her.

"You just make me feel sexy," Sue whispered. Christa smiled.

"Well, sugar, wait till I get out of the city, you're making
it hard to drive," Christa said. Sue contented herself with
resting her head on Christa's shoulder and stroking her arm.
Christa pulled off at the first scenic overlook. It offered
a stunning view of the Hudson and of Yonkers just across the
river. The trees were all stark and leafless, the river was
filled with ice flows and snow was piled on the ground.
There were two other cars, both pulled to secluded ends of
the parking area. Once Christa stopped the car the
windshield began to fog immediately.

Sue slipped her hand down to Christa's lap, expecting to cup
her pussy and try to get her worked up. She let out a little
squeal of delight when she felt the hard thickness of a

Christa smiled and eased her seat back as Sue's hands deftly
undid the fly of her trousers. She was quietly amazed at how
quickly the leggy blonde was becoming a nympho. Not that she
was complaining in the least, she was ecstatic. Still, even
with her eyes excited and her hands fishing inside the short
woman's trousers, she was a lady. Something about her was
just so innocent and lady like. Christa had to wonder if she
had even dated as a teenager.

The dildo was a jelly type, one that was very flexible and
not a pain to wear under her pants. It was dark green and
not overly large, but it was still pretty stout. Sue's hand
wrapped around it and she began to slowly stroke it as she
pressed her lips to Christa's. Christa waited a moment, but
Sue's lips only grazed hers. When she thrust her tongue out
the blonde's sweet lips parted and they began a long soul
kiss. When the kiss broke Sue giggled self-consciously and
sat back in her seat.

"What's the matter?" Christa asked.

"Nothing, I just.I mean.well, can't we just go home?" Sue
asked blushing prettily.

"Don't tell me you never made it with anyone in a parked
car?" Christa said incredulously.

"Well, no. I never have," Sue said and looked down at the
floorboard. Christa wondered how anyone could be so fucking
sexy and so incredibly cute at the same time. This woman
simply drove her mad.

"Well, its time you learned then baby,"

"Are you sure? Is it safe?"

"No, it isn't safe at all, anyone could pull up and see us,
that's half the fun of making out in a parked car," Christa
said and smiled.

"I don't know," Sue said blushing again. Christa smiled and
grasped the base of the dildo.

"Don't be shy sugar, let go and live a little," she said.

"What do I do?" she asked.

"Just hike your dress up and climb on,"

Sue looked furtively out the windows of the small car and
hesitated, but Christa smiled encouragingly and the older
woman seemed to gather her courage. She rose to her knees
and pulled the blue dress up, exposing her stocking tops,
garters and the G-string. When she was holding the dress
above her waist she hesitated.

"What about my panties?"

"Just pull them to one side babe," Christa said. Her voice
sounded husky in her ears and she could smell both her and
Sue's arousal. Sue nodded and climbed across the small
console and stick shift. She then put her knees on the seat,
straddling Christa's lap. Christa pushed the cock along
Sue's wet lips until it pushed a little into her hot
entrance. The blonde was so tall she was actually hunched
over, with her head in the back seat. Christa smiled when
she heard the contented sigh Sue let out as her hips settled
onto the thick dildo. Her tits were right in the smaller
woman's face, but Christa resisted the temptation to try and
get her dress off her shoulders, instead she let her hands
roam to Sue's soft ass and began to knead the fleshy half
moons as Sue began to rock in her lap.

Christa smiled to herself and let her boss's wife fuck
herself silly. There wasn't enough clearance for Sue to
actually ride, the most she could do was undulate her hips
in Christa's lap. With the seat fully back Sue's pretty head
still was pressed against the car's roof. Her eyes were
closed and her face was set as she rocked back and forth in
Christa's lap. Gradually her movements became faster and
more powerful. Christa just relaxed and watched, only
occasionally squeezing Sue's firm ass. She wanted Sue to
enjoy herself and in this situation she didn't mind being
the passive partner during sex. Sue's features slowly began
to relax as her excitement heightened.

There was one thing Christa did want to try and now seemed
as good a time as any. She pulled Sue's firm cheeks wide and
pressed her finger against the older woman's rear entrance.
Sue let out a little squeaking noise, but didn't stop what
she was doing. Christa contented herself with just massaging
Sue's rosebud, she planned on taking Sue from behind, but
that could wait. If the blonde was as inexperienced as
Christa surmised, she might even take her anal cherry. That
was something that Christa really hoped to do before the
weekend was out.

Sue was moaning and really working her hips when the lights
of a car illuminated her. Christa really enjoyed the glimpse
of her lover in the headlights before the car moved and the
illumination shifted away from her lover. The car was a red
Corvette and it pulled in next to them, but Sue didn't stop.
She glanced out the window to see a couple watching her.
They were both young, a Hispanic guy and a girl with long
black hair. They were both smiling as they watched her and
Sue felt she should be embarrassed, but the audience only
heightened her pleasure. She was too close to stop now
anyway. The muscles in her pussy were clenching and
unclenching, trying to hold the cock still as her hips slid
forward and back. The harness and Christa's barely opened
trousers rubbed against her mound with each motion and Sue
barked sharply as her orgasm hit her. She rode the waves of
pleasure, totally absorbed in what she was doing. When she
came down and gathered her thoughts she blushed and glanced
back out the window.

In the other car the driver was leaned way back and Sue saw
the girl's head bobbing up and down in his lap. It occurred
to her that this overlook was probably one of the local make
out spots. Back home the local spot had been a parking lot
by the municipal lake called cherry point. Bernie had never
taken her there and she felt a pang of remorse. Not for
Bernie, but for herself, that she had missed that
opportunity as a teenager.

She crawled off Christa and into the passenger seat pulling
her dress down as she did so. The little butch sat back up
and shoved her cock back into her trousers. She started the
car and let the defroster clear the windows. Christa noticed
that Sue was still watching the couple in the car next to
them. She smiled, thinking how nice it would be to have
someone watching Sue's blonde head bobbing in her lap as the
sexy woman gave her a blowjob. Maybe next time, she thought
as she started the engine.

The drive home was quiet and dark. Sue felt relaxed, full,
satiated and just plain old sleepy. She rested her head on
Christa's shoulder fell asleep before they even reached the
New York state line. In her dreams she was the girl in the
car next to them, giving Christa head. Somehow it just
seemed right.

Christa woke her with a kiss and Sue was surprised to find
they were home. The little woman barely let her in the door
before stripping the dress from her body and staring at Sue
in her lingerie. Sue's libido finally seemed to be put to
rest and somehow Christa seemed to know that. They curled up
on the sofa, cuddled and watched an old movie before
retiring to the bedroom.

Sue fell asleep in Christa's arms almost instantly and slept
the sleep of the dead.


Christa awoke suddenly, gasping for breath and covered in
sweat. The room was dark and unfamiliar. For a moment she
panicked, no longer able to differentiate between reality
and the ghosts of her dream. She felt a warm soft body
snuggle up against her and with it came a flood of relief
and memories of where she was.

Christa sat up and slipped out of the bed. Moving slowly and
quietly, so as not to wake Sue, she struggled into her
jeans, a shirt, her heavy leather jacket and boots. She
walked carefully down the stairs and let herself out onto
the back porch. It was freezing out, but the crisp wind and
cold seemed to snap her out of the half dream that still
filled her head. Christa lit a cigarette and sat in a patio
chair. She let the warm smoke fill her lungs and relax her.

The dream always left her like this, disoriented and tense.
For three years now it had been the bane of her nights and
it never changed. She walked through a world where she was
queen and anything was hers with just a word. She had but to
reach out and take it and she could have anything, anyone.
It seemed perfect until she actually reached for something,
as soon as her fingers brushed it, no matter who or what it
was it turned to ashes. The dream always ended the same,
with Lexi running into the throne room and throwing herself
into Christa's arms even as the small black woman tried to
dodge out of her way. She was never fast enough.

Tonight it had been different, tonight it was Sue who ran
into the ornate room and as always Christa had not been
quite fast enough to escape touching her. Christa sighed
heavily and exhaled. She crushed out her cigarette and
returned to the warm bed and Sue's soft body.



"Hey hun, sorry to call so early, but we're heading out and
will be gone all day," Bernie's voice sounded thick over the
phone and even after being roused from a deep sleep Sue
could tell he was drunk.

"All right, have fun," Sue said.

"We will," he replied and hung up before she could ask where
they were going. Sue snuggled back into Christa's warm
embrace and tired to go back to sleep, but she couldn't.

After a while Sue gently disengaged herself from Christa's
arms and got out of bed. She pulled her robe on over her
sexy lingerie and padded down to the kitchen where she
started coffee and began cooking breakfast. Sue was just
finishing the eggs when Christa came into the kitchen and
swatted her behind.

"Morning," the little butch said as she stretched. She wore
only black silk boxers and white T-shirt. Bernie often wore
the exact same thing around the house, but on Christa it was
sexy where on Bernie it was anything but.

"Good morning," Sue said with a smile.

Christa sat at the table and Sue served her breakfast and
then sat with her own plate. They didn't say anything, just
quietly ate. It wasn't awkward at all in fact it was just
very comfortable. Almost too comfortable for Sue. She
realized she could really get used to this.

"What do you have planned for today?" Christa asked as she
finished her second cup of coffee.

"No plans," Sue said, smiling softly as she gathered up the
plates and took them to the sink. Christa came up behind her
and slipped her arms around Sue's waist.

"How bout we spend the day at the Met? And maybe dinner and
a club or two afterwards?"

"Sounds like fun," Sue replied as she started to run some
water in the sink, but Christa stopped her.

"Go get dressed, I'll take care of the dishes," the little
woman said. Sue happily left the chore to Christa and went
upstairs. She took a long hot shower, just enjoying the hot
spray. She shaved her pits, legs and even her bikini area
before she shut off the water and spent some time selecting
her clothes. The radio was calling for more snow and
temperatures that would fall well below zero sometime after
midday. Sue chose a red satin bra and panty set with
matching garterbelt and black stockings. She selected her
white "winter" dress as she called it. It was a simple dress
that had long sleeves and fell to her ankle. It was made of
a heavy brocade material with a satin inner lining. The
dress had been purchased for the renaissance fair that she,
Bernie and the kids attended every year, but Sue had
discovered it was very warm and now wore it on blustery days
when she had to go out and jeans just wouldn't do for the
occasion. White ankle boots with a moderate heel and wool
knit hat completed her outfit.

Christa wore black jeans and her biker boots with a black
Raiders sweatshirt and her leather jacket. When they went
out to the garage Sue waited by the door of the Miata for
Christa to open it for her. The little butch smiled as she
opened the door. It hadn't taken long for Sue to give up any
pretense of trying to take her van. Christa liked the way in
which Sue meekly deferred to her in most every situation. As
she drove down to the city she and Sue chatted about all
sorts of things, but Christa's mind kept going back to her
bed and the restraints. She was beginning to get the feeling
that Sue would not only acquiesce to them, but might
actually find herself enjoying that aspect of herself, if
Christa could bring it out in her.

They made an odd pair at the museum, Sue thought. The tall
blonde in her pretty dress and stylish little boots with the
short black woman in her leather jacket and jeans. When she
mentioned the contrast Christa just smiled and nodded.
Christa amazed Sue with her knowledge of art, especially
with her seemingly limitless knowledge of some of the
painters. Sue was really enjoying herself and the day passed
far too quickly. On rare occasions she had managed to drag
Bernie with her to the Met, but he was always bored, just
there for her benefit. Christa seemed to really love the
place as much as Sue did. They left at closing time and
stopped in at a diner for dinner.

"Where did you learn so much about painting?" Sue asked
after their food came.

"I took some courses at the New School. I was going to be a
painter once upon a time," Christa said with a shrug.

"Why didn't you?"

"I've gone hungry enough in this life time,"

"Do you still paint?"

"Not since my last relationship ended,"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up bad memories," Sue
said. Christa looked at her with an unreadable expression
then slowly spoke.

"They're not all bad memories. At first everything was
great. I was stupid in love. She wasn't really pretty, not
like you anyway. She was just kinda cute, but she was the
best looking girl who ever paid me any mind. Trina despised
her and my best friend Bethany hated her guts. They both
said she was nothing but a gold digging little cunt, who was
using me. Looking back they were right, but at the time
their resistance just made me more stubborn. I swore that it
was love and it was going to work and for a while it did. I
didn't see it falling apart. I was just blind in love. One
day I went to work and came home to an empty house. No note,
no explanation, no nothing. Just all of the stuff I bought
for her gone, my credit cards maxed out, a mortgage on a
house I had signed for because she wanted it and the note on
the car I gave her for her birthday. I pined for a while and
then I had to get up and live or go into a shell and die. I
chose to live, got a better paying job, paid off my bills,
and started over. Now I have a house, car and anything I
want. I make good money and have caught back up with old
friends. I just have a couple more things to work out and it
will all be good,"

"I'm glad you are back on track," Sue said quietly. Christa
laughed then, breaking the suddenly somber mood.

"Things seem to be going my way for a change," she commented
and their conversation turned back to art. Christa told her
some more of her history and talked of her love of painting.
Sue read a lot between the lines and came to believe the
small woman still loved to paint, but no longer did so
because of the painful memories. When the conversation
tapered off Sue decided to take a chance.

"Do you still have your paints?"

"Nah, I tossed all that stuff,"

"Would you paint me?" Sue asked. Christa looked at her
critically and cocked her head to one side. She was silent
for so long Sue feared she had offended.

"You would be hard to paint Sue. You're too beautiful, it
would take someone really talented to capture that. I don't
think I am up to it,"

"What if I do?"

"What if you do what?"

"Think you're talented enough," she replied. Christa
laughed. Sue was happy to see it wasn't derisive laughter or

"We artists are pretty eccentric. Would you be willing to
pose nude?" Christa laughed. It was obvious she was trying
to make light of it, but Sue wouldn't let it go.

"I would for you," she said as she blushed.

"You're serious?" Christa asked. All trace of humor was gone
and she seemed very serious all of a sudden.

"Very serious,"

"Well, if I ever get some paints and we have the time, I'll
think about it, how's that?"

"Perfect," sue said smiling. The subject was dropped and
they finished their dinner in a strange silence. Sue felt
she had surprised her smaller lover and she felt good. She
was sure it was a good surprise, although she would have
been hard pressed to explain just how she knew if someone
would have asked. When they finished dinner and were back in
the car Christa turned to her.

"Feel like hitting some clubs? Or do you want to go home?"

"I haven't been out to a club since my friend Amy's
bachlorette party, years ago,"

"Didja have fun?"

"Oh yes, it was great fun, but I was a lot younger then,"

"So do you want to? Or don't you?"

"Well, yes, I suppose I do," Sue said.


Christa slid the car into an empty space on the street
across from a large building. Sue was a little apprehensive,
they were somewhere in the warehouse district and she was
completely lost. The building was dark, but a large neon
sign proclaimed The Golden Triangle in garish yellow
superimposed on a triangle that seemed vaguely familiar. As
they crossed the street and entered a dark foyer Sue
unconsciously moved closer to Christa. Inside the main doors
was a lobby of sorts with a large woman in a leather jacket
sitting behind a makeshift counter. The walls were covered
in posters of various bands and signed photos of famous and
semi-famous people.

The bouncer was platinum blonde and wore her hair is a
severe bob, with several piercings including her eyebrow and
nose. Under the jacket she wore no shirt and a large expanse
of her chest was readily visible, including the golden hoop
through her left nipple.

"Ten dollah cover, two drink minimum," she said in a bored
southern drawl.

"Damn Kay, don't even say hi," Christa said.

"Christ, I hain't seen you in coon's age girl," the blonde
said as she grinned and extended her hand. Christa shook the
woman's hand and laughed.

"Beth around?" Christa asked.

"Yeah, probably in the back, you know the way," the woman

"Take it easy," Christa said as she guided Sue into the
club's interior, the cover charge seemingly forgotten.

The inside of the club was huge with more than half of it
taken up by a dance floor. On a tall dais several banks of
speakers were clustered around mixing equipment and decks
forming an open DJ booth. Four suspended cages hung at each
corner of the floor with ladders that led up to them. Banks
of lights cast multicolor beams on the floor. Booths lined
the walls and in the back there were tables and chairs.
There were two massive bars, one along the back wall and one
along the sidewall in the front.

In the front part of the club there were pool tables and a
few video games. Several women played pool or sat around
watching those playing. The dance floor was empty and there
were relatively few people sitting in the back. At the
moment there was no DJ and the music was top forty stuff.
Christa took Sue's arm and guided her towards a door near
the back that was marked Private. As they neared the door it
opened and a statuesque blonde wearing a long gown made of
black satin came out. She stopped and stared at them as they
approached, her blue eyes locked onto Sue and gave her a
slow once over.

"I didn't expect to see you this weekend," the woman said.
Her words were addressed to Christa, but her eyes were still
drinking in Sue's loveliness.

"Yeah, well, I didn't expect to be out. Sue, this is
Bethany, you can call her Beth. Beth, this is Sue,"

"So pleased to finally meet you, my dear," Bethany said.

"Pleased to meet you," Sue said. She was a little confused
and the woman's undisguised admiration made her feel very
self-conscious. Beth was breathtakingly beautiful and seemed
to have the same ability to make her feel nervous as Christa
did on occasion. It was something in the demeanor, some kind
of powerful self-confidence that put her out of sorts.

"Beth owns the place," Christa said when the silence became

"It's very nice, I love the name," Sue said, almost too
quickly. Beth seemed to be amused by her discomfort, but
smiled reassuringly.

"Thank you, when I opened it was appropriate, but I shave
now. Still, it beats the bald pussy doesn't it?" she said
with a smile. Sue blushed crimson as she suddenly realized
the triangle on the clubs logo looked just like a woman's
pubic triangle. Christa chuckled then moved a little closer
to Sue. Before she could say anything a table was overturned
and all three turned to see two women in a fistfight. A tall
brunette was mercilessly beating small oriental girl.

Sue had seen a few of the "cat fight" variety fights in her
life. Hair pulling, scratching, maybe a little biting, but
she had never seen anything like this. The taller woman was
screaming, cursing and beating the smaller girl bloody. With
a vicious motion she ripped the smaller girl's top open,
exposing small firm breasts in a lacy green bra. There was a
circle of women around them, urging them on. Sue was a
little upset to hear bets being made on who would win.

The small girl only hit back weakly and soon curled up on
the floor. The taller girl stood and aimed a kick at her
head, but two large women Sue assumed were bouncers because
they wore black satin jackets with the club's logo on back,
grabbed the tall girl and dragged her, still screaming from
the club. Another big woman in a black jacket with the
club's logo on back looked questioningly at Beth.

"Her too," Beth said. The big woman dragged the smaller girl
to her feet and was trying to push her to the door.

"You can't throw her out like that," Sue said. The whole
place got quiet and everyone was suddenly staring at her.
She felt very uncomfortable, but refused to back down, it
was freezing out and the poor girl was obviously injured.
Beth nodded towards the back room almost imperceptibly and
the bouncer steered the reeling girl that way. Sue followed
them into a nicely appointed inner office. The bouncer half
carried and half dragged the girl to a leather sofa and
allowed her to collapse on it. Sue knelt and examined her

"Can someone get me some hot water and a washcloth?" she
asked. Beth nodded to the bouncer again. Sue noticed that
Christa was leaning on a big desk with a satisfied little
smile, but she didn't have time to wonder about it. She used
a tissue from her purse to try and staunch the bleeding from
a cut over the girl's right eye. When the bouncer returned
Sue used the warm water and bar towel to clean the girl up
as best she could. The girl winced several times, but her
soft brown eyes showed appreciation for the care. When Sue
was done the girl sat up and tried to pull her ruined top

"You know the rules, Emilitta," Beth said in a not unkind

"Opo, I shall not return, but I did not go after her woman,"
the small woman said.

"Of course you didn't," Beth said.

"Thank you," the girl said and hugged Sue. Her small breasts
pressed into Sue's and she found herself enjoying the
sensation. The girl rose and exited.

"Is she really not allowed to come back?" Sue asked after
she was gone. Bethany chuckled.

"Emilitta is a regular my dear, as is her attacker. We have
very strict rules here about fighting, doing drugs or
causing a scene. The rules are strict, but banishment for
life isn't among the punishments. I'm tough, but not that
draconian, at least not yet. She simply meant she wouldn't
try to come back tonight, which is against the rules if you
are evicted for any reason. This club is frequented by a
large number of women who do not wish their lifestyle to
become a matter of public record, thus we do everything
possible to ensure the police are never called here. Now,
you obviously need to wash up, there's a private bathroom
through the door behind my desk," Beth said and pointed
towards a door. Sue nodded went to wash the blood from her
hands. As soon as she was out of earshot Beth turned on

"No wonder you didn't tell me what she looked like, where on
earth did you find such hot piece of ass? And a real sweetie

"Ain't she?"

"Sweet enough to care for someone she doesn't even know,
strong enough to voice her concern, gentle enough to help
and yet.Sexy enough to have me wondering what she's like in
the sack," Bethany said. She smiled like a Cheshire cat when
anger flashed across her friend's features.

"I bet those long legs would feel nice wrapped around my
waist," she continued, watching her best friend get madder.
Bethany wasn't just picking at Christa for fun; she was
trying to get a feel for just how deeply her friend had
fallen. She had watched Christa self-destruct after Lexi
left her and much like Trina, she had agonized over what to
do or if she should do anything at all. Unlike Trina,
Bethany had seen it close up and on a nearly daily basis.
The way Christa was reacting now confirmed her worst fears.
It was obvious to her that her little friend was head over
heels for the pretty blonde.

"Is she as good a fuck as she looks?"

"Lay off, Beth,"

"Oooh, a little touchy aren't we?"

"Fuck off," Christa said, but smiled despite herself. Beth
laughed and hugged her friend.

"So how is your plan working?"

"I don't know. Sometimes it feels like she's already mine
and other times I feel like I'll never have her. She's so
fucking difficult to read sometimes,"

"Different world girl,"


"She comes from a different world. This ain't one of those
hos you been picking up. She isn't going to just throw her
life away and follow you cause you're good in the sack. You
ain't asking her to leave a roach infested apartment to come
live with you in a nice house, you are asking her to give up
safety, security and a lot more,"

"So you're saying I got no chance?"

"No! Why you always taking the low road with everything I
say? I'm your friend damnit. You got plenty to offer, maybe
even enough for a classy woman like she seems to be, but
you're gonna have to offer more than just a roll in the hay
and a clean place to sleep. You're gonna have to open up and
let her see all you got inside and I don't know that you're
willing to do that yet,"

"Beth, I want her,"

"Want in one hand and shit in the other, see which gets full
first. This ain't about what you want girlfriend, it's about
what you're willing to give. It don't take nothing to want,
it takes a hell of a lot to give. For over a year now I been
telling you to watch yourself and not to wear your heart on
your sleeve. You never listen and you let these bitches get
to you. Now, I want to tell you to go for it, but I'm afraid
of telling you anything, cause you're so damned stubborn you
just do the exact opposite of what I say to be contrary,"

"I came here tonight so you could meet her," Christa said

"You think I don't know that? She looks about as comfortable
in here as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Hell, I
bet she hasn't ever been to a gay club in her sheltered
little life. But she's here, with you and that shows me she
trusts you. You had it right on the phone, she's a real
lady. Either your taste is improving or you're finally
getting out of the funk you've been in,"

"So what should I do?"

"Be yourself. If Christa Martin isn't good enough for her
then she's not worth worrying about," Bethany said

"I need help Beth, not cliches. Your bring home "good girls"
all the time, what should I do?"

"Keep on doing what you're doing, be her friend, show her a
good time, treat her like she's special, fuck her brains out
and then hold her while she falls asleep. Just don't get too
caught up in the sex. I know it was your only in with her at
first and you want to keep her wanting it, but sex is only a
small part of a real relationship and you want her for more
than just a fuck here and there don't you?"

"Yeah, I want her for my wife. I want her in my home and in
my bed. I want to spend the rest of my life with her,"

"You surprise me sometimes girlfriend. I think you really
mean that and I am happy to see you are ready to quit being
a player, I just wish you had found someone who wasn't
already attached,"

"Now you sound like Trina," Christa said and laughed. Before
Beth could reply Sue came out of the bathroom and joined
them. She stood close to Christa and was very demure.
Bethany actually found herself envying Christa, there was
something about this woman that was incredibly sexy, but not
in the in-your-face way she was used to from most of the
femmes who frequented her place. Sue was distant, wistful,
totally unpretentious and vulnerable. The combination made
her extremely desirable.

"Well, I hope you both enjoy yourselves tonight. I'll drop
in on you later, right now I need to make the rounds," Beth
said. They followed her out into the club, which was quickly
filling up. There were women dancing on the floor now and
most of the tables were taken. Christa led Sue to one of the
booths with a reserved card sitting on the table. Christa
tossed the card and helped Sue sit before sliding in across
from her.

Christa watched Sue while she glanced from place to place,
taking in all the sights the club had to offer. There were a
lot of women on the floor bumping and grinding or showing
off their moves. Sue seemed to be captivated by the scene on
the floor and her eyes returned there again and again.
Christa was about to suggest they dance when Sue's attention
seemed to shift to the tables near the back. She turned
suddenly and slumped in the seat of the booth.

"What is it?" Christa asked. She looked at the tables, but
saw nothing out of the ordinary.

"That woman in the red dress. It's Denise Crawford. She
works with me!"


"I can't let her see me here!" Sue said in a panic.

"Shhhh, relax baby. If she's here then she's gay too, what's
the big deal?" Christ said reassuringly.


"No buts, you gotta understand something Sue, this place is
closet dyke heaven. You may see a lot of people you
recognize and I don't mean people you know. That cute
weathergirl from channel 16 is in here all the time.
Councilwoman Ferrerra, Donna Chintele from the commercials,
professors from Columbia, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, even
politicians. Beth pays a small fortune to keep this place
off the radar screen. The police never raid her and Kay out
front used to work for the Times. She knows every media
personality in the city and no reporter ever gets in here
without Beth's personal approval. You just gotta relax

Sue nodded, but remained dubious. She was watching Christa
when the small girl smiled.

"Don't look now, but your friend is coming over with her

Sue only had a moment to compose herself when she heard a
voice behind her.


"Hello Denise," she managed to say. Denise was one of the
auditors in Sue's group. She was a thin woman and ten years
older than Sue. Her once raven hair was now streaked with
silver and a few crow's feet had gathered around her deep
hazel eyes. They had always enjoyed a good working
relationship, each impressed with the other's skill, but had
never been friends. There wasn't any animosity between them;
they simply had never been around each other enough to
strike up a friendship as they both telecommuted.

"I thought it was you, but I kept trying to convince myself
I was going crazy. You know Wilma of course, she was sure it
was you,"

Wilma Teague was a cute girl of nineteen. She was compactly
built, with a lithe body, brown hair and flashing green
eyes. Her father was one of the larger stockholders and had
secured her an internship in the auditing department while
she was attending classes at Columbia. She was cute,
vivacious and totally unsuited to be an auditor. Her mind
was sharp, but her attention span was too short and she
didn't possess the patience or attention to detail that the
job demanded. Despite her shortcomings she was the most
popular girl in the department, especially with the men and
Sue was even more shocked to see her here than Denise.
Christa stood up and slid into the seat next to Sue.

"Won't you join us?" she said. Sue blushed when she realized
she hadn't introduced Christa.

"Wilma, Denise, this Christa. Christa, these are two of my
co workers, Wilma Teague and Denise Crawford,"

"Charmed," Christa said as the pair sat across from them.
Denise seemed almost as ill at ease as Sue felt, but Wilma
seemed totally relaxed. Denise hesitated a moment then began
to speak.

"So, I had some questions about the irregularities in

Sue tried to listen and answer Denise's questions, but the
entire thing was so surreal to her that she had trouble
keeping her mind on the conversation. Before the discussion
could become too involved Wilma leaned over and grabbed
Denise's head. She kissed the older woman passionately. When
the kiss broke Denise was blushing.

"Can't we save this shit for Monday? I'm sure Christa
doesn't care and I don't either. Sue? Do you care? I didn't
think so, save work for the workday, we're here to have

"All right," Denise murmured. Despite being older it was
pretty obvious who was in charge in their relationship.

"Good, no more shop talk. Sue, you gonna enter the cage
dancing competition?"


"Yeah, every Friday night. They have cool prizes for the
winners, as if showing off your groove thang to a club full
of hot butches isn't prize enough," Wilma said laughing.

"I don't think so," Sue said.

"Aww, come on, it'll be fun. We can do it together, when
there are two girls together they almost always win,"

"No need to decide now, it doesn't begin for a couple of
hours," Christa said, coming to Sue's rescue. Sue smiled at
Christa who winked at her and took her hand under the table.

"Yeah, anyone want something to drink?" Wilma said as she

"I could use a Heinie," Christa said.

"Wine for me," Denise said. Sue was still feeling very
nervous and Wilma turned before she could answer.

"I hope you will pardon her, she's a wild child, but that's
part of the reason I love her so," Denise said

"That's all right, Sue can get a little wild sometimes too,"
Christa said and grinned when Sue blushed. Christa squeezed
her hand and Sue felt herself get all tingly. No matter
what, the little woman made her feel sexy and it was a nice
feeling. Denise rambled on about how she and Wilma had
started dating. She seemed to be talking just to fill the
space and was obviously as uncomfortable as Sue. Wilma
returned and placed drinks in front of everyone. The one she
gave Sue was a frothy pink drink in a hurricane glass. Sue
sipped it tentatively and found it tasted like fruit punch
with no alcohol taste at all.

Sue continued to gawk like a tourist downtown. There were so
many things she found fascinating. Her eyes were drawn again
and again to the dance floor. The variety of women and the
different ways they were acting and dancing was fascinating.
The first one to really attract her notice was a tall black
woman in biker leathers and boots. She was dancing with a
pretty oriental girl in a red Dior dress. Nearby a Goth girl
was dancing with a short woman in denim jeans and jacket.
Women in corporate attire rubbed elbows with girls who were
just one step away from public indecency. Tall and short,
thin and fat, black and white, Asians, Indians, teenagers,
matrons, every size, shape, type and walk of life seemed to
be represented. A live DJ was now spinning the songs. She
was short and plump with a red Mohawk and way too much
makeup. Sue realized the place also had a fog machine when
the Dj sent white smoke coursing across the dance floor. The
dancers became ethereal then, almost like something out of a
dream. Just vague outlines undulating to the wild music.

She was nearing the bottom of her glass and feeling a little
light headed when Wilma got up to get another round. Christa
and Denise were talking like old friends, discussing the
place and the changes they had seen over the years. Sue
finished up her drink as Wilma put another before her and
joined in the conversation as it turned to recent events.
She was feeling better, less anxious and more comfortable in
her surroundings now. The conversation was light and moved
from topic to topic with little direction. Sue was impressed
with the way Christa seemed able to keep up and seem at home
with Denise and Wilma. She had a feeling she wouldn't do
half as well if they were sitting at a table with Christa's

Wilma left the table again and Sue assumed she was going to
get another round of drinks. When she returned empty handed
and smiling the tall blonde suddenly felt nervous.

"Well, I signed us up," she said grinning.

"No way," Sue said instantly.

"Oh, come on Sue, you're so fucking hot, there's no way we
can loose," Wilma pleaded.

"Absolutely not,"

"Christa, make her do it, you know half the women here would
give their right arms to see her up in the cage!" Wilma

"I can't make her do anything, it's totally up to her,"
Christa replied.

"Please Sue, I want to win, just once, please?"

"What's the prize tonight?" Christa asked.

"Jackets like the bouncer's wear," Wilma replied

"Really? Beth isn't skimping on the prizes then. Always
wanted one of those jackets," Christa said mildly.

"Indeed I'm not skimping, those jackets are more than three
hundred dollars each," Beth's voice said. Everyone turned to
face her.

"You should sell them, you'd make a fortune," Wilma said.

"No, selling them would not be a good idea. The only reason
they are so coveted is because they are so hard to come by
and the only way to get one is to win the competition or
work for me,"

"Or sleep with you," Christa added with a grin.

"Well, that of course," the blonde said smiling. She
motioned to the bartender and one of the bouncers brought
over another round of drinks.

"On the house," she said and moved off to chat with other

"Please Sue?' Wilma returned to wheedling. Sue looked at
Christa, but her lover merely smiled and watched her with a
neutral expression. She thought about the stacks of boxes at
home in their bedroom. Well, in her bedroom. Funny how she
thought of it as their bedroom, she thought. Those boxes
represented a lot of money and a lot of things she was very
pleased to have. If Christa wanted one of those jackets,
well maybe, just maybe she could get one for her. It would
be a small return for all of the joy, pleasure and happiness
the little butch had brought her over the last few days.

"What do I have to do?" Sue said while taking a gulp of her
drink to screw up her courage. When she took a big gulp she
could taste the burn of the alcohol. Vodka she thought.

"Can you dance?"

"A little,"

"Just leave it to me, do what I tell you and we are sure to
win!" Wilma said excitedly. She was bursting with energy and
talking a mile a minute. Sue glanced at Christa, but she
gave no indication of anything. In fact her face was totally
blank. Sue couldn't tell if she was pleased or annoyed and
wondered if this was such a good idea after all. All too
quickly the music was cut off and Bethany began to speak
into a hand held mike.

"Well Ladies, its finally time. The moment you've all been
waiting for. Four cages, five minutes, six girls and
anything goes. Tonight's guest judges are ready, and so are
our sexy contestants. So ladies, sit back and enjoy and
don't forget to vote for your favorite. Ballots are on the
tables and will be picked up after the competition by your
waitresses. Contestants, enter your cages,"

"Look, just stay all shy and demure, act like you normally
do, okay? I got an idea that sure to win!" Wilma said.

"That should be easy enough," Sue said under her breath.
Wilma dragged her by her hand to the ladder and the pushed
her up. Sue was very aware of all the eyes on her and again
thought this was a bad idea, but she was already here and
committed so she tried to smile. Wilma apparently had
aspirations to becoming an actress. She orchestrated their
rise and once in the cage she began to whisper urgently to
Sue, all the while keeping a broad smile on her pretty face.
The girls climbing to the other cages were stunningly
beautiful and Sue began to regret trying this even more,
there was no way she could compete with young beauties like

"Don't worry about the others. Just do what I tell you and
all eyes will be on us. This is so awesome, I get so stoked
when I know all the women in the club are checking me out.
Can't you feel it? It's like a jolt of pure sexual energy,"
she whispered. Sue did feel it, almost like a live current.
>From the cage she could see all the women in the booths and
at the tables. She could feel the eyes on her and despite
her reluctance she did feel the sexual energy.

"All right contestants," Beth called over the mike, "when
the music starts you have five minutes to impress the judges
and the crowd. Ready? Go!"

The music started off with a strong hip-hop beat. Sue was
about to start dancing, but remembered Wilma's instructions
and so stood stock-still. Wilma danced around her in a
provocative manner, while quickly shedding her pink top. Her
breasts were small and rode high on her chest, coved only by
a pink bra. She pressed them together, then cupped them and
pushed them upwards, towards Sue's face. When Sue didn't
react Wilma's hand slipped behind her and in an instant her
bra joined her top on the floor of the cage.

The girl's tits were soft and slightly less firm than Sue's
own. They rode low on her chest and were capped by small
pink aureoles and tiny nipples. Her chest was freckled and
her skin was very pale, almost transparent. She slipped
behind Sue and caught a handful of the blonde's hair.

"Bend over and grab the bars when I push," Wilma instructed.
The young woman pushed Sue over and she obediently caught
the bars with her hands. She was now bent at her waist,
wither legs still locked and her weight supported totally on
her arms. Wilma squatted down behind her, keeping her knees
wide so anyone in front of them could see she wasn't wearing
any panties. She caught the hem of Sue's dress and with a
stage flourish rose quickly and flipped it up over the older
woman's back. Sue cringed as she felt the heavy material
settle on her back and shoulders. She knew anyone standing
behind them could now see her black stockings, red
garterbelt and red thong. Because the thong was so brief
they could also see most of her ass. Cheering broke out as
Wilma grasped Sue's hips and began to simulate fucking her
in time to the music.

Sue's head was down, her hair spilling over her face when a
stinging slap to her ass brought her head up sharply. Wilma
caught a hand full of her blonde hair and pulled back on it
like a horseman holding the reins of his steed. Her hips
were undulating and crashing into Sue's ass. With her free
hand Wilma pushed Sue's hips down until the older woman
could feel the girl's hips pressed against her panty covered
mound with each thrust. Despite her embarrassment, or maybe
because of it Sue began to hump back, meting the girl's
thrusts. She felt her nipples hardening and the dampness
forming between her lips.

Wilma suddenly spun Sue around and forced the older woman to
her knees. She tangled one hand in Sue's long tresses and
with her other hand she pulled her skirt up, She wore no
panties and her mound was clean shaven. Her lips were puffy
and gaped open slightly. Wilma spread her legs and then
pulled Sue's face into her crotch. Her pussy was extremely
wet and smelled overpoweringly musky. She was working her
hips in time to the music and grinding her crotch on Sue's

"Grab my ass," she ordered urgently. Sue did and held onto
the girl's wildly rotating ass as the music wound down.
Wilma was riding Sue's face now, apparently oblivious to the
fact that the music was winding down. Sue could tell that
the small woman was fast approaching orgasm. Her ass cheeks
were hot and smooth in Sue's hands.

"Eat me!" she screamed.

Sue suddenly pulled the girl's hips tightly to her face. She
flattened her tongue and ran it once between the girl's
slick lips. With a groan Wilma came, shuddering through her
orgasm as the crowd went wild. She tasted very salty, but
Sue thought it was probably from the sweat of her exertions.
She was a little shocked she had done it, but for some
reason she had always taken orders well. Still, she was
terribly embarrassed, but that didn't stop her from licking
wildly at Wilma's wet pussy.

The lights came up and Sue stood up dazedly. She wiped her
face with the back of her hand and helped Wilma gather up
her clothes. Many hands helped her down the ladder and not a
few took the opportunity to cop a feel of her ass and legs.
Sue didn't mind, her one thought now was to return to the
booth and Christa. The little butch had been slowly building
up the excitement in public exposure and now Sue was very
hot and horny, but she wanted only to be with Christa. She
slid into the booth and caught her lover's hand. Christa
smiled and kissed her deeply. Wilma was all over Denise and
it was obvious that the young woman was still very turned

"Did you enjoy that?" Christa asked.

"It was strange...embarrassing but, yes, it was very erotic
and I enjoyed it," Sue admitted.

"Good," Christa said as she slid her arm around Sue and held
her tight. As they sat and chatted with Wilma and Denise
several women came over and introduced themselves. Most were
butches and threw barely concealed glances and comments at
both Wilma and Sue. Wilma flirted with many of them, which
left a scowl on Denise's face. Sue was polite, but was
careful to stay tightly against Christa's side. While she
thought Christa enjoyed the looks the women were giving her
she didn't flirt. She had eyes only for her lover and
Christa seemed to bask in the attention other women were
giving her.

"Well Ladies, the votes are in. Tonight's prizes go to the
girls in cage four, let's hear it for them," Beth announced
several minutes later.

Wilma and Sue walked up to the DJ's booth amid applause,
catcalls and more than a few propositions. Beth gave them
each a jacket and a kiss on the cheek. Wilma stayed to
collect congratulations from many of the women, but Sue
hurried back to the booth. She looked at Christa and then
hesitantly held out the jacket.

"Keep it babe, I have a jacket and you don't tonight,
but...thank you,"

Sue smiled and put on the jacket. She then snuggled up next
to her lover in the booth and sipped on her drink. She had
worried that Christa would be upset with her for showing
off. The small woman seemed to have a jealous streak, but
Sue now understood more about her lover than she did when
the night began. The way her eyes sparkled when other women
were looking at Sue with hunger in their eyes made it clear
to Sue that Christa reveled in being with her. It made Sue
feel wanted and needed and at the same time it made her feel
even closer to the little butch. She felt it was an ego
boost to the little woman and Christa certainly had provided
one for her. Sue was very pleased with herself in being able
to return that favor.


The interior of the little sports car was warm and dark.
Outside the window trees flew by and the rhythm of the road
lulled Sue. The jacket was warm and she snuggled deeper into
the seat.

"Did you have a good time tonight?"

"Yes, it was exhilarating,"

"Did it make you hot showing off for all those women?"

"No...What made me hot was knowing that you were watching,"
Sue said.

"Just me?"

"Yes, it gets you hot watching me show off. Knowing that all
those women are looking at me seems to really make you feel
good because you know I'm with you, so I like it because it
means you're happy,"

"You're cute,"

"Why do you say that?"

"Cause you are,"

Sue smiled and leaned her head on Christa's shoulder. The
rest of the drive was quiet and long before they reached her
subdivision she has faded off into a gentle sleep. She awoke
to Christa softly shaking her.

"We're home sugar," she said in a very tender voice. Sue
nodded and allowed herself to be helped out of the car. They
made their way through the darkened house to the bedroom
where Sue turned on her bedside lamp rather than the
overhead light. The soft lighting was cozy and their first
kiss was comfortable and loving.

It was a strange feeling for Sue because everything was
comfortable and felt so right. She knew what Christa wanted,
knew what she wanted and knew that both would get it. There
was no erotic tension tonight, just a happy knowledge that
she was going to get laid. It would be the perfect ending to
a wonderful day. What she couldn't know was that Christa had
a surprise for her.

As soon as the kiss broke Christa stood and quickly
stripped. From her bag she took out her harness and once it
was on selected a long thin dildo. While Christa was doing
this Sue rose to her knees and shrugged out of her dress. On
impulse she picked up the jacket and put it back on and
grabbed Christa's biker cap. When the small woman noticed
she burst out laughing. Sue smiled back and pressed her
breasts together seductively.

"So what? You want to be my little leather bitch tonight?"
Christa asked as she stroked the thin cock. Sue giggled and

"All right then, on your knees bitch," Christa snarled.

Sue quickly rolled over on her hands and knees while pushing
her ass up and letting her chest rest on her arms. Christa
climbed on the bed and delivered a stinging slap to Sue's
beautiful ass as she knee walked between her legs.

"Ow!" Sue yelped. Christa ignored the exclamation and lined
her cock up with Sue's wet lips, holding the thong out of
her way. This dildo was thin and slipped easily into Sue's
wet pussy. In a few strokes it was coated with her juices
and slicing into and out of her with ease.

Christa fucked Sue with the long slim dildo in a slow
languid motion. She didn't try to build the tempo, but kept
it slow and easy. Her hand moved from Sue's hips to the soft
half moons of her ass and gently pried them apart. Her
rosebud was small and pink and Christa smiled broadly.

"Sugar, you ever been ass fucked?" Christa said.

"No, never," Sue said.

"Want to try it?"

"I don't know...I've heard it's really painful,"

"Ya trust me doncha?"

"Of course,"

"Good, cause I want to fuck your beautiful ass tonight,"
Christa said as she began to massage Sue's rear entrance
with her finger. She continued the slow, deliberate rhythm
of her fucking as she unhurriedly worked a finger into Sue's
ultra-tight rear. The blonde groaned softly, but didn't try
to move away. Christa slowly began to slide her finger in
and out, keeping time with the dildo. Again it was slow and
unhurried; in fact she took extra time to just allow Sue to
adjust to having something moving in her ass. The red
garterbelt framed her beautiful ass and Christa simply
enjoyed the view for a while. She held the thong to one side
with her free hand, it would be easier to just take it off,
but it seemed better to leave it in place.

She finally withdrew both her finger and the dildo, leaving
Sue empty. Christa inserted two fingers into Sue's wet pussy
and pumped them in and out a few times. Once they were slick
with her juices the small butch rubbed the slick liquid into
Sue's anus. She slipped a finger in and began to slowly fuck
the blonde. Only when Sue began to press back on her finger
did she remove it and grasp the dildo. She rubbed the slim
head against Sue's ass and slowly focused in on her rosebud.
Once she was sure she was on target she began to press

"Relax sugar," She whispered when Sue tensed.

Sue nodded and tried to relax, but her body seemed to have a
mind of it's own and tensed to stop the invader as soon as
Christa began to apply pressure. Her body seemed to be
pleasantly relaxed and in a warm and hazy state, but her
mind was very clear. It formed a strange juxtaposition in
her perceptions, as if time were flowing more slowly in her
mind than it was around her body. The first thing she was
intensely aware of was that she was committing adultery in
her marriage bed. Right along with that was the knowledge
that she was having anal sex for the first time, something
she had adamantly refused to try with her husband the one
time he had broached the subject. She was also highly
conscious of the way her lingerie felt on her body, of the
sensuousness of the satin as it caressed her tits, waist and
hips. She was aware of how much nastier it seemed to be
having sex while still clothed and how erotic the whole
thing was. Above all she was conscious of Christa. Of her
touch, her presence, the way she was so careful of Sue's
feelings and her love. It was love she felt, real love, not
just lust. It was the kind of love two souls could share for
lifetime. Sue knew instinctively that she returned that
love, God help her, but she did.

Her mind was pulled back into the flow of time when the tip
of Christa's cock slipped past her sphincter. Pain shot
through her in a quick stab that took her breath away. She
fought back the gasp that came to her lips and tried to
relax. Christa seemed to know exactly what she was doing
keeping up a steady pressure, but not thrusting forward. Sue
tried very hard to relax, but in the end it was that steady
gentle pressure that forced her muscles to give way. Her
breath came in a gasp as the long thin dildo slid deeply
into her bowels. It hurt, god it hurt terribly when it first
penetrated deeply into her and Sue cried out despite
herself. As the pain faded she felt her inner muscles
gripping the plastic intruder, trying to get used to it.
Soon she became aware of a strange sensation.

It was a strange feeling, lewd, dirty, but so incredibly
sexy at the same time. Christa held still, letting her
adjust to the fullness. After a while she began to slowly
rock her hips. The sensation of the dildo moving inside her
was intense and Sue found herself moaning as Christa's
motion became stronger and the accompanying sensations began
to escalate in intensity.

"That's right baby, you like getting that little ass fucked
don't you?"

"Yes," Sue barked. She was moaning now and thrusting back
with her hips to meet Christa's driving lunges. Christa
released the thong and grasped both of her hips. Her
athletic body seemed to go into over drive, her hips
crashing against Sue's upturned rump.

"You got such a tight ass girl," Christa groaned. She had
never enjoyed fucking anyone as much as she was enjoying
this. The visual stimulation was incredible. She watched as
Sue's ass tried to hold the dildo in and was drawn out on
her out strokes. The long blonde hair, creamy skin and
startling contrast of the red garterbelt were just

"I'm gonna cum soon sugar, play with your pussy for me. Come
on baby, I want you to cum before I do,"

Sue snaked her hand between her legs and began to rapidly
stroke her clit. The dildo sliding into her was producing
such strong pleasurable feelings, Christa's hands on her
hips, the little butch's words, the evening at the club. All
seemed to merge into one peak of pleasure and Sue screamed
as she felt her orgasm take her. She collapsed on the bed
and Christa collapsed onto her back. For a long time she
just lay there, basking in the after glow and enjoying the
after shocks. Finally Christa rose up and pulled the dildo
out of her ass.

Sue wasn't exactly sure how it happened, but her next
conscious memory was of lying on her side with Christa
curled up against her back. She reached out and killed the
light and as the room plunged into darkness she noticed the
time on her alarm clock. Three o'clock in the morning. It
was Saturday.

End part three

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