Friday, April 17, 2009

Anal Awakenings

I love women's arses; I love them small and pert, I love them wide and
fleshy. I love to watch them in movement; I love to feel them in my
hands. I am a bugger; I enjoy putting my penis up women's bottoms. There
are many reasons why I love fucking women up the arse. I get off on the
fact that the women I've buggered have often needed a lot of persuading,
and have often agreed only grudgingly, so it feels like a kind of rape. I
love the dirtiness of it - nice women aren't supposed to want to admit to
you that they like having a cock up their back passage. I love the fact
that it hurts them but that they like it. And I guess to some extent it
feels like a liberation of some deep perversion. Using a woman's arse for
sexual pleasure can't but make me think about my arse, other men's arses,
holes that everybody has, holes anyone can get fucked in.

I'm as uptight as any straight man about the idea of being anally
penetrated by a man, but I also know how good it feels to have something up
there. I think any man who likes fucking women up the arse also knows that
he's tapping into something primal about his own masculinity - somehow
you're turning yourself into a huge dick that can fuck anything, that can
exert mastery over anyone, anything, with an arsehole.

My gay friend Tom thinks that straight men fuck women's arses to disavow
their secret desire to be fucked themselves; that we all secretly know that
our arseholes are potential sites of pleasure, and that we yearn to be
submissive. He should know: if his exploits are to be believed he seems to
have fucked legions of married men. He may be right, but if so, I'm happy
with my disavowal.

My last girlfriend wouldn't let me fuck her arse, although she liked me to
lick it, and sometimes shove my finger up there. My current girlfriend is
the biggest arse slut I've ever met and I'm loving every minute. We've been
seeing each other about eight months. She'd had a few boyfriends before but
hadn't been particularly sexually adventurous with any of them. When I
showed her how much pleasure she could get from having her arse stimulated
it just about blew her mind, but it took us a while to get there.

On the first occasion, I'd been eating out her cunt when I stuck my tongue
in her arsehole. She tried to pull away - I guess she felt dirty, invaded.
She said it tickled. But she was very aroused - her cunt was sopping, so I
carried on massaging her clit as I tongued her tight little pucker.
Gradually she relaxed herself onto my tongue. I remember her little sighs
of surprised pleasure as I licked and gently probed her arse. She wasn't
far from coming when I really pulled her buttocks apart, revealing the
inner pinkness, and stuck my tongue as far up her back passage as I could.

The walls of her anus felt silky on my tongue and she just about broke my
nose writhing her hips as she orgasmed, yelping with a kind of urgency that
I hadn't heard from her before. I remember that afterward she was rather
stunned, but something deep in her sexual pysche had obviously shifted -
she'd experienced a darker, more abandoned kind of sexual pleasure and I
was incredibly aroused by her reaction.

That night she was very needy and cuddly - she wanted to be loved, and
needed reassuring that I still thought she was a nice girl - that my
reaction to her was still loving and warm and not crude or animalistic. But
I was encouraged by how sensual she clearly felt - we might have been
snuggling up, but she wouldn't leave my cock alone under the duvet, and she
wanted to be caressed and kissed. All I could think about was how much I
wanted to hear the sounds she would make with my dick up her arse.

We had sex the next night, and I made sure that after I'd rimmed her to a
point of bewildered but almost overwhelming arousal, I fucked her in the
'conventional' way, all the while telling her how beautiful she was and how
much I loved her. As we lay together afterwards, sweatily blissed out, she
tentatively asked me if I'd ever 'done that' with any previous
girlfriends. When I told her that yes I had rimmed several women, all of
whom had loved it, she asked me if I'd ever put my cock 'up there'.

Her demeanour was almost unbearably arousing. She was clearly very curious
- she wanted to know what was possible, and she wanted to know that it was
okay to think of her arse as a sexual organ - that other women, other
normal women with mortgages and cats and Ikea flat packs did what she had
done, and maybe what she wanted to do. I remembered feeling the same way
after I'd first stuck my finger up my bum as I was cumming. We are taught
that our arses are shameful, disgusting. But she was measuring her
curiosity - she was self conscious, and had reverted to a kind of cutsey
baby talk, not making eye contact but touching my neck and chest demurely.
To some degree I was used to her bashfulness about sex - she'd always been
a bit insecure about the fact that I was much more sexually experienced
than her, but this was new territory. She was nervous about my reaction,
about what I'd think of her; she was trying to measure her feelings against
her existing image of herself, and all the while she was remembering what
it felt like to have her arse licked, and was fantasising about what it
would feel like to be buggered.

I was in a high state of arousal myself - her demureness, her willingness
to think about what we might do - was making me feel strong and protective
towards her. I felt manly and potent. I pulled her close to my chest,
feeling her excited breath on the hairs there, and asked her if she'd like
it if I played with her arse some more. She nodded into my chest, squirming
her soft body against me. I could feel her breasts pressing into my
side. She was hot, radiating expectancy. I don't think my cock had ever
felt harder.

'Do you want me to make love to you that way?' She knew what I meant. This
time her assent was more tentative, but her breath was getting shorter.

'Won't it hurt?' her voice was small as she looked up at me under her
eyelashes, but she met my gaze squarely and her eyes were glinting. I told
her that it might hurt at first but that I'd look after her and stop if she
wanted me to.

'How will your penis fit me there?' It had always been a source of pride to
me that she understood my cock to be large; a testament more to her
inexperience than to my endowment. In fact it's not unusually long, but it
is rather thick, with somewhat oversized glans that stretch my foreskin.

I told her to trust me, and that if she was relaxed all she'd feel was
pleasure. She still seemed a little hesitant. I knew the struggle that she
was having: there's pleasure in shame, but breaking taboos requires a
degree of emotional security. I suggested that we could go back to me
licking and tonguing her, and need never go any further if she didn't want
to. She didn't answer, but kissed me passionately, pushing her tongue into
my mouth and then sucking greedily on mine when I reciprocated.

We had been making love for a while, enjoying our usual routine, when I
turned her onto her front and parted her buttocks. I had always found her
to be an indifferent cocksucker, but she had a great technique of massaging
the underside of my glans, and she'd brought me almost to the point of
orgasm. My cock oozes an enormous quantity of pre-cum and I'd trained her
to gently use it to ease back my foreskin and gently rub my frenum. My cock
was standing up against my hairy, slightly flabby tummy, as I watched her
tiny, puckered anus winking at me. It was spasming in response to her
self-conscious expectation. I put my mouth between her buttocks and blew
softly. I felt her quiver ahead of me. I wasn't in the mood to tease her
for long, and so pushed my tongue firmly into her arsehole.

Her sphincter resisted momentarily, pulsing against me, before opening
surprisingly easily. I put my hand under her and started gently stimulating
her wet clitoris. She groaned into the pillow and moved her legs further
apart, allowing me further access to her silky pink interior. I pushed my
tongue further inside, sensing a slight bitterness. I rubbed my cock
against the sheets as I withdrew my tongue and started lapping at her
parted anus, pushing saliva inside. I felt her tense up as I pushed a
finger against her pucker, and so increased the pressure on her clitoris
with my other hand. I just held the finger against her arsehole,
maintaining a firm pressure, but not forcing it inside. I felt her gasp and
felt her body spasm before I became aware that her anus was open. She
moaned softly as I pushed my finger deeply inside her, and then more
urgently as I withdrew it and pushed in another alongside. She started
sighing softly as I gently finger fucked her. Her arse felt open and hot.

My breath was ragged as I withdrew my hand from her sodden cunt and spat in
my hand. I don't think I could remember a time when I was more aroused. My
face felt aflame and my cock was jumping as I smeared it with my spit and
moved forward on my knees between her spread legs. The room felt almost
unbearably hot. Time had stopped and it wasn't going to start again until
I'd fucked her up the arse, until I'd cum up there, deep inside her. I felt
compelled, driven. Looking back I doubt that anything or anyone could have
stopped me.

She started to move as I pulled my fingers from her anus. As I lay myself
down on her back she lifted her head off the pillow and turned her head
back to look at me. If she'd changed her mind it was way too late. There
was hesitancy and some fear in her features as my mouth sought hers and I
brought my hips forward, pushing my slippery cock between her buttocks. She
started to form a question, pulling back from our kiss as the head of my
dick found her anus. I leaned to the left and pushed my hand under her
loins. The sound of our heavy breathing filled my ears as my hand found her
cunt and I pushed the head of my cock into her arse. Her sphincter had
closed and I felt it spasming against my exposed glans. I felt like I was
on a knife edge. I felt so close to cumming and yet knew I wouldn't, knew I
could hold off indefinitely.

I felt strongly identified with her. I could sense her fear and tension,
but also her strong sense of excitement. She was enjoying her feeling of
powerlessness, of degradation, and I could identify with that. I even
wanted to feel it myself. My own feeling of power arose from my complete
empathy with the extreme pleasure she was getting from her submission to
me. Our bodies were still whilst our breath heaved in our chests, hers
pressed into the bed, mine, hairy and wet, pressed into her back. Her body
felt on fire.

Slowly, so slowly, I felt her arsehole contracting, twitching open. I felt
her body relaxing slightly under me and firmly pushed my cockhead into
her. She gasped loudly; it was a shocked, sharp noise that filled the
room. She dropped her head onto the pillow, remaining braced on her
elbows. Her soft brown hair fell away from her neck and I put my mouth on
her bare skin. She started at the touch and groaned softly as I bit her,
gently at first and then more firmly. I felt her arsehole relax and pushed
the full length of my penis inside. We both inhaled as it slid inside,
taken aback by the shared intensity of the friction, bare skin sheathed in
bare skin. She sank fully into the bed and I braced myself on my hands,
watching as she moved her head from side to side between her slender,
slightly hairy arms that encircled the pillow. Her eyes were closed. I had
a desperate curiosity about the sensations she was experiencing, that she
was trying to make sense of.

She became still and quiet as I started slowly fucking her; her body seemed
gripped by a tense curiosity as she assessed the sensations washing over
her. My dick felt tightly sheathed. I continued to fuck her, but had
started to become aware that maybe she wasn't enjoying it when she moved to
push herself up on all fours. I got off her back to allow her to move and
knelt behind her. My hand was still mindlessly fiddling with her cunt as I
concentrated on fucking her butt, but now she roughly pushed it away. Her
supporting hand gripped the sheet fiercely as she started masturbating. I
watched her, transfixed, as I continued to push my penis in and out of her
arsehole. It looked thick and slickly wet. It felt enormous.

Finally the intensity of her pleasure broke over her like a wave and she
groaned deeply and threw back her head, pushing her ample bottom back
towards me. 'Oh God. Fuck. Me.' Her voice was deep and thick. She wriggled
her buttocks against my crotch and then pushed herself hard up against
me. I felt my cock penetrate a further inch further inside her rectum.

'Fuck me. Fuck my arsehole.' I'd never heard her utter such obscenities.
She started rocking back against me, picking up the rhythm of my fucking
and intensifying her pleasure. 'Oh Jesus. Jesus. Your dick... is...
big. Fuck me.' I gripped her hips firmly and started fucking her much
harder. I marvelled at how powerfully I slammed my dick up her arse; I
couldn't believe I wasn't hurting her. The room was full of the sound of my
ragged breath, the slapping of her ample buttocks against my hairy thighs,
and her extraordinarily filthy outbursts.

Her movements were so active she paused to change hands, leaning to the
other side, and pushing her left hand into her crotch. I paused to
accommodate her movement, but she bucked back against me impatiently, and
tossed her head, 'Please. Don't stop. Fuck me. FUCK. ME.' She was
masturbating more urgently now and I felt her rectum clenching my dick in
hard spasms.

She groaned deeply and then started crying out, incoherent pleadings that
became more fevered and insistent as she approached orgasm. I couldn't keep
up with her movements and so held her hips steady as she fucked herself
back onto my thick penis. She became quieter, more concentrated as her
orgasm hit, grunting between thrusts that slowed as she enjoyed the
sensations inside her rectum and her cunt.

Gradually she stopped moving, and then started in surprise as I started
fucking her again. Now that she'd come I fucked her purely for my pleasure,
pounding her in quick short rabbit fucks, keeping most of my penis inside
and drawing back an inch then jabbing back inside. She was bracing herself
on both hands, and her groans were tinged with discomfort now that the
intensity of her orgasm had passed.

'Did you like that, baby?' I grunted between thrusts. She nodded, her
shoulders tense. I felt a flash of angry frustration. I wanted to hear her
telling me what an amazing fuck I was. I needed a reaction. I wanted to
hear her struggling to accommodate my dick, crying out in pain as my
manhood assaulted her, overwhelmed her. I lay on her back as I felt the
orgasm growing in my loins, and grabbed her full, swaying tits. I was
grunting into her back like an animal as I started cumming and made four or
five vicious long thrusts into her arsehole. She cried out from the force
of my penetration. It felt like my body had exploded.

I continued to make little movements to and fro inside her as the waves of
pleasure subsided and I came back into the room. The sweat was cold and
sticky between us as I came up off her back. I didn't want to take my penis
out of her, but I could feel her legs on either side of mine shaking from
the exertion, so I slowly pulled out. My cock was still achingly hard and
wet with our juices. As my head cleared her anus it pulled with it a string
of cum that stretched and then slickly snapped.

I looked at her distended, red arsehole, which contracted and then spasmed
out a big gob of cum. Without any thought I leaned forward, and then I was
licking her slack anus, pushing my tongue inside greedily. I'd tasted my
own cum before, in a moment of boredom and curiosity; I hadn't particularly
enjoyed it. I remember feeling a little sheepish when I'd thought of all
the women whose heads I'd held firm whilst lustily spunking into their
mouths. Now I couldn't get enough, and as my girlfriend collapsed onto the
bed, her legs still lewdly spread, I followed her, sucking and licking at
her arse, greedily overcome by compulsion and lust.

I loved the fact that I'd fucked this cum inside her; I loved the fact that
her arse lips were now red and distended where they'd previously been
tightly puckered and virginally pink. I felt the heat rising in my body
again, felt my penis stiffening, which hadn't fully softened since I'd
pulled it, vivid and throbbing, from her rectum. Quickly I moved over her
body and lay on her back. I think she'd drifted off into a post-orgasmic
daze, dully enjoying the sensations she was getting from my felching of her
arsehole. When she felt me pressing my penis into her buttocks she started
to turn in alarm. 'What are you doing?' The end of her sentence was bitten
off in a grunt of surprise that turned into a longer cry of pleasure as I
sank my cock back into her arsehole in one long, firm, thrust.

I could taste my own cum and her butthole in my mouth as I grabbed her hips
and started long, steady thrusts in and out of her sloppy, hot rectum. She
moved up, bracing herself on her elbows, and dropped her forehead back onto
the pillow. 'Oh god. Oh god' Her last syllable became an urgent, almost
confused moan of pleasure. Again I had a sense of her bewilderment. She was
trying to reconcile her intense pleasure with previous understandings she
had of buggery, of taking it up the arse. 'You. Bastard.' She moaned into
the pillow, pushing her arse back up onto my thick invading cock.

'Oh yeah?' I pushed in rather hard.

She lifted her head off the pillow, 'You cunt.'

My breath came faster. 'You love it, you fucking slut. Tell me you how much
you love it.'

I should have felt like some pathetic caricature of a porn star, but
actually I felt powerful, and unbelievably aroused. My face was on fire, my
voice thick with desire and the thrill of dominating her with my cock,
turning her into an object of my lust. I lay down on her back, hooking my
arms under her armpits and grabbing her shoulders. My mouth was in the hair
near her ear. I could still taste our sex on my lips, on my tongue. The
smell of her arse and my sperm filled my nostrils.

'You love it, bitch.' I slammed into her arse. She was keeping up a steady
stream of deep groans now, punctuated by little surprised gasps when I
snapped by dick up her especially hard. My whole being was attuned to the
fucking. I was obsessed with the image of her bruised arse lips turning in
and out, stretched around my cock. I felt her wanton, abandoned
excitement. There was a slackness in her limbs that told of her release
into subjugation and pleasure and it heightened my enjoyment. I was
buggering her and she was loving it. I was fucking her arse, the scent and
taste of which was almost overwhelming me; her rectum was sloppy with my
sperm, sperm that I could taste on my tongue. I could feel the juiciness
inside her. Our fucking filled the room with lewd sounds: the slapping of
buttocks and hairy thighs, my ragged breath, and her moans and cries, and
underneath those the most intimate of all: an oozy, wet sucking as sticky
skin parted sticky skin. She farted as I withdrew my cock; I don't think
she even noticed, so deeply was she abandoned to her submissive pleasure.

'You randy bastard!' My friend Tom and I were sat in his living room
sipping our third beer. 'Did you manage to cum again?'

'Like a steam train. I reckon it was one of the most powerful orgasms I've
ever had. I thought I was going to fuck her to death.' Tom and I had got
together for one of our matey nights - a case of Budvar and a European
qualifying match.

'A little bit too much info, thanks! What was her reaction when you were
finished? Did she give you hell?' His tone was sympathetic to the effect of
my excesses.

'God no! I think she was a bit stunned - more by her own response than
mine. But no, she just wanted to be cuddled. We ended up having a lovely
soak in the bath together.'

'Fucking hell!' Tom exclaimed. 'Sounds like you've unleashed a real
submissive streak in her. Lucky you!' We laughed together. We had many
times discussed Tom's difficulties in getting his sexual partners to
acknowledge that what they wanted was a good fucking.

'Bloody gay boys can be so fucking uptight about taking it up the
arse. That's really what they want, but we have to play all these bloody
silly games of pretending that we're all essentially versatile.'

'Have you really never let one of your boyfriends fuck you?' I knew that
Tom was what I think is referred to as a top.

'Oh god yes! From time to time it's the only way I can get them to give it
up.' He took a slug of beer. 'And I guess sometimes I do get the urge to
sling my legs over some lucky sod's shoulders and ask for a good
rogering. Sometimes it's the only thing that hits the spot.' He laughed.

'Really? I thought you were strictly Mr. Butch between the sheets, you old

'Oh darling! Don't pigeonhole me!' He slipped into uncharacteristic
campery, and then carried on in his normal deep voice, 'Most of the time
it's not what I need, but there's no getting away from the fact that having
a cock up your arse rubbing your prostate and stimulating the nerve endings
in your arse whilst you come is one of life's greatest pleasures.' His
voice took on a more parodic tone as he finished his manifesto.

'Jesus, you're so fucking evangelical about the great queer cause!' He
laughed with me. 'Is it really that good or is that just gay propaganda?'

'Oh come on Tim! You've only just finished telling me how bloody grateful
Emma was when you buggered her stupid! And women don't even have a
prostate, which, believe me, makes all the difference.'

'Yeah, I know all about the fucking prostate, thanks.' I was getting a bit
irritated. 'I'm not that uptight!'

'Hey! Steady on!' Tom's placation was cut short by the buzzer for the front
door. He got up and picked up the entry phone, said something
unintelligible and buzzed in whoever it was. 'Jude's here.' He said as he
sat down and picked up his beer.

I groaned under my breath. Jude was Tom's current boyfriend. I found him
difficult to relate to. Tom had been my closest friend since we'd been
roommates at university. I liked to think that I wasn't in the last bit
homophobic, but Jude wasn't my kind of man. Not that he was too queeny - I
enjoyed the company of some of Tom's screamingly camp friends. Jude seemed
to find it impossible to have a conversation with me without flirting
outrageously, which I didn't strictly mind, but he always took it too far,
to a point where it felt uncomfortable for me. I think that this was his
intention, and that's why I found it difficult to get on with him. I had
vowed to myself that I would make an effort for Tom's sake, but had been
trying to keep my contact with Jude to a minimum. Tom did seem rather
besotted with him. I was reminded why when the man himself burst through
the front door.

'Hello darling!' Tom had got up to greet him, and was rewarded with a deep
kiss, which Jude broke when he saw me sat on the couch. 'Tim! God you're
looking gorgeous! Come and say hello properly and stop being so butch and

Reluctantly I got to my feet and was immediately embraced in Jude's tightly
muscled arms that bulged through his immaculate suit. I was enveloped in
his cologne. It smelled woody and spicy and very expensive. He wasn't tall,
but worked out rather compulsively, and so had developed a tight, muscular
physique. His hair was always boyishly tousled, and his face was just the
pretty side of handsome: cheeky and charming rather than plastic and
hawkish. He grinned at me and then kissed me on the lips. I was struck by
the contrast between his smooth, moisturised skin, and the hint of beard
growth that surrounded his mouth. I pulled away and sat down. Jude
immediately bounced over to where Tom was sat and settled in his lap,
throwing his arm round his boyfriend's neck. Tom looked like a hungry cat
about to swallow the canary. Jude worked on the stock market - he was a
broker for one of the big banks, I could never remember which one. He'd
just been celebrating a promotion with friends from work and was clearly
rather drunker than we were. Whatever pleasurable expectations I had for
the rest of the evening started ebbing away as Jude started filling Tom in
on his news. Tom caught my eye over Jude's shoulder and mugged an
apology. I smiled and shrugged. Tom knew that I was now there under
sufferance. However, Jude's exuberance clearly wasn't wasted on Tom, who
had finished his beer. I was just about to make my escape to the kitchen to
get us some more, when Jude jumped up.

'Look at me being so rude. Tim, I'm so sorry to have crashed into your
boy's night in. I've been selfish and boring, going on about work
things. Let me get you another drink, and when you've told me all about you
and Emma I'll bugger off into the other room and leave you boys to it.' His
manner was so open and abashed that my tension was instantly soothed by the
warmth of his charm. I blushed and dropped my gaze.

'Excellent. I'll get you boys a drink and then when I come back you can
tell me what you've been talking about.' He called over his shoulder as he
left the room. Tom's kitchen was a galley adjoining the living room, the
length of which was a long breakfast bar that formed one side of the room
we were sat in. We could see Jude reappear on the other side of the
counter, moving about collecting bottles.

'Oh I've just been trying to get Tim to understand the pleasures of being
fucked up the bum!' Tom called out, grinning at me like a lewd schoolboy. I
felt my face flush hot with embarrassment as Jude came back into the room.

'Well, what the hell would you know about that?!' Jude scolded as he sat
next to me on the couch. He turned to me conspiratorially, 'Honestly Tim,
any time I try and get anywhere near his arse he turns into a Jane Austen
heroine and gets all frigid and boring!'

Tom attempted to splutter out a retort, but Jude had an audience. 'Mind
you, not that it's that often that I get the urge to poke around in his
nether regions - who am I kidding? I'm a bitch on the streets AND in the
sheets!' He giggled, his eyes sparkling mischievously. He pushed a lock of
his floppy hair back off his forehead, 'Mind you, I understand that being
on the bottom's very good for the wrinkles - I guess you've got gravity
working for you!' We all laughed. It was difficult not to be overwhelmed by
his good mood.

Jude was the perfect host for the next hour or so as he regaled us with
hair-raising tales of near financial disaster and the weird habits of his
boss, whose desk was always organised in a complex series of geometrical
symmetries. He was good company, jovial and thoughtful. I was starting to
revise my opinion of him, especially as he hadn't attempted to sexually
embarrass me.

Eventually I couldn't ignore my protesting bladder any more, and made my
excuses as I staggered, rather more drunkenly than I'd expected, towards
the hallway. Tom's bathroom was a shrine to the god of gay
consumption. Emma's collection of potions and bottles was insignificant by
comparison. I stood over the toilet bowl and fished out my cock. I was
starting to get a piss hard on and admired myself in the huge mirror facing
me. I watched as a fat, noisy stream of piss started to fall into the
water. The relief was blissful. As the stream dried up, I skinned my
heavily wrinkled foreskin a few times to shake off the last drops. Hooding
and unhooding my glans felt good and I watched the movement in the mirror.

My thoughts returned to Emma. I marvelled once again at her immense
pleasure at being buggered. My dick was stiffening in my hand and I was
suddenly taken with the urge to cum. I glanced at the pile of magazines by
the toilet, seeking some masturbatory stimulation. Looking down I did a
mental forehead slap. Girlie magazines in a gay man's bathroom? I leaned
down and leafed through the glossies invitingly piled next to the
toilet. There were the usual lifestyle and shopping mags, interspersed with
publications on yoga and alternative therapy. Lower down the pile gaudy
flesh tones caught my eye.

I pulled out a magazine adorned with a lewd representation of a skin head
being fucked by a hairy man wearing a leather harness. It's title was 'Anal
Plunge'. I felt an unexpected flash of curiosity and excitement. I sat down
on the toilet and leafed through the pages. One image caught my
attention. In it two men were looking toward the camera, one in front of
the other. The man in front was leaning forward, supporting himself against
a door jam on the left. The man behind was gripping the other's
shoulder. From the expression on his face it looked like he was giving the
guy in front a good fucking. I started skinning my cock more
purposefully. His face was serious, his mouth drawn back in a grimace of
exertion. But it was the face of the man getting fucked that really caught
my attention. His head was completely shaved, and his torso and arms were
heavily muscled. His expression was one of pure ecstasy. His mouth was
slack, his eyes were partially closed and glazed. His forehead was covered
with a sheen of sweat. Between his spread thighs his shiny circumcised cock
pointed upwards, sticking into his belly. I couldn't image a man enjoying
being fucked so much that he'd still maintain a hard-on.

I suddenly regained awareness of where I was and what I was doing. And what
I was looking at. I stood up, and stuffed my stiff dick back into my pants
as a wave of revulsion passed over me. My curiosity about anal sex was
getting ridiculous. I tucked 'Anal Plunge' back into the pile and
vigorously washed my hands, rubbing their rough wetness over my face. I
opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the dimly lit hall. I
immediately heard a soft giggle. I felt the hairs on the back of my head
stand up. Now there was a soft murmuring. I recognised the intimate tone of
the voices. I walked down the corridor; ahead, the living room door was
open, to the left the kitchen door was slightly ajar, and a harsh band of
light was emerging through the crack. I couldn't see them in the living
room, so pushed the kitchen door open.

Jude was leaning against the breakfast bar, facing into the living room. He
was bracing himself on his folded elbows. His face was turned away from the
door. His trousers and underwear were puddled round his ankles, his shirt
pushed up his back. His tie was still in place at his neck. Tom stood
behind him. His buttocks, clenched as they pumped back and forth, looked
incredibly hairy. His eyes were closed, and his head was thrown back. He
was softly grunting as he urgently pumped. A bottle of olive oil stood on
the breakfast bar next to Jude, its top lewdly tossed to one side. They
were clearly in a hurry. Jude sighed from the back of his throat and
shifted his hips. Tom's penis suddenly appeared and slapped against Jude's
bum. I was shocked by the sight of it. It was enormous. Crude jokes about
baby's arms flashed through my mind. We'd shared a room for a year, in
which I'd never seen his cock. We'd got changed together many times at the
gymn or at the rugby club, but I couldn't recall ever having seen his cock
before, and certainly not in its current, engorged state. It looked
frightening, the kind of thing you see in seventies porn flicks. I'd never
seen another man's erect penis for real before. I felt a stab of jealousy,
maybe curiosity, possibly apprehension.

'Shit' Tom whispered, fumbling between their bodies to get his cock back
in. He was so intent he didn't see me; I was in shadow just outside the
doorway. Jude shifted, impatient with his boyfriend's ineptitude. He stuck
one of his hands under his crotch to guide the huge penis back inside him.

'Higher,' Jude whispered. Tom's dick looked oily. It started to
disappear. 'Oh god.' Jude's moan was deep and throaty. 'Yeah. Fuck me baby,
I'm nearly there.' Tom was pounding like an air hammer.

I stood back from the doorway. My face felt hot. My heart was racing. What
was I doing watching my best friend having sex? What were they doing having
sex in the kitchen whilst I was there? I wished that I'd stayed in the
bathroom, that I'd jacked off. My dick felt like a rod in my pants. I could
feel it jumping, and I was aware of the dampness in my underwear as it
leaked pre-cum. I shouldn't be watching them. They shouldn't be doing
it. This was gay sex, live and uncensored. It was insulting to my
heterosexuality. And yet I was struck by the manliness of what I'd
seen. This was gay men stripped down, literally; no camping around, no
fancy skin creams and designer accessories, just raw, naked fucking. I
didn't want to question why, but I was, I realised, highly aroused by what
I'd seen. My hand was mindlessly rubbing the bulge in my pants. I opened
the button and drew down the zip. I pulled out my cock and started skinning
it back and forth again. I stepped back into the doorway and pushed the
door open.

The door creaked, and Tom and Jude looked towards me. Jude's face broke
into a grin. Tom didn't break his stroke, but grunted, between thrusts,
'Shit, Tim, I'm so sorry. We thought we'd be through by the time you were
done in the toilet.'

'He takes forever... when... he's tanked.' Jude was barely intelligible,
snatching out breathless syllables between gasps. His face was obscenely
slack, his eyes rolling back in his head. He was clearly completely tripped
out. I wasn't surprised with that massive penis up him.

'Be. Done. In. A. Minute.' Tom's thrusts were savage.

I stood transfixed to the spot. I couldn't move. I couldn't speak. I
couldn't stop jacking my aching cock. I didn't know what the hell I was

Jude beckoned me towards him. 'Don't play... lonely, Tim,' he grunted.

Jude started turning away from the counter towards me. I saw his cock,
stuck up against his hairless belly. Tom had to stop his thrusting to
accommodate his boyfriend's movement. Jude beckoned again. I stepped
forward. Then again. Jude leaned into my crotch and took my penis into his
mouth. He washed his tongue round the head, and then took it out and looked
at it. 'Nice cock, Tim.' He smiled at me, and then grimaced as Tom resumed
his thrusting. Jude put my cock back in his mouth and then swallowed it. I
felt it enter the ring at the back of his throat and groaned loudly. My
cock hadn't been sucked like this for a long time. I started fucking Jude's
mouth, abandoning myself to the sensation of it. I could feel his anxious
breath in my crotch, the occasional roughness of his movements as he got
brutally buffeted from behind. Jude's hands were firmly embedded in my
waist as he tried to maintain some stability. From the look on Tom's face
he wasn't far from orgasm. I was rather stunned by the vigour of his
fucking. I couldn't imagine how Jude could take it.

I felt Jude opening the top of my trousers, easing them down over my
buttocks and towards my knees. He withdrew my cock from his mouth and
turned me round. I seemed to have lost all self will. I was meek in his
hands. He bent me forward slightly. When I realised what his intention was
I reached behind me and parted my buttocks. As I felt his breath in my
crack a shiver went up my spine. The soft wetness of his tongue felt
obscene and delicious. As he pushed into my hole I shivered again, and then
relaxed onto the warm sensations. Nobody had rimmed me before. I'd begged
my last girlfriend to return me the favour for all the times I'd spent
tonguing her arse, but she'd been revolted by the idea. I now realised how
selfish she'd been. I felt like I was melting; warm sensations were
spreading out from my anus. At the same time I couldn't stop myself
wriggling to try and get Jude's tongue deeper up my gut.

Behind me Tom appeared to be having a loud and violent orgasm. It occurred
to me that he must have got a great view of my hairy crack. I should have
been embarrassed: this was my best friend. Tonight we'd seen each other
naked; I'd seen him fucking the brains out of his boyfriend. And here I was
joining them; here I was pushing my open arsehole into the mouth of my best
friend's boyfriend. I was straight, for god's sake. This should feel
unnatural. My masculinity should be threatened. I knew that I didn't fancy
either of them. But Tom and I had been close for over fifteen years; we'd
shared most of the significant moments of each other's lives. I might not
fancy men, but I knew that of their type, Tom and Jude were hot. Tom was
tall and broad and hairy - he'd never lost the physique he developed
playing rugby throughout school and university. He'd lost most of his hair
though, but sensibly had shaved the rest. He always seemed to have several
days of beard growth.

I wasn't a bigot. Tom told me he was gay soon after we were first assigned
to the same room in freshers' week. I had found him inspirational. He was a
man's man - a rugger player, for god's sake. I'd never known him apologise
for his sexuality, and I'd seen him embarrass and face down anyone who
attempted to make him feel ashamed. He was smart and sensitive. He knew how
to handle himself. And I also knew he enjoyed painting his toe nails, and
languishing in bubble baths with candles and champagne. I respected him, I
probably loved him - god knows I had a lot more cause to love him than most
members of my family - he was more like a brother to me than my own flesh
and blood.

I knew then, and know now, that I'm a straight man - I desire women. I
define my sexuality in how I negotiate the lust I have for women, my
curiosity about them, and my need to exert sexual authority over
them. However, I also had to acknowledge how curious I was about anal
sex. If I'm honest it's my favourite kind of sexual play with women. My own
arse has been a primary source of sexual pleasure to me since I first stuck
my fingers up there. I felt warm and secure with Tom: this was a safe
environment for me to explore. I was still apprehensive, though. I didn't
know how far I wanted to go. I didn't want to do anything that would
threaten my relationship with Tom. I didn't know what they might expect of

I felt Jude pull away from my arse. I straightened up and turned
around. Tom was withdrawing his cock and stepping back from Jude. It was
clear that Jude hadn't come. His penis was still stuck up against his
belly. I couldn't help staring at Tom's dick. It looked red and angry,
slick with juices and oil. It was no longer sticking up, but it was till
obscenely long and thick.

'Let's go and get more comfortable, Tim. I haven't finished licking your
lovely bottom yet.' Jude's face was still flushed, but his eyes had cleared
somewhat. He'd moved towards the door and was holding out his hand. He was
smiling at me with such warmth that I smiled back. But I felt hesitant, and
looked over to Tom, who was trying to wipe the stickiness from his crotch
and thighs with a tea towel. He looked up and caught my eye.

'Don't feel uncomfortable, Tim. We know who we are. You're my best
friend. Let's just enjoy this evening for what it is - and next week I
promise that we will get to actually watch the match!' Tom flicked the
towel at me and laughed.

I grinned. 'Fuck you matey. I want Jude's tongue back up my arse!'

I trotted down the hall after Jude towards Tom's bedroom, and jumped on the
bed. By the time Tom had followed us, I was on my back with my cock down
Jude's throat. My friend closed the door and sat in the leather armchair in
the corner. I marvelled at Jude's technique: he'd brought me back to full
hardness almost immediately, sucking hard on my penis and opening the back
of his throat until I could feel his lips in my bush. Tom was laid back in
the chair with his legs widely spread. The monster hung down between his
legs, lewdly pushed forward by his ball sack. He had his eyes half
closed. When Jude sensed that he'd got me back into a zone of high
excitement I felt him come up off my dick. I lifted my buttocks off the
bed, pushing hard with my feet into the mattress. I rested my thighs on his
shoulders. My breath was ragged as I waited for his tongue to penetrate me.

This time I was much more relaxed and I felt the squirming wetness of him
further inside me. I groaned and spread my legs further. I heard the
leather chair creak and saw Tom moving out of the corner of my eye. I felt
him push some pillows under my buttocks. 'Why not get more comfortable,
boys?' His voice had a smile in it. I relaxed myself down onto the pillows,
and closed my eyes. My cock felt very hard and very hot, but I didn't want
to touch it. I didn't want to confuse the sensations I was getting from my
arse; I didn't want them swamped by the familiar intensity of having a
wank. I felt slack, loose, slutty. I think that for a moment I understood
what a woman feels like when she opens herself up for a man. The wanton
need to be filled with someone else's desire. I brought my hands up to my
nipples and started flicking them with the edge of my thumbs. They
instantly turned into hard points of gooey electricity that connected with
my arsehole. I could feel myself becoming a liquid pool of excitement. My
breath was coming in long groans.

I felt Jude pull away from my arse and opened my eyes. Tom was stood next
to the bed slathering lubricant from a large bottle with a pump dispenser
onto Jude's cock. Jude was perched on his knees between my widely spread
legs. My arsehole was tilted up towards him. Jude was looking directly into
my eyes. His gaze was hard and purposeful. We both knew what I wanted.

Tom removed his hand and I felt Jude position himself further into my
body. He pulled my legs up onto his shoulders. I let my head fall back onto
the bed and closed my eyes. My fingers were rolling my nipples. The room
felt very still and warm.

Jude's cock felt odd at my opening; a curious, rather perplexing, sensation
of softness and firmness. My arse lips were open and he lodged his penis
between them, up against my sphincter. I felt him press forward and felt
his glans enter me. I heard myself gasp with surprise. It was a curious
feeling to be penetrated and not have any awareness of the mechanical
responses of my body. This felt so much more natural than fingering
myself. I felt Jude move his body weight forward, felt his hands press into
the bed by my waist. There was an exquisitely obscene feeling of friction
in my rectum as he slid his penis fully inside me. I had an urge to shit,
which felt wonderful, and cried out against it, rolling my head on the

'There you go.' Jude sighed as he fitted his crotch up against me. His
voice sounded generous, and had a tone of accomplishment. I felt my anus
contracting on the shaft of his penis. He kept still inside me. His breath
above me was strong but steady. I could feel him watching for my
reactions. I felt my arsehole fully relax and felt his penis shift; it slid
further inside and we both groaned from the contact. The sensations inside
my rectum were intensifying and it felt intolerable, uncontrollable. I felt
stuffed. I wanted to piss, shit, come. I felt an urgent need to move. I
ground myself back up against Jude's cock and cried out as I felt his
stiffness moving inside me, grating against my prostate. I felt warm and
slack, and wonderfully expectant. Jude started fucking me and my arse let
out a series of farts. I felt dirty, obscene. I was being fucked up the
arse and loving it. My body was responding uncontrollably; I was groaning
loudly, revelling in the feelings of subjugation rolling over me.

I felt the bed sag and was aware of Tom coming up behind me. He lifted my
shoulders and put his legs on either side of my body. Jude and Tom lifted
me so that I was resting on Tom's chest between his legs. I felt hot and
sweaty against his cool, firm hairiness. Jude lifted my legs higher onto
his shoulders and fucked me faster. Tom folded his arms across my chest and
held me tightly to him. 'How ya doing, soldier?'

'Oh god Tom. I love it.' I was gasping continuously now. My face felt slack
and I was aware that I was muttering incoherent pleadings, obscenities. Tom
kissed the top of my head and started playing with my nipples. I felt
enveloped by their maleness, warm and child-like. I became aware that Jude
was about to cum; his thrusts were more urgent, his breath was coming in
sharper bursts. The pleasure washing over me had kind of plateaued; I felt
almost overwhelmed by what was happening up my arse, but orgasm eluded
me. It was disorientating to find myself in the grip of such intensely
pleasurable, but unfamiliar, feelings. I didn't know how to focus my
sensations towards orgasm. I felt myself awash with a cold sweat of

Jude violently fucked his cock up my arse and held his body rigid as he
came inside me. He was grunting like a pig; his eyes were tightly closed
and his floppy hair was stuck to his forehead in ratty tendrils. I smiled
up at him as he relaxed. Tom reached across my torso and caressed his
boyfriend's arm.

'Are you okay Tim?' Jude looked exhausted, but concerned. I smiled up at
him and squeezed his softening cock in my bum.

'I feel wonderful. I don't want you to take your cock out of me, but I
don't think I'm much good at being fucked. I don't know how to cum with a
cock up me.' Tom squeezed me tight as the two men laughed. A look passed
between them as Jude shifted his body and his dick slipped out of me.

Jude grinned, 'Oh, I think we have the technology!'

Tom pulled me back up towards him. I could feel Jude's cum oozing out of my
hole as I sat upright. I could feel Tom's cock pressing into my back as he
reached down my rounded belly and grasped my stiff dick. I groaned as he
gently skinned it a few times, but I felt rather disappointed. It felt like
a let down to have him jack me off, good as his big hand felt wrapped
around my thick meat.

I felt Tom's breath in my ear, 'Have you had enough fucking for one night,
mate?' My chest contracted in excitement and fear. I knew what he was
suggesting. I put my hand on his thigh, registering surprise at its
unfamiliar hardness and coarse hairiness.

'You must be joking.'

'You don't want me to be joking, Tim. You haven't gone this far not to want
to see what I'll feel like inside you. I'll take care of you. I know what
you've wanted.'

I felt him pressing me forward. I drew my legs up and sat up on my
calves. I felt the sheets chafing my oozing arsehole. Tom let go of my cock
as I moved forward onto my knees and supported myself on my hands. I arched
my back and presented my bottom to him and waited.

Tom's glans felt rude and blunt in my crack. He rubbed his dick up and down
a few times, coating himself in the fluids. There was a strong smell of cum
and lubricant and my arse in the room. It felt coarse and dirty and very
exciting. My hole contracted violently around his penis as he started to
insert himself. I was shocked by how wide he felt; how much wider he was
than Jude. I felt a sharp, quick stab of shame that I had been fucked in
the arse by two men. He pushed a bit harder and I felt a searing, awful
pain slice up through my insides. I cried out in pain and felt him
immediately withdraw. I brought my knees up to my chest and lay my head on
the bed. Tom was stroking my back and making soothing noises behind me, but
I could feel his determination. I felt rather shocked by the pain inside
me, but at the same time very excited by his will to have me. Jude sat on
the bed next to me and pulled me up to him. He smoothed away my tears with
his thumb and then bent down to my shrivelled cock.

His mouth felt warm and comforting, and I immediately forgot the pain as my
penis stiffened in his mouth. I felt a surge of lust and pushed myself
roughly into his throat. He lay on his tummy with his head between my
thighs and I bent down towards his pert buttocks, pushing my arse back
towards Tom. This time the head went straight in. My cock throbbed in
Jude's mouth and I felt the same exquisite friction as before, as Tom's
shaft slid into my rectum. It felt enormous, but I felt loose and very

'Oh shit. Fuck.' I pushed back against him, feeling another inch or so push
into me. 'Jesus. Jesus.' Jude was having a hard time staying on my dick, so
he slid out from under me and stood next to the bed watching us. His cock
was hard again and he started slowly masturbating.

'Jesus Tom, how big is your dick?'

'You haven't got it all yet, mate.' His voice was thick with excitement. I
reached behind my balls to my arsehole. I could feel it tightly puckered
around his penis, which felt hot and hard. I could put my hand around the
shaft that stuck out from my body. I felt a deep momentum building around
the sensations in my arse. I wriggled on his cock. I felt gorged,
slutty. My face was wet with sweat. I felt hot. My heart was thumping in my
chest. Behind me I felt Tom's great excitement, and realised that this was
taboo for him too: here he was with his dick inside his best friend. Again
I felt overwhelmed with sensations; I wanted to shit and the obscenity of
it was thrilling. I rotated my bottom on his penis and groaned loudly at
the sensations the friction inside me caused. Tom pulled back an inch or so
and I farted wetly. He pushed back in and I felt another long sliding
sensation in my rectum. I dropped my head onto the bed and spread my legs
further, pushing my bum back towards him.

'Please Tom.'

He started moving behind me, sliding his penis slowly out and then slowly
in. He was letting me feel almost the full length of his huge cock shafting
me. I rocked against his slow rhythm for a while, with my head turned to
one side, enjoying the peacefulness of being taken so completely. My cock
was rock hard, rubbing against the sheets. They felt damp under me. I
turned to look at Jude. He was masturbating vigorously.

'Fuck him, Tom. Fuck his arsehole.' He was looking at me. Looking at me
enjoying his boyfriend's donkey dick up my bum. I felt dirty and horny and
desirable under his gaze. I moved up on to my hands and started bracing
myself firmly against Tom's thrusts. He responded by humping me harder. I
grunted as his cock penetrated me very deeply. Tom was groaning loudly now
as his thighs slapped against my buttocks and the full length of his penis
was fucked in and out of my rectum.

'God you love that dick up you, don't you? It feels so big, doesn't it?'
Jude and I were staring hard at each other. I grabbed my cock.

'Do. You. Like. It?' Tom grunted between thrusts.

'Tell him you love it. He likes to hear us enjoy him.' Jude and I had made
a connection. His empathy with my passivity, with my subjugation to his
boyfriend, increased my pleasure.

'Fuck me harder.' I moaned at Jude. Tom pounded me violently, then pulled
his dick out completely. I gasped in surprise and shock as the intensity of
sensation suddenly stopped.

I groaned gratefully as he pushed the full length of it back into me. 'Oh
god. Yes. Please. Fuck me.'

'I can never get enough of it. I love it inside me.' Jude was in a reverie,
his hand a blur on his dick.

'Please. Please. Fuck. Me'

'Fuck yes, fuck him. Take it. How does it feel, Tom?'

I broke eye contact with Jude as I felt a rush of pleasure overwhelm me. I
was panting like a dog, grunting and begging meaninglessly. I ground my
cock into my hand, savagely humping back onto Tom's penis. I felt a pause,
a sense of weightlessness, and then the orgasm hit me. I felt warm spunk
pumping into my hand, and my arsehole spasming violently around Tom's thick
shaft. His hands dug into my hips painfully and he slammed himself into
me. He was making dirty, grunting sounds into my back. Tom sat back on his
haunches and pulled me up and back onto his lap and I wriggled down onto
his stiffness, feeling it moving inside me as I ground the last few moments
out of my orgasm. Jude knelt on the side of the bed and I turned to face
him as the first warm jet of his sperm hit my face and instantly cooled

'Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Fuuuuuck.' Tom was jamming me down onto his penis and
holding me tightly back against his chest. His cock felt bigger than ever,
but I felt warm and slack. As his orgasm ebbed I made gentle pushing
movements on his shaft, like I was taking a shit, and was rewarded with the
sound of his little exhausted gasps into my back. Jude climbed back on the
bed in front of me and put his hands on my shoulders. I curled my arms
around his and rested my hands on his slim, hard biceps. We smiled at each
other, exhausted. Tom and I moved against each other and I felt his penis
moving inside me; it was less hard. I was suffused with feelings of warm
intimacy. It felt very satisfying to have Tom's penis inside me; I felt
nurtured and cared for. I could feel moistness in my crack against his
crotch, and imagined the two loads of cum in my rectum.

'I don't want to disturb you, Tim, but I need to piss desperately.' Tom
started to shift behind me.

Tim held me fast and looked past me to Tom. 'Don't you think Tim would
enjoy a lovely soothing piss enema?'

Tom's wide firm hands moved down to my belly and stroked me gently. 'Do you
think he could take it? There's a lot.'

'He took your cock, didn't' he.' I loved the way they were speaking past
me, exchanging me between them like a possession, a token. I felt owned and
cared for. I was deeply excited by the idea of Tom pissing up my arse.

'Tim, don't grip my cock too hard.' His hands on my belly were light; I
tried to keep my anus relaxed: not difficult when you've been fucked stupid
by a penis as large as Tom's. Gradually I felt pressure building in my
rectum as the piss stream started, and then as Tom let go, there was a
wonderful feeling of fullness. Tom exhaled, enjoying his exquisite
release. I looked down at my tummy and saw it expanding at is filled with
Tom's beer piss. Tom's hands cherished me, caressing my hairy stomach.

'There you go.' Tom sighed as the stream inside me stopped.

I was stunned by the warmth and fullness inside me. My cock started to
stiffen at the sensation and I groaned deep in my throat, rolling my head
back against Tom. Jude moved his hands down to my nipples and rolled them
firmly in his fingers. I gasped at his touch and a wave of ecstasy broke
through me. I looked down at my erect cock in amazement as another load of
cum oozed out of my piss slit. My cock was jumping, untouched, but the
orgasm was unlike any I'd previously experienced. Instead of jetting out,
the cum was slickly pulsing on my cock head. The sensations were all inside
me. My arsehole was contracting rhythmically on Tom's cock. I knew I
wouldn't be able to hold his piss inside me for long, but I didn't want to
move. I wanted to stay in Tom's arms. I wanted to keep his penis inside me
while I made sense of what I was feeling. I didn't want it to end. I felt
like something amazing had happened to me. I thought of Emma, and how she'd
recently experienced a similar awakening as I'd fucked her arse. I felt a
rush of warmth towards her. I wanted to share my experience with her.

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