Friday, April 17, 2009

Football Widow part II

Sue groaned and rolled over when she heard the front door
slam. She had awakened when Bernie did, but simply closed
her eyes as he dragged himself from the bed. She was warm
and cozy and really didn't want to move because her body was
sending warning signals from practically everywhere. To
start with she had rug burn on her knees. Her thighs and
calves were so sore they felt like she had run ten miles.
Her pussy ached and throbbed, setting alarm bells off in her
brain every time she moved. It felt swollen and was so
tender, that even the light sheet lying across it caused her
to wince when she moved. Her abs were sore as were her arms
and shoulders. She basically felt like she had been run over
by a truck and...and God, she wouldn't trade the way she felt
this morning for anything in the world! She found herself
smiling even though she was sore and remembered Christa's

"If you say yes then this is going to be an all
day fuck fest. I won'tleave till I am sure you will
spend the whole week walking around with
a well-fucked smile on your face,"

A well-fucked smile, well she was certainly smiling now, she
thought. Sue felt alive and vibrant and..and..and horny. Sue
paused and wondered about that, Christa had left her so
sated she had almost passed out on the living room floor,
but here she was, wanting more of the little butch's cock.
Just remembering Christa and her strapon caused Sue to hum
happily. Her hand slid down her flat belly and very gently
touched her swollen pussy. The contact was fleeting,
bringing a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her mind was filled
with memories of last night and her fingers became more
demanding, pressing between her lips to rub her clitoral
area in a slow circular motion.

Pleasure, shot through with pain assaulted her mind, but the
pain was minimal and the pleasure thick and heady. Her free
hand stole to her breast and began to play with her quickly
stiffening nipple. Best not start this if you intend on
getting anything done today, she told herself. Sue dragged
her mind from Christa and slowly rolled out of the bed. She
shuffled to the bathroom and performed her morning
absolutions in an almost mechanical way. Her shuffling gait
was almost comical as she watched herself approach her
dresser in the big mirror mounted above it.

"Fucked me till I walked bowlegged," she said out loud to
the reflection. The reflection that smiled back at her was
hers, and yet it was subtly different. She seemed to be
standing a little taller and her skin seemed to glow
somehow. The absurd smile plastered on her face just would
not go away and she had to admit, she looked well-fucked.
There was just something about a woman who was sexually
gratified and Sue had seen it often on the faces of her co-
works before she had landed this job. You could always tell
who was cheating at work because they just looked different.
She had the look of someone who was getting laid and loving
it, which she was she supposed. In the mirror she could see
the puffy lips of her pussy peeking out from her golden
curls. The tiny scars from her C-sections were the only
blemish on her creamy skin. She thought she probably needed
to get some sun, but winter in New England just didn't
present many opportunities.

She looked through her underwear drawer. For some reason she
didn't want to wear any of her comfy undies, she wanted
something sexy. After a moment she decided on a red thong
and the matching bra. She examined herself in the mirror and
smiled, she looked good. She was pulling her blouse on and
caught herself wondering if Christa liked red. Sue blushed
and giggled, if she had realized having an affair could feel
so good she might have considered doing it long ago. It was
almost like dating again, wondering what was next, finding
out what your lover liked, and great sex.

She knocked out her workload in less then two hours and
happily shut off her computer. She sprayed another dose of
Lysol in the living room, inhaling deeply she could still
smell pussy. That reminded her of the flowers and she threw
them away, relieved that Bernie hadn't noticed them. She
kept one though and pressed it between the pages of a heavy
accounting reference book she kept on her desk. A keepsake
from a wonderful evening she told herself.

Bernie came in around four thirty and gave her a big hug and
kiss. When he suggested dinner at Taliferro's she
immediately became suspicious. Taliferro's was her favorite
restaurant and it was Bernie's answer to all their problems.
Since he hadn't screwed up anything seriously in the last
few days he must want something and it must be something
pretty serious. On the other hand a dinner out would be nice
and she could still say no to whatever it was. Taliferro's
was such a romantic spot, Sue wondered if maybe they could
rekindle their attraction to one another. She felt guilty
about cheating on Bernie and more than a little confused by
her feelings for Christa. Maybe a night out would settle her
and do something to transfer the hunger she felt for Christa
to her husband.

Sue went upstairs and put on a nice dress. Bernie actually
put on a button down shirt and khakis. Sue knew it was
something big, Bernie only dressed up for funerals and
weddings and then only under protest. He was a big man and
had put on a lot of weight since he became foreman, but he
was still handsome. Sue felt a little guilty when she
realized she felt nothing sexually towards him despite her
rampant hormones.

Dinner was nice and Sue had a couple of glasses of wine with
her meal, she was feeling very mellow and was off her guard
when Bernie delivered his bombshell.

"Hun, I got tickets to the game!" he said excitedly.

"What game?"

"The championship game!" he said so loudly that it caused
others to look over at them.

"The football game?"


"How much?" Sue said scowling. Bernie got a sly look in his
eyes that she didn't like. He thought he was a good liar,
but his eyes always gave him away. She never called him on
it, but always she knew.

"Not too much, I paid for it from my account, it isn't a big

"How much Bernie?" Sue demanded.

"Only seven hundred dollars," he said defensively. Sue was
seething inside but managed to keep her temper in check. The
big screen had cost over two thousand dollars, but he had
been able to argue that they would have it year round and
could watch movies on it together and she eventually gave in
because it was so important to him. After game day this
would mean two three hundred and fifty dollar pieces of torn
paper. They lived comfortably, but Sue frowned on
extravagant purchases. Her income covered the bills and
Bernie's went mostly to the kid's college funds, car
payments, the mortgage and savings. She liked to plan major
purchases and budget for them in advance. Seven hundred from
Bernie's play money wouldn't be that big a deal, except she
knew he kept his account nearly empty and he would soon be
robbing from the money they usually put into savings to
support his hobbies. They were so different in that, Bernie
spent his play money like it was water, while Sue saved hers
until she really wanted something.

"Bernie, I think you're an idiot for spending that kind of
money on tickets to a stupid game. Your play money is yours,
but I had better not see one penny less going into our
savings or the kid's college funds and I will be watching
closely. So when you want to go out drinking with the guys
and you don't have any money, you will just have to stay at
home. When basketball season starts and Ace wants you to go
with him to the Knicks game, you just tell him you can't.
When Jim calls from Florida and wants you to come down for a
weekend deep-sea fishing don't you dare ask if you can take
money out of the vacation fund again. That's a ridiculous
expenditure and this time I am not going to let it slide,"

"Why are you in such a grouchy mood?" he asked sullenly.

"Because I'm tired of this obsession of yours ruling our
lives. I'm not being grouchy, you made your decision and we
have always agreed on us each having a separate account for
our own money to do with as we please. As long as you are
wasting your money I really don't care, its yours, but I
won't stand for you shortchanging the kids or us as a family
for football," she said seriously. Bernie brightened and
ordered more wine. The silence at the table became thick
after it arrived and Sue suddenly realized there was
something else. She waited patiently, but an icy anger was
building in her.

"Hun, the game is in Oakland," Bernie said.

"It's a long walk," she said coldly.

"Oh come on. It's the chance of a lifetime. Me and Herm will
never get another chance to go,"

"I assume that since you bought the tickets Herman is taking
care of the plane tickets and hotel?"

"Well, Herm is short on cash, so I got the plane tickets,"
Bernie said. Sue fought back the explosive anger she felt.
Tickets to LA from NY were not ridiculously expensive, but
they would be over four hundred dollars and since Sue did
all the household expenditures she knew Bernie didn't have
that kind of money in his private account.

"I'm impressed. I didn't think you had that kind of money in
your account," Sue said evenly.

"I didn't, I borrowed some from the vacation money. I'll put
it all back I swear," he said quickly as Sue's face turned

"Take me home," she said.

"Oh come on honey, stop being such a bitch. I said I would
put it back," he said in a wheedling voice. Sue stood up,
threw her napkin on the table and marched out of the
restaurant, ignoring the stares. She caught a cab home and
threw Bernie's pillow and a blanket on the sofa before
locking the door to the bedroom and collapsing on the bed.

Tears of anger and frustration streamed down her lovely
face, but inside she felt an icy calm. When she heard Bernie
come in and knock at the bedroom door she ignored him. After
a few tries she heard him walking back downstairs. Bernie
was used to her anger, it showed itself only rarely, but it
was best to leave her alone when it did. She didn't stay mad
long and usually felt so guilty about it she would relent no
matter what the argument had been over. There was something
different tonight. She felt like some invisible bridge had
been crossed and while she couldn't put her finger on just
what had changed she knew something had.


Sue slept late Tuesday, Bernie was long gone before she
opened the door to the bedroom and came out. Once downstairs
she cleaned up the mess he had left from his breakfast and
logged into work. She immersed herself in the figures and it
was well past two when she took her first break. Sue was
spot auditing the marketing department and already had a
list of irregularities that would demand a full audit by the
whole department. She hated to call for that, it would mean
she would actually have to go in to work for a week, but she
didn't hesitate to send the recommendation to her boss.

At four o'clock there was a knock at the door and she signed
for a parcel. It was addressed to Bernie and she surmised it
was the plane tickets. Her first impulse was to throw them
away and then act as if nothing had happened, but she
decided that would be childish. What was done was done and
there was nothing she could do to undo it. She opened the
package and read the itinerary as she made coffee. They
would be catching the one o'clock flight out of JFK. That
meant in all likelihood Bernie would take a half-day at

Sue went upstairs and packed two bags for him. If she were
still in a vindictive mood she would have let him pack for
himself, the thought of him arriving with fifty Jets
sweatshirts and a single pair of boxers amused her, but she
didn't want to keep this fight going. Once she had him
packed she locked herself in the bathroom and ran a bubble
bath. She hoped the warm water would relax her, but she
doubted it would take all her cares away this time.


Bernie was in a foul mood at work and as usual he was taking
it out on Christa. Normally he could make himself feel
better by making her miserable, but today nothing he did
seemed to make a dent in her good mood. He knew it was
probably his imagination, but it seemed like the madder he
got the more she smiled. He was still stewing over Sue's
making him sleep on the sofa and acting like such a bitch.
He just didn't understand women, how could she not see this
was a once in a lifetime thing for a working class guy like
himself? The vacation money was for vacations after all and
he had earned one. It wasn't like the money in the account
wasn't mostly from his checks anyway.

He felt a lot better at lunch when everyone was
congratulating him. Christa just sat and smiled and Bernie
felt an overriding need to wipe the smile from her face. It
was almost like she was laughing at him.

"From that smile I guess you got lucky last night," he said.

"Nope, was at home all evening," she replied.

"Oh, from that shit eating grin I figured some guy must have
finally laid your ugly ass and made an honest woman of you,"
he said. The guys at the table burst out in laughter and

"Not in this life time," Christa said. She knew she should
have left it there but she just couldn't resist taking a jab
at him.

"From the look on yours I guess the missus kicked you out of
bed," she said. The flash of surprised anger was priceless
and she smiled. She knew she would pay for it, her boss was
nothing if not a vindictive bastard, but hell, she was gonna
pay for it anyway, might as well do something to deserve it.
The guys at the table all laughed, which only served to
anger Bernie more.

"When ya leaving Bern?" Ace asked, trying to diffuse the
situation. He didn't care for Christa, but when Bernie was
pissed they all got it. Part of the reason she was so
unpopular was her mouth constantly getting everyone else
into trouble. Christa didn't care, she had no interest in
any of them, but she let it slide, she had a personal
interest in knowing Bernie's plans.

"Taking a half day tomorrow, should be into LAX by seven
thirty or eight our time," Bernie said, his mood lifting at
the thought of going to the big game. Christa did some quick
calculations in her head. That meant his plane left at one,
so she could drop by and console Sue anytime after that.

As she expected Bernie had her on the jackhammer for the
rest of the afternoon. It had been back breaking toil when
her first put her on it, but she had been in the dog house
so much over the last year it barely even bothered her any
more. Today it seemed even less of a burden, she was alone
all after noon with thoughts of what she was going to do
with Sue and she actually found herself daydreaming. At 3:15
coffee break she handed Bernie a leave request form.

"What's this shit?" he said looking at it.

"Why do you think you got those tickets numb nuts? I gotta
be somewhere over the weekend,"


"None of your fucking business," she snapped. She didn't
have a ready excuse and she didn't feel like making one up.
Getting caught in a lie might jeopardize her plans with Sue.
She fully intended to have the beautiful blonde greeting her
at the door every evening at some point in the future, but
she didn't want to have Bernie discover their affair before
she was ready.

"The hell it ain't, you work for me!" he roared.

"Sign the slip you cock sucker, or I will grieve your ass so
fast it will make your head spin. You remember the last time
don't you? You heard what the shop steward said, one more
and he was taking it to the national level. Racism, sexual
harassment, the whole nine, you've already fucked up so many
times it'll be your ass. Besides grievances are heard on
Fridays, if I put one in today after work you will have to
be there to hear it Friday, so sign it unless you want to
watch the game on your fucking big screen?"

"You think you're so damned smart, one of these days I am
going to see your ass fired," he said as he viciously
scrawled his name on the form. Christa snatched her copy
from him and held it up.

"It'll be a cold day in hell when a dumbass like you gets
the better of me. I ain't never done nothing to you, but one
day soon you're going to have a reason to hate me," she said
as she went back to the jackhammer. It really aggravated her
that he could still get to her, even when things were going
so good.


Once the workday ended and everyone signed out at the garage
Christa walked out into the parking lot and made her way to
her car. It wasn't hard to find, the only car in a lot with
forty-five Trucks and SUV's. A usual one of the tires was
flat. Men could be so childish she thought. From the trunk
she pulled out the electric air pump and hooked it up to the
cigarette lighter. They never actually hurt the car, the one
time someone keyed it she had raised so much hell that the
company had been forced to call in the police and the guy
who did it landed in jail overnight. He had been fired and
when he lost his court case and the union couldn't get him
his job back they all realized she was not to be trifled
with. Of course they all hated her, but they had hated her
before that, now they at least respected the fact that she
wouldn't stand for their shit. Once the tire was inflated
she waited in the line of trucks trying to get out of the
lot and onto the road.

She didn't really breath a sigh of relief until she was
across the GW and headed north on the Palisades. She made
the drive so often she was no longer conscious of it, it
wasn't that she was a dangerous driver or not paying
attention, it was simply that it was all so familiar she
didn't remember any of it when she got to her turn off.

The guard at the gate to her community recognized her and
hit the button to let her pass without even opening the
window to his small booth. Christa didn't blame him, it was
frigid out and she knew he only had a tiny space heater in
the booth. She walked into her house and paused in the
doorway. For a split second she clearly saw Sue sanding
there in her white lingerie. The image was gone as quickly
as it had come, but it made the little butch smile.

"You got it bad, girl," she said to no one in particular as
she closed the front door. She had purchased the large ranch
style house for her last steady girl, Alexis. Lexi had been
into modern stuff, the living room was all bronze and glass
with modern art on the walls and fancy gilt lamps. Christa
hated it, but she had never gotten around to buying stuff
she liked better after Lexi left her, truth was she hadn't
done much of anything since that night. The only room in the
house she liked was her bedroom. It was decorated in solid
cherry traditional with a four-poster canopy bed and a
massive armoire that held her TV, VCR, DVD and stereo.

Christa stopped and looked at the big bed. It was a
California king and attached to each post was a set of
heavy black leather straps. She had often tied Lexi down
on the bed when they were together, but now she could only
imagine Sue's enticing body secured spread eagle, with her
hips up and waiting. Christa shook her head. She was putting
the cart before the horse. First you have to hook her,
then you have to land her, then you have to get her to move
in. After that you can introduce a little kink and see how
it goes, she thought as she stripped and took a long hot
shower to shake off the cold. She had just exited the shower
when her cell rang. She grabbed it as she wrapped a towel
around her waist.


"Did I catch you at a bad time?" a silken voice purred.

"Just got out of the shower, what's up?" Christa replied as
she rummaged through her drawer looking for a clean pair of
boxers. She hated doing laundry and always waited until
there was practically nothing clean before she forced
herself to do it.

"Nothing, just wondering if your Boss took the bait?"

"Yeah, he's flying out tomorrow at noon," Christa said. The
voice on the other end let out a musical laugh.

"Excellent! So I take it you will be tied up all weekend? Or
maybe someone else will?"

"I hope I won't be home all weekend, but you know how it is
with fluffs. For all I know she won't even let me in the
house," Christa said. She didn't believe that, but she had
formed the habit of always expecting the worst. That way
anything less than the worst was good. It wasn't a perfect
defense mechanism, but it worked for her, usually.

"Perish the thought dear girl. After a taste of Black
Beauty, you'll be lucky if she doesn't rape you on the front
door step," Bethany said confidently.

"You sure got a lotta faith in that thing," Christa said as
she struggled into a sports bra.

"I have a stable of lovers, and four of them were happily
married until they met Black Beauty. Now they don't even
sleep in the same room with their husbands. Trust me girl,
if you used it right she will greet you with open arms and
open legs," Bethany chuckled.

"I don't want a stable, I just want one," Christa said
seriously. The voice on the other end sighed.

"You really are in deep aren't you?" Bethany said, all trace
of lightness gone from her voice.

"I'm tired of being alone, Beth. After Alexi I gave up on
relationships, but I am sick of the games. I just want one
woman who will be mine and will love me, is that so wrong?"

"No, it isn't wrong. But why this one? In all the years I
have known you you've never even dated a white girl and I
can't remember you ever going after a married woman,"

"I don't know," Christa said.

"Are you sure you aren't just in this for the thrill of the
chase? Trying something new? Maybe to stick it to your

"I'm tired of the chase. I don't want something new, I just
want her. You just have to meet her to understand,
she's...perfect. I don't have a word for it, but she's so soft
and loving and sweet, she just makes me want to wrap her up
in my arms and hold her. I've never met anyone who made me
want to be near them, even if there was no sex I would still
want to be around her. When she laughs it's like the sun
shine and when she smiles shyly and blushes I just want to
protect her and keep the world away from her,"

"Yeah, there's no doubt, you're in love,"

"Why do you say that?" Christa asked.

"Because we have been talking for over two minutes and you
haven't once told me how much you want to fuck her. Besides
the fact she is white, married and blonde I don't know a
thing about her, not even her name. No details at all from
you about sex or what she looks like. I can hear it your
voice you're in love. And you are already getting that
little jealous and possessive streak that's so adorable on
you. She must be quite a lady to have you so wrapped around
her finger in such a short space of time,"

"That's it! That's the right word. She's a lady, that's the
word for her," Christa said excitedly.

"As long as she follows the unwritten rule for ladies you'll
be fine," Beth said in an amused tone.

"What's that?" Christa asked.

"A lady in public, but a whore in bed," Beth said laughing.


Dinner at the Prescott house was strained. Bernie was still
fuming about having to sleep on the sofa and Sue found her
anger rekindled when he didn't even thank her for packing
his bags. Bernie went up stairs right after dinner and went
to bed to keep from spending another night on the sofa. Sue
decided to sleep on the sofa rather than share the bed with
him; she turned on a movie and curled up. The movie wasn't
very good and before long her mind began to wander. She had
a whole weekend to herself coming up and she thought about
what she would do with all the time.

She decided the first thing she was going to do was visit
the spa at her gym and get a massage, facial, manicure,
pedicure, the works. Next she was going shopping. She
hadn't been out shopping to just treat herself in months and
she wasn't going to let herself feel guilty about it this
time. Her "play" money account held well over 10,000 dollars
and she was going to go spend some of it. She was tired of
having to be the responsible one in the marriage, she
already felt like she had more than her fair share of the
parenting duties and Bernie was more like an irresponsible
teenager than a husband sometimes.

Sue didn't sleep well, partly because she was still mad at
her husband, partly because the sofa wasn't really very
comfortable and partly because her dreams were filled with
Christa. She awoke horny and tired, with the tail end of a
dream in which she had been giving Christa head lodged
in her mind. She didn't manage to shake the vivid snippet of
her dream until after her second cup of coffee. Bernie had
taken his bags with him, no goodbye kiss or anything. For
some reason that didn't make her mad, it just made her feel
down. The big house was quiet and she realized she was going
to be lonely. That depressed her more and when she logged in
to find her boss had approved the full audit her spirits
sank even lower. At least that gave her an excuse to go
shopping, she hadn't had to physically go to work in months
and her business wardrobe could definitely use some sprucing

She read her mails and saw a net meeting of the whole
auditing department was scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
She would definitely have to go shopping tomorrow morning
then. She sent an email to her boss requesting the morning
off and got it back before she even had time to finish the
last of her mails. She printed the approval and filed it
with the few others she had ever made. Once she shut the
machine down she glanced at the clock; five o'clock and
nothing from Bernie. Not even a call when he made it to the
airport. She sighed heavily and started into the kitchen to
make dinner when the doorbell rang.

She wondered who it could be and froze in her tracks. There
could be any number of people at the door, from one of her
neighbors to Herm's wife to a delivery guy. Somehow she knew
it wasn't any of those, somehow she just knew it was
Christa. She bolted to the door and threw the locks open.
The little butch was standing there in her work clothes, but
she had flowers and a box of candy. She looked so tired, but
extended the gifts with a self conscious little smile that
was actually very endearing. Sue took them and stepped back,
allowing her guest to enter.

"Thank you," she said when the door closed, even that short
period of being open had Sue shivering. Her heart was
beating a mile a minute and she began to wonder if maybe she
was becoming a nymphomaniac because her body was suddenly
yearning for Christa's attention.

"A beautiful lady like you deserves gifts," the black woman
said with a big smile. She looked so worn out that Sue's
mommy instincts overrode her lust. The small woman was
shivering, but doing her best not to show it.

"You look so tired, can I get you something? A drink? I was
just about to cook dinner,"

"What I really need is a hot shower," Christa said.

"Well, you know where the bathroom is," Sue said blushing.

"Sure do, come scrub my back?" Christa asked.

"Let me get dinner going, then I'll join you," Sue said
hesitantly. She wanted to just follow Christa upstairs, but
she also wanted to cook some food for her. She smiled
bemusedly when she realized her mommy side was fighting with
her desire. As Christa staggered up the stairs Sue hurried
into the kitchen. She started the London broil and quickly
wrapped potatoes in tin foil. She really wanted to cook
something more elaborate, but when she heard the water come
on upstairs she thought of her lover naked in the shower and
felt a lump in her throat. Her maternal instincts were
strong, but apparently not as strong as her growing sex
drive. She stopped and made herself a drink at the bar,
killed it to calm her nerves, poured another for herself and
one for Christa then headed up to the bathroom.

Christa was humming to herself as she stood in the hot
spray. The warm water was quickly taking the chill from her
body and the ache from her muscles. She had expected another
little cajoling scene at the door, but apparently Sue was
more than happy to see her. Christa was actually pretty
happy, it seemed like she had accomplished the first part of
her plan and Sue was hooked. Now she just leaned against the
wall and let the warm steam and water surround her as she
considered how to land the tall femme. She looked up when
Sue entered.

The sight that greeted her eyes nearly took her breath away;
the tall blonde had a drink in each hand and wore only a
sexy red thong and bra. Her long legs looked simply
delicious and Christa couldn't help but imagine what they
would feel like wrapped around her waist.

"I thought a drink might help you get warm," she said

"Baby, the sight of you in that outfit would warm anyone
up," Christa said as she smiled and licked her lips. Even in
the steamy bathroom she could see Sue's blush. The tall
blonde took a big swallow of her drink as she handed
Christa's to her. The little butch wasn't really interested
in a drink but accepted it and took a sip. Sue nervously
took another deep swallow of her vodka.

"Nervous baby?"

"A little," she admitted.


"I don't know, you just make me self conscious I guess, the
way you look at makes me feel all shaky inside,"

"That's just your pussy's way of letting you know it's
looking forward to some fun," Christa said as she set her
drink on the back of the toilet.

"I feel like such a...slut," Sue said. Christa laughed loudly.

"All girl's have a bit of a slut in them Sue. Most just
don't find the one who brings it out. We don't have to have
sex if you're uncomfortable, I'll be glad just to sit with
you and watch a movie or something,"

"No, I'm just being silly, I'm not used to wanting it twenty-
four-seven," Sue said as she killed her drink.

"In that case, why don't you join me before the water gets
cold?" Christa said. She felt a knot of desire in her
stomach when Sue nodded and reached behind her back to undo
her bra. Christa couldn't wait to get her hands on the tall
woman's tits, they were beautiful and as large as any the
little butch had ever seen. The aureoles were a dark brown
and the nipples seemed slightly elongated. Christa wondered
if Sue had breastfed her kids.

Her eyes were drawn from Sue's glorious mounds to her pretty
pussy as she removed the thong. Christa was sure she would
never tire of seeing it. Sue tentatively stepped into the
shower and bent her head so Christa could kiss her. Christa
took her time, slowly exploring Sue's receptive mouth with
her tongue. The warm water felt good as it cascaded between
their bodies. When the kiss broke Sue picked up her squishy
and a bottle filled with a purple gel.

"Still want me to scrub your back?" she asked. Her eyes were
sparkling and Christa wanted nothing more than to bend her
over and fuck her silly right there. Patience, she told
herself. You have taken her hard and fast, now it's time for
a long slow session to whet her appetite even more.

"I'm not into smelling like a chick," Christa said as she
took the squishy and shower gel from Sue's hands.

"Why don't you get all nice and wet and I'll wash you,"
Christa said. Sue nodded and stepped under the spray fully.
In moments her skin was glowing from the heat and water.
Christa poured a generous amount of the gel into the squishy
and held it under the water a moment. The strong scent of
lilacs infused the room.

Christa slowly worked up a lather while staring at Sue's
tits, the water coming over her shoulder mostly ran between
the soft orbs, but small rivulets ran down to drip off of
the erect nipples. She began by gently soaping the firm
mounds up and slowly, thoroughly cleaning them. She worked
the lather in as she made long circular trips around them,
occasionally squeezing them or hefting one to feel its
delicious weight. Sue bit her lower lip and softly moaned
when Christa reached the now stiff nipples. Christa's soapy
hands slid and rubbed over the wet mounds of flesh until Sue
was moaning continuously. The feel was so luxurious and
soft, that Christa didn't want to stop and continued to
fondle them, all pretense of washing gone now. She was
surprised to see Sue's hips jogging and her moans become
more ragged. Christa dropped the squishy and seized each of
Sue's unusually long thick nipples between thumb and
forefinger. Christa watched enthralled as an orgasm
approached, she had had many lovers, but never one who could
come just from having her breasts manipulated. As she rolled
them Sue groaned and then breathed in sharply.

"Ohhhhhh God," she moaned as her hands flew to the wall to
steady herself. She had never felt such pleasure coming from
her breasts. Not even when she had been feeding her
children. One of her deepest and most guilty secrets was
that she had had several orgasms while her children suckled.
Sue bit her lip when Christa's warm mouth covered one of her
nipples. The small woman sucked hungrily, all the while
lashing the nipple with her tongue and occasionally nipping
it with her sharp little teeth. She continued to squeeze and
caress Sue's other breast and her free hand slipped to Sue's
back, pulling her forward and holding her in an iron grip.

Christa let the water clean the soap from Sue's other breast
and then moved to it. She licked the nipple and then sucked
it into her voracious mouth. Sue arched her back, pressing
more of her tit into Christa's hot mouth. The little butch
forced her leg between Sue's thighs and then pressed her hip
against Sue's mound. She released her hold on Sue's back and
placed both her small hands on the outside of Sue's tits.
Christa pushed them together and held them, using her thumbs
to press Sue's nipples next to each other. The little butch
then ran her tongue from one to the other pausing
occasionally to envelope one for a moment or nip at it. Sue
felt like a bottle of champagne that was being gently
shaken, the pressure was mounting inside and she knew she
would not be able to take much more. Her hips bucked against
the small woman's hip bone, rubbing her pussy in a very
comfortable and delightful way.

Christa had brought her some of the most violently powerful
orgasms she had ever experienced, but this one was entirely
different. It began with a gentle ripple of pleasure from
her center that spread throughout her body. The waves of
pleasure seemed to rebound and cross over each other, the
sensations blending and overlapping. While the sensation was
undeniably pleasurable, it was also as gentle as a spring
shower, leaving her with her eyes closed and her body
totally relaxed. The ripples of pleasure still echoed
thorough her body and Sue fell backwards when her legs
suddenly gave way. Christa moved like a cat, catching Sue
before she toppled over backwards.

She helped Sue sit down and then retrieved the squishy.
Christa soaped up her whole body and then rinsed her. The
girl's attentions were infinitely gentle and her voice soft.
Whispering sweet nothings in Sue's ear over and over again
as her hands almost reverently washed Sue's quivering body.

Once Christa was done she dried Sue with a fluffy towel and
then dried herself. She reached for her clothes, but Sue
stepped on them.

"You're not putting those dirty things back on," Sue said.

"Well, sugar britches, I don't have anything else up here
and I would get swallowed by anything of yours,"

Sue nodded and went to the bedroom, she returned shortly and
tossed Christa a pair of boxers and a huge t-shirt. When
Christa looked at her quizzically she smiled.

"Bernie's, the shirt will look like a dress on you, but it's
better than those things," Sue said as she looked at the
dirty clothes and wrinkled her cute nose. Christa laughed as
she donned the shirt, it did look like a dress on her,
falling well below mid thigh.

"I've got some things out in the car, I'll run down and get
them," Christa said.

"I'll get dinner on the table," Sue said starting to follow
her. Christa turned suddenly and gently shoved Sue towards
the bed.

"Sugar, the only thing I want to eat right now is you, but
let me go out to the car first, you just relax,"

"All right," Sue said compliantly.

"Babe, do you want me to pull the car into the garage? I
don't want to get the neighbors curious," Christa said.

"I didn't think about that, the garage door opener is on my
key chain, it's hanging over the side table in the foyer,
and my coat is in the closet, I don't want you catching a
cold" Sue said in a dreamy voice. Christa smiled, she could
get used to being babied a little bit. Normally she reacted
violently to anyone who intimated she was too small, or too
young or too weak to take care of herself. From the tall
blonde it didn't seem patronizing, just genuinely sweet and
thoughtful. Christa liked that.

She went down and grabbed the heavy coat from the closet. It
was snowing again as she silently moved her car into the
garage. Once the metal door was down she opened the trunk
and took out her duffle bag. She had about a week's supply
of clean clothes in the bag. She also retrieved a heavy gym
bag, in it she had a small part of her vast collection of
toys. She smiled as she imagined the untold pleasures she
would bring Sue with the contents of that bag. She stopped
off in the kitchen to turn off the stove. Christa hated to
see food go to waste, but she had the feeling they wouldn't
be eating tonight. She hung Sue's now wet coat on the hanger
to dry.

When she arrived back in the bedroom Sue was lying on the
bed. She was simply beautiful, her eyes closed, her chest
gently rising and falling, but what intrigued Christa the
most were her long legs. They were slightly opened and she
could see Sue's thick blonde pubes. What the little butch
was so intrigued with was what those long legs would feel
like wrapped around her waist. Once the idea took hold she
found she couldn't wait to find out. She quickly stripped
off the shirt and boxers and opened her toy bag. Sue looked
up from the bed and smiled wantonly. That smile made
Christa's day, still sweet, still lovely, still compliant,
but so hungry. She could only thank her lucky stars that
Bernie wasn't a good lover. His selfishness and ineptitude
were making this so much easier than it could have been.

"So what does my baby want?" Christa said as she opened the
bag and pulled out her harness. Sue blushed and mumbled
something unintelligible.

"Don't be shy sugar, what do you want?" Christa asked as she
buckled the harness around her waist. Sue blushed furiously,
and hid her face in her hands, which caused the little butch
to laugh. She examined the many dildos and vibes but when
her eyes locked on the Crimson Screw she knew that was the

It had been the first dildo she had purchased that would
mate with her harness. It was only eight inches long and not
overly thick, but it made up for those shortcomings in its
unique design. It was constructed of a sturdy red plastic
and was totally nonflexible, but it was aptly called a
screw. The tip was very narrow and it widened towards the
base. A single circular ridge spiraled down the shaft, like
the biting spiral of a wood screw, but this one was smooth
and blunt. Christa usually reserved the screw for very
experienced lovers because it took a lot of getting used to.
Women who were very tight, unable to relax or naturally dry
found it to be painful, but women who did get used to it
simply adored the unique sensations it created. Sue was
still a little uptight, at least until she got going and her
pussy was very tight, but she was so naturally juicy Christa
felt she would be able to enjoy the dildo's wild ride.

"Come on baby, you can say it. Fuck, you want to fuck don't
you?" Christa prompted as she attached the dildo to her

"Yes," Sue said in a near whisper.

Christa turned and let her see the dildo for the first time.
As she had expected Sue looked at with some apprehension.

"Like it?"

"It's so weird," Sue said as she sat up in the bed.

"Trust me sugar, you're going to fall in love with it,"
Christa said as she climbed onto the bed. She smiled
inwardly when Sue spread her legs wide with no prompting.
She remembered Bethany's prediction that Sue would meet her
with open arms and open legs, apparently her friend knew
what she was talking about. Christa ran her fingers through
Sue's thick pubic thatch. The older woman's lips were
already very slick and gaping open slightly. Christa brought
the tip of the screw to Sue's entrance and probed it, the
tip slipped in easily and Sue watched her expectantly.

"I want you to relax baby girl, this one is going to make
you feel great, but it takes some getting used to. If it's
uncomfortable tell me right away, K?"

"Okay," Sue said. She closed her eyes and Christa watched as
her body relaxed. She was so fucking hot, what in the name
of God was wrong with Bernie? How could anyone waste such a
hot horny little treasure? It made no sense at all. If I had
a woman like this, I wouldn't leave the house, Christa
thought. She became even more determined to win Sue, if
Bernie was going to leave such a diamond among the rubbish
that was life, Christa was going to claim it.

As Christa slowly pressed her hips forward Sue's breath came
through her clenched teeth in a sexy hiss. The damned thing
felt so strange as it sank into her tight channel. As it
nosed deeper the ridge seemed to caress every millimeter of
her tunnel. In the rational part of her mind she knew it
wasn't as large as the one Christa had used last weekend,
but it felt like it was filling her completely. Even the
sensation of being filled was different, she felt full to
bursting, but not stretched at all. It was a very strange
sensation and it was hard to wrap her head around the
incoming signals from her pussy. When Christa's mound bumped
against her own she knew it was all the way in, but even
then the sensations were strange. She felt full, but at the
same time the voids created by the groove left her feeling

"You like?" she heard Christa whisper.

"Yes, it's just...very strange,"

"Wait till I get going, this little beauty is going to rock
your world," Christa said confidently. Sue nodded, but said
nothing. More and more of her mind was concentrated on
sorting out the feelings the screw was producing.

Christa's arms were on either side of Sue's body and
supporting the girl's weight. When she began to withdraw the
strange dildo Sue wrapped her legs around Christa's waist
and locked her ankles. When only the tip was left inside the
little butch set her knees and plunged forward. Sue groaned,
the full, but not full, sensation was exceptionally
disconcerting. After a few thrusts she felt herself
responding, raising her hips to meet Christa's thrusts. Sue
raised her hips to meet each down thrust, quickly becoming
wild in her thrashing while Christa laughed happily and
slammed the dildo into her.

The sensation was driving her insane. Full but not full,
open but not stretched, being wonderfully fucked, but never
getting enough. She whimpered and her hand slid down between
their bodies to stroke her clit. The screw intensified the
sounds of their lovemaking, adding squishing noises that
only made Sue hotter. She was fast approaching another
orgasm when the phone rang. Sue was so absorbed in the flow
of sensation she didn't notice for a moment that Christa had
stopped pumping into her.

"Don't stop," she whined, trying to raise and lower her hips
to keep the wonderful flow coming.

"Answer the phone," Christa said with a strange expression
on her face. Sue snorted in exasperation and snatched up the

"What?" she practically snarled.

"Damn, that's a nice way to greet someone, what the fuck's
wrong with you?" Bernie's voice came over the line.

"Oh, nothing...I had to jump out of the shower. How was your
trip?" Sue said, trying to keep the frustration from her
voice. She happened to be looking into Christa's eyes and
she saw something flash in them. The girl smiled down on her
with an impish grin and began to slowly drive the strange
dildo into Sue. The blonde bit her lip to keep from moaning
into the receiver.

"The trip was all right, we are at the Hilton down town, got
a pen handy?"

"Mmmmmmmm, yes...hang on," Sue said. This was so wrong, so
terribly nasty. She was on the phone with her husband and
her new lover was fucking her silly. While she tried to feel
guilty all she felt was naughty and an incredible rise in
her passion. Sue knew she was close to orgasm and she was
deathly afraid she would cum before she could get Bernie off
the line, but that fear only seemed to escalate the
intensity or her passion.

"All right, go ahead," she said.

"You all right? You sound out of breath," Bernie said. Sue
bit her lip to stifle a groan of pleasure as Christa added a
flourish of her hips to the down strokes. This drove the odd
shaped dildo into her with even more power. The sensations
were mind blowing and she fought to keep her orgasm at bay
and her mind on Bernie.

"I told you I had to run to get the phone," she said, trying
to control the lust she knew was creeping into her voice.

"All right, room 523, downtown Hilton..blah, blah, blah,"

Sue's mind couldn't distinguish his words. Her pleasure was
so intense and the sensations so unusual that her mind
simply couldn't ignore them. Bernie's voice became an
irritating buzz, like that of a fly. She resented it,
wanting to just enjoy the massive bursts of pleasure she was
receiving, but the annoying buzz wouldn't go away.

"Sue?" the buzz called out, loudly enough to rip her mind
once again from her pleasure.

"Yes?" she said. She knew her voice had to sound funny.

"Did you get that honey? There's something wrong with this
line, I am getting all kinds of interference and strange

"Yes, I got it, you sound funny to me too, I don't know what
the interference could be, are you on a cell?" Sue managed.
Christa was slamming the fake cock into her now and Sue just
dropped the receiver on the pillow. She felt her orgasm
coming and she frantically grabbed Bernie's pillow and held
it over her head to muffle her scream. Christa watched as
the tall blonde held the pillow over her face. She began to
savagely ram the screw into Sue. This was vindication like
nothing she had ever imagined in her long flights of fancy
on how she would get revenge on her boss.

I'm fucking your wife Bern, she thought. Fucking her better
than you ever could while you are talking to her on the
phone. That isn't interference you hear, it's my cock
slamming into her tight little pussy. You sorry
motherfucker. I'm going to take her from you, she's going to
be my bitch soon. While you come home to an empty house I'll
be coming home to her. You have the perfect woman and you
are too stupid to realize how lucky you are, but I know. I
know what a treasure she is and I am going to treat her
right. Do you hear that scream Bernie? That's your cute
little wifey cumming like an atom bomb. I wonder what it
sounds like on your end? It sounds like the angels singing
on mine.

Sue was thrashing beneath her her, those long legs locked
tightly around her, trying to pull her back in each time she
withdrew. Her screams, moans, whimpers and sighs were
muffled by the pillow, but Christa could hear them, they
drove her on and she felt her own orgasm coming. The
receiver lay abandoned on the bed and Christa could faintly
hear Bernie rambling on.

"Fuck," Christa mouthed silently as the waves of pleasure
tore into her. She had never felt anything so strong and she
collapsed on Sue when they subsided, Christa had never felt
so spent. Sue's eyes were glazed as she tossed the pillow
away and groped for the phone. Christa was too far gone to
even notice as the blonde shakily brought it to her ear.

"...owds aren't bad, look I need to go, this call is going to
cost me a fortune. I'll try to call again after the game,
Love you honey," the voice on the phone said.

"I love you too," Sue replied, but as she said it her eyes
were on the small woman between her legs. When the receiver
went dead Sue hung up and then gently stroked Christa's
head. The little black woman was breathing deeply and evenly
and Sue realized she was sound asleep. Sue held her softly
and sometime later faded off to sleep, the red dildo still
buried inside her.


When Sue awoke the first thing she was aware of was the
Crimson Screw sliding slowly in and out of her pussy. The
sensations were still strange and Sue felt like she had
figured out what Christa meant by loving it. The damned
thing was addictive. It gave the most wonderful sensation of
fullness, but always left you feeling like you were somehow
empty and needed more.

"Good Morning" Christa said softly. The little butch's head
rested between Sue's breasts and her arms were now around
Sue rather than on the bed.

"Good Morning," Sue said, the words followed by a gentle

"I'm sorry I fell asleep on you," Christa said.

"Don't be, it was nice to just hold you," Sue said. Sue had
never fallen asleep with someone still inside her. She found
that she enjoyed the closeness and waking up to the Crimson
Screw sliding in and out of her was a definite plus in her
book. For a long time she just lay there and enjoyed the
sensations, Christa was still lying on her body and the
motion of the dildo wasn't calculated to bring her to
orgasm, it was just slow, comfortable and made her feel
indolent and drowsy.

"What do you have planned for today?" Christa asked.

"I was going to go to the spa and do some shopping," Sue
said as she glanced at the clock. It was nine-thirty, she
hadn't slept that late since before Jonathan was born.

"Mind if I join you?" Christa said.

"Don't you have to work?"

"No, I took the rest of the week off," Christa said and
smiled. That was an interesting development. Sue was torn
between wanting to share the day with Christa and her fear
of discovery. The spa was by no means exclusive, but she
would have to sign Christa in as a guest. The odds of anyone
they knew seeing the two of them out together at the mall
were slim, but if they did it would be very hard to explain.
On the other hand she would enjoy the company and she wanted
to share more with Christa than just sex. She didn't know
why, she had always assumed affairs were all about sex, but
she wanted to spend time with Christa, get to know her and
know more about her. Sue decided that she wanted the smaller
woman's company enough that she was willing to risk it.

"You're welcome to come along," Sue said after a moment's

"If you aren't comfortable I understand," Christa said.

"I'm not real comfortable with it, but I won't get any more
comfortable if we don't just go out and do it,"

Christa pulled out of her and rolled over onto her back. Sue
felt suddenly very empty, but she knew the day had to start
and there was always tonight. She glanced at the Crimson
Screw, still coated in her juices and shivered. The
temptation to just roll over on top of her small lover and
ride was almost impossible to ignore.

Fighting back the demands her newly aroused sex drive was
making, Sue rose and quickly went to the bathroom. She took
a very hot shower, enjoying the deep penetrating heat before
toweling off and returning to the bedroom. Christa grabbed
some clothes from her bag and went to take a quick shower
while Sue lay on the bed. The steam rose from her rosy skin
and she felt like just going back to sleep. Eventually she
forced herself to rise and finished drying off after
flipping on the radio.

As Sue dressed Christa came out of the bathroom. She had on
a heavy sweatshirt and tight jeans. Christa rummaged in one
of her bags while Sue pondered what to wear. It was brutally
cold out, the radio was calling for chill factors below
zero. New York presented such a problem for her in the
winters, it was so cold out you could freeze in your tracks,
but every building had the heat up to max. If you could
stand the short walks in the cold and you let the car warm
up before you got in, you could wear summer clothes
comfortably under a heavy coat. If you went all out for cold
weather you were fine outside but roasted once you got where
you were going. She decided to dress warm, she would have to
strip at the spa anyway and no matter how hard they tried it
was always at least tolerably cool at the mall.

She was still leaning on her dresser when Christa came up
behind her and cupped her pussy. Sue giggled, but didn't
move away. Christa's fingers were gentle and felt good as
they massaged her. Sue was still a little uncomfortable
being naked around Christa, but she was getting more and
more accustomed to it. The little woman seemed totally
enchanted with Sue's body and it felt good to be adored.

"Mmmmmmmmm, we're never going to get out of here if you keep
that up," Sue said as she closed her eyes.

"Oh, we are going out, I'm just getting you ready sugar,"

"Ready for what?"

"For these," Christa said as she pressed something cold and
metallic to Sue's entrance.


"Shhhh, just relax babydoll, these are called ben-wa balls
and they will keep your pussy all nice and happy while we're
out" Christa said.

Sue groaned when the wide metal ball passed her entrance,
Christa pushed it in deep with two fingers and then added a
second ball. They were cold, but quickly warmed up and once
they did Sue became aware of a sensation of being full. It
was kind of pleasant she decided.

"Hurry up and get dressed, girlfriend. Wear some tight
panties, you don't want to worry about them falling out,"

"You're joking? You want me to keep them in all day?"

"Not all day, just while we're out and I have to be good,"
Christa said and winked.

Sue nodded, but could think of nothing to say as she
dressed. It seemed to her that Christa was concerned about
her staying horny. Sue wanted to tell her that she needn't
be, just having the small woman around seemed to act as an
aphrodisiac. Honestly, Sue couldn't remember a time since
their first encounter where she hadn't been randy. It was
wonderful and incredible and just slightly scary how the
small black woman made her feel. Craving sex 24/7 was one
thing, but there was more to it than that. Christa made her
feel alive and sexy and...appreciated, wanted, even adored.
More than the sex, Sue realized those feelings could become
very addictive very quickly. Bernie took her for granted,
somehow she knew Christa never would. Living like this day
in and day out would be magical and Sue feared where
thoughts like that might lead her.

Sue's mind was so preoccupied with trying to sort out her
feelings that she found herself in the garage with Christa
and couldn't remember dressing or even coming downstairs.
The little butch was holding the door to the Miata open for
her and looking at her quizzically.

"You Okay?" she asked.

"Yes, fine, just thinking," Sue said quickly. She got into
the little sports car and Christa had already shut the door
before Sue realized she was in Christa's car. She had
planned on taking the van, but she decided not to worry
about it. Christa got in and turned on the radio before
hitting the garage door opener and backing out. Sue noticed
Christa had moved the garage door opener to her key chain
and somehow that seemed significant to the married woman,
she just wasn't sure how or why.

"Where to?" Christa asked as she accelerated out of the

"The complete woman," Sue said distractedly. Christa began
asking questions about her childhood and job and soon they
were chatting away like old friends. Sue loved Christa's
accent and found to her surprise that the smaller woman was
highly intelligent and had sophisticated tastes in art,
music and literature. Sue was used to her husband and his co-
workers, she had just assumed Christa was of the same mold.
They were working class men with working class tastes and
often their lack of worldliness was appalling. Her friends
in the neighborhood were the same; they were all working
class people living slightly beyond their means.

Her neighbors read harlequin romances, watched soap operas
religiously and considered discussing art or literature
beyond that to be "high falutin". Christa had been to the
Met, could discuss art and literature and was conversant in
a great number of things. She held season tickets to the
opera and often went to plays on Broadway. They were
discussing a new play when Christa pulled into the parking
lot. Sue started to get out of the car, but stopped herself.
Christa came around and opened the car door for her and Sue
smiled, it felt good to be treated like a lady.

As they hurried towards the door a raw wind plucked at her
coat. Sue barely noticed, as soon as she started walking her
mind was ripped away from their conversation and centered on
her pussy. The balls seemed to be moving with her strides,
caressing her inner walls and sending strong currents of
pleasure into her system. Christa held the door for her and
they entered the warm lobby.


Sue sat quietly in the passenger seat listening to the rich
sounds of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos. It had been a most
pleasant and interesting day. At the spa she had gotten the
works, manicure, pedicure, massage, even having her bikini
area and legs waxed. Christa had spent her time in the
weight room and enjoying the whirlpool. Sue had nearly
orgasmed on the walk out to the car. She had discovered the
secret of the little bundles of joy she was carrying around
inside her pussy. As long as she was sitting still they were
just a pleasant fullness and she quickly got to the point
where she forgot they were even there, but when she was
walking it was a different story. Each step made the little
balls move inside her and the sensations were just
astounding. When they arrived at the mall Sue shivered.

The place was huge and Sue hadn't been since the grand
opening. Four floors of shops and walking from one end to
the other was usually tiring. The wind sliced through her
coat and the chill penetrated even her jeans and thermals,
but it was a minor nuisance. The sensation was
inconsequential compared to the two balls moving gently
inside as she followed Christa towards the entrance. They
seemed to press against her cervix and massaged her insides
in a gentle, but persistent way. Sue tried to tighten her
inner muscles, but that only intensified the feelings and
did nothing to stop the little balls from their gentle

The mall was crowded and Christmas decorations were up
everywhere. Christa kept up a running commentary on the
people around them, but Sue was fighting an inner battle to
keep silent. She tried to stop walking and look at a window
front, but Christa took her arm and steered her along. When
she looked at Christa the little woman smiled and then

"No stopping for you, I can see your new friends are busy
and I don't think we should interrupt them," she said in a
voice that was so soft only Sue could hear it. When they
reached the end of the line Christa led her up the stairs to
the second floor. As they started back Sue felt a twinge
deep inside. Her panties were soaked and she could feel her
lips moving against each other when she tightened her
thighs. Every sensation from her loins was hitting her with
gale force and she knew she was very close to cumming right
there in the mall. Christa seemed to know it too and took
her arm, gently but firmly guiding her along.

"Christa!" Sue whispered desperately.

"No stopping babe, I want to see you cum right here in front
of all these people. Doesn't that get you hot? Have you ever
cum with such a big audience? Mmmmmm, gets me all wet just
thinking about it. I'd love to bend you over and just fuck
you like mad right here in the mall. Ever dreamed of that?"

Christa's words were like daggers and her firm guidance kept
Sue from stopping, the pressure was already at the breaking
point. As they passed Ann Taylor her body suddenly went
rigid, her eyes shot open and Sue clamped her mouth shut. As
the waves of pleasure hit she chewed furiously on her inner
lip and leaned against Christa for support as her knees went
weak. The little butch watched with sparkling eyes as Sue
rode out an intense orgasm right there in the crowded mall.
When the contractions had dwindled to mild aftershocks
Christa guided her to a bench where she sat heavily. The
little butch sat next to her and waited until they we out of
earshot of the other mall patrons.

"How was it? Your first public orgasm. I have to admit you
looked so damn hot. Tell me you didn't enjoy it, I dare
you," she said smiling. Sue could only shake her head and
stare at her new lover. The public nature of it was exciting
and she had to admit it made her feel naughty and sexy at
the same time.

Sue had orgasmed three more times in the mall, each one had
come at seemingly the worst time and she was sure people
knew she was cumming. The cross between the intense pleasure
and the intense embarrassment had been unforgettably wicked.
She had managed to get the new clothes she wanted, but it
had been a trial and Christa had worked hard to make sure
they kept moving. Sue had started into Vic's, but to her
surprise Christa had stopped her and said she knew a better
place to get lingerie so now they were down in the city and
Christa was just pulling into a parking place on a crowded

Christa again opened the door for her and once it was closed
the little butch took her hand. Sue was a little nervous and
they did get a few looks as Christa lead her down a side
street and into a small shop, but it felt natural and Sue
kind of enjoyed it. At least she could be sure no one here
would recognize them, she was the only white woman on the

Christa opened the door to a small shop that had the words
"The Pampered Lady" stenciled on the glass in gilt script.
The shop front was narrow, but the shop was extremely deep
and it was filled to overflowing with the most beautiful
lingerie Sue had ever seen. From pretty bra and panty sets
to bustiers, negligees, girdles and even old-fashioned
corsets. One wall held leather and PVC garments while
another held maternity lingerie. Another section held racy
things like French maid and naughty nurse outfits,
cheerleading costumes, Schoolgirl outfits, practically
anything that the naive blonde could have imagined and many
things she would never have imagined.

Christa made her way towards the back of the shop and Sue
followed, feeling the balls begin to arouse her again with
their subtle motions inside her drenched pussy. At the back
was a counter and several glass cases holding marital aides,
sex toys, books and videos. From a curtained off back room a
woman emerged. She immediately caught Sue's attention. She
was taller than the blonde by at least four or five inches
and as thin as a rail. Her skin was a dark ebony hue, but
her hair was silver and her green eyes seemed to grab a hold
of Sue and refused to let go.

"May I help you?" the old woman said in a clipped British

"That's right, don't even say hi to me," Christa said. The
woman turned her eyes on Christa and Sue felt a little
relief, the woman's eyes were hypnotic and strange.

"It's been quite some time child. It's good to see you
again," the old woman said.

"Yeah, I've missed you too Trina,"

"Where's Alexi?"

"She left me, over a year ago," Christa said quietly.

"That would explain why you haven't dropped by. I told you
she was no good for you,"

"I know, I know, you were right, you're always right, Okay?
Don't get on my ass about it, that why I haven't come by,"
Christa said almost, but not quite angrily. The old woman's
stern features softened and she smiled.

"So you've been out sleeping with anyone who you could find
since then." She said. Christa looked up sharply.

"How'd you know that?"

"I have my ways child. I promised your mother I would look
after you and I keep tabs. I would have contacted you, but I
know your temper and how you are. You would not have
listened, I am rather surprised to see you here, I expected
at least another year of you being stubborn and self-
destructive before you came to your senses,"

"This is why I didn't come, I knew you would be all over my
ass," Christa said.

"No, you didn't come because you knew I was right and it
bothers you to have to admit that an old woman knows more
about women than you do." the older woman said in an amused
voice. Christa laughed and the two of them hugged. It was
obvious to Sue that they were very close.

"So what brings you here today?" the old woman said. Christa
nodded towards Sue.

"My friend needs some things," Christa said.

The old woman turned those eyes on Sue and slowly examined
her body; they stopped on her wedding ring for a moment
before continuing up her body.

"You have a lovely body, my dear. My name is Contrina
Wellington and most of my customers address me as Ms.
Wellington, but since you are a friend of this one you may
call me Trina," she said. Her voice was very commanding and
she had a strong presence that was almost magnetic.

"Thank you," Sue mumbled and blushed as her eyes lowered to
the floor.

"Now, what can I do for you today?" she asked. Before Sue
could answer Christa moved next to her.

"She needs the works," Christa said.

"Indeed? Tell me my dear, are you by chance corset trained?"

"No," Sue said.

"Pity, well there is no time like the present to learn.
There is a dressing room through that door, please strip for
me while I lock up," She said, indicating a door. Sue looked
questioningly at Christa, but the small woman nodded and
smiled encouragingly. Sue stepped into the small room and
began to disrobe. She heard a quiet conversation going on
outside and couldn't help but eavesdrop.

"A married woman? Have you gone insane?"

"Don't start, please,"

"You know bloody well I am going to have my say, so just
shut up and listen," the older woman's voice said. Sue heard
Christa sigh heavily.

"You are a lovely woman, both inside and out. You have so
much to offer and eventually you will find a woman who
recognizes that. I am tired of watching you throw your love
away on undesirables like that bitch Alexi and her ilk. I
had hoped you would learn your lesson and now you show up
with a married woman. Why?"

"Because I love her," Christa said simply. There was a long
pause then, one that became almost pregnant as Sue removed
her jeans. The revelation shocked her, but she didn't know
what to do or say. For a while the conversation was too soft
for her to distinguish the words. Her mind turned to her
obviously soaked panties and she quietly cursed as she tried
to think of a way to hide her excitement. She had given up
when the conversation became audible again.

"In all the years I have known you, I have never heard you
say those words and mean them. I just hope this one realizes
what she has in you,"

Sue chose that moment to come out of the dressing room. She
still wore her bra and panties and both women turned to her.
She felt very vulnerable and embarrassed.

"Breathtaking. You are truly lovely, my dear. Before we go
on I hate to be so blunt, but exactly how much do you plan
on spending today? I know the question is rather..crass, but
it will influence what I suggest,"

"I don't know exactly.." Sue began.

"I'm picking up the tab Trina," Christa said with a smile.

"In that case I will make sure to suggest only the most
expensive," the old woman said and winked at Sue.

"You would," Christa said.

"Tell me my dear, do you drink tea?" she asked, apparently
ignoring Christa entirely.

"Yes, I love tea," Sue replied.

"Excellent, Christa, there's a nice coffee shop around the
corner, please go and get us all some tea,"

"For fucks sake," Christa said. The old woman turned on her
and delivered a loud slap. Sue's mouth dropped open, she
fully expected Christa to hit back and was stunned when the
little butch rubbed her cheek

"Sorry," Christa murmured.

"You should be. You know better than to curse in my
presence, you are not too old for me to put you over my
knee, remember that,"

"Why do I have to go?" Christa asked, ignoring the threat.

"Because you are as bad as any man. A woman who comes here
is looking to surprise her lover; she's not going to be able
to do that if you are drooling while she makes her
selections. Now go. I will call your mobile when we are

Sue watched Christa leave with mixed emotions. She would
like to surprise the small butch, but the stern old woman
intimidated her and she was not sure she wanted to be left
alone with her. The terms the woman used had not been lost
on her and Sue was very embarrassed knowing this woman
obviously took it for granted she and Christa were sleeping
together. Once Christa was gone the old woman pulled the
shades and locked the door.

"Now that we have some privacy go ahead and remove that
hideous bra and panties," she said.

Sue complied without a thought, somehow it never occurred to
her to refuse. She unconsciously tightened her muscles to
hold the balls in. Once she was nude the old woman eyed her
body critically and took a tape measure and a form from
behind the counter. She measured Sue thoroughly, making
clucking noises in her throat here and there when she
finally finished she put the tape measure away and leaned on
the counter.

"I suppose it would be best to get everything out in the
open. Christa's mother was my best friend and when she
passed away I promised to watch over her only daughter. You
seem a sweet girl and rather naive, so I must ask, what
exactly are you looking for here?"

"I don't know really...I wanted to get some sexy lingerie and
was going to do so at the mall, but Christa said she knew a
better place. be frank, my husband doesn't appreciate
me wearing sexy things and I have never seen some of the
things here, I am a little overwhelmed,"

"So you are getting things for Christa's enjoyment and not
your husband's?'

"Yes, I suppose so," Sue said in confusion. The conversation
was surreal and standing nude before this woman with the ben-
wa balls filling her wet pussy was unbelievably

"Do you have any idea what will "turn her on" so to speak?"

"No," Sue said and blushed. The old woman smiled and handed
Sue a robe, which she quickly put on. The smile seemed
genuine and somehow put her at ease.

"Don't be embarrassed, despite what you might believe the
majority of my customers come here not knowing quite what
they want. In your case you are lucky, Christa has brought
many of her lovers here and I know what she likes. Just put
yourself at ease and trust me,"

"We will start with the basics and move from there, do you
need a full wardrobe or just some special items?"

"I don't know. I have plenty of everyday things, but nothing
that is really sexy,"

"With your body your everyday things should be sexy. A woman
feels her best when she feels desirable and that all starts
with what is next to your skin. Follow me," she said and
handed Sue a large pink shopping basket.

The old woman started with panties, selecting thongs,
bikinis and even a g-string and two pairs of crotchless
panties. She chose vivid colors, with reds, oranges and
yellows predominating. A few in black and white and a few in
softer colors like powder blue and lavender. Next came bras,
peek-a-boos, push ups, strapless and one with cut outs for
her nipples. Again bright colors predominated, but the old
woman also covered the basics as well. From there they moved
to the garterbelts and stockings. Here she chose colors to
compliment the bras and panties and several different styles
from very simple to very lacy and frilly.

For about the next hour Sue tried on negligees, teddies,
babydolls, penoirs, merry widows and nighties. The colors
were still bright, mostly reds and oranges with only a few
in basic black or white. Sue's basket was almost over
flowing when the old woman led her back to the counter. She
handed Sue a second basket and then smiled gently.

"You are very lovely, it's so easy to find things that look
good on you. I know you are shy, so don't let this next
question bother you all right?"

"All right," Sue said. She was enchanted with the clothes
and the personal attention, it made her feel special and she
could just imagine the look on Christa's face when she saw
her in some of the things in that basket.

"Have you and Christa played any sex games? Or is it just
plain old shagging?" she asked with a sparkle in her wise-
old eyes. Sue blushed scarlet, but found herself answering.

"We haven't tried any games," Sue said.

"Well, do you plan on it? I know you are very sexy, but for
a woman, keeping things spiced up has a great many rewards,"

"I never thought about it, honestly," Sue said thoughtfully.

"If you will trust me?" the older woman said.

"Of course,"

Trina led her to the wall with the Leather and PVC first,
selecting a few things, then to the costumes. Before they
were done, Sue had a French maid's outfit, schoolgirl, Nurse
and little red riding hood as well as a harem girl and what
she could only describe as a hooker outfit. She was dreadfully
embarrassed, but also amazingly turned on. Trina led her to
the corsets and pulled out a red velvet model. It had six
garters, was trimmed in black lace and had a satin inner
lining. The cups were removable and so were the shoulder
straps. Sue was enchanted with it the moment she laid eyes
on it.

"I thought you might like it. My corsets are made to order
and usually take about three weeks, but I can have one like
this made for you by next Friday if you can come down for a

"I'll be in the city all week," Sue said, her eyes still on
the corset.

"Excellent, I'll have these all wrapped for you, if you
would like to get dressed; I'll give Christa a call?"

Sue dressed quickly, her mind filled with images of herself
in the new lingerie and the effect she hoped they would have
on Christa. Her damp panties were cold and felt strange, but
they at least allowed her to relax her inner muscles and not
worry about the ben-wa balls. When she came out Trina was
putting all of her new lingerie into pretty boxes.

"She'll be here in a few minutes," the old woman said. Sue
nodded and stood by the counter.

"She's a very special woman, I hope you realize that?"

"I know," Sue said. The old woman looked up and locked eyes
with her. When she spoke her words were carefully chosen.

"I wonder if you do. I don't know what your relationship is,
if you have a serious interest in her or if this is just a
tryst for a bored housewife. She is a sensitive and loving
woman; she will make a fine lover and provider for someone.
I beg you not to play with her emotions, she has had a rough
time since her mother died,"

Sue didn't know what to say to that. She just watched as the
old woman deftly continued to wrap and box her purchases.

"Do you love her?" the old woman said barely glancing up at

"I don't know. This is all very new to me,"

"Is there a chance you could love her?" she asked. Sue
considered that. There were so many implications in the
simple question, so many possibilities and so much confusion
on her part. Could she fall in love with Christa? Had she
already? If not what was it she felt for the small woman?
Surely it was more than just lust. Did she have an answer?
Did she even want to face it if she did?

"Yes, I could love her," Sue said. The words sounded alien
coming from her own mouth and surprised her.

The old woman looked deeply into Sue's eyes and then smiled.
Her eyes were very expressive and in them Sue saw great
concern, but also compassion and sympathy.

"Scared out of your pants, aren't you?"

"Yes," Sue said, returning the smile.

"Go unlock the door, my dear, she's waiting for you," the
old woman said with a twinkle in her eye.

End part II

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