Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fire Fighter Luke

Brenda and I had broken up. My senior year in High School, I had finished
in December because I had all my credits in. With spring being unusually
warm this year, everyone was horny and I was glad to have the time off. I
was going to go into the Marine Corps in the fall and had already done
everything I needed to do including physical fitness testing and my ASVAB,
etc. In the meantime, I was working my job and volunteering at the fire
station to stay away from my Mom. My dad had been a volunteer firefighter
when he was in town. He had died over the road. Had a heart attack one
night while driving. I had instantly joined the volunteer fire department
and had been taken under everyone's wings. Including his best friend -
Captain Nick Thomas.

My dad had been around when I was younger and had shown me how to play
sports and had taught me how to be a man and a jock. This had made my life
easy. I only played football and had done track the first three years of
high school. This year was different. I was directing my time toward
learning more about the fire department. I was spending almost every night
during the week there. Since Nick was in charge of the fire interns and
was also paid full time staff, he was there as well.

It was one April night that I went over to Brenda's place when I had said I
would be working at the Fire Department that I caught her cheating - only
she didn't know I was there. Brenda was 26 and worked at the local bank.
She'd given me a key to her house and while it was odd for someone her age
to be dating a High School Senior I certainly didn't look nor act my part.
At 6'3" 198# with only 7% body fat I was intimidating to most dudes twice
my age let alone guys my own age. Most intimidating was my 10" thick cock.
A gift from my dad's side of the family. I could still remember growing up
with him and showering every once in a while. Looking up to have his cock
hit my nose because it hung so low. Brenda and I had met while she watched
her friend Kelly's little brother play football with me. After the game
we'd met. I'd had girls before and could easily recognize that she was
putting the moves on me. She'd slipped me her address with 11 p.m. written
on it. I had been there and she invited me in. She'd offered me a beer,
but I declined. We had fucked for a few hours that night. I never went
soft and could fuck for as long as it took her to cum. The only bitch of
the night had been how long it took her to relax around my burgeoning cock.
I came five times. All inside her. She had told me there were ways of
making sure that nothing happened.

Remembering this while I had been on duty that night a year ago, I stepped
outside. I couldn't keep my mind from wandering back to the day I caught
her. I let myself into her place after noticing the little sports car that
was about four years old. I had been quiet and when I got to the bedroom
door it was slightly ajar and I could see Max, one of the grocery baggers
from the supermarket banging her. She was lying on her side taking his
pitiful skinny six inches into her cunt. He had a condom on which made me
wonder why she was fucking with him. Max was a little dude. Muscular, but
in that gymnast sort of way that never really intimidates anyone 'cept
other gymnast looking dudes. They went at it for a while and I got very
hard just watching them. I'd decided to get back at them both. As Max
started coming he moaned like a girl. When he withdrew his cock and
removed the condom you could barely see the cum inside. "So you won't tell
Luke about this, right?" "Fuck no," she'd said, "he probably won't even
notice. He's hung like a goddamned horse." "Well shit, thanks," Max had
said obviously annoyed. "Well, it's just that sometimes it's painful to
take. He's always very gentle and concerned, but he's just so damned big!"
With that they started moving around and I let myself out quietly. I let
the truck roll backwards down the driveway in neutral before starting it
and taking off. They never even knew I'd been there.

I usually called Brenda when I was off-shift and would stay at her place so
as not to have to face Mom, but instead I didn't call her. My Mom was
doing all these extra activities with the ladies around the small town we
lived in and so was busy herself. It wasn't that we didn't get along,
quite the contrary. It was just that we didn't want to think about how
great life'd been with Dad around.

Brenda finally got a hold of me and asked me to come over. I told her I'd
spend part of the evening there, but was returning to the station to sleep.
She said that'd be fine. She asked about eight o'clock and I responded
that I'd get there when I got there and hung up the phone. I got there at
a little after nine. I walked in and she was wearing a skirt and a loose
top. She obviously hadn't changed since the bank. I sat down in the
leather lazy boy and didn't say anything. "What's wrong?" She asked. I
motioned her over and she came willingly. She knelt between my legs, which
was perfect for what I had planned. I unzipped my jeans and let out my
monster which was hard from memory of Max fucking her. She started to lick
it and get it wet. After which I forced her head down on it 'til she
gagged. She didn't like this. She started to whimper and whine. I got
pissed so I stood her up and brought her over to the wall nearest her
bedroom just to the side of her door. I lifted up her skirt and pulled her
panties down and entered her. All ten inches at once. She screamed and I
ripped off her blouse and stuffed it into her mouth. I started to
immediately long-dick her. She moaned like the whore she was. I started
to withdraw my cock a few inches and then slam back in so she was lifted
off the floor and she starting shrieking through the blouse and crying.
"Shut the fuck up, bitch. Take it like the slut you are. What's the
matter, no one else give it to you this rough, cunt?" She stopped crying
and instantly I could tell she knew what I was thinking. I continued to
fuck her really rough until I came. I then hauled her over to the center
of the living room and moved shit out of the way. I laid her on her back
and made her open her mouth and take my cock. We were in 69 position only
I wasn't going down on her like I had in the past. I just fucked into her
throat as far as I could not caring that she was gagging and spitting like
a pig at the trough. I pulled out of her and flipped her over into a
doggy-style position and fucked her hard again. I came after about six or
seven minutes. I pushed her down into a prone position as I came and she
just sighed as I finished plowing her pussy. I withdrew quickly pulled my
jeans back up and put my shirt back on and headed over the bedroom. I
quickly packed my things in a duffle bag and left without saying another
word. I went down to the station with my shit and stayed overnight for the
next several days.

Here we were two months later and I realized that I'd loved her. She had
been sweet, but how could she fuck me over like that? She'd called me
about 30 times in the weeks following, but I never answered my cel phone.
Her friends had made sure to get word that she'd loved what I'd done and
wanted me in the worst way. It was just too bad that she couldn't have me.

I got out of bed and went outside the back door near the dorms to catch
some air. Nick and the intern that was on tonight were sleeping. I was
outside wearing nothing but briefs looking out at the cornfields that lined
the back of the station. Nick came outside. He asked what was up and I
told him. He told me not to worry about women. I had more important
things to think about. I stepped off the cement to take a piss and Nick
followed. I whipped out my cock and started to piss just shootin' the shit
now with Nick about everyday stuff and women and how to get off so u didn't
need them. Nick whipped his cock out. Half hard he was about seven inches
and really thick. He had an uncut cock which a huge head. He peeled the
skin back and started to piss. When I looked up he was watching me. I
started to get hard, but still had piss left in me so I kept my cock out
and paid attention to what I was doing. Nick quit pissing and shook his
cock off. He then turned and walked behind me. He put his half hard into
my ass crack and brought his left hand up to my chest to pinch my nipple as
his left hand encased my prick above where I was holding it. "There are
other ways that buddies can help each other out too," he whispered in my
ear as he gently stroked my cock. I just hummed. It felt good and I'd
never really thought that fags were bad people. I just wasn't one of them.
But this was just a buddy helping another buddy out.

Nick's chest hair was scratching my back softly and he ducked his head into
my pit as I lifted my arm and put a hand behind my head. He now had his
head craned around to my right nipple as his left one continued to pinch
and work over my left nipple and chest. His cock was completely hard and
he pulled my underwear down so that they fell around my ankles. I stepped
out of them and he did the same to himself. He was humping my ass crack
and I was actually okay with this. Shit . . . Nick was practically my dad.
I trusted him completely. I was totally horned up and within two dozen
strokes would be cumming. All of a sudden the pagers and the alarms went
off. We stopped and ran into the garage naked through the back door. We
slipped into our gear as Larry, our intern got onto Engine 1. We took off
to the barn fire four miles out in the country that we'd been dispatched

Upon getting there we saw that this barn - standing in the middle of a
field without any house or dwellings was on fire. It was used for storing
hay bales. At 10:30 at night most of the guys on our dept. were heading to
bed, but we put out the page for more trucks as we started putting water on
the fire. The roof was gone so there was no need to do anything with
venting. Typical barn fire. As more trucks arrived, Nick had the other
trucks including the tanker stay on this side of the barn as we headed to
the other side of the barn. There wasn't any wind so there was no worry
about smoke inhalation due to wind direction.

Upon getting there we set up the hoses in special holders attached to the
truck so that you could have multiple hoses running with few to no crew to
hold them. It didn't allow very good control of the water, but it worked
out. The fire was hot and the trucks on the other side had to back off.
Another tanker from a neighboring town came at Nick's request. We were
gonna be here a while.

Nick all of a sudden came over to Larry and started giving him orders. He
was out of earshot so I just paid attention to what the pumps were doing
and how much water we had. A tanker came up and refilled us and we would
be good for about forty-five minutes after they left. Nick told us he'd be
back and took off for the other side with the Tanker. In the meantime
Larry and I were sittin' there talking about the fire. He took off the top
half of his turnout gear. This was one ripped dude. He'd come from
Northern WI and was here in this little town west of the city he went to
college in b/c he liked Nick and working here. Larry was built like a
brick shithouse. At 20 he was blond with green/gray eyes. He was about
5'11" and had huge arms. He was completely hairless on his upper body
except for small pit hair patches and the patch that I could see coming out
of his turnout gear bottoms. I followed it up to a chest that jutted out
like boulders from cliffs in Colorado. His abs were etched in his stomach
like cliffs. I envied his definition and his muscular build. I worked my
way up to his humped-up traps and gazed back down to his nipples. I
unconsciously licked my lips remember the moments that Nick and I had
shared just a short while earlier. I looked up and saw him looking deep
into my eyes. 'FUCK' I thought 'I'm gonna get the shit kicked outta me.'
But instead Larry went around to the far side of the truck. He pulled my
turnout top off and the slid the suspenders holding my bottoms up down over
my shoulders. My cock was half hard and he grabbed it and played with it a
bit. He started feeling me all over as he sank to his knees and took my
cock in his mouth. He got it all slimy with spit and then turned around
and sat on his ass. He pulled my hips down so that I had a straight shot
down his throat. "Dude - fuck my throat as hard as you want with that
monster. I can take it man." Spoken like a true fireman I thought. I
started to fuck gently, but he wasn't havin' it. He pulled my hips forward
so my cock slammed down his throat. He was enjoying it and could really
take it. He finally let go and I could see tears streaming down the sides
of his face. He pulled back and changed back to kneeling in front of me.
He worked over my knob and as he started flicking his tongue I started
cumming. It had been so long since I'd cum and I had a huge load. I
emptied my balls into him in about 12 shots. He turned me around and
pushed me forward so I was leaning against the side of the truck to keep
from falling against it. He parted my cheeks and started licking my ass
crack. The fire continued to burn. I could now see the ambulance pulling
into the driveway to the field and worried that they might see us, but we
were on the dark side of the rig. Larry started sticking his tongue up my
ass and he was pushing my own cum up there. After about ten minutes of
rimming my ass and a good fifteen minutes of really pushing his tongue up
there he stood up and said, "get your gear on." Just as I stepped to the
action side of the rig the tanker pulled up and refilled us. The fire
hadn't changed much yet. We redirected some of the hose lines and then
Nick - who was now second in command as the chief was there talked to
Larry. The tanker took off and the three of us were left there. Larry
said, "Man, I gotta piss. You - Luke?" And he walked around to the other
side of the rig again. I followed a second later wanting more. Larry was
waiting stroking his thick cock. It wasn't long at all maybe all of six
inches, but it was THICK. Super thick. He pushed me to my knees and I
started licking and sucking him. "Dude," he said, "You're gonna hafta do
better than that." A few minutes later he pulled me up. He bent me over
the rig again and spit on his cock. "Dude, I know you want this so just go
ahead and back right onto my cock. It'll hurt like hell at first and then
you'll love it man. Trust me." So I did. I could feel his foreskin move
back as I pushed back onto his cock. I was halfway down and adjusting to
it really well when Nick came around the side. "Nice job" he said to Larry
and started to rim and finger Larry as Larry slowly fucked in and out of
me. It hurt like hell at first - really burned and then as I got used to
it, I relaxed. This made it easier for Larry's cock head to punch my
prostate. Nick jumped on the wheel well a little to the left of where we
were and pulled his suspenders off and his turnout pants down. His now
thick eight and a half inches were waving near my face. "Go ahead, Luke.
I know you want to taste it. And it tastes pretty good, buddy." He said
as I was getting fucked harder by Larry now. I went ahead and started to
lick his cock from the knob down to the base. I kept licking him up and
down and then moved down to his balls. He had incredibly tight nuts.
Later I would come to find out that Nick hadn't had a piece in about a
month. Since Nick doesn't jerk off, there was a load in there. I went
back up to the tip of his cock and put it in my mouth and slid down jerking
an inch back and forth in my mouth as Larry pounded me from behind. He
slapped my ass and my ass twitched in response. "Oh fuck yeah. Look at
this hot dude. Gonna take my load, buddy. Such a hot ass motherfucker.
Look at those triceps and lats . . . muscle fuck . . . yeah . . . that's
what you are. You're a muscle stud who loves to bottom. You're gonna love
to top too once you climb on my ass with that huge fuckin pole man . . ."
Larry just kept up his smack talking pretty soon Nick said to slow down
that he was getting close. He got off the fire truck and went behind
Larry. He started licking and rimming Larry's hole very aggressively. He
stood up after about five minutes of Larry's smack talking to him and
inserted into Larry's ass. Larry was now moaning instead of talking. All
of a sudden some of the timbers of the barn collapsed. "Alright boys,"
Nick said, "Need to get movin' here." Larry started pounding me really
hard, which hurt when he jabbed in so far, but was okay. I could take it.
All of a sudden he just stopped. I could feel his thick cock pulsing
stream after stream of cum up my ass. He continued to groan for a half a
minute and then pulled out. His cock was replaced by Nick's slightly
slenderer, but longer cock. He moved in and out in slow movements.
Larry's cock had been substantially thicker, so I wasn't as tight for Nick.
He seemed to like that and then he started talking smack, which confirmed
everything I'd been thinking. "Look at this hot muscle stud takin' my big
dick. Yeah . . . feels good. I love sloppy seconds. LOVE it man. Yeah
. . . you like that don't you Luke. Take my cock man. I've been waiting
for this for a long long time, buddy. You were hot when you were 15.
Would jerk off to you at night in the dorms. That is 'til I found out
Larry craved cock like a whore. Now you do too and I'm gonna fuck you 'til
you beg for it before I enter you every time." So I decided to be a smart
ass of sorts. His cock was feeling really good so I started talking smack
back. "Fuck me harder, Nick. Pump the cum outta me dude. MAKE me cum
man. C'mon . . . show me what you got." With that Nick started fucking me
harder. I had thought that Larry was punching my prostate but he hadn't
been hitting it like Nick was now. In just a few strokes I was dumping my
load into Larry's waiting mouth. The fucker had moved under me before I
knew it and was now taking the first two inches of my pulsing cock in his
mouth as well as my load. As I came, my asshole clenched around Nick's
thick cock sending him over the edge into the world of orgasm that he'd
been seeking for over a month. He pushed his cock really hard a few times
and I thought I might pass out from the feeling of fullness and then he
pushed in one last time and I could feel my bowels being filled. It felt
good and as I was leaning against the truck I could feel cum starting to
slide down my ass between my cheeks and Nick's cock. That didn't last
long. Larry moved to his knees and first cleaned Nick's cock off then
cleaned my hole. He laid down on the ground after cleaning Nick's cock on
his turnout gear and pulled my ass down to his face. He was cleaning me
out and Nick growled to do a good job. He went around the other side of
the truck after getting dressed. Larry finished cleaning me out and we got
dressed and went back to the action side of the truck. The fire was now
dying out under all the water that had been poured onto it and we were
awaiting a fire inspector to come. I was going to check the water level on
the dark side of the truck when I noticed one of the EMTs from the
ambulance standing on a hill about 100 yards away. He had binoculars and
was looking toward the fire - or us. My heart did a bit of a flip - what
if he'd seen what we had done? But we would have noticed him - right?

After the inspector got there and the fire had died down Nick sent everyone
back to the station except me, and Larry. We stayed until the fire
inspector got done and around 3:30 a.m. we were headed back to the station.
All the volunteers were back at home. All the interns were in their rooms
sleeping. Nick, Larry and I got our truck ready for another call after
some extensive work and cleaning and put all of our gear back in the
lockers. We then went to the shower to get cleaned up and to head to bed.
Once we were in the shower though, it was clear that we weren't going to
bed before at least some more fun . . . .

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