Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Penis Envy

Warm, firm and pulsing is how I remember the first boy's dick I ever held
in my hand at the age of eight. My best friend and I asked the cutest boy
in our neighborhood to show us his "thing" which he eagerly agreed to, if
we showed him our "things".

I marveled at the throbbing organ, "Can I touch it?" I asked Jonathan.

"If I can touch yours," he nervously demanded reciprocation.

We stood, for what seemed like hours, touching and feeling one another's
most private places. His boner appeared huge, as my best friend, Nancy,
and I stroked and touched and caressed the, oh so, foreign muscle. On
that day, hiding behind the bushes in my backyard, giggling
uncontrollably, staring in wonder, I fell in love with penis.

By the time I reached thirteen, I was not only touching Jon's pretty
penis, but also kissing it; placing my mouth on it, feeling the warm pulse
of his heartbeat through his most precious possession. Jonathan was doing
the same for me. He kissed my "poonanni", as my mom called it, for hours
and hours. We were two very curious kids. Luckily, at that age we never
figured out the whole "Tab A"-to-"Slot B" concept of human physiology.

Jon and I fell in love sometime during puberty. I was very surprised, but
very happy, the first time he shot his "stuff" in my mouth. I had yet
another reason to adore a boy's penis--beyond the velvety smoothness, and
warm pulse--there was the creamy, slick treat if I licked it just right.

We gave our virginity to each other in the tenth grade, and I now had
another glorious reason to love felt wonderful inside my pussy.
I was totally envious of my boyfriend and his magic stick. Alone in my
bed at night, I secretly wished I had a penis of my very own to stroke and
hold and make it shoot its thick, white, sticky cum into my mouth or onto
my body.

By the time we were ready to head off to college, Jonathan and I were
sexually experienced with one another. However, we were not particularly
experienced at life. We agreed that our college years would be spent
apart. We allowed that experimentation would take place in all aspects of
life...including sex. But, we promised to share with each other on
holidays and vacations, and that once school was complete, we would
rekindle our love. Like I said, we weren't very experienced with life.

Chapter II

College was a total trip. There I was, eighteen and completely clueless.
Many of the girls in my dorm were much like me; a bit starry-eyed and shy
from being cast into this sea of new and foreign people. I decided on a
large northeastern school, and coming from a very conservative mid-western
upbringing, was shocked and later amused by the moral flexibility
displayed on campus.

I'm not sure if it was the newfound freedom and relative anonymity of
being away from friends and family, or the true morals of the students and
staff, but sex was everywhere. Within three days of my arrival, my
roommate, Darla, had a "boyfriend".

"You aren't a prude, are you Annie?" She asked soon after I walked in on
them screwing. "Besides, Joe is just a fuck buddy until I get

I denied being a prude, but also admonished her for not being more
discreet, "At least lock the door Darla."

Then "It" happened; the day I finally let my hair down and rediscovered
the total joy of penis.

I was returning to the dorm in the middle of the afternoon, expecting to
get some quiet study time. But the sight that greeted me as I stepped
into my room lit a fuse that could not be extinguished, save for some nice
hard dick and hot sex.

There was Darla, naked from the waist up, kneeling on the floor, her head
bobbing rapidly, up-and-down the long, black penis before her. The tall,
skinny black guy she was sucking had an expression of complete ecstasy on
his glistening face.

"Leave, or close the door and watch," Darla demanded breathlessly as she
briefly broke her lip-lock on the mighty tool before her.

I walked to my bed--as if in a trance--and sat to watch Darla blow the
amazingly long dick. Her mouth was stretched wide over the pulsing organ.
Darla had a look of concentration and lust on her face as she bobbed up
and down, her lips and mouth eliciting groans of pleasure from her new
fuck buddy.

It was as if she read my mind when Darla broke contact from the slick,
black-as-coal penis and pointed the purple head directly at me, "Want some
Annie?" she asked, giving a naughty wink.

I just stared at the unwinking eye of the black snake that Darla held
firmly in her pale white hand. I dropped to the floor on my hands and
knees, and crawled, cat-like, towards the object of my lust and desire.
Darla pumped the boy's big dick in her hand, further luring me towards my
destiny. I marveled at the stark contrast between the stiff black boner
and my roommate's bright white, china-doll hand.

"Yeah blondie, suck my big black cock," were the first words the black boy
spoke since I entered the room.

Darla milked a large dollop of pre-seminal fluid out of the slit atop the
plum-sized head, "Go ahead Annie, suck it. Suck his big black dick," she
whispered to me as she pushed my head towards this forbidden fruit.

The phrase "nigger lover" popped through my brain--a remnant of my
whitebread, mid-Ohio upbringing--as I opened my mouth wide and engulfed
the warm, delicious man meat. I closed my eyes and became lost in a
trance of wet cock sucking. I heard the boy moan and Darla talking about
breaking me out of my prudish ways, but those moans and words meant
nothing. This is where I was meant to be, on my knees, sucking beautiful,
warm penis.

I took the boy slowly, swirling my tongue around and around the fat head
of his dick and then bobbing down, down, down his incredibly long organ.
My pussy flowed and contracted in mini-cums as I tasted the warm, slick,
salty, cock juice for the first time in months. The boy tasted much
different than my Jonathan, my black attraction's pre-cum was a bit more
bitter, and there was much more of it.

Darla briefly pulled me away from the dick of my desire to remove my
sweatshirt and bra before allowing me to swoop down once again on the
stiff black boner.

"Oh yeah bitch, work her up while she sucks my dick," I heard the unknown
boy growl to Darla, "get that little blonde pussy ready for me baby."

"You're one fine cock sucking ho baby. Yeah bitch, that's it, treat my
dick right bitch...c'mon bitch suck that dick," he had a sneering,
superior tone to his voice as he commanded me to suck deeper. Somehow his
use of the word "bitch" didn't offend me, but spurred me on to greater and
greater feats.

I heard loud moaning, and realized it was me. Darla was removing my shoes
and jeans as I fell deeper and deeper into my dick-sucking trance. The
boy held my head in his large, dark hands and started humping up as he
drew my mouth down harder and harder onto his pulsing organ. My roommate
was rubbing my, now bare, pussy and kissing my naked back while whispering
to me how sexy I looked with a big black dick in my mouth.

"It'll be even hotter looking in your pussy Annie," she groaned as she
thrust two fingers into me.

"Eat her cunt bitch. Get it all wet for me," the black man demanded.

"Hmmm, hmmm," I agreed--out of my mind with passion--for more unusual

Darla had me stand and bend at the waist so that I could still suck this
man's throbber while she pleased my pussy with her tongue and lips. I'd
never even considered lesbian sex before. But somehow, the immorality and
deviance of her oral pleasure on my most secret places seemed so

Darla soon had me moaning as loud as the anonymous black man before me.
Her tongue and mouth were everywhere: on my pussy, my clit, my
butthole...everywhere. I grasped the hard penis tightly and pumped it
faster and faster; wanting the warm organ to shoot its cum at the same
time my pussy flowed.

But, my fuck-buddies had other plans for my lonely, long-vacant, white

Darla pushed me forward so that I straddled the boy's body, his long,
stiff penis directly below my wet pussy. I held myself up on his
shoulders as Darla lined-up the fat dick head with my cunt.

"Wait, wait...we need a rubber," I gasped in a rare moment of clarity, as
I stared at the black sword poised to pierce my lily white hole.

"Put it in bitch. Put my black dick into that lush white cunt," he
commanded Darla.

"Oh please wait, I'm not protected..." I whined as Darla moved his
spit-slicked cockhead back and forth over my engorged pussy lips and
around my hole.

"Take it bitch. Take it bare, the way you want it."

"Watch Annie, watch," Darla was absolutely giddy as she lined-up the stiff
boner with my sloppy cunt and guided me onto the fat black baby maker.

"Oh God yesssssss," I hissed as I watched the beautiful black dick slide
up my open, ready channel, "Oh yeah boy...fuck me...fuck me good."

His dick went up, up, up; reaching depths inside me that had yet to know
the warm, stiff pleasure of penis. I could feel Darla's hands working my
ass cheeks, as if trying to seat the firm boy muscle as deep into my cunt
as it could go.

"Oh please, don't cum inside me," I begged as he began to fuck slowly in
and out of my needy body.

"That's your problem blondie," he said without caring. The only emotion
that ruled us both was lust...pure and simple lust...fucking
lust...pent-up, hardcore lust.

"Knock her up Darren." Darla moaned with cruel intent, "Give the blonde
bitch a little black baby."

`Darren, so that's his name,' I thought while I groaned my desire for this
black stallion to pump me harder and faster, "Oh yes, fuck meeeeeeee, fill
meeeeee, give me your big dick...anything...anything you want..."

Darren fucked me delirious. He had me ride his smooth dark dick until his
entire pelvis was awash in my juice. He flipped me over on my stomach and
took me hard and fast, as if we were two animals in heat. And he finished
with me flat on my back, my ankles around my ears, as he tried to slam my
frail white body through Darla's bed.

"Oh you fuck'n white whore...gonna knock you up now bitch...gonna pump my
load in you it it comes," he yelled loud enough
that our whole dorm knew exactly what was happening in our room.

"Breed her baby...breed the snooty white cunt," Darla shrieked in time to
my fifth all-consuming orgasm and Darren's prodigious first squirt of the

He rammed his big black baby maker into my cunt with one final, mighty
stroke and held it there. I could feel the masterful black cock pulse:
again and again as he spilled his seed into my unprotected pussy.

"Oh yes, yes, yes...fill meeeeee," I wailed, out of my mind with lusty
desire and damn the consequences, "give me your cum...give me your black

I opened my eyes to see his head thrown back as he emptied his load inside
me. It was the first time in my life I could actually feel the sperm
ejaculating from a penis into my hole. Once, twice...four, five, six
times, the massive cum load bathed my fertile cunt. Darren jabbed deeper
and deeper into my sloppy, open twat as he gave-up his manly love cream.

"Oh fuck yeah, you white bitches sure know how to fuck," he groaned as we
both came off our sexual plateau.

I held him close, not wanting to let this sexy black stallion out of my
grasp, or out of my tender, swollen cunt. I tried to kiss his fat black
lips, but he would have none of that, saying that he didn't kiss

"Darren, get off...I want my treat now," Darla whined.

The boy pulled away from me, leaving me empty and sorrowful that I had
allowed this black man to ravish my needful void. `Oh please don't let me
be pregnant with a back man's baby,' I prayed.

"I'll get all that nasty cum out of you Annie," Darla said a moment before
clamping her mouth onto my pussy.


She sucked me, and I mean sucked...hard...almost painfully hard. It felt
as if my insides were being drawn into her hot, wet mouth as she drew
Darren's cum wad from my hole.

"Snowball her bitch," Darren commanded Dar as he fed me his nasty,
cum-coated, sloppy cock meat for cleaning.

Within moments, Darla was spitting the boy cum she drained from my pussy
into my mouth. My mouth was full of the joy juice from the illicit,
interracial union, consummated mere minutes before. Darla kissed me hard
and deep; her tongue and lips searching for new passion and deviant
release. She repeated the nasty game twice more: sucking my wet, sloppy
hole and then feeding me the salty, bitter semen in an even sloppier,
lusty kiss.

"Suck her cunt, white bitch," Darren commanded, as Darla descended to my
pussy for the forth time. But this time, she swung her flowing cunt
directly over my, wet and wanting. Her hole pulsed--red and
swollen--waiting for my mouth.

`What the heck,' I pondered, `I just fucked a black guy...may as well...'

My thoughts were cut short as my horny roommate lowered her wide, white
bottom towards my face. I gladly accepted her offering of hot, wet pussy.
It was like the best sweet-and-sour sauce I'd ever tasted. Her cunt flow
was warm, thick and slick...much, much better tasting than a boy's fluids.
I wallowed in her folds. I licked and sucked and chewed her sex into my
mouth. I relished her moans.

I reveled in her cries for my attention, "suck my fucking cunt you bitch."

Lusty lick, upon lusty suck became a blur of lesbian exploration. My
chubby, slut roommate and I abandoned all pretense of passing fancy or
curiosity for bi-sexual experimentation, with true desire to fully satisfy
each others dyke passions. We matched each other stroke for stroke, poke
for poke, lick for lick...our moans and groans of pleasure emanating out
of our cocoon of sex and across the campus.

"Damn I love you white'll do anything for the big black dick,"
Darren exclaimed as--only inches away from my eyes--he lined-up his
renewed hardness with Darla's asshole.

"Oh yes baby, fuck Darla's virgin butthole...c'mon baby butt fuck momma,"
my roomy groaned as the large black cock forced its way into her tight,
stretched anus.

Darla screamed and moaned into my excited pussy as our black stud took her
ass. My eyes were transfixed on this unholy union, the sodomization of
Darla's virgin bottom.

Darren began slowly, and then moved more forcefully, more vigorously
inside my friend's tender ass. They fucked in this most unnatural way as
I licked pussy and felt the boy's floppy balls slapping my forehead. I
tasted Darla's ass juice, as her bottom completely opened-up to Darren's
relentless pounding. Darla--by choice or force--redoubled her efforts on
my flowing pussy; and then her soft, slick tongue entered my tiny, tight

"Oh shit Darla," I yelled my desire to my new sex partner as I felt the
very first ever penetration of my asshole, "Oh yes...tongue-fuck my ass."

My screams of desire seemed to spur Darren on to even greater heights of
passion as he slam-fucked Darla's gaping asshole. Ten, eleven, twelve
times he pounded, pounded, pounded her butt; withdrawing only to catch his
breath. Her bottom opened wide, flowing lubricant and butt juice into my
sucking mouth.

`I'm eating shit and ass cream from a woman's asshole,' I thought, but
without the disgust my "normal" brain would perceive.

I watched the big, black dick penetrate her again and again...causing my
lusty roommate to sing her desire into my open cunt. Darren's long, black
boner made a mockery of my known sex life.

`So long...So fat...SO GOOD,' I dreamed of this mighty, dark tool taking
my butt cherry.

"FUCK MY ASS YOU BLACK BASTARD," Darla screamed for the entire world to
hear. Her lust was beyond containment. She didn't care who knew that she
needed that fat black dick. "Oh fucking hell...that's it...that's
it...that's it...cum, cum, cum...cum in my ass you nasty boyyyyyyyyyyyyy."

Our black stallion rammed her hard, hard, harder, and harder still; trying
to force his whole body into Darla's asshole.

"Oh you fucking, nasty white bitch," he shouted his orgasm, "Oh you
fucking bitch, take my cum load up your fine white ass."

I could see his floppy, hairless balls draw up tight to his body as he
fired volley after volley of black man's sperm into my friend's butt. His
legs trembled and his grip relaxed, as his huge black serpent plopped out
of Darla's asshole and landed squarely between my eyes. The stench was
retched, but somehow exciting. I took his long black tool into my mouth;
cleaning and sucking and nursing any remaining jism and ass juice from the
magical penis...the pleasure giver...the baby maker...the dick of
death...or life, depending on your perspective.

Just as I finished licking Darren's cock clean from his ass-fucking
adventure, Darla let loose a mighty, wet, sloppy fart. The cum that our
boy had fucked up her asshole gushed out, flooding my face and swamping my
mouth with a salty, musky mess of semen and butt sauce.

"Oh yeah Annie," Darla gasped as I formed a vacuum around her open,
pulsing asshole with my lips, "Oh girl...suck my my ass," she

At that moment we became one. Darla and I were sluts. Total, complete,
utter sluts. We needed dick. Black, white, yellow, green,
didn't matter, we needed daily doses of throbbing, hard dick. Cock.
Boners. Penis. And, when a boy wasn't available, or usable, we relied on
each other to supply dick. College was going to be fun!

Chapter III

After that first afternoon with Darren, Darla and I became inseparable.
We fucked together, we slept together, we studied together, we showered
together, just inseparable. Darren and a few of his equally dark,
handsome and endowed friends became our regular fuck toys. Darla had me
rapidly becoming as insatiable as she; constantly craving that dark dick
and thick, salty semen to go with daily servings of warm, sweet pussy.

But through all the sex, all the amazing orgasms and messy cum shots, I
still felt the need to have my very own penis. I marveled at how Darren
swung his stick. I could almost feel his power and strength as I watched
him fuck Darla senseless.

"C'mon Darren, fuck her harder," I commanded our boy stud, pushing and
pulling his firm black ass faster and harder into my roommate's spasming
cunt, "do it boy, do it."

"Oh Annie...oh fuck me Annie," Darla knew I was controlling our boy. He
was only an extension of my sex-crazed mind.

"Take it you bitch, take my big cock," I growled my passion for my lusty
friend as Darren arched his back and unloaded his monster cum wad into her
sloppy hole.

Like a well practiced and oiled team, we shifted positions so I could eat
that salty load from Darla's inviting pussy as she gently, lovingly,
cleaned the mess from Darren's dick.

"You two are some freaky-assed bitches," our toy groaned approvingly as he
watched my face become slick with his cum and Darla's creamy juice, "gonna
have to get you a strap-on Annie so you can fuck this fat ho."

`A what?' the light bulb over my head must have been visible to my fuck
buddies, `a strap-on? Do they make those?'

"Do they make those?" I asked while blowing cum bubbles through my slick
lips, "You're talking about a dildo, right?"

Darren moved behind me as I sucked any remnants of his prodigious jizz wad
from Darla, "Yeah bitch, a dildo you wear like a dick," he explained as he
opened my asshole with his fat cock head. "So you can do this to your
dyke girlfriend," he sneered as his thick member ran up my tight white

"Oh you black fucker."

"You want this bitch, you want it as much as I do," he was getting to know
my newly opened rosebud with increasing frequency, and he knew that I now
adored his warm dick inside my butt.

"Oh you nasty black it...fuck my white ass with your big black
dick...fuck it nice and hard Darren," I pled for my boy toy to use me.

It was only two weeks prior that Darla, Darren and his friends had burst
my butt cherry. The event was one of the most painful experiences of my
life, butt (pun intended) well worth the effort and discomfort. The first
time Vandel--the brother who split me open--shoved his wide, hard, dark
dick into my ass I thought I would die. Only after some serious coaching
from my roomy and fuck friends was I able to relax and eventually enjoy
being butt-fucked.

And now, here I am a couple weeks later begging Darren to rip me open. To
pummel and pound my loosened asshole. To shoot in me that bitter-sweet
cream, so that Darla can suck it from my slick butt and feed it to me in a

"Oh you nasty bitch," I yelled at our toy.

"Who you call'n bitch, bitch," Darren yelled back as he slapped my ass
cheeks red and raw; fucking harder and harder; forcing my face deeper into
Darla's cunt, "Take it you freaky ho, take my dick up yo ass."

`My god I love this,' was all I could think as I felt his big black fucker
swell and unleash another of his incredibly massive cum wads into my
stretched and ruined butt.

"Oh yeah baby, fill my tight ass...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh," I moaned as he put
his seed where it didn't belong.

Faster than I could blink, Darla and Darren switched ends, and I was
cleaning Darren's shit-stained dick with my lily white lips as Darla began
sucking and soothing my ravaged hole with her tongue.

As I tasted my musk from Darren's softening dick and while Darla brought
me closer and closer to orgasm with her oral talent, all I could think of
was wearing a dick and fucking girls silly. My mind's eye was vision upon
vision of one girl after another succumbing to my power and masterful
skill wielding a big, hard, black dick. I had to have it. I had to find
my dick, and Darla would be my practice field.

"Oh yeah my ass...suck my dirty hole you nasty whore," I let
out a long groan and came on my friend's face before passing out with
visions of dildo fucking her to paradise.

Chapter IV

"Are we gay Annie?" my roommate inquired, somehow less sure of herself
than when she first suckered me into these insane sex games, "I mean it.
Do you think we're gay for each other?"

"Do you like dick?"

"Yeah, know...the other stuff," she was sounding whiney now.
Concerned that eating cum from my cunt or ass was somehow wrong.

I had tossed off all my mid-west values by this point; so completely
consumed by often as I could get it...the dirtier, the nastier,
the better, "So what? What if we're dykes? I love your pussy and boobs
and ass. Do you want me to stop?"

"No, it's not that, but..."

"So, then get over here and eat my pussy," I giggled as I lewdly spread my
legs wide and pulled open my cunt.

Darla dropped in front of me and began urgently licking my excited hole,
"That's it baby. See, you're not gay after all, you just like my cunt," I
giggled as my roommate brought me to a quick climax.

"No Annie, you're wrong...I think I love your cunt," she confessed, wiping
her mouth with the back of her hand, "I think I kinda...well...I kinda
love you."

"Oh shit Darla," I said with real surprise. Now it was my turn to be
confused about my own sexuality. "I thought we were just fuck buddies?"

My mind was going a mile a minute. What had been just naughty, deviant,
sexy fun, seconds before was now a watershed event. `Did I care "that
way" for Darla,' I pondered as I watched my chubby, dark-haired roommate's
eyes well-up with tears. She was embarrassed and humiliated that I wasn't
responding; only staring at her, unbelieving. Darla was shaking a bit.
Her face still slick with my cunt juice as her tears started to flow.

Then a voice from somewhere in outer space spoke, "It's ok Darla, I think
I love you too."

`Holy shit, who said that?' my mind was screaming for me to run, but
instead Darla fell into my arms and we kissed.

"You're gonna be my best girl, aren't you Dar?" I whispered to my lover.

We both settled down a bit and discussed exactly what our new revelation
meant in the grand scheme of this. "No, no...I still want to play our
other games," we laughed to each other at almost the same time.

`Whew,' I thought, `what a relief, cause I sure don't want to give up

"Well, should we go celebrate?" I suggested.

"Sure, who're we going to blow," Darla laughed.

"Hmmm, I was thinking about something a little different," I was blushing
furiously as I spouted-out my newest kinky desire, "let's get a dick for
me and a girl for us both to share."

"I guess we really are gay, huh?"

"We may as well find out," I giggled to my girlfriend.

Chapter V

I called Darren and made our apologies that Darla and I would not be
available all weekend. He was a bit pissed that his regular "ho's"
weren't available.

"So what the fuck am I supposed to do all weekend? My dick needs lovin'
every day, you know that Annie," Darren half whined and half looking for
suggestions to relieve his pent-up splooge.

I gave Darren a couple suggestions for his weekend, which he seemed to
like, "And honey, I promise to get the whole thing on video," I promised
our number-one fuck toy.

Darla and I drove into the city and soon found the sex toy store Darren
told us about. The neighborhood was bad, really bad. Pimps and
crack-whores, dealers, hustlers, and other petty criminals abounded. Dar
and I were both terrified, but simultaneously aroused by the danger; two
white girls in this sea of black thugs. Our adventure was just beginning.

"Where are you and why are you here Darla," I narrated from behind the
lens of a video camera, "c'mon bitch, why are you here!"

"I'm in my girlfriend's car, parked outside an adult bookstore in a very
bad part of the city. We're here to by her a dick so she can fuck me
senseless," Darla burst into a fit of giggles and laughs.

Some of the passing low-lifes looked on, like caged animals at a zoo,
wondering who these tourists were with their expensive video camera.

"How big do you want your girlfriend's dick to be baby?" I continued
taping and playing the role of interviewer.

"This big," Dar said, holding her hands about a foot apart, "and this
fat," she held her fingers in a circle the size of a beer can. "I want
her to fuck me better than any boy."

"Do you know you're a nasty slut?"

"I hope so." Darla giggled furiously

"Show me how excited you are, show me your pussy."

Darla lifted her short, denim skirt to reveal her sodden, cotton panties
and slick thighs. She crudely pulled the panty gusset to the side and
exposed her wet, swollen cunt to the camera, "Is this hot enough for you
Annie? Look at how wet I am for you," she said with a naughty grin.

"Darla, you nasty, nasty slut."

"I hope so," Dar responded this time with a breathless, needy inflection
to her voice.

We quickly left the car and entered the confines of this palace of
unabashed lust and graphic pornography. The place stank of cheap
disinfectant and semen; a strangely erotic, sensual smell. I immediately
noticed a spaced-out, suicide blonde sitting on a stool by the cash
register. She had the far away look of too many drugs and too many fucks.
The girl was for all purposes, nude, wearing only a sheer pink baby doll

`Crack whore, up close and personal,' I thought briefly, but unwilling to
let her pathetic lot to bring me off my sexual high.

"Hi," I said to the painted girl, "are you the sales girl?"

"No baby, I'm a booth girl, Tiffany," she responded in a slurred,
half-conscious voice, "Do you wanna watch me jerk-off?"

Just then, the clerk appeared. He was old and dirty. The man had the
appearance of too much booze over a life-time of heavy drinking: muddy
eyes, yellow, jaundiced skin, and a total lack of control for the shakes
in his battered hands. He tried his best to be the proper host to his
suburban guests. He shushed "Tiffany" away and made excuses for the state
of the place.

"We're undergoing renovations," he lied, "Now what can I do for you fine

"Thanks, but we'd like to have her wait on us," I said, referring to the
skinny girl in the see-through nightie.

"Stuck-up cunts," the alchy uttered as he went back to whatever.

Darla was relieved as the old drunk let us be. But, the other customers
were all eyes as I asked Tiffany about sex toys, "Have you ever fucked a

"I licked a few gashes," she replied harshly.

"Well...we want...I mean, we're looking for..." now I was the one unsure
of how to ask the question. I glanced towards a wall display of dildos as
I tried to find the words.

"You want a dildo to fuck her with," Tiffany nodded towards Darla.

"Yes!" I exclaimed.

"Strap-on, or hand-held?" the pale whore said with a detached voice.

"A strap-on, please," I swear I started to blush, but realized this
girl/woman had probably seen it all and done it all.

The whacked-out, slutty woman showed us their collection, "I like this one
because it doesn't slip while you're fucking," she explained some of the
finer points of lesbian dildo sex. "Also, it has a hole here," she
pointed out another feature, "so you can strap-on a second dildo that goes
up your own cunt while you're gets you both off."

Darla and I were getting really weirded-out, but strangely turned-on by
this whole adventure. The girl bent over to pick up another toy for us to
look at, and as she did a large blob of semen leaked out of her ass.

"Whoops," she gasped; reaching between her legs and catching the sloppy
glob of cum before it could drip on the floor. "Teddy was a bad boy and
didn't wear his raincoat," she smiled as she licked her fingers clean and
winked at a large, older, black man who was casually looking at a porno

Darla and I gasped slightly as the girl again wiped her ass with her
fingers and held up another glistening blob of cum, "Wanna lick?"

Before I could stop Darla, she leaned forward and licked the girl's
fingers free of the shit-streaked semen. My girlfriend shook, as what
must have been a little, bursting climax coursed through her from the very
nastiness of the act she preformed. Her audience was appreciative. All
the men in the place watched her be a slut, I loved it, the men with
raging boners loved it, and even Tiffany loved it.

"There's probably more inside if you want some," Tiffany teased Darla, her
demeanor suddenly changing from bored, worn-out whore, to an excited slut.

"Oh god yes," Darla groaned.

Tiffany grabbed Dar by the hand and led her towards a small door labeled
"Staff Only". Tiffany wiggled her leaking butt in my direction, "You
coming honey?" she knew I was coming...or at least hoped to be cumming

The room was actually a small six-by-six cubicle, the floor heavily padded
and with various pillows scattered about. Tiffany immediately placed her
hands high on the wall to the right of the door and thrust her ass out
towards Dar and me.

"Get on your knees and kiss my ass baby girl," the young whore instructed
my girlfriend before looking at me and suggesting, "And why don't you get
undressed honey."

This whole scene was just too fucking hot. I was out of my top and jeans
before you could say, "Eat my cunt...bitch."

"Do you mind if I tape this," I almost begged permission, as I watched
Darla start to kiss and lick the soft, alabaster-white cheeks of the
whore's butt.

Tiffany laughed, "Let me guess, college girls out doing a little
experimenting...maybe a class project...hmm?"

I blushed a little, "Yeah, well...guilty as charged...experimenting. So?"

"Sure honey, tape away," the girl began moaning as Darla circled her
tongue and lips closer and closer towards Tiffany's leaking hole. "Just
make sure you get some good close-ups of the cock snot running out of my
asshole," she directed with delightful crudeness.

As soon as Tiffany made her disgusting request, the entire wall opposite
the door started to rise. Two huge, really huge, black men were revealed
through a clear plastic partition. They stood staring at our little
dyke-a-thon in the cubicle while stroking their long, fat dicks.

"Oh shit," I gasped upon seeing our audience, while scurrying to cover-up.

"Relax baby, they can't get in. They just want to watch" the whore was
very nonchalant as she picked-up a phone on the wall, and one of the men
did the same with a phone on their side of the partition.

"Hi baby...Un huh...what kind of tip are you going to give, no,
nice try but it'll need to be more than that...ok, a hundred bucks,"
Tiffany spoke into the phone. "Honey, be a dear and take the money from
Teddy and Jerome," she instructed me to grab the cash that the large black
buck was pushing through a small hole.

Tiffany pushed Darla onto her back, "Open wide baby, just let it flow into
your mouth, but don't swallow right away," the whore instructed Dar as she
squatted over my lover's face. Darla let out a loud moan as one long,
slimy, viscous string of jism ran out of the whore's swollen, red butthole
and went directly into her mouth. I was beside myself with lust;
zooming-in to capture the large puddle of cum filling my girlfriend's
willing cavity.

"Make sure you get this baby," Tiffany was all business as she flexed her
asshole and one last, tan colored blob of goo escaped her butt and coated
Darla's face, "swallow it all honey, eat Teddy's cum like a good girl."

My camera was focused tight of Darla's face. Her eyelids fluttered as she
closed her mouth and swallowed the filthy mess and moaned with lusty
desire for more. She got her wish. Tiffany immediately sat firmly on her
face; grinding her open butt and flowing pussy onto my friends eager

"Oh yeah baby, eat my ass. Eat my pussy," Tiffany's tone changing from a
detached, play-acting whore to excited lover.

Darla's groans were muffled by Tiffany's cunt, as the skinny whore bent to
lick my roomies fragrant, sloppy cunt. They sixty-nined until both were
humping and bucking through one climax after another. The sounds and
smells of pussy, butt, cheap whore perfume, and womanly cries of desire
filled the tight space. I wanted to frig myself raw as I panned back and
forth, and zoomed in and out to capture the passion and release of the
whore and the college girl. But, being the lousy cameragirl that I am, I
had to keep both hands on the video.

Tiffany raised her head briefly, "Make sure you get the money shot baby,"
she gasped, gesturing towards the men masturbating on the other side of
the partition.

I quickly panned the camera over towards Teddy and Jerome, who were
beating their cocks furiously. Jerome went first; aiming his fat dick
high on the clear partition and blasting five large squirts of creamy
sperm. His love sauce clung heavily to the glass wall and then the goo
began slowly, slowly dribbling down, down, down in a slimy white mess.
Teddy was only seconds behind, and I could hear his loud groan as his dick
turned into a fire hose and bathed the plastic with close to a half pint
of his baby seed.

`Good God, no wonder there was so much cum in Tiffany's butt,' I thought
in wonder as the camera captured every throb and twitch of that beautiful
black dick while it painted the partition an almost opaque white.

Tiffany whispered something to Darla, and my friend left the cubicle. I
was shocked and about to protest when the whore dropped to her knees in
front of me and motioned for me to tape her, "I'm going to eat your cunt
and your friend is going to clean the other side of the booth. Just make
sure you get her on tape."

I focused on the other side of the booth, where Teddy and Jerome were
sitting back on a bench; their pants around their ankles. Darla entered
about the same time Tiffany's tongue went up my cunt.

"Oh fuck," I groaned, trying hard to concentrate on my duties as

Teddy grabbed Darla by her dark hair and forced her to her knees in front
of the slimy wall. I could see, but couldn't hear what he said to my slut
friend, but with a breath, she was "cleaning" the filthy wall with her
tongue and mouth. This was one of the more disgusting, perverse things
I'd ever witnessed, and one of the most exciting. Darla was in cum heaven
as she slurped and sucked all the goo. And then, when there was not much
more than saliva and a few remaining streaks of cock juice, she wiped the
wet glass with her big, t-shirt covered boobs.

"Ahhh eat my hole you whore," I demanded of the skinny blonde who was
busily munching my pussy, "I'm cumming...I'm cumming."

When I panned back over to Darla, she was on her knees between Teddy and
Jerome. She sucked one, then the other. She was pumping their dicks like
a woman possessed; her face still shiny from Tiffany's juice, and her
mouth a slobbering, wet mess. The front of Dar's shirt was transparent
from using her chest as a cum rag. My slut girlfriend had her eyes rolled
back, slobbering over the two large pieces of man meat before her.

Tiffany grabbed a strap-on cock from under a pillow and started buckling
it onto my hips as I videoed Darla bringing the objects of her black lust
back to full hardness. Obviously, her cock sucking talents were fully
appreciated by Jerome, as he suddenly stopped skull-fucking her and pulled
his slick dick from her stretched mouth. He blasted her face, mouth and
hair with a mighty load, and then dick-slapped her sticky face with his
softening prick.

"C'mon and fuck me," Tiffany demanded. She stood and placed her hands on
the plastic partition, as Teddy led Darla into a similar position on the
other side.

I had a bit of trouble trying to hold the camera and get the unfamiliar
device jutting from pelvis in action.

"Here, hold this for a sec," I said, handing Tiffany the camera. I
lined-up the fat head of the fake dick with her pussy and began pushing

"Honey, there's lube under the pillow to your right," Tiffany was telling
me not to go in dry.

`Duh,' I thought as I squirted the slippery lube onto "my" dick, `My dick!
MY DICK! You have things to learn about fucking Annie...and learn you
will.' I promised myself as I stood jacking "my" dick before taking the
plunge into this whore's cunt.

Darla screamed out...actually, more of a very loud, drawn-out, verbal
moan, "Ohhhhhh Mister...Ohhhhh not there...Mister you're too big for my
asshole," she pled.

I'm sure the whole store and a good portion of the city outside heard her
protests. But, as I watched and Tiffany taped, Teddy put his big black
dick right up to the hilt in Dar's broad white ass. Darla's face was
contorted in a grimace of pain, concentration and passion. Her fingers
were desperately trying to grasp the smooth plastic of the wall as the
tall beast behind her broke new ground inside her willing body.

"Oh fuck Mister," she wailed again, "split my ass open with your big black

`God, what a slut,' I grinned to myself, as I began working my dick into

"Holy shit," Tiffany exclaimed, "she took Teddy up her butt in one go.
Not many girls can do that on the first try."

Somehow I felt proud of Darla. She was a true slut. My lover was able to
take the dick--that if it was an inch, it was a foot--right up her asshole
in one long push by the barrel-chested man. Teddy started a slow,
inch-by-inch, fuck of my roomy's butthole. I did my best to mimic Teddy's
masterful strokes with "my" dick inside Tiffany.

"That's it baby, nice and up to it...yeah...yeah...oh fuck
yeah," Tiff was getting into my rhythm, or maybe she was setting the pace
for me, "a little faster now...yeah, that's it...daddy makes baby feel
sooooo good...oh yeah."

Tiffany leaned her face towards the scummy plastic wall and she and Darla
shared a kiss of sorts, as they each took their fuck.

I watched Teddy and tried to keep pace with him. He would shove hard, I
shoved hard. He would slap Darla's ass, I slapped Tiffany's ass. He
would pull Darla's hair, I pulled Tiffany's hair. He grabbed Darla's hip
firmly in his big black hands and pounded, pounded, pounded her, I did the
same to my slut.

"Fuckin' white bitch...take my load in your ass," he hollered in a rich
baritone voice, loud enough for the entire block to hear. He had his head
thrown back, and eyes shut tight, as he hosed Darla's rectum with Teddy

"Fuckin' white bitch...take my load in your cunt," I yelled in my
higher-pitched wail, but with veracity equal to my co-fucker.

Darla shouted her desire to be used as a whore, "YES, YES...fill my white
ass with cum."

"Daddy, daddy...fuck your baby...cummmmming...cummmmmmmmming," Tiffany was
into the game too as she creamed "my" dick in time with Darla's climax.

"You whore, you nasty fucking whore...cumming all over your daddy's
prick," I played the game as I collapsed on Tiff's back.

Teddy was whispering something to Darla, and she was nodding slowly,
agreeing to whatever the large man told her. I picked up the camera and
started taping again. I was right to assume our fun was over, when
Tiffany handed me my t-shirt and grabbed the camera from me.

"Get dressed for me honey," she asked politely.

I had a hard time not laughing my ass off at the absurdity of this scene.
`The whore gets turned on by watching women get dressed.' I grinned to

I removed the harness and dick ever so slowly, and made a show of licking
Tiffany's juice from the long black dildo. She seemed to really enjoy
this, asking, "Does daddy like baby's cream?" I have to admit, I did.
Her cunt flavor was truly delicious.

"Mmmmmm, I want it from the source though baby."

"Daddy will have to wait `til later because baby's pussy is all worn out,"
she teased me by opening her legs and showing me her pretty, engorged

After pulling on my t-shirt, I glanced at Darla and Teddy. Dar was still
nodding to whatever Teddy was whispering to her, but now she had a look of
fear and uncertainty on her face.

"Oh don't worry honey," the whore had followed my gaze and was watching
the large black man whispering to Darla, "he's just turning her out."

"He's what? What do you mean," I questioned.

I soon found out when another black buck entered Darla's side of the
cubicle and whipped-out his dick. Teddy pulled out of Darla's ass and
obviously commanded her to suck-off this new player...she did. Like an
obedient whore, she dropped to her knees and blew the cock before her. In
mere minutes my roommate's pretty white face and eager mouth were being
hosed-down by another heavy load of man cream.

"Damn, she must be a really great cocksucker, Sam never cums that quick,"
Tiffany said as we watched Darla scoop the jism clinging to her cheeks
into her hungry mouth.

Sam threw two, twenty dollar bills at Darla before leaving. Dar gave one
to Teddy and stuffed the other into her bra. Tiffany grinned from
ear-to-ear as he watched Darla become another of Teddy's bitches. She
knew how to suck a dick, that's for sure. Darla blew four more men--three
black and one white--after Sam left. Each time, gleefully taking the cum
shot in her mouth and splitting the forty bucks with Teddy.

"Darren was right about her," Tiff startled me a bit as she mentioned my
fuck-buddy's name.

"Huh? What? You know Darren?"

"Of course silly, he's Teddy's kid." The whore said as we watched Darla
lick the semen that had leaked from her asshole off the floor.

`Son-of-a-bitch set us up,' I was angry. But my anger faded quickly as I
saw Teddy pimp-slap Darla for a bigger cut of the money she had made as a

"She's a nasty slut, isn't she?" Tiffany seemed happy to be part of
turning a horny college girl into a paid whore.

I smiled at Tiffany, "Yeah...Yeah she is a filthy, nasty whore."

I began buckling the dildo harness around my hips.

"What? Again? I told you my pussy was worn out daddy," Tiffany protested
my renewed lust.

"I want your ass bitch. Daddy wants to fuck you in the ass," I growled
while lubing the big plastic dick jutting from my loins.

My skinny blonde whore seemed impressed by my new aggressiveness. She got
down on all fours and arched her skinny butt towards me, "Do it hard.
Really, really hard. Make me scream daddy. Make me yours."

Who was I to deny a whore a nice hard ass-fuck? She wailed as I slammed
my dick in her mushy asshole. She screamed as I pounded her butt into the
floor. And, she cried out her desire for her "daddy" to do it harder as
she climaxed from "my" mighty dick in her butthole.

I stood and commanded Tiffany to clean my cock, which she did, just as any
obedient whore would. I felt the power of penis. I now knew the mindset
of a man who possessed the staff of life...the dick of death.

`I am a goddess...I am a daddy,' I thought, as Tiffany looked up at me
submissively, `I have the power of the penis.'

"Yeah baby, lick Daddy's dick," I half sneered at the whore kneeling
before me, "suck it all nice and clean."

My only regret was that I couldn't give this slut--or other girls--the
cream. I didn't have cock juice. Tiffany lifted "my" balls and began
licking my clit, as if she understood what I was thinking.

"Give me your juice Daddy," she begged, before trying to stuff her face
into my cunt, "give me all your juice...cum on my face daddy."

Once again, I couldn't deny my slut. I was having an excellent climax in
this whore's face as the partition was closing. Darla winked at me while
trying to milk another load from another man, as I clutched Tiffany's head
in my hands and pulled her tight to my pussy.

"Suck my cunt you filthy whore," it was my turn to roar, and roar I did,
"eat my hole bitch...faster, faster...harder, harder."

Twenty minutes later Darla and I were driving towards a dyke bar that Tiff
told us about. We had a few hundred dollars worth of toys, that Teddy
gave to us (turns out he is the owner of the bookstore), Dar still had an
ass full of cum, and I was ready to fuck any girl, any time with my new

"That was so fun," Darla...whore Darla exclaimed.

"Yeah, it was," but I wasn't content to let the fun end, "Why don't you
suck my dick while I drive."

Darla was my whore now. Teddy told me I would be a great, master pimp,
and I intended proving him right. As Darla bobbed her mouth up-and-down
on my plastic prick, I thought of how exciting it will be to turn-out
other girls. To have them take my dick in whatever way I choose, and then
have them go make me my money.

`Ahhh, the power of the penis,' my mind awash in visions of debauchery,
sluts and whores.

"Suck Daddy nice baby," I told my first whore, my lover, my roommate as I
stuffed a finger in her cunt, "suck me real nice baby and I'll give you a
good, hard fuck."

Darla moaned.

`I have the power now...the power of the penis.'

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