Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boyfriend's Birthday Present

I was 19 dating a really nice guy, not the best looking guy in the world;
but he was a nice looking guy and treated me good. We had a small group of
friends that we always hung out with. We had a great sex life also, even
if he was a bit more willing to try different things in the bedroom than I

One night after sex we were talking and he told me that his biggest
fantasy was to be with two girls together and watch them fuck each other.
I was shocked; I had never heard a guy say that he really wanted to see
that. Well we didn't talk about it again after that night. Several months
later I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He told me he wanted to
see me with another girl. "You're crazy" I said shocked "I'm not into
girls". He laughed and said "please babe, for me? Try it one time, please
if you don't like it I wont bring it up ever again" I kept saying no, he
kept pleading. I have to admit though the thought was running through my
mind like a stuck record and the more I thought about it the less repulsed
by the idea I became.

Well I made up my mind; I was going to try it one time for him. But I
decided not to tell him of my decision. Now there was only one problem, I
only knew one girl who was bi, and there was no way I could ask her.
Especially after I had turned down her advances a few years back. Just
about two years prior to all this, I was at a high school football game
with my best friend Vonnie. I knew she was bi at the time, but what I
didn't know was that she wanted more from me than just friendship. She let
me know by kissing me under the bleachers at the game. I turned her down
saying thanks but no thanks. So there was no way I was going to go
crawling back to her two years later and ask her to help me.

On a night out with Vonnie I met the girl that would soon become my first
female lover. Although I didn't know it at the time. Her name was Marley,
and she was a nice looking feisty redhead. She was about 5'5 around 135
lbs. With large breasts, (I never bothered to get her measurements).
Anyway Marley came over to the table where Vonnie and I were sitting and
was speaking to Vonnie. Then Vonnie introduced us and Marley sat down and
had some drinks with us. At the end of the night I was leaving with Vonnie
when Marley stopped me for a few minutes. "Hey Laura, wait up a sec would
ya?" I stopped and turned around and waited while Marley caught up. She
asked me if she could call me sometime and maybe she and I could hang out
some. Well I had no problem with that, she was nice enough and I could
always use a new friend. So I gave her my number and left. The next
afternoon Marley called wanting to know if I wanted to go to the movies
with her. "Yea sounds like fun, what are you going to see?" I asked. She
replied "oh I don't know, we can figure that out when we get there" Well
after that afternoon trip to the movies Marley and I became friends and
hung out a good bit.

Finally one day I told her what Ethan (my boyfriend) wanted for his
birthday. She grinned and her eyes just lit up, "you know I can help you
with that, I mean if you really think you want to do it" Hesitantly I
replied "oh I don't know if I could really do that or not" Well we talked
about it for awhile and she said that she had thought that I was bi when we
first met. The more we talked the more curious I got about being with a
woman, that's when she leaned over and kissed me very gently. I started to
protest but the kiss was so soft and sweet that I found myself responding
to her kiss.

She took me by the hand and led me to her room; she had a video camera on
a tripod set up in her room. She told me that we were going to give Ethan
what he wanted. But we were going to tape our first time and give him the
tape and if he wanted more and I agreed he could have a live show. She set
up the camera up and adjusted it to cover the bed. She again took me by
the hand and led me to the bed. She sat me down on the bed and began to
strip for me. Once she was naked she began to undo my clothes, starting
with my shirt. She sat down on the bed next to me once she had me nude and
started kissing me. As we were kissing her hand was caressing my breast.
Her every touch was sending electric shocks through out my entire body.
She slowly began kissing my neck then down to my breast. I gasped when she
took a nipple in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it.

I had never felt so good having my nipples sucked. After she got one
nipple hard she started working on the other. Gently sucking and licking
my sensitive nipple. While she was doing this her hand had slid down to my
mound. I spread my legs to give her access to my pussy; which was getting
wetter by the minute. She rubbed the outside of my swelling sex; the she
laid me back on the bed and kissed her way down my body. I moaned when I
felt her tongue run across my pussy lips. She started licking just the
outside of my lips then just up and down the slit, but not delving into it.
After a few minutes of this she spread my lips and started licking inside
my pussy for the first time. Looking up at me and smiling she purred
"mmmmmm girl you taste soooo good" She started barely licking my ever
hardening clit. It felt so good; I could not believe the difference
between her eating me; and Ethan eating me. She was so attentive and
seemed to know all the right spots. I knew I was getting close to cumming
I could feel it building. All of a sudden Marley flipped around and puts
her puss right in my face. I was unsure of what to do where to start. So
I just reached up grabbed her butt and pulled her down and spread her pussy
lips and started licking. After a few minutes I found her clit and started
sucking on it. This brought an appreciative moan from Marley. Meanwhile I
was getting closer by the second to my orgasm. I felt Marley slide a
finger into my wet, hot, wanting love box. She started pumping me, which
caused me to arch my back and hips. Soon she had slid another finger into
me and was pumping harder and faster with each stroke. When she bit down
hard on my clit I felt my orgasm roar through me like a runaway freight

I had never felt such an orgasm in my life; I had never been a screamer in
bed but that night I screamed like it was my last night alive. It wasn't
long before Marley came. When she came she covered my face with sweet
sticky cum it was wonderful. Marley came up and kissed me and we lay side
by side recovering. After a few minutes Marley stopped recording and gave
me the tape. I showered and went home and called Ethan. I told him that I
had his birthday present, and would give it to him the next night after
dinner. The next night after we had dinner we went to his place and I put
the tape in the VCR. When the tape came on he saw Marley stripping then
saw her and I having sex. He said nothing throughout the whole tape, when
it was over he kissed me and said when can I see this live? I laughed and
told him I'd call Marley tomorrow.

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