Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boyfriend's Birthday Present 2

The next day I called Marley and asked her to meet for lunch. I was
nervous, wasn't sure exactly how to ask her. Marley saved me from having to

"I know why you asked me here," she said.

"You do?" I asked shocked

"Yes. You showed Ethan the tape and he wants to see the live version. Am
I right?"

"Yea... he also said he wants to join us... if that's alright with you"

"Oh that's fine, but I get you first...he can have my sloppy seconds."

I blushed so red that I'm sure my face looked as if a can of red paint
had exploded on me. So Marley and I finished lunch and made our plans. We
decided to wait till the next weekend, so we could all have time to make
sure we wanted to do this. So the next weekend got here and Marley showed
up at the agreed upon time. The three of us had some drinks and sat around
and chatted for awhile. While we were talking Ethan put the tape back
in...Saying that it was time to get things started. We watched the tape in
silence. Ethan was the first to break the silence.

"Laura why don't you and Marley just pretend I'm not here and reenact
the tape for me."

I looked over at Marley nervously; she just grinned and kissed me.

She whispered in my ear..."don't worry doll"

And with that said she kissed me again and started running her hands up
and down my body. Her right hand was at the back of my head pulling me
closer into our kiss, while her free hand was moving up between my
spreading legs. Before long Marley and I were nude and kissing on Ethan's
couch. Marley laid me back and started kissing her way down my body. Then
she stopped, she stood up and looked at me and said.

"Don't move, ill be right back." then she looked over at Ethan and said
"don't you dare touch her."

She walked into the kitchen and when she returned she had something
wrapped in a kitchen towel. She sat down beside me and unwrapped the towel;
in the towel was an ice cube. She put it in between her lips and slowly
slid it down the valley between my breasts. The ice cube was sending
shivers up and down my spine and her hands that were massaging my breasts
was just adding to the shivers. She moved and took one nipple in her mouth
with the ice cube, wow what a sensation...a hot mouth with a cold ice cube
on an erect nipple. Before the ice cube could melt Marley moved to the
other nipple and ran the ice cube around it. She then started trailing the
ice cube down my nude body with her lips slightly brushing my skin. Before
she reached my mound she turned to Ethan.

"Go get me a bowl of ice and bring the can of whip cream too."

When Ethan left the room she turned her attention back to me.

"Now lets move your sexy ass to the bedroom."

We went to the bedroom and Ethan came in with the bowl of ice and the
can of whip cream. Marley then told him to bring her the bag from the
living room, when he returned with the bag she reached inside and brought
out a pair of handcuffs and told Ethan to strip and lie on the bed next to
me. Once he was on the bed she cuffed him to the headboard, telling him
that if he was a good little boy and obeyed our every command that he would
get a treat.

"The rules are simple Ethan, one; you don't make a sound, two; you don't
cum until I tell you to, three; you will address me as Mistress Marley from
here on out... Do you understand?"


"Yes?? Yes what slave?"

"Yes Mistress Marley."

While this was taking place I was watching with a slightly sadistic smile
on my face, that is till Marley turned to me. She turned to me and with an
evil grin on her face she said...

"And just what are you smiling at?"

She picked up the can of whip cream and covered my both my nipples and
my pussy. Then she told me to sit up and go over and put a nipple in
Ethan's mouth, and let him suck it clean. I did as she said and put my
nipple in Ethan's mouth.

"Ethan I don't want to see any whip cream left on her nipple, lick it
all off." He licked my nipple for a few minutes before Marley pulled me
away from him and examined my nipple.

"Oh you bad slave, you left some cream on her nipple. I guess I will
have to show you how it's done. Now watch carefully and I'll show you how
to do it right."

She leaned in and took my still covered nipple in her mouth and licked
it clean, then turned me towards Ethan and said..

"Now slave that's how you lick a nipple." Marley then told me to spread
my legs for her, I did as she said and she proceeded to lick the whip cream
from my legs and cunt. It felt heavenly; I told her I wanted to cum, that I
needed to cum

. "Soon sexy soon."

Marley kept licking and tongue fucking me till I was almost to the point
of climax, then she clamped down on my clit with her teeth and held tight
while my body shook and convulsed with my orgasm. I fell back on the bed
sweating and breathing fast and hard. She came and laid next to me and
asked me how I liked that, all I could do is smile and nod my approval. She
soon turned to Ethan...

"So tell me slave... did you enjoy watching me eat your girlfriends

" Yes Mistress Marley I did, very much"

With Ethan still cuffed to the bed Marley and I went and showered. When
we came back she announced it was Ethan's turn to cum since he had been
such a good boy, and obeyed her rules. She uncuffed him but told him not to
touch us until she told him so. He lay there a few minutes rubbing his sore

"Laura, be a dear and grab that can of whip cream and see if there is
anymore in it"

I tested it, "Nope empty"

"Well I guess we will have to see what else we can have fun with
then. Come on Laura let's see what else is in the fridge. Oh Ethan, don't

We went into the kitchen and looked around and didn't find anything, on
the way back to the room Marley got an idea.

"Let's shave him"

"Huh?, shave him?"

"Yea, lets shave his balls."

"You're kidding right?"

"Nope completely serious"

We went into the bathroom and got the necessary supplies, and returned to
the bedroom where Marley announced that we were going to shave him. Ethan
was to say the least put off by the thought...until Marley talked him into
it. Just as Marley was about to start shaving him I got an idea

. "Hey Marley, I have an idea...lets take him and cuff him to the rail in
the closet. What do you think?"

"Ooo...I love the way you think girl." "Ok slave on your feet" Marley

Ethan did as he was told and got off the bed and awaited further
instructions. Marley told him to go to the closet and open the door and
wait for us. Again Ethan did as he was told; this was all very surprising
to me...Ethan had always been the type of guy that was always in control.

Soon Ethan was standing at the closet waiting for Mistress Marley's next
command. Marley and I got off the bed and walked towards Ethan. I pushed
the clothes back and cuffed him to the rail. Then Marley decided to
blindfold him, she grabbed one of his ties from the closet and tied it
securely around his eyes. After we checked to make sure he couldn't see, we
went into the living room where we decided to torture Ethan a lil bit. We
took the tape and took it into the bedroom and put it into the VCR and
turned on the TV...we left the room with the tape playing and Ethan cuffed
to the closet rail. After about 10 mins we went back in and proceeded to
first trim Ethan's pubic hair with the scissors then to shave him. It was
quite a task as he kept squirming.

While Marley was shaving him, i started teasingly licking his
dick. Finally we were done with the shave and we wiped up the excess shave
cream and rubbed his now bare pubic area with some hand and body lotion. We
rewound the tape and left it playing while we left the room again. Once we
were in the living room Marley and I started kissing. It wasn't long before
we were in a 69 and making each other moan with intense pleasure. She was
sucking hard on my clit and pumping 2 fingers in and out of me, while I was
doing the same to her. I could feel my orgasm rising up in me. When Marley
bit down hard on my clit I came in a tidal wave of cum and lust. Feeling me
cum Marley let go with her own orgasm. She was screaming and moaning at the
top of her lungs calling my name.

When we finished we went back to the room to see Ethan with a raging
hardon with copious amounts of precum leaking from the head. We decided to
not torture him much longer and we both dropped to our knees and started
licking and sucking his raging hardon. We would take turns, one sucking
his dick the other licking his balls. Marley and I never spoke a word so
he would'nt know who was doing what to him.

After about 10 mins of this Ethan shot three huge spurts of hot sticky
cum on our faces. We uncuffed him and took his blindfold off and led him to
the bed. We let him rest for a few mins before we started sucking and
licking him again. Soon he was hard and ready to go again, I straddled him
and eased myself down onto him, while Marley lowered herself on to his
While I was riding Ethan's nice 8-inch cock, he grabbed my hips to help
get a rhythm going. I could feel him driving deep into my steaming hot
pussy. I could hear Marley moaning as his tongue worked it's magic on her
clit. All this was going on and was driving me over the edge.

Finally I couldn't take it any longer, my orgasm took over my body and I
heard a low throaty scream escape my lips. My cum flowed out of me and onto
Ethan cock and now bare crotch. I sat down on his cock while I came down
from my orgasm and watched as he ate Marley to a major climax. Soon Ethan
grabbed my hips and held me tight and started to fuck me again he was
pounding into me like a man gone mad. Then he thrust up into me one final
time, and I felt his dick head pulse. Then I felt him squirt my insides
with his cum. Soon afterwards Marley announced she was cumming. As she came
I could see her juices flowing over Ethan's chin. We all collapsed into a
sweaty pile of naked flesh, relaxing and enjoying the post orgasmic bliss.

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