Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have a position at a major utility company in
Pittsburgh Pa. I work in Computer Technology, but I
won't bore you with the details of my job, but I will
tell you about what keeps me there.

I work in a work environment where the entire project
area is open, no cubes and you can just turn around
and see almost everyone on our project. There is also
a set of offices on the other side of the floor for
the Internal Auditing group. There are two specific
individuals, which I find very interesting as well as
extremely hot!!

One person that works directly in my group is Mark N
and the other person works in the auditing group, his
name is Roger S. Now Mark is working on the financial
aspect of this billing project I am on. We are both
contractors to this utility company. Roger, on the
other hand is an employee for the utility company
we're working for. Neither Mark nor I report to Roger;
however both of us have some interaction with him.

I'll describe both of them, but I'll start with Roger
first. Roger is about 38 years old, blackish short
hair, about 5' 10", nice build, very attractive
married guy with two kids. Roger has sort of a slender
build and from under his suits he seems very well
built. Not big, but he would be the type to eat what
is only good for you and be very regimented about what
he did and how much he worked out. Roger first caught
my eye a few times he would go to the other side of
the floor to discuss things with Mark. He always wore
dark suits that really made him stand out. Roger is
definitely a looker and I'm sure he turns a lot of
folk's heads when he walks past. Twice I've been lucky
enough to work on a Saturday (yeah!) and Roger came
into work in jeans. He has an unbelievable,
incredibly, nice, firm looking, small and great shaped
ass! This guy can fill a pair of 30 jeans like no one
else ever could from the back and an extremely gifted
package packed in the front!! Trust me on this one. He
has an ass I would kill to bury my face in for months
without coming up for air! To eat his ass would be
something I could only dream about. He's the type of
guy you would imagine completely naked; very long
slender cock with a dense patch of black pubic hair.

A lot of times I would see Roger in the men's room. He
would either just be coming in or just finishing up
taking a piss when I would walk in. Roger is the type
of guy that unloosens his belt, unbuttons his suit
pants and pulls down his white briefs, just to take a
piss. I never minded because that was always something
I could look at, while I was talking with him and he
was finishing his piss. There was a small partition
between the urinals, but whenever Roger was pulling up
his pants and tucking in, he would step away from the
partition and he was facing my direction. Whenever he
would first come over to piss, he would fully open his
pants up and you could see him reach down in to pull
his cock out! When he was done, he would always turn
around, tuck everything back in, including his shirt,
straightening out his briefs, button his pants and
tighten his belt! My cock ALWAYS stood straight up
when he was doing this, as I stated we would always
talk while he was tucking himself in. I never got to
see exactly what type of white briefs he wore, but it
was enough for me to talk to him as he was facing me
and looking down as well as knowing he wears white

I got a great view of his crotch as well as all of the
black hair that was around his crotch area. Roger
definitely filled out his briefs! Many times I
fantasized about this man while he was finishing up! I
would have swapped places with his wife anytime,
anyplace, anywhere! That's also a nice addition to my
story, the fact that he is married. To me, nothing is
hotter than getting a straight guy to blow his load
down your throat. The entire time a straight guy is
blowing a load down my throat I think about them
fucking their wives and cumin inside of them. I love
that thought! Over the period of a few months I would
say I run into him about 3 times a week in the
bathroom. I also love washing my hands while he is
standing at the urinal pissing and we are talking. I
can take in that great view of masculinity while he is
taking a piss. Not to mention when I am washing my
hands and he finishes up, when he turns around I have
a great view in the mirror from start to finish! I
know Roger has caught me checking him out more times
than not! Sometimes he gets a little strange and
doesn't talk to me as much in the halls, but what do I
care. Knowing someone thinks you're hot should be a
compliment to them! I've walked behind Roger enough
times to feel my cock get as hard as it can and there
have been many times I've come back to my desk and my
boxers have a nice wet feeling in them! What can I
say, there is just something about this guy and I'm
sure you'd agree.

Now Mark is sort of another story. Mark used to be
married, he has three kids and he has been divorced
from his wife for a few years now. He sees his kids on
the weekends, but there is just something about Mark!
Mark is in his mid 30's, light brown hair, about 5'
9", always works out but he is not a body builder, but
he is in great shape! Mark is definitely nice to look
at, I would say he is attractive, but I like guys with
dark hair more, but Mark is someone I could watch and
have watched most of the day! He has a nice ass,
bigger than Rogers, but nice and firm. He has a small
tight waist and you can definitely tell the dude has
no fat on his body. Mark is also the kind of guy that
doesn't know, but he wears pants and jeans that are
just tight enough in the right places to leave a nice
outline. My favorite is when he wears these khaki
pants that are fairly light in color. Sometimes he'll
lean against something and you can really tell exactly
where his cock is. He definitely shows a nice bulge in
his pants most of the time when he's working. I know
Mark well enough to know he doesn't pay attention to
that, but I'm glad he's the kind of person that
wouldn't notice something like that! Makes it nice for

Anyhow, I am almost 99.9% position that Mark is gay or
bi. He is always checking me out every time I go past
his work area, his head ALWAYS turns and he is always
checking me out. Now Mark is really a great guy! We've
talked before but not in great detail. You can tell he
is definitely interested, but something is holding him
back. I think it probably has to do with his kids, him
not knowing for sure what sex he is interested in,
etc. I do know that he had a very close friend when he
lived in California. Mark has made references to a
person by the name of Jake once or twice. Mark does
NOT volunteer ANY information, nor will he pursue
conversation that is based on his sexual preference,
but based on what Mark does answer to and say, the
dude is very unsure of who he is and what he wants!
Anyhow that doesn't matter since Mark is a great guy
and really great to look at! I won't go into any
specifics but we did go to a concert one night. He
drank so much we couldn't wake him up. I held him very
tight around the waist so he wouldn't fall over and
while I was holding him, all I could think about was
bending him over and fucking him as hard as I could. I
also wanted to reach around and feel him out under his
jacket, but that was before I knew how serious his
condition was. But rest assured, Mark is fine now. I
just wished he didn't pass out. At the concert that
night when Mark went to the bathroom, I knew he was
feeling pretty good and I was thinking about following
him into the bathroom. I was hoping he would of taken
a stall towards the back. I could have walked into the
stall right behind him and I think he would of let me
hang out in the stall with him. I had some awesome
fantasizes about him blowing me and me feeling him up
in the bathroom stall, but that didn't happen.

Now getting to the meat of my story. One day while I
was working I had to get up and pick up some things
from the printer. When I go to the printer I walk
right past Mark's cube. This day I noticed that Roger
was stopping by Mark's cube quite a few times. I
didn't mind since Roger was always someone I enjoyed
checking out and Roger with Mark would have been a
dream come true! The two of them together, Roger
fucking Mark and Mark getting face fucked by Roger
were two things I definitely thought a lot about.
Anyhow when I walked over to the printer as I walked
past Mark's cube, all I could see was Roger standing
there, back towards me, Mark couldn't be seen and
Roger had his suit jacket on and his left hand was in
his pocket and the jacket was extended to Roger's left
side. It seemed natural, but it just seemed strange to
see Roger like that. I didn't think anything of it and
once I picked up my print outs and walked back past
Mark's cube, Roger was standing there standing
sideways and they were talking. Again I didn't think
anything of it and I just kept walking by. As I
approach my cube, my fantasy flashed before me and I
couldn't get to my cube fast enough before I cock
sprung out in plain view! I was slightly embarrassed,
but believe me; I was enjoying the thoughts of
watching the two of them.

I couldn't leave well enough alone so I went to the
other side of the cubicle wall from Mark's cube, just
to see if I could hear anything. They were talking
about financial audits; the new software program and I
heard some laughing, which seems a little odd in the
middle of business talk. I stayed there for a little
while, it was getting close to 5:30pm and everyone was
gone except for a handful of us.

The longer I listened the less I heard. It seemed like
they quit talking all together but there was something
definitely going on. To the side of the cube where I
was at, you could bearly see through the breaks in the
partition walls, but you could see a little. When I
looked through I thought I saw a hand on Roger's suit
pants. So I moved a little more to the left and cocked
my head a little and I could plainly see some of
Mark's hand starting to unzip Rogers's pants. I was
thinking, no fucking way! Something I thought about
this entire past year, I knew I wasn't crazy. But I
could see it. I also saw Marks hand inside of Rogers's
pants and you could see his hand moving around. I knew
he must have been rubbing Rogers cock to get it hard.
Then I saw Mark take his hand out of Rogers's pants
and firmly feel the outline of his cock. From the
looks of things I would say Roger was packin a good 7"
hard. Mark was rubbing back and forth and then the
next thing you know is I saw Roger reach into his
zipper and slowly pull his fucking rock hard cock out.
I couldn't believe my eyes!! His cock was fully erect,
pulled out from his zipper and you could even see a
fairly large patch of black pubic hair around his
cock. Next thing you know, Mark pushes his chair aside
and gets on his knees. By this time I assume everyone
is gone and Mark and Roger probably assume no one is
watching them. I just couldn't fucking believe my
eyes! Rogers fully erect cock, standing about 8-1/2",
straight out through his zipper and some precum
leaking from the head...

I see Mark get on his knees and Roger is facing Mark
and from the direction I am looking I could see the
side of Mark and Roger, so the view couldn't get any
better than that! Mark is slowly sucking Roger's cock,
starting at the very tip and taking his entire cock
down deep into Mark's throat. Mark took the entire
thing all the way down. I love seeing a guys mouth
wide open, full of cock all the way down to the pubic
hair. Mark was loving every single minute and every
single inch of Roger's thick fucking cock, the same
cock he uses to fuck his wife with! I never saw anyone
deep throat like that. Mark was going up and down, up
and down, without breathe, like he hasn't tasted a
cock as good as Roger's for years and years. Which I
can believe, because Roger's cock really looks about
8-1/2" long, thickest cock I've ever seen and nicely
shaped! Roger has to be proud of his fuck stick as I
know he is really enjoying the blowjob that Mark is
giving him. Roger is now working up some motion and
Roger grabs Mark by the sides of his head and is now
starting to face fuck him like there is no tomorrow.
Saliva and precum are running out of the sides of
Mark's mouth and it seems like Mark can barely keep
up, but Mark doesn't stop! No way! Roger is slamming
his cock down Marks throat and it looks like Roger
might be getting close to blowing a load down Mark's
throat. I decide to venture over to where they're at,
so I go quietly around the corner to the other side. I
can see Roger's back to me and I can plainly see Mark
kneeling on the floor and I didn't realize but Mark is
playing with his rock hard cock. Holy shit, Mark's
cock is about 6-1/2 to 7" and his cock is beer can thick!
Mark also has a mushroom type head on his cock, which
I love sucking almost more than anything else. Mark is
slowing stroking his cock, but it really looks like
Roger is ready to blow his load. Roger just said when
he blows his load, he wants to pull out of Mark's
mouth and watch his cum fly into Mark's mouth. All of
a sudden Roger pulls out and one hand is on his cock
and Roger's other hand is on Marks forehead as he
holds Marks head firmly and sprays his load of cum all
over Marks face and I do mean all over. Roger kept
jerking his cock and more and more cum was spraying
from the tip of his cock, all over Marks face. Then
Roger takes his still hard cock and rubs it over Marks
face to clean up the cum and then he feeds his cock
back into Marks mouth. Mark is almost gagging now and
tears are filling his eyes as Roger shoves his entire
hard cock back into Marks mouth and all the way down
Marks throat. Roger is still hard and I think he wants
to get off yet again as now he is face fucking Mark
again, while Mark has cum drying all over his face.
This is so great to watch, I see huge gobs of cum
lying all over Marks face and dripping off of his
chin. Mark is really into it, as he takes every single
inch that Roger feeds him....

I will continue this story in the very near future.
Let me know what you think! I am really into straight
guys that love getting their cock sucked by another
guy or anyone that is willing to take their load..

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