Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fearless Director

The address for the party was in a suburban subdivision, but the it was
a large brick home on a huge lot. Cars were parked up and down both
sides of the street. I found a place half a block down, turned off the
engine and set the emergency brake. Grabbing my chips, dip, and diet
Pepsi, I locked the door and headed toward the house.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this bunch. I'd been involved with
lots of theater groups over the years, both in college and afterwards;
but I had just moved here, and this was my first foray into community
theater in this town. The Gaslight Players only performed melodramas
and turn-of-the-century period pieces. They seemed like a fun group of
people, but I'd only seen them in rehearsal. Now I'd find out.

I rang the bell, and Sally, the hostess, answered the door. She gave
me a big hug, and pointed toward the kitchen telling me that I could put
my things down in there. Walking down the hallway, I could hear
familiar voices coming from the kitchen. A group of four people were
grazing at the counter when I walked in. The two women were cast
members and introduced me to their boyfriends, who set their drinks down
to shake my hand.

Sally, bounced into the room and chirped, "Oh, I see the introductions
have already been made. Good. Now get yourselves out to the bath house
and change into your suits. If anyone didn't bring one, there are
extras out there." Taking my grocery bag from me and leading the way
through the French doors, Sally took us out to the backyard patio and
pool area.

Most of the rest of the cast members and tech crew, along with assorted
spouses, partners, and friends, were either in the pool playing with a
beach ball or sitting in chairs around the pool eating barbecued ribs
and potato salad. Craig, the director of our rendition of "The
Drunkard," was wearing a red, white, and blue striped speedo and a big
white chef's hat. He stood at the barbecue grill alternately turning
ribs with one hand and drinking from a Corona bottle held in the other.
It was a warm night, and everyone seemed comfortable in their swim

The whole backyard was beautifully landscaped around the pool, and
hidden lights gave a sort of fairyland look to the place. I quickly
spied the bath house with it's two doors marked, respectively, "Gulls"
and "Buoys." Greeting a few people along the way, I headed into the
bath house to change.

Clothing hung from pegs on the wall and lay scattered across wooden
benches. Shoes and socks had been kicked underneath the benches, and
the whole place was not unlike the dressing room at the theater except
for the chrome drain plate in the middle of the floor. Pulling my own
black speedo out of my pocket, I quickly stripped and then squirmed into
my suit. Grabbing a towel from the shelf by the door, I headed back to
the pool to see what the night would bring.

A few ribs and a couple of bottles of brew later, I was ready to get
down to business. When you're with a group of actors, you have to
remember that it's a giant mixing pot of huge, and often, fragile egos.
Afraid to show the world who we really are, we tend to try on different
masks for size and expose that side of ourselves to anybody who will
play voyeur for us. The best part is that people actually pay money for
the opportunity to watch us expose ourselves. Now, the trick was to
allow us to expose ourselves to one another, both figuratively and

Because we all want to be constantly in the limelight, we tend to play a
continuous game of one-upmanship. So my job was to make a challenge
that no one else could refuse. Needless to say, that didn't take long
to accomplish.

"Okay, you guys," I yelled out in my best booming baritone, "I'm the new
kid on the block, and I want to get to know all of you better. What do
you say we jump in the pool and start a little game of Truth or Dare?
To get the game rolling, I'll take the first dare."

In seconds, everyone was in the pool, and Sally shouted out, "Well, Mr.
New Kid on the Block, I dare you to take off you little black speedo and
walk around the perimeter of the pool."

Hmmm, I thought to myself, that didn't take as long as I anticipated. I
expected this southern group of thespians to politely use a few dares
before warming up to total nudity, but what the heck. I'll expose my
naked body to anyone who wants to look anytime they want to look. So
without any hesitation, I heaved myself out of the pool, stood dripping
on the sidewalk, faced my peering peers, and pulled my speedo down past
my knees.

There were a few audible gasps. I'm not sure if they were due to my
complete lack of tan lines or whether they were in appreciation for my
family genes. At any rate, I began to arise to the occasion as I
stepped out of my speedo and threw it onto one of the nearby chaises.
Then I began to slowly walk around the pool, making sure that my manhood
bounced as much as possible.

When I had completed my dare everyone in the pool began to clap, so I
did what any actor would do and took a full bow from the waist. Then,
as I walked around to the shallow end steps and got back into the pool,
Sally announced that it was my turn to ask someone whether they wanted
truth or dare. So I asked Sally. She blushed, giggled, and said,

At that instant, everyone in the pool booed the poor woman, and she
began to blush even further. This was going to be even easier than I
had thought. So I asked her a simple question: "If you could choose
anyone in the pool except your husband to make passionate love to you,
who would it be?"

Once the clamor over my straight-forward question had died down, Sally
swallowed hard and answered, "I suppose it would be Craig." Then she
leaned back in the pool, immersing her head in the water and lifting it
out again. After brushing her hair back with her hands, she took the
hand of her husband, Keith, and pulled him in close to her.

After everyone in the pool had looked enviously at Craig, all eyes
focused on Sally, knowing that it was now her turn to choose someone
else. Seemingly composed, now, Sally asked Maggie, our plump costume
mistress, if she wanted truth or dare. Maggie replied that she wanted a
question, so Sally asked, "How many men have you ever had sex with?"

Without hesitation, Maggie blurted out, "Four." Again there was
applause and cheering, and Maggie simply raised her arm out of the water
and gave a royal wave to the masses as if she were Elizabeth II. Then,
as soon as the cheering had died down, Maggie called on Craig, and he
requested a dare. Without a single flinch, Maggie calmly said, "Take
Sally's bikini off of her while she stands on the diving board."

There was a unison gasp, dead silence, and then the clear, resonant
voice of our director. "Keith, what do you have to say about this?"

Keith looked at his wife, and then turned to face Craig. "I say that a
game is a game, and as long as everyone follows the rules anything
goes." He then put his hands around his wife's waist and lifted her out
of the water and sat her down on the side of the pool.

Sally was shaking her head, but knew that she could not back down in
front of this group, especially now that her husband had given his
blessing to the dare. Slowly, and with great dignity, Craig ascended
the steps to the side of the pool and moved to where Sally sat
dripping. With a big flourish, he offered her his hand and helped her
up. Then the two of them began to promenade toward the diving board as
if they were approaching the throne during a coronation ceremony.

All eyes were glued on the two of them as they moved around the pool. I
could feel my cock getting harder with no speedo to restrain it. When
they arrived at the diving board, Craig again offered Sally his hand and
held her steady as she stepped up onto the board. Following her lead,
Craig moved with her to the end of the diving board, and everyone waited
in anticipation. You could feel the sexual tension in the air as the
damsel awaited her sacrifice before the voyeuristic crowd below her.

As we all watched breathlessly, Craig untied the top of Sally's bikini.
Pulling hard on the ties, he kept his hands behind her and above her
head, showing us that they were untied, but keeping her covered. Then
he directed her to lift her arms above her head, which she did
obediently. With a flip of his wrists, Craig threw the ties forward,
and Sally's top flew into the water below them. A couple of guys
spontaneously blurted out, "YES!" Otherwise, the crowd was quiet and
anticipating Craig's next directorial move.

Suddenly, I felt something brush against my ass, and I turned my head to
see if I had bumped into someone while watching the show on the diving
board. As I turned, I realized that Keith was standing directly behind
me, and I quietly said, "Sorry."

"No problem," he replied. So I turned back around to see what Craig was
going to do next. Then I felt Keith's torso come flush with my back,
and I must have tensed. With a whisper into my left ear, Keith said,
"Just be still, and you're going to enjoy this. I saw the way you've
been looking at Craig's basket all evening. What you'd really like to
see is my wife strip off Craig's speedo. But don't worry, you're going
to get to enjoy something just as nice." Then I felt Keith rubbing his
stiff cock up and down the length of my ass crack.

Sally was not the brightest woman I'd ever met, but this husband of hers
put two and two together really fast. Not wanting to attract attention
by saying anything, I simply took a step to the side with my right foot
to open up the space between my legs. Still whispering into my ear,
Keith said, "That's a good boy. Just relax and watch the show up there
on the diving board."

Craig was now fondling Sally's bare breasts, and it was obvious from
their perkiness that she was enjoying his attention. Her nipples
quickly became hard, and Craig began to twist them between his thumbs
and index fingers. As I looked around the pool, I could see that most
people were nonchalantly reaching inside their own swim suits as our
little diving board drama unfolded.

It was difficult to tell whether the moans I was hearing were emanating
from Sally or her guests in the pool. However there was no mistaking
the feel of Keith's left hand encircling my fully erect penis and
stroking it, while his right hand continuing to rub his cock up and down
my ass crack, stopping from time to time to apply pressure to my

Meanwhile, up on the diving board, Craig was running his hands up and
down Sally's thighs while leaning his head over her shoulder and
nibbling on her ear lobe. The surface of the water in the pool had
become slightly choppy even though the wind was at a dead standstill.

As Craig continued to rub Sally's thighs and fondle her breasts and
nips, Keith was continuing to stroke my cock and probe my ass crack.
Occasionally, he would reach between my legs and pull on my sac or press
his fingers on that erogenous area between my sac and my asshole. When
Craig's hands began to go inside Sally's bikini bottom, Keith inserted a
finger into my hole and stuck his hot tongue into my left ear at the
same time. I thought I was going to cum, but he stopped stroking and
cupped my balls instead.

For a long time, Craig ran his hands in and out of Sally's suit,
sometimes entering from the front through the leg holes, and sometimes
entering the back from the waist. Then, after entering the front, he
lifted his finger to Sally's mouth. Without any instruction or
reluctance, she licked her own juices from his finger. He then brought
his other wet hand up to her nipples and lubricated them before tugging
on them again.

As the diving board show continued, Keith managed to get two fingers
into my ass for a nice little prostate massage, and I had to strain with
all my might to remain silent. Precum was oozing from my cockhead, and
my balls were beginning to retract as Keith continued to probe my body
with his hands, fingers and tongue. As I looked around the pool, no one
seemed to have noticed what was going on between the two of us. They
all seemed to be oblivious to everyone else as they approached their own

Finally, the moment we'd all been awaiting came. Craig, with both hands
in the waistband of Sally's suit, was obviously fingering her cunt.
Then he simply placed his hands against her thighs and slid them down
her legs to her ankles as his wrists pulled the bottoms to her feet. As
Sally stepped out of her suit, Craig deftly threw them into the pool and
then rose to his feet, turning Sally around to face him as he stood up
and backed up on the diving board to the more stable end of it.

Grabbing her waist as Keith had done when he lifted her out of the pool,
Craig lifted Sally until her crotch met his and her legs wrapped around
his waist. As we all watched, Sally leaned backward while Craig pulled
his fully erect cock out of his speedo and pushed it into her lubricated
pussy. At that same moment, Keith shoved his cock into my ass, and I
thought I was going to faint from all the sensory input I was receiving.

As Craig fucked Sally on the diving board, her husband pounded his
manhood in and out of my ass while the rest of us continued masturbating
ourselves oblivious to anything but our own pleasure. In a matter of
moments everyone was moaning, and bodily fluids were floating freely
throughout the pool.

After the ecstasy of our simultaneous orgasms had passed, and all of us
were returning to our senses, Craig, our fearless director broke the
silence by asking, "Keith, truth or dare?"

Keith's simple and clear response was, "Honey, you get the massage oils
and I'll spread the plastic sheet on the living room floor. It's time
for all of us to go inside."

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