Wednesday, April 8, 2009

getting bi without you

Oliver got the shock of his life when he woke up one morning. He found that
his wife had walked out on him. A short note lay on the kitchen table
telling him that she would not be coming back. And Oliver had no idea that
she had been unhappy with their marriage.

After he got over the shock he tried to get on with his life. The thing he
found hardest was the lack of sex. He had always had a highly charged sex
drive and the lack of sex now was driving him to distraction. He wanked off
to try relieve the pressure in his huge balls, but it wasn't quite the

And then one day he found a solution. A new colleague at work invited him
round to supper. Toby has a handsome man in his late forties, with dark
hair and sky blue eyes. His wife Rose was as pretty and dainty as Toby was
rugged and handsome. They both made Oliver feel very welcome in their home
and sympathised with him over the break up of his marriage.

The trio enjoyed a good meal with fine red wine. As the evening wore on
they all felt relaxed and happy in each other's company. Toby suggested
they take another bottle of red wine into the living room. As it was
Saturday the next day Oliver was more than happy to agree. Rose told them
to go on ahead as she had a few chores to take care of.

Oliver and Toby went in to the living room where Toby showed his guest his
vintage model car collection. Oliver imagined that Toby was brushing up
against him, but he couldn't be sure. If he was, perhaps it was just the
drink talking. Trouble was, Oliver was so horny that any contact felt
good. He had never been with another man, hadn't even considered it until
now. He wondered what it would be like. All his buddies joked about it,
making out like it was so disgusting, but was it really, he wondered.

And then Toby just came out and said it. He told Oliver he wanted to suck
his cock. Oliver blushed a deep red and didn't know what to say. He
stammered and flustered and didn't actually say anything. Suddenly the door
opened and Rose walked in wearing a sexy see through nightie. Oliver's eyes
were out on stalks. His cock, already a little hard at what Toby had said
to him, now tented his chinos.

'I'll trade you.' said Toby. 'A piece of your cock for a piece of that

'It's a deal.' replied Oliver. He was so horned up he could hardly talk

Toby wrapped his arms around Oliver in a bear hug and Rose came to join
them. She pressed herself against Oliver's back and he could feel her pert
tits pushing into him. This forced his hard cock to mash into Toby's firm
flesh. Oliver's face and neck were still flushed; his senses were spinning,
and he knew he was about to lose control. For a few short second he debated
getting back in control but then decided to abandon himself to this sexy

Oliver closed his eyes and felt Toby kissing his eyelids, his eyebrows,
licking across his forehead and down his cheeks. It felt so incredibly
good; he wondered why he had never asked his wife to try this. And then
Toby's tongue entered his mouth. For the briefest moment Oliver resisted,
reminding himself that Toby was another man, but then he abandoned himself
to the urgency of that kiss. Never in his whole life had Oliver felt as
wanted and desired as he did then. And after the low of being dumped it was
what he needed.

Rose brought her fingers round Oliver's chest and started toying with his
nipples through the fabric of his shirt. Her long nails soon teased them
into erection. Oliver reached back and slipped his hand into Rose's
panties. Her pubic hairs were damp and he soon found her love slot; it too
was wet with desire. He slid a finger into her and groaned out loud. It was
his first contact with pussy in ages and he had missed it sorely.

Toby now moved to undoing Oliver's shirt. He ran his hands across Oliver's
smooth chest and belly before getting down on his knees and undoing his
belt. Oliver looked down to see his chinos dropping to the floor. Toby
pulled down his underpants and Oliver's beautiful cock and heavy balls
swung free. Oliver was glad that Rose was standing behind him because he
just about passed out at the first contact of cock and mouth. He had no
idea that a blowjob could be so good. As his slender cut cock head slipped
into that warm, experienced mouth he understood that he had been missing
something all his life. Toby's used both hands to play with Oliver's large,
smooth sperms sacks.

Rose ran her hands down Oliver's sides and he shivered with pleasure. It
was as if every single inch of his skin was discovering sex anew. Each and
every nerve tingled and was alive to possibility and pleasure. She played
with his flat belly and then gripped the root of his man flesh as he
husband worked on its tip. Oliver saw Toby's lips moved down the length of
his cock until they met Rose's hand and his knees buckled. If Toby didn't
stop soon he was going to blow.

'I'm really close.' Oliver whispered urgently.

Toby just increased the pressure of his sucking and second later Oliver
blew off a heavy load of warm ball juice into Toby's mouth. Toby came off
Oliver's cock licking his lips.

Rose moved over to kiss Toby. Oliver watched as Toby's hands dipped into
her panties and she tugged at his clothes. They were both soon naked and
Toby picked Rose up and lowered her onto his fat cock. The sight of that
thick, reddish brown weapon disappearing into that slick pink pussy got
Oliver hard again. He went and stood behind Rose and supported her weight
so that Toby could fuck. Toby's low hanging balls bounced up and down on
Oliver's cock head as he fucked. Rose leaned back into Oliver for a
kiss. Kissing Rose was every bit as exciting as kissing her husband had
been. Seeing the two of them being intimate like that got to Toby and he
soon spunked off inside Rose's quim.

Rose lay down on the carpet and Oliver got down between her legs. Her pussy
was one of the most beautiful he had ever seen: lovely full lips and
delicate pink of colour with a pronounced clit. He buried his face in her
golden curls and started giving her a tongue bath. She sighed as he worked
his magic. As he moved down she opened her legs wider and he started really
tongue fucking her. His heart was thumping in his chest, he was so turned
on. And then suddenly he felt his butt cheeks being parted and a hot tongue
diving in between. It was as if the world had stopped turning! Oliver
squirmed his butt about Toby's face, trying to get as much tongue as
possible. And at about the same time he started tasting something he had
never tasted before. And from his first taste he knew he loved it.

As Oliver lapped at Rose's cunt Toby's spent fuck sauce started to coat his
tongue. Oliver's hard cock just about exploded on the carpet. At that
moment in time he was the happiest man in the world. He was eating
delicious pussy that had an extra treat for dessert and he was being rimmed
for the first time. When Oliver felt Toby's finger slide into him he knew
he had to have more than that. He wanted to go all the way, try everything.

Oliver flipped himself over on his back and begged Toby to fuck him. He
pulled Rose down onto his face and carried on eating her. Her hands teased
her large nipples as she experienced one orgasm after another. Toby
skilfully applied lubricant to Oliver's virgin ass. He worked his finger in
and out for a good ten minutes until he felt Oliver was ready. And then he
started feeding him that hard, thick dick.

Oliver let out a groan as his cherry was popped. He wanted to piss, he
wanted it to stop, he wanted it to go on, all at the same time. Rose hopped
off his face and started to kiss him. His groans were muffled by her sweet
kiss. His asshole started to adjust to Toby's girth. His cock, which had
deflated on first penetration, now started to get hard again. Toby took
hold of it and started playing with it. The pain in Oliver's ass started to
ease. After five minutes he started feeling really good and he opened his
big thighs wider to allow Toby better access.

As Rose kissed him she worried his nipples. Oliver's asshole had taken on a
life of its own and was madly in love with Toby's cock. His cock danced
about in Toby's hand, threatening to blow at any minute. Oliver kept
fighting off his orgasm, which only heightened the feelings in his cock and
ass. And then Toby's increased the pace of his stroking, really fucking
Oliver's hole now. He also increased his wrist action on Oliver's
cock. Oliver felt breathless, dazed and disoriented. He knew something had
to give.

Fortunately it was Toby. He let out an extremely loud roar as he shot his
scalding man juice into Oliver's virgin ass. Seconds later Oliver's cock
erupted, sending his hot jizz spraying through Toby's fingers and all over
Rose's back. It took them many moments to come down from such an intense
fuck high.

Oliver never made it home that night. When he woke the next morning with
Toby on one side of him, and Rose on the other, he knew that he would get
bi without his wife.

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