Friday, April 10, 2009

Eight Months of Separation, Part 8

This is a continuation of a story involving an increasingly compromised
businessman (Michael), who is away from home (and his mischievous wife) for
an 8-month business assignment...

When Soo-ling finally placed the call to her brother-in-law, Gao Yanping, I
was feeling nervous, despite having spent the afternoon in what most people
would have described as tension-reducing activities. My desk had been
completely cleared--I had to smile as I surveyed the pile of papers that
had been strewn upon the rug--and I could still see the wetness on the
surface where Lisa had eaten Soo-ling.

What a deliciously erotic sight that had been, my Chinese mistress sprawled
nude across my desktop, while my assistant--to all outward appearances an
attractive but prim professional--had stood next to me, completely clothed,
and gone down on the Asian temptress. Thank god for office door locks!

I had contented myself with watching the salacious show, although I had
opened my slacks so that I could stroke myself as I watched. It was so
arousing, watching Lisa peel Soo-ling's moist pussy lips apart, then stick
her pointed tongue out far and firm, licking hard and fast at the base of
Soo-ling's slit so that she could catch her nectar. Then, achingly slowly,
she moved her tongue up into her tender hole, opening her up like some
exotic tropical orchid so that she could find the soft treasures
within. Soo-ling's throaty moans began to fill the office, and I could see
her stomach rippling involuntarily as Lisa curled her tongue up inside her.
Then she reached the top of her pussy, and slipped up onto her clitoris,
now swelling and hard, which she assaulted mercilessly--flick! flick!
flick!--before starting the whole oral dance again. By the third rotation,
Soo-ling's ass was bouncing on the desk and she was cumming hard. That was
enough for me. As Lisa lifted Soo-ling's knees and pressed them into her
pointy tits so that she could lick the rim of her ass, I stood up, flipped
Lisa's skirt up onto her back and roughly pulled down her sticky panties.
Her only response was to wiggle her ass seductively, and I wasted no time
in putting my cock at the entrance of her tight pussy, grasping her lovely
ass, and thrusting myself into her.

On and on we went through the long hours of the afternoon, eventually
peeling off all our clothes. After my second cum, deposited in my
assistant's bewitching ass, I had to take a break, and went over to the
couch to rest a bit. But the girls continued, Lisa crawling up onto the
desk and curling around into a 69 position, while Soo-ling greedily sucked
my cum out of both her holes.

But now the magic hour had rolled around, and even though we were still
naked and the room reeked of sex, it was time to focus. Everything I had
worked for was riding on this call. We placed it on speaker phone so that
Soo-ling could translate.

Minutes later, I could not believe how things had turned out. The
negotiations had gone surprisingly smoothly, and it appeared that Gao could
do the job. But it required going to Shanghai to iron things out, and so
that I could inspect the plant. After some discussion, it seemed like the
best thing was for Soo-ling and I to go, and for Lisa to keep things
running in the office.

We all decided to go out to dinner to celebrate, and the girls left to go
home to get ready. I was headed back to the hotel to clean up, and we would
meet later at Yujean Kang's, on Melrose Avenue.


I felt like a new man after showering and getting dressed for dinner. I
decided that I had better call my wife, Melissa, and tell her the good news
about Shanghai.

She answered the phone on the third ring, and it took me several minutes to
tell her everything that had happened. I was so excited that it took awhile
to register that I was doing all the talking, but as I neared the end of my
story, I realized that Melissa was breathing kind of strangely. Finally I
paused and asked her if she was all right.

"Ohhhh," she said, and I felt my stomach tighten. It was unmistakably a
sexual moan. "I-I'm just fine," she answered, but she dragged out that
word "fine" into another long moan. I paused, listening to the sounds
coming through the phone, trying to tell what was happening.

"Melissa," I said, and didn't know what to say. I was going to have to
tread on our unwritten rule, and ask her what was going on. "What's

She didn't answer right away. Then she said, in little stops and stutters,
her breath coming in ragged gasps. "I-Im...uh...not alone... Jill's
here. Oh god. She's doing it, Michael. Ohhh. Oh yes. Jill's...oh
my...Jill's fucking my ass with her fist. It hurts, baby. Oh my god, but
it feels so good at the same time. Oh my god. We--we're watching you get
fisted too. So hot, my love." Then she paused, gasping, while I tried to
drink in the mental image. My cock was straining against the front of my
pants. "Harry's here," Melissa gasped. "Filming me. And Dora..oh yes, do
me! Shit! Dora's..." but again several moments passed before I found out
what Dora was up to. "Fisting me too. In my pussy. Oh Michael. I'm going to
cum! YES! Oh god YES! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!" And then the line was filled
with a long wailing moan that started out low, and then built and built in
a rising crescendo, until my wife was screaming unintelligibly. I was
shaking, and wondering whether I should pull my cock out and cum. I wanted
to badly.

"Thank you, baby," I heard Melissa murmuring dreamily in my ear. "I love
you, Michael. I'm so proud of all you've done."

I started to respond but the line went dead. It was an odd feeling. I felt
like I had just shared one of the most intimate, erotic moments I'd ever
experienced, with the woman that I loved more than life itself, and yet
here we were, separated by a continent (soon to be separated by the world
itself). I was trembling, and my cock was tenting my pants
painfully. Somehow I pulled myself together, and left to meet Lisa and


I shared what had happened over cocktails, and I could see both sets of
eyes glistening with unconcealed lust. Lisa looked fabulous, dressed in a
Grecian-style emerald dress. The folds in front dipped elegantly into her
tempting brown cleavage, while the back plunged so far down that, I as I
glanced next to me in the booth, I could see the top of the cleft of her
behind. To my right, Soo-ling was a study in leather, her top covered
(barely) in a slitted bustier, attached at the waist to the tightest pair
of pants I had ever seen. I had seen many admiring, wondering, glances as I
entered the restaurant with this pair of lovelies.

"You're a lucky man, Michael," Lisa said, and at that moment, I felt the
truth of her words in every sense. Truly, fortune had smiled on me, in ways
that I could never have imagined when I'd taken this job months before. I
felt her fingers trailing across my lap, concealed by the tablecloth, as
she explored how aroused I'd become by the retelling of my phone
conversation. "Mmmm," Lisa said. "You're nice and hard." I flushed red and
could only nod. Soo-ling looked over and giggled, as she saw Lisa unzip my
pants and fish out my hard cock. I looked around nervously, and bit my lip
as I saw the waitress--an attractive young Asian girl, approach the table.

"Soo-ling!" the waitress said, obviously recognizing my companion.

"Hello, Linda," answered Soo-ling. "I was so hoping you would be here
tonight. Allow me to introduce Michael Bender, and Lisa Grey." Like an
idiot, I started to get up, before realizing that I could not. I blushed
and reached up to shake her hand, as Linda leaned over the table. The
motion, though, caused her to lean far enough in to see my lap, where she
saw Lisa's hand slowly pumping up and down my throbbing cock. I heard her
gasp, and then she stifled a giggle.

"Are you...enjoying yourself tonight, Mr. Bender?" she asked, with a wink.

"Y-yes I am, Linda, thank you. Is there anything you would recommend," I
asked, struggling to maintain my composure.

"Well," she paused, glancing first at Soo-ling, then at Lisa. "I would say
you had better have some oysters." And she grinned. I grinned back
stupidly. "I be back in a minute with special treat," and then I watched
her tight little bottom swaying to another table. I glared over at Lisa,
but she just smiled back at me, and I groaned as I felt her rubbing her
fingernail lightly around my peehole. She was rewarded with a tiny spurt of
precum, which she swirled around my tip. Well, I thought, two could play
this game, and while Lisa started chatting with Soo-ling about the details
of our Shanghai trip, I reached over behind her, and slid my hand down the
back of her dress. She merely leaned forward a bit, and before long, I
found myself actually playing with the entrance to her tight ass.

"Ready for your treat now?" Linda asked, having rematerialized at our
table. We all looked up at her, and before I could answer, she looked
quickly around, then dropped to her knees and disappeared under the long
tablecloth. I'm sure my eyes must have just about dropped into my drink,
but I quickly calmed myself, wondering what she was up to. I didn't have
long to wait, as I suddenly sensed the unmistakable feel of a hot, wet
tongue, licking at the head of my cock. Soo-ling just smiled at me, and
then went back to talking with Lisa. I found myself leaning back, then
sliding my butt forward to give her better access. She was good. With
apparent ease, she swallowed my shaft. I could feel myself sinking deeper
and deeper into her hot mouth. At the same moment, with a small curling
motion, I felt the tip of my finger pop inside Lisa's tight rim. She
squirmed a bit on her seat, but otherwise showed no sign of anything. I
could feel my own cum starting to bubble, and wondered how long I could
hold off.

Then, abruptly, I felt the mouth leave my cock, and I suppressed a groan of
disappointment. This was too much! I almost lifted the tablecloth to
protest, but Soo-ling put her hand on mine and nodded to my left. I looked
over and saw Lisa leaning back with her eyes clothes. My hand was being
pinned uncomfortably, and, as delicately as I could, I extracted myself
from her ass, at the same time glancing down to where her thighs met the
table cloth. What should I see, but Linda's laughing eyes peeking back at
me, her tongue obviously busy between my assistant's legs. I felt my cock
twitching in response, then I shuddered, because Soo-ling had now reached
over and was pumping me. I saw Lisa suddenly clutch the tabletop with her
hands, and then as sharp red flush spread across her chest. Otherwise,
though, she looked the same as ever. And then that magical mouth was back
on my cock, and this time there was no holding back. Down she went, back up
to swirl around the head, then down again, and this time I came, coughing
into my fist to try to cover the sounds coming from my throat.

A moment later, Linda was back in front of us, smiling, asking if we were
ready to order. I stared at her, amazed, and she opened her mouth then,
sliding her tongue out so I could see the cum coating it. Then she
swallowed and grinned. Her cheeks were a bit shiny, but otherwise there was
no evidence of what she had just done.


We had a hard few days of work ahead of us. Soo-ling had a long vacation
coming from her hotel job, and she took it, spending her days working
full-time for me as a translator, and helping Lisa with the travel
arrangements. A tape arrived from Melissa, but we all agreed that we would
have to wait to watch it until Soo-ling and I arrived. Then, quicker than
we could have imagined, the day arrived when we were set to leave. Soo-ling
drove us to the airport, while Lisa and I went over instructions in the
back seat. But we finished with those before we had got to airport, and
Lisa turned to look at me, a serious look on her face.

"I'm going to miss you both," she said, and I suddenly realized again how
much I was going to miss her too. Before I knew it, she was leaning into
me, kissing me hard, and I was fumbling inside her blouse to squeeze her
nipple between my finger and thumb. I saw Soo-ling glance in the mirror,
just as we were entering the parking garage, and she drove around for a bit
before finding a rather deserted section of the lot. Then she parked and
turned around, content to watch as Lisa bent into my lap and sucked on my
cock. A strange feeling washed over me, and suddenly I could remember
another departure, long ago and far away, when Melissa had sucked me just
like this before I'd left for Los Angeles. I found myself flashing on that
moment, and suddenly it was she who was sucking me, and my hips were
bucking up hard into her mouth and I was cumming, the semen shooting out of
me in short thick bursts.

Lisa sat up, grinning, her face a mess, and I leaned over and kissed her,
licking my own cum off her nose, off her cheeks, and around her lips. Then
we kissed again, passionately, and she broke away--once again all
business--and said we'd better be going or we'd miss the flight. She leaned
forward and kissed Soo-ling--another long, lingering kiss--and then we were
off on our Chinese adventure.

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