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Eight Months of Separation, Part 9

This is a continuation of a story involving an increasingly compromised
businessman (Michael), who is away from home (and his mischievous wife) for
an 8-month business assignment...

The flight was brutal. Even under the best of circumstances, Soo-ling told
me, it takes 18 hours, but we were delayed by bad weather once we landed in
Tokyo. We almost got stuck there for another night, but finally the
boarding call came and we blearily shuffled onto the plane for the last leg
into Pu Dong Airport. By the time we finally arrived, it was late evening
and I was barely conscious as Soo-ling poured me into a taxi, said "Jianquo
Shanghai!" to the driver, and we motored over to the hotel. I fell into a
long exhausted sleep.

She woke me late in the morning. She was already dressed and had been
out. We were scheduled to meet her brother-in-law Gao that evening for
dinner, and Soo-ling wanted to show me the sights. I was still feeling
pretty out of it, but she insisted that we at least go see the Bund. An
hour later, we were on our way, and my body was beginning to tell me it was
very hungry, hungry enough to be tempted by the swirling aromas that
greeted me when we stepped out onto the crowded, bustling street. We
stopped for noodles at a vendor, and Soo-ling told me a bit about what to
expect that night.

"We'll have to see what kind of mood Gao in," she said. "He wants this deal
badly, I know, but he also, I think, senses how desperate you are to make
deal. We must be careful. He can be very aggressive if he senses weakness."

I nodded, realizing how much rided on Soo-ling's support. I wondered how
well she knew Gao.

"He marry my sister very young. Gao much older, around 25. She was 16 at
time, I only 14. But marriage good for both families. Afterwards..." She
hesitated and I looked over at her. Her eyes got very hard. "One day, he
visiting, no one home but him and me. My sister gone with mother to
shop. He fuck me." The way she said it showed what contempt she had for
him. I was stunned.

"Why didn't you tell me? Why did you--?"

She cut me off. "No questions, Michael. I have many reasons." She was using
her stern voice, so I let it drop.

That night Gao's car picked us up at seven, and we drove for close to an
hour. I noticed the homes getting larger, with more space between
them. Finally we rolled up to an iron gate. The driver spoke several
clipped phrases to the guard, and the gate opened. We drove up a long
drive, lined with trees, and up to a circular drive in front of an old,
Western-style mansion. Soo-ling lead the way, and we entered the front
hall. A short Chinese man, well-dressed in a tailored suit, was waiting to
greet us. He and Soo-ling briefly embraced, then she introduced us. Gao
bowed, and I bowed in return. He swept his hand behind him, and we followed
him through the house, and into an enormous dining room. Seated around the
table were nine other men, who all rose in unison as we entered. Gao
indicated a chair at one end of the table and I sat, Soo-ling to my
left. He went down to the other end of the table, raised his glass, and
said a toast in Chinese.

"To your health and the success of our friendship," Soo-ling
translated. Then we ate.

It was pointless to talk much, given the tediousness of translation, but I
noticed Gao watching me closely. It was unnerving, I will admit, but I
remembered what Soo-ling had said and tried not to betray my emotions.
Dinner finally ended, after we had all had a number of glasses of wine.
Combined with my long journey, I was feeling pretty tipsy and struggled to

Gao began to speak, with Soo-ling translating. Before he'd said three
sentences, I could feel the blood draining out of my face.

"We have learned of your Malaysian misfortunes in the chip market,
Mr. Bender. Indeed, one might say that we had first-hand knowledge of your
difficulties. And now you come to us. We can help you, of course. But I
wonder if you know just how much this may cost you. Were you aware,
Mr. Bender, of our American investments? No? I think not. Even Soo-ling
does not know that we own a number of properties in the Los Angeles area,
including a certain hotel." He named the hotel where I had been living for
the past 6 months. I turned to Soo-ling, but saw that her own color was
gone and her own eyes were bulging in shock. "I know many things about you,
Mr. Bender. Some of them make me wonder whether you would really make a
suitable partner. For business, I mean," and he chuckled, the other men
around the table joining in the joke. "I must admit that I am curious
about certain things. Curious about how badly you want this deal, about
what you are willing to do. Shall we find out?"

I felt my stomach do a cartwheel. What choice did I have? If I stood up and
walked out, it was clear that the chips would vanish into thin air.

Gao pulled some papers from his pocket, passed them to the man next to him,
and they began making their way down the table to me.

"This is a contract for the manufacture of the chips. As you will see, I
have been quite generous in my terms. I require payment in a different kind
of currency. You will sign the contract now if you wish to agree. At the
conclusion of tonight, if I am satisfied, I will sign the other part of the
agreement." I looked at the terms. It was very generous. My boss would be
overjoyed. But I felt anything but elation. Gao had me--and
Soo-ling--exactly where he wanted us. I looked at her, but she only
returned my gaze steadily. Clearly she was prepared to do what was
necessary. Shakily, I took a pen from my pocket and signed the
agreement. The scratching of the pen was the only sound in the huge room.

"Excellent!" Gao said, as I passed the contract back down the table. "And
now, Mr. Bender, would you be so good as to remove all your clothing?" I
waited for Soo-ling's translation, but could only look at her in
disbelief. I knew I had no choice. I stood up, and Gao clapped his hands
sharply twice. Two Chinese maidservants came in, and took up position on
either side of me. The whole thing was too bizarre: the long double-row of
suit-wearing Chinese blinking quietly as they watched me disrobe, the two
pretty maids, taking each item of clothing and folding it neatly in a pile,
and Soo-ling, sitting blithely at the end of the table, her face a complete
mask. What had we gotten ourselves into?

When I was done I turned back to Gao. He motioned me to come down to his
end of the table and, through Soo-ling, instructed me to stand holding both
handles of an armchair. I heard Gao getting up, and a strange sound that I
could not immediately identify. Then I realized he was taking off his
belt. At almost the same moment, I felt it lashing across my bare
buttocks. I cried out, and the men in the room exploded into hysterical
laughter. Again and again, Gao struck me, and each time the men collapsed
into hilarity. I gritted my teeth and tried to bear it as best I could.
Finally he finished. Gao and I were both drenched in sweat, and his face
was different, like a feral beast. He spoke a few words in Chinese, and the
maids turned me roughly and sat me down on my bruised behind, again causing
me to cry out. They bound me tightly with ropes, both arms and legs. Then
Gao turned to Soo-ling.

I guess I had known this was going to happen all along, but it still came
as a shock. I guess I just could not believe Gao would do this to someone
in his own family, even after what Soo-ling had told me about him. To her
credit, she tried to make a break for the door, but it was useless. Several
of the other men grabbed her and dragged her to the table directly in front
of me. After several moments they had her tightly bound, her arms stretched
over her head, her legs bent down over the lip of the table and pinioned to
the legs. Her pussy, which I had lovingly eaten and also fucked on
countless occasions, was near the edge, available to anyone in the
room. Gao took her first, and he was not gentle. He let her scream for a
bit, then spoke sharply to one of the maids. She went to a side drawer and
pulled out a leather ball gag, forcing it roughly into Soo-ling's mouth and
fastening it in place.

Then they began raping her in earnest, with all of the men stripping down
and taking their turn. The maids brought in more to drink, and soon they
were naked as well, with some of the men hauling them off in the corners to
fuck. They seemed to accept this with no resistance. I was forced to watch
the endless line of men fucking Soo-ling, with Gao abusing me verbally the
whole time. I'd lost my translator, but I could imagine what he was
saying. I didn't care anyway. I just wanted the whole nightmare to end.

But, to my horror, I found they were just beginning. After they had fucked
Soo-ling several times around, the last man stood back and bowed to Gao. He
spoke to the maids again, and I was untied. Two men grabbed me roughly and
forced me forward. I thought they wanted me to fuck Soo-ling too--and my
betraying cock, hard and swaying, was only too ready. But I underestimated
Gao, for he kicked me roughly in the back of the knees, forcing me down,
and grabbed my hair, sticking my face directly into Soo-ling's drooling
pussy. I felt waves of nausea sweep over me as I realized what he wanted me
to do. Gao just shouted harshly and picked up his belt again, and I knew I
had no choice. I began to suck her, to drink the cum from between her legs,
to swallow the filthy loads of the Chinamen. And I found myself liking it,
falling into the familiar role of cum slave.

I was disgusted with myself, but could not help the arousal I felt. I was
determined, if nothing else, to make Soo-ling cum, and even after all that
torture I'm glad to say that I was able to do it. But I did it as much for
my pleasure as for hers.

Then one of the men shouted something to Gao and he laughed harshly and
nodded. Before I knew what they were up to, I found myself hauled to my
feet, and draped over Soo-ling. One of the maids grabbed my hard cock and
put it in her, and I eased my cock as gently as I could inside her tortured
hole. Her eyes were wide with fear, and glancing back I could see why. Gao
was grinning evilly as the other maid slowly greased his cock. I knew what
was coming.

Sure enough, two of the men grabbed my arms and pulled me flat onto
Soo-ling, forcing my cock all the way inside her. Even through the gag I
could hear her whimper in pain. The next moment it was my turn, as the
maids pulled my buttcheeks apart and Gao rudely forced his cock into my
ass. His cock was not that thick, but it was long, and I could feel it
running into my ass like a hot brand. I felt some relief a few minutes
later when I felt him cum in me, but my relief was short-lived. The next
man stepped into place, and his cock was much thicker...


The next morning, I awoke lying next to Soo-ling on the bed. We were both
covered with dried semen, and my bottom ached with a burn that I suspected
would be with me for days. I could only imagine how Soo-ling felt. She was
watching me, smiling her crooked grin. Then, to my surprise, she leaned
over and kissed me, somewhat tenderly. My eyes filled with tears.

"I'm sorry," I whispered, but she only kissed me again, harder this time. I
felt stirrings in my cock, but I had no intention of doing more than just
holding her. After awhile we got up and showered, washing each other
carefully and gently. When we emerged from the shower, our clothes, neatly
pressed, were waiting on the bed. We went downstairs, and found Gao waiting
in the entryway. I asked him about the contract, but he merely smiled.

"I have decided to hold off on that," he said, and my heart sank. "I am
thinking of something else I would like to do first, involving a visit to
your own country." I looked at him with a puzzled expression, but he would
say no more. I understood--not for the first time--that I would just have
wait and see how this played out.

He gestured toward the door. "Your car awaits," he said. "But first I have
prepared a little something special for breakfast." We rounded the corner,
and I saw eight of the men from the previous night standing in a double
line, like a gauntlet, on either side of the door. They were naked. Beyond
them, leaning against the car outside, was a pretty Chinese girl--evidently
the driver--leaning against the side of the car and watching the men with
an amused look on her face. I felt my heart skip a beat, as I heard Gao
saying something to Soo-ling, gesturing first to one row of naked men, then
the other. She turned to me, disgust in her face.

"We are to suck them off," she said curtly. "Four for each of us. Then we
can go."

Again, I knew we had no choice. We had gone too far to turn back now. With
a sigh, trying to be braver than I felt, I walked to the right side and
knelt before the first man. He looked at me with contempt, took hold of his
cock, already half-hard, and slapped me in the cheek, first one side, then
the other. He ran the tip around my lips as I tried to lick him, then took
hold of my ears. I got the idea and opened my mouth, and he shoved his cock
in, far as he could, until I gagged. Behind me, I could feel Soo-ling's
bottom pressing against mine and heard her sucking a man on the other
side. I tried to relax my throat as much as I could, and soon found that I
was able to accept the man's cock. It was less of a blowjob and more of a
mouth-fucking. I ignored the pain on my knees, as the hard floor made them
ache, and concentrated on trying to make my mouth suck the man as firmly as
I could. After five minutes of this, I heard him making little grunting
noises, and then I felt the first hot spurts of cum shooting down my
throat. I swallowed as best I could, then licked him clean, but I could
feel dribbles of cum dripping from the corners of my mouth. The man stepped
back, and I knee-walked to the next, pressing myself in next to Soo-ling,
who had already started on her second.

It took more than half an hour to work our way down the line, and by then,
my stomach was starting to rebel, taking all those loads of cum on an empty
stomach. I wondered what the penalty would be if I vomited, and shuddered
to think about it. I fought back the waves of nausea, and did my best to
get through it.

I suppose it's a rare event for anyone to suck off four men in succession
like that, but it does at least provide a means of comparison. The first
two were rough and hard, which I liked, but the last two were very
different. Number three obviously meant to take his time, and he even
coaxed me into licking his balls for him. They were tight and hairless, and
I found myself enjoying the slightly salty taste of them as I sucked first
one, then the other into my mouth. Then I feather-stroked my way back up
his long shaft (he had the longest cock of the four), before taking his
cock back into my mouth for the finishing strokes. The whole process took
more than ten minutes, and when he finally shot his load in my mouth, I
couldn't handle it all. It spilled down the front of my suit.

Number four was the biggest challenge, both because I was starting to feel
sick, but also because he seemed to resist my attempts to get him hard. He
had a thick cock, even soft, but nothing I did seemed to make him get
hard. Finally, I turned around, put my face up under him, and licked the
sensitive area between his balls and anus, working my tongue in long
strokes up to and into his tight ass. After a few minutes of this I heard
him beginning to grunt appreciatively, and when I worked my way around to
the front again, I found he had finally gotten hard. I wasted no time, but
began stroking him with my hand while sucking all around his swelling head,
and finally was rewarded with several long spurts of cum.

As I turned, though, I found that Gao had one more surprise. He had removed
his own clothing and was blocking the door. Soo-ling, her face and the
front of her blouse drenched with sticky cum, was already sucking on him,
and he grinned wickedly as he beckoned me to join her. Together we were
forced to worship his cock, our lips and tongues cleaning the cum from each
other as we sucked up and down his tender shaft. She sucked on his balls
while I deepthroated him, then we switched, then we tongued up and down the
sides of his cock. It didn't take him long, and finally he pushed us both
back so we rocked back onto our heels, while he stroked himself. It didn't
take long. Holding his cock like a hose, he sprayed us both, the cum
shooting everywhere, into our hair, our eyes, and our open mouths. Then we
were forced to lick each other clean as best we could.

"Have a good trip. I will be in touch," Gao said, as he motioned toward the
car. The smirking driver already had the door open. We drove back to the
hotel in silence, enduring the puzzled stairs of people in the lobby as we
hurriedly rushed to the elevator and went to our room to clean up.


Lisa picked us up at the airport, and her face told me that she didn't have
good news. While we'd been en route home, Gao had contacted her and made
his demands. I didn't see any way we could agree to them.

"He wants to come here, at our expense, and have a fuck party, and we're to
supply three girls!" I spluttered in rage. "I can't go through with this!"
I heard myself saying, but Lisa and Soo-ling just looked at me. They knew,
and I knew, how hopeless my position was. Unless I was prepared to just
walk away from the whole thing. I thought about it. "I don't see how I can
do this," I said to both of them, but really I was just thinking out
loud. "He's insisting that Soo-ling not be involved. He wants me to do
this. To find him some prostitutes. God! The man is detestable!" I fumed

There was a brief silence, and then Lisa said, "It doesn't have to be
hookers, you know." I stared at her, and shook my head.

"No! Don't even think about that. I won't let you do that."

"Just let me make some calls," she said, and I could only nod mutely.

Three days later, feeling somehow like I was attending my own funeral, I
found myself greeting the creature again. He had relented somewhat, saying
I could keep Soo-ling with me for translation purposes, but otherwise she
would not be a participant. And, he said, this would complete his brutal
treatment of me. If I allowed them their weekend of debauchery, Gao told
me, I would have his signature. But he was determined, I sensed, not to
make things easy for me.

We had made arrangements to hold the orgy at Soo-ling's, for privacy's
sake. The house was already stocked with food and drink, and the girls were
already there. Despite my protestations, I knew that one of them was to be
Lisa. She would not tell me who the others were, and told me that they
would all be hooded, another of Gao's stipulations. He knew what he was
doing was illegal, and he wasn't taking any chances.

We traveled in two limousines, and I led the way to the door, Soo-ling by
my side. She unlocked it and we went in. I could tell that even Gao was
surprised by what greeted us.

Standing in the middle of the room, completely naked except for the black
leather hoods zippered tight onto their heads, were three women. I
recognized Lisa's tan body immediately. But it took me several seconds to
realize who the other two women were. It was my wife, Melissa, and her
lover Jill.

I'm afraid I got rather violent then, turning on Gao with a rage, but one
of the men struck me from behind, and when I came to I was strapped to a
chair along the wall. I looked around and saw all the Chinese, still
wearing their suits, seated in a rough semicircle around the room, most of
them drinking. In the center of the room, on a mattress, were the three
women. Jill was on the bottom, with my wife on top of her. They were busy
sucking each other's pussies, and I could tell that their moans of passion
were quite real. Lisa was just finishing adjusting a strap-on dildo, and
she now moved in closer to Melissa, sticking the black plastic cock into
her. She moaned even louder as Lisa began gently fucking her, and I saw
several of the men comment to each other, some of them now openly rubbing
their bulging crotches. Soo-ling came over to me, leaned down to kiss me
tenderly, then knelt down and began sucking on my hard cock. I saw Gao look
over sharply. He seemed about to say something, thought better of it, then
kept his mouth shut, turning back to the writhing trio of women.

Lisa was fucking Melissa hard now, and I could see her lovely ass quiver as
each thrust hit home. How I longed to make love to her now, to take her
away, to spare her the brutality she was about to endure. But somehow, I
sensed that all of this had happened for a reason, perhaps a cruel reason,
but a reason nonetheless. I could only watch it unfold.

Gao walked over and tapped Lisa gently on the back. He had removed his
clothes and stood there stroking his long cock. She nodded, and stepped
aside, and he took her place, thrusting his cock in one long sudden stroke
deep inside my wife. How I longed to kill him at that moment! Yet, I could
not ignore the perverse thrill that shot through me at watching him fuck

Jill, meanwhile, was beginning to cum, her cries of pleasure drowned in the
soft folds of Melissa's pussy. I saw her lips move up and her tongue
licking at Gao's balls, and could only imagine the pleasure he was
feeling. Yet Soo-ling was bringing me pleasure too, and I smiled down at
her--a crooked smile, that she understood completely--and she stood up and
slowly stripped off her clothes. Then she moved back onto the chair, this
time sinking her pussy down over my hard cock. I groaned in appreciation.

Gao was getting his rhythm now, fucking my wife hard enough that she was
crying out, but it was impossible to tell whether from pleasure or
pain. Then Gao moved aside, and another took his place. I'd seen this
brutal dance before. Jill, too, was hauled out from under my wife,
shrieking her protests, which were ignored. I saw two men take her to the
corner, one of them making her sit on his cock, while the other took her
ass. To my surprise, she seemed to be enjoying the action.

Melissa, meanwhile, had been turned onto her back, and one Chinese man was
fucking her hard while another sat on her chest. He had unzipped the mouth
of her mask and was fucking her there. I couldn't stand it anymore and I
felt my own orgasm rising up inside of me.

"Yessssss," Soo-ling panted, feeling me humping inside of her. "Cum for me,
little cum boy." I grinned as I heard her use her old name for me. So much
had happened, that whole time seemed like an eternity ago. Then I was
cumming, thrusting up inside of her.

Then, as if in a dream, I saw her rise and walk over to Melissa. Gao was
watching her, his eyes narrowing in interest. She shoved the men fucking
her mouth out of the way, making him topple to one side, and he looked back
at her as she slowly squatted down over Melissa's mouth. Not everyone in
that room understood what was happening, but I knew and Melissa certainly
knew. She and I exchanged a look, a look full of love and meaning, and then
she ate my hot cum out of my Chinese lover.


Three days later, I received the signed contract from Gao. He stayed in Los
Angeles for the rest of the month while the work was done, and was quite
helpful sorting things out with both sides--Chinese and American--when it
came time to move the shipment through customs. My boss couldn't believe
that I'd managed to pull this off, and promised me a huge promotion.

Unfortunately, Gao ran into a bit of difficulty on the way home. The plane
he was on wound up detouring to Hawaii, where federal agents, working with
Interpol, were waiting to arrest him. It seems they had received an
anonymous videotape and a detailed description of his participation in a
plot to kidnap several women, and sexually assault them. The tape was of
professional quality, and Gao and his associates were easy to identify.

And I? I was reunited at last with Melissa, the true love of my life, had a
huge new promotion and bonus coming to me, and was now in a position to
move out to Los Angeles for good. Which was just as well. My new Chinese
secretary had found us a lovely mansion, with plenty of room for all of us
to play...

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