Friday, April 10, 2009

Eight Months of Separation, Part 7

This is a continuation of a story involving an increasingly compromised
businessman (Michael), who is away from home (and his mischievous wife) for
an 8-month business assignment...

We lazed away the afternoon in a kind of free-form orgy, with all of us
drifting from one partner to the next, combining and recombining in
different tangles of arms, legs, and genitalia. Most of the time, I found
myself separate from Lisa, but I was watching her, and she certainly seemed
a happy participant. Toward the end of the session, as most of the group
found themselves pretty well fucked-out, she and I finally found each other
in the middle of the floor, and the others watched as I fucked my assistant
slow and deep.

By then, we were all famished, and Soo-ling got on the phone to order some
Chinese takeout. That delivery boy wound up with a big tip, a visible
woodie, and a story to end all stories, as Soo-ling greeted him at the door
wearing only a see-through robe, and the rest of us lounged around in the
room, fondling each other's naked bodies. But she sent him on his way, and
we all tore into the food. While we ate, Lisa started a funny little game,
asking some VERY personal questions. As I bit into some General Tso's
chicken, I heard her ask, "What's the largest thing you've ever had in your

Soo-ling and I both pointed to Carl's cock, draped over his meaty thigh in
tumescent, but still impressive, glory. Everyone laughed, and then I asked
Lisa, "What about you?"

She blushed slightly, and then answered, "my ex-husband's fist." There was
a small murmur around the room as, I'm sure, everyone was trying to form
the same mental picture as me. But I was unprepared when she turned to look
at me.

"Have you ever had a fist up your ass, Michael?" I slowly shook my head,
and I saw several of the others exchanging looks. Suddenly I had a feeling
what was going to be served for dessert: my tight ass.

There was a brief discussion, and all agreed that the moment had to be
captured so that we could send the video to Melissa, my wife on the other
side of the continent. They decided that I would have to be primed, with
first Peter fucking me, then Soo-ling (with a strap-on) then Carl, and
finally Lisa would get to do the honors, attempting to put her fist inside
my ass. Suzy would film all of it. They continued chatting about it as they
cleared the food away, ignoring me as if I wasn't there. I could feel my
stomach churning a bit, not least because I was not looking forward
particularly to having Carl's enormous cock up my ass once again. But the
matter had already been decided.

I got down on all fours as Suzy started filming, and Lisa and Soo-ling
squatted down behind me to suck on Peter, getting him hard and slick. Carl,
meanwhile, was greasing my ass with his fingers, and I have to admit that I
was once again enjoying the sensation of him finger-fucking me. I was ready
for Peter, and he moved in closer, putting the head of his cock against my
tight anal ring. I pushed, so did he, and his cock slid in with surprising
ease. It felt tight, though, and I couldn't imagine fitting Lisa's fist
inside. Peter must have thought so too, because he groaned as his cock
entered me all the way. Below me, Soo-ling had crawled in under my belly
and was sucking on my hardening cock. The feeling was divine, and I could
feel myself pushing back at Peter as he began fucking me harder. The others
started shouting encouragement, and I whipped my head around to see him
grinning as he really started slamming in to me.

"Come on, Peter," I shouted. "Fuck me! Fuck my ass hard!" I couldn't
believe what I was saying, but I really meant it. Peter redoubled his
efforts, and I could feel my knees skidding on the carpet. Over and over he
slammed his cock into me, pumping faster and faster. Soo-ling was having a
hard time controlling my own dancing cock, but I could feel Peter's fingers
tightening on my ass cheeks and I knew he wouldn't last long. Soon he was
yelling, and then I felt him slump over my sweaty back as he came in my
ass. I looked giddily up at Suzy in front of me, the camera lens perched
above her nipple rings. She smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

Then I heard a snapping noise, and looked back to see Lisa helping Soo-ling
into the harness. I knew what this felt like, but somehow I was looking
forward to it. Before long, Soo-ling had the strap-on sunk down to the
roots, and I was sobbing into the carpet while Peter sucked on my cock. My
Chinese mistress was determined to open me up, and this was like no fuck
session we had yet had. She was like a woman possessed, panting and moaning
as she fucked me, the sweat flying off of her taut driving body as she
slammed the phallus again and again into my ass. I was beginning to see
spots in front of my eyes, but I just put my head down and took it like I
was her own personal fuck toy. Which I was.

It took me a moment to realize that she had pulled out of me, but just as I
was beginning to register the thought, I felt the familiar, tensing
pressure of Carl's massive cock on my sphincter. I groaned, begging him to
go easy, but he just laughed and pushed harder. Again I pushed, and the
mushroom-shaped head popped through my anal ring. With Carl, though, that
is just the beginning of the agony, because his cock is so incredibly thick
and long. I felt like it was going to pop out of my mouth as he shoved it
in full-length, then wiggled it around inside. I was panting like a dog,
only dimly aware of Peter, and now Soo-ling again, sucking on my
cock. Despite the anal assault, and the real pain I was feeling searing in
my guts, I could feel my cock throbbing harder than ever.

Then the real fucking began, and I found myself clawing at the rug, not to
escape, but in ecstatic response to the masterly fucking I was
receiving. Almost all the way out of my tight ass he would cum, then slam
it back in with a great whoomph! I bellowed on each entry, and I'm sure I
must be looking like a branded cow through Suzy's lens, but I could not
help myself.

For 15 or 20 minutes, Carl fucked me down, and I could only hang on and
endure. I tried to urge him to cum, squeezing my ass muscles as much as I
could to massage his massive tool. Finally, it worked. He yelled that he
was cumming, and I could feel the spurts spraying inside my ass like cannon
shots. He pulled out with a wet, plopping sound, and I heard Lisa
gasp. Suzy came around to film my cum-filled ass, which--I found out
later--was now gaping wide after Carl's rough fuck. All eyes turned to
Lisa, and she knew that I was as open as I would ever be.

With little resistance, and squinched up her fingers, and thrust them
in. There was a momentary catch, I inhaled....and then I felt her hand
slide into me like it was meant to rest there. Suzy captured the moment on
video, then came around to catch my facial expression, which was showing
pure joy. Lisa kept pushing her hand farther and farther in, her slender
arm sliding easily up my cum-slicked ass. I could feel an orgasm building
in me, especially now that Soo-ling was sucking on the tip of my cock like
a vacuum.

"Ahhh....ahhhhnnnn.....oh my fucking GOD!!!!!" I bellowed, as I
came. Soo-ling caught the first spurt, but the second shot out past her ear
and hit Suzy on her tattooed belly. Then I heard Lisa groan, and saw Carl
looming up behind her. This was a surprise, both to Lisa and me, but she
allowed him to push his cock into her ass and took it with little visible
distress. Then it was Carl's eyes that I saw bugging out as, with a grin, I
saw Peter pushing his cock into his ass. I looked over at Soo-ling, still
wearing the strap-on. She grinned and shrugged, looking a little goofy with
my cum painted up one side of her face. She hopped up and bounced to the
last ass on the chain, which was Peter's. I looked back at Suzy, who was
still filming it all, but she was sliding down on her bottom and inching
closer to my face. I cleaned my cum off her belly first, before following a
tattoo of a python down past her clit, to where her glistening slit waited
to be tongued.


More disasters awaited me in the office on Monday. The Malaysian chip deal
fell through--some kind of catastrophic fire in their plant. They were not
going to be able to supply them, and if I didn't find a replacement buyer
with three weeks it was probably going to mean my job. At least that's the
distinct impression I got when I got off the phone with New York.

I told Lisa the news, and she frowned. "Let me make a few calls," she said,
and off she went. I have to admit I'd been a little nervous about how
things were going to be when Lisa and I returned to work, but she had been
all business--except for asking me playfully, as she dropped off my mail,
"How's your ass feeling today, Michael?" But she had whispered that with a
small grin, and that had been the only clue that what had occurred over the
weekend was not just a hallucination.

I made a few calls myself, including one to my wife, but I only got the
machine. I told her how much I missed her, but it seemed rather lame to
leave the message. But it was true. I wondered what she would think when
she got the latest video. Would she be willing to try something like that?
I flashed on an image of her naked body, straining and sweating, as her
lover and mistress Jill shoved her fist into her tight anus. I shivered

Then it was back to the phone. The chip market seemed to have dried up, and
I spent a fruitless several hours trying to find a seller. Nothing. I
looked at the clock and saw that I had worked through lunch. I buzzed Lisa
to see if she'd come up with anything.

"Just one thing, Michael. Do you have a minute?"

"Of course," I answered.

A moment later, Lisa came into the office, followed, to my surprise, by

"Um...hello!" I said, jumping up to get her a chair. She was dressed in an
elegant black pants suit.

"Hello, Michael. I hear you have problem." I nodded. What Soo-ling said to
me next shocked me as much as anything else in our brief, peculiar
acquaintance. Her brother-in-law, she told me, ran a Shanghai chip-making
business. She was not sure he could make the right kind of chips, but she
thought it was worth a call. Of course, I agreed. My company had been
trying to angle its way into the Chinese chip market for years, but it all
seemed so incestuous, like you had to be born there before they would talk
to you. I looked at Soo-ling, and suddenly saw the irony of what I had

"When can we talk to him?" I asked.

"With time difference..." Soo-ling glanced at her watch. "If we call at 6
our time it be 10 in morning there."

"Hmm. Four hours to kill," I said, grinning at the two beauties before
me. "What WILL we do to pass the time?"

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